Celebrate geth rnes

er n
g et h
e ss
Some objects are wonderfully accurate
in their function. Two millennias stem
glasses, golden-printed with the number
2000 finished their duty right as the
sound of their midnight toast vanished.
I gather records that produce an
intermittent narration and show the
urgency of a shared version of facts.
Society structures history like an
autobiographical narrative, and it is
as soon as a social system sees and
recognizes its own existence for the first
time that this tale gets plausibility.
Togetherness happens within a narration
of the collective self, throughout all
generational renewals. I focus on
mutual dependency, so as on a need
for difference that is essential to get
continuity. I think of a possible positive
economy as a latest edition of a primitive
empathetic rush, and now a common
attempt to guarantee heritages and a
smooth generational handoff.
I imagine a work to be a primal bonfire
with nothing but rocks, sticks and smoke,
and all around fearful beings mutually
protecting themselves.
Celebrate togetherness
In "A Change is Gonna Come"
Vienna 2015
Table surface: a drawing of
silicone statues representing
Neanderthal men; they have
no informative function but are
made to show an emotional
history through clichés (old and
wise / boy with dreamy eyes).
On the table: Millenium stemglasses, see-through casts of
toungues mutually licking,
brass plates with halved logo of
SKY non-terrestrial TV channel.
Behind: an upside-down C-print
of an ideal African sunset (or a
sort of flag).
In the room: two engraved
black plexiglass with images of
me while exhibiting a tattooed
maneless Scar from Disney’s Lion
The following words,
be either told, written,
or thought. By me or
whoever else.
Started in Mars Milan
within Priere de Toucher.
Smooth handoff panel
Secession, Institut Français Berlin
Uv-print on alu-dibond
120 x 95cm
A nut for a jar of tuna
Life-size copies of Euro
coins, synthetic see-through
Significant Others
Iron, glass, digital print
4 elements, 22x25cm each
Four pictures within four
equals frames, taken in
the same space they are
installed in.
Every frame is showing
the installation with the
other three elements but
missing the frame we are
looking at. Every object
is narrated in the other
components, but is not
able to tell about itself.
This place without this picture
Digital print, Iron
Diameter 33cm, 5cm
The photography shows its
future position in the exhibition
before it was taken. Allusions
are made to the objects on the
right and on the left, the picture
changes remaining inseparably
connected to the place where it
was created.
Mixed media. Plaster, granite,
wood, inkjet print on sticker,
UV print on cotton and silk,
stuffed dolphin
Efb is a speculation on the
official side of collective
narrative. Produced history
is the public way of narrating
events, and it is a regular
attempt to keep a unique
version of facts. I used
monumental aesthetic and
material, willing to outtake
them from references, and
using them as weak pedestals
for vague images that refer to
a whatever memory.
Caroline is a two-person
collective started in 2015
with Bianca Benenti Oriol. We
would like to be a multitude
that exists as a platform for
collaboration, and develop
our visual investigation like
bouncing or zapping between
the super-superficial and the
dramatic projection towards a
hypersexy future emerged from
an hypersexual past.
About our practice:
Our attention is on sexiness (the
Sex Appeal of the Inorganic), and
seduction practices of objects
with experiences.
How to turn-on an object, how to
make it wet?
Is my software hard as we talk?
It's me producing species: the
alliance of animals that do not
share a similar body, but miss
each other once alone. Did you
see these videos about a cat
and an owl playing together, a
duck feeding fishes, orangutan
nursing cats? Did you see
Dumbo, or Lion King?
Tennis FKK (Naked Tennis)
Show at Kreuzberg Pavillon Berlin, 2015
"Hope" anti-cancer tennis balls, metal nets, fresh
terracotta on styrofoam, C-prints, Iron frame, this text:
Please, negotiate individuality by merging and
constitute a coexisting experience; reach therefore
mutual legitimation.
The sense is bouncing between your everyday and
Mr. and Mrs. Body are playing naked and their skin is
so tanned.
Hope, as I hope not to get involved in this all.
Marco Pezzotta; born 1985, Italy.
Lives and works in Berlin (De)
[email protected] // http://www.marcopezzotta.com
2013 MA Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee, Berlin (De)
2009 BA Accademia di BB.AA. di Brera, Milan (It)
2008 Guest, UCM Madrid (Es)
2011 A Change is Gonna Come, Schleifmühlgasse 12-14, Vienna (A)
Peaceful Planet, Beo_Project, Belgrade (Sb)
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Selected Group
2015 Tennis FKK, in collaboration with Bianca Benenti Oriol, Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin (De)
Between thinking, seeing, saying, and nothing * Vasl Residency show, IVS, Karachi (Pk)
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Featuring, lecturing, educational programs
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