Engaging To Build Our Brands

Driving Global Growth Smarter And Faster
Engaging To Build Our Brands
Engaging with consumers is at the heart of Colgate’s focused global strategy, which drives the
Company’s strong performance and market share gains worldwide. Stronger consumer engagement
begins with better insights. We are obtaining deeper and more meaningful consumer insights and using them to
strengthen product development, packaging and the communications we deliver through our integrated marketing campaigns. These innovative marketing programs deliver our brand messages using a combination of traditional
media outlets, in-store communications and newer digital outlets, including social media.
Consumers In India Rank Colgate #1
Most Trusted Brand
Winning With Consumers In Brazil
Colgate’s consistent engagement with consumers is building
Colgate Total toothpaste is winning with Brazilian consumers
trust worldwide. In India, where Colgate has been selling
across all retail outlets and is helping to strengthen Colgate’s
its products for over 50 years, consumers ranked Colgate as
market leadership in that country. The recent relaunch of
the #1 Most Trusted Brand in the country in 2011, across all
Colgate Total toothpaste included new packaging and a new
product categories, in the prestigious Brand Equity Survey
integrated marketing campaign focused on communicat-
published by The Economic Times. Colgate builds consumer
ing Colgate Total’s 12-hour protection against 12 oral care
trust and loyalty through a variety of global initiatives, includ-
problems for a healthier mouth. The consistent and continu-
ing its “Bright Smiles, Bright Futures” oral health education
ous marketing support, which involved traditional advertis-
and community outreach program, which has reached over
ing, digital innovations, sampling, contests and in-store
650 million children in 80 countries, and by sponsoring Oral
programs, drove strong market share gains for the Colgate
Health Month around the world, often in partnership with
brand, which reached a new record high for the year.
retailers and local dental associations.
2011 Annual Report
2011 Annual Report
Driving Global Growth Smarter And Faster
Engaging To Build Our Brands
With The
Colgate is driving engagement and building our leadership with dental and veterinary professionals to strengthen their endorsement of our brands. This, in turn, builds market share and brand
loyalty. Colgate helps educate dental and veterinary professionals about the science behind Colgate and Hill’s
products by being deeply involved with academia, professional organizations and conventions, and public
health activities to improve oral health and pet health around the world.
Hill’s Pet Nutrition
Reinforcing Vets’ Recommendations About Pet Fitness
Hill’s strong relationship with the veterinary profession is enhanced by products and programs
that support pet health professionals’ expert advice. Hill’s “Million Pound Pledge” program not
only builds awareness for Hill’s Science Diet Light products but also underscores the importance
of addressing pet obesity, a condition affecting one out of every two pets in America. The program reinforces the American Veterinary Medical Association’s position that obesity is the most
common preventable health condition in pets. Pictured above, celebrity spokesperson Alison
Sweeney, host of television’s The Biggest Loser, attended the program’s kick-off event in New
York City to announce a national call-to-action for pet owners to get their pets to lose one million pounds of weight in 2011.
United Kingdom
Training Dental Hygienists In The Latest Cavity
Prevention Techniques
Collaborating with the Department of Health in the United Kingdom, Colgate has developed
a portable, university accredited course for dental hygienists to extend their skills in helping
children and their parents prevent cavities. In the dental office and in community settings across
the country, the hygienists can apply the latest Colgate fluoride treatments, discuss other effective methods of cavity prevention and schedule follow-up dental checkups for kids. Programs
such as this one strengthen Colgate’s relationship with the dental profession worldwide and,
in the United Kingdom, helped to strengthen Colgate’s Toothpaste Brand Recommended Most
Often ranking from 51% to 54%.
2011 Annual Report
2011 Annual Report
Driving Global Growth Smarter And Faster
Engaging To Build Our Brands
With Our
Across retail environments, whether small rural stores or large global chains, Colgate is working closely with its retail partners to share expertise and provide shoppers with the best value and
service. Colgate is engaging its customers worldwide by sharing unique shopper insights, providing innovative
in-store marketing communications and merchandising techniques, and developing and executing joint business
planning initiatives. These activities ensure the right product assortment at each location and help to make shopping a consumer-friendly, enjoyable experience, which drives increased sales for both Colgate and the retailer.
United States
Building Smiles Together
Colgate and Walmart are collaborating to combat cavities
through “Building Smiles Together,” a program that provides
Providing Outstanding Customer Service
To Small Independent Retailers
free dental screenings and oral health education to children
In emerging markets, where more than half of Colgate’s sales
dental vans will visit 230 Walmart stores across the United
come from small independent retailers, Colgate works closely
States. The vans are staffed by volunteer dental profession-
with a broad network of wholesalers and distributors to en-
als who provide free dental screenings, oral health educa-
sure these shops receive an uninterrupted supply of Colgate
tion, treatment referrals and a “Building Smiles Together” kit
products and the correct assortment of products across price
that includes educational materials and a free toothbrush
points. One way Colgate is enhancing its service to small
and toothpaste. The program also includes an interactive
independent retailers across China is by offering products in
web site, www.BuildingSmilesTogether.com, where families
a mixed dozen. As the name suggests, multiple variants of
can access oral health resources, informational videos and
toothpaste are pre-packaged together in the same shipment.
engaging games to help encourage children to care for
These packs facilitate faster distribution and enable shop
themselves by developing healthy habits.
in need. Colgate’s “Bright Smiles, Bright Futures” mobile
owners to enhance their assortment of Colgate products,
better addressing shopper preferences.
2011 Annual Report
2011 Annual Report