N2 Week 1 ABCs Attitude - Owensboro Christian Church

N2 Week 1
Leader Notes:
Love Others: (30 mins)
REMEMBER you don’t
have to get to every
question, use the ones
you think your group
needs to discuss and
encourage further discussion of topics that
are pertinent to your
folks. Feel free to come
up with your own questions in your preparation
before hand
Be especially mindful of new members over the next few weeks as
this new session starts up, making sure to include them and make
them feel welcome. Spend this time collecting everyones info as well
3. Possible answers: it’s
a pride thing, it’s private,
the church always talks
about money and always asks me for money, etc
4. This story also teaches us that all of our
money and resources
are not ours, they are
Gods and we should be
generous towards God
and others just as God
is generous towards us.
It’s all about our attitude
Love God: (40 mins)
1. What was your favorite gift you gave or received this past
Christmas season?
2. What are the reasons we love to give gifts? And receive gifts?
When it comes to giving and receiving gifts the happiness and joy
we experience all depends on our attitude. It depends on if we are
simply out to get as much stuff for ourselves as possible and be
stingy with our gifts or we are seeking to be generous and love
others well. The same is true for our finances and stewardship of the
gifts we’ve been given. The level of joy and freedom depends greatly
on our attitude, whether we are selfish with the things we have or are
generous towards God and others. Jesus took our finances and stewardship of our time, talents and resources very seriously. He talked
more about how we handle the gifts we’ve been given than he did
about Heaven and Hell, so over the next few weeks we will be looking at some of Jesus’ teachings and discussingpractical ways we can
be better stewards of the resources we have and live more generous
3. Why do you think money is such a touchy subject in churches?
Or why is it such a touchy subject in any setting?
READ Luke 12:16-21
4. In your own words, what is the point of this story? Or asked
another way: How does it relate to being a good steward and
living generously?
N2 Week 1
Leader Notes:
6. My house ( I have
a huge house I could
use to house others,
welcome others, feed
others, etc) My time (I
don’t serve because I
would rather sit at home
and relax) My finances
(I’m not generous bc I’m
looking out for myself)
Answers may vary but
these may help get the
conversation started,
don’t be afraid to share
personal things you
struggle with
7. This could be an actual list of things like: Going out to eat less often,
cancel cable, watch less
TV, buy less clothing,
cut back on the extra
curricular activites our
kids are involved in, etc..
8. This question will be
athe end of most weeks
discussions. Use the
question some weeks
and don’t use it on other
weeks. This is a chance
for others to bring their
voice to the passages
and topics we cover.
5. Just like the man in the story, why is our goto response with
our possessions and gifts so often to hoard them and keep them
for ourselves?
6. You may not have crops, although some of us do, but what are
the things in your own life (time, resources, finances, abilities)
that you hoard instead of being generous with them? (Get
7. What changes could you make in this new year in the things
you spend time and money on that would help you be a better
steward of the gifts God has given you and be more generous
towards others and the Kingdom?
8. Was there anything that stuck out to you from this passage or
discussion that we didn’t get to talk about?
- What about this passage:
a. encourages you?
b. frustrates you?
c. is hard to accept or believe?
d. is affirming to your faith?
Reach the world: (20 mins)
End you time in prayer for your group and city. As a leader use this
ending time to help identify possible members to help share leadership roles in the group:
MISSIONAL LEADER- We serve our neighborhoods together regularly. This leader
takes the lead on all the details: the when, where, and how of the service project.
PRAYER LEADER- This person records all the prayer requests and sends out a
weekly update, reminding the community to pray for one another and the city.
HOST LEADER- This leader opens their home/apartment/dorm room to be an inviting place for the community to share meals, discuss life and truth, and to pray for
one another and the city.
HOSPITALITY LEADER – We eat together, we play together. This leader coordinates
the meal schedule and the when and where of hang outs