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The Official Salutary Avenue’s Product Launching attended by YB Dato’ Mustapa bin Mohamed,
Minister of International Trade and Industry, YAB Dato’ Haji Abdul Ghani bin Othman, Menteri
Besar Johor and En Har Man Ahmad, Director of Matrade Southern Regional Office on 20 July
2009. Salutary Avenue’s Senior Vice President, En Arisfadilah Abunaim can be seen briefing the
distinguished guests.
SA have been selected to showcase its products and in particular launched its latest product
range called NanoTec. The event was held in conjunction with the official opening of Matrade
Southern Region office at Bangunan Ansar, Johor Bharu on 20 July 2009. (Refer to Pg 11)
“Technology Cannot be Measured
by dollars and cents”
• Fuel Gas Treatment (FGT) System Solution • MAF Sand Louver -2
• MAF Wound Filter • MAF NANOFELT Filter Bag -3
• Congratulations To SA For Being Awarded The Best Potential Award
By Vendor Development Program Petronas -4
• Success Story -4~5
• Path To Excellence -6
• Zainal Abidin Retire After 10 Years’ Loyal
Service -6
• SA Annual Staff Day -7
• SA’s Website Upgraded - 8
Azman Abunaim 15 December 2009
• The Multiple Rewards Of SA’s Stocking Program - 8
• Silk Route To International Fame - 9
• Quality Management Excellence Award 2009 -10
• Offical Salutary Avenue’s Product Launching Programme -11
Depan -12
• Anak-anak Adalah Waris Kita Untuk Generasi Masa
(FGT) system is designed
to remove contaminants
in the form of gas, solid
and liquid from the
system and superheat
the fuel gas up to
based on the gas turbine
requirement parameters.
• The FGT system prepares natural gas fuel for
combustion in gas compressor, gas turbines,
gas engines, gas furnaces and burners, etc.
• FGT system can be designed to deliver gas
at any pressure, temperature and degree of
• There are three basic components of fuel gas
conditioning: moisture removal, heating and
Korina Sabang
Development Engineer
[email protected]
Filtration efficiency
•High performance – specification:
0.01micron nominal with coalescing
efficiency of 99.98% at 0.3 micron (um)
High efficiency
element system
•Better equipment performance
•Reduce downtime or unscheduled
downtime due to maintenance
•Reduce maintenance costs
Integral pre-filtration •Reduce cost of additional vessels,
valves, associated instrumentation
•Simplify maintenance procedures
Low pressure drop
Less resistance to flow:
•Reduce energy costs
•More throughput
High temperature
•Increase operating temperatures
•Standard element can be used within
working conditions of 275°F (continuous)
and up to 400°F (continuous)
Saifuddin Alias
Technical Engineer
[email protected]
Sand Louvers provide air intake sand storm protectio nand ensure the air intake system
is protected from sand particles. The units offer reliability and durability to withstand the
full range ambient conditions. Double layer of sand louver vertical blade design provides
low pressure drop, sand particles are trapped in the blade and discharged through the
face at the bottom of the louver. This special sand louver is custom made fabrication and
material construction is stainless steel.
The Sand Louvers are designed to provide effective intake sand storm protection. Sand
storm is easily eliminated to protect downstream filters, ductwork and equipment.
Potential air bypass is eliminated – Sand Louver mounting, combined with the housing design and insures that
100% of the air flow remains in design air path
This custom made high efficiency sand repellent system is designed to provide intake weather protection from dust or sand
storm and very suitable to use in the Middle East. The design is to meet the requirements of gas turbine, compressor and
engine application where inlet air protection is critical.
Nor Adilah Radzuan
Product Engineer
[email protected]
greater retention capacity than
straight surface filter media of the
same dimensions and porosity.
Wound filters are
manufactured using a high speed,
continuous wind process which
creates a superior one-piece filter
with hundreds of diamond shaped
tunnels that get progressively smaller
from the outer diameter to the core.
Finer particles are progressively
trapped as fluid travels to the center
of the filter allowing for a much
Our Added Value….
SAMS manufacture its product
which is simple, low cost, effective
technology for filtering a variety of
contaminants from water, chemical,
oil, and other fluids. The
filters are among the most common
type of liquid filter used throughout
the world and the best choice among
bio-diesel users.
which become progressively smaller
approaching the cartridge core. The
contaminant is trapped not only on
the cartridge surface, but throughout
its depth. A rigid support core of
either molded polypropylene, tin
plated steel or stainless steel is used
to stabilize the wound structure and
prevent string migration. The core
material is selected to be compatible
with the string fiber media and the
fluid being filtered.
The Unique Function…..
Wound filter, named
for its superior dirt trapping ability, is
made from long fibers formed into
a string. A unique winding process
creates spaces between the strings
NANOFELT filter bags are engineered
with unique nano fiber process, creating uniform
material with smaller pore size that provides better
surface loading of dust and prevents penetration
deep into the media. In contrast, conventional filter
bags are manufactured with a needling process
that creates larger pores where dust can embed
into the fabric, inhibiting cleaning and reducing
bag life. With better surface loading, Nanofelt
bags provide improved pulse cleaning and a lower
pressure drop, which results in extended bag life,
less maintenance time and cost, energy saving
and greater filtration efficiency.
Fakhrul Razi
Technical Engineer
[email protected]
Nanofelt filter bags offer:
• Greater performance
• Better surface loading
• Improved efficiency
• Available for most application
• Extensive selection to fit any collector
• Energy saving
• Best value
Filter Bags for All OEM Styles
SA manufacture and supply filter bags for practically any
application and for any OEM style bag house; Donaldson,
Menardi, Airlanco, Alstom. Our close relationship with filtration
fabric producers means that we can even work with you to
design a fabric specified to your demanding application.
To SA For Being Awarded The Best
Potential Award By Vendor Development
Program Petronas
Pleased to announce that Salutary Avenue has won the
Best Potential Champion Award during the VDP Performance
Feedback Session on 12 August 2009. The programme was
attended by En Arisfadilah and En Abunaim at Nikko Hotel,
Kuala Lumpur.
In addition to that SA has also bagged the Most
Colloborative Award 2008 presented by Petronas.
The picture shows En Abunaim being presented with the
Best Potential Champion Award
East M Middle
01. Two (2) side way air intake filtration system
02. Wind wall to protect direct wind direction
03. The goods being transferred to the loader
04. Ready to send to offshore platform
Leaving A Triumphant Year To
A Promising Future
2009 gave a robust ending with activities flourished throughout the year
ushering the new year of 2010 with a promising future. SA’s engineering arm
had a breakthrough in the export market by receiving the turnkey project
worth RM2.3 million for the upgrading of the air intake filtration system for
Japan Vietnam Petroleum Co. Ltd (JVPC) at Rang Dong platform Solar
Mars 100 gas turbine engine.
SAE had also completed a contract worth RM 1.9 million for the
upgrading of the air intake filtration system for the Petronas Carigali
Sdn Bhd - Sabah Operation (SBO) Erb West platform. With the
upgrading of the filter elements and additional MAF weather
louvers, the system were improved with longer life span
of the filter elements with heavy raining monsoon
seasons. The project starts from mid April 09
and the installation completed
01.Removal and Installation Process
04. Packaging System
06. The loading of the goods to be shipped to Oman
02. During Operation
05. SA’s Oman representative was present during the
arrival of the goods at Oman Cement warehouse
07. Stainless steel expansion bellow
03. Unloading before Installationstem
08. Stainless steel exhaust ducting
RM31 million. Our top customers
are Tenaga Nasional Berhad,
Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd,
Petronas Gas Berhad, Nippon
Oil Exploration (Malaysia) Ltd.,
ExxonMobil and others.
by end of July 09. SAE had also completed a
contract worth RM 1.9 million for the upgrading
of the air intake filtration system for the SBO Erb
West platform. From the accomplishment of the
Erb West project, SA has also been awarded
a new project with SBO in 2010 which is worth
RM2.9 million.
consecutively with another project with
Petronas Gas Berhad for the upgrading of gas
combustion exhaust gas ducting at Export
Terminal, Telok Kalong, Kemaman, Terengganu
worth RM2.9 million. This was followed by several
other projects with Malaysia Marine and Heavy
Engineering Sdn Bhd, Nippon Oil Exploration
(Malaysia) Ltd and other PSCs with the total
project worth RM3 million.
SA is also experiencing a wider exposure
and impact internationally especially through
our presence in Muscat, Oman whereby SA was
also awarded contracts for the supply of filters to
Oman Cement Co. , Rusayl Power, Sohar Power,
Oman Polypropylene and Arabi Co. W.L.L
(Doha East Power) in Kuwait among others with
the sales generated worth RM1 million. In the
home ground, SA received immense demand
from PSCs to supply filters with a sales figure of
SA is also vigorously
involved in the business of repair
of turbine control cards and
modules inclusive warranty. Our
repair centre is well equipped
with the latest diagnostic and
X-ray equipments capable
of identifying even the most
affecting the cards. Our skilled
technicians are trained to
provide immediate repairs and
we also provide fault-finding
reports and analyses of the
inspection observation.
Recently we received
contracts to repair and refurbish
the control cards from TNB
Putrajaya and Kapar Energy
Venture Sdn Bhd. SA have
garnered RM500,000 worth of
sales volume in the repair card business during the last second half of
2009 from Tanjung Bin Power Plant, Nippon Oil Exploration (M) Ltd, PLN
Sektor Belawan in Indonesia and also from Doha West Power Plant in
Our technician engrossed in repair work at our service repair centre.
Nor Adilah Radzuan
Product Engineer
[email protected]
Path To Excellence
To gain cutting edge
application of the design and
manufacturing of the filtration
solution agenda, SA has opted
to follow one path, and that is to
invest in research and thoughtful
analysis on our products.
In collaboration with higher
institutions of learning, our
team of research professionals
En Zulkifkly explaining the technical matters to
dissects emerging trends in
En. Izzat, En. Fansuri and En Nazri.
complex technical matters
relating to the advantages and benefits of the products and also the
function and its flow. Our research will also assist us in identifying the
cracks and weaknesses of our products which will then enable us to further
enhance and improve our products apt to our customers needs.
Product analysis and testing are our top priority and form part of
the element in convincing the customer that our products have the best
quality performance. In order to cater to this requirement, SA initiated to
have a collaboration with Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) and Universiti
Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) to conduct testing and provide equipment for
the purposes of monitoring, testing, quality control and performance
evaluation of the gas filter product.
We at SA practices first hand information whereby we invite our
customers to attend and witness during the testing. By far PGB Segamat,
Petronas Penapisan (M) Sdn Bhd and others have done so. During the
The photos describing the representatives
from PGB Segamat and Kuantan Compressor
visiting the UMP testing site.
testing, customers can share and express
their comments for further improvement
or to suit their requirement.
The testing which we normally
conducted at our testing sites are
standards and are being supervised and
administered by Professor Dr. Rosli bin
Mohd Yunos, Deputy Vice Chancellor
of UMP and Associate Professor Ir. Dr.
Shuhaimi Mansor, Head of Aeronautics
Laboratory, Faculty of Mechanical
Engineering representing UTM.
Zainal Abidin Retires
After 10 Years’ Loyal Service
Encik Zainal Abidin Bin, Executive with the
Human Resource/Administration Department, who
has loyally and diligently served the SA Group
in Johor for almost 10 years, officially entered
retirement on 30-6-2009.
Encik Zainal Abidin shaking hands
with En Arisfadilah
En Zainal joined SA in 1999 as a logistic assistant.
At a farewell party held in his honour, Zainal received
a gift of appreciation from the company, presented
by Senior Vice President, En Arisfadilah Abunaim. In
his speech, En Arisfadilah wished Zainal good health
and happiness in his retirement years.
Madam Ragispri A/P Maspro
nothing like the inviting
blue waters and smell of an array of delectable
food to bring a smile of delighted anticipation to the eyes
and mouths of the beholder. It has always been a favourite
and this year was no exception.
On 15 August 2009, staff members mingled at Starhill
Golf & Country Club for the annual staff day. The morning
performances provided multistarted with aerobics session to get everyone energized
extended from humorous antics
and proceeded with breakfast. This was followed by a
string of futsal and water games which occupied the entire to valuable message.
afternoon, with the participants divided into four teams.
This was followed by a hearty lunch after which
anticipation and excitement started to build for the upcoming
The prestigous awards for the 10 Years
Service on display
Presentation of 10
Years Service Awards
The height of the day was the presentation of the long
service award to three employees who have served SA with
devotion to duty for 10 years. The award were presented by En
Azman Abunaim, President of SA Group. The recepients are;
Madam Ragispri A/P Maspro, Puan Gustimar Yassin Lela and En
Yunos Ahmad.
Puan Gustimar Yassin Lela
Encik Yunos Ahmad
For You , The Customer
Borderless Reach : SA’s Website Upgraded
SA Group will release its new,
updated and upgraded website in
January 2010. Our new website is
user-friendly with stylish web pages
design, ensuring you easy access and
navigation complete with website
forum. The new website will consist
of an Online Product Search engine
which will be full with up-to-date
information, along with all available
products information and pictures.
exercise, we will create an SA Online
Community System which will be an
online community framework whereby
it allows all its members to collaborate
actively with each other, be it from
inside or outside the organization. The
new website also caters for an Online
Customer Support to give specialized
online services to customers, such as
extra information on products, order
information tracking system where
customers will be able to view the
status of their orders and all information
related to their orders.
Many more additional modules
will be added at a later stage. To
find out more, please visit www. technical information you need on the
latest and innovative solutions on the
At, we filtration system.
are dedicated to helping you get the
The Multiple Rewards Of
SA’s Stocking Program
Master Price Agreements that Salutary Avenue
has inked with several of its customers namely
Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd, Petronas Gas Berhad,
Petronas Penapisan Melaka, Asean Bintulu Fertilizer
Sdn Bhd offer a unique program called SA’s
Stocking Program which ensure
the availability of stock to be
delivered to customer premises
within the required time. SA is
confident in the success of this
program as we will be delivering
our products from our various
warehouses in Johor, Telok Kalong
in Kemaman, Terengganu, Miri,
Sarawak, Singapore and Muscat in Oman.
Essentially, this program provides secured
delivery of MAF product supply to customer’s premises,
reduced cost on floating an inquiry during the period
of the signed agreement, reduced documentation
for customer’s Procurement Department, accurate
yearly budget planning can be achieved, Just-InTime delivery as we use local contents for the raw
materials and manpower. Whereas for imports, SA
have a long term arrangement with our overseas
vendors and most importantly, it will also reduced
customer’s storage space.
With the estimated annual volume for the
liquid and gas filters is RM18 million SA is confident
and committed in providing the filter services for
upstream & downstream clients and also has the capability to
serve various types of filter element to meet the users’ requirement
and specifications.
By using this program, customers get to receive SA’s expertise
in improving the performance of customers’ filtration systems
and solving solution of their filtration needs and difficulties. This
is because SA has the right set of personnel, equipment and
facilities to support users’ requirement. Their
experience in providing the services for liquid
and gas filters in efficient manner is a testimony
to our performance. With this experience SA
has the high potential to better serve the users
which provide benefits in terms of cost saving
and improving customers’ operation efficiency.
Similarly, SA duly acknowledge that there
is still room for improvement of which SA has
guaranteed free monitoring plus monitoring report, upgrading
MAF filter designs and performance wherein our R & D team will
conduct product presentation and propose new designs and
developments of MAF air filters, provide Product Knowledge and
Technical Training to customer’s personnel on MAF filters. We also
provide free removal, cleaning and installation of MAF filters. MAF
products are issued with in-house test certificates and possess the
highest level
quality and
as SA is an
The pictures above show our factories and warehouses in
Johor, Malaysia and Muscat, Oman.
Faizal Abas
Business & Development Manager,
Salutary Avenue International LLC, Oman
[email protected]
Silk Route To International FAME
To realize the vision of the company for a more ferocious global
expansion, SA International LLC (SAI) was established in Muscat, Oman
on 13 May 2008 with its prime intention of penetrating the Middle
East market and understanding the needs and requirements of the
consumers in the region considering the climate and geographical
aspects. At present, our agent’s international presence covered
Pakistan, Algeria, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Indonesia
and Brunei.
Our SAI Staffs in front of our office in Muscat, Oman.
By next year SAI is seriously looking into setting up a manufacturing
plant in Oman to distribute MAF products and services which includes
among others repairs, rehabilitation and upgrading of filter houses
including supply, installation and commissioning of new filter houses
and filtration systems for oil and gas and power generation industries in GCC markets namely Qatar, UAE, Saudi
Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait including African markets and Indian Sub-Continent markets namely
Bangladesh, Pakistan and India.
Our international presence’s objectives are:
2.Be closer to customers in meeting their demand
and equipment needs;
3.Explore and take advantage of the opportunities
in growing Middle East market;
4.Respond to the government’s aspiration to have
local Bumiputera companies going global;
5.Increase the sales volume for Malaysian Air Filter
6.Raise the profile of Malaysian made products.
SAI had so far during its journey, faces many
challenges, when we expand internationally, we
can expect to work with people from different races/
ethnicities, people who speak different languages
and people who have different ideologies. You
cannot expect what works for you in your home
company will continue to work the same in an
overseas company. Sometimes you will find that while
you are running, others are walking and while others
are running, you are walking trying to catch up. There
have to be a compromise of some sort to ensure
there is synergy among the staff.
1.To remain competitive in the Middle East region
to win contracts;
Pictures above show representatives from Bangladesh Power Development
Board attending a training conducted at our factory in Johor.
Mr. Mansour Fayyaz Syah, our agent in UAE with a representative
from Federal Electricity and Water Authority (FEWA), UAE during
testing and inspection at our factory in Johor.
There is also the urgency to understand the demands
and needs of each customers to enable us to fulfill our
mission statement which is “to provide our customers with
the most reliable and efficient service and to treat them as
our important and valuable partners in pursuing the growth
of our business” .
01.En Azman Abunaim handing
gifts to Dato’ Dr Ir Andy
K.H.Seo, Vice President of FMM
02. En Azman Abunaim (3rd from
left) leading SA’s team in the
presentation to the QMEA
Technical Committee.
03. The QMEA Technical
Committee posing together
with SA’s QMEA Committee
04. Engrossed in the briefings
by SA’s Factory Manager
during the factory visit.
Quality Management Excellence Award 2009
SA was selected by Malaysia Productivity Corporation
(MPC) to participate in the Quality Management
Excellence Award 2009 (QMEA). After successfully went
through the initial qualifying round, SA received the
Technical Committee to conduct the assessment and
site visit on 23 November 2009. The QMEA Technical
Committee comprises of Dato’ Dr Ir Andy K.H.Seo,
Vice President of FMM, Tn Hj Ahmad Fadzil Mahmud,
Deputy Director General of MPC, Pn Hjh Shahuren Ismail
, Senior Director of MPC, Pn Wan Hasmah Wan Mohd ,
Director of MITI, Tn Hj Ab Razak Omar, Director of MPC, Dr
Rahmat Md Ismail, Regional Director of MPC and En Syed
Mohd Azhar Syed Kamaruddin (Secretariat). SA Group
President, En Azman Abunaim presented an overview of
the company’s operation and management.
After the presentation, a light tea was served and
after everyone has tasted the delectable offerings,
the committee went on for a factory visit. Before the
entourage bid their farewell, SA wrapped up the visit by
handing gifts to each of the committee members.
In Th s e m e n t
e As
P o
w e
Sept-O z i n e ,
Issue. t 2009
Offical Salutary Avenue’s
Product Launching Programme
On 20th July 2009, Salutary Avenue Manufacturing Services Sdn
Bhd was among the only three companies to be invited by Matrade
to partake in a Product Launching Programme which coincides with
the official opening ceremony of Matrade Southern Regional Office at
Menara Ansar, Johor Bharu.
The launching were officiated by YB Tan Sri Dato’ Mustapa
Mohamad, Minister of International Trade and Industry (MITI) and YB
Dato’ Haji Abdul Ghani Othman (Johor Chief Minister). The programme
was attended by several officials from the government bodies such
as Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA), Ministry of
Industry (MITI), Small and
Medium Industries Development
Corporation (SMIDEC), Johor
corporate sectors.
The above two photos show En Arisfadilah
Abunaim explaining to YB Tan Sri Dato’ Mustapa
Mohamad, Minister of International Trade
and Industry (MITI) and YB Dato’ Haji Abdul
Ghani Othman (Johor Chief Minister) about the
launched two of its new
products at the product
launching programme namely
MAF Filter with NanoTec media
From extreme left, Puan Gustimar Yassin Lela, which features a more efficient
En Arisfadilah Abunaim together with Dato’ filters, greater dust holding
Wahab Hamid , Deputy Director General of capacity and lower filter
MIDA who also attended the programme and differential pressure thereby
Puan Nor Aswati Kasri.
giving the filters an improved
life span and performance.
Also introduced in the programme
was MAF Weather Louvers, wherein
the design and construction of this
system blocks the ingression of rain
water thereby improving the life
and performance of the inlet filters
installed in turbo machineries.
The new and latest products which was featured during the Product Launching Programme.
Salutary Avenue draws the
attention of the VIPs of the fact
that we have a very strong and
& Development team who also
collaborates along with several
local tertiary institutions in conducting constant research and development work. We also highlight on our own inhouse testing facilities, which conform to international standards and are capable to conduct test on our filters.
On an overall perspective, the programme has been an immense platform to Salutary Avenue to establish its name
and publicize about what the company can provide and offer to Malaysia locally and internationally in expanding the
economic growth as well as responding to the government’s aspiration to have local Bumiputera companies going
global and raise the profile of Malaysian made products.
Anak-Anak Adalah Waris Kita
Untuk Generasi Masa Depan.
Sabariah Ali
HR & Admin Executive
[email protected]
anak yatim ini untuk menjalani hidup yang normal seperti anak-anak
yang lebih bernasib baik. Anak-anak yang malang ini dipanggil “Anak
Oleh yang demikian adalah menjadi tanggunjawab masyarakat
samada individu maupun pihak syarikat untuk membantu anak-anak
yatim ini supaya mereka dapat hidup dalam keriangan, harmoni dan
dapat meneruskan pendidikan mereka.
Kematian ibu dan bapa dan
hidup tanpa orang
malang ini merasa
kekosongan dalam
diri mereka dan
hilangnya belaian
kasih sayang dari
orang tua mereka, serta kehilangan
tempat bergantung menjadikan anakanak ini dihantui perasaan amat sedih.
Ditambah pula dengan kehidupan
yang serba kekurangan, menjadikan
amat sukar dan perit bagi golongan
Pihak Salutary Avenue Group sangat prihatin dan mengambil
berat tentang nasib anak-anak yatim dimana pihak syarikat telah
memilih dua buah rumah anak-anak yatim iaitu Rumah Anak Yatim
Darul Hanan di Pasir Gudang, Johor dan Rumah Anak Yatim Barkat di
Jalan Bukit Cagar, Johor Bahru untuk memyumbang bantuan kewangan
bagi memastikan anak-anak yatim yang dinaungi di rumah tersebut
mendapat pendidikan dan pemerhatian dengan sempurna supaya
mereka dapat meneruskan pelajaran
mereka ke menara gading dan hidup
dalam kesempurnaan seperti kanakkanak lain. Mereka juga memerlukan
kasih sayang serta keperluan hidup
seperti insan biasa.
ini akan terus diberi perhatian oleh
pihak Salutary Avenue Group secara
berterusan di masa akan datang kerana kami yakin dan percaya
bahawa cara ini merupakan salah satu cara yang amat berkesan dalam
sumbangan syarikat kepada masyarakat dan dalam pembentukan
pembangunan modal insan.
Rumah Anak Yatim “ Rumah Barkat, Jalan Bukit Cagar, Johor Bahru