1 CURRICULUM VITAE Name: Jesús A. Rivas Place of birth

Name: Jesús A. Rivas
Place of birth: Caracas, Venezuela
Citizenship: Venezuelan, US permanent resident.
Address: 940 Cherry Grove Rd
Somerset, KY 42501
Phone number: (614) 309-2936
e-mail: [email protected]
Ph.D. at Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. University of Tennessee at
Knoxville. 2000
Licenciatura in Biology, Caracas 1990. Universidad Central de Venezuela
Fireman training course 1980. Cuerpo de Bomberos Universitarios de Caracas,
High school at Liceo Francisco Espejo. Caracas, Venezuela. Graduated 1980.
Spanish (native speaker), English (fluent), Portuguese (ability to communicate).
Scientific Consultant for the exhibit Vicious Fishes and Other Riches of the Miami Museum of
Science 2004.
Visiting Scholar at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville from September 2001 to Fall
Field on-Air correspondent for National Geographic Television from September 2000 to
2003. Worked as a presenter doing documentaries about wildlife in the tropics.
Ph. D. Research life history, ecology, and conservation of the green anaconda (Eunectes
murinus) in the Venezuelan Llanos. Included research on population dynamics, habitat
use and mobility, diet, mating system and reproduction. Sponsored by Profauna (the
Venezuelan Fish and Wildlife Service), Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), CITES and
the National Geographic Society. January 1992 - April 1999.
Conservation management research conducted graduate research in life history and
conservation of the green iguana (Iguana iguana). Included study of population dynamics
(mark and recapture), captive rearing, reproduction, and antipredator behavior. Hato
Masaguaral, Venezuela. Sponsored by Profauna and Wildlife Conservation Society.
January 1990 - March 1992.
Field research assistant for the conservation and management project of the green sea turtle
(Chelonia mydas) on Isla de Aves, Venezuela. Included mark and recapture and nest
translocation. FUDENA, Venezuela. August 1991 - December 1991.
Undergraduate research conducted detailed study of diet of the green iguana involving
processing 360 live individuals. Hato Masaguaral, Venezuela. January 1988 to May 1989.
Endangered species recovery program volunteer assistant for the program of conservation and
reintroduction of the Orinoco Crocodile (Crocodylus intermedius) in the Venezuelan
Llanos. Included survey, and mark and recapture. Coordinated by WCS since 1989 (part
Government research consultant for the project of conservation and management of green
iguanas in Venezuela. Profauna, Venezuela. 1991.
Field research assistant for the study of reproductive success of hoatzins (Opisthocomus
hoazin), included censuses, surveys, nest monitoring, and banding of nestlings. Hato
Masaguaral, Venezuela. July 1988 - November 1988.
Government internships conducted conservation research and management of
1.- spectacled caiman (Cayman crocodilus), and
2.- capybaras (Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris).
Servicio Autonomo de Fauna Silvestre, Venezuela. November 1985 - April 1986.
Fire department commander direction of the campus branch of the fire department during
1987. Other activities while commander include: creation and organization of community
outreach activities including the first public workshop of search and rescue (SAR) in
Venezuela, and several education programs on campus.
Firefighter experience active fireman from 1980 until 1987 at Cuerpo de Bomberos
Universitarios de Caracas, stayed on board as an adviser from 1988 to 1990.
Assitant Professor at Somerset Community College from Spring 2006 to the present
Biology Professor at Columbus State Community College Fall 2005 Spring 2006
Biology Professor at Otterbein College Fall 2005, Spring 2006
Academic Director of the course Comparative Ecology and Conservation for the School for
International Training (SIT) during the Spring Semester 2005.
Assistant professor of Tropical Ecology at Boston University. Fall 1999 to Summer 2000.
Teaching assistant for General Biology at the University of Tennessee, Spring 1998.
Teaching assistant for Comparative Animal Behavior at University of Tennessee, Fall 1997.
Teaching assistant Tropical Biology: an Ecological approach. Organization for Tropical
Studies, Costa Rica. June 1996 - August 1996.
High school instructor for courses in General Biology, Instituto Educational José Félix Ribas
Coordinator and instructor for the college courses of First Aid Techniques, Department of
Nutrition, UCV. 1984 - 1986.
Dept. of Education Director campus branch of the fire department. Duties involved
coordination and instruction of courses in first aid, fire safety and prevention 1983 1986.
Instructor Public Industrial Safety course, Cuerpo de Bomberos Universitarios UCV. 1981 2
-Somerset Community College Wanda Bolze excellence award June 2008.
-Grant from Miami Metro Zoo Conservation and Research Fund 2004.
-Best Film Award from the Animal Behavior Society 2003.
-Reseacher level I in the Programa de Promoción al Inversigador from the Concejo
Nacional de investigaciones Cientificas de Venezuela 2001.
-Grant from Due de la Fointaine Zoological park (France) 1999.
-Science Alliance Research of Excellence Award 1998. University of Tennessee.
-CONICIT Award for the Novel Researcher 1997.
-National Geographic Film and Research Grant 1996.
-National Geographic Research and Exploration Awards 1994.
-BID-CONICIT doctoral fellowship. 1993-1997.
-Wildlife Conservation Society Doctoral Research Grant 1993.
-Econatura Scholarship for Research and Conservation 1992.
-Joint grant of CITES & Profauna for applied wildlife research 1992.
-Wildlife Conservation International Graduate Research Grants 1990 -1991.
-Concejo National de Ciencias y Humanidades Undergraduate Grants 1989.
-Wildlife Conservation International Undergraduate Research Grant 1988.
-Reproductive Biology of Amphibians. 10 hours Universidade Estadual do Campinhas
-Cytogenetics applied to herpetology. 10 hrs. Universidad de Los Andes, 1990.
-Systematic herpetology 10hrs. Universidad de Los Andes, 1990.
-Planification and Prevention for Disasters 120hrs. Cuerpo de Bomberos del Distrito
Federal, 1987
-Survival in Water emergencies, Grupo de Rescate Lara 96hrs, 1985.
-Industrial Security Oil treatment plant EL Palito 32hrs, 1984
-Curricular Design for teaching effectively, Universidad José María Vargas 30hrs, 1984.
-Management of Lab animals, Instituto Nacional de Higuiene Rafael Rangel. 50hrs, 1983.
-Rescue and medical assitant Cuerpo de Bomberos del distritio federal 40hrs, 1981.
-Scuba diving, Centro de Actividades Sub-Acuaticas (CASA) UCV, 1981
-Oral Delivery, Instituto de Cooperación Educativa (INCE) 20hrs, 1980.
Defenders of Wildlife's Carnivores 2004. Expanding Partnerships in Carnivore
Conservation. Santa Fe, New Mexico. November, 2004
Joint Meeting of SSAR ASIH and HL, Manaus Brazil July 2003
Joint meeting of SSAR, ASIH, and HL Kansas City, July 2002
Joint meeting of SSAR and HL Indianapolis, Indiana, July, 2001.
Invited speaker, Symposium on education of the Texas Herpetological Society. Tyler,
Joint meeting of ASIH, SSAR and HL. La Paz, Mexico. June 2000.
Joint meeting of ASIH, SSAR and HL. Guelph, Canada. July, 1998.
Snake Ecology for the 21st Century. Tyler, Texas. 1997.
WD Alaska 45th Wildlife Conference of the Wildlife Disease Association. Alaska 1996.
International Iguana Society. San Salvador, Bahamas 1995.
Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles (SSAR). Boone, North Carolina 1995.
Animal Behavior Society. Lincoln, Nebraska 1995.
Third Latin American Herpetological Meeting. Campinhas, Brazil 1993.
Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles (SSAR). Bloomington, Indiana 1993.
Second Latin American Herpetological Meeting. Mérida, Venezuela 1990.
Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond. October 2007
Valencia Community College, Florida, November 2004.
Murray State University, Kentucky, October 2004.
Valencia Community College, Florida, November 2002.
Instituto Migue Lillo, Universidad de Tucuman, Argentina, September 2002.
La Sierra University, Riverside California, February 2002
University of Tennessee at Knoxville, October 2001.
Center for the Reproduction of Endangered Species at San Diego Zoological Park , June
North Carolina Herpetological Society, August 2000.
San Diego Herpetological Society, September 1999.
Instituto de Biología Experimental. Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas, June
Visiting speaker at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama, August 1996.
University of Tyler. Tyler, Texas, November 1995.
Animal Behavior Society
Society for Conservation Biology
Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles
American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists
Herpetologist’s League
International Iguana society
Film Makers for Conservation
-The Untamed Mountain. Discovery Channel. January 1998.
-Secrets of Dragons. Germany, aired in October 1997.
-Anaconda. Dateline NBC. September 1998.
-The Land of the Anaconda, National Geographic Explorer. September 1998. TBS.
-Orinoco Crocodile. Nick's quest. Channel 5 Available light and Discovery. November
-Anacondas, Nick's quest. Channel 5 Available light and Discovery. December 1998
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-Arkansas Anaconda? National Geographic Television. October 2000
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Originals Summer 2002
-Ssssnakes Alive. 60 Minutes Australia. CBS. Summer 2003
-Anakondas, Pro 7 Terra Nostra, Germany. July 2003
-Vipers bad rap. National Geographic Television Series Snake Wranglers. Fall 2003
-The Ultimate Snake. National Geographic Ultimate Explorer. Fall 2003
-The Devil Snake of Cozumel. National Geographic Television. Series Snake Wranglers
Feb 2004.
-Into the lost Worlds of South America, National Geographic Ultimate Explorer. Feb
- Serpent Handlers, the mystery of the Appalachians. Tropical Wildlife llc.
- From Menace to Healer. Tropical Wildlife llc.
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