APUSH 2012
1. Muckrakers
2. Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
3. The Jungle
4. Progressive Amendments (16-19)
5. Hepburn Act
6. Lusitania
7. Zimmerman Telegram
8. Food Administration (in WWI)- who
headed it? Purpose?
9. Andrew Mellon
10. Harlem Renaissance
11. Palmer Raids
12. AAA (Agricultural Adjustment
13. TVA (TN Valley Authority)
14. NRA (National Recovery
15. Huey Long
16. Wagner Act
17. Clark Memorandum
18. Nye Committee
19. Lend Lease
20. Island hopping
21. Japanese Internment Camps
22. Zoot Suit Riots
23. Joseph McCarthy
24. Rosenbergs
25. Berlin Airlift
26. Fair Deal
27. Brown v. Board of Education
28. Dr. Spock
29. Flexible response
30. Tet Offensive
31. Bay of Pigs
32. Cuban Missile Crisis
33. Freedom rides
34. Great Society
35. Iranian Hostage Crisis
36. SALT
37. Persian Gulf War
38. Watergate- CREEP, Nixon
39. SU invasion of Afghanistan
40. Stonewall Inn Riot
41. Oil Shocks (what did they lead to in
the US?)
1. Birth of a Nation- who made this? What is its significance?
2. What happened to industry during the Gilded Age? In the Gilded Age and after that era, describe the role the
worker played. How were they seen? What kind of tasks did they do?
3. WEB DuBois, Booker T Washington, MLK Jr describe and include key works, movements, institutes associated
with each
4. Who was Robert LaFollette and what was his impact?
5. 1912 election: identify candidates for each party; explain New Nationalism v. New Federalism; who won? Why?
6. Identify key parts and the approach to foreign affairs for:
a. Teddy Roosevelt
b. Taft
c. Wilson
7. What was the approach of Wilson’s 14 points? To Wilson, what was the most important part to these 14 points?
8. KKK in the 1920s- what is this group? When did they rise up before this time? Who are they against?
9. Scopes Trial- what was the issue here? What was the outcome and who were the lawyers?
10. Who are Sacco and Vanzetti? why were they convicted?
11. What was the Bonus March and what impact did it have?
12. What happened at the Munich Conference? What were the issues and who was involved?
13. When did WWII begin? When and why did the US join?
14. What was the Kellogg-Briand Pact? What made it difficult to enforce?
15. Explain and make distinctions between: containment, Marshall Plan, Truman Doctrine, NATO
16. Where did many families start living in the 50s? what got them from home to work? What are these places
called and how were they “conformity”?
17. What was the National Defense Education Act and why do we create it?
18. Who won and lost the 1960 election? What new part of the campaign affected the election?
19. What did the Pentagon Papers reveal about our government’s handling of the Vietnam War? What did it accuse
LBJ of doing?
20. What was the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution? Why did it come about and how was it significant?
21. What was détente? Who promoted it and how was it carried out?
22. What achievements did Carter have in foreign affairs? What event was not so great for him foreign policy-wise?