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Published by the Bratenahl Community Foundation
Bratenahl Community
President’s Letter
Bratenahl Memorial Day Parade/ Link
Don Iannone
Each year Bratenahl hosts a wonderful and fun Memorial Day
Parade. This year’s parade was a great experience.
In addition, we hope this new website will help market Bratenahl
to the outside world; to attract people moving to Northeast Ohio
from elsewhere, and to locals who may not have Bratenahl on
their radar when moving within the region. We want to tell
about this “best kept secret” and make Bratenahl a community
of choice. As determined in our recent strategic planning process,
this is essential in keeping Bratenahl a healthy, viable village into
the future.
Donnie Long
On behalf of the Parade sponsors and organizers, I photographed
the event. Here is the website link to view the photographs:
http://smu.gs/Nt6qPU (Just copy and paste the full link into your
Internet Web browser to view the 175 photos).
New Website Developed
for the Foundation!
To those men and women who served our great nation!
Featured Artist: Gerry Kramer
The Bratenahl Community Foundation will be showcasing
Bratenahl artists in the the Lamplighter over the next year.
Our first edition in the series is One Bratenahl Place
resident Gerry Kramer.
Gerry Kramer was born and grew up in New York City.
He holds a BA from City College of New York and a MFA from the
University of Iowa. Over the years his work has been exhibited
widely in the Cleveland area, Columbus, New Jersey, and Toronto.
Kramer’s work has received several awards for special mention
and a top award for painting in the May Show at the Cleveland
Museum of Art. Gerry Kramer currently works as an Associate
Professor of Art at Cuyahoga Community College in
Cleveland Ohio. For more information go to gkramerart.com
The Bratenahl Community Foundation
is very excited to debut its new website
at www.BratenahlCF.org. This brand new, dynamic communication
tool extends the new effort to ‘brand’ the Foundation, incorporating the logo and other consistent design elements. The website
will enable us to reach members of the organization and other
village residents with important information about the activities
and programs of the Foundation and enable them to identify
and connect with our strategic partners. In addition, you’ll find
information about the history of the Foundation, view upcoming
Foundation events as well as other general events in the Village
and reference an extensive archive of Lamplighter publications.
The great thing about a website, when used effectively, is that it
is a dynamic document, meaning that, rather than being a static
publication, it has the ability to change, be updated and bring
you significantly more in-depth Bratenahl community news and
information faster, easier, and in a much more attractive format.
The BCF will continue to publish the Lamplighter on a quarterly
basis, as a service to village residents, but the new website will
have more space to bring you longer articles, more photos of
events, and information posted in real-time. We’ll be able to link
with our regional neighbors to bring you news from the Cleveland
communities that surround us, local cultural institutions, and
educational content.
So I encourage you to go to www.Bratenahlcf.org, take a look
around, click on [email protected] and tell us what you think.
And visit the website often to see new content and enjoy this
dynamic communication tool!
Memorial Day Parade – I Love Bratenahl!!
Looking back a few months ago to the Memorial Day Parade,
I have to confess that it’s the first year that I have walked the
parade route and witnessed the community pride so evident
in the faces of those along the way. It was exciting to see the
variety of residents represented by the groups that marched
and the floats that entertained. It was a special privilege to toss
new “I Love Bratenahl” T-shirts to the crowd. Those shirts
proved popular enough that they will be available for sale at
the Bratenahl Place Sunset Concert on August 11th as well as
through the website. These great T-shirts are a terrific way to
show your civic pride and promote what a unique place
Bratenahl is to live and enjoy.
Bratenahl Place Sunset Concert Celebration
A few months ago, I was approached by Christopher Axelrod
asking for support for an event that he and other Bratenahl
Place residents were planning for August 11th. With the goal of
bringing the community together and providing an evening of
music, fun, fellowship and harmony, I was eager for the Bratenahl
Community Foundation to provide any kind of support that we
could, as it is this kind of event and effort that is directly in line
with the goals of our organization. It’s also the kind of partnership
opportunity that we are actively seeking in order to capitalize on
synergies that can be created when we work together toward
mutual objectives. I look forward to the concert, to meeting
more residents and to working together with other individuals
and organizations in the future. I hope to see you there!
P.S. Thank you to Clare Taricska for her assistance with
this column.
The Shade Tree Commission, with the assistance of Bratenahl
Blooms, completed the planting of perennials and annuals in
all 13 Village planter boxes this past May.
Support The Foundation
I do not wish to give a
monetary donation but
would like to volunteer
my time
You can help the Bratenahl Community Foundation by either volunteering to assist us with
our various projects as a “Friend of the Foundation”, and/or donating tax deductible funds.
Mail to: Bratenahl Community Foundation, c/o One Bratenahl Place, Front Desk, Bratenahl, Ohio 44108-1155
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this form and fax it back to us at 330-659-9488 or email your approval to: [email protected]
print as shown unless you contact us before deadline.
Duane Deskins
A federal prosecutor, Duane Deskins moved to Bratenahl in
June 2010. Duane grew up in Shaker Heights, graduated from
Lake view Lot,
Date ______________________________
St. Ignatius High School, Boston College & Boston College Law
located in the prestigious
School. Upon graduating from law school, Duane moved to
Lakehurst gated community.
Washington, D.C., where he worked for the Federal Reserve
Board. Also, he worked as a federal prosecutor in Los Angeles,
Boston and Chicago before coming to Cleveland. As a federal
Please call:
prosecutor, Duane has successfully prosecuted several hundred
216 533-0868 or 216 -533-2547
criminal cases, including white-collar, firearms, and narcotics
crimes and litigated successfully approximately 80 federal
The lot has many valuable improvements - and is ready for building. criminal trials and numerous federal appeals. As an instructor
There are beautiful and spacious common areas, with gardens and
at CWRU Law School, Harvard Law School and Northeastern
meticulously landscaped areas. University School of Criminal Justice, he has a broad understanding of the law and an unquenchable thirst for justice.
Ugly Driveway?
In Cleveland, Duane serves as the district’s Project Sentry &
Project Safe Neighborhoods Coordinator & is the architect of
the District’s Comprehensive Anti-Gang Initiative. In addition to
prosecuting cases, Duane has spearheaded several important
crime prevention initiatives in collaboration with CWRU, Third
Federal Foundation and Cleveland Metropolitan School District.
Kay Mathieu
The Driveway Experts
Asphalt Paving | Repairs | Crack Filling
Seal-Coating and Concrete | Residential and Commercial
[email protected]
Proud member of Angie’s List!
Fully Insured, Locally Owned
Kay moved to Bratenahl in 2010, and resides at One
Bratenahl Place. She is the mother of a 27 yr old son, Drew,
who is currently in his last year of medical school in southern
California. Kay is a California CPA who recently retired from
over 30 years in financial leadership roles within Corporate
America. In addition to her business background, she also
holds an advanced degree and clinical training in Cognitive
Psychology, and remains active as an individual and
organizational success coach. Her personal interests include
arts, education, and travel. She is active in Cleveland’s
cultural life, serves on several local Boards, and can be
found enjoying good food and friendships at favorite local
dining venues.
Leslie Yerkes
Leslie Yerkes, a Bratenahl resident for over fifteen years, is
President of Catalyst Consulting Group, Inc. an organizational
development and change management consulting firm
based in Cleveland. Leslie is a recognized consultant, author,
and speaker throughout the United States and Europe.
She is graduate of Wittenberg University and Case Western
Reserve University. She is on the faculty at the Weatherhead
Dively Center of Executive Education at CASE. When not
working, Leslie can be found with her dog Buddha Bear. She
loves travel, antiques and time spent with family and friends.
Update on Trails in Bratenahl
Published by the Bratenahl Community Foundation
Beau Daane
Bratenahl Community Foundation
September 27th at 7:00 PM
Barbara Byrd Bennett Center
11404 Lake Shore Blvd. Bratenahl, Ohio
Guest Speaker
Mr. Eric Gordon, CEO
Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Implementing the Cleveland Plan A Look at Our Path Forward
Bratenahl Community Foundation
Annual Holiday Party
Sunday December 9, 2012 / 3-5 PM
At the home of
A group of 15 or so Bratenahl residents including Councilwoman
Marla Murphy gathered late June to begin planning for trails in our
two conserved properties:
•The Bratenahl Bird Sanctuary
(between Corning Drive and 105th/Bratenahl Rd.) and
•The Bratenahl Greenspace Preserve
(between Corning Drive and the Hamlet/Bratenahl Place)
We decided on these next steps:
-Marla Murphy will advance the stewardship plan for our two
publicly owned properties that was submitted to Council in July,
2010 and has not yet been approved.
-Once the stewardship plan is approved by Council, a group of
volunteers will begin creating passive trails in the Bratenahl
Greenspace Preserve (between Corning Drive and the Hamlet/
Bratenahl Place). We will follow deer paths and Dugway Creek.
-Council will determine if the service department can and should
help with the trail creation process.
-Councilwoman Laura Bacci will continue to seek out grant funding
that could be used to add wood chips to the trails and labels to
select trees and native plants. Sarah Hawkins offered to help with
the grant writing.
If you would like to be involved in this process, please let Sarah
Hawkins ([email protected]) and me know. We hope to work
on this over the course of a couple Saturdays this fall. Right now
we are targeting Saturday the 22nd of September at 2pm to begin.
Please mark your calendars. [email protected]
In the meantime, you are always welcome to enjoy the properties
since they are Village owned.
Always Buying Quality Antiques
Furniture, Glassware, Lamps, Costume Jewelry,
Toys, Artwork, Stained Glass, Clocks and more...
List available!
Highest prices paid since 1977
John Wilson and Susan Waychoff
291 Corning Drive
Jeff Bub Auctioneer
[email protected]
Published by the Bratenahl Community Foundation
BSAT Release on Renewable Energy Study
Andrew Sexton
The Village of Bratenahl, working through the Bratenahl
Sustainability Action Team, has recently signed a contract with
Expedite Renewable Energy LLC to assess the feasibility of
implementing renewable energy in the Village of Bratenahl.
The study will be used for two primary purposes. First, using
education and pilot-scale projects to engage and instill interest
in renewable energy to Village residents to the point of sparking
self interest in participating in projects, and second, to prepare a
report which can be used by other catalyst organizations to spark
similar self interests in other communities. Both of these are in
fulfillment to NOPEC, the prime sponsor of the study.
Expedite Renewable Energy LLC will work with the Bratenahl
Sustainability Action Team, Bratenahl residents, elected officials
and other key stakeholders to determine the best renewable
energy project for its village and residents. Expedite Renewable
Energy LLC will help educate stakeholders on all aspects relating
to the investment in renewable energy and produce an “open
source” feasibility study that takes a broad systems approach to
look at the range of potential technologies and approaches that
are now available to the Village to supplant non-renewable
energy used in residences and public buildings.
The study will be conducted over the summer of 2012 and the
results will be made available to Village residents in fall 2012,
via a public presentation of the results.
Come Celebrate Halloween
For the Bratenahl Home
New Avenues to Independence
Saturday October 27th at 6:30 PM
Dominic’s Dangerous
A Haunted Haskell Home
The Joseph Haber Murals:
“Athletics” and “Studies”
General Election Voting Information –
Election Day November 6
Installation and Conservation Treatment
Voters in all of Cuyahoga County’s municipalities will cast ballots
for President, U.S. Senate and Members of Congress, Ohio Senate
and the Ohio House of Representatives, County Prosecutor and
County Council members, judicial candidates, State Board of
Education seats, as well as issues.
It is important for voters to be prepared to cast their ballots.
The voter registration deadline is October 9th. Voters who have
moved or changed their name since they last voted need to
complete and return a new Voter Registration Card. After a voter
has registered they will receive a post card that lists their ward,
precinct, and voting location.
Mark Erdmann, Associate Objects Conservator
Diploma in Restoration and Conservation of Fine Metalwork,
West Dean College
In 1940, a WPA artist, Joseph Haber, made a name for himself
with his experimentation by using Catalin plastic sheeting as an
art medium. He created two relief panel murals for the combined
auditorium/gymnasium of the Bratenahl Elementary School titled
“Athletics” and “Studies”.
Over 70 years later, a joint team was created between the Bratenahl Historic Society and ICA – Art Conservation to preserve and
conserve Haber’s murals. Over time, the Catalin plastic, or cast
phenol formaldehyde, had shrunk, resulting in cracks and missing
pieces. Some of the missing pieces had been replaced with
painted cardboard pieces. Ultraviolet light had also affected the
original coloring of the mural pieces changing the soft variety of
primary colors to shades of butterscotch and pumpkin. The plastic
tiles were originally adhered to the pressed wood backing board
with adhesive and attached with screws that were painted to
match the coloring of the Catalin. As a result of the discolored
tiles, the painted screw heads were noticeably visible.
The two murals were removed from the gymnasium and taken to
the ICA for treatment and conservation. The painted cardboard
replacements were removed and tracings were made to match
the missing pieces in order to complete the image. Silicone rubber
molds were made to copy the different textures Haber had used in
the tiled murals. A stable epoxy resin was colored with liquid dyes
to match the varying colors on the murals. Once the molds were
set, casts were made using the colored epoxy. Using the tracings,
the epoxy casts were cut with a jeweler’s saw to match the
missing pieces. Adhesive was injected under the lifting original
pieces, and weights were placed to secure the pieces to the board.
The cracks were filled with a flexible fill material that would adjust
to any future shifting in the size of the plastic. Minor color adjustments to the replacement sections and filled cracks were made
with acrylic paints and a gloss medium. It was decided to follow
Haber’s original intent to create a seamless image by toning the
screw heads to match the changed plastic colors.
The thin Masonite backing boards were reinforced with a wood
framework adhered to the back, and wood cleats were used to
hang the murals in their new location. Finally, the backing
boards were repainted to create a clean background for the
newly restored murals.
Published by the Bratenahl Community Foundation
To avoid lines on Election Day and to allow extra time to study the
ballot, all registered voters may Vote by Mail. Vote by Mail ballot
applications are available at the Board of Elections website: www.
boe.cuyahogacounty.us, by calling the Board of Elections at
216-443-3298, and at all public libraries.
Voters who are interested in serving as poll workers may call
216-443-3277 or apply on-line at: www.boe.cuyahogacounty.us.
Change in Vote by Mail for the November 6th Presidential General
•The Ohio Secretary of State will automatically mail all voters a Vote by Mail Ballot Application for this election.
• Ballot applications are also available on the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections website: www.boe.cuyahogacounty.us,
all public libraries, or by calling the Board of Elections at 216-443-3298.
October 2, 2012 - Vote by Mail Opens:
• The Board of Elections will begin mailing ballots to voters
who have requested a ballot.
• Voters may begin to vote early at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, 2925 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44115, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday
through Friday.
November 2, 2012 Last Day to Vote Early at the Board of Elections:
• 6:00 p.m. is the deadline to hand deliver Vote by Mail ballot applications to the Board of Elections. (Due to recent rulings, there may not be voting the last 2 weekends prior to the election, check the BOE website for details and updates.)
November 6, 2012 Election Day - Polls Open at 6:30 a.m. and Close at 7:30 p.m.
• Bring proper identification when voting: a current and valid photo identification card, driver’s license or state issued identification, military identification, a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows the voter’s name and current address.
• Voted Absentee/Vote by Mail ballots returned in person must be received at the Board of Elections by 7:30 p.m. Ballots CANNOT be dropped off at a voting location.
Ellen Berger
Marla Murphy and Kathy Peterson
A bright light went out in Bratenahl
on July 4th this year. Ellen Berger
passed away. Her very special life
was celebrated on July 8th with a
graveside service at Lake View
Cemetery. Rabbi Sharon Marcus led
the service, with contributions from
family and friends. Afterwards,
a reception at the home of Jim and Marla Murphy was
attended by neighbors, family, friends, former co-workers
and students. It was a true representation of Ellen’s life.
Ellen was a vital member of the Bratenahl community,
involved in village government and in attendance at monthly
council meetings and a longtime member of the Bratenahl
Community Garden.
Ellen was born and raised in Lorain. After graduating from
Lorain High School, Ellen attended The Ohio State University,
earning an elementary education and teaching degree.
Driven by a desire to work in urban schools, Ellen relocated to
Cleveland and took her first teaching position in an elementary
school at 102nd and Woodland. Eventually, Ellen became the
Guidance Counselor at Glenville High School after earning her
Master’s degree at CSU. Her career helping students included
Patrick Henry Junior High, East High, and involvement with the
beginning of the Law and Public Service Magnet at MLK High
School. She finished her career with the students and faculty
at Glenville. In her 42 years, Ellen worked tirelessly to get her
students into college. Her only criteria, you had to show up and
do your best. Her reward was helping kids get into Harvard, Yale,
military academies, beauty schools and the many other places
their dreams took them. Sometimes the accomplishment was
just to keep them in school. She also played a major part in the
desegregation program in 16 Cleveland schools. After she
retired, many of her students kept in touch and would visit her
at Oakshore when they returned to the area over the holidays.
She clearly touched many lives.
Ellen was a passionate gardener and wonderful baker.
Her cheesecake and chocolate chip cookies were famous.
Each holiday season, she would bake 42 cheesecakes for
friends, former students as well as the Bratenahl police and
service departments
Ellen was a Bratenahl resident for over 20 years. Her life partner,
Dr. James Fleming, pre-deceased her in 2008. Ellen survived by
her sis Natalie of Lorain, Ohio.
Reducing NEORSD Fees Using Native
Vegetated Filter Strips
The Cleveland Museum of Art
Exhibit Update
Storm Water Education provided by CVE, Ltd.
Christine Domin
Storm water is an issue for many communities and can affect
water quality and habitats of our local streams. The Northeast
Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) proposes to charge fees
to landowners based on the amount of impervious cover on their
property (e.g., rooftops, driveways, etc.) for a number of communities throughout Northeast Ohio. However there are ways that
residents can reduce these fees up to 25% by installing approved
storm water structures. One of these on-site storm water storage
structures is a vegetated filter strip.
What: Youth and Beauty: Art of the American Twenties
NEORSD identifies vegetated filter strips as uniform strips of
dense turf, meadow grasses, trees or other vegetation with a
minimum slope to which water flowing from impervious surfaces
is directed. As the water flows through the filter strip, many of the
pollutants and sediments are removed and much of the water is
absorbed into the ground. Native plants are great to use because
they have longer root systems that help water soak in better.
It is important to note what type of soil is under the vegetated
filter strip. Water will not soak into dense clay soils very well, so it
may be necessary to amend the soil and make sure that the soil is
not compacted to allow for maximum drainage.
To obtain an individual residential property credit from NEORSD
for a vegetated filter strip, the following criteria must be met:
1.50% of the property’s roof area must drain to the
vegetated filter strip.
2.Runoff from downspouts must be dispersed using splash block prior to reaching the filter strip.
3.The slope of a vegetated filter strip must be greater than
1% and less than 5%.
4.Filter strips must be fully vegetated, and vegetation must be kept healthy.
5.Vegetated filter strips must have a minimum length of 50 feet, but must be designed to provide a length based on their slope within the ranges specified by NEORSD.
For more information on NEORSD filter strips:
To download an individual residential property application:
Where: The Cleveland Museum of Art
When: Through September 15
What do you think of when you hear “The Roaring Twenties”?
Speakeasies? Bootleg gin? Flapper girls dancing the Charleston?
Jazz played in night clubs or at the lavish parties Jay Gatsby threw
at his Long Island mansion? The silent films of Charlie Chaplin?
The current show at the Museum of Art mirrors how artists of
the time reacted to the culture that shaped this exuberant decade.
The American Twenties began in the aftermath of United States
involvement in World War I, as well as the influenza epidemic
of 1918-1919, an unwelcome “souvenir” the soldiers brought
home from the European battlefields. After the devastation of
and brutality of war and the virulent effects of the epidemic,
Americans were ready for a change, not just a return to normalcy,
but a chance to celebrate and enjoy life. The Olympic Games,
suspended during the war years, gave the impetus for a turning
back to the Golden Age of Greece. The classical ideals of robust
athleticism and physical perfection matched the thirst of
world-weary Americans for a rebirth of energy and vitality.
Throughout the exhibit, gorgeous sculptures of the human form,
as well as paintings and photographs emphasize classical ideals
of toned, sleek, and graceful bodies. It was time to celebrate, and
even flaunt, human flesh in its joyful, unabashed glory.
A key example of this is seen in the exhibit’s hallmark painting
“Self Portrait with Rita” by Thomas Hart Benton. Benton is
posed like a Greek demi-god, bare-chested and muscular,
alongside his wife Rita, as they enjoy the suns and sea at
Chillmark, a fishing village on Martha’s Vineyard. Rita, seen
in a skin-revealing bathing suit, gazes at the distant view with
the serenity of an Italian noblewoman in a Renaissance portrait.
Self-aware and self-confident, they exude the glamour we
associate with the Brad Pitt / Angelina Jolie alliance today.
Other facets of twentieth century culture on display are the
transition of America from an agrarian to an industrialized
economy, and the accompanying rise of cities. Skyscrapers
emerge as the new urban cathedrals, all vertical planes and sharp
angles. Charles Sheeler’s “Church Street El 1920” pays homage
to the towering structures of lower Manhattan, alongside the
elevated train and tracks, emblematic of the United States as an
urbanized, economic power. Charles Demuth’s “My Egypt” shows
the strength of balanced, geometric forms in his take on massive
grain silos in his hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The title
provides an easy comparison with the great pyramids of ancient
dynasties. Complementing this theme, Clevelander Elsie Drigg’s
elegant rendering of an airplane in flight stands as an icon of the
Machine Age.
Amid the upbeat vibe the show transmits, however, are vaguely
ominous signs that the golden years of heady intoxication and
rapid progress are numbered. In the last of the galleries, several
paintings cast a shadow over the ebullience and optimism of the
decade. One, of a massive, dead chestnut tree, a tangle of gnarled,
leafless branches, does not bode well for what lies ahead. Another
star of the show, Edward Hopper’s “Lighthouse Hill” sends out a
mixed message. A solitary but sturdy, gabled house on the Maine
Coast stands with the rugged individualism prized by Americans
and their fierce determination not to be dragged into international
conflicts. The lighthouse, though, may allude to our growing role
as a beacon of democracy and freedom in the changing world –
a role we did not escape for long.
To the Editor of the Bratenahl Lamplighter
From Michelle Lightning – P.O. Carrier 813
I have had the privilege to be the mail carrier for 20 years in
Bratenahl. On March 20th of this year, I was injured in a fall as
I was delivering mail; the elbow was broken and required surgery
to repair it. I was told by the doctors that I will never be 100%
healed because of my age, yet I hope to return to work if I am able.
I’d like to thank the many wonderful and thoughtful residents
of Bratenahl who have called me and sent get well wishes to me.
Over all these past 20 years I have had the pleasure of the
beautiful views of our Lake Erie and the well wishes and prayers
of residents who have shared in my personal issues (the deaths of
my brother in 2010 and my sister in 2011 and military deployment
to Iraq and Afghanistan for my son in the Air Force). I’ve been
given support and encouragement for so much from so many in
A heartfelt thank you doesn’t say enough but I do thank you so
much and hope to see you all again soon.
Love and thanks………
Published by the Bratenahl Community Foundation
Published by the Bratenahl Community Foundation
Living History:
Q and A with Kay Mathieu
Christine Domin
What brought you to
Bratenahl from the perfect
weather of California?
I relocated from Wisconsin to California for career opportunities
during the 70’s. But my heart never left the Midwest. When it was
time to retire from my career, I wanted to come “home” to the
Great Lakes, and the great people of the Midwest. I love Bratenahl’s
“village” setting on acres of green space, with a front row seat to
Lake Erie’s beauty and stunning sunsets, and easy access to all
that Cleveland has to offer. University Circle holds the greatest
concentration of renowned cultural, educational and medical
institutions within any one square mile in the country, and it’s
right in our back yard!
How have you survived the winters?
Without winter, spring is not much of an event. Good weather is
cause for celebration among Clevelanders. I like that. And if the
winter gets too long, Hopkins is also very accessible.
You were actively involved in the arts scene, both in San Francisco
and Los Angeles. Tell us how you feel about Cleveland’s cultural
life and how you’ve entered into it.
Cleveland’s theatre district is one of the most active in the
country; the museums are among some of the nations most
celebrated, and galleries are diverse and ambitious in their
support of local artists. Did I mention that we also live in culinary
heaven? Arts and culture inspire me, so it is natural for me to
participate and contribute. I was thrilled this year to join the
Board of both the Cleveland Institute of Music Women’s Committee, and the Cleveland Arts Prize. If you have not yet indulged in
the musical genius that flows from CIM, I invite you to visit their
event schedule on the web, and visit their award-winning Mixon
Hall. The Cleveland Arts Prize has honored local artists with its
prestigious awards for over 50 years. You can meet prize winners
via the video archives at clevelandartsprize.com. I believe that
they will inspire you with their appreciation for Cleveland, and
their contributions to Literature, Design, Dance & Music, and
Visual Art. Another cultural legacy is the Cleveland Orchestra.
It has maintained its revered position within the top five orchestras in the world for decades, and for good reason. To live only
minutes away from Severance Hall is such a thrill for me.
Marine Week Celebration:
Hosted by Helen Moss & Richard Fleishman
It seems that the Village of Bratenahl is as politically charged as
Washington D.C. As a former corporate executive, and now a
success coach and consultant, what suggestions could you offer
to help Bratenahl move forward in a united and positive way?
History shows us that powerful armies are united by a common
enemy. A great nation is united by a common good. We are a
village of intelligent, educated, and accomplished people
who I find warm, engaging, interesting, and fun-loving.
Whatever we focus on, will grow. I focus on the positive.
Photos by Don Iannone
© Visual Advantage Photography
Reliable, Flexible and Affordable
Judson Smart Living at Home offers you a complete range of
services for living in your home, on your terms. Customize
our services to your specifications, so you only pay for what
you want, when you need it. Take the first step toward aging
successfully in your own home and call us today.
For details call Melissa at (216) 791-3211 or
visit www.judsonsmartliving.org.
Published by the Bratenahl Community Foundation
Published by the Bratenahl Community Foundation
Bratenahl Bird Walk
Mary Beckenbach
Bratenahl residents enjoying the spring 2012 bird/plant walk as
Larry Rosche from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History shows
participants evidence of an owl in the Bratenahl Bird Sanctuary.
Every once in a while we all meet
a special person who we can say
makes a difference in our lives.
My special friend is
Miss Ruby Abrons.
Ruby was born in Mississippi and grew up in Tennessee.
She moved to Cleveland in 1921 and is a resident of Ward 10 in
the East 140th Street area. Miss Abrons attended nursing school
and worked for Hillcrest Hospital Systems as a Scrub Technician
in the surgical department, until her retirement in 1996. Since
then, she has been an advocate of the East 140th Street area.
Our Village had been working for several years to help beautify
this area through the concept of public gardens. What we were
unable to do, Ruby has done. After attending one of our Future
Search East 140th Street Project meetings, Ruby took it upon
herself to build a community garden in her neighborhood.
She single handedly challenged government agencies at all
levels to provide her with the tools that would accomplish her
dream. “No” is not an acceptable word in her vocabulary.
Three years ago she established a community garden by
obtaining a vacant property on Darley Road, wrote a grant to
finance the garden, and contacted students from John Carroll
University to clear the land, and to prepare the soil for planting
and The Ohio State Extension Service provided her with vegetable
planting material. Today the garden is completely filled with
wonderfully fresh vegetables that she gives to her neighbors
and friends during the summer months.
On May 16, 2012 Ruby was honored by Mayor Jackson as the
Senior Citizen of the Year for Ward 10 at a ceremony that took
place at the Cleveland Public Auditorium and Conference Center.
This summer she spearheaded a “Garden Party” for the Ward 10
residents and those residents from Bratenahl who wished to
attend. This was her outreach to us as a means of motivating us
to become involved in the greater community. The “Garden Party”
took place on August 7th at the Longfellow School on East 140th
Street, with lots of musical entertainment, games, and a talent
show as the finale.
When Ruby is not working in her garden she is helping neighbors
as a member of the East 140th Street Block club, The Triangle
Club, and the 5th District Police Safety Committee.
Ruby has made a difference in so many lives, including mine,
and for that I am grateful.
Published by the Bratenahl Community Foundation
Around University Circle ….
A Celebration of Local Food and Fun!
Smart Bratenahl Session on Sustaining
Bratenahl Property Values
Liz Sheele
Don Iannone
Join your Bratenahl neighbors and friends at Cleveland Botanical
Garden when it hosts its 3rd Annual RIPE! Fest on Saturday and
Sunday, September 22-23 from 11:00 a.m. to sundown. This is
another great opportunity to celebrate Cleveland’s excellent local
food scene. And you couldn’t ask for a more beautiful setting!
A fall weekend of fun features live music, local cuisine,
food trucks, local merchants and healthy living workshops.
Learn from the pros as you take in live cooking and gardening
demonstrations presented by local chefs and farmers.
Enjoy food, beer and wine tastings.
Live bands will provide entertainment for the entire family.
Children’s games and activities will focus on healthy eating.
Tickets are:
$8 for Garden member adult, $13 for non-member adult
$5 for Garden member child, $7 for non-member child
Food, fun, music and more! What could be better!
Want a preview?
Plan to attend the Harvest Dinner benefit on Thursday,
September 20th. Dine under the stars with fabulous cuisine
freshly prepared and locally sourced from some of Cleveland’s
top chefs. This evening has been called “magical” come see why. Call 216.721-1600 x 100 for details.
Bratenahl Dog Park Update
Peggy Collins
The Bratenahl Dog Park is
continuing it’s fund raising
efforts to make improvements
to the park. The BDP was
created about 12 years ago
and is a 2 acre completely
enclosed area for dogs to
run off leash. It provides a comfortable grassy area with both
shade and sun for the dogs and their owners. Last year we were
able to have running water installed because of fund raising
efforts. Thank you to all who purchased a plaque or made a
donation. This year we would like to install a double gate system.
This type of system provides a safe and secure area to leash and
unleash dogs while entering and exiting the park. This helps to
insure no dog escapes and also gives more reserved dogs a
second to adjust and check things out. So with that in mind we
are continuing to take donations in any amount or you can
purchase a plaque for $100. This could be to memorialize a
previous pet, praise a current one or honor the animal lover in
your life. Order forms for the plaques are available at the park
and at the Bratenahl Community Center.
Over one hundred and twenty Bratenahl residents gathered at the
Barbara Byrd Bennett Center on the evening of April 12th to hear
experts discuss Bratenahl residential property value trends and
share their ideas and questions on the subject. The session was
positive in nature and well received by attendees.
The two-hour community workshop was jointly sponsored by
Bratenahl Community Foundation, Bratenahl Village Government,
Bratenahl Recreation Commission, and the Bratenahl
Sustainability Action Team. In addition, nine of the Village’s
homeowner associations signed on as supporters.
The collaborative effort was viewed as a success by
all sponsors and supporters.
The program agenda included presentations by:
Hoby Hanna, President
Howard Hanna Real Estate, Cleveland
James Rokakis, Executive Director
Thriving Communities Institute
Lou Tisler, Executive Director
Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland
An active question and answer period followed the presentations;
during which residents shared their ideas and questions about
current and future residential property value trends in the Village.
The expert presentations emphasized the unique and special
nature of the Bratenahl real estate market and the overall
strengths of the local market given the community’s diverse
housing stock, high quality community services, and Bratenahl’s
location on Lake Erie and its convenient access to major
employment, entertainment, educational, shopping, and
business centers in Cleveland and the surrounding region.
Bratenahl’s residential market outlook for the future is seen
as favorable, especially when compared to that of many other
Greater Cleveland communities. The expert presenters cited
the need for careful professional marketing of Bratenahl to
homebuyers in the future. They also emphasized the need for
community residents to play an active role in promoting their
community to potential future homebuyers and for Bratenahl
Community Foundation, Bratenahl Village Government, and
local homeowner associations to work as a team in marketing
the community to keep existing residents and attract new ones.
Published by the Bratenahl Community Foundation
Bratenahl Memorial Day Parade
Public Improvements
Sewer Work in the Village
Mary Beckenbach
Mr. Don Bierut recommended and the committee accepted his
proposal to review and repair or reline the sewer system, and
to prepare bids not to exceed $25,000.00 as budgeted by the
Finance Committee.
ODOT Eddy Road Bridge Replacement:
The meetings on the ODOT Eddy Road Bridge Replacement
Project concluded with guest speakers Natalie Conley, Director
of Aesthetics and Design, Transportation Engineer, ODOT District
12; Jason Wise, ODOT Project Manager and Don Bierut, Village
Engineer, Chagrin Valley Engineering, LTD presenting the final
drawings for the project to residents of Bratenahl.
Ms. Conley presented the design outlining the bridge deck,
parapets, ramp walls, lighting and fencing.
Committed to Excellence
Domestic and Foreign
Auto Body, Inc.
“Building Our Future On Service To You”
With AIRPORT EXPRESS you are assured:
On-Time pick-up • Experienced Drivers • Dependable Service
Call in advance to set up your time. Order at least 1-2 hours,
or day before travel. Your order will be handled efficiently.
1-216-671-LIMO (5466)
Contact: Donna or Joe Zovko
17017 St. Clair Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44110
Tel: 216.481.8696 • Fax: 216.481.8663
Legislative Committee Report
The drawings show architectural and structural columns that
separate the bridge area and the ramp wall area as an aesthetic
piece of the project. They represent the art deco period of
construction and since this feature is a part of the current
structure, ODOT incorporated that unique design in the new
bridge parapet and the columns along the ramping.
An important feature of this agreement is the Business Retention
and Expansion Advisory Council, which discourages communities
from luring companies from surrounding municipalities, to their
communities. Since we have few businesses in Bratenahl, this will
not affect us. Instead, it will provide our village the opportunity to
showcase our real estate market and beautiful community to those
employees relocating to Cuyahoga County.
ODOT is mandated to install black cyclone fencing that has a
post spacing at every 5 feet and will contain a rectangle design
in approximately every other section. The design was approved
by the Committee at a previous meeting.
The design work on the ramping on both north and south sides
will be an Ashlar stone pattern mimicking the same texture as
the Coit Road sound wall. Because the Coit Road sound wall
will not be a part of the future sound wall replacement along
I90, ODOT recommended that we try and compliment both
walls with the Ashlar stone pattern.
Marla Murphy, Chair
In May, the Legislative Committee met and voted to refer the
Cuyahoga County Business Attraction and Anti-Poaching Protocol
legislation to council. Council voted in favor at the May 16, 2012
council meeting.
Another element to this agreement is in economic development.
Each community, signed on to this agreement, names an individual
as the point of contact with the county for matters involving
economic development. I am pleased to be named the contact
to represent Bratenahl in this new role.
The Legislative Committee is continuing their work on amending
the fireworks ordinance. The key components to this piece of
legislation include allowing public or private fireworks exhibits,
increasing permit fees, requiring a 30-day permitting process,
providing resident notification and including specific language
that exhibitions begin no earlier than dusk and end no later than
11:00 p.m. Also under consideration, whether the Mayor should
be required to sign the fireworks permit, along with a Fire
Prevention Officer and Police Chief or his designee.
The Legislative Committee meets at the Community Center
the first Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m.
All presentations and architectural drawings are available at
Village Hall for viewing.
email: [email protected]
Assisting in Towing
Insurance Claim Handling & Car Rentals
Mr. Bierut requested and the committee accepted a second
proposal to begin repair of Holden Lane by fixing the
deteriorated pavement and covering the new surface with a
chip seal for a cost not to exceed $32,000.00, also budgeted
by the Finance Committee. This is the least expensive
method and Mr. Bierut will inspect all repair work.
The replacement construction of the Eddy Road bridge will begin
in 2015 and will be a two season project costing $9,000,000.00.
CEI has underground utilities that run along the ramps on both
the north and south sides of the freeway. There are also lighting
cables and an underground sewer located 6 to 10 feet deep
under the same ramps. The utilities, cables, and sewer system
will remain.
CPP stocks the pedestrian lighting chosen by the committee
and these 6 lights will be anchored on the art deco pilasters
along the parapet. There will be 3 lights on either side of the
bridge and was approved at a previous meeting. The pedestrian
lighting costs are estimated at $2,500.00 per pole installed.
The State of Ohio requires vehicular lighting at each of the
corners on the bridge for safety.
Photos by Don Iannone
© Visual Advantage Photography
Published by the Bratenahl Community Foundation
The Bratenahl Community Foundation extends an invitation to the Mayor
and all Village Council members and committee chairs to submit articles.
Those that are received are published unedited in the Lamplighter as a
community service. The views, positions and opinions expressed are not
necessarily those of the Foundation.
Published by the Bratenahl Community Foundation
The Communications Committee
Andy Kesselem
The Communications Committee’s mission is to promote the
development and management of an open and transparent
system, using processes and technology to recognize the
importance of ongoing exploration of any/all forms of communication between/among residents, officials, employees and
stakeholders that will support our governance, its operations
and will maintain and/or improve effectiveness, efficiency
and government transparency.
New Website Design:
Beginning in May 2012, the committee began exploring the
need for additional content and, with the help of residents and
other committee chairs, streamlined information gathering.
That was done by July and has been forwarded to the Village
Clerk for approval. It is anticipated it will be an ongoing effort
by Village Administration to continually update and refresh.
After our July meeting, a preferred home page design, plus
a page for the Recreation Department, was given to the Clerk’s
office and Cuyahoga County Information Technology Services
for approval.
It’s anticipated that the site will be operational for residents
in the next two months.
We welcome all residents to join us at our meetings on
the second Tuesday of the month at 5:30pm in the
Community Center.
Communications Committee
Andy Kesselem, Chair : Paul Stephan, Marla Murphy
The Bratenahl Community Foundation extends an
invitation to the Mayor and all Village Council members
and committee chairs to submit articles. Those that are
received are published unedited in the Lamplighter as a
community service. The views, positions and opinions
expressed are not necessarily those of the Foundation.
Public Safety Committee (PSC)
Chair & Grant Writer
Laura Bacci
Public Safety Committee :
In June, the PSC, in conjunction with Bratenahl Police Department,
held a Children’s Safety Forum/Pizza party to discuss and learn
about fire, bicycle and general safety rules for our children.
Over 40 parents and children came to learn from Officers Rachel
Vega, Ryan Durand, Mike Flanagan and Erok our police dog.
Thank you to the Police Department for your time and participation!
Grant Writing :
I have taken on the task of grant writing with the help of resident
SMEs (subject matter experts) in an effort to find funding for
projects that our village budget may not normally fund.
In keeping with our desire to market Bratenahl, Council passed
legislation authorizing the Mayor to make an application to NOACA
(Northeast Ohio Area Coordinating Agency) for Transportation
Enhancement funding in the amount of $72,721 to improve the
Eddy Road bridge when ODOT replaces it in 2014-15. Funding
would be an 80/20 split, with Bratenahl investing the 20%,
i.e. $14,544.
Enhancements would include the addition of 6 attractive
pedestrian lights as well as wrought iron style fencing on the
bridge. This bridge replacement is a generational improvement,
indicating a psychological differentiation in sense of place and
welcoming people to Bratenahl. If the application is successful,
Council will then decide whether to go ahead with the investment.
NOACA will advise if Bratenahl has been successful in the next
few months.
Passive Trails in Greenspace
Over 15 residents met recently to discuss the potential for passive
trails in the conserved greenspace and bird sanctuary properties on
Lake Shore Boulevard. Research is being conducted regarding the
opportunity to apply for an Ohio Department of Natural Resources
NatureWorks Grant early 2013. If you would like to be involved in
this citizen-driven process, please contact Sarah Hawkins at
[email protected] or Beau Daane.
On a personal note, during my election campaign, after a long
day of speaking with residents, I was welcomed into the home of
Ellen Berger, offered a cool drink and lots of personal insight.
We chatted for over an hour and shared our love of Bratenahl.
Sadly, Ms. Berger passed away recently. I will always remember
her warm welcome, her sharing of ideas and taking the time
to chat. It’s what makes public service worthwhile. I will miss her.
If you have any questions or ideas, please give me a call or send
an email. Email: [email protected] - Tel: 216 851 0110
The View from Village Hall
Mayor John Licastro
Dear Bratenahl Residents,
A dry summer is a marked contrast
to the wet weather we had last year.
Sprinklers are a familiar sight as
residents look to alleviate the near
drought-like conditions. While it is a
year of extreme weather across the nation, we are fortunate,
for this summer could be much worse.
Cuyahoga County’s property reappraisal is all but complete.
The average drop in values across the County was 9%.
The neighborhoods that surround Bratenahl experienced huge
drops, anywhere from 21% to 29%. It speaks well of our Police
Department, Service Department, relatively low tax rate and
excellent services that Bratenahl’s drop was only 2.9%. We are
thriving as a community despite the problems that plague the
areas that surround us. Safety, a well maintained appearance,
fiscal solvency and autonomy will continue to be our focus
so that values continue to hold, if not improve.
We have been holding Council meetings at the Barbara Byrd
Bennett Professional Development Center (BBBPDC). This more
comfortable venue has better seating, acoustics, access, etc.
The CMSD is still considering a facilities plan that would sell
several buildings, including the BBBPDC. That process is
moving slowly, but we have made it clear the Village is interested
in acquiring BBBPDC for community use. There are further steps
in the process that must occur when the CMSD moves ahead
with the facilities plan, not to mention a public process here in
the Village to see if residents agree to purchase the grounds
and building. We look for your feedback.
After several tumultuous Council meetings, culminating with
the May meeting, I have exercised my authority as the presiding
officer to assure meetings are more orderly and structured.
This has met with approval, as more than 150 residents have
signed a letter of support for my actions. It has energized many
people to attend committee and Council meetings to participate
in the process of government. Government officials are elected
to represent you. Your voices determine not only who is elected,
but how officials conduct themselves. Please continue to attend
meetings and make it clear what path you want the Village to take.
We hope to see you at our meetings. I close, as always, with the
refrain for the Bratenahl School alma mater:
…she is the best, the very best, all Hail to Bratenahl!
The Bratenahl Community Foundation extends an invitation to the Mayor
and all Village Council members and committee chairs to submit articles.
Those that are received are published unedited in the Lamplighter as a
community service. The views, positions and opinions expressed are not
necessarily those of the Foundation.
“We really love and
care for your pet”
Dr. Bedi, DVM
• Dogs, Cats, Exotic Animals
• Ear Cropping
• Special Interest in Skin and Ear Problems
• Boarding, Grooming & Microchipping
Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri – 8:00am-1:00pm - 3:00pm-7:00pm
Wed – 8:00am - 1:00pm • Sat. 8:00am - 2:00pm
820 E. 185th St., 3 Traffic Lights North of I-90, Across from LaSalle Theatre
WALK- INS • EMERGENCIES WELCOME • www.lovencarevet.com
y d t q CareCredit
Published by the Bratenahl Community Foundation
Published by the Bratenahl Community Foundation
Bratenahl Shade Tree Commission
Drug Take Back Program
Jeanne Lyons
Police Chief Richard Dolbow
The Bratenahl Shade Tree Commission has had a busy year.
Our Village is blessed with a wonderful tree canopy which requires
good stewardship. Our goals this year have expanded in new
directions in addition to seeking to keep our residents informed,
and lines of communication open. Below is a list of highlights of
our accomplishments to date:
The Bratenahl Police Department provides a drug “take back”
drop box in the front lobby of Village Hall where residents can
drop off old, unwanted medications in a safe secure manner.
• Members walked the Village this past spring with
Alan Siewert, Urban Forester, from ODNR to identify locations of ash trees that may be infected with the emerald ash borer.
1. Safe Disposal helps reduce Drug Abuse. Prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing drug problem in the USA. Disposing of unwanted or unused medications via the
Drug Take Back Program removes the possibility of such medications ending up in the wrong hands for the wrong purposes.
• Sponsored an Arbor Day Celebration and tree planting in
May to honor former STC chairperson Ms. Ronnie Hlad. The event was well attended by many of Ms. Hlad’s family and friends, and an Autumn Blaze® maple with an accompanying sandstone plaque was donated. Her memorial tree was planted in the Village Park close to the tree and plaque donated by Ms. Hlad to her mother, years ago.
• Contracted with a vendor to modify and install annuals and perennials in all 13 Village planter boxes.
• Established a meeting for Village residents and officials with NEORSD to review guidelines on stormwater management and answer questions and concerns for those residents living adjacent to or abut a creek or waterway.
• Contracted with a vendor to assist with 3 century trees that are in serious decline on Lake Shore Blvd. between Eddy Road and the Haskell gates.
• Currently accepting quotes for Village wide fall pruning, removal of dead trees and overhanging limbs in all public right of ways.
As always, if you have a tree related question, please contact
Jeanne Lyons, chairperson of the STC at 216-268-0906.
Why use the program? Here are a few important reasons to use
the Drug Take Back Program for disposing of your old meds:
2. Safe Disposal reduces the risk of accidental poisonings. Unwanted medicines left in the home endanger our
children, seniors and pets. Poisonings from prescription
and over- the -counter medicines are increasing. Getting rid of unwanted medicines at the take-back program is an important part of being safe in the home.
3. Safe Disposal reduces the impact of medications in the environment. Large amounts of powerful medicines go unused or expire and the way we dispose of them makes a difference for our waters and environment. For years, the advice was to flush our drugs or mix them with kitty litter and throw them in the garbage. Flushing drugs send them directly into our waters, harming the environment. Drugs thrown in the garbage are available for others to take and
use and can still get into our environment.
4. Returning medicines to a take-back program is the only environmentally sound method for disposing of unused medicines.
Accepted Items:
1.Solid medications such as pills, tablets, capsules, powders, etc.
5.Transdermal patches
Prohibited Items:
1. Syringes or other “sharps” such as pointed medical
instruments, lancets, etc.
2. Liquids (i.e. cough syrup, liquid antibiotics, insulin, etc.)
3. Illegal or “Street Drugs” are NOT Permitted!
The program is free and confidential. Simply deposit your old
medications in the drop box located in the lobby at the Police
Department 411 Bratenahl Rd. Bratenahl, Ohio. 24/7
Published by the Bratenahl Community Foundation
Parks & Recreation Department
Stephanie Gallagher
Bratenahl Community Center, 10300 Brighton Road
Monday-Saturday 9:00 am to 8:00 pm (or by appointment)
Closed Sunday
Office Hours for Stephanie Gallagher,
Parks and Recreation Program Director:
Monday-Friday 9:00am-1:00pm and 6:00-8:00pm,
and by appointment, Call Stephanie Gallagher at 216-451-5350
for registration, or e-mail [email protected]
Club 55
Third Tuesday of every month at 10 am
Falon Meditation Saturday mornings 9-10am
Bratenahl Fireworks 2012 Celebration
Bratenahl friends and neighbors alike gathered on July 3rd for a
hot dog and ice cream and to enjoy pre fireworks entertainment
featuring the Band, “Night Breeze”, all compliments of the
Bratenahl Recreation Department. This year’s fireworks celebration was attended by approximately 1000 people including many
new Bratenahl residents and their families. The rain held off until
after the fireworks began going off and the gentle rain that
began falling was actually a welcome relief from the day’s heat.
A good time was had by all and a little over $2000 was brought
in at the gate from rides and refreshments.
Take the time to check out Bratenahl’s newly resurfaced tennis
courts beside the gazebo in Village Park. The tennis courts look
great and the newly purchased tennis ball retrieval system is
available for anyone wanting to use it by going to Village Hall
and showing an ID. The tennis ball machine is located inside the
tennis court proper
in a shed.
Upcoming Events
Sundays and Mondays at 10 am,
Wednesdays at 7pm
at the Community Center
Kick boxing
Wednesdays at 7pm
Multi Media Art
Mondays at 7pm
Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA)
Textile Art Alliance Workshop
Saturday, October 6th, 9am-6pm and Sunday, October 7th
from 9am-4pm at the Bratenahl Community Center.
Please call Ms. Chris Malberg for [email protected] 533-6928
Pottery Class for Bratenahl Residents!
MEC-Clay Studio (located in the Bratenahl Community Center)
will be offering an eight-week pottery fall class on Tuesday
evenings from 6:30 – 9:30 pm beginning Tuesday, September
11, and running through Tuesday, October 30, 2012. Classes
include lessons in hand-building techniques, throwing on
the wheel, and using low and high-fire glazes to make both
functional and non-functional pieces. This class is being
offered at a materials-only cost to residents of Bratenahl.
(Students will need to bring a driver’s license or some other
form of ID showing proof of residence to the first class.)
Costs: $ 35 Materials fee (for glaze materials and firing);
$10 for each 25lb bag of clay. Class size is limited to 12.
Registration will be taken on a “first call/first come” basis.
Artists/Instructors: Carl Morrison and Pam Esch.
Please call 216/291-1127 to register.
The deadline for registration is Thursday, September 6, 2012.
Kid’s Halloween Party
Saturday, October 27th from noon-2pm Bratenahl Community
Center Gym. Prizes for the best costumes, games and lunch.
Free to residents and their invited guests.
Recreation Levy Renewal
Paul Kesselem, Chair, Recreation Commission
The Village Council approved the renewal of the Recreation Levy for placement on the November 2012 ballot. This levy will continue to support
Bratenahl’s seasonal events, national holiday
celebrations, park maintenance and renovations,
and various programs held throughout the year.
This is a renewal of the existing levy, not a tax increase.
Published by the Bratenahl Community Foundation
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Andrew Sexton
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Chief Dolbow
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The purpose of the Northeast Ohio SPCA is to provide a safe haven for abandoned,
healthy, homeless, and adoptable loving pets until they canfind a home.
The shelter opened in April of 2004 andas of the summer of 2012, the shelter has
successfully adopted out more than 17,500 pets to loving homes in the community.
The Northeast Ohio SPCA is a non-profit, private agency and receives no government
funding. The shelter relies on donations and support from members in the community.
Our Mission:
Through adoption, spay and neuter, and education, we save lives to make
euthanasia of healthy animals unnecessary.
The Mission of the Bratenahl Lamplighter is to publish an informative and reliable
community newspaper to inform Villagers of community events, examine issues,
encourage participation in community affairs and promote positive achievements.
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Saturday, September 29th
Bratenahl Village Park
Reservations Required
Contact: Donna Schwartz at 216-249-4444
Northeast Ohio SPCA / 9555 Brookpark Road / Parma, OH 44129
Phone: 216-351-7387
Email: [email protected]
Published by the Bratenahl Community Foundation
Published by the Bratenahl Community Foundation
Easter at the Community Center
Bratenahl Community Foundation
September 27th at 7:00 PM
Barbara Byrd Bennett Center
11404 Lake Shore Blvd. Bratenahl, Ohio
Guest Speaker
Mr. Eric Gordon, CEO
Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Implementing the Cleveland Plan A Look at Our Path Forward”
Coupon Expires: 12/31/2012
Design, Consulting & Installation • Pond & Water Feature lnstallation and Maintenance
Custom Stone Patios, Walks & Walls • Outdoor Low Voltage Lighting
New Lawns, Hydro-Seeding & Drainage Systerns • Spring & Fall Clean-ups
Lawn & Property Maintenance • Large Tree Plantings • Snow Plowing & Salting
Certified Nursery/landscape • Master Gardener • Fully Insured Member of BBB
Member of the Ohio Nursery Landscape Association • Member of the Home Builders Association
Published by the Bratenahl Community Foundation
Published by the Bratenahl Community Foundation
Bratenahl Community Foundation
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Bratenahl, Ohio 44108-1155
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