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Volume 140, issue 3 July 17, 2014
Dr ug overdose
confir med in death
A 32-year-old Silverton man
who was found was found
dead at his home on the
morning of June 5 died of a
drug overdose, according to
San Juan County Coroner Keri
Metzler said Tuesday, July
15, that toxicology tests on
the body of Michael E. Perry
detected methadone, oxycodone and Tramadol in his
Metzler said it was apparently the methadone and oxycodone that proved fatal.
“It was definitely a drug
combination,” Metzler said.
And she said the death has
been ruled accidental.
Metzler, who has been county
coroner for eight years, said
this is the first accidental drug
overdose case she has encountered in that time.
Perry came to Silverton
about two years ago from
Illinois, and worked at the
Revenue-Virginius Mine above
Ouray, and more recently as a
cook at the Shady Lady
It’s a race to the top on Saturday
It’s a race to the top in the
37th annual Kendall Mountain
Run on Saturday, July 19, with
$2,500 in prize money at stake.
Last year 132 runners completed the half-marathon to the
13,066-foot summit and back to
town. An additional 13 went to
the summit and back twice for a
full mountain marathon.
The race starts at 9 a.m. at
12th and Greene, with the finish
at Memorial Park.
Prize money goes to the top
the male and female runners, the
two male and female Silverton
residents. And first places by age
The course record was set by
Sheldon Larson in 1988, in
1:34.55. Mallory Kneller set the
women’s record in 2008, with a
time of 1:58.45.
The Kendall Mountain run is
part of the 2014 US Skyrunner
Series and will feature a $2,500
prize purse and points in the Sky
Series. New in 2014, there will
also be an 11-kilometer version
that runs up to Deer Park and
back to town. E
The Kendall Mountain Run
has its origins in a 1908 bar bet,
when miner Jack McQeig made it
to the summit and back to town
in 1:31:42.
All finishers will receive a
lunch ticket, additional tickets for
family & friends may be purchased on site. Additionally, beer
will be available for sale from SKA
Brewing of Durango. All proceeds
from the Barbecue & beer sales
benefit San Juan County Search
& Rescue.
Blood drive today
United Blood Services willconduct a blood drive on
Thursday, July 17, at the
Kendall Mountain Community
Center in Silverton, from 1:30-6
Contact Judy at 3897-5635
for more information.
Help offered to stay
independent despite
vision problems
Southwest Center for
Independence is a nonprofit
organization providing services
for the disabled community.
The Low Vision Coordinator
will be in Silverton July 17 and
Aug. 14 to provide information
and support low-vision consumers seeking resources to stay
independent in their homes.
Electronic magnifiers and
various other devices are available for hands on demonstration. For further information or
individual appointments please
call Rose Romero at (970) 5605662.
Chamber Music
Sunday, July 20
Local musicians are at it
again, bringing fine music to a
higher level with “A
Midsummer Night’s Concert.”
“We are bringing Four
Corners-area musicians together
to present chamber music works
by Telemann, Schubert, Mozart
and Beethoven,” said T. J. Black
of Silverton, organizer of the
event scheduled for Sunday,
July 20 at First Congregational
Church at 7 p.m.
See BRIEFS, Page 6
Criss Furman/Silverton Standard & the Miner
Darcy Africa heads down Little Giaant Basin on her way to a first place finish for women in the Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run on Saturday, July
12 More photos, results, Pages 6 and 7.
Fireworks launched at Town Hall session
By Mark Esper
A dispute between the
Silverton San Juan Fire Authority
ladies auxiliary and Town
Administrator Brian Carlson
resulted in some fireworks worthy
of the Fourth of July at the Town
Council meeting on Monday,
July 14.
Patty Dailey of Silverton
appeared before the council with
Town administrator’s e-mails show
no effort to block float-building crew
five other volunteers who helped
build the fire department’s float
for this year’s Fourth of July
Reiterating statements from a
July 3 opinion piece published in
the Standard and signed by 10
women, Dailey accused Carlson
of “power-tripping” in the way
he treated the fire department
volunteers and former Assistant
Town Clerk Anita Steck.
The July 3 opinion piece complained that Carlson had “decided that he needed a list of all volunteers along with the actual
times they would be present in
the town shop” to work on the
parade float.
But Carlson produced e-mail
correspondences which he said
demonstrated there was no intent
to impose hardship on the awardwinning crew of float-builders.
In response to the request to
use the town shop to build the
float, as in past years, Carlson
responded in a June 21 e-mail:
“Shouldn’t be a problem. Can
See TOWN, Page 3
Page 2-Thursday, July 17, 2014
Firefighters put on a
great 4th of July show
Silverton Standard
& the Miner
A National Historic
Site in Journalism
— Society of Professional
Official newspaper of the
Town of Silverton and San
Juan County. The Silverton
Standard & the Miner is published every Thursday by the
San Juan County Historical
Society. Our mailing address
is P.O. Box 8, Silverton, CO
I am writing to say what an
awesome fireworks display the
Silverton Fire Department put
ononce again this Fourth of July.
They really do a good job and
deserve praise.
My family and I came over
from Montrose and we were not
disappointed. The entire day
from the parade, the water fight,
the Rhubarb Fest, the Brass Band
concert and the fireworks as the
grand finale topped off a perfect
day, except for the rain shower
We say “thank you” to the
Fire Department for an awesome
show of pyrotechnics. Our
regrets for the fireman who was
injured. Our thoughts and
prayers are with him and his
—Sandy Bell Eastman,
(Former Silverton residen,
Class of 1958)
Tennis courts are great
The new tennis courts at the
park are great. Thank you to
everyone involved in making
this happen. The town can
take pride in sprucing up that
facility. John and Bill do a
great job of dragging it. We
play on it a lot and always
come away smiling.
Doug and Connie Bishop
Silverton residents
Standard’s cartoonist
is ‘phoning it in’
We’ll second the motion that
cartoonist Rob Pudim should be
“Cartoonist should retire”
Silverton Standard July 3, 2014.
We have the same guy drawing cartoons for the Sedona Red
Rock News.
We’ve had the same headscratching reaction to a number
of his rude and offensive cartoons and wondered if he has
any idea what he’s doing.
As we recall, he lives in
Boulder, Colo. So essentially he
phones it in and cartoons by
proxy with no real understanding of the communities he
mocks and ridicules.
If Pudim ever did show up
our town, we don’t think he’d
like the reception he would get
from the members of our community he’s insulted and offended over the years.
We can’t imagine many of
your readers would mind if Rob
Pudim just went away. We sure
— Craig and Lynn Dible,
Sedona, Ariz.
Periodicals postage paid at
Silverton, Colo.
USPS #496-880
Postmaster, send address
changes to: P.O. Box 8,
Silverton, CO 81433
Contacting us
In Person: 1315 Snowden St.,
Suite 308 (Upstairs at the historic Miner’s Union Hospital
Editor: (970) 387-5477
Advertising: (970) 387-5477
Silverton Standard
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Mark Esper: Editor
and publisher
Reporter: Katy Rende
Subscriptions are $24 per year
for Silverton residents; $48 per
year for all other deliveries by
U.S. mail. Digital e-mail delivery is available at $26 per year.
Our goals
The Silverton Standard & the
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written for people interested in
the issues and news of
Silverton, Colo., and the surrounding San Juan Mountains
region. The Standard voices a
strong sense of community for
Silverton and the San Juans as it
brings you the issues, characters, landscapes, and the talent
of the region. Stressing indepth, balanced, and thoughtful writing, news, photography,
and topical articles on key
issues affecting the region, the
Standard keeps the greater San
Juan community informed,
entertained, provoked, and
engaged in dialogue about the
community and its future.
© 2014, Silverton Standard
& the Miner.
When in doubt, go higher
By Freddie Canfield
When in doubt go higher — up our way.
This weather week the doubt wasn’t about
drought, that unfortunate downstream reality
that we wouldn’t wish on anyone.
We continue to send much-needed snowmelt
and rain runoff from on high. Water still runs
onto the floodplain along the Animas around
As always we welcome our friends and visitors —future friends to be — up to our-far
preferable part of the world.
When in doubt, go higher — to the San Juan
Mountains in San Juan County, by far the highest county in the land.
Once again we are continuing to be blessed
by rain — anything from a trace to early morning rip-snorters to gentle evening soakings.
Only Sunday was without a drop, yet the feel
of damp coolness and the smell of wet conifers
and wildflower perfume were in the wind from
close at hand.
This weather week clouds billowed up overhead, sometimes early, often late and certainly
High Low
Precip., conditions
July 9 74
.08, mostly clear
July 10 73
Mostly clear
.03, clear mixed
July 11 74
July 12 76
.03, clearly light
Light overcast
July 13 77
July 14 80
.01, light mix
.01, clearly mixed
July 15 73
.74 inches of water content in July to date.
during the heat of the day. In the surrounding
high desert country all of that heat of the day
helps to propel those thunderheads aloft over
our peaks.
Clouds capping our surrounding Thirteeners
gave welcome promise first thing on Tuesday.
Which was a good thing because Tuesday followed Monday, when we reached a scorching
80.2. My friend Mary at San Juan Backcountry’s
World Headquarters, who hails from the steamy
South, said it best:
See WEATHER, Page 8
buy a
By David Swanson
That’s probably one of the
strangest statements you’ll ever
hear from the mouth of a kid is a
somewhat common utterance in
the direction of the tourists as
they walk off the train.
My sisters and their families
did a Fourth of July float this
year, which included that precise
statement. They wanted to highlight my father’s Mining Sluice
operation, and the T-shirts they
had printed up for this year’s
extravaganza had those exact
words in bold letters on the back.
This brings up the whole phenomenon of kids here in
Silverton selling rocks to interested individuals as they’re wandering the streets in summer. A perfect opportunity for the town’s
youth to practice their entrepreneurial skills? You bet it is, and
not only that but it also allows
the pre-pubescent to perfect their
own charm offensive expertise.
I never sold rocks when I was
a kid. A small part of that had to
do with our family grocery store
and my father not being a miner.
I’m sure he could have very easily
gotten access to all sorts of mineral rich gems for my sisters and I,
if we’d expressed a desire to
become mini–entrepreneurs.
Unfortunately (or fortunately
as the case may be) I was too
busy reading comic books, so the
prospect of selling rocks never
occurred to me as an option for
making money. Either that or I
was just too lazy. Let’s go with
first option since it sounds
halfway legitimate shall we?
These days in my restaurant
job I get a steady stream of local
kids coming to the ice cream section to treat themselves with
their hard earned rock selling
cash. I in turn regularly ask them
how’s business.
If it’s sunny, but not too hot
they usually tell me it’s been pretty good. Very successful in certain
cases if they order the double
cone with multiple flavors. I in
turn accommodate them as best I
can, partially because I admire
their fortitude and perseverance
in the face of some extremely
steep odds.
Have you ever seen the spot
where these kids sell their gemstones? Shade is of course nonexistent where they’re hawking
their wares. It’s often windy,
dusty, and the chair they’ve set
up for themselves looks like some
sort of medieval torture chamber
reject. On top of that when it
rains the experience has got to be
downright wretched. Not quite as
bad as slaving away in a North
Korean bomb-building factory
I’m sure, but it ranks right up
there on the misery scale.
So why haven’t these kids
formed a workers union to alleviate some of the hardships they’re
up against? Out of sheer boredom
one day at work I actually came
See SWANSON, Page 3
Page 3-Thursday, July 17, 2014
Sales tax collections in the town of Silverton dropped dramatically in May compared to the previous year. U.S.
550 north of town was closed for rockfall mitigation work for much of the month. Town Administrator Brian
Carlson said Monday, however, that he expects July may hit an all time record for sales tax collections.
Old mill needs a new roof
The old Lackawanna Mill overlooking Silverton is in urgent
need of attention, according to
the town’s facilities manager.
John Sites told the Town
Council on Monday that “without a new roof it’s not going to
last long,” and that may cost up
to $10,000.
Sites said he recently inspected
the roof and actually briefly stood
on it before deciding that was not
such a good idea, given its poor
“The Town Board will be the
one to decide whether it lives or
dies,” he said. “Without a (new)
roof it’s not going to last long. I
would love to get it done this
Built in 1928, the Lackawanna
Mill is one of the few mills left in
the county that still looks like it
did when it was operational.
The Town of Silverton
acquired the mill when it bought
the 26-acre Lackawanna Placer
property for $160,000 from
Harold Luzar of Durango on Feb.
9, 2000 using a $110,000 grant
from Great Outdoors Colorado to
be used for “Kendall Mountain
Recreation Area expansion.” The
town agreed to match the grant
with $52,250 of its own funds.
Although most of the mill is
on the Lackawanna Placer, a portion of the building straddles
BLM land to the northwest.
Sites also updated the town on
other projects under way, including replacement of the oil-burning furnace at the library. He said
bids are coming in at about
$10,000 to $12,000 for a new
propane furnace, and he said the
TOWN, from Page 1
you tell me hours/days, and
who’s doing the work? Thank
Carlson said that the town’s
insurance company’s general
counsel has told him that he is
obligated to ask such questions
regarding use of town facilities.
But the fire department ladies
were having none of it.
“The volunteers have been
making the floats for over 15
years and yes we do gfeel demoralized and demeaned,” Dailey
told the Town Council.
She asked whether musicians
using Town Hall after hours to
play music have to sign in.
“We were building a float the
SWANSON, from Page 2
up with that idea. Also came to
the bizarre conclusion that their
potential union certification
might be as daunting as my last
“Friendship Dues” payment to
my buddy in Denver. I’m way
behind last time I checked the
tab, so that must be why he
won’t take any of my collect calls.
The jury is still out in this particular case.
Where do these mini-business
moguls stand? Let them keep
aspiring to reach unprecedented
levels of economic success and I’ll
keep supporting their efforts.
Children selling rocks to the
tourists is a long-held tradition in
Silverton, and I hope it continues. It’s got to be a more successful business venture than my idea
to sell locally grown produce
throughout the summer.
David Swanson is a resident of
Earle Horton
November 4, 2014 Election
Candidate for San Juan
County Assessor, Nov. 4 election.
! BA – Business Management Degree from Fort Lewis College.
! 8+ years as Municipal Clerk-Treasurer/Finance Director.
! Current Silverton School Board Treasurer.
time Center
of Silverton Family
Current Vice
Silverton resident, extensive construction experi! Home Owner.
ence, property owner. Keep Heidi in Silverton.
! My 6 Year Old Daughter is a 5th Generation Silvertonian.
! Excellent Customer Service History.
Write-in votesAd
exactly as regispaid for
the candidate
tered (above). Thank you for your consideration.
Paid for by the candidate
Mark Esper/Silverton Standard & the Miner
The Lackawanna Mill’s roof needs urgent attention, according to town
facilities manager John Sites.
project needs to get done this
Sites also reported that it
appears the town will net at
least $8,000 for operating temporary campgrounds at Kendall
Mountain and near the train
depot. And he said the Fourth
of July operation to accommodate overflow campers has
“There are things to build on
if we look at in from a business
perspective,” he said.
town could be proud of and have
a float to sell T-shirts off of to
fund the fireworks, not having a
few friends over to play music.”
The fire department ladies
auxiliary decided instead to build
the float at the county road crew
shop this year.
But the float-building fracas
was but one of a list of complaints Dailey had regarding the
town administrator.
And the Town Council has
scheduled a 6 p.m. session with
the town attorney to try to sort
out the affair.
Dailey also complained about
alleged “disrespect” shown to former Municipal Judge Lyndon
Skinner, and the July 3 closure of
Town Hall so staff could be
deployed at the town’s temporary
holiday campgrounds.
Dailey and many of her supporters then left the meeting. But
she stormed back in later, complaining that while she had been
speaking, Carlson had been making inappropritae gestures toward
Carlson, who was appointed
town administrator by the
Council last August, told the
town trustees that “I report to the
board. I have attempted to
explain my side of the story.”
Trustee Karla Safranski said the
council members need “to talk
very seriously with each other
and very openly. This is our problem to solve.”
November 4, 2014 Election
BA – Business Management Degree from Fort Lewis College.
8+ years as Municipal Clerk-Treasurer/Finance Director.
Current Silverton School Board Treasurer.
Current Vice President of Silverton Family Learning Center
! Home Owner.
! My 6 Year Old Daughter is a 5th Generation Silvertonian.
! Excellent Customer Service History.
Ad paid for by the candidate
Page 4-Thursday, July 17, 2014
Thursday, July 17
• Blood drive, 1:30-6 p.m.,
Kendall Mountain Community
Center. Call Judy, 387-5635.
Saturday, July 19
• Kendall Mountain Run.
• Silverton Barbershop
Music Festival, school gym.
Sunday, July 20
• Midsummer Night’s
Chamber Music Concert, 7
p.m., First Congregational
Monday, July 21
• Silverton Area Chamber
of Commerce, 6:30 p.m.,
Natalia’s Restaurant.
Wednesday, July 23
• San Juan County Board of
Commissioners, 6:30 p.m.,
County Courthouse.
Monday, July 28
• Silverton Town Council,
7:30 p.m., Town Hall.
• Silverton Threads Quilting
Club, 7 p.m., Tuesdays, Kendall
Mountain Community Center.
All interested in quilting, crochet, knitting, and crafts are
• San Juan County
Historical Society Archive —
Summer hours on Thursdays, 10
a.m. to 4 p.m.
• Silverton Movement
Center, Silverton School gym..
Mondays — Pilates, 8:15 a.m.
10 a.m.; high-intesity interval
training (HIIT), 5:15 p.m.
Tuesdays — HIIT, 8:15 a.m.;
Pilates, 5:15 p.m.; Wednesdays
— Weights, 8:15 a.m.;
Thursdays — Pilates, 8:15 a.m.,
10 a.m.; HIIT, 5:15 p.m.; Fridays
— Kettlebells, 8:15 a.m.B
Belly dance: For beginners,
Tuesdays 5:15-6:16 p.m. at
Kendall. Belly Dance Level 3,
Tuesdays 6:30-7:30 p.m.
• Blair Street Historic
District Association, 10 a.m.,
first Wednesday of each month,
Empire Street Bunkhouse.
• Alcoholics Anonymous
meets in Silverton every
Wednesday at 7 p.m. For locations, questions or help, call
(888) 333-9649.
• American Legion meetings, 7 p.m. first Thursday of
the month, Legion Post.
Silverton Youth Center
Summer schedule:
Sunday-Thursday, 3-9 p.m.;
Friday-Saturday, 3-10 p.m.
Spiritual events
• Church of Christ, Sundays:
Bible class, 8 a.m.; service, 9
a.m.; and Sunday Bible discussion, 5 p.m., (970) 946-7648.
• St. Patrick’s Catholic
Church, Father Nat Foshage,
Mass, 5 p.m. Saturdays and
Wednesdays, 1005 Reese St.,
• Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter Day Saints, President
Duane Eggett, Sunday services: 9
a.m. priesthood, 10 a.m.; sacrament, 11 a.m. Sunday school,
727 Greene St., 387-5338.
• First Congregational
Church of Silverton, Sue Kurtz,
moderator. Sunday service 9
a.m. All are welcome. 1070
Reese St. (970) 387-5759. e-mail:
[email protected] Website: Look for us
on Facebook!
• Silverton Church on the
Hill, 11th and Snowden, Pastor
Mark Lawson, (970) 387-5215.
Sunday KSJC (92.5 FM) 8-10
a.m., Christian music, devotional and sermon; Bible study, 9
a.m.; Children’s Sunday School
at 10:15; 10:15 a.m. regular service; Wednesday night prayer/fellowship, 7 p.m.
• Word of Life Fellowship,
Pastor Jim Greenfield, Sunday
service starts at 9 a.m., 1706
Empire St. 387-5893.
San Juan County
Sherif f’s Of fice blotter
July 7 — A warning was
issued for speeding. A warning
was issued to an OHV driver for
driving off of the designated
route within town limits. A
motorist was assisted.
July 8 — A very minor traffic
accident was reported. A warning was issued for speeding.
July 9 — A warning was
issued for parking and blocking
a lane of traffic. An OHV driver
was issued a warning for no eye
July 10 — A motorist was
assisted. A parking citation was
issued for blocking an alley. A
citizen was assisted. A warning
was issued for impeding traffic.
A warning was issued for blocking a lane of traffic. A warning
was issued for no visible registration. A warning was issued
for speeding.
July 11 — Tayna L. Kail, of
Silverton, was issued a citation
for dog at large. Rodney A. Seth,
of Arlington, Texas, was issued a
summons for reckless driving,
driving without a driver’s
license and speeding; 47 in a
30-mph zone. A complaint was
received of two OHVs driving
on Reese and then 14th Street.
Another complaint was received
of two OHVs driving across private property at Reese and 14th
Street. Three warnings were
issued for speeding. Eight warnings were issued to OHV drivers
for driving off of the designated
route within town limits. A
complaint was received of alcohol being sold to an underage
person at a business, the officer
found no violation and spoke
with the owners. A warning was
issued for making a left turn
where prohibited. A warning
was issued for following too
closely. A motorist was assisted.
July 12 — A warning was
issued to OHV drivers for driving off of the designated route
within town limits. A warning
was issued for disregarding a
stop sign. A warning was issued
to an OHV driver for not having a license. A warning was
issued to three OHV drivers for
driving off of the designated
route within town limits.
July 13 — Dave L. Andrews,
of Silverton, was issued a summons for unlawful ownership of
a vicious dog. The incident
occurred June 28. A report was
received of an OHV driving on
west 15th Street. Three OHV
drivers were warned for driving
off of the designated route within town limits. Two OHV drivers were issued a warning for
not having eye protection. A
warning was issued for speeding. A citizen was assisted.
A deer bounds away in the South Mineral Creek area last week.
Ray Dileo/Silverton Standard & the Miner
Silverton Events: 2014
July 2014
“Silverton is destined to becomea
city with Durango as a suburb.”
— The Silverton Standard, Sept.
21, 1901
The Silverton Standard
& the Miner
! July 19 — Kendall Mountain
Run & “K2 Double – 12 mile and
24.1 mile. Runs start at 12th &
Greene Streets with finish in
Memorial Park.
! July 19 — Silverton Barbershop
Music Festival, Silverton School
! July 24-27 — Rocky Mountain
Adventure Riders (RMAR), Red
Mountain RV Park.
! July 27-Aug. 2 — Mile High
Jeep Club – 48th Annual All 4 Fun,
Kendall Mountain Recreation Area.
August 2014
! August 2-3 — Mountain Man
Softball Tournament, Ball field at
Visitors Center.
! August 8-10 — Hardrockers
Holidays, Kendall Mountain
Recreation Area.
! August 15-17 — Great Western
Rocky Mountain Brass Band
Festival, Silverton School Gym.
! August 14-17 — True West
Railfest, Durango and Silverton.
! August 23 — Blair Street
Antique Truck Show — Breakfast,
Parade, and Display on Blair Street.
! August 23 — Silverton Alpine
Marathon & 50K, Memorial Park –
start and finish.
! August 26-31 — Annual 1-2-3-6
Day Run & 1,000 Mile Challenge,
! August 29-30 — Third annual
Silverton Western Movie Festival,
Performing Arts Center, Silverton
! August 30 — Dillon’s Run,
Kendall Mountain Recreation Area.
September 2014
! September 6-7 — Silverton
Colorfest Quilt Show and Sale,
Silverton School gym.
! September 27-28 — DSNGR
Fall Photographer’s Weekend,
Originates in Durango to Silverton.
October 2014
! October 25 — Train’s last day
to Silverton
November 2014
! Thanksgiving Day — Annual
Community Thanksgiving Dinner,
Brown Bear Cafe.
December 2014
! December 6 — Yule Log
Festival, Kendall Mountain
Recreation Area.
! December 13 — Holiday
Bazaar, American Legion Hall.
! December 13 — Holiday
Community Dinner, Kendall
Mountain Recreation Area.
! December 24 — Santa Comes
To Town at 1 p.m. Main street at
the Town Christmas Tree.
! December 25 — First
Congregational Church’s Annual
Christmas Dinner, Silverton Public
Page 5-Thursday, July 17, 2014
BRIEFS, from Page 1
“We are fortunate to have the
talented violinist Rebecca Soued,
recent arrival pianist Marybell
Beigh and Farmington cellist
Wynn Tarr on our roster of
artists,” Black said.
Melcher takes classes,
works in his field
TJ Melcher of Silverton has
been attending Northwestern in
Greeley Colorado. This last
semester he received a 4.0.
He is taking classes this summer while holding down a 40hour work week in his field of
“I am so very proud of him,”
said his mom, Anita Steck.
Commodities to be
distributed July 29
Ray Dileo/
Silverton Standard & the Miner
Some prominent people from
Silverton’s past showed up at Town
Hall on Friday night, July 11.
Members of the Victorian Aid
Society of Durango portrayed the
characters. From left: Aaron
Stevenson as town marshal and
dance hall owner Tom Cain, Alice
Kimball, Pearl Thompson, T.C.
Graden, Otto Mears, Mrs. Cotton
and daughter Clarence, General
William Jackson Palmer, Domenica
Dalla, Giovanni Dalla. Performing
were Ed Simons as Otto Mears,
Susan Jones as County Assessor
Alice Kimball, Robyn Stevenson as
“21” Pearl Thompson, Charlie
DiFerdinando as entrepreneur Tom
Graden, Ed Simons as Otto Mears,
Carrie Foisel as Mrs. Cotton and
Kaylie Foisel as daughter Clarence,
Bob Foisel as Gen. William Jackson
Palmer, who brought the railroad
to Silverton, Sharron Church and
Alan Strickland as Domenica and
Giovanni Dalla.
Commodities distribution will
occur on July 29, from 1-3 p.m.
in the basement of the Miners
Union Hospital.
Eligibility for this service must
be determined prior to receiving
the commodities. Any interested
family needing an eligibility
determination may stop by the
Social Services office at the courthouse from 9 a.m. to noon on
July 29. Call Deanna Jaramillo at
387-5631 for more information.
(In accordance with Federal law
and U.S. Deparment of
Agriculture policy, this institution
is prohibited from discrimination
on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.)
Help available to
pay heating bills
Energy Outreach Colorado has
awarded San Juan County with a
$16,000 grant to help cover costs
of coal, electric, firewood, natural
gas, oil, propane, and solid fuel
Residents must meet the eligibility criteria to be considered for
this program, which includes
applying for the Low-income
Energy Assistance Program first if
you are LEAP eligible. If you are
not LEAP eligible you can just
apply for the EOC grant. This
program runs through Sept. 30.
Anyone interested in this program may come by the Social
Services office or call Deanna
Jaramillo at 387-5631 to get an
This year Silverton School is offering a unique summer experience.
Our PEAK program will be running from June 16th- August 8th and offering
students diverse activities including outdoor adventure, core academics (reading, writing, and math), science, art, theater, soccer, basketball, and swimming.
& Miner
(970) 387-5477
train is
PEAK will challenge and engage every learner with daily morning movement,
creative writing, free reading, problem of the day, math skill builders, language
arts skill builder, Makerspace, art, outdoor adventure, swimming, and more!
This year PEAK will offer:
" Daily Breakfast and Lunch included.
" Core Academics Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays mornings
Math, Reading, Writing, Makerspace: Engineering and Design
" Makerspace is a place and an opportunity for our kids to get hands on with
designing and engineering everything from sewing wearable art to programming microprocessors.
" Flexible Fridays will include trips to Ouray Hot Springs and adventures in
Silverton, Adventure Mondays will take us outside Silverton for fun and
Start working on the railroad!
The Silverton Northern Interpretive Center
Project needs your help:
" Molly Mook-Fidler and Sinjin Jones will be back for a 3 week theater program featuring our student interns and an elementary and a secondary production., the SN
We want summer to be fun and flexible. We understand that your family may
be in and out, the PEAK program will accommodate scheduling needs including a separate pricing structure.
Or send donations to
Silverton Northern RR, PO Box 967, Silverton, CO 81433
" August 11th -15th Challenger Soccer Camp & Youth Center Activities
More information can be had by calling Elizabeth Barszcz or Paul Joyce at
387-5544, emailing [email protected] or
[email protected] or stop by and see us at school.
Page 6-Thursday, July 17, 2014
climber wins
Kilian Jornet of Spain
crushed the course record for
the Hardrock Hundred
Endurance Run, returning to
Silverton early Saturday morning, July 12 before the dawn
after completing a 100-mile
odyssey over the high San Juans
in 22 hours, 41 minutes and 35
Jornet, 26, pulled away from
the pack on the climb up
14,058-foot Handies Peak, and
never looked back, arriving back
at the Hardrock at Silverton
School at 4:41 a.m.
Jornet also holds the record
for the fastest climb and desent
of the famed Matterhorn in
Switzerland and Mount
McKinley in Alaska.
The previous course record,
23 hours, 23 minutes, was set
by Kyle Skaggs in 2008.
Criss Furman/Silverton Standard & the Miner
ABOVE: Killian Jornet, left and Julien Chorier, right, race each other in the early stages of the 2014 Hardrock
Hundred. Jornet set a course record in winning the race and Chorier came in second.
RIGHT: Darcy Africa crosses South Mineral Creek enroute to her first-place women’s finish.
BELOW: An unidentifid runner leaps across the creek.
Top 30 Finishers
The Silverton Standard
& the Miner:
The best newspaper between
Maggie Gulch and Red Mountain Pass!
(970) 387-5477
1 Kilian Jornet
2 Julien Chorier
3 Adam Campbell
4 Jeff Browning
5 Scott Jaime
6 Tsuyoshi Kaburaki 28:07:38
7 Jared Campbell
8 Mick Jurynec
9 Ty Draney
10 Ted Mahon
11 Darcy Africa
12 John Burton
13 Timothy Olson
14 Kelly Lance
Shigeru Furuta
Jeason Murphy
Billy Simpson
David Cobletz
Kevin Davis
Eric Lee
Shinsuke Isomura 34:55:21
Drew Gunn
Kevin Twidwell
James Gifford
Garett Graubins 35:55:05
Stuart Air
Howie Stern
Scott Mills
John Sharp
David Pease
Page 7-Thursday, July 17, 2014
Ray Dileo/Silverton Standard & the Miner
ABOVE: Hardrock Hundred runners cross Mineral Creek just after leaving Silverton on Friday morning, July 11.
BELOW: Diana Finkel emerges from the creek.
Board members sought for
mining monument project
Local ar tists raising
funds for huge br onze
work for Silver ton
Board members are being
sought for a new collaborative
effort to design a larger-than-life
mining monument for display
on the San Juan County
Courthouse Square.
Silverton artists John
Richardson and Stephen Wolff
have partnered up with the San
Juan Historical Society and
Hardrockers Holidays
Committee in order to begin
planning for the new monument. The two artists have
backgrounds in mining and
experience working in metal
and clay.
Richardson and Wolff, along
with Ernie Kuhlman, are seeking dedicated board members
and local support for the project
so they can move forward into
the fundraising stage.
Richardson says they are willing
to do “whatever it takes” to find
the funding, including benefits,
grant proposals, and private
Once the board of directors
is in place, they will accept
design submissions, which will
then be voted upon to decide
the final design.
“We hope to create something that people will come to
Silverton to see and that shows
the respect and care we have for
this industry and its workers.
What we envision will be a
place of pilgrimage for miners
and mining families, a spot to
remember ancestors and loved
ones,” Richardson and Wolff
While they want to get started on the project as soon as
possible, they expect the planning and organization phase to
take about a year and a half.
The design they are proposing
will be a bronze sculpture with
a stone pedestal, twice life size,
with monumental figures and a
plaque with information about
mining past and present.
“San Juan County has given
us their full endorsement and
they want to see it happen,”
said Richardson. They also have
the endorsements of the Ouray
County Historical Society, the
La Plata County Historical
Society, and the City of
Durango. They are still waiting
for support from the Town of
Interested parties are encouraged to submit a Letter of
Interest to the San Juan
Historical Society, P.O. Box 154,
Silverton, CO 81433.
Council tables
ordinance on
marijuana rules
A draft ordinance to allow
retail marijuana operations as
a use subject to review in the
town’s economic development
zone was tabled Monday, after
Town Administrator Brian
Carlson pointed out some
technical and practical problems with the measure.
The ordinance also would
have revised rules regarding
odors emitting from such establishments, but that portion too
is being re-evaluated.
In 2012 Colorado voters
approved a measure to legalize
recreational marijuana. But
towns and counties have the
option of restricting or banning
actual sales outlets.
In April town voters
approved a ballot measure to
allow recreational marijuana
businesses in town.
The Town Council subsequently drafted an ordinance
limiting such businesses to the
downtown area, and not within
500 feet of the school.
So far only one applicant has
expressed interest in a retail
marijuana store, but at a location in the town’s economic
development-zoned area east of
The ordinance was designed
to facilitate such a business as a
use subject to review by the
town Council.
But Carlson said the town’s
land-use code does not allow
retail operations either as a right
or as a use subject to review in
the E-D zone.
And any change in land-use
regulations must go to the San
Juan Regional Planning
Commission. That must occur
before the Town Council can
proceed with the ordinance.
But Town Trustee David
Zanoni said he was against
allowing any retail marijuana
shop in the E-D zone, pointing
to the April ballot measure
approved by voters.
Town voters in the April 1
election rejected a ballot measure to repeal the town’s ordinance allowing marijuana shops
in some areas of towns, by a
vote of 207-212.
“This is not what passed by
five votes in April,” Zanoni
said. He said the council needs
“to give marijuana a little
time” given the sensitivity of
the issue. He said for the council to change the rules now
“takes away the trust of the
And Trustee Larry Gallegos
said he agreed with Zanoni.
Maisel too said the council
should stick with what voters
agreed to.
But Trustee Karla Safranski
said there are benefits to allowing marijuana shops in the E-D
zone, notably that it would be
further from the school, a concern expressed by many opponents of the town’s current ordinance.
And Trustee Malcolm
MacDougall said that both marijuana and ATVs are new frontiers for the town.
“We have to be open to
potential changes,” MacDougall
said. “It’s something that’s never
been done before.”
has it
Covered deck w/ off-the-charts views,
vaulted ceilings, large lot and more!
* 3 bdrm
* 1.75 bath
* 1707 sf
* Large lot (75'x100')
* Shed, fenced backyard, room for garage!
Call Steve & Anne-Britt 970-387-0111
Silverton Realty, Mountain Rose Realty
Covering the San Juan Triangle —
Silverton. Ridgway. Telluride.
Do not
Just subscribe to the Standard
and stay informed of happenings
in the heart of the San Juans.
(970) 387-5477 In town: $24/yr;
Durango and other suburbs: $48 a year
Page 8-Thursday, July 17, 2014
Midsummer night’s concert enchants on Sunday
Local musicians are at it
again, bringing fine music to a
higher level with “A
Midsummer Night’s Concert.”
“We are bringing Four
Corners-area musicians together
to present chamber music works
by Telemann, Schubert, Mozart
and Beethoven,” said T. J. Black
of Silverton, organizer of the
event scheduled for Sunday,
July 20 at First Congregational
Church at 7 p.m.
“We are fortunate to have
the talented violinist Rebecca
Soued, recent arrival pianist
Marybell Beigh and Farmington
cellist Wynn Tarr on our roster
of artists,” Black said.
Soued, Beigh and Black are
the kernel of the ensemble, performing as a piano trio.
The Nocturne op148 D897
by Franz Schubert is one of the
cornerstones of piano trio repertoire. Schubert worked out the
emotive power of his music in
smaller works before he wrote
symphonies. The program progresses adding and subtracting
members to perform various
“Thanks goes to many of
Silverton’s tireless supporters
and music lovers for their sponsorship in the past,” Black said.
Public donations have gone far,
keeping the church piano maintained, providing lesson money
for Silverton students and
instrument grants, Black said.
The Silverton School cello
built by T. J. Black in 2011 is
currently on loan to the
Durango Youth Symphony.
Students at Fort Lewis College
are enjoying the grant of a
viola built by Black that was
purchased by patrons of “Music
in the Mountains Goes to
School” at the annual charity
Wynn Tarr and T. J. Black
appear as a duo at Natalias
Patio, Saturday, July 19 from
noon to 1 p.m.
The entire company appears
Sunday night, July 20, in “A
Midsummer Nights Concert” at
First Congregational Church,
11th and Reese in Silverton at 7
p.m. Admission is free.
Donations are accepted for
maintaining musical infrastructure at First Church and in support of continuing music studies for Silverton School students.
WEATHER, from Page 2
AUG 2930, 201
Featuring old Westerns filmed in the Silverton area.
This year’s movies:
“Night Passage”
“Maverick Queen”
A benefit for the Silverton Standard & the Miner
“I’m going home. I’m putting on my flipflops. These
shoes are too hot!”
Despite our Cool Silverton
image it can even happen way
up here, and get the best of us.
Notions of more rain and
less clothes fortunately tend to
be a downstream phenomenon,
my “daikon legs” in shorts
being painfully eye-shocking —
especially for your correspondent when not wearing sunglasses.
Far better sights can be had
on high or even here at valley
Wildflowers burst forth in
plentiful profusion and everincreasing varieties. Birdsong
welcomes each new day.
Waterfalls and white water
delight our eye sand ears.
A magnificently majestic bull
elk wanders past Animas Forks.
Alpine marten stars in my son
Mark’s latest wildlife video —
absolutely the most curious and
cute critter imaginable.
Ross the Mountain Goat
danced right up to my busload
of Old Hundred miners when I
leaned out the window and welcomed my cloven-hoofed
buddy, who considered dancing
on the hood before prancing off
just far enough to make things
safe for my people to disembark.
So I will remind all of you,
just as I reminded them, we are
all wild way up here in the San
Juans. So give us critters respectful distance and room to move
or no telling what might happen.
Our ads get
fast results!
An ad for a lost dog was
placed last week, and on Monday,
the owner reported the dog had
returned of its own accord! Call
387-5477 to place an ad. E-mail
[email protected]
Pursuant to C.R.S. 37-92-302,
you are notified that the following
is a resume of all water right
applications filed in the Office of
the Water Clerk during the month
of June, 2014, for San Juan
San Juan County, Water District
30: 1) Applicant: Grouse Gulch
Group, LLC, P.O. Box 310,
Silverton, CO 81433; 2) Attorney:
Geoffrey M. Craig, The Craig Law
Firm P.C., 813 Main Ave., Suite
206, Durango, CO 81301; 3)
Name of Structures: Hewett
Diversion #s 1-4; and Hewett
Ponds, originally decreed in Case
Page 9-Thursday, July 17, 2014
No: 06CW97; 4) Type of
Application: Application to Make
Absolute and for a Finding of
Reasonable Diligence; 5) Source
and Drainage Basin: Grouse
Gulch, tributary to the Animas
River; 6) Locations: NE1/4NW1/4,
NW1/4NE1/4, and SE1/4NW1/4,
Section 8, T42N, R6W, NMPM; 7)
Decreed Uses: Combined uses of
Hewett Diversion #’s 1-4 and
Hewett Ponds: domestic use in
up to 28 homes, irrigation of 0.67
acres, livestock watering (including incidental wildlife watering),
piscatorial, recreation, incidental
aesthetics, fire protection, augmentation, and the filling and
refilling of 1 acre of ponds/water
features for the aforementioned
uses; 8) Quantities: Diversions:
#1 - 40 gpm; #2 – 45 gpm; #3 –
15 gpm; #4 – 5 gpm conditional;
Ponds: 5 acre-feet conditional
(total for all ponds) with right to fill
and refill in priority; 9)
Appropriation Date: December
18, 2000; 10) Summary of
Activities to Develop Conditional
Water Rights: Applicant has
diverted water from Hewett
Diversion #s 1-4 in the amounts
of 40 gpm, 40 gpm, 15 gpm and 5
gpm respectively for the following
uses: livestock watering (including
incidental wildlife watering); 0.67
acres irrigation; domestic use for
2 homes; piscatorial; recreation;
incidental aesthetics; fire protection; and filling and refilling of 1/4
surface acres of ponds for livestock watering (including incidental wildlife watering), piscatorial,
recreation, incidental aesthetics,
and fire protection. Applicant has
filled and refilled 1/4 surface acre
of ponds and water features, with
a volume of approximately 1.25
acre-feet, which have been used
for livestock watering (including
incidental wildlife watering), piscatorial, recreation, incidental aesthetics, and fire protection; 11)
Landowners: All structures are
located on Applicant’s property;
12) Additional Information:
Applicant requests that the Court
enter a decree making Hewett
Diversion #s 1-4 and Hewett
Ponds absolute in the amounts
and for the uses described above,
and that the conditional rights
which have not yet been developed be retained for an additional
six year due diligence period.
See Application for more details.
(9 pages)
THAT YOU HAVE until the last
day of August, 2014, to file with
the Water Clerk, a verified
Statement of Opposition, setting
forth facts as to why a certain
application should not be granted
or why it should be granted only
in part or on certain conditions. A
copy of such Statement of
Opposition must also be served
upon the applicant or the applicant’s attorney and an affidavit or
certificate of such service shall be
filed with the Water Clerk, as prescribed by Rule 5, CRCP.
(Filing fee: $158.00; Forms are
available through the Office of the
Water Clerk or on the Judicial site
Danene M. Etz, Water Court
Specialist, 1060 E. 2nd Ave.,
Room 106, Durango, CO 813015157; 970-247-2304, Ext. 6181)
Published: before July 31, 2014
Original Signature on file
Danene M. Etz, Water Court
Open for Dinner!
4-9 pm Daily
Friday Fish Fry, Taco Tuesdays,
& Chicken and Waffle Sundays
A Historical
Interpretive Center.
Historic Inn ! Silverton
" In-room wifi
" Hot tub
" Full breakfast
away 387-5555
from 1257 Blair St.
home.” Silverton
P.O. Box 967
Silverton, CO 81433
Your donation can help
restore a section of the line!
Bent Elbow
Open Daily for lunch:
11 AM - 2:30 PM
Dinner: Friday-Tuesday,
5-8:30 PM
Page 10-Thursday, July 17, 2014
“My 94th
gift of a
s u b s c r i ption from
i s a t r e a sure. What
of years
ago each
— Elvin
Idaho (former resident of
Eureka and
Ray Dileo/Silverton Standard & the Miner
A group of mountain bikers from Lizard Head Cycle Guides stops at Memorial Park in Silverton on Thursday, July 10. From left are Dan Schrank,
DeAnne Gabriel, Tracy Cowperthwaite, John Humphries (kneeling), Peter Cowperthwaite, Carol Fredrickson, Jim Conley, Dan Cornew, and Rob
DiNapoli. The group rode from North Pass to Creede and over Stony Pass to Silverton.
Do you
who treasures
Give them a
gift subscription to
Standard & the
(970) 387-5477
Ray Dileo/Silverton Standard & the Miner
The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad’s Big Al diesel locomotive pulls a train out of Silverton on Tuesday, July 15, after problems with a
steam--powered locomotive.
Back ...
10 Years Ago
July 16, 2004
Silverton’s Town Board
Monday tabled an application
from Larry and Bodie Crouch
that would allow them to conduct historic tours of Silverton
by guiding tourists on a 40-foot
flatbed trailer, pulled by a tractor, around town. The applica-
tion was tabled due to concerns
with traffic violations, as it is
illegal to ride on a flatbed trailer
if it is in motion, concerns
about the suggested route going
through residential areas, and
concerns about the traffic it
would cause in town.
the only actual hardrock miner to
participate in the race.
15 Years Ago
July 15, 1999
Mike Luther of Silverton
unfortunately had to drop out of
the Hardrock 100 race. However,
Mike has the distinction of being
Once again you have published an issue covering the 4th
of July without one single picture
of the American flag, or of the
Color Guard!
Scot Jackson reported seeing a
lynx Sunday, July 11 several miles
up Gladstone road.
20 Years Ago
July 14, 1994
What is it with you???
—John Wright, Carol
Zimmerman, Wiley R. Carmack,
Jay Zimmerman.
P.S. Really: what is it with you?
25 Years Ago
July 13, 1989
The town hall is becoming a
haven for pigeons and has a roof
problem, according to trustee
Loren Lew. Lew reported to the
board Monday night on an
inspection done by he and public
works director Jay Dotzenko.
Metal Prices
Page 11-Thursday, July 17, 2014
Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Silverton Standard classifieds
are just $7 a week for the first
20 words, and 30 cents per
word after that! Call 387-5477,
or e-mail
[email protected]
Pursuant to the Laws of the State
of Colorado, JRD Enterprises
DBA Silverton Hashworks, 10
Towne Plaza, Suite 239, Durango
CO 81301, has requested the
licensing authority of the Town of
Silverton grant a Retail Marijuana
Cultivation Facility and Retail
Marijuana Products
Manufacturing license at 951
Greene St., Silverton Colorado.
This Public Hearing is rescheduled for Monday, July 28, 2014 at
7:30 p.m., in the Town Hall
Assembly Room, 1360 Greene
Street to consider this application.
At said time and place any interested party may appear to be
heard either for or against the
granting of this application.
Written comment on the application should be filed with the office
of the Town Clerk by 5:00 p.m.,
Wednesday, July 23, 2014, either
by mail (PO Box 250, Silverton,
CO 81433), or via email
([email protected]).
Published in the Silverton
Standard & the Miner on July 17,
San Juan Regional Planning
County Land Use and Zoning
Regulation Proposed
July 16, 2014
The San Juan Regional Planning
Commission hereby gives notice
of a hearing to receive public
comment regarding proposed
amendments to the County Land
Use and Zoning Regulation.
Proposed revisions and amendments include the following
Chapters: 1-Zoning and Land
Use; 2-Improvement and Use
Permits; 3-Uniform Requirements;
4-Review and Appeal Process; 5Other Regulations;
13-General Provisions; and 14Definitions. The Planning
Commission will conduct the public hearing on Wednesday, July
16, 2014 during a meeting that
begins at 7:00 PM in the
Commissioners’ Meeting Room,
1ST Floor of the San Juan
County Courthouse, 1557 Greene
Street, Silverton, Colorado.
11 AM Saturdays
NOTICE is further given that all
persons may appear and present
oral and written testimony regarding any or all of the proposed
amendments to the County Land
Use and Zoning Regulation prior
to, or at the public hearing.
Interested persons may review
the proposed code revisions and
amendments at the Planning
Department in Silverton Town
Hall, 1360 Greene Street or they
may call 970-387-5522, Ext. 16
during regular business hours.
Written comments should be
directed to Bob Nevins,
Town/County Planner, Town of
Silverton, P.O. Box 250, Silverton,
CO 81433.
Published in the Silverton
Standard & the Miner on July 10,
Victorian, 939 Mineral Street, 2
bd 1+half bath, wood stove/
propane heat, $249K. Contact:
[email protected]
Mining claims for sale by
Owner. From $4500 on up. Many
under $10,000. See 4-bedroom, 4 bath home on 4 corner
lots, Silverton. $255,000. PRICE
REDUCED. Make an offer. (970)
For Sale by owner: O'Connor
Patented claim M.S. # 1295. 5
very scenic acres at the top of
Denver Pass. 4wd road to the
property. Please call 970-9442495. (7-31)
35 acres in 4 patented mine
claims adjacent Highway 550,
Molas Pass, overlooking spectacular Grenadier Range, Silverton,
and Animas River. 4 residential
units possible; Bill 970 385-4138
or 403-2926.
1/4-acre lot on hill overlooking
Silverton. Bill (970) 385-4138 or
Great Rental Opportunity
High quality commercial office
space available June 1st, 2014
on the ground floor of the Tower
House Victorian at 11th and
Greene Street Silverton Colorado.
• $700 per month, one-year lease
preferred but negotiable.
• 600sf ground floor with frontage
and parking on Greene St.
• Two main rooms and one private office.
• Oak floors and full custom
Victorian trim.
• Radiant heat, double-pane windows, French doors.
• Wired for modern networks.
• Nonresidential, commercial use
Tenants responsible for separately metered electricity and propane
as well as shared trash and
water. Business liability insurance required. Please contact
Nicole Barr at
m 970-387-0133 for details or
email [email protected]
Two shops for lease — Main
Street, Silverton, Colorado!
Pack up your inventory and bring
it up to Silverton, Colorado for lots
of new customers from May to
October! Up to 4 trains a day, and
car traffic — lots of tourists, and
many events. If interested, call
Barbara, (480) 947-2378. (ind)
Benson Business Center on
Greene Street to open. Five
industrial/contemporary 7X8 community offices spaces available
with new furniture, internet, and
business services; fax, scan,
copier and private conference
room. $300 per space, per
month. Stop by to see pre-construction layout.
[email protected] or 843696-7157 for inquiries/to reserve
an office.
FOR RENT: 3-bedroom, 2-bath,
furnished or unfurnished, washer
and dryer, pellet stove + propane.
Call 759-1703 or 385-0677.
HELP WANTED: Hiring mechanic
for San Juan Backcountry, Call
Larry 970 387-5565.
Housekeeper wanted. Seasonal.
apply at Red Mountain Lodge and
RV Park.
PART TIME SALES HELP wanted, apply at Eagles Nest
Leathers, 970 387-5782
Office Admin position. Must
have experience in A/R, A/P, and
payroll. College experience preferred. Navajo preference applies.
Fax resume to 505-598-8825.
FOR SALE: A whirlpool upright
freezer, very good condition, 15.9
cubic feet. Asking $200 OBO. Call
970 799-1389. (7/10)
Antique Glass bricks 8x8x4
(4.00 each or special price for all!)
Call 387-5555
Commercial 2-door refrigerator
$400! 970-387-5555
2000 Porsche Boxster S,
like new, 52k, conv + hard top, 6spd. $17,500. 970-749-3295.
Want to purchase minerals and
other oil/gas interests. Send
details to: P.O. Box 13557,
Denver, CO 80201
LOST: Samsung cellphone with
pink case. Karen, (970) 259-4353.
LOST: Omron GoSmart pedometer, if found please call 387-0292
and leave message.
LOST: Tan rainfly for tent, Grouse
Gulch, (970) 882-2246.
/&8 %&/5*45 */ 063":
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Silverton Standard & Caboose
“The past is not dead. In fact, it's not even past.” — William Faulkner
Thursday, July 17, 2014, Silverton, Colorado
From the July 16, 1904 edition
of the Silverton Standard & the
Sunday William Otto, the
largest taxpayer in Montezuma
County, and Under Sheriff James
Gawth made their advent to
Silverton. They were hunting
stock stolen from various ranches
of that section. … A lot of cattle
were surreptitiously yanked off by
moonlight July 4, upon which
Otto pulled on his war boots and
in the company of Gawth followed the tracks of the cattle,
which pointed Silverton-ward.
Mr. Gawth, with the keen eye of
a detective, took in one indication after another and succeeded
in tracing the missing bovines to
Gladstone, that is ten head of
‘em. The supposed thieves, Jim
Lavender and Ben Millard were
arrested at Rico on telegram sent
out from this place Monday
From the July 16, 1949 edition
of the Silverton Standard and the
A local committee on arrangements for the filming of 20th
Century Fox’s “A Ticket To
Tomahawk’ announces that local
children will be selected to take
the part of Anne Baxter’s children
a local.
Not a
in this technicolor western railroad picture. Applicants must be
brunettes from 2 to 8 years of
Among tourists in Silverton
this week were Mr. and Mrs.
Leroy Dixon of San Francisco,
Calif. While here they made a
pleasant call at the Standard
office. Expressing a desire to
look at our old files, they were
laid before him. He was particularly interested in the October
1904 editions of the Standard.
As he slowly perused and carefully turned the time-worn
pages he called his wife’s attention to one article in the
October 15, 1904 edition.
“There it is!” he exclaimed. It
was the story of an 11-year-old
boy who saved the D.R.G. train
from a terrible wreck near
Rockwood on the 11th: “The
passenger train leaving Silverton
last Tuesday morning was
flagged by an 11-year old boy
near Rockwood and the train
crew and passengers informed
that rock slide had occurred
near a sharp curve where it
would have been impossible to
avert a wreck. A sum of money
— collections ranging from
twenty five cents to a ten dollar
bill — in all about $45.00 was
made up among the passengers
and train men and given to the
little hero that hour who ‘tis
said, is now prospecting for
slides along the railroad near
— Standard.
The boy's name was Leroy
Dixon, confirmed in a later edition of the Standard which said
the railroad company issued him
a life pass and Helen Goulds, passenger aboard the near wrecked
train, sent him to school in
Maine for four years. The school
“Death notices for delinquent
subscribers will not be inserted.”
— an extract from the Gladstone Kibosh,
January 5, 1901
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took place the following June.
Nixon’s parents homesteaded the
place which is now “Ah
Wilderness,” in the Rockwood
An additional feature will be
added to the Silverton
Hardrockers Holiday July 31 and
Aug. 1. Chet and Juanita Howell
of Phoenix, Ariz., will be here
with trained horses and put on a
street act each day.
The trick riding will take place
at the Rodeo grounds on Monday
afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Howell,
who will also ride in the daily
nine o’clock street parades, have
performed for many large shows,
including the Spanish Trails
From the July 17, 1964 edition
of the Silverton Standard & the
A recent rainy day became one
in history for the Denver & Rio
Grand Western Railroad.
Saturday, in the midst of a
pouring rainstorm, two trains
stood side by side at the Blair
Street terminus of the Silverton
Branch for the first time. Later
that afternoon a serious rock slide
north of Durango blocked the
return trip of the trains four
And at midnight Saturday the
firemen and engineers of the railroad walked out on strike.
Saturday’s second train
pulled up beside the first one
on 12th Street at 1 p.m. on a
second track that had just been
completed on the street. Prior
to this time the first train had
backed down the single track in
time for the arrival of the second.
Town and county crews
teamed up this past weekend to
move the old town jail on Blair
Street from behind the old city
barn out onto the street.
Preliminary work Friday afternoon budged the old structure a
couple of feet, but it was Monday
before the building was moved to
the front of the city lot south of
the old barn.
From the July 19, 1974 edition
of the Silverton Standard & the
Funeral services for Stephen
Davidovich Jr., 26, killed Tuesday
evening in a mining accident, are
Saturday at 3 p.m. at St. Joseph
Catholic Church in Grand
In this centennial year for the
town of Silverton, the
City/County Ambulance
Association made its centennial
run last Friday after two years of
Run 101 came Tuesday when
Grace Motto injured her knee
and hand to be taken to
Durango. ...
The last thing essential for the
service was an efficient telephone
system. Six phones were hooked
up to the emergency number.
Phones were installed at the
homes of Wiley Carmack, Ruth
Ward, Scott Jackson, Marge
Baudino, Marvin Voehringer and
City Hall.
“It has never taken over five
minutes to respond to a call,”
said EMT Wiley Carmack. “That’s
day or night. We’re on 24 hour