Notice Issued

By pc d Post
,L-II015/8i2016-L' 1
crnlllcnt of IndlU
Mini tr) of gricultur~ &. J ,trIn 'r ~ I an:
o pnnm nt r Agricultur. ()pl. ration & f-arm '1'.- V. el are
, RAL R - JI TR R or (
P R. TJ E '0 I lIL
Kri hi
hawCln. N " Delhi.
Dated lh 9 I bruar). 2 16
'hief Promoter of Rural Project ooperative onstruction Ltd., ( eeL),103/!,
Azadp ra Lalitpur Uar Pradesh-284403 ha~ submitted a pre p al Cor regi 'tratioll under
the provisi 111. of M CS Act. 200_.
On scrutiny. foil '" ing defic:iencie haY been found in th proposal:­
mplctc adclre of the
i .1) i not men1ioned in the byL' laws.
2. The soi Iy ha prop sed it area f opemti n in t lree states i,e. Uttar radesh.
D lhi an Madhya Pr de.h. A' p r Circular dated 26. ,20]4 it ha. be n
de i eel tha1 hen eft rth, the primal'.' multi ate cooper tive so ieties shall be
registered initiall ' with only two comigu us st lcsl 1 s area f p ration,
3. Inste d of 4 copi s of h bye I \s the Society has submitted only 2 copies f
the bye-laws.
4. F n 1-1 is not submitted by th
not be n enl .cd wi 1 the ap licati n.
5. Section 7 C rtifica
6. Viability rep rt has n t b n art h d with th applicatiOi.
7. Re luti n5 have not been enclosed with th prop ai.
8. Bank. C .rt.ificate has not been tta 'h d WiU1 the application.
9. [D pI' fs have n t b en atte ted by th Chief Promoter.
] O. Member I ip list submitted y th societ i n t 5 per the prescribed format.
ociety has submitt d tb Ii t of only 15m mb r. hence the minimul11
requir ment of atleast 50 members from each state i. not fu lfilled.
1]. h
0 ctives of the S ci t are vast nd d not indicate that what ervices
\- ill be off! red to the m mll r an
hat kind of c re!main activit hall be
carried ut by the S ciet)'.
12. The dcfin ition of th
ciet i not mentioned in Bye law no. 2{ g).
13. The word "At Lea f' is rcquir I to he del ted from th bye 1m\" no. 9(a).
14. B Ie Law No. 12 is not con i" ent with Rule 1" 1) of the MSCS Rules. 200
] _. B L N No. 14(a) is not onsistent with Rule I5( I of the SC Rules.
] 6, As bye law no. 2
k) relates to credit. the following documents have been
made mandatory for the propo ed credit ocicty to ubmit along with
their pro po al or r gi tration, which are not enclosed b the ociety:­
A. No obj ction ertificate fi- 111 the Regi rar of ooperative ocieties of
th !-ales!.T. where the are f operation of the s ci lyextends,
B, A cet1ifi ate to the e fect that the cred ntial of tbe
Prom terlProm ter members have be n verifi d by the R gistrar f
C operati
cietie f the t te- wh I'e the head fie is proposed t
be located.
In \ le\\' f th above d liciencie~ ..' tI an.. here) nlkd lip 1 t . hm CUlfS a' L \\ h)
the !" gi tl'c lion f the proP! cd so iet) in til 1131111..: (I' Uura) Project
Con. truction Ltd .• (RP CL), 103/1. ALadpun Llliitpur Har Pl"adesh-Z 4403 un l:1' the
M tlti-, 'late Cc op raLivl: So iety Act. 2l10_ and the rules mad.. tl1l.:re uncleI'. hall nul bL rdu.ed,
Til' Cl ier PI' )!l1ot r I Iht: . oeiet)' ll1' in hi abo 'nee any pI' mIter mem Cl" authoris d by him
is cai led upon 10 appenr )l:r re the Cenlr I RegLt1' I' roper I i\ e
(; iet ie:; 'n 22/02/2 )16
at 10: 10 A.M. in Room No. 224. Krishi Bha'wan, Ne\\ DelhI.
If none app ars fi r hearing. iL would be presumed thaI you ha
Illan I' and accordingly
pr pr'atc order hall be passed. ex-parte,
nothing to say in thl:
(P. ampatb)
Director (Co-operation)
Chief Prom tel' ( hri Rameshwar Pra ad).
Rural PI' 0e t
operative Construction Ltd., RPCCL).
103/1. Azadpura Lalitpur tta' Pradesh-28440"