Goddess Goals sheets - Aphrodite University

Goddess Goals Sheets
( How to make the most of your time at Aphrodite University )
by Dr Amanda Noelle
It’s time to create new paradigms, have 7-figure BLI$$gasms, to raise the Divine Feminine, and to do what you
came here to do! Staying focused will help you get there faster. Here are the intentions we at Aphrodite University have for you. Feel free to write some notes for each category on how you want these aspects to manifest
in your life during your time at AU:
1. Bliss
2. Love
3. Feeling
4. Inner child
5. Success
6. High Priestess being seen
7. Sexiness and breaking the boundaries
8. Do what’s right rather than what’s conditionally right
9. BIG visions but don’t go too fast
Goddess Goals Sheets
( How to make the most of your time at Aphrodite University )
2. Have rituals to seal the deal with your intentions!
Have rituals in tune with the Earth. Moon. Sun. Days. Year. We highly recommend attending a ritual on the new
moon, full moon, solstices, and equinoxes; and at Aphrodite University we suggest attending the New Moon
Class/Ritual every month live if you can to create an intention-setting space for yourself as our new sisters
come in.
3. 7 Chakra 7 Days Goddess Goals
Every day of the week corresponds to a particular chakra and day and capitalizing on these energies will help
you grow faster to your goal. Take one week every season, or spend a minute each morning diving into a new
yummy intention. Also, start making it a habbit to go, “Oh, look, it’s Tantric Tuesday,” as you notice that you’re
starting to manifest on particular days, galactic events!
Money mondays – Moon - 1st chakra – Currency flow, cycles of abundance, cash goals. What are your money
goals? Name numbers, visions of what you want to purchase, and get excited!
Tantric Tuesdays – Mars - 2nd chakra – Sexual energy, intimacy, bliss goals. What are your sexy goals? Do
you want to express your sexuality in a new way that you’ve never allowed yourself to even fantasize about?
Wild and free Wednesday – Mercury - 3rd chakra – Self-empowerment goals. Freedom to do WTF you like.
What do you want to do with your unbridled and free energy!? If you were fearless, what would your life look
Thunderbolt of Love Thursdays – Jupiter - 4th chakra – Heart-chakra energy. Love, Divine Love, romance, unconditional compassionate love. What type of love are you ready to bring in?
Fantasy Fridays – Venus - 5th chakra – Expression, creativity, voice, writing, blogging, even marketing. What is
your fully expressed voice? How can you take it to the next level? Is there someone you could contact about a
speaking or writing gig that will allow you to share your voice!?
Seeing Clearly Saturdays – Saturn - 6th chakra – Third eye, seeing the divine truth, psychic skills, meditation, seeing the truth beyond the veneer of they physical world. How tuned into your intuition are you? What can
you do in this period to develop your mystic skills set? What classes should you take at AU to help?
Sacred Sundays – Sun - 7th Chakra – Higher Self, Divine Oneness, a place where all is sacred, aligned, and
there is a deeper understanding. You are safe and loved. What in your life needs some divine loving, and how
can you facilitate the process and make it yummy?
Goddess Goals Sheets
( How to make the most of your time at Aphrodite University )
4. Other Tips to Set your AU Goddess Goals
Facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/aphroditeuniversitygroup/
Make sure you’ve been added by adding me first: Facebook.com/aphroditesapprentice
Then say hi! Post your pics, introduce yourself, share what your desires are, where you need support, brag, network with intention, provide resources that you authentically love, and just be you. Please refrain from promoting
products/services where you’re doing it mainly to get a commission as that will creep people out.
Sisterhood – I am asking you to break free from the chains that have blocked us from getting close to one another as women and as high priestesses. Share yourself vulnerably. Reach out. Don’t be afraid of rejection. Even
if it is rejection, it’s not to do with how amazing you are. Be friendly and seek sisters who lift you up.
Ask for support regularly! Really can’t emphasize this enough. You never know who might want to gift you something, who has something to trade or share with you. Offer a lot and ask for a lot, not necessarily even in words
Love yourself in your imperfection – you are a perfect angelic being and you’re learning how to become human.
It’s not always easy, so have compassion.
What is your pattern of when you go into trouble spots? Fear, self-punishment, partying?
What do you see in the year ahead being your weak spot? Your strong spot? How to use them to your benefit...
Beware of family energy – those you love can hold you back
3 Hot Tools to build your dreams while at AU:
1. Collage
2. Pin Board
3. Affirmations
Funwork is to pick one of the above and do it! And to fill out this sheet. Great job. Love you!