Kublai Khan

1. New Entry: Kublai Khan
2. What is the Pax Mongolica?
EQ: How do the Mongols fit into our
model of a Golden Age?
By the end of class are objectives are to:
- explain the Khans’ success
- describe Kublai Khan’s reign as emperor in
- compare and contrast Kublai Khan and
Genghis Khan
Homework due tomorrow: p. 412 (16)
Genghis Conquers:
• Great organizer
• Gifted strategist – often tricked his enemy
• Adopted new weapons and technologies
used by his enemies
• Used cruelty as a weapon
• Terrified his enemies into surrender
• If a city refused to open its gates to him,
he might kill the entire population when
he finally captured it
• Many towns surrendered without a fight
Genghis Khan died in 1227
from a fall or illness
His empire did not die with him, his successors
continued its expansion. In less than 50 years,
the Mongols conquered territory from China to
Poland. They created the largest unified
land empire in history.
What would
Grandpa do?
Kublai Khan Conquers China:
• First foreigner to rule all of China
• Founded the Yuan Dynasty
– United China for first time in 300 years
– Opened China to greater foreign trade
–Tolerated Chinese culture
–Made few changes to China’s
system of government
Kublai Khan in China:
Spent almost his entire life in China
Did not share a hatred for civilization
Enjoyed luxurious living as emperor
“the largest that was ever seen” – Marco
Polo’s description of Kublai Khan’s palace
– Built to enhance his prestige
• Made a failed attempt to conquer Japan
Advice given to Kublai Khan:
I have heard that one can
conquer the empire on
horseback, but one cannot
govern it on horseback.
What does that mean?
My grandfather ruled from his
Ruling China:
• Mongol ways would not work in China’s
sophisticated civilization
• Mongols made up only a small portion of
China’s population
– Lived separate and maintained
their culture
– Kublai Khan gave highest
government positions to
Mongols and foreigners
– Allowed Chinese to maintain
local level positions
Kublai Khan was similar to Genghis Khan ____________
He was different than him ____________________
He strayed from his nomadic roots because __________
Six Multiple-Choice in your Notebook
Check Your Answers
You decide…and make a
convincing argument
• On a Post-It Note
– Who did more for the Mongol Empire?
• Genghis Khan or Kublai Khan or _______
– Give evidence to support your choice
• Your name
• Vote on the front board