Bhavana Sathyamurthi • Ruby Croxton

The Awakening Portraitis a collaborative writing project. The contributors are;
• Bhavana Sathyamurthi
• Ruby Croxton
• Hannah Pirie
• Naomi Pepper
• Aaiza Nadeem
• Laila Rashid
• Nimra Nasur
• Tolu Okeowo
• Faheema Malik
• Haniah Hussain
with cover design by Kyle Brown and Greg Westfall.
The project was overseen by Joe Reddington and Yvonne Skipper.
The group cheerfully acknowledges the wonderful help given by:
• Miss Boone
• Mrs Donnellan
• Mrs Smith
• Miss Foulkes
• Ruby-Leigh Tonks
• Owain Groves
• Nicola Ralph
• Miss Simpson
• Nick Garnett
• Richard Seymour
And a big thank you goes to Stoke Reads who funded this wonderful project.
It’s been a wonderful opportunity, and everyone involved has been filled with
incredible knowledge and enthusiasm.
Finally, we would like to thank all staff at Waterside, St Marks, Etruscan,
Forest Park and Oakhill Schools for their support in releasing our novelists from
lessons for a full week.
The group started to plan out their novel at 9.30 on Monday 20 June 2016
and completed their last proofreading at 14.00 on Friday 24th June 2016.
We are incredibly proud to state that every word of the story, every idea,
every chapter and yes, every mistake, is entirely their own work. No teachers,
parents or other students touched a single key during this process, and we would
ask readers to keep this in mind.
We are sure you will agree that this is an incredible achievement. It has
been a true delight and privilege to see this group of young people turn into
professional novelists in front of our very eyes.
The Awakening Portrait
Tim Cooks
1 Takeoff
2 The Divided Soul
3 The Artist
4 The Awakening
5 The Bully
6 The Scientist
7 South America
8 Quarantine
9 The Spy Catches The Kids
10 The Escape
11 The Landing
12 Adults Vanish
13 The Spy Finds the Astronaut
14 The Spy Gives Her Report
15 Astronaut finds kids
16 The Confrontation
17 The Failed Attempt
18 Spy Changes Sides
19 Villain Gets Redrawn
20 The Children Reappear
21 Epilogue
Chapter 1
Location: Spaceship,
This was the day.... The day where Lilli goes in a rocket and
fulfills her dream! Lilli ran downstairs and ate breakfast. She was
“My dream is finally becoming a reality!” Lilli said to herself
“Dear, I am so happy for you, go and make me proud” Lilli’s
mum said whilst tears were running down her damp eyes.
She was overjoyed that she was finally going to the Moon, she
carefully slipped on her pale grey uniform, that included her delicate
peaked space helmet. Lilli was overwhelmed that her lifelong fantasy
was finally coming true! She ran outside and looked at the faded
Moon that she would be on in only a few hours. “I can not wait!”
Lilli squealed happily “In less than a hour, I will be on that Moon”
When Lilli headed out, her mum quickly stopped her and gave a
her a luck charm which said Mum’, which melted Lilli‘s heart, she
then gave a huge, warm hug then, Lilli gave a kiss to her baby sister,
she loved her family and she is now making her family’s dream come
Entering the rocket, Lilli clutched the charm that her dear mum
gave her, she wondered what the past few days would be like without
her mum. She turned around and waved goodbye to her special
family. Wiping the tears away from her wet eyes, Lilli started to
feel overwhelmed and scared, on the other hand, she was overjoyed
that she would finally get to see the Moon!
Buckling her seatbelt nervously, Lilli shivered hysterically, as she
heard mumbles in the distance, she whipped her head around and
realised it was the countdown.
“Five, Four, Three, Two, One blast off!” shouted the Mission
Controller. Lilli‘s body shuddered, she quickly gripped her lucky
charm, given by her Mum.
Finally, the rocket took off, Lilli‘s stomach turned, like a washing
machine and she started to get butterflies. Suddenly, she felt the
harmless rocket turbulence.
“What is that, is the rocket descending?” questioned fearful Lilli
“Don’t worry Lilli, it‘s a technical difficulty” stated the Mission
Controller. Lilli was relieved by the gentle voice of the Mission
Looking out the window, Lilli visualized the precious Earth distancing away from her. She started to feel her heart racing and her
mouth getting numb. Lilli missed her Dad and a tear dropped from
her eye and fell on her uniform, she remembered the tragic event
that took place.
“I miss you Dad....” Lilli whispered sorrowfully
Whilst waiting, Lilli took out her dad’s diary and opened the
very first page, one by one, a tear fell from Lilli‘s eye onto her damp
space suit, and she started to wail into a pool of sadness. As she
wiped the tears away from her eyes, Lilli closed the diary and looked
outside to analyze the amazing view, to calm herself.
The time has arrived, the space ship opened and Lilli climbed
out as careful as a kitten, one by one, her foot touched the rocky
globe. Before she knew it, Lilli was halfway on the Moon. “Wow”
Lilli stammered “th..this is amazing”. Approaching the USA flag,
Lilli took out her new modern camera and shot a fabulous photo.
She then stretched her boney fingers and brushed it through the
sacred flag.
Lilli then placed her hand onto the rocks and retrieved them into
a bag for safe keeping. Smelling the earthy, musty scent of the round
globe. She turned around and saw her dad
”Dad?...Dad?” Lilli said “You have made me proud Lilli, don’t
stop being you” breathed the imaginary figure. She then realised
that her Dad was nothing but an imaginary person. She felt betrayed and upset, but she knew that it was just her mind playing
tricks.Instead of sobbing, Lilli got to her feet and enjoyed the beauties of the Moon like she had planned to.
Chapter 2
The Divided Soul
Location:The planets
Time: midnight
A planet, just floating in space, which is the exact opposite of
Earth: no people so no friendly chatter, no sun meaning no light,
no water so no leaves or trees, no spring so no lovely flowers, just
everlasting winter that will never stop with a dark cloud of snow, ice,
hail and sleet overhead, creating the torrential weather, no water or
food and no means of warmth. It is a dead planet that one would
die just stepping foot on it.Its existence is unknown by astronomers
or any other life form.
The jagged rock had an eerie glow which no one knew of except
for the ancient one, that no one dared speak of. Just looking at this
rock may turn you into stone, freeze you to a block of ice and if
you touched it, your existence would be forgotten and no one would
know when, where or how you disappeared .They wouldn’t even
remember you.
When the soul does come out of its hiding place and finds prey,
no one shall be safe for all life forms shall die under the rule of this
horrid spirit.The nature of this soul is inhuman, the soul can possess
life forms with a single touch and can duplicate itself into pieces.
The second part of the soul is hidden on a fiery ancient volcanic
planet that has stood in the solar system for millenniums. Earthlings
have dubbed it to venus.Venus is a crucial planet in the solar system
it is right next to the sun which means that is is one of the warmest
planets .Because it is in the solar system it means that astronauts
could one day reach it but because of the heat people may die if
they tried to venture further than 400, 000 miles away.
Just how the universe is endless, the divided soul’s soul is endless
and it lives on forever. The Divided Soul is on eight different planets,
just waiting to come back to Earth and get revenge for it’s evil
bullying during its youth. It may be an evil soul or a mysterious
spirit, but Only time will tell...
Chapter 3
The Artist
Catnyse was bored. She didn’t know what to do. She stood with
a sigh and began to amble
around the room to find something, anything to do. She headed
to her dresser and took out
her art equipment from her drawers, and walked towards their
living room. Feeling
uninspired, she starts to draw casually, as if this was a hobby and
not something to take
She got her pencil and started to draw a villain, a spy, and two
gargoyles .The villain’s name was Veronica and beside her she had
a glossy, black cat called Nightshade. She had violet eyes and long,
black hair. Veronica’s purple eyes gleamed through the dark, as if
she was planning an evil plan. Gemma, the spy, who is also eighteen,
was painted with assorted T- shirts and jeans. She has purple eyes
and purple hair also, she has pale skin and burgundy wedges.
She added detail, like an artist, to the cave: it has large boulders
and the spy was wearing lots of black which meant she blends into
the background slightly, the stone gargoyles gave an effect of fear
and terror and the villain had a large ragged dress that had been
ripped and torn in battle.
Suddenly, the villain the spy and the gargoyles that she painted
all slowly started to come to life in the cave as magic flew across the
room. The villain’s soul had a long trip from space so it needed to
rest so Catnyse painted a coffin for the soul to rest in.
All the painting that Catnyse had just painted looked so real and
she was so proud of herself she thought she ought to have a break.
She went into the kitchen to get a snack but little did she know
that the minute she turned away everything started to come alive.
From the rocky cave to the
Villain and the two gargoyles to the spy.
As the drawings come alive Catnyse comes back from her break,
she is shocked to see that
her drawing have completely disappeared.Meanwhile the villain
and the spy and the gargoyles were hiding but they don’t know who
created them they thought they could never come back
But clearly they were mistaken.”Finally I have came back I can
now get my revenge on those people.”
The villain, the gargoyles and the spy are confused they are wondering who created them and how they came alive.
’But how, after all these years I have tried to get the formula to
get back to life but now someone
Has done it I need to know how it happened and how it was made
and then I will never die.” Meanwhile Catnyse is still wondering
where has her paintings have vanished to.
The villain was confused and happy as she can do lots of new
things with her new body. They all start to look at themselves and
see what they could do first with there new bodys.Veronica
didn’t know what to do now she had a new body.She thought of
lots of new things to do.
They were all screaming (well not Veronica of course) they were
all worrying and were curious
On where they are.Years of being stuck in the dark the they were
not used to the light so
They kept squinting because they thought they were going to be
blind.In the corner of their
eye they saw Veronica. They ask her how they got here.She told
how they were painted.
Veronica was thinking who painted them and why they did. She
thought that the person that made
them was cunning indeed well obviously they created her.When
I find the person, who painted me,
I will lock them up then I will put the painting in a very safe
“Now I am alive I can finally get revenge on those bullies, who
used to tease me.I’ll make a potion
And then all the children will go away and I will never be bullied
again.The annoying children won’t ever come again not one child...”
Chapter 4
The Awakening
Time:middle of the night
Slowly a cave ( the same cave from the painting )emerged, the
first room that was created was a magical lair, with spell books and
wands there were dark bedrooms and other ecentric rooms.Just after
the appearance of the last room a hard rock ground formed.On top
of the rocky ground a log fire lighted .A hard iron gate with a rusty
lock appeared.By the side of the gate two hard stone creatures the
about 2 feet were wakeing .In the spell room a girl lay still just as
her face appeared she sat her self up, she looked like a very powerful
girl .By the side of her was another young girl, who was forming
hands it looked as though she was reporting information .The scene
looked very dull except for the sunrise on its way. The young girl in
the bed rose up she had a long violet dress on, her eyes were a soft
purple colour.
As she looked around she saw a dirty and dusty cave .Around
her spellbooks and wands littered the floor. She thought to herself
“Where am I, this doesn’t look like Egypt!” Veronica looked around
her in confusion but with a look of incredulity on her painted face.
“But if I’m somewhere else, this means that the bullies won’t be
able to bully me any longer, ” she added. A smile stretched out
from one painted ear to another painted ear. “Well, I don’t care
where I am; anywhere’s better than living with those evil bullies.”
As she looked around she saw the younge girl standing next to her.
The first book she saw had a picture of light she used her painted
hand to pick it up.She opened the page she could somehow read picking up the nearby wand she read aloud, ”Light light let me see the
nearby sight.”Suddenly a flash of light shone across the sky.Morning
had arrived. Looking around she saw magical wands and books, even
a young girl about her age was standing next to her.The young girl
helped her up and said “At your service mistress.” Veronica asked,
”Who are you?”
She replied, “I am a spy. My name is Gemma and I was sent to
serve you.”
Veronica started walking towards the exit, Gemma following.
The gate outside the cave’s entrance was a large steel gate and on
either side were two gargoyles. They were alive and were already
following their mistress, Veronica.
Veronica, Gemma and the gargoyles, Emerald and Amethyst were
all side by side, following each other out of the gate, to the real world;
they couldn’t wait. The gate had already been opened, so Veronica
pulled open the steel gate and started to walk outside. In a few
minutes, they had arrived at the town. They could smell cakes and
pies being made.The townsfolk thought that they were dressed up so
they didn’t say anything. The gargoyles went to mischief, as always,
and jumped on top of the baker, making him drop the pies. The man
yelled, “Get of my pies!” I could make a lot of money with them!”
Of course the gargoyles didn’t listen and instead of letting the pies
go, they started to aim them at everyone.The gargoyles had created
utter chaos and everyone in the village was covered in pie and were
screaming at each other. They didn’t want to get into trouble so
they quickly left the place and went to look at some shops.They
went into a shop that had the name “best phones” they went in
the gargoyles were jumping all over the cabinets; luckily they didn’t
get in trouble because no one was at the till. The owners were
all getting phones ready to be sold.Gemma and Veronica went mad
throwing the phones around.The owner came in and by this time the
gargoyles were sitting on a sofa.The owner started laughing, he saw
Gemma and Veronica staring at the background, a picture of a few
fish swimming around.Veronica said to the owner “It’s amazing! I’ve
never seen anything like it before.” The owner started laughing.The
gargoyles started running around with the floating phones. The
owner screamed, “You’ll break them! Get out of this shop!” so they
did as they were told - for once!
Walking out of the shop, people shouted angrily at them. They
must have been angry with the gargoyles for creating the fuss. They
talked about the shops and what they had done. They thought
to themselves we didn’t have phones before, our bread would be
mouldy. They didn’t say it aloud; they wanted some quietness. Parents were collecting their children from the nearby school. Veronica
looked amazed that no one had actually bullied anyone, calling them
names like beetle’.
Veronica didn’t know that the children were coming out from
school so she walked onwards. Children started running past.Veronica
started to sweat and become scared of them.There was laughing
coming from children nearby. It was a group of girls.They were
pointing at her and then laughing.Tears ran down her face. One of
the girls was extremely rude and said “It is not Halloween!” Veronica ran off as fast as she could, her tears stinging her eyes. On the
way home she saw a boy getting picked on but she didn’t help him;
she just couldn’t, not that she had got picked on herself and that
had made her extremely weak.
Chapter 5
The Bully
Veronica remembers when her Dad told her about the Nazca lines
and she saw lots of people do magic using the Nazca lines like for
making crops grow magically and for making the sun shine; things
like that. Veronica knew that they were powerful and thought one
day she would use the Nazca lines for herself.
Walking outside she sees lots of beautiful flowers. She stops,
smells them and sees a girl playing on the street, and she is reminded
of from when she was young, and bullied.Her happiness is replaced
by anger. She comes up with a plan with the two gargoyles and a
spy and makes a plan to make the children disappear with the help
she’s got.
She has a flashback about when she was little and when she lived
in Ancient Egypt. She walked across the sandy floor of her ancient
Egyptian temple, a little girl follows, Veronica into the room of
sacrifices and tells her that she is stupid and looks like a beetle so
consequently Veronica runs out crying. Two other girls are waiting
for her by the exit, they laugh at her and follow her; they mimic her
until the original bully comes out and they throw a scarab beetle
at her. These girls would do this every day; it was sort of like a
routine; they would throw different things at her each day to see
which caused the most pain.
“I shall create a plan to annihilate all children so I will never
be bullied by anyone anymore. Instead I will bully other people.
There will be nothing that anyone can do when I have rid the world
of children. Everyone will have me to thank when they find that
children don’t exist.”
Veronica wants to make children disappear as she thinks all children are: bad, mean and bullies. Veronica remembers something
that makes her heart thump with trepidation. What if the bullies who bullied her right now keep bullying before the spell comes
into action? No, Veronica couldn’t let that happen. For the time
being, Veronica would have to stay hidden, even if she was going
Veronica sits down and uses her new computer to search for an
expert to help her with the Nazca lines. She quickly searched and
found a professional who has had lots of professionalism on the
Nazca lines called Dr. Vidia Blackburn and Veronica, getting very
excited, quickly searched for her address. As soon as she found the
scientist’s address, an evil grin stretched across the painted face. It
was time to find out about the mysterious Nazca lines...
Chapter 6
The Scientist
Location: The scientist’s laboratory
Time: Preferably midnight
As the villain got more and more excited, she realised that she
had no means whatsoever of actually getting to the scientist. Veronica, being the evil, reckless delinquent she was used powerful magic
to steal it from a scrapyard. Veronica grinned evilly. “No one can
beat me now!” she thought. Once I get the information I need from
that Vidia, nothing and no one can stop me now she exclaimed,
Veronica summons her despicable minions, the gargoyles Emerald
and Amethyst. As the seat belts buckled, Gemma, on her mistress’s
orders, grabbed the steering wheel and swerved very recklessly on
the road (not that Veronica even cared ). The only thing she had
in mind was getting to the scientist and learn about the mysterious
Nazca lines that she had heard on the news only that morning.
Maybe living in modern times isn’t so bad, Veronica thought. Well,
it’s better than that old life and those bullies Her eyes filled with
angry tears as she remembered her lousy youth with so many harsh
things and without a single luxury such as having friends, something
that Veronica desperately desired. Unfortunately she, as normal,
took the wrong path as she was to discover in a short while.
’Hey you!” Veronica shouted over. Vidia, who was working on a
complex mechanism, whipped around and in an instant, Vidia was
under Veronica’s power. ’Now tell me about these Nazca lines.”
When Vidia didn’t answer, Veronica used her magic to force Vidia
to tell her. ’The Nazca lines are a series of lines that allow the user to
use powerful magic and and change the world as we know it, ” Vidia
recited robotically.”They are situated in South America.” Veronica,
looking pleased, released the spell and Vidia fell to the floor with
a THUD! Veronica’s purple eyes glinted evilly and mysteriously as
she brooded over what she had just learned from Vidia.
After Veronica received the news she was bursting with excitement she finally did it. Veronica left with the information she had
and needed and left vidia on the floor all alone while veronica carried
on doing her mission.
Veronica bounded out of the scientist’s lab and called out into the
darkness. “Gemma! Emerald! Amethyst! Here!” Like little dogs,
Gemma, Emerald and Amethyst appeared in the van. “Gemma,
we’re - that is to say me, you and those silly gargoyles - are going
to South America. “Buckle up!” she called menacingly. Veronica’s
magic was already getting very, very strong as she was getting closer
to the Nazca lines, which could actually just change the world into
the way Veronica wants and not how we want it to be.
An hour later, Veronica and her obedient minions had reached
the Nazca lines. There wasn’t anything special about them; they
were just the ordinary electricity lines but to Veronica they were
like gold. She - Veronica - closed her purple eyes and let her magic
flow around her. As impenetrable darkness loomed over, Veronica
opened her eyes and magic came out of her hands. Gemma, Emerald and Amethyst looked on worriedly with concerned looks on their
faces.little did they know, children all around the world was vanishing slowly...
Chapter 7
South America
“I have been plotting this for a long time you know and know I
have finally come to the conclusion where I do it.”the ancient lady,
Veronica said.
“Do what, master?”asked Gemma, the loyal servant of Veronica
.Gemma was a spy but not the kind of spy you would think she
was.She wore jeans and tops of assorted colours and had bright
lavender hair and her shoes, they were burgundy coloured wedges
;Who would think she was a spy?Pacing up and down, Veronica
replied, “Plan revenge and once we have planned it, we will put it
into action.Do you want to know what my ingenious plan is?”she
asked slyly.Most fascinated, Gemma quickly said, ”Yes, yes!”Still
pacing up and down, Veronica went through her plan:she was going
to tamper with the Nazca lines.
“Pack my secret spell book and wand, I want us to get there as
soon as possible.”demanded Veronica.The cheeky gargoyles jumped
up and down finding the objects that their mistress wanted.At the
end, all the spell books and other treasures were all over the floor.The
gargoyles finally returned to their master.”You are time wasters
just come and give them to me!”Veronica bellowed.They obeyed
her and gave her the “objects”.Veronica shouted “Ahhh! What is
this.”Removing the cloth that was covering the items, she found a
brick covered in snails and slugs and a long thin worm.This was
funny to the gargoyles so they blabbered foolishly, ”These are your
secret items master, a worm wand exclusively a rare species of
worm and a brick book with insects shaped as letters.”The spy and
gargoyles laughed.Suddenly, Veronica threw the disgusting objects
down then casted a spell, “Books and wand from secret store, come
to me I i
I need no more.”The book and wand appeared in front of her.She
gave her servants- the gargoyles- the secret objects and then thinks
about revenge.
Veronica walked around the room thinking, if she tampers with
the na zca lines then her fear would be gone.As well as this she knew
that all the kids would dissapear and life would become easier. Her
past would not matter to her anymore.She knew that it was the
right thing to do.Happiness was churning inside her and she felt
joy.then out of nowhere the gargoyles jumped up in front of her,
they were ready to party! “Amethyst, Emerald pack everything up
we are about to leave”
“Masters such a spoilsport.”whispered Emerald to Amethyst.
“I heard that Emerald.”said Veronica.
“Heard what?” the gargoyles asked.
“Don’t be cheeky with me!”
“Get ready everyone, Emerald, Amethyst grab the book and the
wand, Gemma follow onwards.”
“Yes mistress mmmmm you don’t need me to hold anything do
you.”asked Gemma.
“Of course I do grab the invisibility powder.”
“Yes master.”she quickly obeyed.the gargoyles were having a
powder fight. They were throwing powder on each other and were
aiming at their master and spy friend, shoot they were covered and
in their invisibility form.They all covered the items in invisibility
powder.In a puff of dust they were all invisible.They were ready to
leave so off they went.
They went across the streets and saw loads of new items in shops
and even saw a circus act.the gargoyles couldn’t stand it any longer,
they simply went on the stage and tampered with everything:the
unicycle, the juggling balls even the clowns nose Luckily they were
invisible and no one saw them but they did see their acting.they
thought it was a magician act.Veronica and Gemma had to go and
get them before moving on, this took at least half an hour.After
the delay they were back on the move and only twenty three minutes away.the gargoyles of course went to mischief again and this
time were playing a game of tag, when one of them dropped the
book in a puddle.“Uh oh.” they whispered to each other.Even
though the book was invisible it didn’t mean it wouldn’t get soaked
.The large figure towered over the gargoyles and angrily said “uh
oh indeed.Gemma added in “if the book is soaked then doesn’t it
mean that we have to walk slower?”Veronica sulked and nodded her
head.Yet even though they were more than half way through their
journey it took them another thirty minutes.
They were all out of breath when they arrived but Veronica
wanted to start straight away.She demanded the gargoyles to give
her the book and wand they obeyed her. The silly gargoyles started
dancing around crazy and getting things gathered to have a party,
of course Veronica did not approve “Are you crazy? Our plan has
not worked yet stop it this instance!”yelled veronica.
The gargoyles would not listen so Veronica turned them into
statue using the spell”turn them into stone make it as hard as bone.”
“Let’s get started shall we.”said Veronica.
“Yes master we should.”replied Gemma.
They both went around the nazca lines and started chanting”all
children of this world disappear in a swirl.”they danced around and
chanted the same verse over and over again.They could feel the
power whizzing through.They were sure that they would win and
their worries would be over.
Strange things start to happen as the spell is cast mysterious
magic flew across the nazca lines
As the last verse was finishing, powerful wind was blasting across
the nazca lines.A storm was casting over .sand whizzed over
was a mysterious sight to be seen.They both laughed wickedly hoping, that the world would change.Veronica was the one who was
praying most she didn’t want to see a single child in her life.
Just as the wind stopped blowing they were keen their spell would
work.Veronica said aloud.
“Wait for it, wait for it.”she paused and walked around wishing
it would work, hoping it would work.
“mmm. Master I don’t think it worked .”She said with a puzzled look.Veronica stayed silent she knew it would work.she simply gave up she screamed “Why does this have to happen to me
why?”She fell on the floor clutching her dress.She was outraged.She
Suddenly a gust of sand blew across her face
Quickly, she opened her book and found the page on looking
at the earth.She found it.She read the spell “Let me see the child
nearest to me, let me see.”she looked in the mirror she saw a child
and a puff of smoke gone.The child had disappeared.She was so
happy she cast a spell on the gargoyles so that they would wake.She
danced around and around and in the end let the gargoyles party.
Chapter 8
The next morning, Vidia was laying calmly thinking of a new
potion to make and was watching television. A soft breeze entered
and swirled around Vidia and a scent of fresh roses walked in .All of
a sudden, Vidia’s special ball glimmered and swirled fiercely, that
was a bad sign... Something strange....
“ The Nazca lines! But what about the Nazca lines?” Vidia
thought puzzled.
Two hours later, Vidia was making herself a cup of eucalyptus
leaf tea to remind her what about the nazca lines she was thinking
“oh I know!”Vidia screamed.Vidia remembered the meeting she
had with Veronica. She started to panic and ran to the basement.
Vidia ran as fast as she could whilst her heart was thumping
quickly. Vidia went to the hospital she cleaned the quarantine and
made it safe for human habitation .After hours of cleaning she made
the quarantine safe for 4 children to live in.Then, she took the children to her basement. Vidia was trying to save lives but she did
not know she was giving a huge loss to humanity. Sadly, Vidia fed
all the children some food and read a story and they fell asleep.
With a guilty look, Vidia locked the door and ran towards her bedroom. Some of the children were upset they were distanced from
their friends at the orphanage.
Whilst Vidia tucked herself in bed, she wondered if she did the
right thing.
“ Of course I did the right thing, now the nazca magic won’t
affect the children and they are safe” Vidia thought with a sigh of
relief. Then, she fell asleep.
The following morning, Vidia was still in guilt. She raced downstairs and opened the lock. A creak sound came from the door and
the children were in deep sleep.
“ What have I done...” Vidia whispered to herself sadly.
“ why are you so worried Vidia” came a sound that sounded like
Vidia.” It was Vidia’s imaginationary voice.
“ Wh.. who are” Vidia whispered with fright.
“ I’m you Vidia, don’t worry I’m here to ask you ...why are you
so worried?” replied Vidia’s replica.
“ I.. too...took chi..children fr..from the orp...orphanage I’M A
BAD PERSON... .”sobbed Vidia.
“ You aren’t a bad person, you are saving lives .... now you have
to make sure they are safe.” Vidia’s replica faded away.
“ Children... wake up please. I can’t tell you why you are
here...because it would make you a target.but just know it’s to protect you!” said Vidia
All of the children woke up and hugged Vidia whilst crying...
“ I miss my friends .” cried a voice.
“ I miss mum!” sobbed a voice sorrowfully.
“Okay.” Vidia said gently. The older children told Vidia that all
of them were orphans and they all miss their parents dearly. Every
single child was confused to what had happened, but understood
At night, Vidia tucked the children in bed and was relieved the
children were okay.
3 days later....
“This is news reporter Joanne colodra reporting on the recent
mass disappearance of children in the world. The number of Fatali28
ties’ today is 398, 706, 457. The total for the last week is 1.2 billion
and counting. We are facing the end of the human race if we don’t
stop this. Scientists are blaming a disease, and conspiracy theorists
are blaming cults, but with the reality we are facing, we may never
Chapter 9
The Spy Catches The Kids
The kids are sitting in Vidia’s room on a football shaped bean
bag having a conversation about why they are there. Rose said,
“Maybe the scientist picked the wrong children, ” then she said,
“No, that can’t be possible, she seemed so certain when she took
A foot step broke their uninterrupted conversation;they stopped
talking, “What was that?” asked Luna.
“Shut up Luna, ” said Rose “I‘ll check by using my map app on
my floaty phone”.
Gemma was looking for the children with renewed vigor. She
was determined to show Veronica that she was loyal to her in every
way. She had been in the forest for days, trying to locate the exact
pinpoint of the girls. Veronica not only wanted them because they
were descendants of her bloodline, but because they were said to
have been saved by the scientist because they were unique. They had
special powers.And her mistress said it would benefit them greatly
on how to stop them disappearing. She didn’t want to disappear.She
wanted to live and fall in love and all those wonderful things. And
her mistress would help her achieve that.If she stayed loyal she knew
she would become the most powerful woman in the world right after
her mistress.Sure, she didn’t enjoy trying to capture children, but..
she was too deep to back out now, heh? The more she thought about
it, the more she doubted herself.Was it right to kidnap children?
Was her moral compass gone? Was what she was doing right?
The gargoyles were running around crazy.They started to chase
the animals that were hunting for food.They kept on climbing up
trees and jumping off the branches.At one point they jumped of a
branch and fell with a thud on the ground, a badger had woken
up.They knew this as a badger came out of its burrow.Further on
they both stuck their heads inside a hole in a tree, they startled an
owl and both came out with pecks on their nose.For fun they both
chased each other and then chased a squirrel. Gemma, meanwhile,
had broken into the hospital.
Dulcie had heard an intruder and stealthily ran and attacked
Gemma.The kids hear the screams and yells and run as fast as they
could to see what all the commotion was about. They ran to find
Dulcie attacking the intruder and made her run away. The kids all
cheered and Dulcie ran to Rose. Rose stroked Dulcie affectionately.
“Good girl, Dulcie!” Rose crooned. But this was very short because
the spy had caught them sneakily from behind...
Gemma had been too sneaky now! She tightened the rope and
kicked aside Dulcie so the cat couldn’t get up and help. “Mistress
will be very pleased with me!” she said. The children, struggling to
breathe, exchanged worried glances. Who was this intruder and who
was this mistress she was talking about? They started to worry and
had full confidence in Lilli, the astronaut and Vidia, the scientist.
They would definitely find someway to help Camilla, Catnyse, Rose
and Luna. They would, no matter how long it takes
Chapter 10
The Escape
Location: Inside the quarantine
Time: 9:00
Day after day, The sound of laughter ceased, the street quietened
Then the noise disappeared completely.
The noise had been the only hope for the children. In a world
where they were completely isolated from the outside, the noise
was a single lifeline indication before, it was filled with sounds of
happiness and joy. For the first few days it echoed from the ground
above, everywhere but nowhere at the same time. But even though
it was quiet, the noise never really left. But today was different.
The noise had completely and utterly disappeared.
The noise had been the only hope for the children. In a world
where they were completely isolated from the outside world, the
noise had been a single lifeline indicating that hey, not all hopes
lost from the world. People are still out there. The world can’t be
completely gone if children are still happy and laughing right? But
now that the noise had gone, the last dregs of hope they held that
everything was fine had disappeared down the drain. They were
Rose stood up. Now that they were alone, they would take matters in their own hands. She was pretty sure that they were all
pretty sick of being isolated day and night. It was her own personal
hell polished to perfection. The only human contact they had (if
you could even call it that) was a a a gloved hand three times a day
sliding four meals through a flap on the door that might have been
big enough for Catnyse to fit through. The plates were slid through
a letter box. But that wasn’t the worst bit.The worst bit was sameness of every day. They would get up, get dressed and a bowl of
soggy cornflakes would be handed out to them at nine. At twelve, a
slab of ham, green beans, mash and gravy would also be delivered
to them along with a large carton of apple juice and a yoghurt. Tea
would be some roast pork, roast potatoes and broccoli with another
large carton and a small piece of chocolate cake. It was driving her
nuts. It was 10:. The thought stopped her short. She didn’t even
know the day even more. Anyway, it was 1 hour and 45 minutes
until lunch time. Plenty to time to escape. She was peering through
the letterbox when a meow startled her.
“meow” purred a cat that was now curling itself around Rose’s
legs. She rubbed the cat’s head affectionately. The fluffy, little cat
(whose name was dulcie) was something of a morale booster for all
of them. She shooed her away and walked away from the door, only
to do the stupidest thing ever . Shed ran at it and collided with the
locked door.
“she clutched her injured shoulder. She had at least made one
deduction, she thought sarcastically. The door wasn’t budging any
time soon.
Rose howled as
But Rose had an idea. Even though you can’t get out of the
vents, you can still look down the ducts. She shared this deduction
with the other children and they responded in different ways.
“It’s a stupid idea!” Said Camilla “you could get caught!”
“Well I think it’s a great idea.” argued Catnyse “We need to
know what’s out there so we know what’s happening!”
“Just NO!” Fumed Luna “I am SICK of your stupid schemes to
get out of here. It’s never going to happen, Face it. Just face it
Rose, we are going to be stuck in this place until we DIE!”
At that, the room descended into complete and utter pandemonium.
Rose looked around and sighed. She took a deep breath and
screamed, ”SHUT UP”
They looked at her shocked. She only really screamed when she
was angry.
“Listen, I am going into that vent whether you like it or not.
NO! It is not up for discussion!” she said when Luna opened her
mouth. “Goodbye.” she said and turned on her heel and ran. She
climbed onto a table and crawled into the vent. The cover wasn’t
screwed on, something they must have overlooked when making their
prison. Rose looked down each and every individual vent until she
found a yellow room with teddy bears painted on the walls. This
was certainly the children’s ward. She peered through the grate and
saw that every single bed was empty and the room was covered in
a fine layer of dust. It hadn’t been used in a while.It gave her a
strange feeling. This wasn’t right. This wasn’t natural. Or this
just could be an unused one. With a renewed inkling of hope, she
continued her journey throughout the vents. She must have crawled
through the entire duct. There was multiple children’s wards, but
each was the same as the first. This isn’t right, she thought, what
has happened to the children? And with that thought, she crawled
back to their prison.
With a heavy heart, Rose returned to the prison that had held her
for months. And with an even heavier one, she imparted the news
upon her roommates’- more like inmates. “The wards are empty.
Every Last one.” she said, cutting to the point. She looked around
and surveyed their reactions. Camilla looked shocked. Catynse
looked angry. Dulcie was curled up in her basket, oblivious to the
world. But Luna? Luna looked devastated.
“What’s happened to them?” she whispered. “They can’t be
all gone.” putting her head in her hands, she began to cry. “No!”
shouted Rose “We will find a way out from this place!”
“But first-” she said, pausing to pick up Dulcie “We need to figure
out where the children have gone.”
Everyone looked at each other, waiting for one of them to step
forward and speak. Rose pulled her ginger hair and scanned the
room. After a brief pause of awkward silence, Camilla came forth.
“Rose.” she said tiredly “just stop being so optimistic. We’re stuck
here until we die.”
“ NO! We WILL make it out if its the last thing I do.” Rose
said, her voice rising higher with every syllable.
“Rose, that’s the problem!” said camilla “You’re so determined
to get out and you’ve made so many plans, but none of them have
The girls were taken aback by Roses outburst, and even more
taken aback that she was glaring at them!
“I am getting out and when I do, i’m taking dulcie with me and
were going to find out what happened. But you can stay behind
and live here for the rest of your lives cramped in your tiny prison.”
“Look Rose we’re sorry.” said Catnyse “ We all want to get out
of here!”
“Yeah.” said Luna “Yeah, we can do it!”
“Come on we can do it!” said Camilla “We will get out of here!”
Catnyse was bored. They had been discussing ways to escape for
hours and it was driving her absolutely nuts. If only she could just
draw a exit and they could escape. She took out her sketch pad (one
of her few luxuries) and drew a grand door. It was made of white
marble with fine, intricate carvings. It was one of her finest works.
Oh, how she wished with all her might it could all be true. But
alas, it would forever remain a drawing. And with that thought,
she slept, still fully clothed on top of her bed.
In the morning they just spent the day talking on top of their
beds. They talked about what they wanted to do when they escaped,
where they wanted to go and how they were going to live.
It was almost breakfast and they decided to go to the small room
in which they ate.They were shocked to what stood in front of them.
There stood a large, white marble door with fine, intricate carvings.
Catnyse gasped. That was her drawing from last night. She ran to
show the others her drawing.They were shocked with what events
had just occurred. They were shocked to say the least. Did they all
have these powers or was it just Catnyse?
“Well, once i wrote about how in history class the teacher brought
in a cake for his birthday, and it actually happened.” said Rose
“And once i was super far behind someone in a race and I really
wanted to get far ahead and it was almost like i was flung across the
room!” said Camilla
“And when i just know how to play any instruments instantly.”
admitted Luna
“Well, as wise man once said, carpe diem!” said Rose before
rushing through the doorway.the girls quickly followed. They were
out. They were free. But now they had to decide what to do.
“Well, i think we can all say the first thing we need to do is find
some children as quick as we can.” said Rose. Everyone agreed.
And on that thought, the quartet journeyed through the hospital
and children’s ward.
They almost get caught .
They had been looking at the board detailing where the wards
were on in reception, when an intercom had announced Can doctor
Jeffrey and doctor Murphy please come to reception, thank you.’
The children quickly hid under the receptions desks as the squeak
of leather shoes echoed through the room. One man hung his pass
up on a coat hanger and began to chat with the other man. It was
mostly nonsensical things like asking how that patient was with a
nasty bout of flu, but as they walked out of the room, Rose noticed
something. The man had left his fob on the coat peg.
Lilli quickly grabbed the fob and said to the other members of
their little group,
“Guys, we have a way out! We have a way out!” she whisper
shouted. They all let out a quiet, cautious little cheer as they didn’t
want anyone to hear them. She opened the door and walked out,
feeling the wind on her face for the first time in months. They were
free from the prison that they once thought they would die in, they
were FREE! And with that joyus thought, they ran into the night.
Chapter 11
The Landing
The final day has came and Lilli was exhausted, she looked at
the Earth and realised how unique and beautiful it was, .Lilli missed
her family dearly and all she wanted was to be in her mum’s house
and enjoy a cup of warm hot chocolate.All she did for the remaining
of the day was ask Mission Control when they were going back to
Earth.To pass the time, she opened her dad’s diary and analyzed
it.As quick as a cheetah, Lilli closed the diary, as she knew that it
would reduce her to tears.
Climbing into the pod, Lilli had an unusual feeling, however,
she ignored it.She tied her seat belt and made herself comfortable.Suddenly, there was a huge “Crash, Bang, Plop” and within
a minute, Lilli was halfway across the pod.The Mission Control
bravely went out and announced that they had landed in the sea.
Luckily, a boat caught them, and it carried the pod back to shore
Driving back home (in her floating car), the only thing Lilli could
think about was the terrifying crash.Arriving home, she crawled out
of her car, put the keys on the hook and collapsed on the sofa”Whoa”
she sighed.No more than a second later, Lilli was reminded of the
children. She zoomed outside and found not a single child. Lilli
started to get seriously suspicious.
Groaning heavily, Lilli found a photo of her and her sisters in
a spiral picture frame on the floor, she slowly picked it up and
looked at it.She then realised that her only sister was fading away.
Confused, Lilli wondered why her sister was disappearing. She then
sat down and thought for a minute.Lilli was extremely puzzled and
could not think of a reason why her sister was gone. Realising what
had happened, Lilli searched and searched for at least one child.
At this point, Lilli had had enough, she got into her car and sped
to the police station.The police had thought she was crazy they
teased her and said horrible things like “you’re mad!” and “Crazy
old hag!” Lilli was determined to bring back children but the police
definitely were not, as they thought she was insane they detained
her in a straitjacket for one night “UGH!”Lilli sighed in annoyance.
After one agonizing night Lilli trailed home and banged on her
house door, only to realise that she had the keys.She then noticed
the remote control on her coffee table and decided to watch some
TV. Lilli then had a brilliant idea, she got out her tablet and looked
on the internet for missing children, however, she had no luck.
Chapter 12
Adults Vanish
Gemma was confused. Missing reports were flooding in for people, left right and center. This wasn’t the plan! She thought. This
wasn’t supposed to happen. She was supposed to be safe from the
magic, Veronica promised! She ran the few short miles to where she
and veronica resided for the moment and started a stream of accusations of betrayal at veronica’s face. Veronica was amused at first
but her face quickly grew more and more panicked as the situation
grew clear to her.The adults were supposed to be safe. Only the
little brats were supposed to disappear and this means the magic
had backfired. This was not good. Not good at all.
“Why is this happening!” Veronica said, every ounce of pride
was gone. “Those horrible little monsters should be disappearing,
not me!” she then switched on the news and saw the new headline
: Breaking news, Mass disappearance of adults occurring across the
world. Veronica was in a state of shock. Her plan went perfectly
at first with the children disappearing in small groups, then large
groups. Then, the adults started forgetting that children ever existed, which was the effect of the ritual coming in at full force. But
what could have possibly caused the adults to disappear? The ritual was successful, clearly. It was supposed to be perfect.Veronica
thought for a moment “what’s happening, why are adults disappearing?”
A startling realization hit Veronica. If there was no children ever,
the people today were never born and that means that they would
start fading out of existence, but at a reduced rate than the children
as the adults were only an indirect effect of the ritual. But eventually, the earth would be completely empty of the human population,
adults and children alike. “What will happen to me?” asked Gemma
“Will I disappear too?”
“I know” said Veronica a tone of sad realisation in her voice “ if
all children disappear then all babies disappear and every one was
a baby once so everyone will disappear oh no what have I done”
Veronica realized that she might disappear too “I.I....I...I I have to
bring everyone back I don’t want to be alone”
She starts to think that her and a couple of others will be the only
ones left on Earth after everything has finished happening “What if
I am going to be the only one on earth?”whispered Veronica.
Veronica realised that Gemma wouldn’t go so she told Gemma:
“Gemma you weren’t born, you were painted so you won’t disappear!” said veronica happily, ” we shall live and rule forever, ” she
Chapter 13
The Spy Finds the
“ ARGHH”! Veronica screamed. Veronica found out that the
astronaut knew that she was a villain She pushed the tables and
broke the windows and was really enraged.
“It’s all because of you!” screamed Veronica at the Gargoyles
“ What? We did not do anything blasta“ said the Gargoyles with
a mouthful of crisps
Veronica looked at the Gargoyles with a ferocious look. Suddenly,
Veronica had a great idea....
“Gemma!” Veronica screamed with her loudest voice.Gemma ran
downstairs and asked what is wrong.
“ I’ve got a mission for you and the prize is a new gun!”
A new gun! Gemma you better accept this offer.Gemma thought.
“ Of course” Gemma said. Veronica told Gemma that she had
to become friends with the Lilli and win her heart . She needs to
find Lilli’s deepest secrets in order to get a new gun! Veronica had
to make the Gargoyles go as well so she gets a little alone time.
The next day, when Gemma and the Gargoyles went out for the
mission, Veronica was biting her nails and rubbing her unpleasant
smelly feet constantly on her purple bed.
“They better do well” she said anxiously.
Gemma entered in her car with the Gargoyles and drove to Lilli’s
“You disgraceful little monsters!” screamed Gemma.The Gargoyles were eating chocolate dip with crisps.
“ What’s wrong blasta we are just eating.”said both Gargoyles.
Gemma ignored the Gargoyles.
Two hours later, Gemma fell asleep and the Gargoyles, Emerald
and Amthyst, were eating a chocolate cake.
“ Num Num blasta!” the Gargoyles screamed. All of a sudden,
Gemma woke up...
“ That’s it! I’m leaving, you two are such a disgrace.”
“But blasta who’s going to give us food!” shouted Emerald.
“Yeah blasta!” screamed Amethyst. Gemma stormed off ignoring
the Gargoyles....
The Gargoyles were silent for 5 minutes, whilst Gemma layed in
the sunlight, she stood up and
started to go for a little walk, she was having fun until she lost
her way . Gemma pushed the bushes and started to feel like she was
completely lost.
“Help, anybody please” Gemma screamed. Whilst
losing hope, Gemma sat and waited for somebody to help.
After eating 10 bags of crisps mixed with melted chocolate, the
Gargoyles realise Gemma wasn’t there.
“Gemma?” Emerald questioned puzzled.
Amethyst Screamed.
“You said her name!” Jubilantly dancing
“ Oh yes ....Yay!” Emerald shouted with joy.
“Back to the point, we have to find blasta” Amethyst shouted
bravely. Both Gargoyles headed off to find Gemma...
Gemma was shivering with fear and was really afraid of the murky
“If i wouldn’t have been with the Gargoyles i would have been
by Lilli and won her heart and got that shiny, black gun!” stated
Gemma furiously.
“ How was i made?” Gemma asked herself. Before Gemma knew
it the sun started to fade away Gemma started to fall in a deep
When the Moon was lit up like a lantern, the Gargoyles were
finding Gemma, the gargoyles pushed the green bushes and all of a
“ Gemma! “ Shrieked Emerald. Gemma had leaves all over her
and she was covered in mud.
“ haha she is like us now!” Amethyst said with a smile. All of a
sudden Gemma woke up...
“ what are you doing ..... ah mud yuck.” yelled Gemma. Gemma
and the Gargoyles headed off to find Lilli...
The next day, Gemma and the Gargoyles were driving in their
car and all of a sudden they saw a glimpse of Lilli.
“Lilli, I found her, stop the car, go after the white car!” demanded Gemma.
Lilli’s car was too fast but after this incident Gemma knew how
Lilli looked like......
Chapter 14
The Spy Gives Her Report
The spy went to talk to the astronaut. She was sent by Veronica
to get information on what Lilli is planning. She thinks she is planning something to make her go back into the painting. Veronica was
meaning to get her revenge.
Gemma was not sure to tell Veronica because she thought Lilli
will not be her friend. Instead, she decided to go back to the lair
and make up something, ANYTHING to divert Veronica and then
quickly change the subject.
Meanwhile Veronica was wondering where Gemma as she was getting fed up with the stupid gargoyles; they kept being silly. Gemma
was on her way back to the villain’s lair.
The spy didn’t have a choice and had to tell Veronica everything.
However she thought that she could be brave for Lilli and the children. She creeped in: half hoping that the villain wouldn’t be in
there. No such luck and the first thing that she heard was the villain’s voice. “Where have you been Gemma? You left me with the
gargoyles.” Gemma, getting very nervous she had a big decision
to make: should she tell Veronica about the unsuccessful plan or
not? “I’m so sorry that I left you with the gargoyles yet I thought
that they were right behind me all the way. I will indeed have some
words to them. You also asked me where I was. I was at Lilli’s and
received valuable information.” Gemma started to recount the fake
The fake facts were received and Veronica was the happiest that
she could be.
“Good effort Gemma, keep up the hard work.”said Veronica.
“Yes Veronica.”replied Gemma
“Yippee yippee hooray hooray this is the best day.”she repeatedly
She couldn’t wait for the plan to be put in action.She was dancing
around and singing.Gemma was watching her the whole time and
burst into laughter.Veronica blushed pink and told Gemma to go
out and let her plan her plot in peace.
Veronica used the chalkboard to draw her plan.she drew the gargoyles and what their part was. She wrote down their main parts.she
told them that she was planning to lock the astronaut up.”you two
have got the main part emerald amethyst are you listening to me
.”she asked
“Yes we have got the rain part.”said emerald.
“The rain part you weren’t listening to me were you!”questioned
“He meant the same part that’s what he meant.”said amethyst
“No no no you’ve got the main part.”shouted Veronica.
“OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH.”they both said at the same time.
She explained what they had to do.
“You two have to go and keep an eye on Lilli and make sure you
don’t get distracted by anything.”
“What do we get if we succeed ?”asked amethyst.
“Nothing really you are just doing it for fun.”said Veronica in a
sweet voice.
“We will only do it if we are allowed to have a party, ”Emerald
“Alright you can but only if you succeed, ” she said.they both
marched up and down before lift off and off they went for their
They both flew high up in the sky, before flying back down they
looked above the ground and looked at the small houses.they landed
back on the ground.
They looked around in search of someone called lilli.They couldn’t
find anyone, so they stopped for an ice cream.In the que there was
lots of children .However they all ran away when they saw the gargoyles .they must have been scared.a little girl ran to the que and
her mum called her “Lilli come back we have got ice creams at home,
”she returned to her mum .Both gargoyles dropped their ice creams
and instead they followed the little girl.They secretly followed her
home.Thet stayed their the whole day.
Meanwhile, Lilli the astronaut searched all over to find the children. Lilli went over to people and asked but they thought she was
crazy. She did not give up.knowing that they were the only kids on
Earth she climbed up every hill searched through every house and
stayed focused. She had to find all the children of the world...
The astronaut is looking for the children so everyone doesn’t
think he’s out of his mind. ‘
Chapter 15
Astronaut finds kids
Searching for the children, Lilli walked to the park and searched
for many hours, she finally realised that there was no sign of any
children. She then decided to check the school to see if any of the
children were hiding, just when she thought she seen a child, she
turned and realised it was a mouse hunting for some food. Eventually, she decide to check the library, however she had no luck.
“I can’t believe this! While I was in space, all the children on
Earth have disappeared! This can’t be happening. And everyone
thinks I’m mad. It’s like there’s some sort of spell over everyone
apart from me” Lilli paused, turned over her shoulder and realised
that there was some sort of spell on them, but Lilli wasn’t affected
because she was in space! But who could put a spell over everyone?
That was the mystery
“While in space, many of the children started to disappear one
by one” Lilli wailed sadly. She wiped a tear away from her eye
and looked angry. “Humanity has forgotten about children and
everything is going haywire!” she yells. “Lilli, an astronaut. Who
are you?” Lilli added, finally calming down
“ I’m Rose, ” said the redhead.
“And I’m Catnyse, ” added the honey haired girl.
“My name is Luna, ” said the brunnette.
“And my name is Camilla, ” said the hazel haired person of the
female variety.
“Those are very pretty names.” said the astronaut “And where
are you from? Where are your parents?”
“They’re dead.” said Rose bluntly “we’re from the orphanage.”
“Ah, ” Lili “That...explains alot, actually.”
“For the last couple months we’ve been stuck in a few rooms and
not been allowed out, ” Rose said, “ We have a few Skills that we
used to our advantage.”
“What skills?” the astronaut persisted.
“Well, Rose can-” began camilla, but she was stopped by Rose
clamping her hand around her mouth with a nervous smile.
“Pick locks very well! You know, hehe”
“So you can pick locks on a heavily locked area now?” the astronaut said with a bemused smile, showing that she didn’t believe
them “And what did you pick it with?”
“ A bobby pin?” she offered.
“O..K” she said, not believing them, but letting it drop.
Vidia decided that today she would let the children out. No one
would be able to see them and it would be pretty lonely as all the
other children were gone. But the other adults would be able to see
them when they were 18 and they could get a pet and have a job
and Have more than the children that were lost. She knocked on the
door to see if anyone would respond. When no one did, she opened
it and realized that the room was completely and utterly empty.
Vidia stepped in the room. The room was empty and the cat
basket deserted. Even the cat had escaped! How incompetent did
the doctors have to be? She put the hospital on lockdown and began
to search every nook and crany.
2 hours later
After searching for what felt like forever, she could only make one
conclusion- They had escaped. She had to find them before they fell
in too less desirable hands.
Chapter 16
The Confrontation
Suddenly, Veronica, stormed into the room, which had dark blue
curtains, violet walls and an indigo coloured carpet.She wiped her
feet on the blue mat and started marching quickly towards the children. The children looked terrified of her and fearfully started to
walk backwards, however Veronica pulled out her wand ...
Her dusty, black wand, covered with thorns and vines, was in her
bony hand as she gave a conniving grin.Then, she chanted a spell,
“Vanish those children I can see into that empty, old cave, no one
dares to misbehave!”In seconds, the children got knocked off their
feet and they vanished in thin air.The children’s faces dropped and
Luna screamed, ”What’s happening to us!”
“Be quiet, children do not speak in this room and especially not
to me!” bellowed Veronica.The rest of the children sat there silently
and stayed as still as statues.
“You, Gemma, sit down, you’re making the room untidy!”Veronica
“Ok, ok, calm down!”Gemma replied.Gemma still looked furious.”Sorry Gemma, I didn’t mean to have a go at you, I was just so
angry with those horrible children!”
“I understand but that doesn’t mean you talk to me the way you
did then!”
“Ok, I am really sorry. Do you mind looking after the ugly children?”
“Sure no problem, looks like someone is here to see you
There, standing in the doorway was a tall girl with black hair
and glistening purple eyes.”I’m here to see her, Veronica!”the girl
said in an australian accent, ”My name is Lilli, I am here for the
Gemma stood there with a straight face.
“Why, what is so important about these children?”Gemma asked
with interest,
“Well these children are very good, they don’t misbehave or be
disrespectful, instead, they are highly intelligent.”Lilli answered,
“Really, I don’t believe you!”
“They are and they have been through hard times, they don’t
even know their parents!”
“Oh, ok.”
“Therefore., I think it is unfair if they have to go through another
horrid time don’t you?”
“I agree, ”
Veronica was listening to the conversation so in her head, was
flashbacks from when she was a child. Tears started to run down
her face and her fists were clenched .She was feeling both angry and
upset but tried not to show it so she tried to think about something
happier but it didn’t work, she just wanted to tell everyone about
her childhood, so she did...
She started telling everyone in the crowded room that when she
was younger, three kids, all aged eleven years old used to tip her bag
upside down so all of her all of her books would have been all over
the floor for her to pick up.Veronica also had to do some children’s
homework as she was very clever and always got her own homework
all right. All of these things that she had to do made her very upset
therefore, every night she used to run up to her room and cry so
much.At this moment, when Veronica had finished talking, she had
tears in her eyes!
“Are you ok Veronica?” Lilli requested,
“I suppose so, ” Veronica replied, giving her a horrible look,
“Would you like a tissue?”
“NO, I am fine! Leave me alone!” From then on, Lilli didn’t
speak, neither did Veronica.Both of them looked angry but more so
Veronica as her eyes was scrunched up and her hands were on her
Vicious Veronica, who was a very independent woman, didn’t
have many friends and didn’t want friends which was why she was
so mean and cruel. Lilli tried to be her friend but she didn’t succeed
as Veronica liked to think and be alone when she was angry or upset
. In the end, Veronica and Lilli weren’t friends, however Lilli didn’t
Therefore, she was still eager to be her friend so she started to
do things for Veronica such as; get her drinks and snacks, give her
good nail tips, but it didn’t last long as Veronica was sick of it! Out
of nowhere, she ripped her wand out of her pocket and shouted:
“Get the girl away from me!” Lilli got swept off of her feet and flew
straight into the street.
Chapter 17
The Failed Attempt
Lilli ran as fast as she could to go and see the children. Tears
started to run from Lilli‘s eyes and she felt guilt. With sadness, Lilli
told the children what had happened.
“ I’ve failed to change Veronica’s mind. ” Lilli announced whilst
sulking. All of the children started to cry, as they knew that every
child could vanish and they could possibly be the only ones left on
“I have failed to succeed, ” Lilli sobbed, “You may rip up the
painting.”To start with, Catnyse ripped a corner off the canvas and
then broke a piece of the thick, sandy coloured wood that was coated
in a wonderful display of art. Then, a few minutes later, she teared
the painting up.
Bit by bit, Veronica vanished! First, her fingers disappeared,
then her whole hands were gone.”What is happening!” Veronica
screamed whilst she shed a couple of tears. Veronica was distraught,
she didn’t want to die! She tried to think that everything would be
alright but deep down she knew it wouldn’t be. In Veronica’s mind,
all she was thinking about was what was going to happen next
however she didn’t know.
On the other hand, Rose started to think about a way to protect
them all so, as she is such a good writer, she wrote a story. Her
story was about a man called Robert who was a good fighter and
wore a lot of armour. He was very strong therefore he could protect
anything and anyone so in Rose’s story, Robert protects the children.
When she had finished writing the story, she read it and wished that
it would come true.Not long after that, all of the children decided
to go into a house so they could be safe from the evil, Veronica!
Whilst they were in there, they locked the doors and windows to be
extra safe, put the painting in the living room and then ran up the
stairs to hide in the biggest room. The room had light blue walls
with paintings of different animals on them. Also, there was a king
sized bed in there and a bedside cabinet by the side of it which had
two drawers.”Let’s hide under here!”Camilla whispered, pointing to
the king sized bed.
“ok, ”the rest of the children agreed.One by one, each of the
children crawled under the bed and hid in the top left corner, shaking
with fear.
Over time, Veronica’s body was nearly gone. All that was left
was her waist down, minute after minute, it was going.However,
Catnyse just left the rest of it as she thought it was all gone by then
but it wasn’t. So instead of it being ripped, it dried up!Finally, after
half an hour, Veronica’s body was gone!
All of a sudden, in the house that the children were in, came a
loud bang! The children were terrified and had no idea what to do
so they just sat there in silence for a couple of seconds but then they
heard voices! “What should we do?”Rose asked,
“Let’s just stay here for a couple more minutes.”Luna replied,
“Ok, good idea Luna.”
From then on, they just waited and waited . All they could
hear was two people, well that’s what they thought, messing around
and calling each other silly names such as; banana heads and stink
bombs. They were actually the gargoyles who had come for Veronica’s painting.Luckily for them, they had found exactly what they
were looking for in the living room.”Ha ha ha, we got what we
wanted!”one of the gargoyles laughed.
“I know you you banana face!”the other one said.They then left
the house whilst giggling and being stupid.The children all went
downstairs together and they had a good look around but nothing
was broken.”Where’s the painting?”Camilla requested,
“I left it in the living room, I’m sure!”Catnyse shouted.
“It isn’t here though!”Rose screamed, ”Those people must of took
it!”Then, they all just stayed in the upstairs room and talked.
When the gargoyles got back to their home, they got some extra strong super glue and started to stick the painting back together.”What are you doing?”Emerald asked,
“I’m sticking it together you dumbo!” Amethyst snapped.All in
all, Amethyst wasn’t sticking it together properly at all, but Emerald
was.”This is how you do it!”Emerald ordered,
“Ok, ok, smarty pants!”Amethyst joked. Half an hour later, the
painting was finished!
“Let’s put it in here!”Emerald shouted,
“Ok!”Amethyst agreed.They both, actually being careful for once,
placed the painting into a huge golden chest and checked that all of
the corners were nice and straight.They also locked the chest with a
padlock and made sure it was secure.They then left the chest under
the old stairs to keep it safe and hidden.After they had finished,
they went into their bedrooms and joked around.
Chapter 18
Spy Changes Sides
Suddenly, Gemma felt a strange sensation in her stomach. Something was telling her that Veronica was evil, really evil and that
was what she was doing was wrong. Gemma had stole information and had been very cunning just for Veronica. But Veronica
had not treated her right. Gemma had risked everything for Veronica and Veronica had not done anything for Gemma. It was clear
that Gemma’s mistress was actually very selfish, despite her magical
powers and skills, not to mention her underhanded cunningness.
“I’m so sorry that I did all the evil things I did. I just wanted
to get revenge for all those vile bullies that bullied me when I was
at school. I wanted revenge. I just got so angry that I was mocked.
I’m pretty sure that if you were in my place, you would have done
the exact same thing. Luna agreed and said to her, “It’s ok, as long
as it doesn’t happen again.” It was clear that Gemma was nearly
in tears because of what had happened to her.
Gemma learned something new that not all kids are bullies: some
can be bullies but you have to live with it and that doesn’t mean
you hurt everyone because of one child that bullied you in the past.
“I understand that what I did was wrong and I’ve owned up. I am
ever so sorry.” Gemma sobbed. Then, Gemma left to go and see
the children.
“You know, I’ve been thinking. Why don’t I act as a double agent?” Gemma suggested to the children? It means that I’m going
to change sides so I’m on your side but pretend that I’m still on
Veronica’s side and whatever she says, I’ll report back to you. But
I’ll also make up what you say in case Veronica asks. What do you
say?” Gemma’s big, purple eyes seemed so honest and eager that
Catynse, Camilla, Luna and Rose decided to forgive her and take
up her offer.
“Well, first things first.” The girls looked puzzled but understood
that Gemma, willing to help the children, went around in turn and
helped all the children lean up of the soft pillows. She helped the
children with whatever they needed: food, water, extra blankets
etc. The girls, appreciating all of the help, still suspected Gemma.
Could this be a trick? Well, they wouldn’t be sure if they didn’t
give Gemma a second chance.
Suddenly, while all the children were settling down with Gemma
helping them, they all heard a series of strange noises outside. Gemma,
getting anxious for the children’s safety, went out and saw that the
gargoyles were making the silly noises. “I guess you have a reason
for making silly noises?” she asked sarcastically though she knew
the answer already. “Yeah! Veronica told us to!” they replied in
unison. “Oh, no, no, no! The children!” Gemma murmured softly.
She looked at the gargoyles and said, “Okay, you can go now.” The
gargoyles, angry to be told what to do with a colleague, protested.
“You can’t tell us what to do! Only Veronica can!” (Veronica would
have definitely liked that). Gemma, not wasting anytime, replied,
“Fine. I’ll go and tell Veronica then.” Emerald and Amethyst, the
gargoyles, flew away in sky, looking disgruntled.
“Girls, please get up and quickly pack your belongings. The
gargoyles, Veronica’s minions, were the ones making the noise and
now they know where I am which means that they know where you
are as well.” Gemma said.
“But where will we go?” asked Camilla. Gemma was already one
step ahead. “You are going to be camping out in a cave until I find
some other place for you. Is that okay? Take that straight route
which should lead you to the cave.” After the children had agreed,
packed and said their goodbyes to Gemma, Gemma decided to go
to the gargoyles and persuade them to change sides.
When Gemma had found the gargoyles, they were up their usual
pranks.”What are you doing here?” asked Amethyst, when she saw
Gemma. Gemma recited at top speed about Veronica and how the
gargoyles should change sides. “Veronica was using us? And she
doesn’t care if we get killed in an attempt for her? Right, we’re
changing sides!” Emerald and Amethyst replied. “Yes, thank you!
But don’t tell Veronica what just happened. Just agree with her for
everything. Just act like how you were before and you’re also going
to be telling Veronica lies that she will actually believe.” Gemma
told them. “If you think that you can win, then think again, Veronica!” Gemma thought to herself.
Veronica would have a huge surprise once she had realised that
her that her minions had swapped sides...
Chapter 19
Villain Gets Redrawn
Location: A desert
Time: 16:00
As Catnyse gathered her pitiful collection of art supplies, she
began to paint. She paint a tall, blond woman with maroon eyes.
She wore a clean cream dress and her eyes sparkled with happiness.
She was perfect. It would never get old seeing her own creations
blossom to life in front of her eyes. It held a sense of beauty, seeing
something unique become real and living. It would never fail to
make her feel awestruck, but at the same time insignificant.
Even though she was happy, there was still something missing.
She realised for the first time in months that she had been separated
from her sisters in all but blood. They had formed a bond, all of
them, when they had spent months on end in that room. In a way,
that could have been seen as a blessing in disguise. They had formed
strong bonds in there and lived together as a family. A family, was
more than they had at the orphanage.
Catnyse was thinking that she needed some inspiration, She set
off to the library. As she was walking in the town she saw a box
that was covered in fluff, it said kitten here to die. Catnyse opened
the box but to her surprise she saw a stuffed animal. She finally
arrived at the library where she went to the kids section to find a
book with cartoon characters. She casually flicked through all the
books area she found the perfect one. She ran back home.
She got her paintbrush and started painting on her canvas. Catnyse starts to paint the background. Under a lot of pressure Catnyse
started worrying if she gets it wrong. The whole world is depending on her if she gets it wrong the children will never come back.
Again she starts painting; she was doing the maroon eyes. Very
carefully, she starts the body with the knee length dress and the
black leggings. After that she does the glistening gold hair.
When Catnyse finished the painting she felt like something is
missing she tried to figure out what
Went wrong. She tries adding more hearts and flowers but it still
feels wrong. She does not know what is happening she puts more
details in the hair; it still feels the same. Under a lot of pressure she
still can’t quite figure out what is wrong. She tried all sorts of things
but it still doesn’t feel right. She sits down, sighing. “Maybe there
isn’t anything wrong with this painting after all, ” she thought.
Catnyse, unable to concentrate, takes a break from painting and
has a snack. She goes outside to play and starts to do some gymnastics to help calm her. After that she starts to run and she sees
the sky turn dark like it was about to thunder. She ran back in
her house and slammed the door shut just as it was about to rain.
Catnyse was gasping for breath as she ran as fast as she could.
As she came back feeling more relaxed she took off her trainers
and got a glass of water. She sat back down on the soft sofa when
at the corner of her eye she saw the painting. She had forgotten
all about it and now she remembered that she needed to finish the
painting. A few minutes later Finally the painting was complete.
As she finished the portrait she went to wash all her painting
supplies supplies she felt a breeze go down her neck. Frightened,
she thought someone was in the house with but that’s impossible
the door was locked because when she ran back in
She locked the door. She ran up the stairs and went into her
room. She goes back down stairs and
Stood next to the door because she thought that’s where it was
coming from .
She op
Chapter 20
The Children Reappear
The swings swung in the cool fresh breeze of the summer air, the
rusting metal shone in the sun light., the seesaw creaked and tipped
from side to side slowly like scales with a constant sound creeping in
the silence.The sky changes colour. the soft blue sky slowly changed
to a dark, coral pink, soft breeze flew around the silent park. The
glorious sun lit up the world and searched for the children.
Laughter filled the empty park, as well as shrieks of happiness.
People sliding down the slide, swinging on the swings and tipping the
seesaw side to side.The children were back! All the happy chatter
that was there before the children had disappeared had come back.
The magic had reversed! However, the strange thing was that the
children had no idea of their strange disappearance ; they had no
idea that their what had happened to them was was caused by an
ancient soul that was painted; they had no idea that their heroine
was actually an astronaut. The silence started to break and the
laughter began children started to appear one by one and the park
was eventually the same again.
“ Where’s my child?” Called a mother.
“ Here she is.” Replied another parent. Parents were kissing and
hugging children and everything was back to normal!
Lilli was shocked, but happy she could not believe it “What ...the
children are all back I...I...I can’t believe it we did it we brought
the children back, hooray, we did it yay! “She cheered “Yaaaaay”
shouted little children on the slide and the swings “Wow I should
write a recount of this!” said Rose excitedly as she swung her legs
back and forth on top of the slide “No”said Camilla, Catnyse and
Luna simultaneously “We don’t want another version of us all or for
any of this to happen again!” Lilli picked her sister and hugged her
Gemma changed sides because she new what was right and that
working for Veronica was the worst decision in her life, everyone
who was involved promised to never let this secret out . The best
thing was Veronica turned good! Veronica learnt from her mistakes
and apologised to all the children and Lilli. She tried apologising to
the Gargoyles but they had one condition .... A life supply of food.
So Veronica did that...,
The End....
Chapter 21
After discovering that the four sisters in all but blood were all
orphans, Lili made a potentially life-changing decision to take them
all in. They now live with lili and are one big, happy, dysfunctional
family. And they loved it.
Ten years later
Lilli is now known as the best astronaut to ever grace the earth.
She raised the children after kindly taking them in. Lilli lives in
Oklahoma with her golden labradors. She is signing up to be one of
the first people to colonise planet 7x, which after the revolutionary
space voyager is actually reachable as it is a different solar system.
As it has a extremely young sun, scientists plan to slowly relocate
planet earth there before the sun explodes in 5 billion years. The
planet is similar to earth in every way.
After turning good, she decided to be a teacher to get over her
wariness of children. It (miraculously) worked and the children love
her. She is leading a campaign to stop cyber bullying called lol, not
Camilla is currently training for the Japan olympics this summer.
She is in for running and gymnastics. She is she proud owner of 6
gold medals and is known as one of the most talented athletes to
ever live.
Rose lived with Lilli until she was eighteen and studied science
and maths at Oxford. She now lives in Australia with two cats
and a dog. She works as a lead scientist at RLS Lab in Brisbane .
She is currently attending a week-long conference in Adelaide about
carbon dating in the natural history museum. She is also currently
leading a campaign to stop animal testing and cruelty.
Turns out that dulcie is actually a highly intelligent spy cat, who
would have knew? And because of her insane intelligence, it turns
out that she has the lifespan of a human. She still lives with Rose
in Australia and is the most spoiled cat in the world.
Catynse being a painter, also studied at Oxford with her friends,
but learned about painting and drew amazing portraits that she
had left school early and decided to live with Lilli until she had got
somewhere of her own. She started to give painting classes and to
help other young minds achieve something that Catynse did. She
soon became very famous and her name was known all around the
Luna lived with Lilli until she was eighteen and studied science
and medicine at Oxford University then became a doctor for 2 years.
She then became a futurologist and has 2 wonderful dogs called
Sydney and Fleur. She also volunteers at an animal shelter each
week.Luna was an independent young woman who was very smart
and would often give lectures at oxford, cambridge, london, keele,
harvard and staffordshire university . Luna lived in australia when
she was older. She is now neighbours with rose in Brisbane australia
Vidia continued to be a scientist and found out lots of research,
most of them about the Nazca lines. She popped round regularly
to check on the children and to have a chat with Lilli. Vidia then
became a professor in Oxford and Cambridge, wrote a recount about
what happened with Veronica and also started different laboratories
all around the world. Vidia is currently attending a month - long
conference about the history of the Nazca lines and the magic behind
it. Vidia now lives in Alaska or the Last Frontier.
Emerald and Amethyst both stayed stupid . For once they both
actually liked their futures .Do you want to know what they ended
up being in the end? I‘ll tell you but I’m sure you would’ve found
out by now. They grew up to beee .clowns in a circus act. You know
what, they actually earned quite a lot! Everyone thought they were
hilarious.They now live in london .They are now became famous
clowns in their own type of act a reality pie throwing show!!
The government took an interest in Gemma, and recruited her
for MI6. She has quickly flew through the ranks due to her extraordinary talent and has the George cross. She lives in Washington
Everyone had a happy ending and everyone became friends in the
end. All the characters ended up with a nice life and are enjoying a
wonderful life at the moment. This just comes to show that the key
for anything is friendship and not that she shouldn’t let something
as small as a bully let past you but you should just hold your head
up high and enjoy your life with your friends. THE END
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