Pivot3 vSTAC® R2S P Cubed™ Appliance

Pivot3 vSTAC® R2S P Cubed™ Appliance
• Instantly deploy Horizon View, Horizon Mirage and Horizon Workspace
in a single starter appliance
• Speed Horizon View pilots: 0 to View in under 60 minutes
• Rapid Desktop Certified
• Simply add vSTAC R2S appliances to scale out
P Cubed™ - the Horizon Suite Starter Appliance from Pivot3
P Cubed is a pilot appliance that is actually the start of your full Horizon Suite production deployment. It is the
only converged storage and compute appliance purpose-built for Horizon Suite. Designed to support the
demanding nature of Horizon Suite, vSTAC R2S P Cubed has the IOPS you need for desktops and the storage
capacity for full desktops, applications and data in one converged appliance.
High Performance Horizon Suite Platform
Users can run over 100 virtual desktops on a P Cubed starter appliance.
Scale VDI compute, storage and network resources linearly by adding
vSTAC R2S appliances which host 115-155 desktops each. Storage
performance is automatically load-balanced across appliances to
ensure that virtual desktops receive the optimal resources.
High Availability
Enterprise–class deployments, like Horizon Suite, demand data center
caliber availability and performance. Simple to deploy and use, vSTAC
R2S appliances meet these essential demands. Critical hardware and
software resources are fully protected, shared and redundant.
Virtual Desktops
Devices - Windows PC, iPAD,
Thin Client, Zero Client
Licenses - Windows and VMware
Horzon Suite
Gigabit Ethernet LAN
Horizon Suite
10/1Gigabit Infrastructure
Compute, storage and network
virtual desktop infrastructure
needed for the virtual desktops
Management Server
vCenter, View Manager
View Composer
Speed Horizon Suite Pilots
Unlike all other VDI hybrid storage or converged infrastructure
appliances, the vSTAC R2S appliances are uniquely purpose built to
cost-effectively handle the IOPS needs for VMware Horizon View along
with the storage capacity needs of VMware Horizon Mirage and VMware
Horizon Workspace all within the same appliance. Leveraging VMware’s
View Storage Accelerator allows users to benefit from in-memory
caching performance without having to pay for unnecessary and
expensive read-side media.
Simple plug-and-play appliances consolidate server and storage
resources into a single hardware platform to reduce power, cooling,
rackspace and cost as compared to systems with separate physical
servers and physical storage. Plan for the future simply with the same
cost basis for 100 or 10,000 virtual desktops. There is no discontinuity
in architecture from pilot to production and there is a predictable ROI.
Overcome Storage as a Horizon Suite Barrier
Horizon Suite has a set of demanding blended IOPS and storage
requirements that can be daunting to administrators familiar only with
desktops and servers. Pivot3 bypasses the steep storage learning curve
and the heart stopping investment required by over-provisioned SAN or
NAS systems. vSTACs provide continuity from pilot to production,
which results in predictable ROI.
Pivot3 vSTAC® Array
C E N T R A L i Z E D D E S K TO P S
Patented vSTAC OS Technology
Pivot3 vSTAC OS allows organizations to deploy scalable,
shared storage resources that also integrate fault tolerant
virtualized servers without requiring the purchase of
additional physical server hardware. Pivot3 vSTAC appliances deliver a virtual storage and compute infrastructure
including scale-out highly available SAN storage resources.
Pre-configured Software Gets You Up and Running
Pivot3 vSTAC R2S P Cubed includes:
6 MS Windows Server 2008 licenses
1 VMware Horizon Suite 100 pack evaluation license
MS Windows 7 trial license(s)
v S TA C R 2 S P C U B E D S P E C I F I C AT I O N S
v S TA C R 2 S P C u b e d S P E C I F I C AT I O N S
vSTAC R2S and P Cubed Appliances
Virtual Server Specifications
Storage Specifications
• Dual eight-core Intel® Xeon® Ivy Bridge Processors
E5-2650 v2
• 128/256/384 GB RAM
• Two 10/1 GigE for LAN and iSCSCI connectivity
• Integrated VMware vSphere 5.1 hypervisor
• 50 GB SLC flash write-cache
• 12/24/36/48 TB Enterprise SATA/NL SAS
• All storage resources scale-out as appliances are added
vSTAC Specifications
vSTAC Scaling Specifications
Storage Protection
Stack 3 to 12 appliances in a vSTAC
Scale to hundreds of virtual servers
Scale to 576TB iSCSI SAN
Scale to 12 parallel RAID controllers
Virtual Server Management
• VMware vMotion™ – Migrate virtual servers
dynamically between vSTAC R2S appliances in a
• VMware HA™ – Failover virtual servers across
vSTAC R2S Appliances in a cluster.
• Optional VMware vCenter–Facilitates administration
No single point of failure
Distributed virtual sparing
Predictive drive sparing
Multi-path protection for iSCSI connections
- 5 simultaneous disk events or
- 2 drives and an entire appliance
• RAID 6e
- 3 simultaneous disk events or
- 1 drive and an entire appliance
• RAID 5e
- 1 disk event or
- an entire appliance
Management Software
• vSTAC Manager configures vSTACs and runs on any PC
Dynamic Storage Scaling
• Dynamic logical and physical capacity expansion
• Dynamic disk and RAID controller load-balancing
• Dynamic iSCSI multi-path and load-balancing
Alarms and Alerts
• State-sensitive LEDs indicate drive events
• vSTAC Manager indicates state changes
• SNMP MIB support for email notification
— the vSTAC R2S Rapid Horizon Appliance
Deploy a fully configured and operational
Horizon Suite in 2 hours!
Pivot3 vSAN
• 1 Pivot3 vSTAC OS license
• 1 Pivot3 vSTAC Manager license
View Manager
What’s in the Box
• 6 Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Horizon Mirage
Linked Clones &
Full Desktops
• VMware Horizon Suite 100 pack
evaluation license
• Microsoft Windows 7 trial license(s)
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