6th Grade Pre-AP Summer Reading **This

6th Grade Pre-AP Summer Reading
**This assignment is due in its entirety on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.**
Step 1: Read
Read the novel Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech. Bring the book with you on the first day of
school, along with this assignment. Please note you will also take an AR test on this book
during the first week of school.
Step 2: Open-ended questions **See back of this page.
Answer these questions on a separate sheet of paper, typed (preferable) or neatly handwritten.
When answering these questions, please be sure to do the following:
Use complete sentences.
Provide text evidence for each answer. Be sure to use quotation marks and page
numbers when providing this text evidence.
Use correct punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.
Step 3: Essay
Write a 1-2 page essay (typed or neatly handwritten) addressing one of the following topics in
the book.
When addressing your chosen topic, first explain how this topic is illustrated throughout Walk
Two Moons.
Then, explain how this same topic is illustrated in a movie, TV show, or another novel.
Next, explain how this topic has affected your own life. Please use a specific experience from
your life to illustrate this.
Finally, for your conclusion, share an insight or general conclusion about this topic that you
reached based on what you have written. In other words, what have you learned about this
topic now that you have tied it together with the novel, your own experiences, and a movie, TV
show, or another novel?
(Please see back for open-ended questions.)
Walk Two Moons Open-ended questions
1. Why does Sal tell Phoebe's story?
2. Why does Phoebe's mother leave? Why does Phoebe treat her mother the way
she treats her (before her mother leaves)?
3. Why do you think Sal's mother left home?
4. Are there any similarities between Phoebe's mother and Sal's mother?
5. Why doesn't Sal's dad go with her on the road trip to Idaho?
6. How do you feel about the structure of this story? Do you like diving into Sal's
memories in order to piece together a timeline? Do you like the way the story
dips back and forth in time? Why doesn't Sal just tell her story from beginning to
7. If you were to write a chapter for Walk Two Moons, what would happen in your
chapter? When would it take place?
8. What does it mean to walk two moons in someone's moccasins?
9. Why does Mrs. Partridge leave those messages?
10. In what ways is reading this book like going on a kind of journey or trip?
If you have questions or concerns regarding any part of this assignment, please contact me
via email anytime throughout the summer. If an emergency arises and you are unable to turn
in the assignment on the first day of school, you MUST make an effort to contact me so other
arrangements can be made. Failure to do so will result in the assignment being officially late,
and penalties will apply.
Thank you,
C. Anderson & V. Sills
6th Grade Pre-AP Language Arts
[email protected] or [email protected]