Bringing the `think/pair/share` into the 21st century, using `Flick` by

Bringing the 'think/pair/share' into the 21st century, using 'Flick' by ydangle.
Presented by Elizabeth Lade.
Grade 6 teacher from Victoria International School of Sharjah.
An exciting way to brainstorm and share notes, pictures and documents in a multi device classroom.
What is flick?
It’s a built in 'flick top' providing an exciting way for ideas and resources to be transferred easily to
multiple devices which are connected to the same network.
See for yourself.
How could I use it effectively in the classroom?
1. Tuning the whole class in with an essential question prompt.
"What does active learning look like?" Flick me your response.
You can broadcast the one questions to all students, or allocate different questions to different groups
by directing your flick.
"What does active learning look like?"
"What does active learning sound like?"
"What does active learning feel like?"
The end result...
A teacher's computer screen filled with digital sticky notes of student ideas, thoughts and insights
projected instantly to the whole class.
- Better for the environment
- All invaluable ideas can backed up easily using iCloud.
-Won't be blown away by the air conditioning...
Differentiating learning focus/ questions/ instructions for individual/ small groups in a nonthreatening way.
-Providing sentence starters.
"I will always remember the time when..."
Finish this sentence in your writing journal.
-Thinking prompts.
-Behavior reminders in a non- public forum.
Hi Bobby...
Just a reminder your goal is to get all your class work complete. Are you on task at the moment?
Miss Liz
Revising learnt content...
I send out a variety of revision question prompts to the individuals within my class.
Students flick me their responses.
I display them, we discuss them...
End result...?
Non Arabic Social Studies Revision sheet.
Grade 6, 2015-16.
1. Creeks and salt flats are commonly located on which coastal plain?
Creeks and salt flats are commonly located on the Western coastal plain.
2. If I was standing on this plain, what would I be overlooking?
If I was standing on this plain, I would be looking over the Arabian Gulf.
3. Where are the ranges of mountains with valleys located? Interior plains
4. What are their names? Siji and Ham.
5. What do they look on a map?
Dark green spots
6. Show pictures of Das, Abu Musa and Delma?
7. They are....?
The pictures above are islands of the UAE.
7. What's the significance and importance of the location of the UAE in the world?
It is located on Hormuz strait so it's ideal for world trade.
8. Thaid and Digdaga are the names of what geographical feature?
Fertile Plains.
9. Where are they located?
Next to the range of mountains in the interior.
10. In what direction is the Arabian Gulf situated from the UAE?
Arabian Gulf is situated To the North from the UAE and East from the Qatar.
11. The desert occupies most of the area of the UAE.
Thanks for your attention...
Feel free to email me with any questions or ideas of how you use 'Flick' in your classroom.