Karen Ming, Field Representative
Karen Ming, Bishop Aimee, his wife Cynthia and my
Our Burundi Conference was a wonderful time of
reconnecting with our Burundi congregations. We met
Bishop Nabalera Kasongo from Northern Congo and a
pastor from Rwanda. Bishop Aimee and his lovely wife
Cynthia hosted the conference there in Bujumbura. I,
with my team; Bonnie, Oscar, Anita, and Lupita taught
pastors and leaders, youth, children and women. It again
is so refreshing to see the hunger and excitement to learn,
worship and meet together with people from other
churches. PCG in Burundi is only three years old. We
ordained Bishop Aimee in 2010 and now they have ten
churches in fellowship. They are moving forward and
want us to come with another conference.
The Children of Burundi
2013 Africa Team Karen Ming, Bonnie Quintana, Anita Rodriguez
Oscar Sanchez, and Lupita Padilla
Karen preaching in Burundi
Bishop Nyatuka and his wonderful congreagation had
worked so hard to make Calvary Covenant Centre look
beautiful and the people were in place ready to host the
largest conference we have had in Nairobi. Over 1,000
people attended the conference which took place
Wednesday through Friday-August 27-29th. We had
workshops for pastor/leaders, women, youth and youth
leaders, children and children’s workers plus general
sessions with speakers from across Africa and
America. Leaders, children, and children’s workers
plus general sessions with speakers from across
Africa and America.
I want to thank my team. They took care of hundreds of
children, youth, and women. Bro Kincaid and I focused
on the pastors and leaders. Thank you for those who
helped with support for these conferences. We were able
to give almost $5,000.00 to complete the kitchen in the
Kenyan orphanage.
There were five bishops with delegations at the
conference. The bishop of Tanzania, Zambia, Burundi,
Congo and Kenya were there uniting in fellowship,
prayer and worship. It was wonderful to see people from
five countries joined in vision and worship.
Rev. Kincaid and I will be working together with all the
bishops to have our first ALL-AFRICAN conference in
Nairobi next August 28 – 30. We are beginning to plan,
pray and believe this will be the beginning of something
for many continents. We need finances to make this
happen. Pray with us and let us see the miracles happen
as we plan this great conference.
Rev. Virgil Kincaid, our General World Mission’s
Director came to this conference and connected with
these bishops and people. He shared the word of the
Lord in the evening sessions and met with pastors and
leaders in a workshop and in a small group meeting. It
was wonderful to see how Africa is united and ready to
go forward.
On Sunday after the conference, the church was filled
with over 3000 people and I have never seen such
worship and ministry. Thank you Bishop Nyatuka for
you and your team helping make this one of the greatest
events in PCG history.
A couple statements from people at the conference:
Juliet Awino, “Powerful ministers of God, u Blessed my
life; am change for life. Love you”
Ondieki Osongo Julius-The conference was a
difference. Can testify and witness that is was a
conference of its own. Was well attended, the ministers
were seasoned and of good quality. Actually you spoke
to us from the heart of God. Thank again Mama Ming for
being motherly. Our special thanks to Bro. Kincaid and
the team. Our prayers to your family. The Kenyan PCG
appreciates you.
Please pray for my husband, Wayman Ming Sr. as he is
going through chemo at this time for bone cancer. We
believe for a miracle.
Please pray for each country that was represented at this
Kenya: There are many churches building and they need
a miracle.
Nakaru PCG (Kenya) is desperate to get the roof on
their building and soon.
Please pray for Congo – they are facing many
challenges with travel with the turbulence in their
Please pray for Tanzania. They have begun a bible
school but need facilities. They are giving two sets of
classes each year but need a permanent building.
Please pray for Burundi. Bishop Aimee needs a
miracle regarding keeping his church building.
Zambia – Churches building new buildings.