Earn $1000 dollars a day from your home based

Earn $1,000 dollars a day from your home based business
My clients regularly make over $1,000 a day, would you like to do the same?
You can have results like this, now.
You can achieve these results using the KymaticaFX robot. The KymaticaFX robot is your very own
personal Forex expert advisor. Originally made for institutional traders, the KymaticaFX robot is now
available, for the very first time, to you. To help you run your own home based Forex business.
The market is in a really bad state now. People are losing their jobs the number of jobs in the market is
going down day by day. Not only is it hard to get a new job, but it’s also hard to find new ways to make
money. Job security is also going down you can never be sure if you’re job’s secure. It’s quite predictable
that there will be wage cuts and you might not be able to earn the same amount you are now. You might
end up losing your job and spend your time just sitting at home doing and earning nothing. What if I can
tell you a way by which you can earn a lot, may be more than what you’re earning now, by doing nothing?
You can make a good living without worrying about losing money or your job.
I developed the KymaticaFX robot in online Forex trading, over 15 years ago. For more than 10 years I’ve
been teaching corporate clients, money managers, and traders to make money using my automated Forex
trading robot. Who’ve gone on to become successful traders in the forex business.
Now it’s your turn to have the same success!
The KymaticaFX robot has one goal: to make you money.
Let the KymaticaFX Trading System transform your business and build your personal wealth!
Who am I?
I’m Gary McFarlane, a Professional trader and the founder of the most profitable Forex robot in today’s
market – the KymaticaFX robot. My trading career started in 1990 when I began to study market
Algorithmic trading, inter-market spreading, and arbitrage. Once I mastered my trading techniques, I was
taken on by a Japanese financial intuition as a trainee, working to assist a senior trader on the trading
Over the years I worked my way up to head trader. At that point, I
had the most profitable trading account that firm had ever seen.
I use trading techniques which are unique and always create profits. Using these techniques has
let me have a profit every month for the past three years. I have compiled all my techniques in an ebook
which is available for free. Would you like to know more about these techniques, so that you can have the
same success as me?
I have been training corporate clients, money managers and traders for the past 10 years. I have also
written an ebook which teaches all these techniques and methods. I decided to put together all the
trading techniques I’ve successfully used into an automated trading system, finally with the assistance of
one of the world’s top Meta Trader 4 programmers it has now been possible. The KymaticaFx has over
2,000 line of code and development cost in the region of $100,000 all for your benefit
My ebook is available for free you can download it and spend the time learning it through trial or error.
You just don’t become a good trader right away by just reading my ebook, you have to practice it, in the
beginning you might lose some money, but eventually after spending some time in the market you will
learn about it and then there will be a time where you will become an expert and the cash will flow. Some
people are natural and learn really quickly. Click on the Link below to download my ebook now.
Or you can just download the KymaticaFX now and watch the cash flow. All my techniques and methods
that I have spent years learning have been integrated into the KymaticaFX robot. There is no need to lose
money and spend time learning the complicated techniques and market. You can start earning thousands
of dollars right away.
The KymaticaFX is an Automated Day trading system that allows you to capitalise on every trade made
without you lifting a finger. It doesn’t matter if the market is in a good or bad state. The Kymatica FX robot
will analyse the market and know in advance when a trend is going to start, and of what magnitude. The
KymaticaFX robot can predict the future it knows in advance which currency value will increase and which
currency value will decrease. It then invests your money in the suitable currency and makes you a profit.
Most traders and software’s use the same methods to predict the market trends. But my methods are
unique and these unique methods are present in the KymaticaFX robot which makes it a one of a kind
forex software which will help you make the money you deserve.
Derived from fractal and Fibonacci sequences, two powerful natural phenomena, which enable you to see
the underlying structure of the markets and provide a technique that allows you to capitalise on every
trade you make regardless of the state of the market. You can have the most profitable trading account,
just like me, with the help of your KymaticaFX robot.
You will start making money right away without any loss, as the KymaticaFX is a forex robot which has
been programmed to make the right moves. It was developed by me with my 15 year experience and my 3
year profit streak. When you trade in the forex market with your KymaticaFX robot, you will have a good
software with 15 years of experience and unique techniques working for you.
What is Forex?
Forex is the short form for the foreign exchange market where there is a lot of money! You will be using
your KymaticaFX robot to monitor the biggest and most liquid financial market. According to the Bank for
International Settlements, the average daily turnover in the Forex market is estimated at $3.98 trillion.
Imagine if, you could capture even a small percentage of this wealth!
Now you can, using my proven KymaticaFX Forex trading package
You can make a living by trading in the forex market using your KymaticaFX robot
You can make a living by trading on the Forex market
using the KymaticaFX robot. The KymaticaFX robot will spend every single minute scouring the market
looking for places to invest in and make you money. The kymaticaFX robot knows the job at hand and
predicts the changes in the market and invests your money automatically and makes you profits instantly.
Meanwhile, you can devote your life to the things you enjoy doing: a satisfying job, spending time with
your family, travelling, sleeping or anything you want to. While you live your life, the KymaticaFX robot
works in the Forex markets and increases your Forex investment return, everyday.
Don’t wrestle with the market, dance with it! Let the KymaticaFX robot remove the stress of trading; use
this system to gain understanding and control over your trades, your investments as a whole, and secure
your financial future.
The KymaticaFX robot is a unique forex software that will definitely generate you money. Over the years
it has a helped a lot of traders. Just ask the professional corporate and private traders who use my
proven system!
“As far as I’m concerned this method is the only way for me to succeed. It’s a real relief to find a trading system that
actually works. I highly recommended it to everyone.”
Charles Chatton, Bonds Investor
“I’ve spent thousands of pounds on systems that don’t work. I am over the moon that I’ve finally found one that does
work! I’ve made over £10,000 in 3 weeks with no effort. It looks like I can finally say goodbye to my boss. Thanks again!
Mulder Wycliffe, Financial advisor
You could start earning a lot of money just like Mr. Chatton and Mr. Wycliffe. All you have to do is try out the
KymaticaFX robot.
6 reasons to try out the KymaticaFX robot
 You are the boss, You will be the boss of your very own forex business. The kymaticaFX is your
experienced hardworking employee. The KymaticaFX will work hard and prowl the market looking for
places to invest money and make you a profit. The kymaticaFX will work nonstop without a break as
long as it is switched on. You control the time you want it to work, you can switch it off and turn it on
whenever you like.
 You don’t need to spend any time or effort, The KymaticaFX is completely automatic. It invests
money automatically and makes you a profit. All you have to do is switch it on and do whatever you
want to, while the KymaticaFX does what it likes to.
 Your money is managed by a unique Money Management system, Most traders and forex softwares
have poor money management skills and they risk a huge amount of money, while investing in the
market. On seeing the profits they can make by investing in the market, they get excited and invest
their money taking really huge risks. Many of these traders lose a lot of money due to the risks and
eventually give up trading. The KymaticaFX will see to it that you don’t lose money by avoiding
investing your money in high risk situations. The KymaticaFX has a unique Money Management
system, which only risks 5% of your investment. This system is a unique part of the KymaticaFX
software. The KymaticaFX is the only forex Software with the Money management system.
 You need no special training for learning Forex trading! If you have a computer and internet access,
you are ready to take advantage of the KymaticaFX automated Forex trading system. You can
download the software within minutes and start using it. You could start making money within hours.
 You make no mistakes, It is human nature to make mistakes. However good people become at
something, they will always make mistakes. The KymaticaFX is a computer software all the decisions
it makes are well calculated. It makes no mistakes.
 The KymaticaFX robot allows you to capitalize on every trade made. The state of the market doesn’t
matter. This amazing Forex trading software constantly analyses every market movement and knows
in advance when a trend is going to start. You could spend years studying Forex trading techniques
or you can sit back and let the KymaticaFX robot do it for you.
Why spend your time
puzzling over trading strategies, attending endless seminars, and
staring at market indicators?
Wouldn’t you rather be
Driving that new car, taking that vacation, or picking out those new clothes?
Are you frustrated with trading systems that don’t work?
Are you one of those many people who have bought and tried out many forex softwares that don’t work?
The main problem is that most of the trading systems out there have been built by amateur traders who
have no idea how to trade in the market and many of them buy and copy the same software and sell it
with a different name. The KymaticaFX has been built by me alone. I worked on it from scratch and
developed it. I promise you that this system works and it will make you money. This is the reason why I will
be giving you my personal contact information and a 60 day 100% money back guarantee with the
Picture this...
You get up in the morning, the first thing you do is go up to your computer, and take a look at the
work your KymaticaFX robot has done for you. Looking at the screen brings a smile upon your face. You’re
so happy with the money your KymaticaFX made you working all night, that you decide to buy yourself a
gift. So you get ready in your own time as you don’t have to go to work. You quit your job as you don’t
need to work anymore. The KymaticaFX is working for you and making you money. After getting ready, you
drive down to the store in your own sweet time and buy yourself an expensive gift. You then decide to
have your lunch outside. None of your friends can join you as they are busy working in their offices. They
envy you and your new lifestyle. While having your lunch you spend most of your time thinking about
things you can do with all your free time. After getting home you decide to do some of the chores. You
don’t have to do them by yourself as you have enough money to afford a maid. After finishing the chores
you take a look at the computer screen. Looking at the profits you jump with joy. You have so much money
that you are not even sure what to do with it? So you decide to go on a vacation even though you came
back from one just a couple of days ago. This could be you life in a couple of weeks, if you buy the
KymaticaFX robot now.
It takes only 5 minutes to download and will start working right away.
Can you really track the Forex market?
Yes the Forex market can be tracked. For most people out there it is a very complicated atmosphere. They
wish they could read all the complicated graphs and words, so that they can capture some of the wealth in
this huge market with a daily turnover of $3.98 trillion. But there are only a handful of people out there
who can study the market properly. These people have spent a lot of time and money studying the market.
With enough practice and the proper guidance and a lot of hard work, you can become an expert trader
too and capture some of the profits in the forex market. It might take a lot of time to become an expert.
For some people it is very hard, while for others it’s really easy and comes naturally.
The forex market is full of trends that repeat themselves over time. By studying the market for years and
gaining experience about the market. You learn ways to predict these trends and you make your money by
predicting these trends correctly and investing your money in the right places. You will have to spend a lot
of your time looking at graphs and studying the market. You will also have to stay up late at night looking
at changing trends and predicting them. You can make money, IF you have the time to devote to these
complex world-wide movements OR if you have the KymaticaFX robot to be your brain and do the
thinking and trading for you, while you enjoy the benefits.
What makes the KymaticaFX Robot different from the rest?
Market conditions are always changing. The best way to stay in tune with the market and do the best
trades is by looking at the market from a different angle and using new methods & techniques that match
the changes in the market. 95% of the forex trading systems fail because they are set on fixed parameters
and can’t adjust to these changes in the market conditions
Would you like to know a secret that will help you determine a legitimate Forex Robot over a scam? Never
trust Backtests.
Most of the Forex Robots for sale right now are promoted on a good backtest result, a back test means
nothing in terms of future profits, as you don't have the advantage of knowing the prices in advance when
you trade in the real world. Most track records promoted are simulations backwards, knowing the closing
prices! Of course a back test means nothing in terms of future profits, as you don't have the advantage of
knowing the prices in advance when you trade in the real world. I agree, a nice profitable backtest is pretty
to look at, but that's all you should consider it is good for. A forex trading software can never predict the
closing prices, it is only made to look that way to make it look good and improve sales.
A forex trading software can function at its best if it is updated on a regular basis.
I study the market every day using my experience. And I also enjoy doing it. I take a look at the changes in
the market and make a note of it. I spend the rest of time developing upgrades for the KymaticaFX to keep
it updated with the changes in the market. So that it can function better in the always changing market and
serve you better. Your KymaticaFX robot will be updated regularly for free, to keep it in tune with the
market, to help you get the best out of it. These changes will make it function at its best, so that you can
make the highest profits.
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Top 10 Features
Designed by a Professional trader
Automated trading
Regularly Updated
Active trading
Trades Multiple Currencies
Built in risk management
Built in profit management
Multi-time frame Analysis built in
Fractal Geometry built in
Average EA Vs KymaticaFX Robot
Founder assessable
Easy to install
Very low Drawdown
Proven profits on forward test
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Statistics show that 10% of market professionals make 90% of the profit
These talented traders can instinctively sense an impending
market move, adjust for risk, and enter the market with a properly scaled commitment. These traders have
learnt to deal and make profits in the market through experience, by putting in a lot of effort and time.
Would you like to join this 10% and make 90% of the profit, now?
Here’s the good news, yet again! The KymaticaFX robot is programmed to find Forex trading signals and
act on them, adjusting for risk, and entering the market with a properly scaled commitment, just like
those top Forex traders! Using the KymaticaFX will help you make profits the easy way.
The KymatciaFX Trading Package
The KymaticaFX robot is designed to take advantage of advance
market timing signals in the Forex market, on any time scale from five minutes to Daily. This automated
trading system will help you enter and exit trades with 75% accuracy, giving you maximum profits with
minimal risk. You’ll find that the most strenuous part of the system is keeping a record of your profits!
The beauty of this automated system is that it does the work while you enjoy the profits!
Use the KymaticaFX robot to make a good living in the very lucrative forex business.
The forex business has a daily turnover of $3.98 trillion. That’s a lot of money. You can have a great life if
you can capture a small percentage of this money. For achieving this you need to study, learn and practice
trading in the forex market or buy the KymaticaFX robot.
 The KymaticaFX robot takes the risk out of the trade. It has been reported that 95% of traders lose
money on their investments because of poor risk management and poor trading skills. The key to
professional trading is taking the initial risk out of a trade. When the risk is removed, you are left with
a profitable trade. Here’s how it works.
The KymaticaFX robot has a revolutionary, built-in,
mathematical risk management system that eliminates trade risk within MINUTES OF OPENING IT.
For example, if you open a trade with a 2% risk setting, then within minutes of entering the Forex
market, the KymaticaFX robot will make your position risk-free, leaving the reminder of your position
available to capture as much profit as possible. This automatic risk management system is the only
one of its kind!
 The KymaticaFX robot has a trading accuracy of 805 operating with a profit to loss ratio of 3:1. This
means that on average this Forex system will risk 1% of your account to get back three times as
much. For example, on a $10,000 account the KymaticaFX robot will risk only $100 per trade (1% of
$10,000) with the goal of returning $300 per trade return.
 Only the KymaticaFX robot, which uses an exclusive, built-in 3:1 profit to loss ratio, has been
proven to work consistently over time to insure your financial success. You might see other
automated trading systems advising trading accuracy as high as 95%. What they haven’t told you is
that they are making small profits while at the same time taking larger losses. They make $10 on one
trade but lose $30 on the next, the law of averages guarantees inevitable financial loss.
What makes the KymaticaFX robot unique?
The KymaticaFX robot is programmed with fractal and Fibonacci sequences, two powerful natural
phenomena which act together to patrol the Forex market, find good trades, minimize your risk, and
increase your return.
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14 reasons to buy the KymaticaFX robot
1. Helps you make the highest profit at the lowest risk by Tapping into highprofit, low-risk market opportunities.
Enters and exits trades automatically, making your work easy.
Has your trades running risk-free within minutes of opening a position, by
using a unique money management system.
Helps you achieve the best results by performing at 80% accuracy.
Formulates a unique concept of multiple time frames analysis (5min, 10 min,
hourly, daily, weekly, and yearly) into one trade sequence.
Trades and makes you a profit in any market condition.
Provides each entry and exit point well in advance.
8. You can start using it now as it is easy to download and install (takes 5
Eliminates the stress of trading, and lets you concentrate on thinking about
ways to spend your money.
10. Saves you money by limiting your risk to 1%-5% risk of the account.
11. Protects your account by, automatically placing a protective stop loss on
your account and implements the stop contract exit.
12. Saves you time and money by eliminating your need to understand the
complex world of finance and investing.
13. Saves you time by eliminating the need to study chart readings and
14. A 100% 60 day money back guarantee, if you’re not satisfied with the
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Top performing hedge funds 2009
According to Financial news the best performing hedge fund returned 65% in 2009 however, to invest in a
hedge fund, you needs to have $1 million net worth or have earned $200,000 in income in each of the last
two years. This makes them an accredited investor, and makes hedge funds out of the reach of average
investors. The good news is the KymaticaFX Robot has returned over 800% in 7 months and is open to
Why do most traders find it hard to succeed?
It takes a lot of time and effort to master and trade in the forex market. At first you need to read a lot of
books and attend seminars. After gaining some knowledge you need to invest some of your money in the
market and practice trading. Many amateur traders quit at this stage as they lose a lot of money. Some
succeed and they go on to make some money. Traders have to spend time studying the market all day and
night to look for places to invest money. This causes lack of sleep, increase in stress and traders find it hard
to deal with this new way of life. These factors make traders really tired which leads to mistakes. And these
mistakes lead to losses and they eventually quit the forex business. Some really determined traders decide
to continue trading, hoping to succeed someday. 75% of successful Forex market trading depends on a
trader’s instincts and the remaining 25% depends on methodology, risk, and money management.
Anybody with the determination and hard work can learn the methodology, but only a handful have the
trader’s instincts.
For those who lack these instincts there is the KymaticaFX robot. And there’s no need to spend time
studying the market. No need to spend time trying to make sense of complicated graphs and formulae. No
more sleepless nights and increase in stress. The KymaticaFX will do all the hardwork. It will stay up all day
and night studying the markets and looking for places to invest your money, to make you a profit. The
KymaticaFX never gets tired and enjoys working for you so that you can enjoy your life.
The KymaticaFX trading package gives you the tools used by professional traders automatically!
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Download Kymatica FX
Install it on your computer
Watch the profits grow [to here]
Instead of spending all your time monitoring your investment portfolio, wouldn’t you rather
take that vacation, buy that entertainment system, send your kids to the best college, or
retire worry-free?
Of course you would!
Will you soon be living the life you chose?
You can spend your time doing whatever you want to while the
KymaticaFX works for you. Just chose your favourite past time as you will have both the time and the
money to do it. The KymaticaFX robot will watch the Forex markets on your behalf, 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week, waiting for those high-profit trades. You simply relax and enjoy the profits!
Today, my clients live the dream most people only envy. They rake in tens of thousands of pounds while
sleeping, playing, travelling, watching T.V., or DOING ANYTHING THEY WANT.
The KymaticaFX robot turns trading into a low-stress way of life.
Our clients are enjoying a new lifestyle, one in which they make the rules and determine their own
future. They have joined the wonderful, enlightening, profitable, and entertaining process of becoming a
professional Forex trader.
Will you do the same?
If you want to benefit from a system that trades successfully in all market conditions and that produces a
vast amount of money under conditions of minimal risk, then place your order NOW. Remember, you have
everything to gain!
Take the first step in creating the life you’ve always wanted!
Order today by clicking on the button below.
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100% Money-back Guarantee!
I offer 100% 60 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you feel that KymaticaFX is
not for you, just send us your trading screenshots within 60 days after your purchase for a no questions
asked refund.
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That’s a 70% discount
Hurry, as this introductory offer is only available to the first few customers.
If you buy it now, it should take your KymaticaFX Robot less than 48 hours to pay for itself.
Why are you selling it so low?
I fully understand where you are now in your trading career and wealth creation, I was once there myself, I
also understand having the right tools is the only way to succeed and transform the quality of your life.
This is why I decided to transfer my life skills into an easy to use automated package.
I’ve had huge success over the years and have helped many people move forward by trading in the forex
market. So, I want to make the KymaticaFX Robot accessible to everyone. However this offer will only be
available for a short period of time to a limited number of people.
If it’s so good why are you selling it?
I spent years watching trading systems that don’t work being sold to the general public by marketers who
have never traded before so I decided to put a stop to that and promote a system that does work. The
forex market has a huge daily turnover of $3.98 trillion so there’s plenty of room for everyone.
As a BONUS if you sign up today I will give you my personal email address and phone number as gesture of
my goodwill that in itself is worth $5,000 a day. You can contact me if you need any advice or help. Once
again this will only be for a limited number of people…………... So Hurry!
Still Unsure?
***This video is to come
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In cases of fraud or theft by you, acting alone or in concert with others, including situations in which you have allowed third parties to use your
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Waiver, Modifications and Amendments
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Protecting Your Confidential Information
KymaticaFX, value our relationship with each of our customers, and we appreciate the trust that you have placed in us. We recognize that you
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We do not disclose any nonpublic personal information about our customers to anyone, except as required or permitted by law. KymaticaFX
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Collection and Use of Personal Information
The privacy policy set forth in this notice applies to KymaticaFX and affiliated companies of KymaticaFX. We collect nonpublic personal
information about you from the following sources, solely for the purposes specified:
Information we receive from you on account applications or other forms, such as name, address, phone and similar information. We use this
information to administer the accounts we maintain on your behalf, process transactions requested by you, respond to your inquiries, evaluate
your investment needs, and identify other products and services that may interest you.
All KymaticaFX employees are instructed to use strict standards of care regarding the confidentiality of your nonpublic personal information as
outlined in firm policies. Employees not adhering to our firm policies are subject to disciplinary action. We require outside companies and
independent contractors to whom we provide customer information for marketing, servicing or processing to enter into a confidentiality
agreement that restricts the use of the information to those purposes. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that
comply with applicable laws to protect your nonpublic personal information.
Gary McFarlane offers the Kymatica FX system, which potentially enhances a trader's chance of making a profit. Please note that using this
material, is not designed to encourage persons to buy or sell any particular investment. You are advised that trading in the financial markets
involves risk and losses can occur.
Gary McFarlane cannot and does not advise on investments. Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of this material; if you are in
any doubt you should consult your investment advisor. All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval
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Questions & Answers
You probably have dozens of questions that you would like to ask, please read through the attached examples of questions.
Q. Is there a support service?
Yes, having a successful trading system is not going to help you unless the system is used properly. A team of Professional traders will be
available to provide support.
Q. Do I need previous experience of the financial markets?
No, although previous experience is obviously a help in any situation like this, it is certainly not essential.
Q. How long will it take me to learn this trading system?
No Time at all the KymaticaFx is an automated trading system
Q. What is the performance of your trading system?
Currently the system operates on a minimum a 3:1 risk to reward ratio and produces a trading accuracy of 80%.
Q. 80% accurate. Is that realistic?
Yes, all available past and present data suggest profit margins will continue and indeed improve. It has been exhaustively traded under all
market conditions and continues to produce high profits.
Q. What currency pair does the system trade?
Currently the system has been specifically tailored to the Euro vs Dollar 5 minute time scale
Before you trade the week or month ahead the system must be optimised
Q. Do I have to complete the optimisation process myself?
No. The figures will be posted on the website for you to enter into the system
Q. Can I run on a demo account before I risk my own money?
A. Yes of course, you can run on a demo account for as long as you like until you see that it is making you consistent profits, then you can
switch to a live account
If you haven't found the answer to your particular question please contact me.
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Mulder Wycliffe, Financial adviser
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