Israel Study Tour: "The People, The Land and The

Israel Study Tour: "The People, The Land and The Scriptures" September 7 ‐ 19th, 2014 ‐ hosted by Messianic Rabbi Jerry Feldman Cost: $4,650 per passenger (based on 20 passengers) Includes All Flights from Kansas City, Hotels, Breakfasts, Dinners, Guides, Buses and Entrance Fees Not included: Lunches and tips (pre‐determined). Sunday September 7, 2014 ‐ Departure Kansas City ‐ 4:10 PM Arrival Philadelphia ‐ 7:47 PM ‐ Departure Philadelphia to Tel Aviv 9:10 PM Monday, September 8, 2014 ‐ Arrival Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport 3:15 PM. We will depart the airport and waste no time! Our first destination: Tel Aviv ‐ Independence Hall. What better place to begin than this Site of the Declaration of Independence of Israel by Ben Gurion. Without this, we would not have these 12 days of awe to travel the blossoming Land of the Bible and of the Jewish People. We will see the room exactly as it was on May 14th, 1948, with the picture of Theodore Herzl still on the wall and the microphone where Ben Gurion made the announcement to the whole world: The Jews are back in THEIR own homeland after 2000 years! We then visit the ancient seaport of Jaffa. This is where Jonah departed for Tarshish and was the only Jewish seaport in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Here we will visit Simon the Tanner's house where Peter (Kefa) had his vision concerning the Gentiles. [references: Jonah 1:3; Acts 10:32] We will experience a new hologram multi‐screened presentation on the history of Jaffa. It is a WOW! Check in and Overnight at Ariel Hotel Tuesday September 9, 2014 We begin the day and our journey in the Biblical heartland by ascending Mt. Kabir (Elon Moreh).We will stand on the very spot God spoke to Abraham overlooking the promised land. We will view from this hilltop the vista of beauty and wonder that Abraham saw when God spoke of the Covenant of the Land. It will take your breath away! [Genesis 12] From there we go to an extraordinary and rarely seen site: the very altar Joshua built on Mt. Ebal (the Mt. of Cursing). Escorted by IDF soldiers, we will grasp the magnitude of the priests offering burnt offerings upon the mention of each curse. The stones have been compiled to their original position and you can walk up the very ramp of the priests. What a site, as we picture all of Israel below the mountain as they stood between the Mount of Cursing and the Mount of Blessing. [Joshua 8] On to the next mountain! We will ascend to the top of Mt. Gerizim (the Mount of Blessing) and stop over at the Samaritan Village. We need to eat lunch! It ain't fancy but we will enjoy falafal at a Samaritan grocery store (the only one). We will view the site where the Samaritans continue lamb sacrifices for Passover (believing this is the mountain Abraham offered Isaac). We will see the Samaritan Museum and visit with the current High Priest, visit the Synagogue with its ancient Torah scroll in Aramaic. Then on to the site of the newly discovered and actual Samaritan Altar and Temple remains and lookout over the city of Shechem where we will look down from the side of Mt. Gerizim on to Shechem and view the site of Jacob's well and the burial site of Joseph's bones from Egypt! Return to our hotel and rest (I think so!) and if time permits, a swim! Dinner and Overnight at Ariel Hotel. Wednesday, September 10, 2014 Most of our morning will be devoted to Shilo. We begin with a visit with David Rubin, our friend and former Mayor of Shilo. He is currently the Director of the Shilo Children's Fund providing schooling and healing for children who have seen and suffered the traumas of terrorism within their families and even to themselves. This Institution is being recognized all over the world as breaking new ground in the area of such emotional and mental care for traumatized children. We will hear the children sing from the Torah! This follows by a visit to the ancient site of Shilo, the site of theTabernacle. If it were not true, this would be unbelievable! The new excavations qualify exactly where the Tabernacle stood for almost 400 years. Stand before the Holy of Holies! Visit Eli's “house”. Time permitting we will sift through archaeological remains. Lunch at Shaar Binyamin. ‐ See for yourself the truth of Settlers and Palestinian Arabs living in coexistence. Next we visit where no tourists (or Israelis) get an opportunity to go: the potential site of Biblical Ai (the city conquest following the
demise of Jericho; Ai and Dir Dibwan (Elijah and the two she bears). From there we visit an archaeological dig that might change th
very landscape of Old Testament historical understanding as to the dating of the Exodus and the evidence of the Conquest. Through
special arrangements we will visit Khirbet el‐Maqatir, another suggested site of the City of Ai. So, we will play archaeological sleuth
Which of the two sites is Ai?... From there, if that was not enough, it is on to the community of modern Bet El (Bethel) and the "actual" ancient sites of Jacob’s dream and Jeroboam’s alternative Altar to Jerusalem in establishing a site of worship for the northern tribes. Really? Yes! The Biblic
narrative of the conquest hinges on determining the site of Bethel. This has eluded archaeologists up to today. On to Amona to view Taibe (found in the N.T. as Efraim where Yeshua visited). Dinner and Overnight at Ariel Hotel Thursday September 11, 2014 We will meet our IDF escort and visit Sebastia (Roman name) which is ancient Shomron or Samaria at the time of Yeshua's journey. [John 4:4 ] We will see the elaborate excavations of Roman columns and marketplaces that He saw. Likewise, here we will see the remnants and ruins of Omri’s Palace eventually the residence for Ahab and Jezebel. We leave Samaria (so‐called West Bank) for the coastal and magnificent remains of the Roman seaport of Caesarea. First lunch! Afterwards we will walk within the great theater and Hippodrome and grasp the vastness of Roman grandeur. This is where Paul was imprisoned and deported to Rome. [Acts 23] Not enough? We drive and make a short stop at Tel Megiddo at the mouth of the Jezreel Valley. Here is an ancient fortress site with evidence of 28 different historical levels. This site becomes the emblem of the Battle of Battles in an apocalyptic future. [Revelation 16:16] On to Beit Shearim, an ancient site of the most unusual burial caves in Jewish history. Hundreds of stone sarcophagi of Sage Rabbis are within cavernous mountain corridors. We will view an obscure stone carving that depicts the earth revolving around the sun dated 1200 years before Copernicus! This truly is a burial site of the "wise" sages of Rabbinical Judaism. Speaking of mountains, we will visit one of the most recognized of Biblical history, Mt. Carmel where Elijah did battle with Baal. [1 Kings 18] Let the fire fall! Then, on the way to the Sea of Galilee and our beautiful Spa Hotel, we will stop at the Mt. of Precipice where Yeshua's life was threatened [Luke 4:29‐30]. From there we get a "bird's eye view" of the entire Valley of Meggido (Jezreel Valley) with a distant view of Megiddo and Mt. Tabor. Friday, September 12, 2014 Today requires an early departure to our first location, the ancient Kabbalistic City of Zefat. We will visit 500 year old synagogues, learn about the mystical thoughts within traditional Judaism. We will roam and shop in the narrow and quaint streets of the Artist's Colony. Going north, we arrive at Caesarea Philippi. Here is where we hear Peter's response to the question, "Who do you say that I am"? [Mark 8:29]We will together acknowledge Yeshua as Messiah in the very place of pagan ritual sacrifices he did. For Romans, this was a spiritual vortex into the center of the earth and demonic worship, the place of the god Pan, half man, half goat. We will answer the question as to why Yeshua would depart to such a distant location for this single event in the Gospels. A five minute drive, we arrive at the Nature Reserve and archaeological remains from Abraham to King David at Dan. We will walk through the lush forests and rushing headwaters of the Jordan River from melted snows of Mt. Hermon. We then walk to view the other altar built by Jeroboam, to also replace the worship of God in Jerusalem. We continue our Nature Reserve walk to the actual gate of the City of Dan that Abraham would have walked through in pursuit of Lot. This stands as one of the most extraordinary and unexpected archaeological finds of Biblical history. We end with the reconstructed City Gates and learn of the procedures required to enter in accordance with customs. It was there that the famous inscription identifying and giving evidence to the historical verification of King David (apart from the Bible) was found. Our last stop on the way back to our Galilee Hotel will be Kibbutz Misgav Am. On top of a high mountain, and 100 feet from the down slope into Lebanon and Hezbollah headquarters, we will see it for ourselves. Over 100,000 missiles in view all pointed at Israel as we look at Syria and Lebanon from high in the sky and the unthinkable security concerns for the State of Israel. We arrive prepared to light candles and eat a beautiful Sabbath Dinner. Overnight Gai Beach Hotel Sunday, September 13, 2014 We will spend the Sabbath around the Sea of Galilee and the footsteps of Yeshua. We begin with a beautiful and peaceful Boat Ride across the Galilee arriving at Capernaum, Yeshua's ministry hometown. We will be exposed to archaeological remains of the actual site of Peter's home and the very Synagogue site at the time of Yeshua, with the added fourth century majestic synagogue built right over it. For those who want to daven (ritual Jewish prayers) on this Sabbath, we will provide time in the actual ancient Synagogue the way Jesus the Jew would have and as Jews do today. On to Tabgha, the traditional commemorative site of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes. Then, nearby we will visit the Church of the Primacy, the site where Jesus made breakfast! [John 21:1‐25] Here is where he reunites himself with the disciples and reinstates Peter. Nearby, we walk to the most likely, and very little known site, where Yeshua taught his Talmidim (disciples) the Sermon on the Mount in the Eremos Cave (and not on the mountaintop traditional site). This will be our most moving experience. We will then visit Bethsaida with its new expansive excavations. Next, on to Korazim to sit in the seat of Moses (the only one ever found) at the Synagogue where Yeshua surely visited and eventually prophesied the town's demise. Here we will truly stand in the footsteps of Yeshua. Always one more! On the way back to our hotel we will visit the new excavations at the actual ancient town of Migdal, to the surprise of archaeologists. Unexpected find. Within it is considered the earliest synagogue of the Galilee and surely one Yeshua prayed in. This is the home of Mary (Miryam) of Migdal (Magdalah). Hotel Dinner and overnight on the Sea of Galilee. Sunday, September 14, 2014 We will visit the actual spring of Gideon and the selection of the 300 at En Harod. We will read the story and see who "laps up the water"! [Judges 7] From there we are on to the extraordinary Roman Decapolis City of Schythopolis, the site of ancient Bet Shean where King Saul was nailed to the walls of the city. [1 Samuel 31] This Roman city was destroyed by an earthquake in the 8th century C.E. and immediately abandoned. Well, it's ALL there, Apian Way with its Roman columns, bathhouses, marketplace, and an elaborate public restroom! Take a seat! There we will also sit in the grand excavated Roman theater. We head down the Jordan Valley and visit a hardly known new discovery, the actual encampment (Gilgal?) of Israel after passing through the Jordan River. Archaeologists have already identified it with evidences of a major worship site from the time of the end of the 40 year wanderings and the conquest of Canaan. A short 30 minutes and we will be at Kaysir El‐Yehud, the most likely site of the water immersion of the Messiah in the Jordan River. [Matthew 3] Time permitting, some might want a reenactment immersion. We then will transfer into Palestinian held territory and visit the ancient and modern city of Jericho. It is our intention to visit not only the Kathryn Kenyon site (traditional dig that is coming under scrutiny) of the oldest city in the world but also visit (with permission) evidences of the Jericho of the Maccabees and of the time of Herod. I agree, it's time to get to a hotel… the Kalyia Kibbutz Guest House. We stay at a Dead Sea desert Kibbutz at the very lowest place on earth (approx. 1300 ft. below Sea Level) with beautiful amenities and grounds to get an evening under the desert sky. Very beautiful. We will be directly across from the Dead Sea Scrolls cliff site of Qumran Cave 1 and the Isaiah Scrolls discovery. Monday September 15, 2014 We start today with a 5 minute bus drive to Qumran, the site of the Essenes and the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. We will begin with a three screen video presentation and then to the site to view the scriptorium, Mikvaot (ritual baths) and understand the history and way of life of this prophetic eschatological community. No promises, but with favorable circumstances we will hike up to one of the caves. Then it is on to Masada, the mountain of refuge and three years of holding off the Roman Tenth Legion led by General Flavius Silva. The dramatic story, told by Josephus, leaves us stunned. We will cable car up (walking down the snake path is your "crazy" choice) to this plateau mountain top. There we will hear the story retold, visit the northern palace of Herod and the synagogue as it was when Elazar, the rebel leader, called for death by choice rather than fall into the hands of the pagan army of Rome. There we found the actual lots drawn for the systematic suicide pact that led to over 900 Jews dying by their own hand. We will discuss the ethical nature of this most controversial moment in Jewish history. In any event, this was a grand battle between the Kingdom of G‐d and the Kingdoms of this world: on top of a mountain in the middle of a desert at the lowest place on earth! You cannot make this stuff up! From there, after a 20 minute drive, we hike into the Nature Reserve and desert oasis where David hid from Saul, En Gedi. [1 Samuel 24:1‐2] We will see wildlife, especially Ibex, and after a hike to the "streams in the desert", we will swim under waterfalls where David himself surely swam as well. Wow! Afterwards, it is down to the Dead Sea for the "float" of a lifetime! After fun and showers we "Go up to Jerusalem". On the way, we stop on a desert mountain, take a camel ride, and have a Bedouin style dinner in a tent hosted by none other than "Abraham" himself at "Genesis Land". Check in and overnight in Jerusalem. Tuesday, September 16, 2014 We begin the day with a short visit to Haas Promenade for the best view of the Old City, Temple Mount and Mount of Olives available. Breathtaking! Then it is on to the Herodium, the artificially built mountain retreat of Herod where his actual burial site was recently found. We will ascend to view 360 degrees the entire Judean wilderness (what an experience) and the Herodium's spectacular excavations including a synagogue and an escape tunnel built during the revolt by Bar Kochba (which we ourselves will walk through the artificially constructed Herodian mountain). We then travel to Hebron and the Caves of Machpelah, the burial site of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs (except Rachel). We will also visit the actual original entrance to the ancient city of Hebron that Abraham walked on and visit with the few courageous and religious Jews who maintain residency there in the midst of 100,000 Palestinian Arabs!. This is really special. After a pizza lunch, we will travel west to Bet Guvrin and Tel Maresha. For these sites I recommend you do a web search. These are indescribable. On the way back to Jerusalem we will visit as many sites as possible (time permitting) including the newly excavated Qayfia, a city that qualifies the Davidic Kingdom (denied by liberal minimalist scholars). On the way we will travel and stop in the Valley of Elah where David met Goliath (Oy, such a meeting)! Overnight Jerusalem Wednesday, September 17, 2014 This day will be dedicated to the Passion Narrative, the last week of Messiah's life. We begin on top of the Mount of Olives. We will visit the Chapel of Ascension, the Pater Noster (The "Our Father" Monastery), overlook the Old City and Temple Mount and listen the guide describe the history of Jerusalem. We then walk down the slopes to the Dominus Flavit Church (Tear drop Church), the commemorative site of Yeshua crying over Jerusalem. We will view ossuaries of early Yeshua followers. On to the Garden of Gethsemane as we visit the Olive trees and enter the Church of All Nations with its over one billion tiles depicting that last dark night of Yeshua. From there we drive to St. Peter Gallicantu Church, the site of Caiaphas' House with its underground prisons. This is not to be missed. The Messiah was possibly tortured here given the remains of shackles and a vinegar bowl. From there we go back to the Lion's Gate (St. Stephen's Gate) to walk the Via Dolorosa (the Way of the Cross). We will follow almost every step of the way of our Lord on the way to Golgotha. Before we begin though we will visit the site of the healing of the blind man at the Pools of Bethesda. As a study tour we will challenge some traditions and as well visit sites rarely visited by groups but are of major significance given the Biblical record of the Passion Narrative. We will visit potentially the actual prison that Yeshua was kept in the Antonio Fortress (the site of Pilates conviction) and as well touch the very stepping stone exit gate moments before the crucifixion (recently excavated under a Russian Orthodox Church. This is a new excavation deep below a church. Then it is on to the traditional site of crucifixion, burial and resurrection ‐ the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Lastly, we traverse through the marvelous souk (the old city market place and busy alley ways) to the Damascus Gate and on to the "alternative" site of the crucifixion/resurrection, the "Garden Tomb". Dinner and Overnight Jerusalem Thursday, September 18, 2014 We journey back in time to visit to the City of David. We will start with viewing a 3‐D movie about the history of this place (hold on to your seats). We then work our way down to the excavation site of the foundations of David's palace and of course a 3000 year old toilet! It is amazing to descend into this Biblical masterpiece sloping down from the Temple Mount. We will visit the remnant of the mighty towers that loomed at its entrance. Then we enter the actual tunnel of Hezekiah, walking 1800 feet to the newly confirmed alternative site of the Pool of Siloam. If that is not enough, we begin our ascent to the Temple Mount and the Southern Wall Excavations at the Davidson Center. This newly excavated and currently underground stairway is the very stairway the Priests drew water from for a water libation at the Feast of Tabernacles. We will traverse the Southern Wall to the Monumental staircase used by Yeshua to enter the Temple Mount. Here there is so much to see and imagine! A short walk takes us to the modern Jewish Quarter where we will visit the "Burnt House". This unique presentation takes us down 30 feet to the ground level at the time of Yeshua and the destruction of the Temple. This house was found as a victim of the destruction of Jerusalem. A special hologram and dramatic presentation of the story of the Priestly family House of Kathros will be viewed. A few short moments away we will visit the Temple Institute. Here the "Temple Faithful" are preparing the utensils and garments for the rebuilding of the Temple. We will hear a teaching on their hopes and accomplishments. Lunch in the Jewish Quarter as we will view the famous Roman Cardo from the time of Hadrian. From there we experience the sobering Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, our last but surely not least, stop on this "more than you can imagine" tour. We began with Independence Hall and end with the unthinkable horrors that is at the core of the modern Jewish psyche, the Holocaust. We will devote the entire afternoon for this experience. We will prepare a special Farewell Dinner before departing to Ben Gurion Airport (9:30 PM) for our journey back to the U.S. Departure Ben Gurion Airport ‐ 11:30 PM Friday September 19, 2014 Arrive Philadelphia ‐ 5:20 AM ‐ Departure for Kansas City 7:10 AM Arrive Kansas City ‐ 10:10 AM Final Thoughts: Dear Friends, I have prepared the best 12 day tour to Israel that can possibly be provided. This will be my twenty‐second trip. Each time I go, I spend enumerable hours revisiting the maps and renew possible alternative sites based on the latest archaeological finds and other new opportunities in the Land of Promise. Keep in mind that though we will have a good cooperative tour group "ready for action" and circumstances "on the ground" being favorable, we cannot guarantee all sites as designated (true of every Israel tour group). But we will dedicate ourselves to that goal. At times, Security realities can affect our routes (very rare) or other events might cause us to make adjustments. But, I am absolutely confident that even if there are some changes, you cannot find a tour with these opportunities! Do not hesitate to call my personal phone at (913) 633‐1058 for any and all questions or write to me at [email protected] Cost: $4650 (based on 20 passengers) Cost includes: All flights, including the domestic flight round trip from Kansas City to Tel Aviv (we might be able to accommodate other cities ‐ please contact us), All Transfers, All Hotels, All Breakfasts and Dinners, Tour Guides each and every day of the itinerary, Buses, Entrance Fees and additional varied expenses per itinerary. Not included is the cost of lunches and tips (will be pre‐determined). A deposit of $500 (currently refundable) will guarantee you a seat. We will limit the group to 24 passengers (other tours fill a bus at 50‐55), because we want this to be a study tour requiring a more flexible and efficient touring dynamic than a large group can provide (e.g. twice as much time to get out of the bathrooms)! You can mail a deposit to and designate your check as Israel Tour to: Adat Yeshua, 8512 Stearns Overland Park KS 66212 THIS IS IMPORTANT: Do not hesitate to notify us of your interest immediately; even if you are not fully prepared to decide or go at this time. We want to work with you and help anyone who would consider going to not miss this trip of a lifetime.