To Kill a Mockingbird Project Rubric

Project Options for Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
Projects will be due on ____________
All projects should have a title that is not the title of the book.
Use a project heading on all project options (bottom right hand corner).
Do NOT use pictures from the movie or book covers in or on any of the project options!
These projects will also be graded on aesthetics and neatness.
You may not just print out pictures from the internet.
For each project option, consider the theme of the novel, the setting, the characters, the conflict, and the climax.
a) Create a video movie trailer for Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. The trailer must emphasize what you consider to be
the most important aspects and events of the book in a linear and coherent way. A written explanation as to why
specific scenes were selected for the trailer must be included. The explanation should explain why the scenes are
essential to include. Make sure that the trailer can be played on a PC. The trailer should be no less than a minute
and a half and no longer than three minutes.
b) Create a scrapbook of significant items, objects and/or events in Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. There must be at
least eight items included. Devote one page to each item (which should contain more than just a picture of the
item) and its significance. Each item must have a detailed caption (paragraph) explaining the significance of the
item in the story.
c) Create a self-help book. Select at least eight quotations from Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry which teach a life lesson.
Devote one page to each quote, explaining who said it, the context within the book, and the greater life lesson it is
teaching. There must be quotes involve interactions with at least four different characters included. In your
explanation, make sure to explain how this advice could help a person in the world today.
d) Create a soundtrack for Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. The soundtrack should include a cd cover and at least six
songs. For each song you should discuss why the song was selected. How do the song lyrics relate to the story,
how it is related to the book, lyrics, feeling/ emotion, etc. Each song choice explanation must be at least a
paragraph. Please attempt to make the project appear as much like a CD with a CD case as possible.
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Project Rubric
All requirements for the
All requirements for the
specific task chosen have
task chosen have been
been met completely in a
met as described on the
well-developed manner.
assignment sheet.
Project ideas are creative Project ideas demonstrate
and complex. Student goes some creativity beyond
beyond the assignment
assignment parameters
parameters to create a
and are developed fully.
unique product.
A variety of accurate
details are used to
demonstrate an insightful,
in-depth interpretation of
the entire book.
Visual Appeal
Extra effort evident.
Project is neat and visually
Writing is well-organized
and demonstrates thorough
command of all the
conventions of written
English. Clear evidence of
revision and proofreading.
Grade: _______
Accurate details are used
to demonstrate a
complete reading of the
book with some
interpretation beyond the
Project is neat and
visually appealing.
Writing is organized and
demonstrates a general
command of the
conventions of written
Most requirements for the
task chosen have been
met. Minor elements are
incomplete or missing.
Product meets only the
surface design
requirements without any
additional creative
elements. Ideas
demonstrate limited
Minor inaccuracies
indicate an incomplete or
solely literal reading of
the text. Limited details
Important requirements
for the task chosen have
not been met. The task
is incomplete.
Product follows
requirements to the bare
minimum. Ideas are
simplistic, meeting the
bare minimum.
Project is adequate
without demonstrating
effort at visual appeal.
Writing indicates a
limited command of the
conventions of written
English. More revision
and proofreading needed.
Project appears sloppy
and rushed. Little effort
Writing lacks
organization. Many
errors in spelling,
grammar, and
Many inaccuracies
indicate a partial
reading and inadequate
understanding of the
text. Lack of details.