Properties of Matter

Properties of Matter
A property of matter ________1________ how matter behaves. A behavior for
matter could be called a measurement. There are two types of measurements
______2_________ and ______3_________. ______4_________ measurements describe
matter without using numbers. Some examples could be ________5_______,
_________6______ and _______7________. _______8________ measurements describe
matter with numbers and units and could include ______9_________,
__________10_____, and _____11__________. Matters properties are the way we
study matter in chemistry.
A general property for matter describes how mater behaves in general and is
true for ______12_________ matter. Some examples are _______13________,
______14_________, and ______15_________. ______16_________ properties describe
how matter behave physically and can be observed without causing any
______17_________ to the composition of matter. _______18________ properties
describe how matter behaves chemically and can only be observed when two
or more ____19__________ of matter are mixed and new _____20_________ is
Matter can undergo two types of changes. The two types are ______21_________
and ______22_________. A _______23________ change only changes ______24_________
properties and does not produce new stuff. A _____25__________ change can only
be observed when two or more types of matter are mixed and new
_____26__________ is formed. Also, this type of change usually is accompanied by
signs to indicate this type change has occurred. These signs can include
________27_______, ______28_________, or ______29_________.
The _____30__________ of matter can be shown in a chart and includes terms to
describe the different _____31__________ of matter. The two major categories for
matter are _______32________ and _____33__________.