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August 2014 • Vol. 8 • No. 18
Delhi Gymkhana Club
2, Safdarjung Road,
New Delhi 110011
A monthly
inhouse newsletter
for private circulation only
Appeal and we hope to get a clearer understanding as to whether
the Club and its Members are at all liable for payment of this tax.
From the
Dear Friends,
eaching the age of 100 years is always a momentous event.
This is even more so when an institution such as the Delhi
Gymkhana with its large and varied membership completes this
milestone. It reflects a unique journey of togetherness where a
large number of distinguished individuals have collectively made
the Delhi Gymkhana Club the proud Institution that it is today.
The closing ceremony of the year long Centenary Celebrations
which commenced on 9th February 2013 were concluded on 3rd
July 2014 with Dr. Karan Singh, Former Maharaja of Kashmir as
the Chief Guest. The highlight of the event was the Black & White
Show depicting 100 years of Bollywood, reflective in some sense
of the evolving character of the Club over the years. The function
brought to a close a year-long series of events and celebrations,
musical evenings, vintage car rally, plays, debate, to name just a
few. It was also heartening to inform all Members on the occasion
of the closing ceremony that we are about to embark on a major
expansion of the Club’s infrastructure, which will hopefully see us
through the next 100 years.
The “Eminent Speakers Forum” was inaugurated on Sunday the
27th June with the Chief of Naval Staff Admiral R.K. Dhowan,
PVSM, AVSM, YSM, ADC as the Guest Speaker. His presentation
on “Indian Ocean Region and Maritime Challenges in the 21st
Century” witnessed an enthusiastic response from Members
with a packed house. The performance by the Naval Jazz band
immediately thereafter in the Centenary Bar provided a befitting
close to an exhilarating evening.
“Tennis with Vijay Amritraj” was organized by the Peninsula
Tennis Academy in association with the Singapore Tourism Board
and WTA on Monday 28th July 2014. The enthusiasm amongst
children to be with the Legendary Tennis Player who had won
his first major event on the Grass-Courts of Gymkhana Club was
there for all to see. I would urge the Outdoor Sports fraternity to
organize more such events which can enthuse our youngsters.
To update Members regarding status of Luxury Tax claims against
the Club, our Writ Petition was heard by the Delhi High Court on
17th July 2014. In pursuance of the Directions of the Court, our
account has been de-frozen pending final disposal of the Case.
As regards Service Tax, the Club is seeking early disposal of our
In an effort to stabilize the ever-increasing power tariff paid by
the Club, the General Committee has approved installation 100
KW capacity of Solar sub Station an Revenue Model by M/s
Azure Power, on the roof of the Main Building.. The Company will
supply the solar power to the club at the rate of Rs.6.50 per unit
as compared to approx Rs.8 per unit which the club is presently
paying to the NDMC with a provision for increase in the rates by
3% after every three years.
As Members are aware, the Club is facing a Writ Petition by Shri
Ashok Mehndiratta and 6 others regarding membership issues.
Based on legal advice, the General Committee has decided to
hold an Extra Ordinary General Meeting of the Members of the
Club at 10.00 am on Saturday the 23rd August 2014 to consider
the following amendments to Articles 2 and 8(7) of the Articles of
Association. The balloting on the two resolutions will be held at
the venue from 10.00 am to 9.00pm. Individual notices containing
text of the Resolutions and Explanatory Statements have been
posted to all permanent members.
Proposed Amendments
Article 2: The General Committee hereinafter mentioned may,
whenever the expansion of club is required, register an increase
of permanent Members upto 7500.
Article 8(7) With a view to maintaining the distinctive character
of the Club, the General Committee shall regulate the balloting
of candidate for membership of the club in such a manner that
the proportion of members who are officers of the Armed Forces
of India or Civil officers of Government continues to be about
half the total active membership. The remaining 50% vacancies
occurring in the Non govt Category would be filled up in the
ratio of 1:1 between the waitlisted UCPs (Use of Club Pending
Election)/Green Card holders and the other applicants registered
with the club under the Non Govt Category.
(For purposes of the above, Green Card holders are those who
have been dependents and on attaining the age of 21 years have
applied for Permanent Membership of the Club.
UCPs are those Green Card holders who have attended an “At
Home” and have been balloted in for Membership.)
The above resolutions will hopefully bring a finality to the matter
raised in the above Writ Petition in favour of continuing with
the past practice of providing for our UCP/Green Card holder a
separate quota for Membership, which has been in vogue since
1984. By increasing the overall membership we also hope to
increase the induction of the UCP/Green Card holders into the
category of Permanent Members.
I would, therefore, urge all Permanent Members to participate in
the EGM on 23rd August in support of the above Resolutions.
Vijay Chhibber, President
August 2014
Eminent Speakers Forum
our membership, a series of
lectures by Eminent Speakers
has being instituted. The Chief
of the Naval Staff, Admiral
RK Dhowan, PVSM, AVSM,
YSM, ADC who is also a long
standing member of our Club
very kindly consented to deliver
the inaugural lecture of the
series on the evening of Sunday
27th July on the subject: “Indian Ocean
Region and Maritime Challenges in the
21st Century”.
Despite being a Sunday evening, the
Admiral’s presence drew a packed house.
The President DGC, Mr Vijay Chhibber,
spoke on the raison d’etre for this lecture
series. He stated that our prestigious
Club was ideally placed to become the
focal point for topical discourses by
distinguished persons from all fields and
that the collective wealth of experience of
our members would provide an excellent
forum for informed discourse on a wide
variety of subjects. He thanked the CNS
for readily agreeing to launch the series.
Introducing the speaker, Vice Adm BS
Randhawa (Retd), Chair Administration
Sub Committee outlined the Admiral’s
outstanding career right from his
initial days, when he was awarded
the Presidents Telescope and later
the Sword of Honour, to his later high
profile assignments in operations, staff
and training, interspersed with sea
commands of IN ships Khuhri, Ranjit, and
Delhi. The Admiral’s Flag Appointments
included command of the Eastern Fleet,
Chief of Staff of the Eastern Naval
Command, Commandant of the National
Defence Academy, Deputy Chief of Naval
Staff and most recently Vice Chief of the
Naval Staff had provided an excellent
preparation ground for his present
assignment as the Naval Chief.
Admiral Dhowan’s inspiring address
enthralled the large audience The
talk covered a canvas as large as
the ocean itself, ranging from India’s
ancient maritime heritage, as revealed
by excavations and historical accounts,
when India’s Trade, Commerce and
Culture spread into the Indian Ocean
littorals by the maritime route. He
mentioned the neglect of maritime
dimension, particularly during the
Mughal era, which led to the colonisation
of South Asia. He mentioned that India’s
shipping and shipbuilding activities saw
a resurgence during the British era in
the days of sail and listed some of the
famous Indian built “men of war” which
survive till this day.
The CNS went on to stress the centrality
of the maritime dimension in today’s
world with 90% of the world trade being
carried by sea, though, regrettably, a
very small portion of India’s own trade is
carried in Indian ships. He spoke of the
urgent need to redress the situation and
concurrently the need to build a strong
and capable Navy to safeguard the
nation’s security, trade, natural resources
and other interests in the maritime
sphere. He explained that the Navy’s
role was not limited to warfighting but
also had constabulary, diplomatic and
humanitarian roles in times of Peace.
After the event the Admiral and Mrs
Minu Dhowan spent some time in the
Centenary Bar where they intermingled
with the members, with the lilting tunes
of the Naval Jazz Band providing an apt
Vice Admiral BS Randhawa
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August 2014
Annual Swimming Gala
heat of Delhi
on 29th Jun 2014
could not keep
from coming to
participate in the
Swimming Gala
their family and friends. The swimming
pool was decorated in bright colours
to welcome the cheering crowds
and the enthusiastic participants for
the Swimming Gala. The General
Committee had included the Swimming
Gala as part of the Closing Ceremony
of the Centenary Celebrations.
Mrs Reena Chhibber, the Chief Guest
declared the Swimming Gala open with
the release of balloons by the children as
also gave away the prizes to the winners
in the children category alongwith their
certificate of participation. The 80 plus
senior members were cheered all the
way as they swam their way to the
other end. The highlight of the gala was
in the Splash Pool wherein the children
age between 2 & 5 years participated
much to the delight of their parents and
This year’s Swimming Gala had a record
attendance of over 200 participants and
officials and an equal number of friends
and family to cheer them on. There was
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a constant stream of snacks and soft
drinks available, throughout the Gala
which was followed by lunch.
Due to the large number of swimming
events as also the sweltering heat it
was decided by the jury that the the
runners up and third position prizes of
the senior events would not be given at
the Gala. The runners up and third prize
winners are requested to kindly collect
their prizes from the Secretary’s office.
The winners of the senior events as per
convention would be given their prizes
at the Annual Sports Dinner to be held
in the month of November 2014. The list
of winners is also published alongside.
Col JP Singh
Chair, Outdoor Sports Committee
August 2014
Annual Swimming Gala
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August 2014
Swimming Gala: 29th June 2014 - Results
Children’s Events
Boys 6-8 Yrs
Any Style
1 Length
Winner Arav Malik
Runner Up
Third Place
Aadyant Baswan
Girls 6-8 Yrs
Any Style 1 Length
Winner Mira Singh
Runner Up
Third Place
Boys 8-10 Yrs Breast Stroke 1 Length
Winner Saurabh
Runner Up
Third Place
Arman Gulati
Girls 8-10Yrs
Breast Stroke 1 Length
Runner Up
Anya Katpalia
Third Place
Nandani Andlay
Boys 8-10 Yrs Free Style
1 Length
Krisha Chopra
Runner Up
Third Place
Shaurya Bawa
Girls 8-10 Yrs Free Style
1 Length
Anya Kathpalia
Runner Up
Tia Bhell
Third Place
Manya Jain
Boys 10-12 Yrs Breast Stroke 1 Length
Ayush Gupta
Runner Up
Arya Vohra
Third Place
Himmat Singh
Girls 10-12 Yrs
1 Length
Tarina Andlay
Runner Up
Third Place
Arshaya Jain
Boys 10-12 Yrs Free Style
Aarhan Nanda
Runner Up
Third Place
Girls 10-12 Yrs Free Style
Natasha Sobti
Runner Up
Third Place
Tarima Analav
Boys 12-14 Yrs Breast Stroke 2
Aryan Bhanot
Runner Up
Third Place
Girls 12-14 Yrs
Muskan Chopra
Runner Up Tara
Third Place Gyatri Sood
Boys 12-14 Yrs Free Style
Yashraj Shanker
Runner Up
Rohan Bhatia
Third Place
Aaryan Bhanot
Girls 12-14 Yrs Free Style
Tara Singh
Runner Up
Third Place
Boys 14-16 Yrs Free Style
Yashraj Shanker
Runner Up
Third Place
Rohan Bhatia
Girls 14-16 Yrs Free Style
Runner Up
Third Place
Boys 14-16 Yrs Breast Stroke 2Lengths
Uday Behl
Runner Up
Third Place
Girls 14-16 Yrs
Runner Up
Anaryah Rastogi
Third Place
Boys 16-21 Yrs Breast Stroke 2Lengths
Pranav Sood
Runner Up
Third Place
Girls 16-21 Yrs
Nivan Mamak
Runner Up
Rytin Vohra
Third Place
Boys 16- 21 Yrs Free Style
Runner Up
Pranav Sood
Third Place
Rohan Mehta
Girls 16-21 Yrs Free Style
Nivan Mamak
Runner Up
Third Place
(A) Green Card / Members Events
Gents Below 30 Yrs
4 Lengths
Prachetas Bhatnagar
Runner Up
Third Place
Cmde Sanjay J Singh
Ladies Below 30 Yrs
2 Lengths
Sakshi Chopra
Runner Up
Gents 30-40 Yrs Any Style 2Lengths
Col Bhanot
Runner Up
Anuj Sehgal
Third Place
Hemant Sood
Ladies 30-40 Yrs Any Style
Diya Vohra
Runner Up
Amba Singh
Third Place
Sonali Rawal
Ladies 30-40 Yrs Breast Stroke 2Lengths
Dia Vohra
Runner Up
Ambica Pant
Third Place
Sumit Chadha
Gents 40-50 Yrs Any Style
Runner Up
C D Bhanot
Third Place
Cmde Sanjay J Singh
Ladies 40-50 YrsAny Style
Amba Singh
Runner Up
Ambica Pant
Third Place
Gents 50-60 Yrs Any Style
Arvind Mehta
Runner Up
Anand Rajiv
Third Place
D S Malik
Ladies 50-60 YrsAny Style
2 Length
Winner Charu Walikhanna
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Runner Up
Ladies 60-65 YrsAny Style
1 Length
Anita Meattle
Runner Up
Madhu Sethi
Third Place
Madhu Bawa
Gents 60-70 Yrs Any Style
1 Length
Alok Mehiratta
Runner Up
Shiv Karan
Third Place
Ashok Chawla
Ladies 65-70 YrsAny Style
1 Length
Winner Madhu Sethi
Runner Up
Madhu Bawa
Gents 70-75 Yrs Any Style
1 Length
Vijay Soni
Runner Up
R Kherbchand
Third Place
Ashok Chawla
Ladies 70-75 YrsAny Style
1 Length
Dr Kiron Anand
Runner Up
Swaran Grover
Gents 75-80 Yrs Any Style
1 Length
Brig Ravi Mehta
Runner Up
S K Bawa
Third Place
H Singh
Gents 80-55 Yrs Any Style
1 Length
Mr Kapoor
Gents 85-90 Yrs Any Style
1 Length
Mr Bahl
(B) Medlay Relay Race(total One Event)
(A) Any Style, Team of 4
Sr Citizen 65 Yrs And Above(Ladies&Gents)
Col Bhanot
Runner Up
Mr Ashok Chawla
Third Place
Shiv Karan
Nitish Malhotra
Runner Up
Hemant Sood
Third Place
Arvind Mehtra
Boy Upto 30 Yrs 1
Alok Mehandiratta
Runner Up
Pranav Sood
Third Place
Arjun Mehta
Girl Upto 30 Yrs 1
Niwan Mamak
Runner Up
Sakshi Chopra
Third Place
Radhika Mehta
(B) Any Style Team Of 4
Sr Citizen Above 65 Yrs&Above (Lady/
Col Bhanot
Runner Up
Arvind Mehta
Third Place
Cmde Sanjay J Singh
Alok Mehandiratta
Runner Up
Shiv Karan
Girl upto 16 Yrs
Winner Natasha Sobti
Runner up
Tara Singh
Boy upto 16 Yrs
Aaryan Bhanot
Runner Up
Arjun Mehta
Collecting plates
Children below 10 Yrs
Runner up
August 2014
Centennial Celebrations Conclude
The Chief Guest Dr Karan Singh received MC Kanwal Chaudri
commences the
by President Vijay Chhibber
The Chief Guest signs the Centennial Scroll
Gen Waraich introduces the Chief Guest
President Vijay Chhibber makes his Report of the Century of DGC
The audience is all set to enjoy the evening
The Chief Guest Blesses the Club
The Chief Guest cuts the Centennial Cake
President presents a memento to the Chief Guest
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August 2014
Centennial Celebrations Conclude
The show begins…
…with dance numbers from the celluloid world
President felicitates the Programme
Director of ‘100 Years of Bollywood’
Old timers would recall
this scene
An appreciative audience
Old friends meet
Works and Housing Sub Committee
ew Projects’ 3-D Model and heritage themed
foundation stone statuette of the various facilities
by the Consultant Architect is on the final stages and
will be demonstrated for the club members soon.
In the Solar power segment, our club is one of the
first institutions in the city of Delhi to go on with
solarisation by installing equipment to generate
100 KW grid power on the rooftop of main building.
Slowly and gradually we plan to expand and harness
solar power to its full potential.
The main kitchen has been commissioned and
handed over to the F and B division for food production in new environment
and equipment. The pastry and take away counter has also been shifted from
the alcove and integrated in the confectionary section of the main kitchen.
In the project work of Ladies cloak room and Bridge Room, the Bridge playing
members will have the facility ready on 15 September. The Bridge Room
portion of the building will also be displaying high ceiling features akin to our
main building instead of the low ceiling. However, ladies cloak room portion
will be ready by 25 September since the interior work has more details in this
After the accidental falling off of the false ceiling of Kashmir lounge restaurant,
renovation work with high ceiling heritage theme has been adopted similar
to the character of our main club house. Concurrently, efforts have been
accelerated with NDMC to get the re-roofing work of this wing (from Blue
room to Cards room stretch including the Kashmir lounge bar and restaurant)
sanctioned/released as soon as possible. The old roof of British era has
outlived its life and needs to be replaced with RCC slabs to last for another
100 years.
Accounts Branch office in the Secretariat is next on the agenda of the SubCommittee for renovation work so as to furnish maximum table/working
space to the clerical staff and accountants. Tenders are being floated soon
for competitive bidding.
Suneeta Trivedi
Chair, Works and Housing Sub-Committee
Bridge Results
JuLY 2014
1st Mr A Virmani, Brig VK Sawhney, Mr Dilip
Colhlo, Mr Yogesh Tiwari, Mr Arun Jain and Mr
Mukesh Shivdasani
2ndMr DD Gulhati, Dr Vikram Jain, Brig DN
Khanna, Mr Vijit Bery, Mr Jasjit Singh
3rd Mr S K Sethi, Col Narendra Singh, Maj Gen PR
Dhawan, Mr Arun Kumar, Mrs Sunita Singh
1st Mr GS Sial - Brig BC Rana
2ndMaj Gen BK Kalra - Brig SK Walia
3rd Mrs Nina Shergill - Mrs Sarita Sharma
1st Mrs Sneh Lata Singla - Mrs Meera Bakshi
2ndBrig VK Sawhney - Col R Vasudeva
3rd Mr Kawaljit Singh – Mr Jaspal Bakshi
Delhi State Bridge Championships: Pairs event
Dr Vikram Jain & Mr DD Gulhati secured the First
Position and will now represent Delhi at the Inter State
Championships to be held in Patna in September.
Out of the top 5 positions, 4 were won by Gymkhana
players as 2nd position was taken by Mrs Meera
Bakshi & JS Bakshi; 3rd was taken by Sheena Khorana
& Kawaljit Singh; 4th was taken by Rinku Singh & Brig
DN Khanna; 5th was taken by Urmil Agarwal & Partner
Goa India Open Bridge Tournament: T4 event the
team of S Sunderesan, Arjun Sawhny, Tapas Benerji,
Nita Banerji stood fourth. In the pairs events our club
members S Sunderesan & Arjun Sawhny stood 3rd and
Tapas Benerji, Nita Banerji stood 7th.
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August 2014
Book Club
In a very motivated discussion supported by a power point
presentation, Author and Journalist Nitin Gokhale, discussed
his book : Beyond NJ 9842 : The SIACHEN Saga. He laid bare
the difficult terrain and living conditions under which the troops
posted on the Siachen Glacier were living and operating. He
has penned this book based on personal visits to forward posts
in the inhospitable region of our country and based his narrative
Poet and Novelist Keki N Daruwala read out excerpts from
his latest novel ISLANDS : Short Stories, to an attentive
literature hungry audience. His stories circle around solitary
tracts of land creating islands amongst themselves.
Sometimes his islands are physical land masses and other
on interviews with personnel posted there. The book is well
illustrated with some never before seen photographs which
highlight the inhospitality of the battleground. A special
mention was made of our own members, Gen Amarjit
Singh and Col N Kumar, in his book. Coincidentally both
were present for the talk.
times islands within his own mind. A former police officer,
Daruwala, had often lead a life of solitude during his various
postings. It is on these tenures he learn’t to live within himself.
The result he shared with the audience through his latest
Special felicitations and welcome from
an admirer and friend
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August 2014
Finance Sub Committee
Due to a recent newspaper reports
there is apprehension in the minds of
some of our members that this nonpayment was an oversight on part of
the Club. Quite to the contrary, this
was done under well considered legal
The Club has paid a sum of Rs 386.32
lacs up to Financial Year 2008-9,
under protest, towards Luxury Tax in
March 2012.. The next demand for
Rs 292.81 lacs, for Financial Years from 2009-10 to 201112 was raised by tax authorities in March 2013. In the
meantime on 15 March 2012 the Ranchi High Court gave
a ruling that, on the basis of mutuality, clubs do not have
to pay Service tax. The previous General Committee, after
consideration and competent legal advice, took the view
that on the same principle of mutuality luxury tax should also
not be payable by clubs. Our Club therefore withheld the
payment of Rs 292.81 lacs, and filed an appeal to Assistant
Commissioner & Commissioner (Luxury Tax). The present
GC again sought legal opinion which re-affirmed that as a
members club Luxury Tax should not be payable by us, and
that if our appeal gets rejected we would seek relief from the
Delhi High Court.
The Commissioner (Luxury Tax) finally heard and rejected
our appeal on 1 July 2014, the Order for which was received
by us on 4 July 2014. We immediately filed a Writ Petition
with the Delhi High Court on 10 July 2014, and informed
the Commissioner on 11 July 2014 that we had filed this
petition and had obtained a Stay Order. Notwithstanding
this, we received a Notice from Deputy Commissioner (Taxes)
on 14 July 2014 to pay Rs 292.81 lacs within 3 days, and
then without even waiting for the notified 3 days the same
Authority passed an Order on 15 July 2014 to our Banks
asking them to freeze Club Accounts held with them. As we
were already in Court we were able to get a quick hearing,
and on 17 July 2014 the Hon’ble High Court ordered that we
should pay 50% of the demand i.e Rs. 145 lacs by 21 July
2014, and that the attachment of our Bank accounts be lifted
forthwith. This amount of Rs. 145 lacs was paid immediately.
Members will be glad to know that, as we had anticipated
this and also moved the Hon’ble High Court, our Club’s
functioning was not hindered even for a day.
The matter is now where it has to be ultimately decided i.e
the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi. Luxury Tax is a State subject,
and they will now decide its legality and whether to be/or not
to be imposed on a Members Clubs in Delhi.
Karamjit S Bedi
Chair, Finance Sub-Committee
Sportsperson of the Year 2013-14
Tanvi Khanna has been nominated
as Sportsperson of the Year 201314. She has learnt squash at Delhi
Gymkhana Club under the guidance of
Bhuvneshwari Kumari.
Some of her achievments are 1. Secured 3rd place in the girls
under-19 category at the Asian Juniors
Championship in Kish Island, Iran
2. Secured 3rd place in the girls team event in The Asian
Youth Games held in China in 2013.She finished 5th in
the individual category.
3. Secured 3rd place in the Junior Squash Nationals held in
Indore in the girls Under-19 category.
4. Participated in the British Open in 2010-11 and the US
Open in 2012.
5. Participated in three Asian Junior Tournaments (2011-13)
and finished in the top 8 consistently in the under-17
category in 2013.
6.Participated in The World Junior Squash Tournament
held in Poland in 2013.
7. Winner of the DDA Open in the under-17 category in
January 2013.
8. She has been Captain of the Modern School Squash
Team 2 years in a row and
was voted ‘Most Valuable Player’ for the same period.
9. Was awarded the Principal’s Award for Best Sportsperson
in 2013-14.
Roll of Honour
Rijul Arora s/o Radhica and Satish
Delhi Public School,
Mathura Road
Class XII
Kabir Singh Chhatwal s/o Ikjot and
Maj. Balbir Singh
Vasant Valley School,
Vasant Kunj
Class XII
9 • www.delhigymkhana.org.in
Niyati Mutreja d/o Anuradha and
Amit Mutreja;
Granddaughter of
Sudarshan and
VK Mutreja
Class XII
August 2014
The Championships - Wimbledon 2014
The All England Lawn
Tennis and Croquet Club
and the Lawn Tennis
Britain jointly organise the
famous championships at
the well manicured grass
courts of Wimbledon. The
Championship which is
now over a hundred years
old is a manifestation of the
famous English tradition,
perfection and a lesson on flawless organisation. Added to all
the drama is the presence of top tennis players of the world
jostling to exhibit their tennis playing prowess.
At the North end of the court is the International Box, where
members of the Federations and members of the International
Lawn Tennis Clubs (IC) are seated. This year Sanjeev Kassal
and I were honoured guests from India. Mr Anil Khanna, the
President of the AITA was also conspicuous by his presence
at the International Box.
The Indian presence at the championship ended at the quarter
final stage, in the Men’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles and Ladies
Doubles. Somdev Dev Burman lost in the first round of the
Men’s Singles. Leander Paes, Rohan Bopanna, Sania Mirza
were all in action but it’s a great pity that besides these
oldies there were no new comers from the Indian tennis.
The Women’s Final turned out to be a tame affair with
Euginie Bouchard going down in straight sets (6/3, 6/0) to
Petra Kvitova of the Czech Republic. Serena Williams fell
to Aliza Cornet of France and with the elimination of Maria
Sharapova the Womens event lost its colour.
The Men’s Final was rated amongst the best in recent years.
Novak Djokovic is great and he played a brilliant, bruising
tournament but we all know that Federer is the greatest.
Djokovic knows it too, as he charmingly conceded in the
post match celebrations. Alas for all those who watched
Wimbledon it was probably the nearest we will ever get
to seeing Federer win the trophy again, and adding to the
seven titles that he already has. Finally it is the youth which
prevailed. Djokovic, five years younger and not without
strength of will showed that he had that fraction more when
it mattered. The frailty of a great champion is a sad thing to
see, but Federer stole the heart of the fans.
Major Yogesh Prasad
Centennial Debate - Is Internet a Bane? Or a Boon?
President Vijay Chhibber inaugurates the Debate
The MC and Time Keepers take over
The Judges listen with interest
An appreciative audience listened in rapt attention
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The FOR Team
August 2014
Letter to Editor
lot has happened since we last
‘met’ in July. This month’s issue of
Club Life is chock-a-block full of
events conducted as part of our Annual/
Monthly/Centennial Events. We carry
all the features to cover these events
and in the bargain disappoint some of
our contributors for not carrying their
‘promised’ features. Those that know
anything about this publishing business
will know the problems that an Editor
faces in trying to ‘please all’!
My Turn
Lately, we have received numerous
reports from our members of delayed
deliveries of Club Life or in some cases
of ‘no deliveries’. Let me explain. Club Life is planned to carry all the
news of events in the preceding month. Right till the last day of the
month, we have events and we need to carry their reports. While we
do start compiling issues well in advance, they only get compiled
during the first 2/3 days of every month. Then there is the ding-dong
battle between the Editor and the Designer to layout the issue and
fit in all the material. Give that another 2/3 days. We target the issue
to be ready every month not later than 7th of each month. If all goes
well we email the electronic copy to all members the same day/night.
Printing is done over another 2 days. Add to that 2 days for despatch
and deliveries by courier and we are on the 10th day of each month.
We, therefore, advise our members to look out for electronic versions
by 7th day of each month and the printed copies on or about the 10th
day of each month. Mind you all this under ideal conditions and when
contributors co-operate!
A word about our print run. We have inherited a mandate to print only
7000 copies. These are meant for despatch to members based in the
NCR only. Posting of hard copies to overseas members or members
outside the NCR is not being done. Allocated finances do not permit
the cost of printing more copies and the cost of courier for outstation
despatches. We need to look into this aspect in coming months.
In this age of ‘soft copies’ and electronic mail, would it be too much
to ask our members to opt for the electronic version of Club Life so
that we print even less copies. In any case I request all members to
kindly update the Club secretariat with their latest email address as
well as their mobile telephone numbers. We are using a fair amount
of electronic facilities – SMS and email - to communicate with our
members. Not only will you get your copy of Club Life promptly, you
would receive Notices and information about events well on time.
I wish to congratulate you
on the pictorial events at
the Club. I am now a Super
Senior Member and am
unable to participate in the
many interesting meetings
and events that take place
from time to time. Receiving
the Club Life is something I look forward
to because it is very informative and gives
the feeling that I have not missed anything.
The Presidents letter is very informative and
so are the notes from the Sub Committees.
The pictures of the events really give me a
feeling that I have actually participated and
not missed out on anything ! Please keep
up what you are doing to keep folks like me
connected. I like the hard copy because I
find it convenient to carry around . I guess I
am old fashioned and not all that computer
Looking forward to the next copy !
Indra R Jerath
Members Achievements
Jyotika Simran Sood (P6781) daughter of Cutie Kajal
Sood and Pradeep Sood (U1524), grand daughter of Late
RC Sethi and Anita Sethi (L1698) has passed her MBBS
final exams from University of
Liverpool UK with distinction
and has been offered a place to do an Inter
collation in Imperial College London in the
field of Assisted Reproduction.
We are coming to the end of another year at the Club. The AGM is due
next month and with it will be elected the new General Committee.
This thus leaves me just one more issue to do (Sep) before I hand over
the responsibility – I will not call it ‘pass the baton’ nor do I think I will
part with my favourite pen – to someone nominated as the Editor from
amongst those elected to the next General Committee.
Happy Reading!
Atul Dev, Editor
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Sean Lovett (G-6008), son
of Amita & Simon Lovett,
MBE (U-0626) and Grand
son of Karan & Uma Sarwal
(P-2360) received his PhD.
(Physics) from University of
Cambridge, UK.
We congratulate achievers
from our club
August 2014
Book Club Events
New Provisions As Per Companies Act 2013
Government of India has replaced Companies Act 1956 with Companies Act
2013. The new Companies Act is available with the Secretary for perusal, if
required. The major provisions affecting the club are given below for information
of all members.
(a) Section 25 changed to section 8 in the companies Act, 2013
(b) Notice of interest u/s 184(1) to be taken on record in the first GC meeting
after the commencement of new Companies Act, 2013 and the same is
required to be filed with ROC.
(c) Notice of disqualification u/s 152(4) & (5) to be filled with ROC within 30
days of appointment as a director
(d) No person can be appointed as director unless he has been allotted a DIN
as per Section 152(3) as per Companies Act, 2013.
(e) Change in depreciation policy from the current rates to useful life of the
asset w.e.f. 1.4.14 and this could have substantial impact in the Profit &
Loss A/c due to increase in the amount of depreciation as compared to
previous years.
Friday 8th August 2014
6 pm to 7 pm
Dr SK Pachauri, IAS (Retd)
Reads from his book
Ayodhya: Debacle, Divide
and Dividend
The storming of the Bastille in
1789 in Paris is comparable
to the demolition of Babri
Masjid Ram Janm Bhoomi
structure in 1992, the cataclysmic event almost
two centuries later resulting in riots worldwide. This book is an attempt to evaluate the
events and circumstances in a new light. The
manner in which efforts were made to avert
the tragedy and how all efforts succumbed in
the face of polular sentiments leading to the
avoidable tragedy. The failure of institutions
and safeguards to prevent such an incident
from occurring is also in focus.
(f) Notice of consent to be appointed as director to be submitted along with a
deposit of Rs 1 lakh and refunded only when the candidate gets elected or
gets atleast 25% votes in his favour as per section 160 of the Companies
Act 2013 (257(2) As per Companies Act 1956)
K Natwar Singh
(g) General Meetings to be held during business hours i.e. 9am to 6pm and
cannot be held on National Holidays.
One Life is Not Enough
(h) Director to vacate office on remaining absent from all the meetings of the
Board of Directors held during 12 months with or without obtaining leave
of absence
Col OP Malhotra (Retd)
Our heartfelt condolences to the families of the following members who
passed away. May their souls Rest in Peace.
Friday 22nd August 2014
6 pm to 7 pm
Discusses his latest book
Former Minister in charge
of External Affairs, Kunwar
Natwar Singh’s autobiography One Life Is Not
Enough is an account of the veteran’s life as
a bureaucrat, politician, and cabinet minister.
Natwar Singh talks about his experiences in
Delhi’s political corridors and sets the record
straight on several events, including the Volcker
controversy. Singh has played a significant role
in Indian politics for more than twenty years and
has been a part of some of the most epochal
events of independent India, including IndoChina talks and the formation of Bangladesh.
Friday 29th August 2014
Brig Gurbux Singh
Maj Gen Kailash
Col YP Chadha
Mr RS Talwar
6 pm to 7 pm
Mr DS Kapur
Dr Kusum Ansal
Reads her poems
Pilgrimage to a
Mysterious World
Mr Krishan Kumar
Mr Anand Bhasin
Mr Deepak Varma
Mr Ravi Shrinagesh Mrs Shakuntala
Photographs of Lt Gen Sahdev Sahgal (E-0045) is not available.
Editor: Atul Dev
[email protected]
+ 91 98 102 34579
Kusum Ansal is a renowned
name in the Indian literary world
and has many books to her credit. A prolific
writer, Ansal has penned 25 books, including
short stories, poetry collections, novels,
travelogues along with her autobiography.
Her new collection of poems, Pilgrimage to
a Mysterious World, describes the various
spiritual journeys she has undertaken.
Views expressed in the articles are those of individual
members and not the official views of the Club.
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