3rd Octo Dear Pa The last Novem ever ex Howeve

3rd Octo
ober 2012 Dear Paarents The lastt academic year was w
wonderful fo
or Redhill. Following ou
ur Ofsted inspection in November 2011, th
he school w
was judged tto be Outstanding. This was follow
wed by our highest ever exam results. Howeveer, the goveernors of Reedhill are no
ot content tto 'rest on o
our laurels'. We are alw
ways looking for ways to
o improve the school fu
urther so w
we can provide the bestt possible education and caree for pupils. Redhill has the opttion to convvert to beco
ome an Acad
demy schoo
ol. After con
nsidering th
he pros and con
ns, the goveernors belieeve that beccoming an A
Academy maay have som
me benefitss for the school aand its pupiils. We think the time iis right to co
onsult you o
over whether or not to
o convertt. We wou
uld be grateeful if you w
would read tthe Consulttation Document. This can be foun
nd on the school websitee at http://w
h.uk/. If you would preefer a paper copy please p
phone the sschool, and a copy will be sent home with yo
our child. Th
hey are also
o availablle from receeption. t
There w
will be consu
ultation meeetings for p
parents on TTuesday 16th
October aat 7pm and for th
staff on
n Monday 29 Octoberr at 3.30pm. Please let us have your question
ns and viewss, by email, letter or by attending tthe meetinggs. The con
nsultation p
period will eend on Fridaay 9th Novem
mber. Goveernors will n
not be making a decision
n on this im
mportant issue until afteer consultattion has ended and wee have fully consideered your views. Yours faaithfully Linda B
Bonehill Chair off Governors