Siraj aims to instill a love of the Arabic language

Qatar Sustainability Week, an initiative by Qatar Green Building
Council, aims to further engage the community in a wide range of
sustainability-oriented activities.
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Siraj aims to instill a love
of the Arabic language
from an early age
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EDUCATION Siraj, Qatar Foundation’s (QF’s) new
3D ‘edutainment’ children’s TV series, which is designed to take children aged 2-8 on an educational
journey of discovery, while instilling a love of the
Arabic language from an early age, was launched
on 5 November 2016. The event was held at the
Ceremonial Court in Education City, in the presence of Her Excellency Sheikha Hind bint Hamad
Al Thani, Vice Chairperson and CEO of Qatar
Foundation, other dignitaries, and guests. A large
number of children, and their families from across
Qatar also participated.
Siraj follows Rashid and his older sister Noura,
along with a group of friends. Their adventures,
set and inspired by Qatari landmarks, aim to en-
Making your diet colorful with
fruits and vegetables
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tertain and educate, while stimulating creativity
and innovation through imagination.
Her Excellency Sheikha Hind bint Hamad Al
Thani said: “Preserving the Arabic language requires us to work together, encouraging our children
to learn our language and uphold our culture.”
She added: “Siraj touches on innovation through
the use of modern technological tools, such as a fun
and interactive app, allowing our children to develop
their skills in classical Arabic anytime, anywhere. As
a multifunctional educational tool, Siraj also helps
parents and teachers provide exciting and interactive content that encourages creativity in children.”
Siraj stems from QF’s belief in the importance of
engaging Arabic families, outlining their role in the
transfer of linguistic knowledge as well as the importance of ingraining a love of the Arabic language
from an early age.
Each episode is dedicated to a specific letter of the
Arabic alphabet, and centers around helping children learn the Arabic language (Fus’ha).
At the start of each episode, viewers are introduced to a switched off library lantern – Siraj –
which is the main source of light and serves as
a metaphor for knowledge. The lantern has 28
buttons/icons, each representing a letter. Rashid
and Noura’s mission is to bring this lantern back
to life by learning the Arabic alphabet, and, at
the end of the episode once each adventure is
completed, an icon glows.
“Our joint medical
collaboration with HMC is also
testament to the network of
care that continues to advance
in Qatar with the help of QF”
Peter Morris, Chief Executive Officer, Sidra
Medical and Research Center.
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Siraj is the result of a regional collaboration, and
utilizes the very best of GCC and local Qatari talent,
including voice actors, cartoonists, and illustrators.
The series is produced by Lammtara Art Production, whose owner Mohammed Saeed Harib, created the acclaimed UAE show Freej.
Children can also enjoy the educational Siraj
app.The iPad app, which can be downloaded from
the online Apple store, is designed to improve children’s literacy skills in Arabic through engaging
and interactive games.
A new episode of Siraj will be launched every
week, and in total, there will be 30 episodes.
The series will be available online via
QF entities mark Think Pink through a
number of fun and informative events
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“The early years
are perhaps the
most critical time
in a person’s life,
when we can
prepare them
for success not
just in education,
but in all other
spheres of life”
WISE engages
local educators on
Early Childhood
Education in Qatar
n The World Innovation
Summit for Education
(WISE), an initiative of Qatar
Foundation (QF), recently
concluded a series of highlevel meetings in Paris and
Brussels focusing on the
current refugee challenge
to European education
sectors. The WISE Prize
for Education Laureate,
Dr Sakena Yacoobi, was a
featured speaker.
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Hamad Bin Khalifa University
reveals new brand identity
Sidra surgeries in collaboration
with HMC save two young lives
HAMAD Bin Khalifa University
(HBKU), a member of Qatar Foundation (QF), has revealed a new unified brand identity and a new website,
as it published details of its 10-year
strategic plan.
The brand reveal comes after a
period of major growth for the university that saw the launch of several
new colleges, programs within the
university, and the enhancement of
existing programs and centers.
Since its formation in 2010, HBKU
has built a solid reputation of academic excellence through a growing
roster of innovative programs, each
tailored to suit the needs of Qatar
and the region, and each designed to
utilize the significant and expanding
research capabilities of the university.
The HBKU Strategic Plan 20162026, focuses on four pillars – excellence, people, innovation, and
partners – and highlights the need to
further integrate the university’s specialized, multidisciplinary academic
programs and research activities to
create an innovative, interdependent
ecosystem. This assimilation is mirrored in HBKU’s new brand identity,
which unites the university’s various
components within one consistent,
singular identity.
Her Excellency Sheikha Hind bint
Hamad Al Thani, Chairperson of the
Board of Trustees of HBKU, and Vice
Chairperson and CEO of QF, commented: “While HBKU will forever
be firmly rooted in its Qatari heritage,
the launch of a new brand identity
marks the beginning of an exciting
new chapter for the university.
search Center, a member of Qatar
Foundation (QF), has announced the
successful completion of two highly
complex urological surgeries by Dr
Joao Luiz Pippi Salle – considered
to be one of the few experts in the
world specializing in bladder exstrophy surgery.
The life-altering surgeries were
conducted on a 19-month old from
Central Asia and a 17-month old
from Ghana. Both patients and their
families were flown to Qatar through
the combined efforts of QF, the Association for Bladder Exstrophy Community, Sidra, and Hamad Medical
Corporation (HMC).
Commenting on the children’s
progress, Dr Salle said: “We are
pleased to report that the first phase
of the children’s surgeries has been
successful, and that they are now out
of intensive care. The children and
their families have been very brave
given the stress and endurance in the
lead up to the surgeries and post recovery process.
“One of the patients also required
orthopedic reconstruction of the
pelvic bones. The children are still
under observation, and will be in the
recovery unit for several weeks. This
is where we will monitor their bladder function, and ensure that they
are healing. Their care, however, will
be ongoing, and could potentially
involve further surgeries and procedures in the future.”
Bladder exstrophy is a rare urological disease that affects one in 50,000
babies. Depending on the type of
“HBKU’s new identity reflects
its innovative approach to offering students high-quality researchbased education, while the 10-year
plan will help ensure the university’s development is in line with its
strategic objectives, and matched to
the economic and cultural needs of
the nation.”
The new brand is the result of significant consultation with stakeholders across the university and also
with the leadership of QF. The new
HBKU logo is based on one of the
prominent geometric shapes found
in Islamic architecture: the triangle.
Patterns based on the triangle
can be seen extensively across the
HBKU buildings within Education
City, linking HBKU to Islamic heritage and culture, while also signifying an embedded intellectualism. It
also contains a beautiful combination
of the initial letters of the university’s
name, HBKU, in both Arabic and
Latin characters, signifying HBKU’s
role as a locally focused, but globally
minded, academic institution.
“HBKU’s new identity reflects its
innovative approach to offering students
high-quality research-based education,
while the 10-year plan will help ensure
the university’s development is in
line with its strategic objectives, and
matched to the economic and cultural
needs of the nation”
SUCCESS Sidra Medical and Re-
Doctors perform a highly complex bladder exstrophy surgery
exstrophy, patients can be born with
complex urological structures including a malformation of the bladder
and improperly formed pelvic bones.
Repair of the exstrophied bladder
requires surgical reconstruction that
can be highly complex. A child with
exstrophy may undergo multiple surgical procedures, associated lengthy
hospitalizations, and many repeated
outpatient visits and treatments.
The complex surgeries were conducted at Hamad Hospital by a medical team comprising Sidra and HMC
pediatric surgeons and anesthesiologists. Both children’s surgeries took
close to eight hours.
Peter Morris, Chief Executive Of-
ficer, Sidra, said: “We are immensely
proud of the team at Sidra, and the
humanitarian role we have been able
to play in changing the lives of these
two wonderful and brave children.
Our joint medical collaboration with
HMC is also testament to the network
of care that continues to advance in
Qatar with the help of QF.”
WISE engages local educators on Early Childhood Education in Qatar
Qatar Foundation opens unique school for children with autism
AWARENESS The World Innovation
Summit for Education (WISE), a Qatar
Foundation (QF) initiative, recently hosted a gathering for about 140 local educators featuring a ‘World Café’ workshop to
encourage discussion on ways to support
Early Childhood Education in Qatar.
The engagement follows the publication of WISE Research on Early Childhood Education last year.
WISE teamed up with Cambridge
University, UK, local partners from
the Ministry of Education and High-
AUTISM Reflecting its ongoing commitment to helping students reach
their full potential, Qatar Foundation (QF) has opened Renad Academy – a pioneering educational
facility dedicated to children diagnosed with mild to moderate Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
The academy will provide an
optimum learning environment
for young children aged 3-5 years,
with classes being delivered by
highly qualified, specialized facul-
er Education, Qatar Academy, and
Qatar University’s Early Childhood
Center for the half-day engagement
at Hamad Bin Khalifa University, a
member of QF.
Stavros Yiannouka, Chief Executive
Officer, WISE, said: “The early years are
perhaps the most critical time in a person’s life, when we can prepare them for
success not just in education, but in all
other spheres of life.” He said the gathering was an opportunity for participants
to understand the sci-
ence behind the Early Childhood Education program, and the policies that can
make that success a reality.
The workshop was an opportunity for
the participants to express their diverse
views on ways to improve Early Childhood Education through teacher training, involving parents, and greater recognition of the importance of play.
Dr Asmaa Al Fadala, Director of
Research, WISE, encouraged participants to take “an active role in
exploring these topics.”
She said the gathered contributions
“will help to inform our ongoing research” in exploring ways to support
Early Childhood Education at all levels in Qatar.
Participants voiced a need for more
research within the Qatar context, rather
than applying the findings of research
done elsewhere.
They also called for teachers to be
allowed a greater role and more responsibility in forming Early Childhood Education policies.
ty and staff. Children will receive
daily teaching in addition to parent
and caretaker training, which includes individual coaching, group
sessions, family support, and help
in setting up the right home environment.
Buthaina Al Nuaimi, President
of Pre-University Education at QF,
said: “Autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder in the
world, and we have a crucial role
to play in society where we are
committed to providing excellent
education and services for children
with ASD. Children often need
support in communicating, interacting, and absorbing information.
As educators, our aim is to help
prepare the students for adulthood,
by providing the right support for
their future.”
Dr Muhammad Waqar Azeem, is
the Chair Department of Psychiatry, Sidra Medical and Research
Center; Chair of National Autism
Working Group; Vice Chair of Autism Forum, at World Innovation
Summit for Health, an initiative of
QF; and a board member of the
committee working on the establishment of the school. He said: “Renad
Academy will be a state-of-the-art
school, serving children with autism
and their families. This institution
will address a major need in Qatar,
and it represents a step in the right
direction for the advancement and
inclusion of the whole community.”
DIFI conference
discusses the
impact of war on
Arab families
PLATFORM Regional and international policymakers participated in
Qatar Foundation (QF) member
Doha International Family Institute’s
(DIFI’s) second Annual Conference
on Family Research and Policy, to
discuss ‘The Impact of Wars and
Conflicts on Arab Families’, from 1718 October 2016, at the Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC).
Various issues were discussed, including formation, socio-economic
impact of wars on families, gender
dimensions, and the role of public
policies in promoting and protecting
the well-being of Arab families in ongoing conflict.
Emphasizing the crucial role of
the conference in informing future
policies, Noor Al Malki Al Jehani, Executive Director, DIFI, said: “Families in the Arab world are under tremendous threat due to the ongoing
conflicts in many parts of the region.
By hosting this conference, we aim
to shed light on the short-term and
long-term impact of wars and conflicts on the family unit, and on men,
women, and children. We hope to
identify the policies that are needed
to respond to the new challenges.”
The second edition of the Osra
Research Grant was also announced.
The grant aims to fund research on
the impact of conflict on family formation and breakdown, parent-child
relationships, and the policies related
to these topics.
The first day of the conference
provided participants with a unique
platform to address the impact of
conflicts on family formation and
breakdown, and social and economic
development, as well as a country’s
demographic structure in terms of
fertility, mortality, and migration.
“Today, the destruction of the social and economic infrastructure due
to conflict is tearing families apart
and destroying communities. It is
our collective responsibility to do all
we can to preserve families that are
under threat,” urged Her Excellency
Sheikha Hessa bint Khalifa Al Thani,
Special Envoy of the Arab League
Secretary General, for Humanitarian
Affairs, who was one of the panelists.
The second day of the conference featured a session on the role
of non-governmental organizations
in providing humanitarian relief and
support for people and communities
affected by wars and conflicts.
QF R&D launches digital magazine
QNL adds further 25,000 Arabic titles
ROTA signs MoU with AFIF Charity
NU-Q professor chosen for fellowship
n Qatar Foundation Research and Development (QF R&D)
announced the launch of its new digital magazine R&D Impact. The
digital magazine uses multimedia technology to showcase the vital
role of Qatar’s research and development ecosystem, and can be
downloaded from Apple’s App Store and Google Play in Arabic
and English.
n Qatar National Library (QNL), a member of Qatar Foundation,
has signed a license agreement with the Obeikan Digital Library,
enriching its online resources collection with an additional
25,000 Arabic titles to benefit students, researchers, and the
wider community of Qatar. The new online database will give QNL
members the opportunity to use the Ethraa Knowledge database.
n Reach Out To Asia (ROTA), a member of Qatar Foundation, has
signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with AFIF Charity
to promote co-operation and joint initiatives that aim to engage
children and youth in quality education programs. The MoU
establishes a framework to support marginalized communities and
crisis-prone countries with low educational indicators.
n A Chicago theater that focuses on nurturing playwrights and
developing new plays has selected a professor from Northwestern
University in Qatar (NU-Q), a partner university of Qatar Foundation,
as one of its five new resident playwrights. Susan Pak, Assistant
Professor in Residence, will spend the semester with Chicago
Dramatists as a resident playwright.
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Supermarket Shopping Tour
Noora Al Kuwari guided participants around Lulu Express, advising them on what fruits and vegetables should be consumed,
what are better options as organic produce, what to look for in
food labels, and what ingredients to avoid. Participants learned
to look for products that have more fiber, less added sugar, and
contain more fruits and vegetables compared to others.
THE recently held Nutrition Awareness Campaign that ran
across Qatar Foundation (QF) for one week gave community members a new and interesting perspective on
consuming fruits and vegetables, and also encouraged
them to adapt a healthier lifestyle by focusing on basic
elements of the health food pyramid.
This year’s theme was ‘Color Your Plate With More
Fruits and Vegetables’, and revolved around how QF
community members can incorporate more fruits and
vegetables into their diets, in a variety of ways. Dana Kabbani, Nutrition Services Supervisor, Food and Nutrition
Services, QF, said: “This year we had to keep the theme
concise. Based on findings from clients and the nutrition
clinic, we had found that, although QF community members are healthy, there is an issue with not consuming sufficient fruits and vegetables.
So we decided to focus on fruits and vegetables – variety
and types consumed – and encouraged QF community
members to avoid concentrating only on what they like,
but to try and explore new varieties, especially as we live
in an environment characterized by different cultures and
eating habits.”
A week-long series of nutrition-based activities took
place all around QF. These included daily nutrition tips
on screens across QF, Healthylicious cooking classes, supermarket shopping tours, a healthy recipe contest, organic produce booths displaying fruits and vegetables,
fruit carving classes, and a change in food menus across
QF (including contractors and vendors), to include more
fruits and vegetables and exclude unhealthy food products
such as soft drinks, chips, chocolates, etc.
Dessert options were also made healthier such as banana bread pudding.
Organic Farm Produce
Organic local and seasonal farm produce was on display at QF member Hamad Bin Khalifa University's Student Center. The booths were very colorful, and offered information on different organic fruits and vegetables.
Grade 6 students from Qatar Academy Sidra, a member of QF, paid a visit as part of Nutrition Awareness
Week. Kabbani told QF Telegraph: “It was a good opportunity for students to learn more about the different
kinds and quality of fruits and vegetables they should consume; micro and macro nutrients for their age; different colors and what these colors are good for – for instance, red is good for the heart.”
The booth offered information on the benefits of buying organic, and what is good to purchase even if it is
non-organic; how to store fruits and vegetables; and how to maximize shelf life for these products.
Healthylicious Cooking Classes
Cooking classes that featured healthy recipes were conducted for children, students, and adults. Food and Nutrition Services collaborated with Qatari Health
Coach Noora Al Kuwari for these classes, and the feedback was very positive.
Kabbani said: “Students who live in dorms are more inclined to order food from
outside instead of cooking their own healthy food. Also, the children’s cooking classes were so popular, we had to add an extra session.” Recipe booklets
were also distributed during the cooking classes, with additional information
about nutrition and exercise.
Start your day with
a good breakfast
Color your plate
with more fruits and
Go for low-fat dairy
products (milk,
yoghurt, laban)
Drink at least eight
cups of water a day
Eat three main
meals and at least
two snacks a day
Eat the right amount
of calories for you
Limit sugar intake,
and avoid added
Get physically
active, and remember to fuel your
Use a smaller plate
with more fruits and
Switch to wholegrain products
and choose lean
(low-fat) protein
Eat less fat, limit
saturated fat, and
avoid trans-fat
Plan and prepare
your meals and
snacks in advance
(QSW) 2016’ FROM 13-17
The week-long QGBC initiative
will serve as a unique platform
to promote the nation’s
sustainability vision as well
as community engagement
with relevant stakeholders.
The initiative will showcase
the efforts of Qatar’s public
and private sectors, providing
the support, co-ordination
and expert advice needed to
unite under an overarching
umbrella to achieve the
nation’s sustainable
development goals.
Qatar Sustainability Week
will provide an opportunity
for the various stakeholders
to showcase their innovative
and practical solutions
to the environmental
challenges facing Qatar and
the wider region.
The QGBC tent will open
its doors on 13 November
2016 and will promote
a sustainable mode of
transport through exhibiting
the first sustainable peoplemover system in QF and QF
smart city.
For more information,
visit http://www.
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Nancy Hendryx
Job Analyst, Human Capital Directorate, talks about her work at
Qatar Foundation (QF), as well as her hobbies and future goals.
What are the highlights
of your job role?
My main role is to develop, review,
and refine job descriptions. To do
this, I must be familiar with roles
throughout the organization, from
breeding specialists to archivists
and 3D ultrasound technicians, so I
have the privilege of interacting with
colleagues throughout QF.
Katara! I am president of the Doha
Dragons team. The sport is fantastic
exercise as well as great social fun.
Anyone may join us on a Friday
morning to try it, free of charge.
Some ladies paddle with us in
abayas. We get wet, but it’s a water
sport! E-mail [email protected] and our new-member
chair will schedule you. Maybe we
could form a QF team!
What does working at
QF mean to you?
It has been a wonderful opportunity
for me to work side by side with
Qataris. Previously, I taught at the
American School of Doha and,
although I interacted on a daily
basis with students, teachers, and
administrators from all over the
world, I had no Qatari colleagues.
Qatar and QF represent an
incredible opportunity to influence
and effect rapid and powerful
change. It is a very exciting place to
work, and I am delighted to be here.
What is your passion?
I love to travel. I recently attended
the World Nomad Games in
Kyrgyzstan, where they had built
a village of 500 yurts – a portable,
round tent – in a mountain gorge,
with horses and hunting eagles
everywhere. The next Games are in
2018 – mark your calendar! Other
recent destinations include Cuba,
North Korea, and Uzbekistan.
Do you have any
creative hobbies?
I write, play mandolin, and collect
art. I strongly recommend everyone
to visit the current exhibits of work
by Dia Al Azzawi and Mahmoud
Obaidi at Mathaf: Arab Museum
of Modern Art, Museum of Islamic
Art, and Katara.
What are your favorite books?
My all-time favorite book is The Cat
in the Hat by Dr Seuss. Other books
I have enjoyed are Marina by Carlos
Ruiz Zafon; Daughter of Fortune
and its sequel, Portrait in Sepia, by
Isabelle Allende; and Honeymoon in
Tehran by Azadeh Moaveni. I always
carry a book with me to make
productive use of waiting times.
What is your favorite
place in Qatar?
On the water in a dragon boat at
What would you say are your
future goals?
Languages and communication are
my personal passion. Here, at the
Education City Clubhouse, I have
taught Spanish, English, and Arabic
classes since 2012.
When I arrived in 2009, I was
surprised to find that English was
so widely used. It is certainly a great
advantage to know English, but
Arabic should be a cultural priority
here. I am very pleased to see
initiatives such as WORAL (World
Organization for the Renaissance of
the Arabic Language) and the strong
encouragement of reading, writing,
and publishing in Arabic.
My personal goal is to provide
basic Arabic literacy to those who
come to Qatar to live and work.
Dia Al Azzawi exhibition opens in Mathaf
QATAR Foundation member Mathaf:
Arab Museum of Modern Art is hosting a major exhibition by internationally acclaimed Iraqi artist Dia Al Azzawi, titled ‘I am the cry, who will give
voice to me? Dia Al Azzawi: A Retrospective (from 1963 until tomorrow)’.
Qatar Museums (QM) is staging the
exhibition, which takes place simultaneously at Mathaf and the QM Gallery Al Riwaq for the first time, covering 9,000 square meters and including
more than 500 works. It opened on 16
October 2016 at Mathaf and one day
later at QM Gallery Al Riwaq, and will
run until 16 April 2017.
Curated by Catherine David, Deputy Director at Centre Pompidou in
Paris, the show examines the artist’s
career, starting as an art student in
Iraq in the 1960s. Works spanning 50
years across a range of media are featured, including painting, sculpture,
drawing, print, and artist books, incorporating original and limited editions
Azzawi’s ‘Homage to Baghdad’ on display
of artworks on view for the first time.
Dr Abdellah Karroum, Director at
Mathaf, said: “With Dia Al Azzawi’s
retrospective, Mathaf is continuing the
museum’s mission of revisiting art histories and narratives that redefine the
region. The artist is also a witness
of his time and, in this case, his
work is in many ways a response
to political and social change.
Al Azzawi was an integral part
of cultural movements since the
1960s and still is today.”
Spanning two venues across Doha,
the retrospective aims to map an itinerary of modernism, and profiles the
practice of the Iraqi artist. The retrospective is organized into two parts,
with each tracing a trajectory of the
artist’s practice.
As part of the exhibition, collectors’
items inspired by Al Azzawi’s collection are on sale in QM retail outlets
across Qatar, including a selection of
silk scarves.
The Ceremonial Court was filled
with curious and excited children
and their families during the
launch of Siraj, Qatar Foundation’s
new 3D animation ‘edutainment’
TV series. The guests enjoyed the
scenic setting as Rashid, his sister
Noura, and their friends were
introduced to the community
by Mohammed Saeed Harib.
Filled with fun, the event aimed
to promote a love of the Arabic
language among young children.
Student Spotlight
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WCM-Q alumnus encourages students
to seize opportunities as QF graduates
young people,
and gives
them the
message that
there are
many paths to
Students get the chance
to hone MUN skills
at Qatar Leadership
NU-Q hosts
n Northwestern
University in Qatar (NUQ), a member of Qatar
Foundation, kicked-off
a week-long initiative
to promote research
opportunities for its
students. During Research
Week, faculty and
students at NU-Q engaged
in pioneering research in
various areas including:
analyzing the news
and media industries in
MENA countries, trends
of media use, health
communication studies
and strategies, the media’s
role for national identity,
and digital literacy.
the Top
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Students get the chance to hone MUN
skills at Qatar Leadership Conference
CONFERENCE Students from across
Qatar and the region were given an
opportunity to develop management
skills at the fifth annual Qatar Leadership Conference (QLC) at the Qatar
National Convention Centre between
20-22 October 2016.
Organized by THIMUN Qatar, a
program under Qatar Foundation’s
(QF’s) Pre-University Education
(PUE), in collaboration with QF
partner university Northwestern
University in Qatar, the conference
saw the participation of more than
600 students, and 80 teachers from
almost 15 countries. THIMUN Qatar is a partnership between THIMUN Foundation and PUE.
The 2016 edition of the conference consisted of 145 workshops
that focused on developing skills
in MUN (Model United Nations),
leadership, entrepreneurship, and
film and media studies.
Buthaina Al Nuaimi, President of
PUE, said: “PUE is proud to host
an event of such caliber, and it is
of utmost importance to us that our
students learn and develop their
leadership skills from a young age.
In keeping with the Qatar National
Vision 2030 of moving toward a
knowledge-based economy, this
conference aims to not only build
the students’ confidence, but also
encourage them to be risk-takers,
and leaders, who lead and inspire
everyone around them.”
Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulla
Al Thani, a Goodwill Ambassador for QF member Reach Out to
Asia, and the first Qatari to climb
the highest summits in each of the
seven continents, presented a session on ‘Follow Your Dreams’. He
told QF Telegraph that he appreciated the opportunity to meet and
speak to students directly. He said:
“In Qatar, everyone has access to
every resource needed. As such, we
have no excuse not to follow our
dreams and chase success. What
young people need to do is to plan
long term. They need to think about
what they want to achieve in 20
years, and what they can do now to
achieve those goals.”
Calling it a ‘leadership incubator’,
Lisa Martin, Head of THIMUN
Qatar, said: “This conference inspires young people, and gives them
the message that there are many
paths to leadership. It involves taking risks and accepting failures, and
working through their fears by following their interests, and exploring
all options available to them. Any of
them can be leaders if they choose
to; they just need to have faith, and
keep pushing boundaries.”
She explained that the conference featured a number of keynote
addresses that aimed to motivate
young minds, and that the speakers
who achieved success on their own
terms – through their dedication,
hard work, and go-getter attitude
– were able to truly make a connection with the participants.
In her welcome letter, Alreem
Al Khater, Grade 12 student, Qatar Academy Doha (QA Doha), a
member of QF, who is the QLC
General Secretary, said: “Our vision
for QLC 2016 is for participants to
be able to move forward and incorporate everything they have learned
at this event, and transform their
experiences into creating positive
changes in their communities.”
Abdulla Al Qahtani, Grade 12
student, QA Doha, was one of the
student presenters, and his topic
was ‘Debating and Persuasive
Skills’. He told QF Telegraph that he
was proud to have the opportunity
to share his knowledge and experience with other students and participants. He said: “Two years ago,
I could not even address a small
crowd. But opportunities like this
have helped me gain confidence
and develop my skills, as a leader
and a communicator. These are
great opportunities for us to learn
from successful influencers from
around the world, and even our
peers who are presenting on various subjects.”
Participant Rashid Al Suwaidi, a
Grade 10 student at QF member
Awsaj Academy, described the conference as ‘an awesome experience’.
He said: “It was very interesting to
listen to the inspirational speakers.
I know that if I keep trying, I can
achieve success too. Such conferences teach us that by being patient
and committed, we too can build a
better future for ourselves.”
Qatar is one of only three destinations in the world that hosts THIMUN conferences, Singapore and
The Hague being the other two.
Baljevic, it was a special homecoming,
and for the students of Weill Cornell
Medicine-Qatar (WCM-Q), a Qatar
Foundation (QF) partner university,
it was a meeting that was inspirational.
A class of 2010 graduate from
WCM-Q, he returned to the college
to discuss his research in multiple
myeloma, a form of blood cancer, for
the latest installment of WCM-Q’s
Grand Rounds. He was also the keynote speaker at the Dean’s List award
Dr Baljevic, who is originally from
Bosnia and Herzegovina, was offered an Emiri scholarship in 2001 to
come to Doha and finish high school
at QF’s Qatar Academy. The scholarship was extended as a university
academic scholarship for pre-medical and medical studies at WCM-Q,
where he graduated from with honors
in research.
After graduation, he completed
residency training in internal medicine at the NewYork-Presbyterian
Hospital, Weill Cornell Medical
Center in New York, and fellowship
training in hematology and medical
oncology at the University of Texas
MD Anderson Cancer Center.
In addition to his fellowship training, he pursued a Master of Science
degree in Clinical and Translational
Research at the University of Texas
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, with the aim of receiving additional training required for a role as
principal investigator on cancer clinical trials, a longstanding ambition.
Dr Baljevic is now looking forward
to leading his first clinical trial, which
will investigate the efficiency of new
drug combinations for treating multiple myeloma in patients who develop
resistance to proteasome inhibitors.
He told QF Telegraph he believes
the partnerships QF has built with
world-class universities will yield
Mueanrawee Thaneetho
Student enhances
skills to become
diplomat at GU-Q
Dr Muhamad Baljevic spoke at WCM-Q’s recently held Grand Rounds
transformative results. He said: “Wisdom and selflessness of a strategic
program of this nature is far reaching
and multigenerational, and only time
will show its full impact on local, regional, and global development in the
education, research, and healthcare
sectors, not just for the state of Qatar;
they are already revolutionizing the
quality and expertise of both medical
care, education, and research for the
entire region.”
He added: “Being a QF or WCMQ student means incredible opportunities are at your fingertips. Following
your dreams and realizing your vision
is a real possibility, if one only pursues
them with honesty, determination,
and passion. It is a playground for the
dreamers, but also those willing to live
in the reality of academic rigors and
standards that grace every institution
of any study in QF.”
Speaking to the students, he emphasized the need to possess high ethical
and moral principles, and be governed
by an insatiable desire for acquiring
new knowledge. “Being part of the
global health community, and following the vision of QF as an active
student or an alumnus, you need to
embrace innovation through creativity
which will propel you to the vanguard
of clinical and research trends in medicine. Lastly, be mindful that medicine
is always a calling first, profession second, and only lastly a job.”
He advised students to engage
in any field of study with a lifelong
commitment toward excellence and
expertise. “Do not be discouraged by
failures, but rather embrace them as
a valuable learning opportunity from
which to grow.”
QDB launches Startup Weekend Doha with HBKU
INNOVATION Qatar Development
Bank (QDB) launched a new edition of ‘Startup Weekend Doha’, from
13-15 October 2016, in collaboration
with Hamad Bin Khalifa University
(HBKU), a member of Qatar Foundation (QF), with the active involvement
of 40 participants from across Qatar.
Participants formed teams who
took part in the competition, attended
brainstorming sessions to help them
shortlist a selection of ideas, and developed their concepts into workable
business models.
In their endeavor to build the basis
for a feasible project, participants were
supported by a team of appointed spe-
cialists who discussed the projects with
their respective owners to prepare the
participants for their final presentations.
The teams delivered their final presentations in front of a panel of judges.
Finalist teams qualified on the basis of
their idea’s creativity and innovation,
as well as the viability of their proposed project’s development.
Adam Al Saadi, Director of the Career Development Center, Student
Affairs, HBKU, said: “It is important
that we at HBKU build connections
with well-reputed organizations, such
as QDB, that are working to enhance
the human capacity of the nation.
By welcoming QDB to the HBKU
Student Center, we are grateful that
our students, our fresh graduates, and
our more established alumni have the
opportunity to learn more about developing entrepreneurial skills.”
During the latest edition of Startup
Weekend Doha competition, Team
Ahlan Gifts secured first place, Team
Karage came second, and Team Wain
came third. Malek Deeb (SFS ’18)
and John Robling (SFS ’19), students
of Georgetown University in Qatar,
a partner university of QF, were part
of the victorious team, and won the
prize for their fledgling online Arabic
gift store at the conclusion of the final
presentation ceremony.
I SECURED admission in
Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q), a partner university of Qatar Foundation (QF),
through the regular admission
process – where you have to
submit your standardized testing, your personal statement,
one essay concerning any global issue, etc.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand is sponsoring
my education, and this implies
that I am going to be a diplomat
once I graduate. This was one
of the reasons I chose to study
at GU-Q.
Every year, the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs in Thailand
gives out scholarships to senior
Thai students, and after a nationwide exam and interviews,
one recipient is selected for the
scholarship. This entails that
your bachelor’s and master’s
degrees will be sponsored, as
well as guaranteeing a job as a
Thai diplomat.
Once all of this is over, we
look for schools that not only
ensure you become an educated person upon graduating,
but also a well-rounded person,
who has a clear understanding
of what he or she is pursuing.
My experience at GU-Q has
been good. I came from a community of scholars, and the
majority of my close friends
go to universities like Harvard
in the US and Cambridge in
the UK. Choosing to be in the
Middle East is quite bizarre
to them as most of them are
aware of the region, but don’t
really know about QF or GUQ, for instance.
My friends always wondered
if I would regret my decision,
but given the option again,
I would still choose to come
back here. This place has given
me a very unique perspective,
and allows me to live the best of
both worlds by having a western education. If I had picked
any other university to study, I
wouldn’t have learned as much
as I did here, especially about
myself and my role in society. I
am very grateful for this.
This place has a lot to offer –
job opportunities, internship
opportunities, etc. I have an incredibly busy schedule. I intern
here, as well as at the embassy.
Sometimes people wonder if
I am slacking off because I have
a guaranteed job, but that only
means I face more pressure.
I always feared if I would be
competent enough for the job,
but GU-Q groomed me well.
The professors are fantastic and this is what I like the
most about GU-Q. We have a
personal relationship with professors, and they know you as
an individual. I am not just a
random name on a roster sheet,
they recognize me personally,
and understand me on that level. I am a person with qualities
they can remember. The professors are close mentors, and
available for you anytime.
I have two more years to
go. Upon graduation, I will
be going back to the Ministry
of Foreign Affairs in Thailand
for training, and will then get
posted abroad. Given my experience, it is likely to be the Middle East.
Mueanrawee Thaneetho
Student, Georgetown University in Qatar
Write to us: [email protected]
QF entities mark Think Pink through a
number of fun and informative events
A number of Qatar
Foundation (QF) members –
including Qatar National
Library (QNL), Sidra Medical
and Research Center, and
Hamad Bin Khalifa University
(HBKU) – organized various
‘Think Pink’ events to raise
awareness on the important
issue of breast cancer.
Janet Botha, Librarian, QA
“According to the Qatar Cancer
Registry, breast cancer is the
most common form of cancer
in women, accounting for 31
percent of cancer cases in
Qatar. Often, the cancer is only
diagnosed at an advanced
stage. For these reasons, I
believe it is vitally important for
all of us to use this opportunity
to highlight the
importance of
breast cancer
awareness, ways
to prevent it,
diagnose it and
treat it. Educate
about this
and get
Wadha Al Khori, student, and
President of the Big Movement
at CMU-Q
“Big Movement is a club that
promotes acts of kindness and
community building. Breast
cancer has a presence within
the Qatari community, and
many women have it. Another
misconception we wanted to
tackle was that men don’t get
breast cancer. They do, and we
wanted to make sure our male
student body understand that.”
Sidra Medical and Research Center
A breast cancer awareness lecture and
workshop for patients and visitors was
held at Sidra Outpatient Clinic on 10
October 2016.
Conducted in both English and Arabic, it was organized by Sidra’s Health
Promotion team in co-operation with
Qatar Cancer Society (QCS), to promote the importance of screening for
the early detection and prevention of
breast cancer. Those who attended the
workshop were given information on
how to recognize the signs and symptoms of breast cancer through a model
Dr Eman Nasralla, Head of Community Relations and Events at Sidra,
said: “Regular screening and mammograms offer a way for women to reduce
their risk, and take control of their futures. We want to empower them to do
just that. Our dynamic team of health
promoters will also be on hand to assist
with any queries related to the topic.”
In addition, Sidra teamed up with
Primary Health Care Corporation
(PHCC) to host a lecture for its staff.
The session covered important information about breast cancer, and
highlighted the screening options
available in Qatar. The PHCC team
provided information on how to
schedule an appointment for mammogram screenings.
Qatar Biomedical Research Institute
Two scientists at HBKU’s Qatar Biomedical Research Institute (QBRI),
Dr Manale Karam and Dr Julie Decock, held a community talk on ‘Breast
Cancer: From Discovery to Biology
and Treatment’ at the HBKU Student
Center on 20 October 2016.
HBKU also set-up informational
booths at the HBKU Student Center, the Gulf Mall, and Qatar University, where members of the community
could learn more about the prevalence
of breast cancer in Qatar and the region, as well as measures women can
take to reduce risk of the disease.
Dr Decock, a researcher investigating breast cancer immunotherapy at
QBRI, commented: “This awarenessraising campaign helps people better
understand how diet and environment
contribute to the development and progression of cancer, and helps to make
the public more aware of the benefits of
screening and early detection.”
QF Schools
The Student Council of Qatar Acad-
emy Doha (QA Doha), a school under QF's Pre-University Education,
organized a campaign to raise awareness on combating breast cancer,
and also held various activities on
the non-uniform day to raise funds.
A check for almost QR 35,000 was
handed over to representatives from
Maha Al Romaihi, Deputy Director, QNL, said: “We are delighted to
have raised money for such an important cause. Our students engage with
the activities, and are committed to
working with accredited entities such
as QCS, to tackle the prevalence of
cancer in Qatar.”
Raka Singhal, Teacher and Coordinator for the Student Council at
QA Doha told QF Telegraph that students wanted to go the extra mile to
make a difference. She said: “Think
Pink is a very relevant topic; most of
us know of someone who has dealt
with cancer so all of the students were
invested in the activities.”
At Qatar Academy Msheireb, staff
were encouraged to wear pink to
mark the month, and awareness campaign posters were put up to encourage staff and parents to participate in
awareness activities.
Qatar National Library
QNL collaborated with the National
Center for Cancer Care and Research
(NCCCR), QCS, and PHCC to organize a breast cancer awareness event
entitled ‘Go Pink’ at the HBKU Student Center on 15 October 2016.
Commenting on the event, Amani Al
Yafi, Information Services Librarian,
QNL, said: “QNL is invested in the
well-being of the local community, and
is constantly collaborating with various
local institutes to create activities and
projects that engage and benefit all
members of the community.”
QF Partner Universities
During theirThursday Majlis, Carnegie
Mellon University in Qatar (CMU-Q),
organized sessions on breast examinations.The student-run organization Big
Movement also held sessions on breast
cancer. Georgetown University in Qatar students recently hosted a breast
cancer awareness drive, which included
a fundraiser that helped raise more than
QR 100,000 for QCS, and was organized by the university’s student-run
Women’s Society and Development
Club. Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar
also organized a Pink Day for staff, students and families of Education City.
Ahmed Al Hajari, Grade 12 student,
and President of the Student
Council, Qatar Academy Doha
“We had two activities – the
non-uniform day, and the rose
day, through which we were able
to raise funds for this
important cause. We
have organized Think
Pink events for many
years now, and we
are delighted
to be able
to make a
Moza Khalifa Alkowari,
specialist - Molecular basis of
hearing loss, Sidra
“The lecture was very helpful
and encouraged me to do the
test. I hope next time they can
include some real stories in the
lecture to learn about real life
experiences and treatments.”
us on:,
Follow Qatar Foundation on: ,
, Snapchat username: QFSNAPS
“We are very
excited to
with Qatar
once again
this year, in
an event that
is aligned
with QF’s
to health and
Reigning champions make a winning start in University League
Qatar Foundation’s (QF’s) popular University
League recently got under way, enabling keen
footballers to display their shooting, dribbling, and
tackling skills at Education City.
The eight-a-side league, organized by QF in
collaboration with the Qatar Football Association,
consists of two groups of four teams with the top
two in each progressing to the semi-finals.
Matches are played every Thursday, with
two games played per night. Games consist of
two 25-minute halves, and the first match of the
campaign – on 20 October 2016 – saw last season’s
two finalists in action, with reigning champions
Qatar University defeating Qatar Aeronautical
College 2-0.
The second match saw two QF partner
universities in action, with Texas A&M University at
Qatar defeating Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar
2-1 in a clash of last season’s beaten semi-finalists.
Mohammed Al Saoud, Head of Recreation
Services, said: “The University League offers a great
opportunity for the community to come together to
participate in a much loved sport of the region.
“The tournament not only highlights the sport,
but also plays an essential role in encouraging
university students to adopt a healthy lifestyle
through such sports. We are very excited to
collaborate with Qatar Football Association once
again this year, in organizing an event that is aligned
with QF’s commitment to health and wellness.”
A Better You
Botanical terms
Arabic name: Mikhalah/
English name: Kohl jar
Definition of the term
Kohl is a powder from a
special stone known as
Ithmid. Kohl powder is used
for the eye’s healing. The
word Mikhalah refers to
a small glass or metal jar
in which kohl is reserved,
being used to put kohl in
the eyes. Mikhalah is made
up of two parts; Mayl or
Mirwad, which is a thin rod
to place the powder in the
eye. The other part is the
jar or the container that
preserves the kohl powder.
Botanical term in the Holy
Qur’an and Hadith
Ibn ‘Abbaas says: “The
Prophet of Allah (Peace
Be Upon Him) said: 'Use
kohl made of ithmid on
the eye. It brightens the
eyesight, and strengthens
and increases the growth
of the eyelashes'.” Ibn
‘Abbaas also used to say the
Prophet (Peace Be Upon
Him) had a small container
for keeping kohl, from
which he applied some in
each eye three times every
Mishkat Al Masabih
Ahmed El-Gharib
Assistant Researcher
To find out more about
the Qur’anic Botanic Garden,
email: [email protected]
Write to us: [email protected]
WCM-Q seminar explores mental
health, the law, and patients’ rights
THE challenges of providing mental
health services in a growing and diverse
community were discussed at a seminar
organized by Weill Cornell MedicineQatar (WCM-Q), a partner university of Qatar Foundation, and hosted by
Hamad Medical Corporation.
The purpose of the Mental Health
Care, Law and Patients’ Rights
seminar was to bring together various
stakeholders, including medical and
health professionals, legal and social
services, law enforcement and others,
to find ways to work together to meet
the mental healthcare requirements of
Qatar’s diverse and growing community.
The importance of providing
access to adequate and appropriate
mental health services, and identifying the challenges facing Qatar, was
acknowledged. These include the need
for continued investment in infrastructure, recruitment and training of
personnel, the need to overcome barriers to access, and the establishment
of a comprehensive legal framework
to protect the rights of both service
providers and users.
The nature of Qatar’s diverse, constantly changing, and growing population presents many challenges for
medical professionals, their patients
and other stakeholders. Language
barriers, varying social and cultural
attitudes to mental illnesses, difficulty
accessing medical notes, transient
living and working habits, and the
responsibility to provide mental health
services to patients who may be vulnerable, confused, reluctant to accept
help, or in detention, are just some of
the challenges.
Cold sores are not dangerous and clear after a week
COLD sores are caused by the herpes
simplex virus, and are characterized
by small fluid-filled blisters around the
mouth that may feel itchy or tingly.
The virus that causes them is highly
contagious, and many people contract
it when they are young after coming
into close contact with someone who
has the virus. Unfortunately there is
no cure – the herpes simplex virus
remains in the body for life, occasionally making itself known via a cold sore
although some people never experi-
ence symptoms. An outbreak usually
coincides with a trigger. Fatigue, illness, or even sunlight can all trigger a
cold sore, depending on the individual.
Although annoying, cold sores
typically are not dangerous, although
caution should be taken around newborn babies, pregnant women, or
those with a low immune system such
as people undergoing chemotherapy.
A cold sore usually clears up by
itself after about a week but antiviral
creams, available from a pharmacy,
can speed the process up. These
creams are best applied as soon as
you feel the characteristic tingle
on your lip that means a cold sore
is coming.
Please visit the website at to access a wealth of health-related content.
the Top
us on:,,
Follow Qatar Foundation on: ,
APRIL 2015
, Snapchat username: QFSNAPS
The Arabic language campaign or «‫ »فصحى‬is a Qatar Foundation (QF)
social media initiative that started after His Highness The Emir Sheikh
Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani introduced a decree to promote the Arabic
language. The digital initiative took further precedence after the first
conference to promote the Arabic language under the aegis of World Organization for Renaissance of Arabic Language (WORAL) was organized.
A weekly post (every Friday) is shared only in the Arabic language, and
aims to educate and
encourage QF's followers
to engage with us using
the Arabic language.
The hashtag for this is
‫ استخدم_الفصحى‬#
The ongoing campaign is
divided into five types of
‫هل تعلم‬
QF members are entitled to discounts and special rates at a variety of outlets and entities upon showing their QF ID.
Dunlop Tyres
15% discount
35% discount
Master Films US, Doha Branch
40% discount
Nasser Bin Khaled & Sons
30% on spare parts
10% on labor charges
20% discount
Al Jazeera Perfumes
25% discount
10% discount
Charles and Keith
10% discount
10% discount
20% discount
15% discount
10% discount
Nine West
10% discount
Alahmadani Medical Center
20% discount
Pearl Dermatology & Laser
35% discount
Amazon Diet Medical Center
13% discount
Bay Club, Intercontinental
20% discount
Be Bloom Beauty Center and
25% discount
Body Glaze Gents Spa
10% to 15% discount
Diva Lounge Spa
15% to 20% discount
Guerlain Alfardan Spa
20% to 25% discount
NU YU Medical Spa Qatar
15% discount
Circus Land
20% discount
Gondolania Theme Park
20% discount
Kiddy Zone
10% discount
Space Toys
10% discount
Fantasy Events
15% discount
Gardenia for Happy Occasions
15% discount
Tasmeem Flowers and Chocolates
10% discount
Al Jaber Watches
10% discount
Al Muftah Center
10% to 35% discount
Al Muftah Jewellery
20% to 50% discount
Al Sulaiman Jewellers
45% to 55% discount
Arts & Gems
25% to 40% discount
Marzooq Al Shamlan & Sons
25% discount
RESTAURANTS AND CAFES Al-Serdal Café & Restaurant
15% discount
Atrium Restaurant - Plaza Inn
Doha Hotel
20% discount
Lina’s Paris
20% discount
Fauchon Paris
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Melia Doha
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Paper Moon
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The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
10% discount
Orient Pearl Restaurant
15% discount
Mainland China Restaurant
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Mamig Armenian & Lebanese
10% discount
Sabah W Masa
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Zaman Al Khair Café and
10% discount
Jar Al-Qamar Restaurant &
15% discount
Capricci-Italian Natural Gelato
10% discount
More details about offers and discounts, including a number of savings on hotel rates, can be found on the QF Portal or by emailing [email protected]
13-14 November 2016
Qatar Green Building
Council’s second annual
conference will address
major issues, and provide
answers to some of the
most significant challenges
of environmental
sustainability, and
promoting best practice
for the built environment
for Qatar, the Gulf region,
and beyond.
Write toWrite
us: [email protected]
to us: [email protected]
2 APRIL 2016
Have your event listed. Send us an email: [email protected]
connections ROTA foster,
portraying how the power of
collaboration can shape the
future of these communities;
reach out to the guests and
create an intensely personal and
memorable night in the simplest
Every Saturday 5pm-9pm
Education City Clubhouse,
Dukhan Hall
A free play for kids aged 5 and
Call 44540834 or email
[email protected]
for further information.
Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra
ballet: The Nutcracker
the organizers of this congress,
brings together leading biologists
and biomedical engineers to
showcase the latest science,
highlight the use of innovative
and emerging technologies,
explore new directions, and
encourage interactions and new
interdisciplinary collaborations
in the field of Molecular Biology.
11-13 November 2016
Qatar National Convention
Education City Clubhouse
Movie Schedule:
QCRI–IBM Data Science
Connect 2016
Bootcamp Military Fitness
16 November 2016, 12.30pm6pm
HBKU Research Complex,
Ground Level Multi-Purpose
Ongoing until 31 December
2016 – Sundays,Tuesdays, and
Thursdays, 4.30pm
Oxygen Park (meet at the steps
next to the Student Center)
Call 55030532 or email
[email protected] for further
Thursday (7pm-9pm), Friday
and Saturday (3pm-5pm)
Education City Clubhouse
A movie day for the whole
Call 44540834 or email
[email protected]
for further information.
QF Jumble Sale
QF Art Atelier exhibition
Ongoing until 11 November
AaQool Atrium
The second edition of QF Art
Atelier is a creative platform for
artists to promote art and culture
within the QF Community
11 November 2016, 11am-3pm
Education Clubhouse, Mesaieed
and Al Khor Room
Call 44540834 or email
[email protected] for
further information
Zineb Sedira: Now you see me
– now you see me
Senses, Diet and Disease
Ongoing until 10 December
Virginia Commonwealth
University in Qatar Atrium
This solo show presents recent
works by Zineb Sedira, whose
work deals closely with questions
of mobility and memory.
Student Center Ballroom,
Hamad Bin Khalifa University
13-15 November 2016
This conference is part of the
Sidra Symposia Series.
Qatar National Library
Workshop on ‘Free Writing as a
Prewriting Technique’
10 November 2016, 10am12.30pm
Computer Laboratory, HBKU
Student Center
This practical workshop is
designed to provide fresh
undergraduates with training on
free writing.
Email [email protected]
for further information
Professional Interpreting 1
13-16 November 2016, 4pm7pm
LAS Building
This workshop is an introduction
to professional interpreting.
Dean’s Lecture Series – Cyber
Attacks in the Banking Sector:
Solutions and Challenges with
His Excellency Sheikh Abdulla
Bin Saoud Al Thani
14 November 2016
Carnegie Mellon University in
Fun & Learn
10 November 2016-April 2017,
every Thursday
Oxygen Park
This educational program is
designed by Qatar Foundation
member Qur’anic Botanic
Garden for students in primary
schools in Qatar Grades 5 & 6
Third Middle East Molecular
Biology Congress & Exhibition
14-17 November 2016
Doha Research Complex Qatar University
Qatar Foundation partner
universityWeill Cornell
Medicine-Qatar are one of
Arab Diabetes Medical
17-19 November 2016
Rotana Hotel, Doha
The second Arab Diabetes
Medical Congress will be held
in collaboration with Qatar
Foundation member Qatar
Diabetes Association, Maarefah
Management, Rashid Centre
for Diabetes and Research,
Saudi Diabetes and Endocrine
Association, and Saudi
Pharmaceutical Society.
Email [email protected] for
further information
ROTA Gala Dinner
19 November 2016
AL SHAQAB Indoor Arena
Qatar Foundation member
Reach Out to Asia (ROTA's
main objectives in holding
the sixth annual Gala dinner
are to: raise funds to provide
high quality education in
safe learning environments
in Asia; demonstrate the local
and international community
QF Autumn Golf Texas
Scramble Tournament
Doha Golf Club
12 November 2016, tee times
Call 44540838/44540772 or
email [email protected]
qa for further information
Music Classes
Every Saturday
Education City Clubhouse
Individual and group music
classes for all age groups.
Call 44542851 or email
[email protected]
for further information.
Darts Social:
AL SHAQAB Champions
of Champions Modern
12-13 November 2016, 9am6pm
Modern Pentathlon is one of the
oldest Olympic sports in history,
and consists of swimming,
fencing, riding, running and
Playgroup for 5 years and
Every Tuesday 9am-12pm
Every Friday 5pm-10pm
Every Sundays andWednesday
Education City Clubhouse
Call 44540834 or email
[email protected]
for further information.
Strange Wonders exhibition
Ongoing until 26 January
The Company House, Msheireb
The second edition of Strange
Wonders is a collaboration
between Msheireb Properties
andVirginia Commonwealth
University in Qatar.
All activities below are for QF members and students only.
Tues, Thurs, and Sat. Times:
4-6pm. Open to all QF staff
and family members.
Ain AlQot Theater, 2nd
Floor Recreation Center.
For information email:
[email protected]
The Medical Center
Sun–Thurs: 7am–4pm and
Sat: 8am–noon. Tel: 4454 1342
School swimming: Sun–Thurs:
Faculty and Staff Soccer
Outdoor Multipurpose Court
(MPC), 6–8pm, Sun
Senior Management Football
Wooden floor gym, 7–9pm,
Basketball Social
Outdoor MPC, 7–9pm, Tues
Badminton Social
Wooden floor gym, 6–9pm,
Green floor gym, 10am–1pm,
Zumba Fitness for Ladies
Sun and Tues, 6.30-7.30pm
Mixed Level Yoga for Ladies
Mon, 5-6.15pm
Spin Sanity
Mon, 6.30-7.30pm
Badminton Social
6-8pm, Tues
Basketball Social
6-8pm, Thurs
Nutrition Services
Sat, 10am–6pm, Sun,
8am–4pm, Mon, 10am-6pm,
Tues 10am–6pm and Wed
8am–4pm, Thu, 8am-4pm.
To schedule an appointment
with a nutritionist email
[email protected]
Personal Training
Sun, Mon, Wed, and Sat,
Public swimming: Sun–Thurs:
6-7am, 3-9.45pm; Fri-Sat: 8am9.45pm
Ladies Time: Sun and Wed:
Men’s Time: Thurs: 8.159.45pm
Mixed Yoga
Tues, 4.45-5.30pm
Tennis Social
6-9pm, Mon and Wed; 8-10am,
Kids Activities
For days and timings, please
email Community Recreation
Center at [email protected] or call 4454 0772,
4454 0841
Kids Activities
Squash; Tennis; Zumbatomic;
Taekwondo and Cricket Class
For days and timings, please
email Clubhouse Recreation at
[email protected]
Spinning Class
Sun and Wed, 6-6.30am
Volleyball Social
4.30-6.30pm, Sun
Squash Social
6-7pm, Mon; 4.30-6.30pm, Fri
qa or call 4454 0834, 4454
Volleyball Social
4-6pm, Mon and Wed
Lebaina Restaurant
Sun-Wed: 7am–9.30pm
Thurs–Sat: 7am–10.30pm
Breakfast served daily 7–11am
The Grill
Sun-Wed: 5–9pm
Thurs-Sat: 5–10pm
Swimming Pool
School Swim Time:
Sun-Thurs, 7am-2.30pm
Public swimming:
Sun to Thurs- 2.30-9.45pm, Fri
- 8am-9.45pm, Sat - 12-9.45pm;
Ladies Time: Tues - 5-8pm, Sat
- 8am-12pm
Kids Activities
Swimming Classes; Athletics;
Kids Football; Taekwondo
For more information please
contact [email protected] or call 4454 2549
Meseika Snack Bar
Sun-Wed: 6–9.45pm
Thurs–Sat: 6–10.45pm
Adult Taekwondo
6.30-7.30pm, Sun and Wed
Tuesdays (7-9pm - over 18
only), Thursdays (7-9pm),
Fridays (3-5pm) and Saturdays
(3-5pm). Open to all QF staff
and family members at EC
Clubhouse. For information
email [email protected]
Ladies Zumba Fitness
6-7pm, Sun and Tues; 4-5pm,
Sun–Wed: 8am–10pm
Thurs–Sat: 8am–11pm
Adults Learn to Swim
6.30-7.30pm, Wed
Ladies Aqua Fitness
6-7pm, Tues
Girls Learn to Swim 2
5-6pm, Tues
Ladies Lap Swimming Class
8-9am, Sat
Badminton Social
5-7pm, Sun
Ladies Football Social
7-8pm, Sun
Sat-Wed: 7am-10pm; Thurs:
7am-Midnight; Fri: 1pmMidnight.
Zumba for Ladies
Tues and Wed, 6-7pm
For more information please
contact [email protected]
Primary Health Care Center
Sun–Thurs: 7.30am–8.30pm
Sat: 12-8pm
Sat-Thurs: 10am-6pm
Sat-Wed: 7am-10pm. Thurs:
7am-12am. Friday: 1pm-12am
Kulud Pharmacy
Sat-Thurs: 10am-8pm
Continental Co
Sat-Thurs: Breakfast
7-10.30am. Lunch 11am-3pm/
Dinner 5-8pm. Friday: Lunch
1-3pm/Dinner 5-8pm
Papa John’s
Sat-Thur: 10am-10pm.
Friday: 1-10pm
Chef’s Garden Restaurant
Daily: 11am-9pm
LuLu Express
Daily: 7am–11.30pm