Election stations

The executive branch
Questions: What are the qualifications that presidential candidates must meet? (Scan Article 2, Section 1 of
the U.S. Constitution.)
Do all U.S. citizens have about the same chance of
becoming president or are some more likely to become
president than others?
Do you think foreign-born Americans should be able to
run for president? Why or why not?
The president serves as the commander-in-chief of the
Armed Forces. In your opinion, does a president need to
have a military background? Explain.
Powers & responsibilities: 1.) Locate a copy
of the U.S. Constitution and read Article 2, Section 2.
As you read, list each of the president’s powers and
duties.* Now, find at least five articles in USA TODAY that
mention President Bush and describe the action he is taking in each (e.g., meeting with members of Congress).
Then, for each of your examples explain what duty he is
fulfilling or what power he is executing. 2.) Based on your
research, what characteristics and qualifications would the
ideal president have? Explain your answer.
*For a more detailed description of the role of the president, consult a reference source such as Encarta.
Apply here: Above, you described the ideal president.
Who do you think is most qualified to fulfill the duties of
president — a senator, a governor or a vice president?
Who is least qualified?
The 22nd Amendment prevents presidents from serving
three terms. In your opinion, should this amendment be
repealed? Explain.
Each January, the president must give a State of the
Union address in which he recommends actions for the
consideration of Congress. Skim USA TODAY and
jot down notes on the current state of the country.
If you had to deliver a State of the Union address
next month, what issues would you talk about and what
actions would you recommend?
Now, in small groups, create a job application for the position of U.S. president. In addition to the usual information —
education, experience, etc. — ask the applicant to answer
several questions that will give you important insights
about the person’s suitability to the role. Then, trade 20C0T8ION
applications with another group. Choose a 2008
presidential candidate (you may choose a third party candidate) and, using information from USA TODAY and other
sources, fill out the application as she or he might. (If you
can, find a photo of the candidate in the newspaper and
attach it to the application.) Include the application you
developed and your peers completed in your portfolio. If
possible, photocopy the one your peers developed and you
completed and add that to your portfolio, too.
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