The Awin Index Affiliate Window are delighted to announce the

The Awin Index
Affiliate Window are delighted to announce the launch of The Awin Index. Our latest feature will
help compare the performance of different programmes across the Affiliate Window network
This will enable you to,
Compare performance against the network average
Compare performance against the sector average
Track changes of a programme’s Awin Index over time
Sort top performing programmes across the network or by sector
Identify and monitor where programmes do well and the impact of changes
Highlight programmes that have significantly improved
So, what is the Awin Index?
The Awin Index is a score out of 100, calculated from the merchant’s C.A.V.E. data, indicating the
effectiveness of that particular affiliate programme.
C.A.V.E. data is a set of four statistics specific to each affiliate programme.
Conversion ratio
Approval percentage
Validation time
Earnings per click (epc)
The four statistics that make up the C.A.V.E. data are automatically calculated monthly. The Awin
index is updated monthly from the last three months of C.A.V.E. data. A merchant can affect
elements of this data independently though the day-to-day management of their programme.
Changes to any element of the C.A.V.E. data will result in a change to the Awin Index. Guidance
will be given to all merchants to enable them to improve aspects of their programme, increasing
their Awin Index and sector ranking, thereby making the programme more attractive to affiliates.
Affiliates will be able to immediately access top ranking programmes by sector and understand
better, why the programme ranks well.
The C.A.V.E. data statistics are recorded from the moment a programme is launched on the
network, but the results are not made available to view for 3 months. During this time the Awin
Index cannot be viewed by anyone.
You can view the Awin Index of each merchant by clicking any one of three links on your Affiliate
Administration Are. See image below
1) Click Current Merchants to view a list of all the merchant programmes you have joined.
2) Click Join New Merchants to view a list of all the merchant programmes you are NOT joined to.
3) Enter a term in to the Merchant Directory Search Box to bring up a list of merchants with that
term in their programme name.
When you view a list of merchants within the General Merchant Report area you will be presented
with a list similar to the image on the next page.
1) The Merchant Categories box enables you to view a list of programmes from one or multiple
categories. In the example above you can see that merchants associated with the ‘Lotteries’,
‘Mobiles Phones’ and ‘Music’ categories have been selected. After selecting categories click the
Generate Report button on the right hand side to compile the list. Click to select categories, click
it again to deselect it.
2) For this example the first merchant in the list is You will note there are no stats
displayed for this merchant this is because the programme has been live for less than 3 months.
Only after 3 months will C.A.V.E. data and an Awin index be available.
3) The Vodafone programme has a complete set of C.A.V.E. date statistics, the current Awin
Index and basic information about the rewards offered by this merchant.
4) This section displays four lines of information that make up a programmes’ C.A.V.E. data.
Clicking on any column heading will sort the data highest to lowest, by the figures in that column.
A second click on the same column heading will reverse the list to display the lowest value first.
5) The Awin index column. If you click this column you can sort the list by Awin index score
highest to lowest, a second click on the column heading will reverse the list to display the lowest
value first. There are 2 flags that you will be able to see against some programmes, the first is a
and the second is an arrow .
6) Star Performers. A star
indicates that the programme has been one of the top 25 Awin
Index scores across the whole of the Affiliate Window network for last three consecutive months.
You can click the star in the column heading to view all the star performs. A second click on the
star in the heading will reverse order of the list.
7) Star Improvers. An arrow indicates that during the previous month the merchant improved
their C.A.V.E. data stats so significantly that their Awin Index score had one of the top 25
increases across the whole network. You can click the arrow in the column heading to view all
the star improvers. A second click on the arrow in the heading will reverse order of the list.
8) To view more information about the programme and to view the historic performance of the
Awin Index for this merchant click the word ‘more’ on the right hand side of the merchant’s listing.
This will take you through to the Merchant Information page (see image below).
1) The Merchant Performance chart appears below the programme Description and the
Commission Structure. The current Awin Index and C.A.V.E. data stats are for this merchant can
be seen above an interactive graph of the Awin Index score for this merchant.
2) A graph of the Awin Index score for a selected merchant can be plotted over time frame. By
selecting parameters from the 5 drop down menus you can specify a) the time frame for the graph
and b) the sector for the graph to be plotted against (in this case ‘entertainment’). You can only
select sectors that the merchant in question has associated their programme with.
3) Blue – This merchants Awin Index over time
4) Orange – The average Awin Index for programmes associated with a specific sector (in this
case ‘entertainment’)
5) Green – The average Awin Index for every merchant running an affiliate programme through
Affiliate Window
6) The time frame specified for this particular example report is longer than the merchant has
been live on the network. Consequentially the Blue Awin Index line for the merchants starts from
April 2006, this is three months after this merchant launched their programme on the network.