July 21, 2013
Dear Brother,
Kappa Alpha Order seeks to reorganize and rebuild Omicron Chapter at the University of Texas
in Austin, but the Texas Omicron group is actively working to block those efforts. Expelled
members of KA who lead Texas Omicron are attempting to hold a membership meeting on July
28th in Austin to vote on changes that, if passed, will change the purpose and operations of the
KA Omicron Chapter House. We need your vote AGAINST the proposed Amendments to
make sure there is a chapter house for future Omicron KAs.
Kappa Alpha Order is the ONLY organization committed to reorganizing Omicron Chapter, and
was forced to undertake a successful but very expensive lawsuit against the expelled members
and Texas Omicron to ensure that the chapter house is committed to Omicron KA’s, not a
breakaway, local group or another national fraternity. While KA was successful in the lawsuit,
only you can save Omicron Chapter and its house. Here is why you should:
If the purpose of the chapter house is changed, Omicron Chapter may well be lost
The expelled members leading this effort are the same former alumni volunteers who did
not enforce Kappa Alpha Order and University of Texas Policies, resulting in the risk
management violations and suspension of the chapter in 2011. An entirely new set of
alumni volunteers are needed for Omicron Chapter.
This proposed change is an attempt to offer the chapter house to another national
fraternity. Jerry Reed, the current housing corporation president, has stated to me that he
has had contact with two national fraternities to take over the house. He previously
offered the chapter and the house to Phi Delta Theta in writing. I have a copy. Without a
house committed to KAs, it is virtually impossible to reorganize Omicron Chapter.
You may hear that the “change in purpose” is only temporary, until a KA chapter can be
reorganized. However, Kappa Alpha Order CANNOT, under its rules, issue a charter
directly to Texas Omicron. The judge in our lawsuit has ruled Texas Omicron is a rival
Greek organization, and the Kappa Alpha Order CANNOT issue charters to rival
Any reorganization of the Omicron Chapter would follow the Order’s proven and
successful re-organizational plan, which could begin as early as 2014 if the house is
returned for use by the KA Omicron Chapter. Such a reorganization could include
members of Texas Omicron if they meet KA standards and requirements and are willing
to adhere to KA rules and values.
Excellence is our Aim!
Post Office Box 1865
115 Liberty Hall Road
Lexington, Virginia 24450
Phone 540-463-1865
Fax 540-463-2140
The Omicron Alumni Receivership Committee, officially appointed by me to represent
and rebuild Omicron Chapter, will not oppose housing Texas Omicron members in the
house for 2013-2014 in order to provide cash flow to the K.A. Educational Corporation
(legitimate KA chapter housing corporation and owner of the KA Omicron Chapter
However, the Omicron Alumni Receivership Committee DOES OBJECT to an
improper change of purpose of the house, the support of which is a violation of any KA’s
personal oaths and obligations to Kappa Alpha Order.
Kappa Alpha Order welcomes talks with the undergraduate members of Texas Omicron
who want to become KA’s, but only if the chapter house is committed to Omicron KA’s.
I have personally sought a dialog with Jerry Reed in this regard as recently as May 23.
That effort remains unanswered.
Men who are no longer KAs are leading this effort. All but one member of the house corporation
board of directors resigned their memberships so that they would no longer be accountable to
their KA oaths and obligations. Therefore, they have NO right to call, participate or vote at a
meeting of the KA Omicron membership.
Because of the actions of a small number of men, Omicron Chapter of KA may never be able to
reorganize at the University of Texas. You have a say and you have a vote. Attend the meeting
or submit your proxy vote AGAINST the measure being proposed. Then forward this letter to
every single KA Omicron alumnus you can. Your involvement will help ensure that Omicron
Chapter has a future at the University of Texas.
Enclosed is a proxy addressed to The Honorable Paul Green, Omicron Alumnus and Chairman
of the Omicron Alumni Receivership Committee, for a vote AGAINST the proposal that
maintains the house for KA Omicron purposes. Please sign and send to Larry Wiese by any of
the following methods:
Overnight mail or courier:
Scan and email:
Larry S. Wiese
Kappa Alpha Order
115 Liberty Hall Road
Lexington, VA 24450
(540) 463-2140
[email protected]
This must be received before midnight on Saturday, July 27, 2013.
Only YOU can save Omicron Chapter. We need YOU to make your voice heard.
William E. Dreyer
Knight Commander