Word Power Made Easy PDF Capsule 6

Word Power Made Easy PDF Capsule 6
Vocabulary is an important part of the SSC CGL exam. A major portion of the question paper tests
your knowledge on vocabulary. To help you prepare, Testbook brings you a list of commonly asked
words in any competitive exam with special focus on SSC. What’s more, we also serve you with some
easy tricks up your sleeve to remember these words and ace your paper. Download the PDF to
revise later. Here’s Word Power Made Easy PDF Capsule 6.
Urbane (adjective)
Hindi translation: शिष्ट
Meaning: Refined in manner
Memory Tip: Urban + e: Being urban (from cities) helps you get refined manners because you are
constantly in touch with different types of people.
Use in Sentence: Listening to his urbane talks, you would never guess that he was a refugee from
a war-torn country.
Authentic (adjective)
Hindi translation: विश्िसनीय
Meaning: Genuine
Memory Tip: Au (िो) + then (था) + tic (ठीक) = He was genuine, accurate.
Use in Sentence: He sold those cheap diamonds to customers calling them authentic gems.
Frugal (adjective)
Hindi translation: शितव्ययी
Meaning: Economical or Someone who spends little and saves money wisely
Memory Tip: Fru + gal → Fru(it) + गल → Fruit गल गये फिर भी खा शलया
Use in Sentence: You need to be more frugal with your expenses now that you have lost your job.
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