Delta Application Technics relies on a Siemens flowmeter to

Delta Application Technics
relies on a Siemens flowmeter to
optimize silicone dosing operations
The customer
Based in Ophasselt, Belgium, Delta Application Technics
specializes in the design and manufacture of application
machinery and dosing installations for pasty, sludgy liquids such as silicone. Delta Application Technics provides
complete solutions, from inception all the way through
construction, purchase, installation, start-up and technical
support in each production facility.
The challenge
Silicone, used to manufacture medical bandages, is an
expensive product with very demanding requirements.
Production of silicone involves high-accuracy dosing as
well as mixing extremely precise quantities of very viscous
liquid. Operators often spend 1 to 2 hours each day just
measuring, recording and adjusting the process.
Delta Application Technics recently determined that the
accuracy of their existing machines for silicone mixing
and small-quantity dosing on textiles was no longer suited
to their requirements. According to Jacques Coppens,
managing director of Delta Application Technics, “Silicones
are thixotropic, which means they are thick and viscous at
rest, and can change state when kinetic energy is applied.
The manual adaptation and weighting system used previously to control product quality resulted in shifts of up to
15%. Given the high cost of silicone, any offset turned out
to be very expensive.”
The case at a glance
Region: Belgium
Industry: Machine building
Customer: Delta Application Technics
Challenge: Improve the efficiency of the silicone production process by outfitting new machines with highperformance flow instrumentation to guarantee constant
supervision with less than 5% shift
Product: SITRANS F C MASS 2100 DI 15
Main benefits
• Single-tube construction
• Limited pressure loss
• Very high accuracy (≤ 0.1% of flow rate)
• Wide turndown range (500:1)
• Market’s thickest tube wall
To improve the efficiency of the silicone production process,
Delta Application Technics designed new machines that guarantee constant supervision with less than 5% shift. To accomplish
this difficult task, the company sought a high-accuracy Coriolis
mass flowmeter to obtain automatic measurements and record
production values. The success of our projects depends on the
availability and quality of the components, and on the equipment used,” Mr. Coppens explained. “In order to optimize flow
measurement, we compared the technical specifications of various mass flowmeters from different suppliers.”
The solution
Siemens volunteered to participate in the project and suggested
the SITRANS F C MASS 2100 DI 15 Coriolis flowmeter. After careful consideration, the Research and Development department at
Delta Application Technics concluded that the Siemens solution
would be the ideal choice for this particular application.
The MASS 2100 offers the advantage of being equipped with a
graduated tube: a single-piece curved tube free of any reducer,
flow distributor or internal seams. Despite the high viscosity of
the liquid being measured (approximately 40,000 mPa•s) and
slow flow within the pipe, the MASS 2100 results in only limited pressure loss and guarantees outstanding measurement
accuracy of ≤ 0.1% of flow rate.
“The results are impressive,” Mr. Coppens continued. “Thanks
to the SITRANS F C MASS 2100 flowmeter, with installation
and fine-tuning by Delta Application Technics, measurement
tolerance is better than 1%.” At the same time, the machines
are now capable of determining the quantity of silicone (gr) for
each ingredient injected, along with the pump velocity and the
pressure, density and temperature of silicones employed. This
results in optimum traceability of the production process.
According to Mr. Coppens, “Once again, Siemens made the
difference as a valuable business partner, offering extensive
experience and a user-friendly approach.”
About the product
The SITRANS F C MASS 2100 Coriolis flow sensor in sizes DI
3-40 is suitable for accurate mass flow measurement of all
types of liquids and gases. The full-bore design with a uniform
internal diameter throughout the entire sensor results in lower
pressure loss, while the single-tube construction offers optimal
hygiene, safety and CIP cleanability. The sensor is also characterized by a wide turndown range greater than 500:1 and the
market’s thickest tube wall to ensure highest integrity.
“I can’t think of many other equipment suppliers who are so
actively willing to find a suitable solution to our customers’
requirements,” said Mr. Coppens. “The Siemens meter was a
perfect match for our needs.”
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