Fall 2016 - Racine Dominicans

Sisters of St. Dominic
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Senior Companion Program
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5635 Erie St.
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Racine, WI
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Donations Received May 17 through August 15, 2016
Individual Donations
Barbara Jacobsen
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Richard Roloff
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Richard Leuenberger
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Sacred Journeys Spiritual
Richard and Ellen Leuenberger
Family Charitable Fund
Imogene P Johnson
Helen DeGroot
Joe and Mary Woitach
Dorothy Ann Greiber, OP
From the Class of 1962
in Honor of Jubilarians:
Esther Szambelan, OP – 75 yrs.
Juliana Dischler, OP – 70 yrs.
Dorothy Ann Greiber, OP – 70 yrs.
Bernadette Weinberger, OP – 70 yrs.
Rose Marie Dischler, OP – 60 yrs.
Celia Evers, OP – 60 yrs.
Paula Marie Jarosz, OP – 60 yrs.
Mary Watson, OP – 60 yrs.
Kathy Slesar, OP – 25 yrs.
In Memory of Dolores Chartrand
John and Laurie Radewan
Gary and Sue Craanen
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Lois Vanderbeke, OP
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Marilyn Gilmore
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Gary and Sue Craanen
We are grateful to all who
contribute and participate in the
Senior Companion Program, Inc.
Racine Dominicans
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Mrs. Monica Rotkis Ply
Marjorie L. Christiansen Foundation
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Our Vision
We recognize and respect the dignity
and value of each human being.
Our Mission
The Senior Companion Program, Inc.
(SCP) enhances the quality of life
for adults through socialization
and information.
Contact Information:
[email protected]
521 Sixth Street
Racine, WI 53403
Executive Director
Sue Craanen
[email protected]
Assistant to the Director
Laurie Radewan
[email protected]
Office Assistant
Jeanne Kocha
[email protected]
Board of Directors
President – Timothy Crawford
Vice President – Jack Louks
Treasurer – Sister Karen Vollmer, OP
Secretary – Shelly Boles
Dorothy Dziengel
Patrick Fogarty
Dave Geertsen
Linda Haack
Joyce Herringer
Sandra Wahl
Senior Companion
Program is a sponsored
ministry of the
Racine Dominicans.
Fall - 2016
by Sue Craanen
The human body is made
up of 10 different systems.
These systems include:
skeletal, muscular, nervous,
respiratory, cardiovascular,
lymphatic, endocrine,
digestive, urinary, and
integumentary. In order
for our body to function
properly, all systems must
be working together. If any
system is damaged, the body becomes unstable and ultimately could die.
Similar to the systems of the body are systems in society that need to work
together in order for our society to function properly. These systems include:
our many cultures, economics, politics, communities, neighborhoods, families,
and religious. If these systems fail to work together, we create a sick society –
one of violence, hatred and poverty.
When people talk, listen completely, be patient and understanding. Place
yourself in their shoes. Each of us needs to take time out of our daily life and
reflect on how we can work together to make a difference. Working together
as a team gives the ability to work toward a common vision. As Mother Teresa
so eloquently stated, “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot:
Together we can do great things.”
Hospice Forum Was Very Informative by Laurie Radewan
6 small apples, such as Jonatha n, Jonagold,
or Winesap
1 cup apple juice or apple cider
4 ta blespoons maple syrup
2 ta blespoons butter
6 three-inch cinna mon sticks
On August 6, we hosted a free forum
highlighting the Medicare hospice
benefit and what that means. Beth
Edwards and Cori Parker from
Heartland Home Health were our
guest speakers. Much information was
shared and our 50 attendees had many
questions answered. All enjoyed
homemade soups, bread and sweet
treats. We appreciate the Racine
Community Foundation and the United
Way of Racine County for sponsoring
this event, and all who helped to
make the presentation a
success. More informational forums at no cost
will be offered in the
1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Core apples
leaving the bottoms intact. Using a small
sharp knife, cut off a strip of peel arou nd the
top of each apple. Place apples in a 2-quart
casserole or baking dish.
2. In a small saucepa n, combine apple juice,
maple syrup, a nd butter. Bring to a boil.
Pour hot juice mixture over apples. Insert a
cinna mon stick in the center of each apple.
3. Bake u ncovered for 40 to 45 minutes or
u ntil apples are tender. Brush tops of apples
occasionally with juice mixture in
casserole. To serve, re move cinna mon
stick. Spoon juice mixture over baked
apples. Serve warm with va nilla ice
crea m.
On November 6, Daylight Saving Time ends.
Move your clocks back one hour. This is also
a good time to change the batteries in your
smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
Energy Assistance
If you need assistance with your energy bill and have not
yet applied with us, please submit a copy of your most
recent energy bill and, if applicable, a copy of your denial
letter from WE Energies to:
Senior Companion Program, Inc.
521 Sixth Street
Racine, WI 53403 or call 262.898.1941.
Because funds are limited, we will provide assistance to
the best of our ability.
Do You Enjoy Big Band Music?
Reservations are now being taken for
our annual fundraiser. Join us for a
“Sentimental Journey Back to the
Big Band Era.”
The afternoon will begin with live
music provided by the Howard Schneider
Variety Band. Come to Infusino’s Banquet Hall on
October 9 from 1-4 pm for great music, pizza and appetizers.
Reservations can be made by calling 262.898.1941 or
sending a check to SCP, 521 Sixth Street, Racine, WI 53403.
Individual seats are $20, or reserve a table for $200 (seats
8) to guarantee your party will sit together. Cash, check or
credit card will be accepted. Reservations must be made
in advance. The deadline is October 3. See you there!
As our fiscal year draws to a close, we would like
to thank each and every donor who contributed
to our program this year. The Racine Dominicans,
grantors, individual/organizational donations, in-kind
contributions and donations made in honor or memory
of a loved one; all help tremendously to sustain our
program. Without your support, we could not continue
to serve the elderly in our community. Our ministry
has been in existence since 1978, and with your kind
generosity, we hope to serve for many years to come. As we move into the season of thanksgiving
and reflect on our blessings, it is difficult to describe how truly grateful we are. God bless you all.
~Sue, Laurie & Jeanne