Errata FAQ - Fantasy Flight Games

Q: What happens to a vampire encounter when the vampire is
not defeated?
A: The card is returned faceup to its hideout or lair, and all damage
dealt to the vampire remains on the card.
Dec. 4, 2015
This list only applies to the first printing of Fury of Dracula. Changed
text is shown in italics.
†† Learn to Play, p. 9, “Winning the Game,” the first bullet point
should read: “Maturing a vampire encounter card advances the
track by the number of spaces specified on that card.” Additionally,
the second bullet point should read: “Resolving the ‘Fangs’ combat
card against a mesmerized hunter advances the track by one.”
†† Learn to Play, p. 14, “Consecrated Ground and Heavenly Host
Tokens,” the last sentence should read: “Heavenly host tokens
have the same effect as consecrated ground tokens, but they are
removed at dawn.”
†† Learn to Play, p. 16, “Rumor Tokens,” the second sentence
of the third paragraph should read: “If Dracula matures a
vampire encounter from a hideout that contains a rumor token,
he advances the influence track by an additional three spaces.”
†† Rules Reference, p. 4, “Combat,” the reference to “Aggressive
Vampire” should be “Reckless Vampire.”
†† Rules Reference, p. 8, “Fog Tokens,” the fifth bullet point should
read: “At the end of dusk, Dracula must remove one fog token
from each city on the board that has at least one fog token.”
†† Rules Reference, p. 13, “Storm Tokens,” the reference to
“Stormy Seas” should be “Summon Storms.”
†† Rules Reference, p. 14, “Winning the Game,” the second bullet
point should read: “If Dracula is defeated at the same time that he
would advance the influence track to ‘13,’ the hunters win the game.”
†† Rules Reference, p. 14, “Wolf Form,” the first sentence of the
second paragraph should read: “When ‘Wolf Form’ is placed
on the trail, Dracula suffers one damage and moves to a city that
is up to two roads away from his current location.” (The “Wolf
Form” card is correct.)
†† Rules Reference, p. 16, “Trade,” should read: “Choose a hunter
in the same location. Then, secretly trade item cards and ticket
tokens with that hunter.”
Q: Can Dracula pass?
A: No.
Q: What happens to a power card when it falls off the trail or if
the hideout is cleared?
A: It is returned to the location deck with the other power cards.
Q: When can Dracula ambush a hunter?
A: Immediately after a hunter moves or is moved into a city. Dracula
cannot ambush a hunter at any other time.
Q: Is Dracula required to mature encounter cards when he
matures a hideout?
A: No. If he chooses not to mature an encounter, it is discarded.
Q: Does Dracula have a maximum hand limit of encounter
A: No, but he has a minimum hand size of five, and if he goes below
five, he immediately draws back up to five.
Q: Are all encounter cards discarded after they are resolved
unless they state otherwise?
A: Yes.
Q: When a deck runs out of cards, is the respective discard
pile shuffled into a new deck?
A: Yes.
Q: Can hunters trade event cards?
A: Only via Van Helsing’s Leader ability. When using his ability, that
player can share information and trade event cards with any one
hunter, even if he or she is not in Van Helsing’s city.
Q: What happens when Lord Godalming reserves a ticket
when he already has one ticket token?
A: He draws the first ticket token, discards one of his two ticket tokens,
then draws the second ticket token.
Q: When a hunter plays “Newspaper Reports” and reveals the
“Hide” card, is Dracula required to reveal the associated
location card as well?
A: Yes.
This section contains some frequently asked questions.
A: Yes, unless a hunter is at sea during the day.
Q: When can Dracula use the canceling effect of the “Plotting”
combat card?
A: During any subsequent round of combat, after the “Reveal Combat
Cards” step but before the “Compare Combat Icons” step.
Q: Can a hunter pass as an action?
Q: What happens if a hunter draws item cards when he is
already at his hand limit?
A: After drawing, he immediately discards down to his hand limit.
Q: During the day, if a hunter performs a supply action and the
top card of the deck has the Dracula icon, what happens?
A: That card is discarded and the hunter does not draw another.