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Menu Admin How To
Getting to Menu Admin
Adding a Category
Adding a Product
Adding a Modifier
Adding a Choice Modifier
Nesting Modifiers
Duplicating a Modifier Group
Adding a Product to the store menu
Adding a Product to select store menus
Deleting a Product
Deleting a Modifier Group
86 and Un 86
Editing a Product or Modifier name
Restricting a Category
Getting to Menu Admin
Go to Dashboard and click ​Menu​ on the left-hand side.
Click ​Manage Company Menu.​
Adding a Category
Select ​Add New Category​ at the bottom of the screen to add a new category (example:
Entrees, Pasta, Burgers, Salads).
Once you’re in the ​Edit Category​ screen, populate the ​Name,​ ​ Description​ (optional) and
Make Time​. An ​Internal Name ​can be used if you’d like to differentiate a category in a non
customer-facing way. This is a great tool to use if you have a category on the East Coast and
a slightly different category on the West Coast, for example.
Adding a Product
Select the Category you’d like to add items to and click A
​ dd Product ​at the bottom.
Once you’re in the ​Add Product​ screen, populate the N
​ ame​ and ​Description​ (optional). Here
is where you have the option to add in an I​ nternal Name​ for your product (use case example
above), ​Minimum​ and ​Maximum Quantities​ and ​Base Calories​ fields. As a default, your B
​ ase
Cost​ will be set to 0 (as we’ll be pulling cost from your POS); however non-integrated clients
should add in their costs here manually. ​Minimum Quantity​ will be set to 1 and all​ Handoff
Modes ​will be checked off.
Adding a Modifier Group
After you’ve clicked save, click M
​ odifiers ​on the right-hand side to add the modifier groups
and choice modifiers to this item.
Then click ​Add New Modifier​.
Once you’re in the​ Add Modifier​ screen, populate the description fields with “[word you’d
like to use for customize] [name of item]”. Click​ Show/Hide​ to expose the I​ nternal
Description​ field. This will help you differentiate Modifier Groups and enable you to easily
find them if you need to use that group again for another item.
Next, you’ll select your quantities.
How many modifiers can the customer select from this group?
Select ​Single​ if you’d like the customer to choose just one (example: either white or wheat
bread) and ​Multiple​ if you’d like them to choose none or many (example: mayo, pickles,
Do you want to set a limit on how many choices a customer can pick?
Select ​Unlimited​ if you’d like the customer to choose none or many (example: mayo, pickles,
onion) and ​Set a Limit ​if they can choose within a range (example: select up to 3 mix-ins)
If you choose ​Set a Limit​, you’ll need to set your Min and Max in the fields that populate
below (example: choose between 0 and 3 mix-ins).
Once you’ve filled in the A
​ dd Modifier​ fields, click Save and you’ll be brought back to the
main Modifier section. Then click ​Edit​ to the right to begin adding in your C
​ hoice Modifiers​.
Adding a Choice Modifier
Once you’re in the Choices tab, type in the names of the Choices you’d like underneath this
Modifier Group (example: Customize: Double Decker Foosburger (West Coast)) and click
Add Choice​.
Nesting Modifiers
If one of your choice modifiers requires additional modifiers nested underneath, select
Choice Modifiers ​to the right of that modifier.
Then click ​Add New Modifier​.
You’ll be brought back to the same A
​ dd Modifier​ page from when you created the original
Modifier Group. Populate the​ Description,​ ​Internal Description​ and quantity fields (in this
example, the customer can select one cheese, so one S
​ ingle​ choice).
After clicking ​Save​, you’ll be brought back to the main Modifier section. Then click E
​ dit​ to
the right to begin adding in your ​Choice Modifiers​ just as before.
Type in the Choices you’d like underneath this Choice.
Duplicating a Modifier Group
Duplicating a Modifier Group is a great tool when you’d like to use the same (or a similar)
Modifier Group across different products. For example, we’ve created the modifiers for the
Double Decker Foosburger (West Coast) above. If we wanted to create a Double Decker
Foosburger (East Coast) with the exact same Modifier Group, but just swap out one type
cheese and add the ability to add Maple Bacon instead of Bacon, we would duplicate the
First, find the Modifier Group you’d like to duplicate and click the D
​ uplicate​ button.
Populate the Duplicate Modifier box by writing in the ​New Group Internal Description a
​ nd
click whether you’d like to ​Copy Choices Only​ or C
​ opy Choices and Inherit Nested Modifiers
(for example, in this case we’d like to inherit the nested modifiers because we nested a
Modifier Group under Cheese) and whether you’d like to K
​ eep​ or C
​ lear Underlying Menu
Mapping​. Click Duplicate Group to duplicate.
Adding a Product to the Store Menu
When you’re ready to add a Product to your store menu, go back to O
​ lo Menu Admin​ by
clicking in the top left corner and clicking on ​Manage Store Menu.​
When adding a Product to your Store Menu be sure that every store is checked off and then
click Next.
Click on the Category for the Product you’d like to add to all stores and you’ll see that the
new Product is listed in gray. Click ​Add​ and then ​Add Product​.
Any modifier groups that existed when adding to the Store Menu will already be populated
(in the example below, the Customize: Buffalo group). However, if you later go back into the
Company Menu and add in a new modifier group after you’ve added the Product to the
Store Menus, you’ll need to go back into the Store Menu to add the new group (in the
example below, the Choose Temperature group).
To do this, click ​Modifiers​ and then click the arrow to the left of the new modifier group
you’d like to add.
Adding a Product to Select Store Menus
To add a Product to select Store Menus, click only the stores that you’d like to add the
Product to and then click ​Next​.
Just as above, click add but this time you’ll note that the number of total stores at the top
has changed. This Product will only be added to those stores.
Deleting a Product
When deleting a Product from the menu, you’ll need to start at the ​Store Menu.​ First, click
Remove ​next to the Product in Store Menu and then ​Remove Product​.
Then go back to the ​Company Menu​ and click ​Remove.​
Deleting a Modifier Group
When deleting a Modifier Group, click M
​ odifiers​ in the S
​ tore Menu​ followed by the X
​ ​ in the
top right of the Modifier Group.
Then go back to the ​Company Menu​ and click ​Modifiers​ followed by the arrow at the top of
the Modifier Group.
*You’ll note that the Store Menu is ​blue a
​ nd the Company Menu is y​ ellow​.
86 and Un 86
The Olo Dashboard allows you to temporarily remove a Product or Modifier from your online
menu. However, if in the POS the item is active it will override the 86 during the price
updater, allowing it to still appear on the customer-facing menu. Because of this, we do not
suggest using this function for POS integrated stores. Integrated stores should instead
remove that Product or Modifier and then re-add that Product or Modifier once it becomes
available again (see the steps above for a refresher on adding and removing items from the
store menu). We only recommend this function for non-integrated clients.
To 86 an item click ​86​ and to bring it back to the menu click U
​ n 86​.
Editing a Product or Modifier name
The only instances when you should edit the name of a Product or Modifier is when the name
of that item is changing (for example, from “Warm Apple Crisp” to “Fall Apple Crisp”) but is
staying as the exact same item, or if there is a spelling error. If the item itself is changing (for
example, from “Warm Apple Crisp” to “Warm Peach Crisp”), you need to remove the
original item from the menu and add the new item.
To edit a ​Product ​name, click the name of the P
​ roduct​ itself and edit the name in the new
To edit a ​Modifier ​name, click the pencil icon the right and edit the name in the new field.
Restricting a Category
Now that you’ve learned the basics of Menu Admin, you’ll want to practice! One great way to
do this without altering a live menu is to restrict a Category to just one store or set of stores.
You can also do this for Categories that will only ever be live in a certain set of stores. If using
this functionality for Menu Admin practice, you can create and restrict a “Test” category to
just your demo vendor.
Click the check underneath the name of the ​Category​.
Then click on the store(s) that you would like to restrict this ​Category​ to.