Quickly Locate Natural Gas Leaks Anywhere

Quickly Locate
Natural Gas Leaks
Fast Methane/Ethane Gas Analyzer (CH4, C2H6)
Features and Benefits
• Data collection within 2 minutes
after power on
• Data reported at 5 Hz
• Gases measured simultaneously
• All spectra always viewable
•CH4 and C2H6 reported directly
LGR’s new Fast Methane/Ethane Analyzer
makes it ideal for field studies, compliance
(FMEA) reports measurements of methane and
monitoring, leak detection, air quality studies,
ethane, the two major components of natural
and wherever measurements of methane and
gas, simultaneously. The analyzer is available in
ethane are needed.
either the acclaimed ultraportable or rackmount
package. The ultraportable unit is compact,
crushproof and travels anywhere. Small enough
to be carried on-board aircraft (TSA approved
LGR’s patented technology, a fourth-generation
cavity-enhanced absorption technique, has
many advantages (simpler, easier to build,
rugged) over older, conventional cavity
size) or vehicles, and requiring only 70 W,
ringdown spectroscopy (CRDS) and direct
the portable FMEA offers new opportunities
absorption techniques. As a result, LGR
• Ideal for natural gas leak
detection and compliance
to quickly and accurately measure and
• Wide measurement range
internal vacuum pump and reports data at 5 Hz
LGR Analyzers have an internal computer (Linux
OS) that can store data practically indefinitely
• Species specific - no cross
to yield extremely fast time response.
For comprehensive measurements of
• Portable unit operates directly
on DC power
• LGR’s proprietary leak detection
and mapping software can be
embedded into Analyzer
unambiguously find natural gas leaks anywhere.
The standard rackmount unit includes a fast
Analyzers provide higher performance and
reliability at lower cost.
on a hard disk drive and send real time data to
a data logger via the digital (RS232), analog or
natural gas leaks while driving, LGR offers
MobileGuardTM, the Natural Gas Leak Detection
Ethernet outputs.
System, which incorporates the FMEA with a
LGR Analyzers may be controlled remotely via
sonic anemometer, GPS, and LGR’s proprietary
the Internet. This capability allows the user
leak location software to quickly identify the
to operate the analyzer using a web browser
geographical origin.
anywhere. Furthermore, remote access allows
As with all LGR instruments, the FMEA is
extremely rugged and simple to use which
Los Gatos Research, Inc.
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San Jose, CA 95134
full control of the instrument and provides the
opportunity to obtain data and diagnose the
instrument operation without being on site.
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Fax: +1 650–965–7074
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Fast Methane/Ethane Analyzer (CH4, C2H6)
Performance Specifications
Precision (1s, 1 sec / 10 sec):
CH4: 2 ppb / 0.6 ppb
C2H6: 30 ppb / 10 ppb
Measurement Rates:
0.01 – 5 Hz (user selectable)
uncertainty < 1% w/o calibration (over entire range: 5-45 °C)
Measurement Range (meets all specifications):
CH4: 10 ppb – 100 ppm
C2H6: 50 ppb – 500 ppm
Operational Range:
(external calibration may be required):
CH4: 0 – 100,000 ppm
C2H6: 0 – 1,000 ppm
Sampling Conditions:
Sample Temperature: -40 – 50 °C
Operating Temperature: 5 – 45 °C
Ambient Humidity: 0 - 98% RH non-condensing
Outputs (all models):
Digital (RS232), analog, Ethernet, USB
Power Requirements:
portable: 70 W (10-30 VDC), 76 W (115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz)
rackmount: 76 W (115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz)
portable: 18.5” × 14” × 7”
rackmount: 8.75” × 19” × 24”
portable: 15 kg
rackmount: 29 kg
Ordering Information
Portable package: Model 909-0027-portable
Rackmount package: Model 909-0027-rackmount
MobileGuardTM, Natural Gas Leak Detection System
(for mobile surveys) includes LGR’s leak detection software, GPS,
sonic anemometer: please inquire
Accessories (optional)
908-0003-9001: Multiport Inlet Unit – 16-inlet port multiplexer
908-0003-9002: Multiport Inlet Unit – 8-inlet port multiplexer
908-0008-9009: N920 Pump –
provides flow-through (1/e) time = 1.2 secs
908-0001-9011: N940 Pump –
provides flow-through (1/e) time = 0.7 secs
904-0002: Data Logging System – multi-channel data logging system records and synchronizes serial (RS-232) outputs from multiple
LGR analyzers and other devices (GPS, anemometers)
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