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English III
Lesson Planner
Unit 1B: Literary Beginnings – Native American to Puritanism
Time Frame: 1 Week
Skills: The student will be able to…
 Identify theme of a literary work and analyze the way theme represents a view on the
human condition
 Identify and analyze author’s purpose in cultural & historical context
 Identify and analyze rhetorical techniques in historically important speeches
 Determine word meaning based on prior knowledge relationship to other words
Lesson Information
Lesson 1B.1 – “The World on the Turtle’s Back”:
 Review elements of Native American literature
 Discuss creation myths, including purpose & function
 Read “The World on the Turtle’s Back,” stopping periodically to
point out details that mirror other creation myths
 As a class, complete Handout 1B.1, leading discussion toward
possible subjects of “The World on the Turtle’s Back”
 Using the Writing Thematic Statements Instructions, as a class,
compose a few thematic statements
Lesson 1B.2 – Group #1A:
 Group #1A list: accentuate, ambiguous, comprehensive, felicitous,
& intricacy
 Using the Word Questioning Strategy, split students into five
groups and assign a word per group
 Each group creates a word web
 Project webs for the class
 Students will then write correct definitions
Lesson 1B.3 – “La Relación”:
 Discuss the difference between a primary source and a secondary
 Review the process of summarizing texts
 Prepare to read “La Relación” & distribute Post-it notes to students
 Read & model Post-it Note Annotation for the first section of “La
Relación” as a class
 Instruct students to continue reading & annotation with the
remaining three sections of the text
 Discuss “La Relación” as a primary source and its historical context
 Students complete “La Relación” Reading Comprehension
Assessment 1B.3 & review answers
Lesson 1B.4 – “Sinners at the Hands of an Angry God”:
 Review Elements of Puritanism
Wichita Falls ISD (2013-2014)
1A-E & Figure 19
2A-C, 7, 8, 9A, & 10A
 idiom
 symbol
 context
 primary source
 secondary source
 perspective
 sensory detail
 author’s purpose
 emotional appeal
 allusion
 simile
 audience
 tone
 imagery
 loaded language
Review basic persuasive terms specific to “Sinners”
As you read “Sinners” to students in a creative way (as if giving a
sermon), instruct the students to underline any sensory details as
they read along
Discuss the sensory details and how they convey the author’s tone
using District Tone Words List
Distribute & discuss instructions for creating a humument on
Handout 1B.4a & distribute to each student either Part I or Part II
of “Sinners” text on Handout 1B.4b
In small groups (2-3), students complete a Post-it Note Annotation
& then create a humument (including writing a thematic
Groups share their humuments with the class
Additional Information
 Holt McDougal Literature: American
Literature or Holt McDougal Literature:
American Literature Interactive Reader
 Holt McDougal Literature Vocabulary
Practice & Tests (available online)
 Writing Thematic Statements Instructions
 Post-it Note Annotation Instructions
 District Tone Words List
 Dictionaries
 Thesauruses
 3 x 3 Post-it notes
 Markers
 Colored pencils
 Elmo
 Projector
Parent Resources
Wichita Falls ISD (2013-2014)
Notes from Council
Daily Warm ups, or Bell ringers, will consist of grammar
practice, vocabulary review in SAT/ACT testing format
Lesson 1B.3 “La Relación” is optional