Important Dates - St. Thomas Aquinas School

September 2016
Important Dates:
Friday, Sept. 16
Sept 12-17
Sept. 29
Oct. 5
Opening Mass, Jr./Sr. High Awards/
Parent Council BBQ/Grandparents’ Day
Missoula Theatre
Terry Fox Run
Picture Day
Office News…
We have switched to a new program in the office this year and
all of our information was rolled over from last year. Most of
the information moved over seamlessly but we have noticed a
few glitches, names incorrect, addresses missing, etc. Please
make us aware of any errors that you notice on paperwork
throughout the year.
Attendance: If your child is going to be absent from school please let the office know. You can
call in at 780-753-6838 or email [email protected] . If we do not receive an email or
a phone call we will be calling you.
We have a new website! On here you will find the student handbook, school calendar and
upcoming events.
Missoula Children’s Theatre…
Missoula Children's Theatre will once again be coming to St. Thomas
Aquinas this fall! Our tour directors will be here September 12th to
17thand will be presenting the classic tale "Aladdin". Auditions will be
held Monday, September 12th and will take place from 3:30-5:30pm at
the school. Once the cast is selected, practices will take place
throughout the week to prepare for the show. The final performances
will be held on Saturday, September 17th at 3pm and again at 7pm at the Rec Centre. Anyone and
everyone is welcome to attend! The program is free of charge and we would like to encourage any
students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 to come out and participate in this wonderful opportunity!
Welcome Back…
To Mrs. Mercer who will be teaching part time Gr. 1
Mrs. Kohlman who will be teaching Gr. 6 and
Mr. Martin who will be teaching Jr. High Math, Gr. 9 Social and some elementary Phys. Ed.
Volunteer Drivers…
The policy for volunteer drivers has changed. Anyone transporting students must have $2,000,000.00
liability coverage.
Friday, September 16…
Is a busy day here at STA!
At 9:00 am the Opening School Mass will take place at the church. Everyone
is invited to attend.
Next, the Jr/Sr. High will be having their annual awards ceremony beginning
at 11:00 am in the gym. Parents with children receiving an award will be
emailed a notice.
Following the awards ceremony, the parent council will be offering a free
bbq for students, staff and parents. Please come join us for a wonderful day
of visiting and celebrating.
Finally, the Grade Ones will be hanging out with their grandparents for the afternoon (beginning at
2:00pm) and partaking in a variety of activities.
Terry Fox Run…
Will be on Thursday, Sept. 29. Elementary Students will begin at 1:30pm. Jr. and Sr. High students will
begin at 2:00pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.
Yearbook Order Forms…
Were sent home on the first day of school. 2017 yearbook order forms due by Sept 30, 2016.
Bussing News…
Buffalo Trail Public Schools is pleased to announce the addition of our Bus Cancellation Subscription
notice for parents/guardians. You need to click on this link and enter your route number and
contact information. If you want to receive an email and a text when
your child’s bus route is cancelled then you will have to subscribe via
email and mobile. Bus routes are updated on our website when bus
drivers contact our office to let us know their bus will not be running.
Their first priority is calling parents, however, this will assist them in
ensuring everyone gets the message. Please sign up and use this
important tool.
LARGE ITEMS and SCHOOL PROJECTS ON SCHOOL BUSES: Large band instruments and sports
equipment such as skate boards, hockey sticks, hockey bags, curling brooms, skis, etc. are not allowed
on the bus. Small band instruments and skates in a properly secured bag (i.e. not plastic) with skate
guards will be transported on school buses. Students must be able to hold all of his or her school items
on his/her lap without them projecting out of their seating area, into the aisle or into another student’s
space. Items no larger than 13” x 13” x 23” can be carried on the school busses. This applies to regular
bus runs. School projects that are too large to fit on a student’s lap or perhaps contain dangerous
materials (i.e. cut glass, chemicals, etc.) are not permitted on the bus. Please transport these projects
yourself to school for your child(ren) and we have asked teachers to be aware that transportation of
such projects may be an issue for some rural students
RED FLASHING LIGHTS are activated. This is illegal and a conviction can mean a $543 fine and 6
demerit points. Yes this a big fine, but the biggest penalty would be having to live with the fact
that you hurt or killed a child. Its 30 seconds of your life…it could mean the end of a child’s.
CROSS WALK SAFETY: Please remind your children to use marked crosswalks and the pause,
point and proceed method to cross the street to the schools or an intersection if there are no
marked cross walks. It is important that students are not walking through park cars or school
buses as they are not visible to passing motorists.
We wish all our students and their families a happy and successful school year!