Spring Fall Summer - Cross Roads House

Just for Baby:
For the kids attending
-Baby Bibs
-Diapers & Pull-ups
-Baby Wipes
-Baby Blankets & Quilts
-Personal Hygiene Items for
Baby (Shampoo, Lotion)
-Water Bottles
-Bug Spray
-Sun Screen
-Swim Towels
-Healthy Snacks
-Water shoes
Back to School:
For Snow Days:
-Gloves/ mittens
-fleece blankets
-movie passes
-Gift Cards for
-Pencils/ Pens
-Lunch Boxes
-Gift Cards for new clothing
LINENS: Twin sheets, twin blankets, bath towels and pillows.
(We only have twin beds and cannot accommodate full/queen/king sheets or blankets)
PERSONAL HYGIENE PRODUCTS Travel size shampoos, conditioners,
toothbrushes & toothpaste, disposable razors, deodorant, diapers/pull-ups/ baby
wipes, hand sanitizer, aspirin/Ibuprofen.
CLEANING SUPPLIES Air freshener, liquid dish soap, disinfectant wipes
FOOD & BEVERAGES Milk, margarine, juice & juice boxes, sugar, non-dairy
creamer, regular coffee, canned meals (Dinty Moore, etc.), canned soup, crackers, cookies, cereal, baby formula, lunch box snacks and fresh vegetables.
GIFT CARDS Gas station & auto store, Wal-Mart, grocery store, Rite Aid.
MISCELLANEOUS Pens, bike locks, padlocks, travel alarm clocks, socks & underwear.
NO CLOTHING PLEASE! Due to facility changes, we will no longer be accepting
clothing donations. We have made arrangements for our residents to get clothing
through other local outlets. Please consider donating your clothing to the
Operation Blessing (next door to Cross Roads House) – M, TH, Fri 10a-4p
Fair Tide Thrift Shop (Kittery on State Road next to Water District)Tu-Sat 10-5p
Goodwill (Portsmouth in Shaw’s plaza) – MON-SAT 9a-8p, SUN 11a-6p
Donations can be dropped off at any time at the Cross Roads House
office, 600 Lafayette Road, Portsmouth. In addition, volunteers are
needed to help prepare and serve meals in the soup kitchen. For
information about volunteering or contributing to the Cross Roads
House wish list, contact Diane at 436-2218 or
[email protected]