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22 March 2017
There’s been some frantic mosaicing over the last few weeks, as the
opening day looms for the Masithandane Interactive Mosaic Park or Octopus Garden Under the Sea as it has been named.
The park, situated at Scarab Village, has been an ongoing project
since January 2016, and not only boasts the huge octopus pictured
here, but also other mosaic art, including an orca, a dolphin and a
stage/theatre screen. Other additions will be up-cycled musical
instruments and pavers created by children.
Set to officially open on 1 April, the one-of-a-kind park is supported
by the National Lotteries Commission as part of Masithandane’s
new skills transfer income generation job creation projects. To
assist the mosaic team in meeting the deadline, a number of local
residents have been arriving to ‘plak’ mosaics and rounded pebbles
on the huge octopus tentacles.
“Actually it’s quite therapeutic!” said one happy new mosaicist.
Masithandane Chair Jacky Weaver points out that anyone is
welcome to join in the mosaicing on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and
Thursdays for the next two weeks.
Scarab Village co-owner Andre Knoetze is delighted to provide a home for Masithandane’s Octopus Garden Under the Sea
As the rivers of Greater Knysna face almost no flow and the
Akkerkloof Dam drops to 39 percent, the Knysna Municipality
has announced Level 3 Water Restrictions with immediate effect.
This includes Sedgefield.
in the flow of all our rivers from which we extract our water being
almost nonexistent. We have no option but to place our Municipal
area on Level 3 water restrictions,” said Knysna Acting Municipal
Manager, Johnny Douglas.
“Greater Knysna has not had decent rains for months now, resulting
Currently the Knysna, Gouna, Karatara, Homtini and Goukamma
Rivers are experiencing extremely low flow.
The new Level 3 Water Restrictions include all previous restrictions
and dictate that:
• Municipal potable water be for human consumption only
• Absolutely no watering of gardens (not even with a bucket)
• No washing of vehicles and/or boats
• The restriction of usage by all residents and businesses to 20
• Residents utilizing more than the 20 Kl/month will be identified and
notified to install water restrictive devices
• A punitive tariff (75 percent additional) will be added for usage
above the 20 Kl/month
“We are currently faced with extremely high water usage within the
area. This situation can be ascribed to the many premises within
Greater Knysna being unmetered, and the dry conditions which are
causing pipe breaks within our water system. As the dry soil heaves,
the water pipes move and fracture,” explained Douglas, adding “The
daily usage of our residents and businesses could be further reduced
to assist with this crisis.”
To help mitigate the serious water shortage in Greater Knysna the
Municipality is in the application process in terms of section 55 of the
Disaster Management Act, 2002 (Act 57 of 2002) to declare Knysna
Municipal area as a local disaster area.
The area has been under water restrictions since the drought in 2009,
during which the two desalination plants (Sedgefield and Knysna)
were constructed in an effort to alleviate the dire situation.
Knysna’s current abstraction rights from the Knysna River allow for
300 litres/second, but as a result of the serious drop in flow, only
around 100litres/second can be abstracted. “This morning we have
received several reports of water pumps caveating (sucking air) due
the low levels of Greater Knysna rivers,” Douglas said.
During an emergency meeting attended by the Knysna Municipality,
(Continued on page 2)
in my best Sean Connery voice,
smiling smugly to myself whilst
checking my profile, showing a
few teeth, and even doing a little
flex here and there.
“Yip,” I congratulated the welltoned image in front of me, a
little louder so that Mrs Ed could
hear and have the opportunity to
shower me with enthusiastic
agreement, “Not too shabby at
all. Late thirties? Early forties at
a push, but no-one would believe
past fifty….”
n e s h o u l d n ' t e v e r,
EVER, have to wear
reading glasses, unless
one is reading. Now THAT
should be a human right.
Just don't. That's my advice.
Perhaps I should explain, so that
you, dear readers, both
The other day I walked into a
local business, one whose owner
(let's call him Bob, he’ll like that)
we have been dealing with on
and off ever since we moved to
Sedgefield back before the turn
of the century. I hadn't seen... er...
‘Bob’ for quite a while, and
thought it was time to catch up,
so I asked the stooped old man
working behind the counter in
the faded Iron Maiden t-shirt if
the boss was around.
He looked at me quizzically
through the glasses perched on
the end of his nose, and said
“I am the boss.”
I couldn't help but catch my
breath. Quickly digging my own
reading specs out of my top
pocket, I leaned over the counter
and studied his face intently.
“My goodness!” I thought,
recognising my old colleague's
features, albeit vaguely, “It IS
Bob. I wonder what happened.
He's looking so old!”
He was indeed - his face was a
puffy sort of ‘I made it to the top
of the Karatara Hill’ red, and
there were wrinkles around his
eyes, Sedgefield business
wrinkles. The sort you get from
squinting into your empty petty
cash tin for too many years. His
hair was a grey version of grey.
Not turning grey, or hinting at
grey, or even mostly grey. It had
made the decision, taken the
plunge and gone the whole grey
hog – white was the only way to
go from there on. And that wasn’t
all his hair - more than a little of it
was missing – perhaps pulled out
during the 90 days of November
that plague the Garden Route
business calendar.
I was about to ask if he had been
suffering from dehydration,
fallen asleep in a pickle barrel…
or perhaps consumed too much
Sedgefield tap water, when I
realised he was staring right back
at me, with his own incredulous
look. And the longer he stared,
the paler his ruddy complexion
“Sorry….T'Ed…. I didn't
recognise you,” he whispered,
sympathetically leaning forward
to look at my face a little more
Page 2
closely, “Is everything ok?
You…. Er…. You look er…..
Have you been ill?”
Once we had both gotten over
the shock, which was only
possible when our reading
glasses were safely back in our
shirt pockets, we had a nice little
reunion cup of coffee together,
and reminisced about the good
old days when Sedgefield was its
own town and the Mayor was
also the fridge repair man.... it
was pleasant.
But the sting of Bob's rather
harsh observations on my
appearance hardly diminished in
any way, not even with the extra
shot of caffeine. In fact, the
phrase that he used more than
thrice ('My old haggard friend'
Can you believe it?) remained
firmly etched on the walls of the
'Particularly Annoyed'
compartment of my grey matter
(that's brain, not hair) when I got
to our front door that evening.
Convinced I was still a fine
specimen of youth, or at least the
younger side of middle age, and
that Bob's obnoxious remarks
had been purely defensive
because he personally had 'let
himself go', I decided that a little
reassurance wouldn't do me any
harm. Pushing past Mrs Ed who
was busy counting out vitamin
pills on the kitchen counter
whilst torturing some poor
casserole to an untimely death in
the oven (who says she can’t
multi-task?), I sauntered to the
mirror in the hallway and had a
gander at myself.
I felt an instant flood of relief.
What had Bob been on about?
Looking terrible? I didn't look so
bad at all, nowhere near as
wrinkled as he was. And you
could barely see my bald
“You might want to try looking
through these,” said Mrs Ed
from behind me as she pulled my
reading glasses out of my pocket
and popped them onto my
She is such a cruel woman. I
swear I could hear her chuckling
under her breath as I stared at the
revised and, admittedly, better
focused image of me, staring
back at me.
It wasn't.
A pretty.
At all.
I think the phrase that sprang to
mind was “Gnaaaaaahhhhhh!!!”
Was that me? Really?
At first I thought not. There were
so many wrinkles that surely
some conniving comedian had
somehow spun the room round
and I was looking at the picture
of my father on the mantelpiece?
But then I was shocked to see my
own jaw drop… in shock.
How could it be me? The face
had wild, grey, unchartered
eyebrow forests. It had jowls
which had dropped to where
they could scrum down against a
full pack of chins… and there
was no sign of my original
brown hair colour, though
perhaps that was because the
light was reflecting on the
thinning area and…. OH MY
Mrs Ed, handing me an antiinflammatory, three multivitamin capsules and a calcium
supplement, my fur-lined Crocs,
and a warm glass of milk. “That's
why you have to sit on the stairs
to tie your shoelaces …. and the
men at the petrol station call you
'Oupie'…. and some of the shops
offer you discount on
I was still feeling more than a
little melancholy later that
“But I feel so YOUNG and
STRONG still,” I whined, lying
back on the World’s Most
Comfortable Couch my head on
Mrs Ed's lap. “And I have all this
energy, and so many plans,
things I still want to do, before….
You know…. Before old age sets
“That's fine,” she comforted,
stroking my forehead
encouragingly, “You can do
whatever you want. The sky's the
limit. You could even…. No….
perhaps not…”
“What?” I said, sitting up, “What
do you mean 'perhaps not'? What
is it that you think I can't do?”
“No, it's silly,” she said, “Forget
it. I couldn't ask someone of your
age to do such a thing.”
“No really!” I threw back, a little
affronted that she didn't believe
in me. I stood up and squared my
shoulders. “You said the sky's the
limit. That I could do anything I
“Yes but...”
“What is it?”
“Could you…..?”
“Yes? TELL ME!”
“….Pack the dishwasher?”
“Ummmm...It's been a very long
day. I think I'm going to bed.”
“Yes – it's almost 8.30,” she
“You’d be mad if you
(Continued from front page) Provincial Department of Local
Government and Treasury, as well as the Eden District Municipality,
several measures were discussed to help mitigate the water shortage.
“Through its Disaster Management Centre, the Provincial
Department of Local Government undertook to take our current highrisk water situation to the Provincial Cabinet to declare Greater
Knysna a disaster area. The various departments and Eden District
Municipality have undertaken to offer as much support as possible to
ensure that Greater Knysna does not reach Level 4 restrictions. This
level will result in the closing of water valves to be opened through a
roaming area three hour based timetable (water shedding). In essence
forcing us to implement water outages!”
In closing Douglas thanked all Greater Knysna residents and
businesses for their water saving endeavors and asked that they join
the Knysna Municipality in becoming the area in the Western Cape
that utilizes the least water per head.
“I put the challenge to each one of our community members. Let’s
show the world that we can stand as one and save our precious
commodity, water,” concluded Douglas.
“When did this happen?” I
exclaimed, slumping down on
the couch and ripping my glasses
from my face with such venom I
felt my back spasm. It didn't
help that at that precise moment
my voice croaked like Joe
Cocker with laryngitis.
“When did I get….. so…. Old?”
“It's been a while now,” soothed
In fact the more I looked at my
reflection, the more confident I
“I really have aged well,” I said
22 March 2017
According to Mike Hofhuis,
the head of Sedgefield’s
Community Orientated
Policing (COP), crime has
spiked once again with
numerous burglaries taking
place in and around the village.
Of particular concern is the
ongoing trend of copper theft.
In the last two weeks at least a
dozen Sedgefield houses have
suffered loss of copper pipes and
“And those are the cases that
have been reported,” Hofhuis
said, “We are certain there are
more incidents that haven’t been
brought to our attention.”
The perpetrator pictured right
was caught on Saturday 11
March at approximately 5.45pm.
When ADT officers spotted him
in the Sedge Hill area carrying a
large, heavy-looking rucksack,
t h e y w e r e i m m e d i a t e l y Caught red-handed. This suspect was arrested after stolen copper
suspicious as he has been was found in his possession.
previously arrested for copper
security company officers were
theft. Before they could stop him Whilst Hofhuis is exceptionally called in at 17.30, 18.30 and
he ran into the thick bush.
again at 22.30 to attend to
But the quick-thinking officers of the ADT team which go above different cases of house breakand
knew what he was up to and,
ins in Sedgefield. Though each
after calling COP for back-up, believes that it is high time the time the perpetrators escaped
they drove around to
capture, extensive searches
Bleshoender Street on the other addressed. “Please be aware that
side of the block. When he even since the arrest of this man, located their contraband hidden
emerged from the bush 15 a lot more copper has been in nearby properties. This
minutes later, the perpetrator stolen. There is certainly more included bicycles, flat screen
walked straight into their arms. than one team of perpetrators, TVs and even a safe.
He was searched by the COP and our only solution is to Hofhuis says the good news is
team, then taken to the local identify who the local buyer is.”
that SAPS have seriously upped
SAPS station to be charged.
Other burglaries are also on the their game in Sedgefield.
COP members wasted no time in
increase, though it seems the “I really must applaud SAPS for
collecting 100 signatures from
their fantastic work this
Sedgefield and Smutsville to perpetrators are not managing to
weekend,” he said, “We have had
oppose bail for this habitual
copper thief. He was due to goods. On Friday 17 March COP t h r e e p o l i c e v e h i c l e s i n
appear in court on Monday 20 volunteers, SAPS members, Sedgefield at any one time, and
Knysna’s Business Against their response time has been
Crime Organisation, and various brilliant.”
ISSUE 509 22 March 2017
Page 3
is as a result of
22 March 2017
Murder in Kraaibosch Estate, George
Within five hours after the
lifeless body of 77 year old
Isabella Christina Kruger was
discovered in her home
situated in the Kraaibosch
Estate opposite Garden Route
Mall in George, detectives
investigating her murder
arrested two suspects aged 31
and 28 years old.
The deceased was discovered in
her bathtub on Saturday, 18
March at about 12:00 by her
daughter, George police were
dispatched to the scene as well as
the emergency services.
The breakthrough in the case
came after detectives received
information from a member of
the public who had seen one of
the suspects earlier in a Honda
Jazz, belonging to the deceased,
on the Old-Knysna/George road
between George and Hoekwil.
On Saturday, 18 March 2017 at
about 17:50, members of the
investigation team pulled the
suspects over on the N-2 near
Victoria Heights. At this stage
the two men were driving an old
Opel Corsa hatchback. The
SAPS members searched the
vehicle and found suspected
stolen goods, amongst which
were a laptop and other valuables
belonging to the deceased. They
also confiscated the Corsa.
The two suspects were arrested
on the spot and detained at the
George police holding cells they were due to face a charge of
However the following
afternoon the 28 year old suspect
was released after his alibi had
been followed up.
“At this stage there is not
enough evidence to link him
directly to the crime,” explained
SAPS Spokesperson Captain
Malcolm Poje.
The 31 year old suspect was
charged with murder and made
his first court appearance on
Monday, 20 March 2017 at the
George Magistrates' Court.
Poje says that the investigation is
continuing “An autopsy will be
conducted on the deceased’s
body early in the week to
determine the possible cause of
her death,” he said, “The Eden
Cluster Commander, Maj Genl.
Oswald Reddy has commended
the Trio Crime investigating
Team, assisted by George SAPS
Detectives and the Local
Criminal Record Centre's
Forensic experts for their
sterling work and dedication that
led to the apprehension of the
Municipal Manager Resigns During Hearing
Suspended Knysna
Municipal Manager, Grant
t e n d e re d h i s
resignation on 15 March,
during a disciplinary
According to a press release
from the Municipal
Communications Department,
the disciplinary hearing was
convened after Easton was
c h a rg e d l a s t y e a r w i t h
misconduct in relation to
several serious irregularities
which occurred during his
tenure. At the hearing the
Municipality called several
witnesses to testify in the case
against him.
"In the opinion of the
Municipality, the evidence
against Easton was
overwhelming. However,
Easton unexpectedly tendered
his resignation, effective 30
April, during the hearing ," the
release stated.
back to the 2014/15 budget
year," the release read.
"The total cost of proceedings is
yet to be finally calculated. The
Municipality has a
constitutional imperative to
investigate misconduct and to
discipline staff and the cost
could not be avoided.
The Municipality accepted the
resignation, which brought an
end to the employment
relationship, and the purpose of
the disciplinary hearing was
"Easton is legally entitled to
receive all benefits which
accrued to him prior to his
resignation. This includes past
accumulated leave days and an
old outstanding bonus dating
And the Band all Played
Tiddley Om Pom Pom . . .
At the culmination of the
Slow Festival (14-16 April),
traditionally held on Easter
Sunday, the crowds arrive
and wait along the Sedgefield
streets in eager anticipation
for the climax of the Slow
Festival; the Easter Street
and Band Parade. The siren
sounds and the long
procession of delightful,
colourful, weird and
wonderful beings begins
moving. It has become a
favourite of visitors and
locals, both participants and
bystanders alike.
Last year, local businesses got
very competitive and rather
imaginative in making fantastic
creations and floats for the
Easter Street parade! The prize
for Best Parade Creation was
deservedly won (for a second
year running) by the Sedgefield
Craft Brewery, Tony Hunter
and his enthusiastic team.
This year's Parade is set for
Sunday 16th April and it's once
again time for planning those
floats, creations and fancy
outfits!! Let's make it the best
A particular (and perhaps
peculiar) attraction and
highlight this year will be a
bunch of bandy and hairy
legged gents prancing down the
streets in orange tutus together
with a group of lavish ladies
looking lovely in orange
ISSUE 509 22 March 2017
beards. Join them! Also, the
winning float from the
'Anything that Floats' event,
spectacular costumes from
Melodramas past, the Church
of Resurrection and St Albans
brigade marching band and 2
giant heavy draft Percheron
horses and their cart!
“We can assure the public that
no settlement was entered into,
and Easton was not paid out for
the rest of the term of his
contract. He will also not
receive any bonus for the
2015/16 budget year or the
2016/17 budget year."
With the application being
done in conjunction with
Sedgefield Pick n Pay, Slow
Festival organisers are
pleased to welcome Business
and Arts South Africa
(BASA) as supporting
partners to the Festival for a
third year. The BASA
Partnership Toolkit for the
Arts has been created for
both arts organisations with
existing sponsorship
relations and those looking
for new and additional
“The fact that the Slow
Festival has events within it
that currently have
sponsorship; namely Pick n
Pay as title sponsors of the
Goukamma Traverse Trail Run,
and that the Festival is still
looking to involve sponsors
going forward, meant that BASA
were able to partner with the
Festival on this basis. We will be
using the BASA funding as a
contribution to the marketing
costs of the Festival” said
Festival organiser Amanda
development of the arts sector in
South Africa and contributing to
corporate success through
Shared Value. Business and Arts
South Africa (NPC) was
founded in 1997 as a joint
initiative of the Department of
Arts and Culture and the
business sector as a
public/private partnership.
Business and Arts South Africa
(NPC) is an internationally
recognised South African
development agency with a suite
of integrated programmes
implemented nationally and
i n t e r n a t i o n a l l y. B A S A
encourages mutually beneficial
partnerships between business
and the arts, securing the future
P r o g r a m m e s
C o m m u n i c a t i o n s O ff i c e r,
Tshepo Diseko of BASA, said
“Business and Arts South
Africa's Supporting Grant
programme is designed for
artist/arts organisations and
businesses, to assist in activating
partnership for a cross-section of
arts projects in different regions
of the country. This is done by
providing financial support to
a project that is in an already
existing relationship between
a business and arts
organisation. We believe that
the partnership between the
Slow Festival and Pick n Pay
is a great one, proving to be
both mutually beneficial and
rewarding for both the
organisation and business. We
thank Pick n Pay and the many
other sponsors for the
generous support they are
lending to this festival and
trust that our support of the
Slow Festival will assist in
ensuring that Pick n Pay, and
other businesses, continue to
invest in the arts.”
We would like to encourage
businesses to strut their stuff
and promote themselves while
having a whole lot of fun at the
same time! There will be a
first prize for Best Parade
Creation of a 2 night stay at an
AfriCamps camp for the best
The Parade will start at the
Sedgefield Primary sportsgrounds and wind its way
through town to the Village
Green. All those with floats,
bands, fancy dress or whatever
you can think of and who wish
to participate should gather
there on Sunday 16th April at
12h00 ready for the start of the
parade at 13h00 sharp.
The final Slow Festival Prize
Giving will take place directly
after the finishing of the parade
on the Village Green which will
then be followed by a special
Easter celebration with choir
concert and dancing. Come
along and join in the fun!
For more information, please
contact parade co-ordinatorAmanda : 072 949 3002.
Page 5
REMEMBER TO WATCH DEMI IN MISS SA Gazebos Donated to Sedge Primary
The new Miss South Africa 2017 will
be crowned at Sun City on Sunday,
March 26, with the pageant broadcast
live on Mzansi Magic (Channel 161)
and M-Net (Channel 101) at 17h00.
Sedgefield residents will no doubt be
rooting for our very own Demi-Leigh
Nel-Peters, the ex headgirl of Sedgefield
Primary, who is one of the 12 finalists,
because we are sure she has the right
“Our Miss South Africa should represent
values women today can relate and
aspire to. A wholeness. How she values
not just herself, but those around her.
How she has lived this. And importantly
her resilience and empathy,” says judge
Gisèle Wertheim Aymes.
Surely she was describing Demi-Leigh
herself? All the best Demi!
The Right to be Human How Human Rights Impact Your Life
So very often we tend to
associate Human Rights with
political innuendos,
aspirations and causes; or
think that they are
associated with major
groups or incidents in our
societies. Yet sometimes we
forget about the little things
right at our doorstep. Take
some time and imagine that
you were …
• A young woman that was
walking home from your job as
a waitress late at night and was
attacked and raped. As a result
you were considered ruined,
dirty, an easy target, etc.
• A man from a highpowered business that for
various reasons went belly-up
and all of a sudden you were
nothing … And your wife
blamed you for the situation.
• A very religious young
man that had come to SA from
a country up North to find a
better life and had to deal with
all the prejudices because you
were too black, could not
speak a local black language
and were exposed to serious
personal danger –
• You are a normal family
and suddenly your son or
daughter introduces you to
their gay partner.
• You were a mother that
had said a hasty goodbye to her
child on the way to school one
normal morning and then later
had a knock on the door to say
there had been a bus accident.
• Your daughter is in a very
abusive relationship and you
do not know what to do to help
• You have an extremely
poor self-image and always in
fear of circumstances.
• A member of your family
has died and you simply cannot
• Your house has burned
down and you have no idea
what next.
• You have nothing… no
work, no income, no support,
no one to turn to, no prospects,
• You have HIV/Aids and
what now …?
• You have to go through a
divorce and cannot afford a
• Your husband you have
loved and supported over so
many years has suddenly
found a new partner.
• You have no career
experience and a very limited
You may think these are all
everyday occurrences that
happen the world all over – and
you are right to think that, but
consider at any given time you
may find yourself in any one of
these situations and each one is
an infraction of human rights.
Being human, we all will
experience trauma, pain and
life's battles, but let us remember
we have the right to feel and the
right to express and the
responsibility to make it happen
for us – therefore find a safe
person to talk to about what life
hands you.
"We are way more powerful
when we turn to each other and
not on each other, when we
celebrate our diversity… and
together tear down the mighty
walls of injustice."~ Cynthia
McKinney, American politician
and activist
How can we stand together in
such instances? Well here's what
FAMSA can do to help:
• Counselling/Emotional
support (there is so much
misperception re “counselling”
for so many of the above
• Training and workshops to
create awareness and enable
members of the community to
acquire the necessary skills to
address these challenges.
• Community projects to
address the challenges and needs
of all women and men.
• Support services to address
trauma, court support and
general information.
• Provide Trauma Support for
individuals through Group
Information sessions.
• Support to Trauma workers
& survivors as well as on-going
training for Trauma workers &
interested members of the
• Reaching out to women,
empowering them with skills
and knowledge in order to
develop their confidence within
themselves and identify
resources to which they have
• Women encouraging one
another through workshops and
information sessions.
• Women are encouraged to
find solutions for the challenges
they face under various
• They are provided with
skills that enable them to move
towards more positive
circumstances for themselves
and their families.
"It means a great deal to those
For many years our kids had to
gather and sit in the sun at
major sport events, but not
A big THANK YOU to sponsors
: Mariette from Pine Lake
Marina; Christo and Mariska
from Rex Construction;
Francois and Ute Rousseau from
Francois Rousseau & Co; Zelda
from Dazel Garden Designs;
Erich from Herselectric and
Mike Roets from the Montagu
Property Group for their
generosity and giving hearts.
Thank you to Ricky Portway
who saw the need and started this
whole initiative - we are very
grateful and appreciate all your
efforts in organizing this. Thank
you to Gazebo World in George
for these high quality products
that we will use with pride at all
sporting events in the future. If
you would also like to sponsor a
gazebo please feel free to contact
the school at 044 3431650.
Sedgefield Lions News . . .
Another successful Tortoise Tuff
has just been completed- well
done Darryl Webber and his
Striders team for putting
together another successful
who are oppressed to know that
they are not alone. Never let
anyone tell you that what you
are doing is insignificant." ~
Desmond Tutu
In any given year we reach
literally thousands of people
through counselling and
through training, community
projects and workshops. None
of the people who come to us
benefit only as individuals, but
when the actual impact is
measured it is at least triple the
number of people who are
positively affected by
FAMSA's intervention. What
have you done to support this?
What can you still do?
Lions manned 3 water tables again
this year. There is great rivalry and
camaraderie amongst the Lions
tables to see who can bring the
trophy home. The innovative
costumes and ideas on how to
make the runners have a good time
gets better and better! Well done
team Lions - the trophy comes
home to us again!!
Ninja turtles, bubbles, water pistols and "run through showers" all made for a fun day!
Lion Eric Roper arranged a street
collection during December and
also had collection tins placed in
Guest Houses and businesses in
town. This project raised enough
money to buy much needed first
aid stock and supplies for the
Sedgefield Life Guards.
“Let us remember: One book,
one pen, one child, and one
teacher can change the
~ Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani
education activist
FA M S A K n y s n a o f f e r s
assistance to all members of
various communities. Clients
have a safe, confidential
environment where they can be
assisted. FAMSA Knysna can
assist you with the tools that
one needs to be able to be
Contact FAMSA Knysna on
0 4 4
3 8 2 5 1 2 9 /
[email protected] or our
office in Plettenberg Bay on
044 5330515 / plettenberg
@famsa.org.za for more
information and to start
building a stronger relationship
in your Family today.
So for 2017, let us unite in the
stand against hate and abuse,
let us live and grow together as
a family and strive for better
Human Rights – especially the
small ones so easily
“Get up, stand up, Stand up for
your rights. Get up, stand up,
Don't give up the fight.”~ Bob
Marley, Jamaican singer
Lion Eric Roper, Mike Wood and Lion President Eric
Mike Wood, Co-ordinator and
trainer of the Life Guards was very
pleased with the donation and
thanked the Lions for their valuable
support. Mike also praised his team
of life guards for their dedication and
quality of service given on our
beaches during the festive season.
So all round, a great success story
and one Sedgefield can be proud of.
Thanks must also go
to the Sedgefield
community for
supporting the street
Well done Mike and
Shelley van
Eeden (left) seen
handing a
cheque over to
the George
Jackie Biljon
after the recent
very successful
Shavathon held
at the Mosaic
22 March 2017
Knysna Business Forum Seeks Cohesion Caring for Women . . . and children
by Martin Hatchuel
Dr Gauri Lowe is a holistic
women's health doctor who
is new to the area. As a
community based
practitioner she would like to
introduce herself and inform
local residents of the services
she offers.
A group of Knysna's
business people has
formed an interim
business forum that
will seek to foster
cohesion among
residents, the
municipality, and the
town council in order to
grow the local economy.
The forum - which
includes developers,
tourism product owners,
retailers, manufacturers,
and professionals
(amongst others) - aims
to establish a local Chamber of
Business aligned to national
organisations like Business
Unity South Africa (BUSA), and
the South African Chamber of
Commerce and Industry
(SACCI - formerly the South
African Chamber of Business).
Dr Lowe is a medically trained
doctor, having completed her
internship at George Hospital
several years ago. Since then
her experience and training,
including her travels overseas,
have led her to focus on
holistic and integrative
approaches for women and
"The idea is to collectively
remove impediments to growth
so that everyone will benefit,"
said founding member Ronnie
Webster of The Featherbed
He said that the new
organisation's value drivers
include fostering growth in an
organised and responsible way;
fostering global connections
through local interests; respect
for the ecology of the area and
for our shared and separate
cultural heritages; and an
understanding that Knysna's
economy is based on value
creation through the
manufacture of products that
have global reach.
“Above all, though, our values
are driven by the need for
inclusion and unity - which can
be achieved even if the parties
don't always agree with one
Restaurateur Charles van
Tonder of the Emporium Team
said that the Forum's strategy is
to develop and facilitate an
'attract-retain-and-grow' plan
for the local economy.
"We will to do this through
talking to the Municipality, the
Council, and local, regional,
provincial and national
stakeholders who have the
interests of local business at
"We want to see the local
economy transformed into to a
representative one that's young,
vibrant, multiracial, and
innovative," he said.
Mike Mills of Belvidere Manor
said that the forum has
established three working
"The Negotiating Committee
will talk to the Municipality
about the challenges facing the
town - which includes the
management and maintenance
of our infrastructure - while the
Chamber Committee will guide
us through the process of
establishing the Chamber, and
the Tourism Committee will
concentrate on the management
and marketing of Knysna as a
and breastfeeding support.
“Many women have a hunger for
a more balanced approach for
themselves and their children,”
she says, “People are becoming
more aware of overuse of
antibiotics, the importance of
nutrition as healing and
alternatives to modern
You can read more about Dr
Lowe on her website
www.drgaurilowe.com. or
contact her on 081 779 7788 or
email [email protected]
Dr Gauri Lowe
“With a medical, herbal and
functional medicine
background, I work with
lifestyle and stress, nutrition,
gut healing and herbal/
mineral supplements,” she
says, adding that her approach
includes creating an
empowered awareness around
women's rights, roles and
support structures, specifically
around maternity care.
Besides consulting she also
runs herbal workshops for
women and kids – where they
learn and make their own
remedies - as well as women's
support circles and retreats.
Her passion is working with
women. She works with
menstrual symptoms and
problems, hormonal
imbalances, women feeling
burnt out and overwhelmed,
unsatisfied with their bodies,
their fertility, postpartum
problems, libido as well as
women simply looking for
more natural support for their
body and symptoms or natural
approaches during pregnancy
Dazel Runners : A Full Team Effort!
by Melanie Baumeister
This year for the 20th
Tortoise Tuff. Zelda Delport
of Dazel Nursery sponsored
and kitted out her work force
to participate in the Tortoise
Tuff as a team building
Of course these fit people all
finished in good time and had a
great time doing it! What a
great way to support a local
event and draw our community
together both at work and at
From (L-R) Zelda, Prince,
Victor, Samuel, Austen, Mduduzi, Rodger, Gappie, William and Mark in the very front.
"We'll invite local business
people to join us once we've
agreed on our model for the
Chamber," he said.
To advertise
in the
Slow Festival
Orange Edge
special edition
Call Joy on
082 389 2024
or 044 343 2415
22 March 2017
Page 7
22nd March -5th April 2017
Wednesday 22
8:45am Guided meditation @ The
Well, Plumtree Centre
2-5pm Sedgefield Tennis Club
5:30pm Sedgefield Striders- 5km
time trials meet @ Bowling Club
6:30-10pm Badminton Town
-----------------------------------------Thursday 23
6am Eden Cycling Road bikes &
MTB’s depart Cycle Worx. All
7:30am Sedge Gentlemen’s Golf
@ The Links
11:30-12:30 Community meal at
St Francis United Church,
Swallow Drive - outreach to lonely
& hungry.
2:30pm Bowls coaching
5:15pm Guided meditation @ The
Well, Plumtree Centre
Friday 24
8.00am Ladies Golf @ The Links
9.00am Line Dancing @ St.
Anthony’s. 084 549 3967
10- 11:30am Anchusa meet @ St
Francis Church hall 044 343 1099
4 - 8:30pm Friday Supper & Craft
Market. Follow the scarecrows
from the N2 up Welbedacht Lane,
Knysna @ Montessori School.
Saturday 25
Sedgefield Striders morning runs
call 072 516 4701.
7:30am-12 Wild Oats
Community Farmers’ Market
8am - 2pm Mosaic Market
8am - 1pm Scarab Craft Market
12-1:00pm Sedgefield Interchurch
Prayer Group at Grace Fellowship
Sunday 26
6am Eden Cycling Club Group
Social outride departs Cycle Worx.
All welcome.
Monday 27
6:30-10pm Badminton Town Hall
7pm Duplicate Contract Bridge in
Catholic Church Hall. 044 3432158
Tuesday 28
6am Eden Cycling road bikes &
MTB’s depart Cycle Worx. All
2:30pm Bowls coaching
Wednesday 29
8:45am Guided meditation @ The
Well, Plumtree Centre
2-5pm Sedge Tennis Club (Social)
5:30pm Sedgefield Striders- 5km
time trials meet @ Bowling Club
Thursday 30
6am Eden Cycling Road bikes &
MTB’s depart Cycle Worx. All
7:30am Sedge Gentlemen’s Golf
@ The Links
9 for 10am Knysna U3A meet at
Brenton on Sea Community Hall.
11:30-12:30 Community meal at
St Francis United Church,
Swallow Drive - outreach to lonely
The editor has full discretion as to which letters to include or exclude and no argument, badgering, cajoling, bribery or heated
conversation will be entered into. Opinions expressed in published letters and articles are not necessarily those of the management
and staff of The EDGE Community Newspaper.
Dear Editor,
Petition to the Premier to Assist
GO GEORGE bus service to
enable people to get to both
George and Knysna.
Minister. We must put pressure
on our Municipal Councillors to
address the Bus Service.
In November last year another
group of Students prepared to
leave school after Grade 7
because they do not have the
resources to travel to a High
School in George or Knysna.
Coupled with this was the
annual increase in crime in our
This petition was signed by more
than 1100 people living in
Sedgefield - that is more than
10% of the entire community.
I thank everyone for signing the
petition but am stumped as to
what to do now.
Rodney Nay
I took the opportunity to prepare
a Petition to our Premier, Ms
Helen Zille asking for her help
because our Municipality could
not assist.
I asked for three things:
1. A Police Station or at least a
fully staffed permanent facility
in Sedgefield.
2. A High School and or Adult
Training Centre to give the
youth a better opportunity to
secure work.
3. An extension to the exiting
Should your association, charity or
group have any forthcoming events,
please send us details so that we may
publish them in our next issue!
Premier Zille's response clearly
shows that either the Provincial
Government or the DA do not
really care about our Village. It is
more important to spend time
and money on throwing mud at
each other in parliament or the
If truth be told, I do not even
think she personally wrote the
letter because it shows no
interest or care about Sedgefield.
Premier Zille explained that she
is powerless to assist. Why she
has Ministers at Provincial level
when they are powerless is
beyond me. For the Police
Station and High School, we
must contact the ANC National
In Memory of Leon
Leon du Toit (55yrs) a local
cabinet maker, who was
well known at Scarab
Market, died peacefully in
his sleep on Monday 13th
March 2017.
He was much loved and
admired by his friends and
clients alike. Leon was a
skilled carpenter who had a
flair for the unusual, so his
kitchens and furniture
always had something
special about them.
A gathering of his friends to honour him was held under the
Red Roof at Scarab on Saturday 18th March 2017.
He is sorely missed by his family, his very special daughter,
Georgie and his cats.
Oom Freddie
who recently turned 101!
Many may remember
Oom Freddie when he
lived in Smutsville.
Oom Freddie now
resides in Vermont
Old Age Home in
What a milestone.
We wish him all the best!
& hungry.
2:30pm Bowls coaching
5:15pm Guided meditation @ The
Well, Plumtree Centre
Friday 31
8am Ladies Golf @ The Links
9am Line Dancing @ St.
Anthony’s. 084 549 3967
10- 11:30am Anchusa meet @ St
Francis Church hall. 044 343 1099
4 - 8:30pm Friday Supper & Craft
Market Follow the scarecrows
from the N2 up Welbedacht Lane,
Knysna @ Montessori School.
4:30pm MOTH meetings at Lions
Club. Ph 044 343 1996
Saturday 01
Sedgefield Striders morning runs
call 072 516 4701.
7:30am-12 Wild Oats Community
Farmers’ Market @ Swartvlei
8am- 1pm Scarab Craft Market
8am - 2pm Mosaic Market
Sunday 02
6am Eden Cycling Club Group
Social outride departs Cycle Worx.
All welcome
PLEASE NOTE: Letters to the editor must be submitted with the author’s
full name, address and phone number. If a writer does not wish his or her
name to appear in print, a ‘pen name’ (nom de plume) may be included.
Email letters to: [email protected]
Monday 03
6:30-10pm Badminton Town
7pm Duplicate Contract Bridge
in Catholic Church Hall. 044
Tuesday 04
6am Eden Cycling road bikes &
MTB’s depart Cycle Worx. All
12:30 Arthritis Foundation
meetings @ Die Ou Kaross
Hotel, Wilderness. Info Moira 082 729 4509
2:30pm Bowls coaching.
Wednesday 05
8:45am Guided meditation @
The Well, Plumtree Centre
2-5pm Sedgefield Tennis Club
6:30-10pm Badminton Town
will take place on
29th March 2017
at 18:30pm
at Pelican Lodge
Everyone who is interested
in amateur dramatics is
most welcome to come
along and see what Sedge
Players is all about.
On Foot in the
Garden Route
On Foot in the
Garden Route’s
much awaited 4th
edition, covering
walks in the area
from Dana Bay to
Buffalo Bay, has
been published.
Author Judith
Hopley first
published her book
in 1993 with the 3rd
edition being
produced in 2003.
More of a carry it
with you guide than
a coffee table book,
On Foot is very
popular with locals and holiday
makers keen on exploring the
trails on offer in this area. It
contains 14 maps along with
descriptions of well over 14
The revision of the book for the
fourth edition took Judith
almost a year, compiling
numerous updates using
information provided by
walkers doing the routes.
2 Tim 3:1,13 "..in the last days ....evil
men and seducers shall wax worse
and worse, deceiving, and being
deceived." Mark 7:9 "..you reject the
commandment of God, that you may
keep your tradition" (eg substitute
sabbath). Mark 10:17-19 When
asked: "What shall I do that I may
inherit eternal life?" Jesus pointed to
His Ten Commandments Law.
Ps 25:4,5 "Show me Thy ways, O Lord;
teach me Thy paths. Lead me in Thy
truth ..."
081 270 7212
On Friday 24th March, Judith
will be launching the book at
Deo Gratia in Sedgefield,
where she will be happy to
meet readers and sign copies.
If all goes well a further
publication covering walks
from Jubilee Creek to Storms
River will be available in the
The cover price of On Foot in
the Garden Route is R165.00.
‘His Precious Diamond’ wins top S A award
South African author, Pixie
Emslie, was awarded the South
African Writers' Circle
(SAWC) Quill Award for the
best published book of 2016 at
a ceremony held on Saturday
11 March 2017 in Hillcrest,
The SAWC is a nationwide
group of writers and poets that
encourages and assists all
writers, new and experienced,
and promotes the art of creative
writing in general. The SAWC is
the only association in South
Africa which runs monthly
competitions covering the whole
spectrum of fiction and nonfiction writing, including novels,
short stories, flash fiction, stories
for children and young adults,
poetry, plays and scriptwriting,
humour, crime and mystery
writing, romance, fantasy and
science fiction as well as articles,
book reviews and essays.
Professional writers judge these
competitions and each entrant
receives a full critique on work
submitted, whether they are
prize winners or not. The
prizewinning entries are
published in the monthly
newsletter, and go forward for
judging in the annual awards
Presenting the award the
Chairman of the SAWC, Brigitta
Simpson, said they were
delighted that Pixie had won it.
'It is wonderful that you are a
winner, we are very happy for
you! It really is a grand award
and His Precious Diamond, set in
Cape Town and on the Garden
Route, is a delightful romance.
Well done.’
Pixie, who was represented at the
awards ceremony by a writing
associate, Nikki Grantham, said
she was honoured to be this
year's winner.
'I suppose all us writers dream of
writing ‘That book’ – and as we
struggle over the words, and the
plots and the characters that seem
to develop a mind of their own,
we , (or I certainly do) , wonder if
everything will ever come
together to make something
'As a Natal University graduate I
started my writing career on The
Daily News (as Pixie Malherbe)
in the early 70's so I am proud to
be associated with KZN again,'
she said.
‘ I actually started trying to write
romance years ago. I had
aspirations of making my
fortune. Well, as hard as I tried I
could not master the genre so left
it alone for a while. Instead I
wrote about what I knew best,
mining. And for that book, Cry
of the Rocks, the South African
Writers' Circle gave me the best
Self-Published book award. But
romance still lay at the back of
my mind and I finally came back
to my stories. This time though, I
realised that I needed to write
about what I know – people and
places right here in my part of the
world, in the Cape and on the
Garden Route. And His Precious
Diamond is the result.
'I was thrilled when Pegasus in
the UK accepted it, but I must tell
you that subsequently I have
been disappointed by the lack of
response from South African
outlets. It turns out that the
wholesaler or agent that Pegasus
uses is not longer operating in
South Africa and so none of the
book stores have been able to
stock it, as far as I can tell. I am
trying to rectify that – but in the
meantime I tell everyone to nag
their bookstore, but also to order
it on line, either as a paperback or
an e-book.'
The Fascinating World of the Knysna Estuary
by Judy Dixon
On Thursday 30th March at
10am in the Brenton on Sea
Community Hall Dr. Richard
Barnes will share the results of
his research on the benthic
macrofaunal biodiversity in
sheltered coastal marine
Since the Knysna Estuary has the
distinction of being the top
estuary in South Africa, it is
significant that a person of Dr.
Barnes status has been involved
in the Knysna Basin Project and
the information he will impart
will be most interesting and
Born in Wimbledon, he has done
research in coastal zones from
60 degrees North to 34 degrees
South (our own!) and from 130
degrees West to 159 degrees
East, almost the whole
circumference of the globe! His
interest in the Knysna Estuary is
in the seagrasses and the
richness of the species that live
and shelter there. We had a
glimpse of the importance last
year when Louw Claassens
shared her research with us, and
Dr. Barnes is about to expose us
to the fascinating interactions of
the inhabitants that abound.
Dr. Barnes' research has
resulted in him being
elected to Fellowship
of the Royal Society of
South Africa,
award of the
Bicentenary Medal of
the Linnean Society of
London, and the
naming of crab
The doors open at 9am
when tea, coffee and
biscuits are served, and
the meeting starts
promptly at 10am. Members pay
R5 and non-members R10
towards the hire of the Hall.
All are welcome and any
enquiries can be addressed to
Judy Dixon (0723906667)
22 March 2017
Pick n Pay Goukamma Traverse & Family Fun Trail Run
“Online entries for the Pick n
Pay Goukamma Traverse
and Family Fun Trail Run
have been open since mid
F e b r u a r y
o n
www.trailrunning.co.za and
entries have been streaming
in. We've had entries and
enquiries from some of SA's
top trail runners too. Being
limited to 250 entries, avid
trail runners will need to be
quick off the mark to secure
themselves a place!” said
event organizer Amanda
Starting with a pont ride across
the calm Goukamma River on
Sat 15th April, the 19km race
starts from the western side of
the river and sets off on 4km of
single track, tackling the first
of five climbs. Opening onto a
short 'jeep' track for a short
section, the route again threads
onto a single track Dune
Milkwood forests, swathes of
Fynbos, over the undulating
series of dunes with
spectacular ocean and lake
views and eventually leading
to Lake Pleasant and ending on
t h e Vi l l a g e G r e e n i n
Sedgefield- the hub of the
The 2016 Goukamma
Traverse attracted a top field of
trail runners and was a
raging success.
“Absolutely awesome
run!” raved one trail
runner. “I think this
event has become one
of the "must run" trails
on the calendar” and
“I have done over 30
trail runs around the
country over the last
few months and I rate
this as one of the best
there is!” commented
“We have 4 great
sponsors on board this
year- Pick n Pay,
SOGA Organic,
AfriCamps and Vivolicious
Native Sport which means that
we have both cash and great
prizes up for grabs!” said
organizer Amanda Dixon.
SOGA Organic will be
sponsoring buffs to the first 50
online entries and there is R5000
in cash prizes up for grabs as
well as Vivolicious and Native
Sport vouchers to be won. The
main lucky draw this year is a 2
night stay for 5 people at an
AfriCamps camp.
Naturally wanting to attract the
shorter distance runners,
youngsters and families, a
5.5km Family Fun Trail Run is
also being offered under the Pick
n Pay banner. This event starts
and finishes on the Village
Green in Sedgefield and routes
along the scenic fisherman's
trails along the edge of the
Sedgefield lagoon.
Registration for the 19km race
will take place at the Info
centre in the Goukamma
Reserve whilst those wanting
to do the 5.5km route should
enter at the Village Green in
Sedge Pick n Pay manager
Edwin Bartie comments “We're
thrilled to be involved with this
prestigious event once again this
year, now in its 6th year. Pick n
Pay will be there every step of
the way. We will have a water
table for the longer route and the
substantial prize money up for
grabs for the 19km and 5km race
will surely be a huge drawcard to
Do NOT miss the Goukamma
Traverse, it's one of the most
spectacular runs you'll ever
E n t e r o n l i n e a t
www.trailrunning.co.za or on
the day. For more details,
val.co.za .
Mr Maka Makes it to The Tshisa Talent Finals
by Melanie Baumeister
Our favourite and famous
Tigger Reunert and Mayoress,
Eleanore Bouw-Spies will be
there to help us discover local
talent from underprivileged
communities and empower
them to carve out sustainable
careers. Amanda Valela will
judge the dances and Zikhona
Nweba, Fringe Manager for the
National Arts Festival, will
inspire the performers to
greater heights. Proceeds from
the ticket sales goes towards
developing the artists.
At the auditions in the
Smutsville Community Hall
in December 2016 there was a
lot of talent to be adjudicated
and quite a few teams
qualified for the semi-finals.
As the competition became
more fierce and the process
went on, one talent stood out 'Mr Maka' goes on to The
Ts h i s a Ta l e n t F i n a l s
competition which will be
held at Oakdale on Saturday
25 March 2017.
Trevor Maka (23) has been
dancing since he was 11 years
old and now, due to his success
in this National Arts Council of
South Africa and Knysna
Municipality initiative, he is
able to offer his services as a
teacher and coach to other
youths who would like to learn
his 'pop & lock' and 'everything
under the sun' dancing skills.
Tshisha Talent has organised a
venue in Knysna at the Chris
Hani Community Hall, with a
sponsored sound system, they
truly do support the talent when
they find it! Trevor has 9
students at the moment, the
youngest of which is 16.
Mr Maka in action. Photo by
Emma Rorke.
Wow, 'Mr Maka'! May your
endeavours go from strength to
But first, the big question is:
Who will win the
Ts h i s a Ta l e n t
Competition Finals
Knysna 2017?
It's hot, it's exciting and it is
spreading like a wave of love
across the Garden Route …
Tshisa Talent! After 4 years of
great success in discovering,
developing and promoting
sizzling talent that is brewing
with in the community, Tshisa
Talent has realised the dream
of extending the program into
Knysna with the assistance of
the National Arts Council of
South Africa and Knysna
22 March 2017
Heat turns coal into diamonds
and that is what we have
discovered in Knysna. Come
and see some of the great local
drama productions by Jodene
Brown and Redefined which
are destined for the Baxter
Theatre. Come and tap your
feet to our great and original
rap artists like Element
Himself, Mr Maka, The
Profesa and the engaging
“Nkosazana and The Voice”.
Megan Charles will have you
mesmerised and Killer Toonz
will enliven you. The delightful
traditional dance group
Sakhuluntu and the Royalty
Choir are destined to delight
our tourists. You don't need to
go anywhere except Oakhill
School on 25 March as it is all
happening in Knysna,
naturally. There will be some
delicious snacks to wash down
with cool wine and fruit punch
while you listen to the tailor
made tunes of Roy Taylor
before joining the Celebrity
Judges in making the ultimate
decision… who will be the
Winner of Tshisa Talent
Knysna 2017?
I’m often asked why I studied to
become an Audiologist. A desire
to help and improve the
wellbeing of others and an
inspirational film on the life of
Helen Keller, who was born deaf
and blind put me on the path of
Audiology. As such I qualified as
a Speech Therapist and
A u d i o l o g i s t f r o m Wi t s
University in 1987. My passion
for hearing health care is the
main driving force behind my
Audiology private practises in
Plettenberg Bay, Knysna and
more recently Sedgefield. I have
been a resident of beautiful
Plettenberg Bay for the last 20
improving your hearing is not
our only concern. With over 20
years experience we strive to
provide personalised, caring and
comprehensive, state of the art
audiological services for those
with hearing loss and tinnitus.
Untreated hearing loss is
associated with several other
health risks, including Diabetes
and Alzheimer’s. Risk of falling
Michelle Ash
increases, as does mental and
physical fatigue. Improving your
hearing health is therefore
considered a priority for us. We
pride ourselves on fitting the
most technologically advanced
hearing aids, from the best
manufacturers available.
Everyone deserves the easiest,
most natural listening
experience. Hearing aids come
in 3 different performance levels
to suit your personal needs. The
best hearing aids in the world
will not help, unless it is fitted
correctly. That is why we
perform Real Ear
Measurements, in order that we
can deliver a premium
experience and the results you
expect from your investment.
Your hearing aid fitting is just the
start of your journey. We want
to be with you for the long term.
The success of our business is
based on developing
relationships with our clients.
That is why we offer a strong
aftercare service, so we can
make sure your hearing aids are
working for you today and every
Follow the Road to the Finals
on https://www.facebook.
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Page 9
Sedgefield VLV verken die Montagu Pas en Omgewing
deur June Lotz
by Janet Ebersohn
VLV Sedgefield-tak gaan
gereeld op interessante
uitstappies. In die begin van
Maart het lede, met hul
gades en geselle, die
Montagu pas en omgewing
verken. Hulle besoek
Herold, die historiese
dorpie, Herold Wines
Landgoed en die Suid
Afrikaanse Brouery
Herold, die pragtige 1870
Karoo dorpie is geleë halfpad
tussen George en
Oudtshoorn, aan die bopunt
van die Montagu Pas. Die
eertydse poskantoor en
polisiestasie geboue word tans
bedryf as die “Over the
Mountain” gastehuis.
drink die Sedgefielders 'n lekker
koppie tee en bewonder die
oorspronklike Geelhout vloere
en vensterrame en Dennehout
plafonne. Baie van die statige ou
meubels is gemaak van plaaslike
Alhoewel die N G Kerk,
fokuspunt van die dorpie, eers in
1954 ingehuldig is, is daar geen
tekort aan historiese sjarme nie.
Met die instap heers daar 'n
gewyde atmosfeer en hang daar
'n swaar reuk van hout in die
gebou. Voor in die kerk pronk die
groot hout preekstoel van
dieselfde hout as die lang
aaneenlopende hout banke. Op
die gallery 'n orrel met reuse
Net 'n paar kilometers van die
dorpie was Herold Wines
Landgoed se produksielyn in
volle swang. Hier is die hele
proses verduidelik, van die
aanplant van die wingerd, tot by
die proe van die wyn. In 1999 is
So what should we, the
Sedgefield residents be doing
Page 10
living organisms.
As humans we have the power to
destroy the environment and
other species, but it does not give
us the right to do so. People and
nature are intimately integrated.
Each affects the other. An
example of this relationship
would be the current water
shortage crisis that we are
experiencing due to the low
levels of rainfall. What are you
doing to conserve water? We
constantly have rubbish lining
our streets and areas of natural
beauty, what do you do about
this? Do you walk over the
rubbish or pick it up? The attitude
of “I did not place it there” and
“it's not my problem” is a big
concern. Our values and morals
toward the receiving
environment need to be reassessed.
Why do we live in
Sedgefield? Is it for the
beauty of the nature all
around us; the mountains,
the sea, natural forest and
estuary? Or is it for the
abundance of birdlife;
hearing the Fish Eagles call?
There may be many other
reasons but everywhere I go
and all the tourists that I meet
seem to love the nature that
surrounds us on a daily basis.
Sometimes we can get so
enthralled in our work and
personal lives that we forget
the reasons for us living in this
small paradise.
die tradisionele hopslande
vervang met 'n verskeidenheid
Pinot Noir variteite wat baie
goed in daardie klimaat aard.
Intussen is nog kultivars
suksesvol aangeplant,
Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot,
Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon en
Chardonnay. Dié plaas spog met
7 wyn-etikette en die VLV groep
kry geleentheid om dit alles te
Daar is ook 'n draai gemaak by
die naburige plaas. Hierdie plaas
behoort aan die Suid Afrikaanse
B r o u e r y. H u l l e v e r b o u
verskillende kultivars van die
hopsplant. Dit was oestyd, 'n
skouspelagtige gebeurtenis. Die
lang groen hopsranke het soos
gordyne van die stropers af
gehang. Die besoekers leer meer
oor die produksie en gebruik van
hops. Die hopsplant is 'n
meerjarige slingerplant. Die
enigste kommersiële gebruik vir
die plant is om die bitter smaak
aan bier te gee. Slegs die
blomkegels word gebruik. Die
res van die plant word
teruggewerk in die lande en dien
as bemesting. Die spesifieke
kultivar hops wat op daardie
oomblik geoes was, word
uitsluitlik gebruik vir die maak
van Brutal Fruit. Jan van
Riebeeck het reeds die eerste jaar
van sy aankoms uit Nederland in
1652, die eerste hops in die Kaap
Na nog 'n leersame uitstappie ry
die groep deur die skilderagtige
Montagu Pas met al sy
interessante stilhou plekkies,
terug Sedgefield toe.
Earth, our only home provides
us with freshwater, clean air
and all the food we require.
Our entire life support system
is dependent on the well being
of all living species on Earth,
however in return for all this,
we pollute Earth. We pollute
our own drinking water
sources including pollution of
oceans, rivers, lakes and
reservoirs. We pollute the very
air that we breathe. We tend to
forget that our actions not only
negatively impact us as
humans, but also all other
We all play an important part in
protecting our receiving
environment. What are the
benefits to us as humans living in
Sedgefield to protect and care for
the environment? Taking care of
our receiving environment will
boost tourism; create
recreational activities like
picnics, sunsets and long walks
on the beaches or forests. Taking
Earth is our home
care of our water will prevent
waterborne diseases. It will
preserve diversity of water
dependent plants and animals,
and preserve various natural
services of aquatic ecosystems
(flood control, aquifer
recharge, etc.).
Taking care of our forests will
entail that we have clean air to
breathe and prevent certain
lung diseases. Taking care of
our biodiversity will increase
our quality of life. Therefore,
there is no reason to not
preserve and care for our
receiving environment. Think
twice before throwing rubbish
or rubble on a side walk or
dumping in the forest and other
natural areas of beauty. We
have licensed municipal
dumps; we have a wonderful
recycling centre. Take a bag
with on your next walk to the
beach to pick up the rubbish.
Educate the people around
you. Every little bit an
individual can do to make a
difference in protecting our
environment will result in a big
change if we all work together.
This is our one and only home.
Let us make a concise effort to
look after it for future
generations to also enjoy.
Die tema vir Maartmaand se
VLV vergadering was Landbou
en Zelda Delport van Dazel
Kwekery by Scarab gee praktiese
raad oor tuinmaak.
Die volgende vergadering word
gehou op 19 April 2017 om 14:30
by die NG Kerksaal te 7
Hoepoelaan, Sedgefield. Alle
vroue is welkom. Vir meer
inligting skakel Hendrien Fourie
by 073 246 8833 of 044 343
“Nor any drop to drink”.
What an appropriate piece of
poetry for our Municipality,
because you can't drink the sea,
unless you have a desalination
plant!! Last Thursday, our
Mayor, Eleanor Bouw-Spies
was interviewed on SAFM
evening news because it had
been reported that Knysna had
only enough water for about
thirty days.
Here in
Sedgefield, the situation is not
quite as dire, thanks to the
Karatara River, which is still
flowing strongly enough to
keep us supplied. But, given
the recent rainfall pattern, this
could change. If the Karatara
becomes incapable of meeting
our needs, there are boreholes,
but their ability to supply
continuously is questionable.
Our last resort is the
desalination plant, which is
now working, but at a cost
higher than the money that we
pay in our water tariffs.
Environmental Issues
about this?
We have to try
even harder to
s a v e w a t e r.
T h e Wa t e r
Water, Water Everywhere? ...
has a very
useful booklet called “How To you can do to make your meter
Save Water” which you can less easily accessible. The
download from their website – same goes for copper pipes
www.wrc.org.za. Most of the fitted on the outside of the
hints are obvious – fix leaks, house – they too are vulnerable
only use full washing machines with more than sixty thefts of
and so on.
pipes reported this year.. And
Another news item which I think it's fairly common knowledge
is relevant. The couple who own that there are people in
the house next door to me Sedgefield who will pay cash
arrived from Cape Town to find for scrap metal. Hopefully,
that their water meter had been SAPS know this.
stolen. Fortunately, the thief What all this says, I think, is
shut off the Municipal water that we as a community have
main before sawing through the go the extra mile to use water as
pipes on either side of the meter sparingly as possible. Be very
– see attached picture. I'd say aware of how much water you
that the theft would have taken use and what you use it for.
about a minute. Nowadays, the This will save you money.
Municipality use water meters Report any leak you see and
made of plastic, but if you've got watch to see that it is fixed.
an older brass meter, see what
I think the final piece in this
jigsaw is to make sure that the
Municipality keeps us well
informed about present and
future demand and plans to
meet them. We have a body
called the Water Forum, which
tries to keep the community
well informed. Unfortunately,
it has not always been possible
to get clear answers, but the
view is that the newly elected
councillors are well aware of
communication problems and
committed to dealing with
Information requested from public on stolen vehicles in Knysna
The Knysna police want to urge
the public to come forward with
any information that may assist
with the investigation into stolen
vehicles in Knysna.
A total of three vehicles have
been stolen in the Knysna
policing precinct since the
beginning of March 2017.
Perpetrators targeted vehicles
that were parked outside
Second incident
been stolen when he woke up the
The complainant parked the following morning.
vehicle, a red Mazda 1992 Model
w i t h r e g i s t r a t i o n n u m b e r No arrests have been made yet.
CX51316, in the parking area Investigation into these cases
outside the premises at Roos continues.
Bolton Street, Knysna Heights
The Knysna police want to urge
on 9 March 2017 at 18:00. When
the public to come forward with
woke Lodge
up theComplex
following• 044 343 2580
any information that may assist
morning he discovered that the
with this investigation. This
vehicle was missing.
investigation is being conducted
by the Vehicle identification
Third Incident
The vehicle, a white Isuzu bakkie Section (VIS) which is based in
with registration number G e o r g e . A n y o n e w i t h
BDF387EC, was parked in the information may contact the
yard outside the house in investigation officer, Sergeant
Grysbok Street, Buffalo Bay on 9 Sipho April, at 044 802 4909.
March 2017 at about 19:00. The
owner discovered the vehicle had
Mari’s Dress & Designs
First incident
The owner parked his vehicle, a
green Toyota Conquest, outside
his residence at Ngalo Street,
Khayalethu, Knysna on 3 March
2017 at about 02:00. He later
discovered that the vehicle was
stolen. This vehicle was found
abandoned in the area with some
items removed from it.
Industrial UnRevolution
22 March 2017
Annual Jaguar Simola Hillclimb
For motoring and
m o t o r s p o r t
enthusiasts, their love
of the automobile has
been fostered over
years of dreaming
about iconic cars and
the drivers that made
them famous.
Traditionally relegated
to memories and
museums, there's one
place in South Africa
where these legends
come alive again – and
that's at the annual
Jaguar Simola
Hillclimb, which takes
place in Knysna from 4
to 7 May, 2017.
Back (L-R) Jonathan Britton, Joe Kroon, Rosie Wise, Warren Page, Garth Dominy, Kate Southey,
Kandy Grieve, Kelly and Bomber Webb. Front: Jason Grieve and Mandy Pelser.
Locals Conquer the Otter
by Melanie Baumeister
If town seemed a little quieter than usual over
the weekend of 10 - 14 March, it's probably
because a whole lot of locals (including half of
The EDGE staff contingent)were trekking over
the glorious beauty of The Otter Trail, in
We fully understand that ‘What Happens on the
Otter, Stays on the Otter’, but suffice to say they all
returned in one piece, exhausted yet somehow
rejuvenated and invigorated by their epic journey.
Well done everybody - we look forward to being
regaled with your stories around the fire.... until
you set off another adventure.
Village People
- Jan Gibson
by Ginny Viner
This week our Village
person is a `blonde
bombshell' in more than one
sense! English to the bone,
she is not a person to turn
away from a challenge.
She took over as chairperson
of the Sedgefield Social
branch of SAARP (South
African Association of
Retired People) at a time when
membership took a great dive
due to the sudden loss of the
accustomed SAARP members
discount on purchases at the
local supermarket. Under her
leadership membership has
risen steadily and social
events are running every
month for the enjoyment of
participating members.
Besides being a spirited Bingo
Caller she brings a wealth of
ideas, talent and enthusiasm
for a variety of activities.
At present she can also be
found, on and around the old
Sedgefield Railway Station,
making and supplying props,
and assisting to manage the
fairies, the nobles and the
a r t i s a n s , w h o Wi l l i a m
Shakespeare Dreamed up one
Midsummers Night! So with
no further ado – Hello there
Janice Gibson.
Where were you born, and
where did you grow up ?
I was born in London and was
brought up in Bedfordshire.
How do you relax ?
I find the best way to
relax…or take a breather is to
walk on the beach. Unless I
get to go fishing with my other
half, that's always a good wind
What was your favourite
subject at school ?
I preferred the hands on of Art
and Crafts. I wish in my day
they'd let the girls take
metalwork and woodwork
classes, but all we got was
cookery and needlework.
ISSUE 509 22 March 2017
If you knew this was to be
your last meal, what
would you order?
In my opinion you can't
beat a good plate of Fish
and Chips. With mushy
peas and a slice of soft
buttered bread. Followed
by a steaming mug of tea.
Do you have a `Bucket
List' and if so what's on
the `top' ?
I would love to explore
more of South Africa and
particularly the West
Coast. I heard the fishing is great
Please complete this sentence;
Not many people know that I
Once had to keep 3 jobs on the go
just to pay my way in life. I was
in an office, worked the bar in a
social club and sold jewellery at
house parties in between.
Are you competitive, or is it
more about playing the game?
Definitely just a player of the
game. Although my Dad used to
challenge me to bar billiards and
he would always lose.
Which one word would best
describe your attitude to life ?
Sing!!! If anything gets me down
I just sing….anything….to lift
the spirits.
Do you like to dance? And if
you do you, what style do you
I love to dance and am often to be
found dancing away to the radio,
particularly if it's old 70's 80's
pop hits.
What constitutes a `real treat'
for you ?
A lovely meal out with good
In your working life, what line
or profession have you been, or
still are, mainly involved with?
Having worked in Retail,
Marketing, Sales and
Hospitality I am glad that I am
As the opening stanza of the
Jaguar Simola Hillclimb, Classic
Car Friday genuinely has
become a motoring revival like
no other, gathering a feast of
automotive greats that puts it on a
par with some of the world's best
Hillclimb events – as confirmed
by its nomination in the
Motorsport event of the Year
category of the British based
2016 International Historic
Motoring Awards (IHMA)
This May fans can look forward
to a total of 64 competitors taking
to the start line to compete in the
numerous classes of the Classic
Conqueror. In keeping with the
spirit of Classic Car Friday,
competitors, guests and
spectators are invited to dress in
period clothing from the 1940s to
the 1970s, thus adding an even
more authentic atmosphere to the
latter carrying the prestigious
title of Classic Conqueror.
No less than 32 marques will be
represented in the line-up,
including the likes of Jaguar,
Bugatti, Riley, Bentley, Aston
Martin, MG, Porsche,
Mercedes-Benz, Alfa Romeo,
BMW, Lancia and Lotus – and
that's just for the road-based
cars. The single-seater and
sportscar category includes
illustrious names from the past
such as Chevron, March, Lola
and Van Diemen.
There are eight classes for
Classic Car Friday, starting off
with H1 for pre-war cars.
Rodney Green's stunning 1929
Bugatti Type 35b is once again
the oldest car in the field, having
competed in every Knysna
Hillclimb event to date, and is
joined by a 1935 Bentley Derby
owned and driven by Graham
There simply is no better way to
start a weekend packed with
adrenaline-fuelled action – it
really is the stuff dreams are
made of!
Motorsport enthusiasts can
secure their places for the 2017
Jaguar Simola Hillclimb as
admission tickets are already
available at www.itickets.co.za,
a convenient online portal where
all Day, Weekend and Pit Access
tickets can be purchased.
Despite many of the cars being
ultra-rare and expensive, drivers
young and old have adrenaline
coursing through their veins and
go hell-for-leather in the search
for class or overall victory – the
Mari’s Dress & Designs
retired now and don't have to
think about it any longer.
Does music play an
important role in your life, if
what are your
I was brought up with music in
the house from an early age and
so my tastes are very varied
though if I had to choose it
would be jazz and show tunes.
If I were a cartoon character
I think I would be … Wonder
Woman…because I'm always
wondering where I left things.
What kind of books do you
like to read ?
I used to be an avid reader of
what I would call History
Mysteries… archaeological,
theological, anything where
we still don't have all the
answers. Unfortunately, I sold
off my book collection when I
left UK.
If you had the opportunity to
spend a day with any wellknown person living or dead,
who would you choose and
why ?
Leonardo Da Vinci… because
he was one man who had more
answers than anyone else.
Please complete this
sentence; I think Sedgefield
… Is my little piece of heaven
and I wouldn't live anywhere
else. You can bury me here.
Forest Lodge Complex • 044 343 2580
Knysna Municipality invites interested tenderers for the supply and delivery of specially
graded drybed filter media up until 30 June 2017.
The physical address for collection of tender documents is: Supply Chain Management
Unit, Finance Building, Queen Street, Knysna.
A receipt for a non-refundable deposit of R 237.00 payable by cheque made out in favour of
Knysna Municipality is required on collection of the tender documents. E-mailed tender
documents can be obtained from the following address: [email protected] at no cost.
Technical enquiries relating to the tender documents may be addressed to: Shane Mopp, Tel
No. 044 302 6401, e-mail: [email protected]
The closing time for submission of bids is 12h00 on Wednesday, 19 April 2017. Bids must be
sealed in an envelope clearly marked with the bid number and title given above, and placed in
the bid box at the Supply Chain Management Unit, Finance Building, Queen Street, Knysna,
on or before the mentioned time and latest date. Telephonic, facsimile, email and/or late bids
will not be accepted. Bids must remain valid for a period of ninety (90) days after the closing
date of the bid. Knysna Municipality reserves its right to extend the validity period, should you
not be willing to hold your bid valid in all respects for further period as requested, it will lapse
on expiry of the current validity period.
Bids will be opened on the same day at the Supply Chain Management Section at 12h05.
Late or unmarked bids will not be considered.
Bids may only be submitted on the bid documentation that is issued.
Bids will be evaluated according to the 80/20 points system. The bids are subject to the
Council Supply Chain Management Policy, Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act
2000,and the Preferential Procurement Regulations 2011.
The Municipality reserves the right to withdraw any invitation to bid and/or re-advertise or to
reject any bid or to accept a part of it. The Municipality does not bind itself to accept the lowest
bid or to award a contract to the Bidder scoring the highest number of points.
Further requirements for sealing, addressing, delivery, opening and assessment of bids are
stated in the Tender document.
Clyde Street
Page 11
To Rent
Accom. Wanted
Accom. - Holiday
Boats & Acc
Building Services
Cellular, Electronics & TV
Crafts & Home Industry
Education & Tuition
Employment Offered
Employment Wanted
Fabric & Haberdashery
Food & Wine
For Sale
Home & Garden
Health & Beauty
Home Improvements
Lost & Found
Motor Cars/Bikes
Pets & Livestock
Restaurants & Pubs
Services Offered
Sport & Leisure
Tea/Coffee & Take-Aways
Heavy Vehicles & Mach.
Wanted / Swop etc
NB. Classified adverts for
the next issue need to be in by
Monday 3rd April 2017.
Faxed or emailed classies will not be
placed without proof of payment
3. Accommodation Holiday
Bird Cottage on the Island. Quality
accommodation. Low rates. Spacious,
DSTV, w/machine. Also stop over option
in Guinea Room Suite. 044 3431261
4. Announcements
Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting @
St Anthony’s Church Hall, Cnr Flamingo
& Sysie - Fridays @ 7:30pm Info 083
928 5126 / 083 458 4444
DAMP CLOTHING? Tumble drier no
good? Call Hands on Electrical on 083
297 1929.
your pre-loved children’s clothes, shoes
& toys. Items will be traded in the
Smutsville Recycle SwopShop by the
children who collect recyclable material.
Contact Schalk on 082 413 8363 or drop
in the box at Dr Stander.
Is your stove working properly & safe?
If not call Hands on Electrical - 083 297
14. Employment Offered
Craftsman Homes - Quality building
in Brick & Timber 044 343 1601 / 082
812 1820
products & service at your doorstep.
Tel 044 382 1645
Exp professional painters avail for all
your paint work, we also spray-paint
tiles, furniture, bathtub etc. 074 319 4792
& Masonry
Alterations, Additions, New buildings &
Swimming pools; Structural Carpentry;
Staircases; Balustrades; Decks &
Pergolas; Custom furniture. Full joinery
workshop 20 years experience in timber
& masonry construction in Knysna. Refs
& portfolio available Terry: 081 381 4402
Tools, tiling, paint, varnish, electrical,
plumbing, hardware Sedge Hardware
343 1960
7. Businesses
PASTEL SALES, setup and training.
Call C A Mather Accounting. 044 343
2202 or 083 779 7934
9. Clothing
SOOZI’S Baby & Kidz (Birth to ±8
years old) Hand crafted & other popular
labels. Also, Swimsuits, Ragdolls,
Wooden Toys & much more! Pick n Pay
Centre. Ph 044 3431813 / 082 771 0694
10. Computers
Computer Help & Support Martin - 082 576 5038
11. Crafts & Home Industry
Mosaic Village offers a selection of
Art, Glasswork, Sport & Music
memorabilia, Fashion and an on site
Coffee Roastery. Restaurant open every
12. Education & Tuition
Slow Roasted Coffee @ The Shed,
Mosaic Village, offers a fine selection of
craft coffee and artisinal baked goods.
Monday to Saturday. www.slowroasted
2,1kms outside Sedge, 18mths to 6
years. Contact Talia 060 817 2606.
WANTED : Sedgefield Hospice
Shoppe need your second hand
goods. Have a clean out and help others
with your unwanted items! Please drop
off or give them a call 044 343 1722
13. Electrical
6. Building & Related Services
Architectural Draughting Services.
Phone Tracy 082 695 3119 / 044 343
BUILDERS... Contact CX Tippers &
Diggers for all your planthire &
aggregate requirements. Quality
products & service at your doorstep. Tel
044 382 1645
Cornerstone Renovations - quality
work. 074 708 4738
Piglet’s Pen Pre-school 076 737 3490
All Electrical Appliances expertly
repaired. We buy and sell electrical
appliances and/or fully refurbish. Very
very best rates in town. Watts Electrical
044 343 1365
Faulty Microwave? Phone Hands on
Electrical for free quote. Call 083 297
Garden Route Electrical Services
Qualified & Licensed. Faults & Additions.
Compliance Certificates. Generators.
Bernie 083 366 3503
HEUNIS Plumbing & Electrical. All
Maintenance & Construction Qualified in
both trades COC Certificates. Call 082
972 3911
Experienced cashier wanted. Send CV
to filo’[email protected] or bring it in.
Gerhard 044 343 1380.
15. Employment Wanted
Domestic avail Mon - Fri. Call Eunice
078 758 6311
Lincy - domestic work- 2 days.
Hardworking Mlw. Call 078 494 3118
Lovemore is looking for gardening
work. Mlw with refs. 074 882 0861
Carpet cleaners
Mfundo - 063 348 1824
Thando - 060 441 3666
Innocent - 078 647 4189 Mlw Refs
Agnes - 083 509 2303 Refs
Alinare - 078 118 8532 Sat
Annie - 063 124 9629
Emily - 084 612 9200 3 days
Irene - 078 008 8532
Felester - 073 625 1077
Flora - 063 152 3783 Refs
Gertrude - 084 312 3499
Lehema - 073 694 8028
Memory - 083 774 0992 Mlw 2 days
Patricia - 074 312 1578
Princess - 081 079 5862
Thandi - 073 085 1291 - 3 days
Alex - 083 774 0992 Mlw Refs
Lovemore - 074 882 0861 Refs
Petros - 078 607 0663
Professor - 078 956 7330 Paint
Stanard - 073 913 5378 House
Ronex - 063 340 4459
17. Food & Wine
Do something for your Health, drink
Oxy Vita Mineral Water ! Here at German
Lane on Special ! 1.5 l Still or Sparkling at
only R 9.00. New Stock will arrive on
Friday!! Fresh Norwegian Salmon at
only R 299.00 per kg as from
Wednesday. XXL Sole at only R 89.00
(R6.00 per Sole for cleaning). Fresh
Kingklip. Ready cooked Hungarian
Goulash. See you in my Shop.
Mosaic Market for your weekly fix of
'alles wat lekker is'. Food, Fashion,
Funtastic Arts & Crafts. Every Saturday 8
til 2.
SEDGE BAKERY - Artisan breads,
Cakes, Pastries, Lunch meals, Catering
& Biscuits. 2-3 Kingfisher Blg, Sysie St,
079 967 1291
18. For Sale
DVD Player Samsung HDTV compliant.
R400 Hardy used. Ph Roy 082 574 5666
Moving On Sedge2Plett Sale of House
contents at Fraser Street, Sedgefield on
Saturday 25th March 2017 between
11h00 and 13h00. Everything must go
and includes : Two seater couch and
chair, cane lounge suite, oak display
cabinets, single and three quarter beds,
carpets, washing machine, dishwasher,
ladies golf set, ladders, tools, crockery,
paintings, ornaments plus more. Phone
083 4150 449 or email [email protected]
movingon.co.za for further details or go
to www.movingon.co.za and subscribe
to our newsletter to receive pictures,
prices and info on the sale. “See you at
the Sale”
Rust Stain Remover for Fabric.
Enquiries Verity 076 619 3659
Sliding Gate fully galvanized.
Complete with wheels & all required
brackets. New R4200.00 Please contact
Gerrie on 073 144 9774
19. Home & Garden
Service. Maintenance. Pump Repairs.
Call 044 343 3237 / 072 704 2872
Compost, pot soil, seeds, fertilisers,
irrigation, tools @ Sedge Hardware
Garden refuse removal in Knysna &
Sedgefield. Hennie Barnard 082 876
Complete Garden Service. Planting,
pruning & cutting. Garden refuse
removal. Luke 072 022 5977
LAWN AND AUTO - Sedgefield
Spares and sales. Repairs to L/Mowers,
Trimmers, C/Saws, Pumps, Generators,
Con/Mixers, Grinder, Drills. Also:
welding, light engineering. Quality
workman-ship guaranteed. Card
facilities now avail. Ph 044 343 2406.
SPIKES & IRRIGATION Laupie 082 595
20. Health & Beauty
Adult Incontinence Nappies
available at Soozi’s Baby & Kidz, Pick n
Pay Centre 044 343 1813 / 082 771 0694
Sedgefield Pharmacy, Woodpecker
Mall. Tel 044 343 1628, Fax 3431110.
Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 8am-1pm, Sun &
Pub Holidays 9am-12.
Silver Scissors Unisex Hairstylists 21 Tiptol Street, Sedge. Tel 044 343 2112
Total Foot Care by app and home
visits. Sr Gillian 071 877 2638 / 072 672
22. Home Improvements
Cornerstone Renovations for home
improvements. 074 708 4738
Cobble Paving, Sedgefield.
For all types of paving, best prices, best
paving, free quotes. Don’t delay - Pave
Today! Call Norman or Antoinette: Tel:
(044) 343 2404 / 083 305 0346
General Repairs & Maintenance, Tiling,
Painting, Glazing, Carpentry, Plumbing &
more. No job too small. 084 400 5437
Emergency Handyman Service such
as home improvements and odd jobs.
Phone Stefan on 082 670 7752
JIMMY CATER Quality painting
and decorating. Free quotes. 082 773
Shepherd’s Tree Carpentry Beautiful woodwork made to your specs
or pictures. Call Terry on 081 381 4402
Garden Refuse Removals in Sedge &
Knysna. Hennie 082 876 0693
25. Motor Cars / Bikes
2004 Rav 4 1800 SUV, 5 door,
147,000km. Excellent condition. White.
Tyres - Front 80%. Rear 60%. Full
service history by agent. Owner retired.
R115,000. Phone Guy 044 343 1437
27. Pets & Livestock
Aloe Ferox Products whole range in
stock @ factory prices. The Aloe Lady :
044 343 2214 @ Wild Oats Market on
All pet food or other donations for
Animal Welfare to be dropped off at
Simply Pets or Knysna Vet Clinic. 044
384 1603
Annique Baby and Skincare products
at Soozi’s Baby & Kidz Shop, Pick n Pay
Centre. Mariana 044 343 1813 / 082
771 0694.
CATTERY Karen's Indoor, for TLC
while you are away. Tel. 044-8831199 /
Any problems with epilepsy or other
disabilities? Enige probleme met
epilepsie? EPILEPSY SA on 044 382
2155 or visit Off Rio Road, Knysna We
can help!
Avroy Shlain Cosmetics Call Verity on
081 270 8008 or email
[email protected]
The Greenmere Studio Gym ...
offers a variety of exercise classes,
including Ageless Grace, Tai Chi and
“Dance!” All classes are personally
supervised by owner/manager, Briony
Lidstone, who has more than 22 years
experience in the fitness industry. Briony
is a qualified eta instructor and a certified
Ageless Grace educator. 044 343 2327 /
084 487 7140
Salon on Wheels full set gel nails with
tips. R200. Work after hours, phone
Geraldine 084 095 5906
Knysna Animal Welfare office 044
384 1603 or emergency call 073 461
9825. (24hrs)
Micro-Chip your Pets, once off payment
for lifetime pet ID. Chris 084 467 5555
PDSA - People’s Dispensary for Sick
Animals from 11:30am-1pm on the first
Monday of the month near Police Station.
Norma 044343 1371.
SEDGE PETS - Suppliers of Jock Dog
food plus much more. Forest Lodge
Complex. Gill on 071 111 5605
28. Plumbing
Heunis Plumbing & Electrical.
All Maintenance & Construction
Qualified in both trades COC
Certificates. Call 082 972 3911
3 x Experienced
Cnr Main & Tiptol Street, SEDGEFIELD
We have newly renovated, air-conditioned offices to let • Large open plan office with kitchenette & toilet facilities
- ideal for Architectural or similar use. - 72,5m²
• We also have new suites for future rental, can be
modified for tenants - + 48m².
Please call Trevor Skelton to discuss on 082 440 5851
Page 12
(SOB Registered)
Responsible, Reliable
Drop off your CV with
Nadia or Richard at
Pick n Pay, Sedgefield
ISSUE 509 22 March 2017
Nibbles Bistro at the Mosaic - Open
every day for lovely Food. MondayThursday 9.00-17.00. Friday/Saturday/
Sunday 9.00–21.00. Phone for
reservation. 060 9925 829
Karen’s Holiday Home Management
while you are not at your holiday home,
we will be! Regular monthly checks,
reports on all aspect of your home
Karefree Home Management.
Call 072 586 1086. karefree
[email protected]
All broken windows/glass replaced &
repaired. Call John 079 840 3383
Carpet, vacuum and pressure cleaners.
Car Wash - Pensioners discount every
Tues. Gas Shop - new cylinders & refills.
Deon 044 343 2154
32. Services Offered
Klaus Schulz Plumbing. PIRB
Registered. Does all work personally.
044 343 2114 / 073 345 6110
Plumbing Hardware @ Sedgefield
Smith Plumbing & Home Maintenance
for personal service. Call Peet 084 889
29. Property
FOR SALE. Sedgefield Aviemore
Security Village. Vacant Erf. Contact
Owner 076 619 3659.
30. Restaurants & Pubs
Montecello Restaurant. Open
Monday-Saturday Closed Sundays. Tel
044 343 1780
Professional Cleaning of carpets, mats &
rugs, upholstery, mattresses, windows,
decks & roofs. - Call for free Quotations
Mike 083 681 6654 Business; 082 894
4255 - Mike; 082 738 6312 Kate.
Drop off maids, Supervised team cleans,
Holiday homes. Competitive rates. For
more info Cindy on 076 374 4945. Email :
[email protected]
Day beds, day benches, refectory
tables, coffee tables, book cases beautifully made to your specifications.
Shepherd’s Tree Carpentry. Please call
Terry on 081 381 4402
Debtsolve offers safe and sure relief. No
upfront or hidden costs. For professional
and personal advice call 044 3431993 or
email us at [email protected]
Sedge. Hennie - 082 876 0693
Quilt Shop
Open: Tuesday & Friday: 9:30 - 13:00
or by Appointment
37 Louw Wepener Street, Sedgefield
Coleen: 082 507 9955 • [email protected]
& Maintenance in Knysna & Sedge.
Hennie Barnard 082 876 0693
Rust Stain Remover for Fabric.
Enquiries Verity 076 619 3659
Local transfers. Day tours. Call 082 702
Smutsville, Sizamile Youth Advisory
Centre, Mon- Friday 7:30am-4:30pm.
Enquiries Edna Thompson 079 749 5181
36. Wanted/Swop etc
BOOKS WANTED. Bookshelf under
Downscaling, moving,
clearing out, packing up, decluttering?
Call 044 343 1795
Stamp collector wishing to buy old
South African & Common-wealth
collections. Also prepared to value your
collection. Peter 082 567 6947
Wanted early editions of Who’s Who
South Africa / Southern Africa. Please tel
044 343 1592
& Designs
Forest Lodge Complex • 044 343 2580
Knysna Municipality invites interested tenderers for the appointment of service providers for
the breaking down & removal of illegal structures in the Greater Knysna Municipal Area for a
period of three years.
The physical address for collection of tender documents is Supply Chain Management Unit,
Finance Building, Queen Street, Knysna. Documents will be available from 16 March
A receipt for a non-refundable deposit of R 237.00 payable by cheque made out in favour of
Knysna Municipality is required on collection of the tender documents. E-mailed tender
documents can be obtained from the following address: [email protected] at no cost.
Technical enquiries relating to the tender documents may be addressed to: Richard Meyer Tel
No. 044 302 6426, email [email protected]
The closing time for submission of bids is 12h00 on Wednesday, 19 April 2017. Bids must
be sealed in an envelope clearly marked with the bid number and title given above, and placed
in the bid box at the Supply Chain Management Unit, Finance Building, Queen Street,
Knysna, before the latter time and latest date. Telephonic, facsimile, e-mail and late bids will
not be accepted. Bids must remain valid for a period of ninety (90) days after the closing date
of the bid. Knysna Municipality reserves its right to extend the validity period, should you not
be willing to hold your bid valid in all respects for further period as requested, it will lapse on
expiry of the current validity period.
Bids will be opened on the same day at the Supply Chain Management Section at 12h05. Late
or unmarked bids will not be considered.
Bids may only be submitted on the bid documentation that is issued.
The evaluation of this bid will be subjected to functionality scoring. Tenderers must achieve a
minimum functionality score of 25 out of 40 points for functionality in order to be deemed
responsive. The functionality criteria and weighting are set out in the tender document.
The intention of the Expression of Interest is to appoint two tenderers (Areas to be covered:
Sedgefield & Karatara will be one area and Knysna & Rheenendal will be one area. Service
Provider must indicate the area they are expressing interest in). A fixed rate per unit of R
1200.00 will be paid to the successful service providers.
Draw of lots will be conducted (from the responsive bidders) in order to determine the
preferred bidder for each area.
The bids are subject to the Council Supply Chain Management Policy, Preferential
Procurement Policy Framework Act 2000, and the Preferential Procurement Regulations
Mari’s Dress & Designs
Forest Lodge Complex
• 044
343 2580
Knysna Municipality invites interested tenderers for the appointment as service provider for
the supply and installation of vibracrete and galvanized palisade fencing at the Smutsville
Community Hall and Library in Sedgefield.
The physical address for collection of tender documents is Supply Chain Management
Unit, Finance Building, Queen Street, Knysna.
A receipt for a non-refundable deposit of R 237.00 payable by cheque made out in favour of
Knysna Municipality is required on collection of the tender documents. E-mailed tender
documents can be obtained from the following address: [email protected] at no cost.
Technical enquiries relating to the tender documents may be addressed to: Richard Meyer,
Tel No. 044 302 6426, email: [email protected]
The closing time for submission of bids is 12h00 on Wednesday, 05 April 2017. Bids must
be sealed in an envelope clearly marked with the bid number and title given above, and
placed in the bid box at the Supply Chain Management Unit, Finance Building, Queen
Street, Knysna, on or before the mentioned time and latest date. Telephonic, facsimile, email and late bids will not be accepted. Bids must remain valid for a period of ninety (90) days
after the closing date of the bid. Knysna Municipality reserves its right to extend the validity
period, should you not be willing to hold your bid valid in all respects for further period as
requested, it will lapse on expiry of the current validity period.
Bids will be opened on the same day at the Supply Chain Management Section at 12h05.
Late or unmarked bids will not be considered.
Bids may only be submitted on the bid documentation that is issued.
The evaluation of this bid will be subjected to functionality scoring. Tenderers must achieve a
minimum functionality score of 25 out of 40 points for functionality in order to be evaluated
further. The functionality criteria and weighting are set out in the tender document.
Bids will be evaluated according to the 80/20 preference points system. The bids are subject
to the Council Supply Chain Management Policy, Preferential Procurement Policy
Framework Act, 2000, and the Preferential Procurement Regulations 2011.
The Municipality reserves the right to withdraw any invitation to bid and/or re-advertise or to
reject any bid or to accept a part of it. The Municipality does not bind itself to accept the
lowest bid or to award a contract to the Bidder scoring the highest number of points.
The Municipality reserves the right to withdraw any invitation to bid and/or re-advertise or to
reject any bid or to accept a part of it. The Municipality does not bind itself to accept the lowest
bid or to award a contract to the Bidder scoring the highest number of points.
Further requirements for sealing, addressing, delivery, opening and assessment of bids are
stated in the Tender Document.
Further requirements for sealing, addressing, delivery, opening and assessment of bids are
stated in the Tender Document.
Tenderers must have a CIDB contractor designation of 2 SQ or
Clyde Street
Clyde Street
ISSUE 509 22 March 2017
Page 13
World Salt Awareness Week
Our bodies need a little bit of
salt to survive, but the amount
we eat is far more than we
require. Evidence has shown
that regularly eating too much
salt puts us at increased risk of
developing high blood
pressure. High blood pressure
is the main cause of strokes and
a major cause of heart attacks
and heart failures, the most
common causes of death and
illness in the world.
If you eat too much salt, the
extra water stored in your body
raises your blood pressure. So,
the more salt you eat, the higher
your blood pressure. The higher
your blood pressure, the greater
the strain on your heart, arteries,
kidneys and brain. This can lead
to heart attacks, strokes,
dementia and kidney disease.
Here are some common
questions answered about salt:
1. What is salt?
By salt, we mean table salt,
which is otherwise known as
sodium chloride. It is the biggest
source of sodium in our diets and
it’s this sodium that’s the
problem in relation to blood
pressure. While we do need
some sodium in our diet to help
regulate fluid in the body, it’s
unusual for us not to get enough
– and only too common for us to
have too much.
2. What's the daily limit?
The Government recommends
that we eat no more than 6g of
salt a day, which is about a
teaspoon. Currently, we are
consuming 8.1g a day, which is
about a third more than the
maximum recommendation, so
we still have some way to go.
3. Why are we going over this
Many people unfortunately don't
realise they are eating too much
salt. That is because about 75%
of the salt in our diet comes from
processed foods. It’s not just in
ready meals, soups and sauces,
though – keep an eye on
everyday foods such as breads
and cereals, as well as sweet
foods harbouring a salty
surprise. Foods don't necessarily
have to taste salty to be salty.
This is one of the reasons it can
be tricky to reduce our
salt intake, as it is often
already in the foods we
buy, and we can't take it
out. Read food labels to
make sure that you are making
low-salt choices, our use our free
health app FoodSwitch, which
tells you which foods are less
4. How can I cut back?
We acquire a taste for salt and,
over time, get used to a certain
amount in our diets. If you cut
back drastically and suddenly,
you may at first find that your
food tastes bland. However,
flavour doesn’t only come from
salt. Fresh and dried herbs,
spices, black pepper, chilli and
lemon are all great ways to add
flavour. So while you reduce the
amount of salt you eat, substitute
it with these other flavour
enhancers and you won’t notice
the loss as much. It only takes 3
weeks for our taste buds to adapt
and become more sensitive to
salt, so you get the same flavour
impact from less salt.
5. Are other types of salt better
for me?
Mon- & Fri: 10am-12.45pm; 2pm-4pm •
Tues, Wed, Thurs : 10-12.45pm • Sat: 9.30am-
Tel: 044 384 1603
24 Hr Emergency
073 461 9825
TED’s Cryptic Brain Cruncher
1. Each
puzzle consists
of 5
“classic” 9×9
Sudoku sub
Page 14
Business Cards
Call 044 343 2415 or
Hospice is looking for ladies to knit or crochet squares for winter
blankets. These blankets will be handed out to our patients who are
in need of that extra warmth this winter. If you have spare time on
your hands or while you are sitting watching TV why not knit a
square or two. Hospice has had wool donated and there are
knitting needles in the Hospice shop. If you are interested please
contact Diane Rowe (044 343 2049) for the dimensions of the
squares. Winter is just around the corner so let's get knitting!
If you would like to support Hospice but don't know how then why
not get a MyVillage MyPlanet card. This programme is a
fundraising tool to provide community minded individuals the
opportunity to support a worthy cause. This option is perfect for
you to nominate Hospice as your beneficiary. Some of the
affiliated businesses where you can swipe your card includes:
Woolworths, ClubTravel, Engen, Kalahari.com, Reggies, Supa
Quick, Toys R Us, Waltons and many more nationwide. Visit
www.myschool.co.za to order your card and support Hospice.
If you have any artificial flowers which you don't need any more
please drop them off at the Hospice shop.
2. Each 9×9
must be
according to
the rules of
It’s the sodium that we really
need to watch out for; we should
also monitor ingredients such as
fish and soy sauce and raising
agents such as baking powder
and bicarbonate of soda.
Design and Print
Handled by our
creative team at
THE HOSPICE SHOP Main Rd, Sedgefield
Don’t be fooled into thinking
that fancier types of salt are
better for you. Whether it’s pink,
black, rock, crystal or flakes,
they still have the same effect on
your blood pressure as standard
table salt. Although less refined
salts might contain more
nutrients than everyday table
salt, these will probably only be
in very small amounts and can
probably be sourced from other
foods in your diet. Bigger
crystals also taste less salty, so
you are likely to add more than
refined salt.
9. A choir man
stupidly blows his
musical chance. (9)
10. Am at one with
strings attached for
playing. (5)
11. Did you take notes
from the Aqua
version? (7)
12. Positioned for a
clever finish. (7)
13. See a gleam in the
flyer's eye. (5)
14. Could such a
ridiculously odd foul
be the result of violent
disagreement? (5,4)
16. Glaswegians have
fun, though you
wouldn't name it at any
stage. (3,8,4)
19. A-brooding
whimsically in
mythical Scotch
village. (9)
21. Was the Princess
meaning to fetch her
firearm? (5)
22. Sporting use of tongs
perhaps. (7)
23. Roger half turned on
little Donald's tipple. (7)
24. Have a bit of sport with
someone, as in tee? (5)
25. Was there a wild Gorilla
at the swamp with this toothy
fellow? (9)
1. Written proof that you
didn't pay cash. (6,4)
2. Shaping up to get three
points. (8)
3. Yep! Turns out the poet
character is an Olive Oil fan.
4. Dances with custom built
tools. (4)
5. Note the beer two men of
Scottish descent brewed. (10)
6. Rather a posh bit of singing?
7. South American rubber
twisted comically.(6)
8. Nasty turn for the concert
14. Engage for slow movement
in clothes from the lowest
drawer. (6,4)
15. A peck and an omer won't be
in litres. (3,7)
17. Making music in wine? (17)
18. Mashed up nut I lose in a
rugby match.(4-4)
20. A progessive foot in the
door might be dangerous,
position wise. (6)
21. Endless aura I gave half off
was noticeable in the night sky.
22. The right eyes for night
drivers. (4)
23. Flog the ball back? (4)
Last issue’s solution:
ACROSS: 9. Itinerant, 10. Evita, 11. Dispute, 12. Grenade 13. Reedy,
14. Whipped Up 16. Let it all hang out 19. Answerers 21. Odeon 22.
Dungeon 23. Alibaba 24. Moats 25. Snow White
DOWN: 1. Cinderella, 2. Mispent 3. Beauty 4. Babe 5. Stag nights 6.
Peter Pan 7. Wizard 8. Page 14. Wilderness, 15. Potentates, 17. The
beast, 18. Operatic 20. Sinbad 21.Ojibwa, 22. Dame 23. Agog
22 March 2017
AGS Lighuis
H/v Waterfront Dr & Tide Str
Knysna (Oorkant Fruit & Veg)
Dienstye : Sondae: Erediens 9h30
Sondagskool (Snr & Jnr) 8h45
Woensdae : Selbyeenkoms 19h00
Donderdae : Bybelskool 18h30
Kontak : Kerkkantoor 044 382 6551
Sekretaresse 072 189 0215
Anglican Chapelry of St. Aidan’s,
8.00 a.m.: Holy Communion Service.
Fifth Sunday of month 5.30 p.m.
Evensong, and no 8.00 a.m. Holy
Communion Service.
Phone: Nic Hanekom 044 850 1925 or
Hercules Keyser 044 850 1009
Anglican Sedgefield : See St Francis
and Church of the Resurrection
Church of Christ
Maartin & Lynn van der Walt.
Meeting 10am & 6pm
Tel: 044 343 2919
Church of the Resurrection
(CPSA - Anglican)
David Curry Ave, Smutsville
For service times contact
Petronella Buis 084 252 1698
Deo Gloria
Paradise Lake 09h30 Afrikaans.
Aand dienste : 18h00 English.
Woensdagaande : 19h00 LERING
Navrae: Past Danie & Karin de Bruyn
044 343 1301 or 084 714 7023
Br Aintree 044 343 2690
Elohim gemeente
Protea gemeenskapsaal - Karatara
Sondae: 09:00, Kinderkerk tydens diens
Kerkkantoor: 082 896 6387
Pastoor: Hansie Strydom
Phone Peter Lor 076-6493050
Ladies Golf
Friday 24th February 2017
It was a great turnout of 18 ladies
who came to play for the weekly
Friday game of golf on Friday
24th February 2017.
It could have been the clear blue
skies that drew the crowd or the
thought of the delicious cake
being served at the AGM after
the weekly game. A fun format
of 3 clubs and a putter was the
order of the day with Stabelford
The cake must have given great
inspiration as the game was
finished in good time with a
wonderful count of 6 birdies
being made by Elize Mackenzie
Blom, Marina van der
Westhuizen, Barbara Renfield,
Daleen Schooling, Wendy Mack
and Helen Wang.
With a hot score to match the
weather Almarie Mead won the
day with a 38 (nett 56), it was a
very close call for Liz Stewart
who came in with 37 (nett 56) as
runner up.
Sedgefield Christian Church
Sunday services @ 09h30
Friday evenings Unashamed Youth
Pastor Juan & Tammy Pienaar
081 749 2534
[email protected]
Knysna Presbyterian Church
Sundays 9.00am, 14 Clyde Street,
Office 044 382 7722
Rev Wayne van Heerden
083 633 9777, 044 384 2109
[email protected]
Sedgefield Seventh-day
Adventist Church
Lakeside Baptist Church
Saturday mornings:
9:15 Song Service and Bible Study,
11am Divine Service in
Sedgefield Municipal Boardroom.
Ph 081 270 7212
Sedgefield Primary School
Sunday morning : 9:00 a.m
Sunday School and crèche
Pastor Lee Peterson 071 485 8013
Methodist Sedgefield : See St Francis
St Anthony's Church
Mass - Sundays 8.00am
Weds & Fridays 9:30am
Cnr Sysie / Flamingo Streets
044 382 1391
Ned. Herv. Kerk Outeniqua
Eredienste: George 9.00vm
11.00vm @ The Old Chapel
(Buffelsbaai pad,
agter Riverdeck padstal)
Telefoon: 044-8712125
New Apostolic Church
Sedgefield Congregation
Plumbago Street, Sedgefield
Wednesday 19h30pm - 20h30pm
Sunday 9.00am to 10am
Enq: Anthony Davis - 083 641 5027
& Leisure
St Francis United Church
Communion Service 8.00am
Family Service & Sunday School 9.30am
Communion Service 9.30am (4th Sunday of month)
Cnr Swallow Drive / Pelican Lane
044 3431702
NG Kerk
Dienste Sondae:- Sedgefield - 8.30
Ds. Francois van Tonder
Tel: (044) 343 2020
Karatara - Skoolvakansies - 10.30
Ds. Marius Coetzee Tel: (044) 356 2651
Kerkkantoor Tel: (044) 343 2033
NG Kerk Die Vleie, Hoekwil
Kerkkantoor 044 850 1610
Sondag Eredienste:
April – September: 09:30
Oktober – Maart: 09:00
Leraar: Ds. Dawie le Roux
Tel. 044 850 1640; Sel: 084 532 9958
Pinkster Protestante Kerk
Pentecostal Church
Masedonië Gemeente Smutsville
Sondae: 9 - 10vm Sondag Skool;
10 - 12nm Ere Diens
Herderspaar : Pastoor Joseph en
Sust Oosthuizen 073 668 0995
Presbytarian Sedgefield :
See St Francis
The much awaited cake was served
at the AGM whereby the new
Captain Almarie Mead was voted
in to take over the helm for the
ladies club. Committee members:
Club Secretary Linda Evans, Club
Treasurer Sandra van't Slot,
additional member Joy Herbst.
Friday 3 March
Newly appointed Ladies Club
Captain Almarie Mead hosted her
first Friday morning Ladies
competition with a fun format
called “Cha Cha Cha” (otherwise
known as 1,2,3). A good turnout
for the morning seeing 14
members attending. Winning Four
ball Ramona Peschko, Emily
Bothma, Daleen Schooling and
Joy Herbst came in with 87
Stableford points.
Winning Three ball Almarie Mead,
Marie Joubert, Marina van der
Westhuizen came in with a solid 80
Stableford points. Newly added
“Closest to the Pin” was won by
Alice Vorster (hole No.11).
Suid-Kaap Christen Familie
Laerskool Sedgefield Primary School
Sunday: 11am, Wednesday: 7pm
Pastor: Leon & Elmarie Terblanche
081 271 1551. [email protected]
Assist Pastor: André & Soné Rossouw
072 341 7099
Truth Centre Church
Sedgefield Town Hall
Sunday 9.30am
General Overseers:
Dr Levael and Ps Alicia Davis
084 804 6558 or 078 992 4723
Wilderness Christian Fellowship
Sunday Service & Children’s
Church 9.30am.
Evening service (last Sunday) 6.00pm
Wilderness Hotel, (Old Karos Hotel)
George Road, Wilderness
Pastors: Chris & Trudie Smit
044 877 0307 or 084 240 5414
throughout the game with
Marina van der Westhuizen
bagging 2 on the 12th & 18th.
Elize MacKenzie Blom sunk her
birdie on the 2nd. . Meg Isherwood
, Almarie Mead, Barbara
Renfield, Joy Herbst and Emily
Bothma all scoring on the 9th and
Alice Vorster potted hers on the
11th and Wendy Mack on the 18th.
A reminder that there is a open
mixed competition played on
Saturday mornings at Sedge
Links – Anyone welcome!
Friday 10th March 2017
What a beautiful Autumn
morning to play golf ! The ladies
arrived keen to try out a new
format suggested by Joy Herbst
called, Combined Stableford.
The competition went very well
and we congratulated the
following prize winners.
1st Place – Meg Isherwood and
Marina van der Westhuizen with
a score of 58
Runners up – Elize Mackenzie
Blom and Almarie Mead with a
score of 56.
A fun event was added to the mix
this week : “The longest drive
A flock of “birdies” were potted
Photos from prize giving 3rd March
3 Ball (L-R) Marie Joubert, 4 Ball (L-R) Ramona Peschko, Closest to Pin – Alice Vorster
Marina van der Westhuizen & Joy Herbst, Daleen Schooling &
Emily Bothma
Almarie Mead fro
The day's golf was particularly
notable for Trevor Noble's double
eagle, achieving this on the long
9th and 18th holes. Unfortunately
the day's competition was a
betterball stableford which
means that your partner has to
come to the party and as this
didn't happen there was no wine
for this fine lad. The winners
were Peter Heath and Quentin
Robinson with 47 points. In
second position were Nollie
Theron and dear Henry Crowther
(who has a hole in his bucket)
with 43 and Reinie Bock and
James Polson in third place with
42 points.
The day closed with a moment of
silence for Mike Goodwin in
with a marshmallow”. Played
with a marshmallow weighted
down with a 10c piece in the
The longest drive off the tee
with a marshmallow with a
distance of approx 3 metres
went to Helen Pahl, a new
member of the ladies club.
Well done to all the ladies for
entering into the spirit of
Nearest the pin winner Almarie
Birdies of the day: Helen Wang,
Meg Isherwood and Eilze
Mackenzie Blom with one
birdie each.
Joy Herbst, Marina van der
Westhuizen , Almarie Mead and
Helen Pahl with two birdies
Friday 17th March 2017
The lady golfers welcomed St
Patrick's day by wearing green
for their Friday morning round of
golf. With a format of “Flags”
(green of course) being played
for the first time.
Another great turn out of ladies
(16) made the competition great
fun with only 4 returning their
green flag to the clubhouse at the
end of the round.
Winning the St Patrick's day
round was Elize Mackenzie
Blom (39 points) a close 2nd
jointly Helen Wang and Almarie
Mead (38 points) and coming in
3rd with 37 points Wendy Mack.
Birdies achieved 2 each for
Marina der Westhuizen (3rd &
9th), Helen Pahl (3rd & 9th), Elize
Mackenzie Blom (4th & 9th), Meg
Isherwood (9th & 14th) with 1
birdie each for Daleen
Schooling, Janet Wood and
Almarie Mead (Captain).
Nearest to the pin on hole 5/14
was won by Meg Isherwood
sympathy for the loss of one of
his toes.
Stunning weather greeted the
golfers for the individual
stableford competition. It also
welcomed back Ian Wright who
has been away celebrating the
birth of his grandchild and in
salute to this memorable
occasion awarded him with first
prize after he scored 39 points.
This came as a surprise to many
as normally his two favourite
shots are the practise swing and
the conceded putt. It was noted,
however, that he did the scoring.
Five players tied for second spot
on 36. They were, after a
countout, Trevor Noble, Albert
Rowe, Hamish Ledingham,
Nollis Theron and Brian
A player, who will remain
nameless, was heard to
comment while having a
Day of Prayer
A Day of Prayer for our
community, country and
leadership in Sedgefield will
take place:
at 2pm on 22 APRIL 2017
This is following a call from
Angus Buchan for people to
come together for a prayer
meeting. Angus Buchan is
hosting the main event in
Tea and coffee will be served
afterwards, all our welcome.
political argument during post
play drinks that he calls our
president ‘Thrombosis.’
Which he says is a bloody clot
that undermines the constitution.
22 March - 05 April 2017
Next Full Moon:
11 April 2017
Full Moon
New Moon
Low tides 05:24 18:32
Sunrise 06:33 Sunset 18:37
Hi tide 11:36
Moonrise 00:44 Moonset 14:55
Thur 23 Low tides 06:48 19:25
Sunrise 06:34 Sunset 18:36
Hi tides 00:47 12:56
Moonrise 01:38 Moonset 15:40
Fri 24
Low tides 07:35 20:01
Sunrise 06:35 Sunset 18:34
Hi tides 01:33 13:43
Moonrise 02:34 Moonset 16:22
Sat 25
Low tides 08:12 20:34
Sunrise 06:36 Sunset 18:33
Hi tides 02:08 14:20
Moonrise 03:34 Moonset 17:03
Sun 26
Low tides 08:47 21:05
Sunrise 06:36 Sunset 18:32
Hi tides 02:42 14:56
Moonrise 04:35 Moonset 17:42
Mon 27
Low tides 09:23 21:37
Sunrise 06:37 Sunset 18:30
Hi tides 03:16 15:32
Moonrise 05:39 Moonset 18:20
Tue 28
Low tides 09:59 22:11
Sunrise 06:38 Sunset 18:29
Hi tides 03:51 16:08
Moonrise 06:45 Moonset 18:59
Wed 29
Low tides 10:35 22:45
Sunrise 06:39 Sunset 18:27
Hi tides 04:27 16:45
Moonrise 07:52 Moonset 19:40
Thu 30
Low tides 11:13 23:21
Sunrise 06:39 Sunset 18:26
Hi tides 05:05 17:23
Moonrise 09:00 Moonset 20:23
Fri 31
Low tides 11:53 23:59
Sunrise 06:40 Sunset 18:25
Hi tides 05:45 18:03
Moonrise 10:07 Moonset 21:10
Sat 01
Low tide 12:34
Sunrise 06:41 Sunset 18:23
Hi tides 06:27 18:45
Moonrise 11:14 Moonset 22:00
Sun 02
Low tides 00:43 13:21
Sunrise 06:42 Sunset 18:22
Hi tides 07:15 19:37
Moonrise 12:17 Moonset 22:55
Mon 03
Low tides 01:37 14:23
Sunrise 06:43 Sunset 18:21
Hi tides 08:17 20:51
Moonrise 13:17 Moonset 23:53
Tue 04
Low tides 03:17 16:21
Sunrise 06:43 Sunset 18:19
Hi tides 09:51 23:01
Moonrise 14:11 Moonset -
Wed 05
Low tides 05:52 18:20
Sunrise 06:44 Sunset 18:18
Hi tide 11:45
Moonrise 14:59 Moonset 00:53
Wed 22
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Sedgefield Striders’ 20th
Tortoise Tuff is done and dusted
and the organising
committee can
certainly take a
bow for hosting
another event to
make Sedgefield
The race even
a t t r a c t e d
participation with
one athlete from
England and two
from Holland taking
Picture by Emma Rorke
The race day was
w a r m w i t h
temperatures peaking at 28
degrees for the participants, yet it
seemed the athletes were full of
praise for the local vibe during
the race, especially at the water
tables manned along the route by
volunteers. The athletes were not
only provided with cooling
refreshment, but encouragement
The weather must have been just
right for Nedbank Club’s
Stephany Petro, who broke the
10km record with her winning
time of 38minutes:34seconds.
Other winners were:10km Male Runner:
Francois Maquassa,
10km Male Walker:
Bradley Carelse,
10km Female Walker:
Ita Stiglingh,
21km Male Trail Run
John April,
21km Female Trail Run
Melissa van Rensburg,
30km Male Run
Ettienne Plaatjies,
30km Female Run
Lisl Grobler,
Says Club Chairman Eric Roper
“The Race Committee of
Sedgefield Striders would like to
thank the following sponsors:Wesgro, Knysna Municipality,
Knysna Tourism, Pick n Pay
Sedgefield and our local
businesses for their support
without which there would be no
Tortoise Tuff. A special word of
thanks also to the members of
Sedgefield Striders, their families
and friends and also to our local
community who are always
willing to assist in marshalling
road junctions and manning our
race entry tables and the finish.
hope that everyone enjoys the
COACHING Rose Potgieter is
the Coaching Convenor and is
available on Tuesdays and
Thursdays to coach anyone
wishing to learn and to join the
Club, (By appointment only) and
Rose may be contacted on (044)
Watch out for Tortoises!!!!
At the Special General
Meeting held last week, the
decision was taken to increase
our annual subs by 6.5%.
Delighted to report that Luke
and Martin reached the semifinals. A great achievement and
congrats to you both.
Our thanks to Keith Lindsay for
managing our Facebook page
and we would encourage folk to
log in to this and keep up to date
with Club news. Plans are afoot
to establish our own website –
watch this space!!
games are now ongoing on
Tuesday afternoons.
Ouwerkerk is recovering at
home after a knee replacement
and as we all know, he is finding
Trust that the
weather will remain good and
6th March 2017
1st Reinet Barnes / Ann Gould
2nd Jeannie & Mark Taljard &
2nd Meg Isherwood / Johan Steyl
13 March 2017
1st Bernard Sheridan / Mike Holgate
2nd Annette v Wezel / Terry Quirk
3rd Meg Isherwood / Johan Steyl
We meet at the Roman Catholic Church Hall in Flamingo St every Monday
evening at 18:45 and start at 19:00.
For more information contact Johan Steyl on 044 343 2158 / 082 855 5590
8 March 2017– 6 Table Howell
1st Marguerite Badenhorst / Tobie
Vermaak 62.6%
2nd Bella Scoccia / Barbara van der
Noort 62.2%
3rd Iain Cambbell / Pam Leppan56.3%
15 March 2017 --6 Table Howell
1st Iain Campbell / Pam Leppan
2nd Marcia Kriek / Ann Lamprecht
3rd Meg Isherwood / Jean Taylor
We meet every Wednesday at the Wilderness Hotel.
Registration at 1.15 pm, play starts 1.30 pm. Visitors and new members
most welcome. Contact Johan 044 343 2158 or Margaret 082 856 6804.
Without their professional
support and assistance the event
would not have been as
successful as it was.
We must mention Darrell
Webber, the race convener for
the past three years who was
ably assisted by his wife Avril.
They worked tirelessly behind
the scenes to ensure everything
came together on race day. A
huge thank you and well done.
Lastly to the residents of
Sedgefield thank you for your
patience on race day as our
marshals stopped and slowed
traffic at intersections to give
priority to the athletes.”
Best water table as voted by the
athletes was a tie between Lions
at Fraser Street and Lions at
the “resting” rather
frustrating but hopefully he
is listening to his doctor. I
understand that he would
enjoy having a visit or two
from friends. Hope you are
up and running soon, Chris.
Pat and Reg Eccles are
returning to the UK this week
and we wish them Bon
Voyage. They have assured
us that they will be back!!
Julius has celebrated his 70th
birthday this past week and
our good wishes to him!
Graham Cockerell's wife,
Jackie, has finally arrived
from New Zealand after a
good few hold-ups and we
were happy to meet her last
week and Graham had a big
smile on his face -obviously
delighted to have her back
These sentences actually
appeared in church bulletins
or were announced at church
services – Have a chuckle…
“The ladies of the church
have cast-off clothing of
every kind. They may be
seen in the basement on
Friday afternoon”
At the evening service
tonight, the sermon topic will
be “What is Hell?”. Come
early and listen to the choir
“The pastor would
appreciate it if the ladies of
the congregation would lend
him their electric girdles for
the pancake breakfast next
Good bowling everyone
2017 Knysna Motor Show attractions
by Martin Hatchuel
The exhibitors' list for the
Knysna Motor Show
sponsored by Sanlam Private
Wealth is filling up - and the
organisers say that this year's
event will attract some of the
rarest and most exciting cars
and motorcycles in the
country. The Show will take
place on Sunday, 30 April.
"The Knysna Motor Show is a
family affair in a country
atmosphere that's become
known as one of the top
gatherings of its kind in South
Africa - and its reputation comes
from the fact that we're very
selective about the vehicles we
choose for exhibition," said
Peter Pretorius, the Show's
organiser and the chairman of the
Garden Route Motor Club.
$100,000 HONDA
"One of the most astonishing
bikes on display will be a Honda
Rune - of which only a handful
were imported to South Africa,"
said Mr Pretorius.
"This 6-cylinder, 1800cc
machine is more than 2.4 metres
long, and was produced during
2004 mainly for the American
market. Each one is said to have
cost Honda $100,000 to build although the selling price was
just $27,000."
Many of the bikes on show have
been rebuilt. Neville Fisher from
East London, for example, will
show three immaculately
prepared, historic racing
motorcycles: a 1983 Ducati TT1
750, a 1998 Ducati 748 SPS, and
a 1969 Triumph Bonneville .
"We'll also have a 1974 Ducati
750 SS that was rebuilt by Lofty
Pretorius as an exact replica of
the legendary American race
bike that became known as Old
Blue," said Mr. Pretorius.
"Old Blue was a highly-modified
machine that won the 1977
Daytona Superbike race and
finished second in that
year's American
Superbike championship.
It is acknowledged as
having helped to establish
Ducati motorcycles in the
American market."
"Perhaps the most
unusual display at the
show will be Steven
Helm's 1928 Chater Lea a very scarce face-cam
racer, and quite possibly
the only one of its kind
still running anywhere in the
world," said Mr. Pretorius.
"We believe due to the evidence
of use (or abuse) that this motor
was used in the original DJ Race
- the Classic Motorcycle Rally
between Durban and
Johannesburg, in which a facecam placed second."
This will be the first year that
Knysna's private motorbike
museum - The Motorcycle
Room - will take part in the
Knysna Motor Show. with some
of the rarest items from its
collection of over 80 machines
on display.
These will include a 1984
Yamaha RZ500 - of which less
than 500 are thought still to exist
(they were manufactured in
limited quantities and were
inspired by the motorcycle on
which Kenny Roberts won the
'83 World Champs) - as well as a
KTM RC8 (the Austrian
manufacturer's first ever
superbike. The unit that will be
displayed - a 2015 RC8 R model
- was the last RC8 sold in SA,
and possibly the world,
following KTM's decision to
discontinue the production of
superbikes for road use).
The Motorcycle Room will also
show two exceptional custom
motorcycles - both hand-built in
Knysna: the Silver Bullet (a saltflats-style racer that started life
Knysna's private bike museum,
The Motorcycle Room, will
show this Copper Bike café
racer - which was hand-built in
in the town - at this year's
Knysna Motor Show (30 April).
as a Yamaha IT490 off-roader),
and the Copper Bike café racer
(which was originally a Suzuki
GN250 commuter bike).
Mr. Pretorius said that the
Knysna Motor Show attracted
over 5,000 people in 2016, and
that the organisers are hoping for
an even larger crowd this year.
"With a great food court, a beer
tent, and undercover seating, the
show precinct is always a
comfortable, festive place to be and since proceeds from the
event will go to our favourite
charities (Hospice, Knysna
Animal Welfare, E-pap, and
FAMSA), it's very definitely a
show with heart, too."
The Knysna Motor Show
sponsored by Sanlam Private
Wealth will take place on
Sunday, 30 April, 2017 on the
Knysna High School sport fields
on Waterfont Drive. Gates will
be open from 09:30 to 16:00,
with ticket prices ranging from
R40.00 for adults, to R10.00 for
children 12 to 18 years of age (no
charge for children under 12 - but
they must be accompanied by an