June 2017
Year 52, Issue 6
1301 Gladewood Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24060
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: (540) 552-9716
Message of Gratitude from Our President
The picture on the left depicts our
daughter Sarah’s dedication ceremony at
UUC with then minister, Rev. Christine
Brownlie. On the right is the day of Sarah’s
recent senior prom. As you can tell, she
travels at the beat of her own drummer
and chose to wear a pants suit rather than
the traditional long dress. So this child
(and her brother), literally born into
Unitarian Universalism at UUC, is growing
up and moving away from us. As her Mom,
this makes me both happy and sad, but
mostly full of gratitude for all the people
who have supported her, Jim, and myself in this messy, confusing, joyful,
stressful, ride of parenthood. Her UU sense of self is buried deep in her heart through many years of
religious education, writing her credo in Coming of Age, and most recently as a member, and then leader
of YRUU. After a summer of work leading backpacking trips at the UU Retreat Center in NC, The
Mountain, she will head to Switzerland to follow in YRUU alumna, Luna Moore’s footsteps and work for a
year at a Waldorf-type school in the Alps learning German, skiing, and making lifelong friends from
around the world. After that, who knows, likely back to Virginia and VCU to study cinema. But a lot can
happen in a year, as I have found.
This year is winding down for me as UUC Board President. I am so filled with gratitude for all the people
that helped me along the way. As I write this, I am sitting in my favorite coffee shop, the Radford Coffee
Co., which ironically is where our beloved minister, Rev. Dara, told the Executive Board 1½ years ago
that she was leaving us to be closer to family in California. After congratulating her, Molly Lazar, Margo
Walter, and I looked at each other with wide eyes wondering, as UUC’s leaders, how we could move on
from that moment. Fast forward to today, another spring day in the same coffee shop, and we have
come so far! First we formed an Interim Search Committee to find our wonderful accredited Interim
Minister, Don Rollins. Then we created a Ministerial Search Committee that worked tirelessly to bring us
Pam Philips as our soon-to-be Settled Minister! Meanwhile the Board learned on the run how to further
our move towards a Program Church Model and to establish a new governance model at UUC.
This is my last newsletter article as President. Next weekend I will lead my last Congregational Meeting.
The agenda is full including our vote to select an additional social justice focus (the most controversial of
the items). The Gardiner Model for social justice is new to us and was brought to our attention by Rev.
Don. It’s one of the many changes suggested to us by Rev. Don in addition to how we do Joys &
Concerns, institution of a new Board structure, and adding more staff hours to our LFD program.
I thank the Board for its willingness to try new ideas while supporting our fundamental core of UUC. I
also thank our Stewardship Committee for their efforts resulting in the highest number of pledges ever;
the Search Committee for finding a great new settled minister; the Finance Committee for striving and
succeeding in preparing a balanced budget; Strategic Planning for developing a Vision Statement for us
to vote on and adopt; the Grounds Committee for toiling endlessly on our beautiful space; and through it
all, our Interim, Don Rollins for looking at us with a bird’s eye view and working to make us better than
ever. I am so grateful for his help and wish him the best on his next adventure. Thanks to all of you for
all you do for UUC. I know I have merely scratched the surface in my thanks, but this congregation is
better and stronger due to all of you. Thank you!
Signing out as UUC President,
Carol Kern
Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Blacksburg, VA
June 2017
Upcoming Events
Interim Minister:
Rev. Don Rollins
[email protected]
Carol Kern
[email protected]
Director of Lifespan
Faith Development:
Karen Hager
[email protected]
Annual Congregational Meeting
All members are requested to attend the annual UUC business
meeting on Sunday, June 4 immediately following the service.
Members will vote on new officers, the budget for fiscal year 201718, a social justice focus for the congregation (in addition to our
Mental Health Justice Ministry), and changes to the bylaws. If you
can’t attend in person, please give your proxy to another member.
You can also email your proxy form to Lisa. All info for the meeting
can be found at Childcare provided.
Lisa Evanylo
[email protected]
Jared Gibbs
[email protected]
Choir Director:
Ella Kromin
[email protected]
Lay Pastoral Care
[email protected]
UUC Website:
UUC Office Phone:
Minister Emerita:
Rev. Christine Brownlie
Annual Goods & Services Auction
Save the date for UUC’s 2017
Service Auction – Saturday,
November 11 at 5 PM. The
theme this year is The Wild West.
Join us as we gather to have fun at
our 27th annual service auction.
This is the major FUNdraising event
that our community holds each
year to support the congregationapproved annual budget. While
raising money is important (this
year’s goal is $18K), building
connections within our congregation is also a priority, so join
us for this FUN-filled evening for
adults. We’ll also have extra
special, FUN activities and food for
the children. The theme for this year’s children’s party, once again
expertly planned by Rachel Craine, will also involve The Wild West. The
auction website will open at the end of August so all will have plenty of
time to enter exciting, community-enhancing offerings. Questions? Want
to help? Contact the auction co-chairs, Joe and Linda Powers or attend the
next Service Auction Team meeting at 11:30 AM on Sunday, June 25 in
room 5.
Staff Office Hours:
Interim Minister:
Unavailable — time off
for vacation and study
beginning June 4.
Mondays 9-12,
Fridays 1-4
Contact for appointment.
Our Mission:
Inspire. Create. Transform.
Inspire spiritual and ethical growth.
Create compassionate community.
Transform our community and the world through
courageous love.
Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Blacksburg, VA
June 2017
EarthSpirit Sisters (ESS)
Full Moon Ritual &
Summer Solstice
Women’s Lunch Bunch
All UUC women are warmly invited to share lunch
together on the 1st & 3rd Fridays of every month at
noon, no reservations required. On June 2, we’ll
gather at Outback on Pepper's Ferry Rd.,
Christiansburg. The lunch menu is quite varied
and relatively inexpensive. On June 16 we’ll try a
new place, Preston's at the River Course - 8400
River Course Dr., Fairlawn. Turn left onto Viscoe
Rd. off of Pepper's Ferry Rd. and then left again
onto River Course Dr.
The monthly EarthSpirit Sisters full
moon ritual will be held on Friday,
June 9 at 6:30 PM at Darla Bray’s
home. For more information and directions,
contact Diane Jackson.
ESS will celebrate the Summer Solstice
on Wednesday, June 21 at 6:30 PM at
the home of Ash Mills, 175 Penn Rd.
NW, Floyd. Email Ash for directions
from the light in the town of Floyd.
50+ Singles’ Group Gathering
Over 50 and single? Join
the fun on Saturday, June
3, at 9 AM in the Cascades
trailhead parking lot for a
hike to the falls and/or
coffee or lunch at Panera
on University City Blvd. in
Blacksburg at 1:30 PM. No
RSVP required, just come if you can! Contact
Annie for more info.
The ritual will be outside with a lovely
fire pit to dance around. All are welcome to bring
drums, rattles, and the like to joyfully greet the
longest day of light in the wheel of the year with
the heartbeat of our drums. Bring a dish or snack
to share. All are welcome to linger after the ritual
to enjoy abundance, light, and laughter.
Two Mental Health
Support Groups at UUC
UUC Membership Directory
Update Scheduled
On Monday, June 19 at 6 PM, our two community
mental health support groups will meet at UUC.
One group is designed for those with a mental
health illness themselves, and the other group is
for family and friends of those with a mental
illness. Both are facilitated by professionals from
Community Services. All are welcome. Contact
Margo Walter for more info.
Plan ahead and mark your
calendars for October 3-7
when we’ll be asking all our
members and friends to
come in for portraits as we
are updating our photo member directory. You will
be able to schedule your session online. We will
again be working with LifeTouch Photography. Be
assured that you are under no obligation to make
any purchases. More details as the date gets
Opportunity to Take Action
William Morva, former member of YRUU in the late
90s, has been sentenced to be executed in Virginia
on July 6 for two murders. Check the website,, created by
Virginia Capital Representation Resource Center,
for information about Will's situation and his
mental illness, sign a petition and learn more
about writing letters to Gov. McAuliffe requesting
that he commute the death sentence to life in
prison without parole.
Second-Sunday Potluck
Everyone is invited to enjoy lunch together following the service on June 11. It’s a wonderful opportunity to
meet new people while sharing a delicious meal. This month, if your last name begins with En-Hap, bring a
beverage; Lan-Z bring a main dish; A-Em and Har-Lam bring a side dish or dessert. Don’t forget your list of
the ingredients in your dish to assist those with food allergies. Please be sure to bring a LARGE
DISH as there are many mouths to feed and to be considerate of those at the end of the line
that are also hungry. As always, bring your non-perishable food donations (canned meats,
fruits, vegetables, macaroni and cheese, rice, beans, cereal, peanut butter, jelly, coffee, sugar,
etc.) for the Interfaith Food Pantry. The donation basket is in the lobby just outside the
Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Blacksburg, VA
June 2017
Lifespan Faith Development
Summer RE
Summer RE begins June 11!
Our Summer RE program for grades K-5 is an exciting new program by our
own, Rachel Craine! “Books and Cooks” introduces UU kids to cultural cooking
through books from around the world. Blessings, great stories and delicious
food guarantee a great time for our budding sous chefs as they learn to make
food from around the world! Sushi, mango lassis, tortillas, pancit and gumbo
are just some of the wonderful food that will be made this summer!
Here’s what’s cooking in June:
June 11
Everybody Cooks Rice
Rice Balls
June 18
Hiromi’s Hands / Yoko
Vegetable Maki Sushi Rolls
June 25
Apple Pie 4th of July
Microwave Single Serving Apple Pie
All recipes are vegetarian, and recipe cards will be provided if your chef would like to recreate the
culinary experience at home with family! Yum!
“Books and Cooks” is for kids in grades K-5. We begin each Sunday at 10:00 AM. Please note that
kids do not go into the sanctuary first during the summer.
Preschoolers have their own Sunday Funday program each Sunday morning.
Bring a toy to share as we play together and enjoy a story. Ages 3 - rising
Those moving to the PreK room this fall are invited to join Sunday Fundays this
summer to begin the transition. Parents are welcome to stay as needed to help
with the transition.
Fall registration opens in June!
Watch your email for more info.
Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Blacksburg, VA
June 2017
Summer Tai Chi Class
Tai chi returns this summer to UUC!
Bruce Cantrell, long-time instructor in the Senior Program at the Blacksburg Community Center, has
once again generously offered to teach a free Tai Chi (Temple Style) class at UUC.
"Introduction to Temple Style Tai Chi" will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays
from 10-11 AM in Elarth Hall. The class will run June 13-August 3.
This class is open to all ages, is free, and is sponsored by Blacksburg Parks
and Recreation Department.
For additional information on Temple Style Tai Chi, visit Bruce’s website at
On-Going Classes
Meditation Group
Meets Tuesdays 7-8 PM
Our meditation group meets weekly for those interested in starting or deepening their
meditation practice. Our format is drop-in, so you need not attend all sessions. Open with
centering words and basic instruction, followed by sitting practice. Meditators from all
traditions and all levels of experience are welcome.
Conversations on Our Faith
Meets Wednesdays 12-1 PM
Bring a brown bag lunch and join our conversation as we read the book, From Bacteria to Bach and Back:
The Evolution of Minds, by Daniel C. Dennett. All are welcome, even if you have not read the chapters of
the book under discussion. Group members share their insights and personal experiences, and all
thoughts and opinions are welcome. To learn more, contact Tim Pickering.
In the UUC Library
Speaking of Faith: Why Religion Matters—And How to Talk About It, by
Krista Tippett. Krista Tippett is one of the country's most intelligent and
insightful commentators on religion, ethics, and the human spirit. With this
book, she draws on her own life story and her intimate conversations with
both ordinary and famous figures, including Elie Wiesel, Karen Armstrong,
and Thich Nhat Hanh, to explore complex subjects like science, love, virtue,
and violence within the context of spirituality and everyday life. Her way of
speaking about the mysteries of life -and of listening with care to those who
endeavor to understand those mysteries - is nothing short of revolutionary.
Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Blacksburg, VA
June 2017
UUC Community News
May Board Meeting Highlights
Update on ½-Plate Donations
Several Board members participated in a web
conference which covered the nine commitments of a Board in Policy Governance.
Thanks to your generosity, UUC continued its
practice of helping others in both our community
and beyond. The May recipients and amounts
donated were:
The proposed budget for 2017-18 was
May 7: Bending the Arc of Justice, $292
The Board reviewed its evaluation of Rev. Don
and his self-evaluation.
The Board approved presenting the proposed
Vision Statement developed by Strategic
Planning for a vote at the Annual Meeting.
May 14: VA CARES FAST (housing for exprisoners), $233
May 21: Blacksburg Refugee Partnership, $134
May 28: UU Church of Spartanburg, SC (Chalice
Lighter call), $130
Watch the weekly announcements and website for
the coming weeks’ ½-plate recipients. Have a
suggestion—fill out the form in Elarth Hall.
The next Board meeting will be held on Thursday,
June 15 at 7 PM. The minutes and reports of
meetings for the past two calendar years are
available. Contact administrator for login info.
Questions, Ideas , Complaints for the Board:
Simply send an email to [email protected]
2017 Pledge Campaign Comes to a Close
The 2017-18 UUC pledge drive has ended, and we have good news! The 150 pledges received sets a new
record, and all of us involved in the campaign are very thankful to all who pledged to support the congregation financially. A total of $289,071.62 was pledged. We’re grateful for every penny and are confident this money will be put to great use in our many programs. While the campaign won’t enable us to
fully fund our stretch (or “wish”) budget which had a goal of $333,400, it does allow us to address some
of the additional goals we were hoping to achieve in the coming year. As an example, our DLFD (Director
of Lifespan Faith Development) will be paid for additional hours each week enabling her to work more on
our Adult Enrichment Program. So, thanks again for your generosity of both spirit and money.
Honor Roll
We at UUC would like to honor people who, in the last few years, have
given generously above and beyond their pledges to help realize the vision
and mission of our congregation. Thank you very much! If you have made
a recent donation to UUC and are not listed below, please contact Bill
Baker, Treasurer.
Bill and Susan Baker
Don and Susan Blanchard
Art Buikema
Jim and Pauletta Copenheaver
Frank and Marilyn DuPont
Lisa and Greg Evanylo
Earle Irwin and Bob Lineberry
Leon Kok
Julia and Roger Lewis
Bobbie and Jim Littlefield
Sally Mook
Nancy Norton
Tim Pickering
Linda and Joe Powers
Janet and Craig Turner
Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Blacksburg, VA
Donated to landscaping and information systems
Forgave member loan
Art donation
Paid down the mortgage
Art donation
Paid down the mortgage
Donation to Search Committee
Donation of grand piano
Donation of area rug for worship program
Donation of airpot coffee maker
Art donation
Donation of teal hymnals
Donation for landscaping (tree removal)
Forgave member loan
Paid down the mortgage
June 2017
Unitarian Universalist Congregation
Sunday Services
June 2017
Services at 10:00 AM in the Meeting Hall
Religious Education Classes and Nursery Care
All are invited to share coffee & conversation following the service.
June 4: Rev. Don Rollins, Of Flowers, Music and Stories. Don's last service at UUC will include our annual
Flower Communion as well as stories and music. UUC’s Choir will also sing. Please bring a flower for each
member of your family and an extra or two for our visitors. This is an intergenerational service (no RE).
June 11: Rev. Kirk Ballin, Getting High: Changing One's State of Mind. We all probably have some
preconceived ideas and images in our minds when we hear the phrase, "Getting High". Rev. Kirk hopes
to make some modifications to those preconceived ideas and images. It’s a topic that goes to the heart
of our being human. Rev. Kirk is a part time Visiting Minister to the Harrisonburg UUs and is a Program
Coordinator of AgrAbility Virginia. UUC’s Choir will sing at the service and will then be on summer hiatus
until August.
All are invited to our monthly potluck following the service. Please bring a generous dish to share.
June 18: Alan Forrest, Self-Compassion and Loving-Kindness through Meditation. Do you ever find it
difficult to experience compassion and self-love? How often do you engage in harmful self-talk that
harshly criticizes and judges yourself? You cannot fully extend compassion and love to others if you’re
unable to extend them to yourself. By bringing loving kindness into your life, you will gradually
experience deeper levels of love and compassion; both for self and for others. Loving-kindness is a
boundless love that softens and opens the heart. It’s important to note that loving-kindness also includes
the essential qualities of compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity. This session will provide an
overview of self-compassion and loving-kindness, a loving-kindness meditation, and how you can
integrate them into your life as a way of cultivating inner healing. Dr. Forrest, Ed.D. is a Professor in the
Department of Counselor Education at Radford University.
June 25: George Lally with Worship Associate David Lally, Annual Poetry Service. How does poetry
inspire us and invite us to examine ourselves in the world in which we live? Members and friends are
invited to bring and share poems, either their own or those written by others that they admire. Jim
Kern will provide the music with a special contribution from Willie Caldwell.
July 2: Eric Thomas and Helen Wolfson with Worship Associate Rhonda Johnson, Gather the Spirit. This
special musical service for all ages deals with the word, “spirit”, and what that word might mean to a
humanistic UU. The word “spirit” is often bandied about in UU congregations, but it seems to mean
different things to different people. In this service, we visit the concept of spirit from a humanist
perspective and discover that the word embodies a core concept that can be meaningful to the
Eric and Helen are members of the Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (ERUUF) in Durham,
NC. Eric is a singer/songwriter/guitarist and half of the musical duo, Constellation. Helen, plays the
hammered dulcimer and makes up the other half of the duo. For samples of their music, go to this link.
By request, the links to the podcasts of Rev.
Don’s sermons will be deleted from our website
within the next few weeks. Past ministers will
be contacted to see if they would like their
sermons removed as well. The cumulative
calendar will still be available.
Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Blacksburg, VA
June 2017
CALENDAR: June 2017
Unitarian Universalist Congregation
1301 Gladewood Drive, Blacksburg, VA 24060
Phone: (540) 552–9716 E-mail: [email protected]:
P.O. Box 10116, Bburg 24062–0116 URL:
Admin: Mon. 9–12; Fri. 1– 4
DLFD: By appointment
(All Wednesdays)
ℵ Noon Conversations 7:00 Chour
on Our Faith
5:30 Yoga
2:00 Sages
4:30 MentalHealth Justice
6:00 Connection
ℵ indicates that there is a
write-up in the newsletter
(All Tuesdays)
(All Sundays)
(All Mondays)
10:00 AM Worship Service &
7:00 AM Women’s Breakfast ℵ 7:00
Children's RE. No RE on June 4 7:00 AM Men’s Breakfast
Both at Panera Bread
ℵ 11:30 Annual Congregational
11:45 Men's Group
All times are PM unless noted
Staff Office Hours:
7:00 Chour
ℵ 6:30 ESS FullMoon Ritual
5:00 Parents'
Covenant Group
ℵ Noon Women's
Lunch Bunch:
Outback (Cburg)
11:20 Get-to-know UUC
11:30 Greeter training
11:30 Men's Group
ℵ 6:00 Mental-Health
Support Group
ℵ 10:00 AM Tai ℵ 6:30 ESS Summer
Solstice (offsite)
2:00 Sages
4:30 MentalHealth Justice
7:00 LayPastoral-Care
ℵ 10:00 AM Tai
9:00 July
11:30 Auction meeting
ℵ 10:00 AM
ℵ 10:00 AM
Tai 5:45 Finance
7:30 Worship Team
ℵ 11:15 AM 2nd-Sunday Potluck
11:30 Greeter Training
2:00 Building committee
ℵ 10:00 AM Tai ℵ Noon Women's
Lunch Bunch:
7:00 Board
Preston;s at the
River Course
7:00 Chour
ℵ 10:00 AM
ℵ 9:00 AM 50+
Hike to Cascades
1:30 50+ SinglesGroup Lunch
Panera (Bburg)