French Toast – Affordable School Fashions

French Toast – Affordable School Fashions (Giveaway)
September 8, 2010
School is finally here. Even after much stressing out over supplies and clothing we’re
STILL missing a few items. Not too much (thankfully) but my son needs a Snare drum
for band and our kids are still in need of cooler weather clothing. They did pick up a few
outfits but not nearly as many as they will need in the coming weeks.
My kids attend public schools. There are no uniforms required and only a few rules as to
what kids cannot wear (tank tops with thin straps, clothing that is offensive or revealing,
flip flops…). There are times however that I really wish that the kids did have uniforms.
In the long run it would save us a lot of money because we wouldn’t have to indulge the
kids in fashions that their classmates are into. For my daughter its all about the labels.
How she got that way I’ll never know. I’m happy with sneakers from Payless. She’s after
the $80 Nike Air Force Ones. Plus if its not by Abercrombie & Finch, Hollister or
Aerop0stale she won’t wear it.
Grrrr!!! It kills me to have to pay top dollar for something that has a moose on it (logo).
At the same time I was a teen once too. Back in the day I dreamed of owning a pair of
Jordache jeans but my Mom would never cave in and get me a pair.
I think that having a school uniform is not such a half bad idea because it would eliminate
a lot of the ” must have” fashions that kids crave for. If everyone had similar clothing
then there wouldn’t be no urgency to run right out and pick up the latest fashion craze.
I guess you can say I’m “on the fence”. Some days I’m all for uniforms, other days I’m
What about you? Do your kids have to wear uniforms to school?
I honestly thought that school uniforms were very pricey to start off with but more cost
effective over all.
French Toast offers an extended variety of uniform essentials for both boys and girls and
from toddler sizes to teens. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the prices were
comparable to non-uniform pieces available at the mall.
French Toast offered to send me a few pieces to review. I wanted to get a mix of girl and
boy products to try out with my own kids but my daughter wouldn’t go for it. My son on
the other hand was more then happy to be my “c0-reviewer”. He actually found several
pieces that he really liked.
I was pleased to see that uniforms don’t necessarily mean drab and boring. There were
plenty of pieces that I really liked. For example the Belted Hidden Button Cargo Pant.
They look like dress pants like my husband wears to work (Dockers style pants), so they
are dressy yet they have a cool feature that my son really likes – cargo pants pockets! My
son loves those pockets on the legs. That is where he keeps pens, pencils, lunch money
and gum. The pants also come with a really nice belt with a classy looking belt buckle.
I tired to take pictures of the pants but it didn’t turn out as well. Here is a picture of the
button fly closure and belt (I moved the belt to the side to see the button) and a photo of
the pocket.
As much as my son loved the fashions he didn’t want me to take pictures of him doing a
“fashion show” (his words). He had to remind me that he was a boy (as if I didn’t
already know that) and “boys don’t do those things” (meaning put on a fashion show). I
should have snapped his picture this morning. He was wearing one of the French Toast
pieces. He would have never even known I did it.
The pants seem to run pretty true to size. They are also a nice weight which makes them
ideal for fall and winter (although I wouldn’t recommend playing in a pile of snow in the
One of my favorite French Toast pieces is this pull over sweater. It’s wonderful! Its a true
knit sweater but it feels really nice (not scratchy) and I LOVE the collar. It features a
button up collar (with wooden like buttons) and a “kangaroo” pocket in the middle. It
looked so nice on my son. Paired with the navy pants from French Toast and he looked
very much like a little man instead of a little boy. This outfit will be great for school
pictures and the holidays when he needs to dress up a bit.
The flash from the camera made the pants and top look a lot different in color. In person
they match pretty well. Also the area where the buttons are looks like a different color but
as you can see from the professional photo it is not.
My son also received a long sleeve and short sleeve Pique Polo shirts. My son wore the
short sleeve one to the first day of school yesterday. I don’t have a picture of him! His
bus came just as we got to the bus stop. I need to ask one of the other Moms at the bus
stop if she can e-mail me the picture. Earlier when our daughter was waiting on her bus
the other Mom took a picture of the younger kids (my son included) together.
Even though it was around 85 degrees yesterday my son said he felt fine in the short
sleeve Pique Polo shirt. I love that it comes in a variety of colors. At $9.50 each you
could easily pick out several colors.
My son also picked out a long sleeve Pique Polo shirt. Its just as affordable at $9.98 each
and is also available in a wide array of colors. My son has the green one and it is so nice
looking. Its soft to the touch too. The sleeves feature a cuff at the end. This shirt also
looks great with the cargo pants.
Lastly my son received a hooded sweat jacket in black. He actually wore it today for
school as mentioned earlier in the post. Its a typical hooded sweat jacket. Its ideal for this
time of year when its a bit chilly in the morning but warms up in the afternoon. It was
chilly this morning due to some rain we had pass through.
This is a nice sweat jacket that can be stuffed inside a backpack when not in use and
doesn’t come out all wrinkled.
My son chose black which is not exactly the best color to have with five furry pets
around. The color black seems to work like a pet hair magnet. Ha Ha.
Whether your child attends public or private school you can certainly find some great
fashions at French Toast. They offer quality clothing at affordable prices. As a Mom I am
very pleased with the clothing from French Toast and I appreciate their affordable prices.
To learn more about French Toast please visit French Toast is
also having a 15% off sale on everything until September 13, 2010 if you use the code
French Toast has very generously offered to give a lucky She Scribes reader a
FABULOUS prize package. The winner can chose THREE tops and THREE bottoms
(boys or girls, any size). That means the winner will essentially win three outfits (less
socks and underwear of course). THANK YOU French Toast!
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