Math II Mrs. Cho –Room 606 Grading Policy and Classroom

Math II
Mrs. Cho –Room 606
Grading Policy and Classroom Expectations 2016-2017
Class Description:
The math sequence for the Common Core Curriculum is known as Math I, Math II, and
Math III. The curriculum will incorporate Algebra, Geometry, and other topics
throughout all 3 courses.
Math II Units of Study
• Unit 1: Geometric Transformations
• Unit 2: Quadratic Functions
• Unit 3: Radical and Rational Functions
• Unit 4: Congruence and Similarity
• Unit 5: Trigonometry
• Unit 6: Probability
Supplies Needed for the Course:
• Pencils, erasers, skinny dry erase marker, 3 ring binder, loose-leaf paper, graph
paper, dividers, TI-83/84 Calculator, AAA batteries
Optional Supplies (to be donated for classroom use):
• Box of tissues, hand sanitizer, regular dry erase markers, ream of colored copy
Grading Scale:
A = 90 – 100%
B = 80 – 89%
C = 70 – 79%
D = 60 – 69%
E = below 60%
Homework is an essential part of learning in math, and it is very important that students
complete homework regularly in order to understand and apply the new concepts. They
are assigned every day (with few exceptions), and they are due at the beginning of the
following class period. Students must show work to receive full credit. One class day
late will be accepted for half credit.
Homework grades are determined as follows:
o All problems attempted with work shown: 5 points
o Half or more problems attempted with work shown: 3 points
o Less than half of problems attempted or no work shown: 0 point
Group Work
Students will be working in groups many times in this class. The teacher will assign
students to their groups. Students are expected to contribute, cooperate, be on task, and
communicate within their groups.
Quizzes and Tests
Quizzes will be given throughout the unit. Occasionally, there will also be unannounced
pop quizzes. Tests will always be announced, and they will be given at the end of each
unit. Tests cannot be retaken. Therefore, it is very important that students prepare for
each test before they are given. Test grades will count twice as much as quizzes.
When there is an excused absence, it is the student’s responsibility to make up his/her
assignment(s). Make up homework, quizzes, and tests should be completed and turned in
within 2 school days from the date of the absence. Students are responsible for checking
the class website, homework board, and make-up folder for any missed assignments.
Class Notebook: Each student must maintain an organized 3 ring binder with classroom
materials, which include notes, classwork/homework, and quizzes.
Extra Help: I am available for extra help in the mornings from 8:15-8:50 on Tuesdays,
Thursdays, and Fridays.
Classroom Expectations
1. Attend class on time and be in your seats when the bell rings. If you are late to
class (unexcused), you will be subject to the school’s late policy.
2. Come to class prepared with all necessary materials.
3. Stay in your seat during instruction. Pencils need to be sharpened at the beginning
of the class, and trash should be thrown away at the end of the class.
4. Treat yourself, classmates, and the teacher with respect.
5. Cell phones must be silent and out of sight during class, except when used for
instructional purposes with the teacher’s permission.
6. When using the restroom, cell phones must be turned in to the teacher.
7. Follow all rules/procedures in the student handbook. (consequences follow school
8. Be active! Pay attention, take good notes, participate, ask questions, and ask for
help when needed.
Teacher email: [email protected]
Student’s Name
Class and Period
I have read and understand the policies and expectations of Mrs. Cho’s class.
Please return this completed form for an assignment grade. Students are responsible for
keeping the rest in their notebook.
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What is your goal for this class?
Is there any information about you that you want me to know?