Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Top-class measurement technology
Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence offers a comprehensive range of
products and services for all applications of industrial measurement
technology and this gives its customers complete control over their
manufacturing processes. GO! ensures maximum efficiency of production
systems through its rapid and flexible service.
Hexagon systems are used in the evaluation of manufacturing procedures, process qualification
and final inspections. This enables customers from industries such as automotive construction,
aviation and energy to resolve or minimise deficiencies through the assessment of each
individual manufacturing step and thus increase their production levels and efficiency. The
large range of services includes solutions for every industry and every type of application. The
product range covers macro (e.g. mountains or bridges), micro and nano-measurements. In
relation to service, Hexagon has placed its trust in the courier and express services of GO! for
the reliable delivery of highly sensitive replacement parts for over 10 years.
Global service for complete measurement data acquisition
Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence based in Wetzlar, in Hesse, is one of the world’s leading
providers of customised measurement systems, specially tailored to the needs and desires of
its customers. These highly specialised solutions for demanding industrial measurement tasks
save customers time and money. With comprehensive service programmes, Hexagon
customers can continue to benefit from the expertise of application engineers for years after
making their purchase. With over 20 production sites, 70 precision centres for services and a
network of over 100 sales partners across five continents, the measurement service specialist
gives its customers complete control over their manufacturing processes.
When the exception becomes the norm
Maintenance or repair work to measurement equipment which is typically installed centrally in
production lines needs to be scheduled in such a way as to avoid long stoppages to production.
In addition to maximum adherence to schedules, this also requires a high degree of flexibility
on the part of the service provider who supplies replacement parts or necessary equipment to
customers in such cases. “For this type of sensitive transportation, GO! Express & Logistics is
really the option for us. GO! fulfils our company principles in every respect. GO! offers 100%
quality, 100% punctuality and 0% damages,” says Ulrich Gras, head of logistics at Hexagon. GO!
has met these demands every day of the year for over 10 years, around 300 times per year, and
works according to collection and delivery times within timeframes that are adapted to
production times. Very early in the morning and very late in the evening. GO! courier drivers act
as partners and, with their high level of commitment, ensure that the deliveries reach their
destinations on time.
About Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence
Hexagon Manufaturing Intelligence offers a comprehensive range of products and
services for all applications of industrial measurement technology in industries such as
automotive construction, aerospace, energy and medical technology. The company
provides its customers with key measurement data throughout the entire life cycle of
their products – from development and design through to production, assembly and final
inspection. Hexagon is part of the Hexagon AB Group (Nordic Exchange: HEXA B;
www.hexagon.com). The company is one of the world’s leading providers of design,
measurement and visualisation technologies for the construction, measurement and
positioning of objects, as well as the processing and presentation of data. Hexagon has
12,000 employees in over 40 countries.
GO! Express & Logistics is Germany’s largest unaffiliated provider of express and courier
services. The worldwide partner network was established in 1984 and currently includes
over 100 GO! stations in Germany and Europe. Highly qualified employees and couriers
transport more than five million shipments per year.
True to the corporate philosophy IT’S ALL ABOUT TIME, GO! offers regional courier
transport and worldwide express delivery of goods, documents and particularly timecritical shipments round the clock 365 days a year. Customised supply chain solutions,
tailor-made industry solutions and special services in response to complex customer
requirements complete the portfolio.