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December 6, 2013
Sei ze the Moment
So, his mother clearly had a talk with him before we met again seven miles later. Ian greeted me with a barrage of eager
“How do your feet feel?”
“Not bad, my new socks are keeping my them pretty dry.”
“Did you see any bears?”
“No, thank goodness, but I have my whistle just in case.”
“Only four miles to the next aide station.”
“Thanks for that information.”
“Are you hungry?”
“Yes. Will you go get me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a cookie, and a small cup of
As Ian scurried over to the food table to retrieve my order, Emily relayed the following story
about what happened after he had left the previous aide station:
Ian was very excited after you left and wanted to wait for Susan--my training partner and
trail buddy who was also running the race. So, we explored some of the trails and cheered
on other runners until Susan arrived. She was looking a little haggard, having fallen twice
A nice greeting at
the finish line.
on some slippery rocks. Her shoes were encased in mud and blood was trickling down her
arm from a scrape on her elbow. After cleaning up a little bit, getting a band aid, and grabbing some food with the help
of her boyfriend, Joe, she slowly walked over to where we were waiting to say hi and you won’t believe what he said to Susan.
“What took you so long?”
Emily said by the time Ian got the word “you” out, she envisioned the movie actor shouting out in slow motion,
“NOOOOOOOOOO!” when he sees something about to happen that he won’t be able to stop. Instinctively, she tried to reach her
hand around his head to cover his mouth, but it was too late. The question had been asked. To Susan’s credit, she responded, as
if she had been asking herself that same question, “I know, it is taking me long time.”
During the car ride to the next aide station, Emily took the time to talk with Ian about comments he could make at the next aide
station that would be more supportive of what Susan and I were trying to accomplish--model what is appropriate, not the unwanted
behavior. They practiced saying them to one another in anticipation of greeting us at the next aide station, and when I arrived at
the next aide station, he was ready.
Introduction t o G race & Cour te sy
Montessori introduced Exercises in Grace and Courtesy in reaction
to the young child’s need for order. The child has a need to know
and to absorb the social structures in order to be more at ease in
his environment. Grace and Courtesy lessons give the child the
vocabulary, actions, and steps required for him to build his
awareness and responsiveness of those around him. This in turn
gives the child a better sense of orientation in his social structure.
Grace and Courtesy lessons are given to each child in the
environment and usually in a group. This allows the child to have a
clear understanding as well as a place to perfect himself with
others. It is the Guides’s role to give the children the correct words,
and the precise movements and steps. The child then fully absorbs
the how, the when, and the vocabulary used in his environment to
make life more pleasant for other and for him.
Children’s Workshop Montessori
3021 Harbor Lane N, Plymouth, MN
In the end, the child will have incorporated these graces
and courtesies into his everyday life, which will allow for a
more pleasant classroom as well as a more pleasant
environment wherever the child may go.
Source: http://www.infomontessori.com/index.htm
Extra Cre di t
The Magic of Grace and Courtesy
Grace and Courtesy: Little lessons which
demonstrate positive social behavior and
help the young child adapt to life in a group and arm her
with knowledge of socially acceptable behavior; practical
information, useful both in and out of school.
What Makes Montessori Rema rkable? - Har mony
Being thoughtful of the needs of
others and engaging with others in
a respectful manner are important
characteristics of a Montessori
These are the building blocks for
the peace curriculum that is everpresent in a Montessori school.
Compassion is a characteristic
held in high regard within the
Montessori curriculum.
Room to Grow - Par ticipatio n Levels So Far: Two Weeks To Go!
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“When we enrolled our three-year-old son at Children’s Workshop we did not originally plan to have him continue through his
kindergarten year. We envisioned him attending kindergarten at our local public school. Our feelings changed over the course of
his preschool years as we saw the unique leadership role kindergarten aged children play in the classroom. We wanted our child
to develop this same sense of leadership and responsibility. We also saw how the kindergarten materials helped deepen reading,
writing, math and social skills at this critical age. We thought this curriculum would offer the best preparation for future academic
success. In our child’s experience, the kindergarten year at Children’s Workshop exceeded these expectations. It was a magical
year for our son and the best educational investment we could have made.”
- Karen & Jim Donahue
Friday, December 13 th , from 8:30-10:00 am
Listen to current and alumni parents as they share their unique stories about making the choice to have their children stay at CW for
kindergarten. They will also answer any of your questions about the emotional, social, and academic transition their children went
through upon entering elementary school. The Guides will also be there to offer their insights on this unique and amazing year in the
Children’s House.
Please RSVP by signing up at the front desk--we need to know how many doughnuts to get :)
Children’s Workshop Montessori
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