District/Corporation W.E.B. DuBois Charter Schools Consortium

W.E.B. DuBois Charter Schools Consortium
Overview The W.E.B. DuBois Consortium of Charter Schools is a new organization of charter schools. We are cutting
edge education at its best!! The W.E.B. DuBois Consortium of Charter Schools is an exciting and highpotential alternative in the broader spectrum of school reform that provides opportunities for underserved
students and communities. Our theme-based curricular give teachers the freedom to try new strategies to inspire
student achievement. Our students are immersed in real-world; hands-on learning environments which make
education come to life! We are seeking passionate, innovative, and high-quality professionals who are looking
to make a difference in the lives of children.
Working Job Title Principal
Building/Campus Du Bois Integrity Academy
Work Days and 12 months
Hours Monday-Friday
May be required to work some Saturdays
* Job Posting Type At Large
Job Type
Description This position is responsible for leadership, administration, and supervision of the school and its programs. This
position serves as the educational leader, responsible for implementing and managing the policies, regulations,
procedures and curriculum, to ensure all students have a safe learning environment conducive to enrichment and
academic achievement. This position is responsible for managing all daily operations of the school; ensuring
adherence to Board policies; leading curriculum content and course development; program evaluation;
extracurricular activities; personnel management; and emergency procedures.
Additional Job 
Information 
Maintains a high degree of confidentiality
Fosters positive relationships with students, parents/guardians, and community stakeholders
Develops and maintains effective educational programs aligned with state and federal guidelines, and the
philosophy, policies, regulations and strategic plans of the Consortium
Supervises all personnel assigned to the school; establishes clear expectations for role, responsibilities, and
performances to ensure duties are met and exceeded
Plans, organizes, and implements staff/professional development
Provides comprehensive leadership in planning and implementation of the curriculum; conducts classroom
observations and makes recommendations for improvement in instruction and classroom management
Oversees school enrollment; directs the development of master schedules and plans within the established
guidelines to meet students’ needs
Provides leadership in and collaborates with teachers, staff, and stakeholders to outline strategies for the
School Improvement Plan
Supervises and evaluates activities and programs that develop from the school’s curriculum and
instructional plans to ensure differentiated instructional strategies and materials are promoting learning,
academic growth, and development
Plans, evaluates, and recommends school-wide programs, policies, goals, and objectives. Reviews,
approves, supervises all school programs, clubs, projects, events, special services; provides leadership and
administrative support to parent organization, volunteers, and community stakeholders; assists in
supervising students in school-sponsored events and activities; encourages staff and parental involvement in
school and/or school-related activities
Establishes and supervises procedures for evaluation, selection, and distribution of textbooks, instructional
materials, supplies, and equipment
Ensures Board and administrative policies are effectively explained and implemented by students and staff;
interprets and enforces school and Board policies and regulations
Ensures a safe and orderly environment by maintaining a high standard of student conduct which focuses on
prevention, high expectation of students, enforcing discipline as necessary, and complying with the due
process rights of students
Implements policies and procedures to protect the safety and welfare of students and staff by preparing and
maintaining school crisis management plans, including emergency procedures and drills
Supervises the guidance program to enhance individual student education and development
Monitors all dimensions of the special education program to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local
mandates; monitors support processes to ensure appropriate and timely intervention for students and
subsequent referral for other services, if needed
Keeps abreast of developments and innovations and ensure all staff members are knowledgeable of current
trends and best practices
Notifies Consortium administrators of events and activities of unusual nature in addition to routine activities
related to accountability
Supervises and prepares reports, records, data, and all other information as required by administrative
directives, Board policies, or local, state, or federal law
Responds to inquiries, concerns, and complaints from teachers, students, staff, parents; maintains effective
relationships with staff, students, and parents; works to resolve administrative, instructional, and behavioral
Coordinates events to recognize students and staff achievements
Plans and participates in efforts to enhance community involvement and support of school programs and
projects; attends and participates in community meetings
Establishes procedures for maintaining the integrity of all public and confidential records
Participates in professional development activities to enhance job knowledge, skills, and abilities
Performs any other duties within the scope of employment and certification, as assigned by the
Superintendent and not otherwise prohibited by law or in conflict with contract to ensure the efficient and
effective operation of the school
Minimum 
Qualifications 
Minimum Master’s Degree in Administration & Supervision, Educational Leadership, or related field
Valid Georgia license in Administration/Supervision, Educational Leadership, or an equivalent certification with the
endorsement appropriate for the position level
Minimum 3 years of school administrative or related experience
Knowledge, Skills, 
and Abilities
Comprehensive knowledge of the practices, methods and techniques used in the leadership, administration and
supervision in a school environment
Knowledge of current curriculum and instructional practices and trends
Knowledge of strategic goals and objectives for student outcomes
Thorough knowledge of the Common Core Standards for curriculum and learning plans
Ability to plan, organize, and coordinate comprehensive instructional programs and a balanced assessment system
Ability to plan, supervise, and evaluate the work of instructional and support personnel
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with school officials, students, parents, teachers,
support staff and community stakeholders
Grades Elementary K-5; Middle/Jr. High 6-8: High 9-12
Open Date 1/5/14
Closing Date