USA Studies Weekly Week 10, 2nd Quarter US Physical Feat

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USA Studies Weekly Week 10, 2nd Quarter
U.S. Physical Features Intro Video
7D i
Watch the video found at:
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As you listen to the video, fill in the blanks below.
1. “Some of the mountain ranges found in the United States are the ___________________
_______________________ that run from New Mexico to Canada, ...”
2. “There are even active volcanoes in Hawaii, ___________________________________
and Washington state.”
3. “Of course, there are huge lakes like the ___________________________________ in
the north near Canada and the _______________________________________ by the Rocky
Mountains in Utah.”
4. “There are forests great for hiking and camping like ___________________________,
the Smoky Mountains and the Redwood Forests and vast flatland called the ____________
_________________________ in the center of the United States.”
Use symbols to show the location of
each of the following landforms
on the map to the right:
- Rocky Mountains
- Mississippi River
- Great Plains
- an active volcano
Answer Key
1. Rocky Mountains
2. Alaska
3. Great Lakes, Great Salt Lake
4. Yellowstone, Great Plains