Peanut Butter Lunch Bunch

Peanut Butter
Lunch Bunch
Many children will be hungry
in Baraboo!
During the Baraboo Schools’ spring break (March 27-31), children in need
will not have school breakfast and lunch! Please join us in contributing to
the Baraboo Food Pantry at this time. Consider purchasing all or some of
the following items for a family of four when you shop for your own
The Giving Tree volunteers will be working with the Baraboo Food Pantry
to distribute the bags. Bags will be given to Baraboo Food Pantry clients
with school age children.
1 jar of peanut butter (40 oz)
1 jar of jelly or jam (32 oz)
3 boxes of macaroni and cheese
2 cans of chicken noodle soup (26 oz)
1 box of breakfast cereal (14 oz)
1 large box of Jell-O
1 large can of fruit (for the Jell-O)
1 box of pancake mix (only water is added)
1 bottle of pancake syrup (24 oz)
2 cans of SpaghettiOs (26 oz)
1 can of ravioli (40 oz)
1 package of cookies
1 box of breakfast bars
In addition, please consider making a donation, made out to the Baraboo
Food Pantry, which will be used for perishable items (milk, eggs, bread).
The Food Pantry gives vouchers that can only be used for these items.
Please bring your items to church on or before February 26, or drop off
items at St. Vincent de Paul in Baraboo between 10am-1pm on Sunday,
February 26. (Boxes preferred over bags.)
Thank you for your generosity!