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GATE 05–06 | January-February 2015 | Volume 04
This Teachers’ File contains exercises and activities that go with the articles
from the magazine and listening recordings and songs featured on the Gate CD.
The Teachers’ File – Recording Scripts is available online. The password to the Teachers’ Section is Secret.
America Up Close pp. 8–9
T Vocabulary
Read the article about America and complete the sentences with
the correct words. The first letter is given to help you.
And Then There Were None,
Episode 1, Part 1 pp. 6–7
T Reading Comprehension
Read the comic and then mark the sentences True (T), False (F), or
Not Enough Information (N).
Everyone going to the island got the same letter.
There are eight people on the island.
Mr and Mrs Rogers like their job.
Emily Brent thinks the Indian figurines are funny.
Everyone has a poem in their room.
he voice says that everyone on the island killed
In New York you can meet people of different
nationalities who speak different L_________ like
Korean and Polish.
New York is a dirty city, some people don’t clean and
throw their G_________ on the street.
The USA is a big country, the P_________ is 320 million
The American F_________ has 13 stripes and 50 stars.
There are many kinds of landscapes in the USA,
mountains, deserts and beautiful national P_________
like Yosemite.
If you ask somebody in the USA: How are you? The
answer is usually: G_________ !
In restaurants people give extra money to the waiter,
this is money is called a: T_________ .
Can you write similar sentences about the Czech Republic?
Life Life in New York City Track 7
T Listening for Detail
How are these numbers connected to life in New York City? Listen
to the recording and make some notes. Then work in pairs and
compare your answers. Would you like to live in New York?
And Then There Were None,
Episode 1, Part 2 Track 2
24 hours
per day
T Listening Comprehension / Spelling
Listen to the recording and fill in the missing words.
mily Brent: I’m a good person. I _________ did
anything wrong.
J udge Wargrave: That was the voice. It was _________
a record.
ony Marston: It was an accident. Those Combes
children were _________ .
enry Blore: This is terrible. When will the _________
come to the island again, Mr Rogers?
Mr Rogers: My wife! Oh, my _________ love!
hilip Lombard: Yes, Vera is right. The killer _________
be on the island somewhere.
The Race to the Moon pp. 18–19, Track 3
T Reading / Listening comprehension
What was the name of the new kind of war between
the USA and the Soviet Union?
When did the Soviet Union launch their first satellite?
What did Sputnik do?
What was inside Sputnik 2?
When did Yuri Gagarin become the first man in space?
Who was the first American in space?
How did the three American astronauts die?
How far was Apollo 10 from the moon?
What were the first words spoken on the moon?
“On My Mind”
Ellie Goulding
T Listening Comprehension
Listen to the song and read the lyrics. There are some extra words.
Delete them if you don’t hear them.
It’s a little bit dirty how the whole thing started
I don’t even really know what you intended
Thought that you were so cute and you could make me jealous
Poured it down, so I poured it down
Next thing that I know I’m in the hotel bed with you
You were talking deep like it was mad hot love to you
You wanted my heart but I just liked your tattoos
Poured it down, so I poured it down
10 When did Apollo 11 return to Earth?
Listen to the recording and fill in the missing words.
It was a war of __________ and __________ between
the communist Soviet Union and the capitalist United
The Soviets didn’t only launch a satellite; they
__________ the __________ __________.
The first Apollo mission was to test the rocket, but it
__________ in __________.
Apollo 10, this is Houston. Sorry, but the Lunar Module
has no __________ . The __________ is __________
We are so __________ , but so __________ __________ !
1 money, ideas; 2 started the space race; 3 ended in
tragedy; 4 fuel, answer is no; 5 close, far away
And now I don’t understand it
You don’t mess with my love you mess with the truth
And I know I shouldn’t say it
But my heart don’t understand it
Why I got you on my mind (4×)
But my heart don’t understand
I always hear, always hear them talking
Talking ‘bout a girl, ‘bout a girl with some money
Saying that I hurt you but I still don’t really get it
You didn’t love me, no, not really
Wait, I maybe could have really liked you
I’ll bet, I’ll bet that’s why I keep on thinking about you
It’s a shame, you said I was very good
So I poured it down, so I poured it down:
Do This! Don’t Do That! pp. 32–33
T Grammar / Imperatives
1. Reorder the sentences to make some rules about using
Twitter letters with under 140 write messages and strong
with symbols use numbers password letters, a in write many
one messages don’t too day messages angry write rude or
don’t not be personal too but personal be don’t
Marina and the Diamonds
T Listening Comprehension / Listening for Detail /Spelling
Task 1 Put the students into groups of five. Before you listen,
each student must choose one word. Every time they hear this
word in the song, they get one point. Then listen to the song. Each
person counts only their word and writes the total number. Then
the group adds all of their points together. Did all groups get the
same number? Which group counted the most points?
2. Your Grandma wants to set up a Facebook account.
However, she doesn’t really understand what to do! Can you
give her some advice? Think about
Her password
What to write on Facebook
How to ’like’ things
How to get friends
How to change privacy settings
What not to do
And anything else you think is important
one do night last give
Task 2 Now listen to the song again and write the missing
words. You will hear it three times in the song, so don’t worry if
you miss some words the first time.
Give me 1 ____________ , give me 2 ____________ , give me
a 3 ____________ self esteem
Give me 4 ____________ and pure, what you
5 ____________ for?
Give me 6 ____________ , all your 7 ____________ can
8 ____________
9 ____________ good and true
I 10 ____________ to feel 11 ____________ anymore
I 12 ____________ to feel 13 ____________ anymore
14 ____________ me, 15 ____________ me
Example: Use a password you can remember… Don’t use the
word password as your password etc
Solutions to Activity Tips:
And Then There Were None:
Part One: 1F, 2F, 3N, 4N, 5T, 6T
Part Two: 1 never, 2 only, 3 running,
4 boat, 5 beautiful, 6 must
America: 1 language, 2 garbage,
3 population, 4 flag, 5 parks, 6 great,
7 tip
Life in NYC: Many restaurants serve
dinner until 12:00am (midnight), and
New Yorkers often start their night out
at this time.
Bars and dance clubs stay open until
It is noisy all the time – morning, noon
(12:00pm), and night.
Small corner stores and pizza places are
usually open 24 hours per day.
Rent is expensive, so five people might
live in an apartment with two bedrooms.
There are 21 subway lines and 469
The Race to the Moon: 1 The Cold War;
2 In 1957; 3 It didn’t do anything. It just
went around the Earth saying ‘beep
beep‘; 4 Laika, a dog; 5 In April 1961; 6
Alan Shepard; 7 There was a fire in their
capsule; 8 15km; 9 That’s one small
Mumford & Sons
T Listening Comprehension
Put students in a circle and give each person one sheet – do not
write their name on it. The students listen to one verse and fill
in as many words as they can. Then between verses, students
should pass the paper to their neighbor to the right. Then students
complete the next section and pass again. Repeat the song and
continue listening and passing until every paper is complete. If
students receive a paper that is already filled in, they can check
the answers.
step for a man, and one giant leap for
mankind; 10 July 24th 1969
The Race to the Moon Listening:
1 money, ideas; 2 started the space
race; 3 ended in tragedy; 4 fuel, answer
is no; 5 close, far away
Social Media: Write messages with
under 140 letters
Use a strong password with numbers,
letters and symbols
Don’t write too many messages in
one day
Don’t write angry or rude messages
Be personal but don’t be too personal
Ellie Goulding: 1 bit; 2 so; 3 bed; 4 hot;
5 my; 6 it; 7 some; 8 really; 9 maybe;
10 very
Marina: Ask each individual student
their number to check points in groups.
one (16×); do (8×); good (13×); last (9×);
give (23×) TOTAL POINTS: 69
Mumford: 1 call; 2 only; 3 pretty;
4 tonight; 5 over; 6 running; 7 had; 8 all;
9 tired; 10 this;
11 eyes; 12 I’m; 13 never; 14 what’s;
15 say; 16 love; 17 move; 18 place
Career p. 5
C: cook, carpenter,cleaner, conductor,
construction worker
F: farmer, fireman, fisherman,flight
attendant, fashion designer / fashion
P: photographer, physicist, pilot,
policeman, politician, postman,
S: salesman/sales assistant, surgeon,
singer, shoemaker
You may 1 __________ it in this evening
But you’ve 2 _______ lost the night
Preset all your 3 ___________ feelings
May they comfort you 4 ___________
And I’m climbing 5 ________ something
And I’m 6 _____________ through these walls
America p. 9
Task 1 1D New York City,
2C Washington, D.C, 3F San Francisco,
4J Miami, 5I Florida Keys, 6E Orlando,
7B Niagara Falls, 8G Las Vegas,
9A Grand Canyon, 10H Hollywood,
Los Angeles
Task 2 Population: 320 million
people, Number of States: 50,
President: Barack Obama, Flag:
13 Stripes and 50 Stars, National
Holiday: Independence Day, the most
popular Thanksgiving, Interesting
Places: San Francisco, New York,
Yosemite Park
I don’t even know if I believe [3×]
Everything you’re trying to say to me
I 7 ________ the strangest feeling
Your world’s not 8 _________ it seems
So 9___________ of misconceiving
What else 10 ___________ could’ve been
I don’t even know if I believe [3×]
Everything you’re trying to say to me
Language Corner p. 12
1 Do you ever visit your grandparents?
2 We always drink juice in the
3 My friends usually play football on
4 Sometimes I read a book in the
5 My sister never gets my jokes.
6 We don’t always have turkey for
Christmas dinner.
So open up my 11 _________
Tell me 12 __________ alive
This is 13 ____________ going to go our way
If I’m going to have to guess 14 __________ on your mind
Valentine p. 13
1 Romeo and Juliet
2 Bella and Edward
3 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
4 Adam and Eve
5 Bonnie and Clyde
6 Prince William and Kate Middleton
Say something, 15 __________ something,
Something like you 16 ___________ me
Unless you want to 17 __________ away
From the noise of this 18 ______________
Sport p. 15
Task 1
1 Eva Samková, Šárka Strachová,
2 Radko Gudas, 3 Petr Mrázek,
4 Eva Samková, 5 Šárka Strachová,
6 David Pastrňák
Task 2 Equipment
1 stick, 2 boots, 3 goggles, 4 helmet,
5 mask, 6 poles, 7 gloves, 8 puck,
9 skates
Ice hockey: 1, 5, 8, 7, 9
Skiing: 2, 3, 4, 6
I don’t even know if I believe [2×]
I don’t even know if I want to believe
Anything you’re trying to say to me
Chorus [2×]
The passing score for the test is 60%
in each skill: Listening, Reading,
Listening: 16, one point for each
correct answer: passing score is
10 points
Reading: 16, one point for each
correct answer: passing score is
10 points
Grammar & Vocabulary: 26, one point
for each correct answer: 16
The total number of points to pass is 36.
Part One: 1B, 2C, 3B, 4B, 5A
Part Two: 1B, 2C, 3C, 4A, 5B
Part Three: 1 a little butter/ butter,
2 fresh, 3 tomato,4 half, 5 spoon,
6 salt and pepper
Part One: 2D, 3B, 4C, 5D, 6A, 7B
Part Two: 1B, 2C, 3A, 4C, 5B
Part Three: 1F, 2A, 3H, 4D, 5B
Part One: 1C, 2C, 3A, 4C, 5A, 6C, 7B, 8A
Part Two: 1 at / for, 2 in / near,
3 called / named, 4 on, 5 from, 6 have,
7 about, 8 them / you /, 9 going /
hoping / planning, 10 let
Part Three: 1 tourist (not a job),
2 divorced (marital status, not
personal quality), 3 cream (dairy
product not a vegetable), 4 boring
(the opposite of all adjectives),
5 check in desk (a place at the airport,
not in the city), 5 physical education
( a different subject), 7 soup (not
bathroom product), 8 oven (not
a shop)
p. 29 Eat Food
Task 1 shouldn’t, shouldn’t, should,
shouldn’t, should, shouldn’t
Task 3 1C, 2A, 3B
Solar p. 31
Task 1 1B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5A
Task 3 1 coal electric power plant,
wind turbine, nuclear power plant,
hydro-electric power plant
p. 35 From Stick Men to Computer
1 1 Then, 2 Soon, 3 Nowadays, 4 After
that, 5 Before long, 6 First, 7 Finally,
8 Next, 9 These days, 10 Later
2 1 First, 2 Then / Next / Later, 3 after
that / before long, 4 Then / next / later,
5 Finally, 6 Nowadays
Lesson Plan
Jan-Feb 2015
Language Goal: Giving advice (should/shouldn’t)
Subject-matter Goal: Food, health,
the environment
This lesson plan is based on the article
Eat Better in Gate pp. 28–29.
Mgr. Klára Sedláčková
Reading comprehension + speaking
(5 mins )
(5 mins )
Ask your students the following questions, each student
should be able to answer two questions. The answers can
be found in the texts (Q1 – Question 1 text) if nobody knows,
ask them to read the text again and find the answer there.
1. What does local food mean? (Q1)
2. Why should we buy local food? (it protects the
environment – it does not cause pollution) (Q1)
3. What does organic food mean? (Q2)
Ask every student to say one word for food in English – one
by one, begin with the students sitting at the back, when
the last student says a word, ask the class:
4. What kills bees? And what is it? (Q2)
yy Do you like eating? Who likes eating?
yy How much do you eat? Put your hands up if: you eat
a lot / eat the ideal amount / eat only a little.
yy Tell me, what is your favourite food?
yy Put your hand up if you think you eat healthy food.
yy Do you eat different food in summer and different food
in winter or do you eat the same food all year?
6. Why is the food probably not good quality? (Q3)
Speaking + grammar in a student-friendly
way (5 mins )
Reading Comprehension + Grammar practice
time (5 mins )
Ask students to discuss the following questions in pairs:
Have the following sentences written on the board to
provide students with support and confidence:
Look at TASK 1 – ask students to fill in the gaps individually.
Check the answers, ask a different student each time.
5. Why shouldn’t we buy food which does not grow in
season? (Q3)
7. Is local and organic food always healthy? (Q4)
8. What should you do if you want to stay fit? (Q4)
Have students look at Task 2 – and match the expressions.
Check, ask them to explain what organic / bio means – what
do we mean if we say bio.
Speaking (5 mins )
I think every person should eat ____________ times a day.
Ask students: Is there anything else we should do to be
healthy and fit?
I think every person should drink ____________ litres a day.
Do you think you are fit? What do you do to keep fit? Should
you do anything else?
Ask the students How many times a day should we eat?
What do you think?
Follow-up - Writing
Ask students to express their opinion using the sentences
written on the board. Support them to use complete
sentences practising should. If the students do not
understand, give them an example – e.g. Peter, you should
do your homework every day / Lucie, you should get up
sooner not to be late every day. / Lukáš, you should talk less
in classes. etc. And then elicit what students think should
means. Tell them we use it to give advice.
Ask students to do TASK 2 at home – have them write
a list of healthy foods (Modification – let students write
a shopping list for a healthy dinner. Have them write a note
for their mum what to buy with an offer to help.)
Reading (20 mins )
Divide the class into 4 groups – each group reads one text.
Tell each group which text to read, decide according to the
abilities of your students. The very fast students can read
more texts.
After they have read the texts, ask each group to think
about the questions. Write the questions on the board. Each
student should be able to answer two questions. If you
have time, ask students to find the answers to two more
questions by asking their classmates. If your group is fast
enough, they can find answers to all the questions, if not,
have them sit at their tables and ask them yourself.