EVS in MJC of Flers, Normandy.

EVS in MJC of Flers, Normandy.
12 months (October 2015 to september 2016 approximately)
Description of the association :
The project takes place in the MJC Flers ( House of Youth and Culture) a non-profit
organisation that offers a non-formal education programme of artistic and cultural activities
like music, dance, graphic arts, well being, sport and drama, focusing on group dynamics.
Through such activities people from 3 to 99 years old can discover new hobbies, new
interests, enjoy and improve themselves, meet each others and take part in collective
experiences such as performances and concerts. We also help youngsters to develop there
projects and we support their initiatives.
Our values of open-mindedness, interculturality, citizenship, participatory democracy, are
expressed through actions like youth exchanges and international meetings organised by the
centre since 10 years.
1100 members take part in the regular activities proposed by the organisation each week.
Geographical and economical context:
The organisation is located in Flers (Low-Normandy). The city
counts 15. 800 inhabitants or 25.000 if we consider the built-up
area (agglomeration). Flers is 60 kms far away from Caen
(capital of the region) - and 240 kms far away from Paris. It
constitutes the third basin of population in Low-Normandy and
attracts around 50.000 inhabitants (people from around coming
to work, to do their leisure, shopping etc.)
The hedged farmland of Flers is a land of breeding. Its economy is based on food and car
industry. This industrial base is weak and there is a lake of service sector. Tourism suffers of
a “too rural” and “not dynamic” image.
The region has difficulties to attract industrials, qualified workforce and tourists.
Territorial collectivity have done there best to maintain the presence of Faurécia on the
territory: It is a leader of the automobile industry and employs around 1.300 people. This
company has got a school of engineers and a centre of research.
This success enables to maintain the number of working people and to keep on developing the
The population is ageing and young people often go in other cities after high school because
there are no universities in Flers. The city has got a high population of immigrant coming
from Maghreb, essentially Turkey.
Nevertheless, in our association we notice that youngsters who went to study in other cities or
country, wants to come back in there hometown to testify of there experiences. Thus, we often
help them in building projects and we host exhibitions of these youngsters in the MJC.
In our area, the associative life is rich and diversified. Sports club are numerous, and a lots of
people are involved in the civic life, young people participate to the life of associations that
organise festivals. Local authorities give financial support to sports associations but it is more
difficult for cultural and artistic organisations to get founds for there activities.
The territory hosts several HNC in high schools and there is also a nursing and an engineer’s
The “home for youth workers” is located next to your MJC, it is giving dynamism to social
life in the city because youngsters from all over the world are coming there to live when they
have training course etc.
For the EVS candidate it is important to know that there are not so many bars, disco, concerts
hall in the city, but we are all here to propose activities to our volunteers and to help them to
integrate in their new environment.
Proposed activities
The volunteers hosted in the House for Youth and Culture- MJC- will
thoroughly take part into the life of the organisation. they can
participate to the activities of the MJC, suggest and develop new
The activities of the volunteers will involve two actions:
To take part in the youth project : inform about the mobility and and
follow the youth project in our organisation.
The development of cultural actions in partnership with the House for Youth and CultureMJC- and the volunteers’ personal project.
Youth :
The youth field is an important part of the volunteers time because , in fact, to be volunteer is
the best way to inform and promote the mobility and the personnal initiatives to they pair. So,
the volunteers will be brought to :
• speak into school, forum dedicated to the youth, during local and regional events. The
volunteers will inform the youth about EVS, and will express to the population they
experience as a volunteers and about their life in their own country.
• Inform the members of our organisation about they activity here, the programme
erasmus +, and their culture through photos, exhibition, speeches, or internet and
Follow the youth who wants to do their EVS, helping for the motivation letter, CV...
Participate to the youth project ( events organized by the youth in our organisation,
participation or organisation of youth exchange ( sending or hosting)
realize communication supports to inform about EVS or youth exchange, and take part
in the organisation of some events related to Europe.
Cultural project / Communication/ partenership :
Culture is in the heart of the activities of the House for Youth and CultureMJC, and the intercultural exchange in the heart of our choice to welcome
a EVS volunteers. Since 2008 our organisation develops partnerships with
other structures of the city so that the exchanges are multiplied and the
volunteers’s presence benefits to the entire city.
Thus, the volunteers will have the possibility to :
• organize different intercultural projects: organization of a
presentation of their country for Christmas or Easter in the youth leisure centres in the
city our in our MJC.
• organize sometimes events like intercultural evenings or movies evenings in the
Centre for Young Workers. It could also be a debate or a discussion around an author
from their country in the media centre, or to propose to organize a typical breakfast in
some activities centers of Flers. Those activities will depend on the motivation and
main interest of the volunteers everything is possible!!
• visit the different association and organisation of Flers, to spend one week in the art
gallery to discover how it works, or to use the place in case the volunteers wants to
create an artistic sculpture for a project.
• take an active part in the organisation of events in the House of Youth and CultureMJC- like the organisation of exhibitions, concerts, and theatre performances. The
volunteers can be in charge of the creation of the posters or flyers, logistic and
technical preparation, and will take part in the preparation projects.
• set up a personal project. This project will depend on the volunteers wishes,
motivation and interests. It could be an initiation course in their native language or an
English course. But also courses or training related with the animation of a group if
they has particular competences (video animation, traditional dance, culinary
workshop etc.) , organisation of exhibitions etc.
MJC de Flers 32 bis rue du 14 juillet 61100 FLERS FRANCE
Contact : Lise DEPARIS
Tel : 0033 2 33 64 84 75
Mail : [email protected]
Site : www.mjc-flers.fr
Envoyer CV et lettre de motivation par mail entre janvier et mars 2015
Send CV and a letter with your motivations by e-mail between january and march 2015