Huddleboard Premium Whiteboard

Huddleboard Premium Whiteboard
Form + Function
Lightweight, portable, and versatile – Huddleboard puts marker and display surfaces
wherever they are needed. The options are endless; simply choose the solution that is
best for your environment.
1) Choose a Huddleboard style with a surface that is best for your environment,
or a combination of the two.
Photo Boards
• Lightweight Markerboards weigh less
than five pounds
• Lightweight Photo Boards weigh less
than five pounds
• Platinum white frame
•Platinum white frame
• Double-sided white marker surface
accepts dry-erase markers
•Double-sided; both sides accept
dry-erase markers
• Available in two sizes:
23" x 32" (600mm x 800mm) and
32" x 42" (800mm x 1000mm)
•Front side features 3M repositionable
adhesive for clear, flexible cover allowing
display without tacks or pushpins
• One year warranty
•Reverse side is white marker surface
•Available in 32" x 42" (800mm x 1000mm)
•One year warranty
•Shown with optional ledge grabbers
2) Choose an option for mounting, moving, and displaying
your Huddleboards:
Worktool Rail
• Standard with choice of clear satin anodized aluminum or black anodized
aluminum with solar black plastic end caps
• Mounts to structural (drywall) walls
• Double track
• Allows Huddleboard to be wall-mounted and slid into position as required
• 96" long (2400mm)
Mobile Easel (Cart)
• Frame in Sterling paint
• Stores and transports up to ten large double-sided markerboards (boards
must be ordered separately)
• Adjusts to three different heights - one for sitting (63") and two for standing
(71" and 78")
• Grips on the display board hold Huddleboards in place, portrait or landscape
Panel/Structural Mounted Trays
• Sterling paint with Sterling plastic endcaps
• Provides display space and storage for dry-erase markers and erasers
• Can be mounted on structural (drywall) walls
• Accommodates all sizes of Huddleboards in portrait or landscape
• Optional panel mounting hardware for most Steelcase panel systems
3) For further versatility add optional Huddleboard accessories:
Ledge Grabbers
• Anchor Huddleboards to panels, storage cabinets, and other
horizontal surfaces. Use portrait or landscape.
• Translucent plastic
• Minimum 1" surface depth required
Flipchart Pegs
• Attaches to the Huddleboard frame and accepts standard flipcharts
• Translucent plastic
Marker Grip
• Attaches to the side of any Huddleboard to hold a dry-erase marker
• Translucent plastic
Form + Function
Markerboards and Photo Boards
Model Number
Small Markerboard Package (5 boards)
23" x 32" x .75"
Small board package with accessories:
1x Markerboard, 2x Ledge Grabbers, and 1x Markerboard Grip
23" x 32" x .75"
Large Markerboard Package (5 boards)
32" x 42" x .75"
Large board package with accessories:
1x Markerboard, 2x Ledge Grabbers, and 1x Markerboard Grip
32" x 42" x .75"
Large Combination Board Package:
4 Markerboards / 1 Photo Board
32" x 42" x .75"
Large Photo Board Package (5 boards)
32" x 42" x .75"
Ledge Grabber Package of (10)
3.5" x 1" x 3"
Flip Chart Peg Package of (10)
1.25" x 2" x 1.5"
Markerboard Grip Package of (5)
1.625" x 2" x 1.25"
Model Number
37" x 50-60" x 29.25"
Model Number
Panel/Structural Tray 36"
36" x 4.5"
Panel/Structural Tray 48"
48" x 4.5"
Panel/Structural Tray 72"
72" x 4.5"
Worktool Rail 48"
48" x 1.25" x 2"
Worktool Rail 96"
96" x 1.25" x 2"
All sizes are nominal
Mobile Easel/Cart
All sizes are nominal
Racks and Rails
All sizes are nominal
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