William Augustus Bixby (1840-1901) ~sta

William Augustus Bixby
Martin (1840-1902)
"Gus" Bixby; weight 375 lbs.
Could anyone ask for a more jolly-looking ancestor? The picture above was published in an 1896
Warren, Illinois newspaper, and the article read: "This week we present a portrait of William
Augustus Bixby, a gentleman well known in Warrenfor his size and jovial disposition. Mr. Bixby
will be 56 years old next month, weighs 375 pounds and never felt better in his life. Although his
chosen avocation is farming, he enjoys being in town and will sit on a dry goods box by the hour,
entertaining his friends with reminiscenses and spicy narratives. In addition to being a good
conversationalist, Mr. Bixby has musical propensities, his favorite instruments being the violin,
accordion andflute. On July 25 he will take part in an "Old Fiddlers" contest at the Auditorium.
He is no doubt the heaviest man in northern Illinois and the most comfortable considering his
weight. Mr. Bixby has received some very flattering offers to exhibit himself at the museums in
Chicago but his pride would not allow him to accept any of them. "
Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of "Gus'" wife, Augusta Martin.