Remote access to machinery via the internet and cellular networks

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Hannover Messe 2012
April, 23 – 27, 2012
Key word:
Remote maintenance of machinery
via the internet and cellular networks
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Wieland Electric's wienet mobile routers enable remote access to machinery via a
secure cellular connection.
Remote access to machinery via the
internet and cellular networks
With its wienet mobile routers and the Wie-Service24 service portal,
Wieland Electric offers a complete web-based solution for remote
maintenance. Using the wienet router, plant operators and service
technicians can access machinery controllers via secure VPN to
change settings and check the status of the device. Technicians
can also install software updates remotely via the router. The
devices connected to the Ethernet network can be reached via the
integrated LAN interface, a USB interface or two additional ports
with the option of RS232 or RS422/RS485 M-Bus, an additional
Ethernet port or equipped with additional I/Os. Each router has a
digital input and a digital output as standard which can be used for
SMS notifications and commands.
Press Release: 2012-04-306
As telephone and DSL connectivity are not always available,
internet access via cellular networks is developing rapidly as a
global standard. The latest generation cellular networks can now
transfer large amounts of data at much lower costs than ever
before. wienet mobile routers support HSPA+ for the fastest
transfer rate available for cellular networks. HSPA+ offers similar
bandwidth to DSL, with maximum download rates of 14.4 MBit/s
and upload rates up to 5.7 MBit/s. If UTMS is not available, the
router also supports GPRS or EDGE based connectivity.
The WieService24 remote service portal manages the secure
openVPN connections and ensures that only authorized users can
access the machine. The data transferred via openVPN is
encrypted and cannot be intercepted by third parties. The mobile
routers integrated into the machine network register with the portal
and establish a secure VPN connection via SMS. Service
technicians or other PC clients can connect to the portal
automatically via openVPN. Even systems with the same IP
addresses can be added to the network thanks to 1:1 NAT.
The portal can be set up quickly and easily. The configurations
required for the router and PC are generated automatically and
provided for download in the WieService 24 portal. The portable is
scalable and available in different versions.
Press Release: 2012-04-306
Background information
Wieland Electric was founded in 1910 and is one of the pioneers of
electrical connection technology. The product range includes well over
installation/automation. With its gesis system Wieland has been the
leader of the market worldwide in the field of pluggable electrical
installation for buildings over 30 years. The podis power bus system is
predestined for automation solutions. Most notably, the modular system
allows effective remote installation of logistics and transport systems. The
internationally oriented family company has subsidiaries and sales
organizations in Argentina, Belgium, China, Denmark, Germany, France,
Great Britain, Italy, Canada, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia,
Spain, Czech Republic and the US and is represented in more than
seventy countries worldwide. Wieland Holding comprises not only Wieland
Electric, but also STOCKO group since 1998. Wieland Electric is certified
according to the quality and environmental management systems ISO
9001:2008, ISO 14001 and EC environmental audit ordinance/ EMAS.
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Press Release: 2012-04-306