Dovahzul Dictionary

Dovahzul Dictionary
Third Edition
Dovahzul Dictionary
This dictionary is the third compilation of the work done by the community at It is
the result of over a year’s worth of work expanding the lexicon of the Dragon Language found
in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, referred to as “Dovahzul” by its speakers. This expanded
dictionary contains over 4,000 Dovahzul words and translations for over 5,000 English words.
Words are listed according to part of speech and canonicity.
aaksu v., sc. cough. Derived from "Aak" and
"Su", "guided air" (on the analogy of "Aakfus"
- "Sneeze").
-aal suf., nc. forms an adjective (see
aaktir v., sc. escort. From "Aak", "guide". The
notes). Meaning "with" or "having"
verb "to escort". See "Aakjor" for the noun.
something. "Sulvekaal" (comfortable) literally
aal v., c. may.
means something "with comfort" or that "has
aalkos adv., sc. maybe. Literally translated.
aam v., c. serve.
-aan / -laan suf., sc. present progressive
aan adj., c. a/an. The articles "a"/"an" and
suffix, see notes. E.g. Battle -> Battled. Grah ->
"the" are rarely used in the Dragon Language.
Grahlaan. He has battled dragons. -> Rok
aand n., nc. duck.
grahlaan dovahhe.
aank n., nc. anxiety, stress, unease.
-aht suf., nc. creates an noun from a verb,
aankei adj., nc. anxious. "Aank" with the
see notes. Creates a noun from a verb meaning
suffix "-kei".
"one or that which is [verb]. A defendee
aanvorey adj., sc. another. A combination of
(bildaht) is one who is defended (bildaan) or
"Aan" and "Vorey".
subject to defend (bild), a burden (Brudaht) is
aar n., c. servant / slave.
that which is carried or bared.
aaran n., nc. larceny.
aad v., nc. invade.
aargron n., sc. bondage. A compound of "Aar"
aadak n., nc. invasion. "Aad" with the suffix
and "Gron", "slave-bind".
aariik n., sc. slaver. "Aar" with the suffix "-
aadiik n., nc. invader. "Aad" with the suffix
"-iik", forms equivalent to "-er".
aarthok adj., sc. capable. Related to "Aar",
aadok n., sc. guide dog. Based on "Dok",
"servant", and "tok", "able".
"hound", and "Aak", "guide".
aas adj., nc. agile, dexterous, acute, quick.
aagis v., nc. erase.
aasaar n., nc. agility. "Aas" with the suffix "-
aagistok adj., nc. erasable. A compound of
"Aagis" and "Tok".
aav v., c. join.
aak v., c. guide.
aavlaas v., sc. wed, wedding. A combination
aakarn n., nc. guidance. Based on "Aak", "to
of "Aav" (Join) and "Laas" (Life). Can be used
as the verb "to wed", or the noun "wedding".
aakfus n., sc. sneeze. A compound of "Aak"
aaz n., c. mercy.
and "Fus", "guided force". Co-authored by
aazaal adj., sc. merciful. "Aaz" with the suffix
"-aal", "with or having mercy".
aakiis n., nc. acorn.
aaznu adj., sc. merciless. "Aaz" with the suffix
aakjor n., sc. escort. Lit. 'guide-person'. A
noun only.
aazrii n., sc. pity. From "Aaz", "mercy",
"Zii", "spirit", and "Rii", "essence".
ag v., c. burn.
ahkrop v., sc. crawl, creep, sneak. Derived
agos v., nc. exist.
from the words Aak, kro and Piin, based on
agosend n., nc. existence. "Agos" with the
Aecropian (Old English, lit. "to creep").
suffix "-end".
ahkt v., nc. brace.
ah n., c. hunter.
ahkwaar n., nc. guitar.
ahdinaak adj., nc. special, exceptional.
ahlek n., nc. bottle, canteen.
ahfahl v., nc. amend. From "Zifahl", "to
ahlon v., nc. relate.
ahlond n., nc. relation / relations. "Ahlon"
ahfiik n., nc. ocarina. Related to "Fifiik",
with the suffix "-nd".
ahlondein n., nc. relationship. "Ahlond" with
ahfon v., nc. stare.
the suffix "-ein".
ahgil n., nc. clay.
ahlont adj., nc. relative, related.
ahgreld n., nc. impulse.
ahloriiv v., nc. soothe. Related to "Lor",
ahgriiv v., nc. boast, swagger, peacock. Also
can be used as a noun.
ahlzon n., nc. elephant.
ahgrun n., nc. chasm.
ahmiin n., nc. attention, awareness,
ahgul adj., nc. permanent, immutable,
alertness. A compound of "Ah" and "Miin",
timeless, steadfast.
"hunter eye".
ahgulaar n., sc. thrall. Derived from "Ahgul"
ahmiinaal adj., nc. attentive, aware,
and "Aar", "permanent-servant", referring to
alert. 'Ahmiin' with -aal suffix, literally "with
the Conjuration spells. Pronounced as: AH-gul-
or having hunters' eyes".
ahmik n., c. service.
ahgulom n., nc. permanence, timelessness,
ahmil v., sc. hire, employ. Based on "Ahmik",
immutability. From "Ahgul" with the suffix "-
ahmilaht n., sc. worker, employee. "Ahmil"
ahk adv., nc. also. Pronounced with more of a
with the suffix "-aht", "someone who is
German "ch" than a hard "k". Can also be used
casually as "hey", "eh", "oh".
ahmiliik n., sc. employer, boss. Ahmil with
ahkan v., nc. rip, tear.
the suffix "-iik.".
ahkol n., nc. charcoal.
ahmin v., sc. notice. From "Mindok", "to
ahkoraav v., sc. exhibit. From "Koraav", "to
ahminaal adj., sc. noticeable. Ahmin + aal,
ahkoruun n., sc. exhibition.
having notice.
ahkril adv., sc. bravely. Modified from
ahmul n., c. husband.
"Ahkrin" and "Kril".
ahmun n., sc. groom. Related to "Ahmul",
ahkrin n., c. courage.
ahkrol v., nc. abrade, shave, scrape. Based on
ahnaar n., nc. torture, torturer. Can be used as
the words Ahkrop and Ahraan.
both a noun and verb.
ahnak n., nc. agony.
ahvakaar n., nc. abomination. From
ahnok interj., nc. hello, hi.
"Ahvakiid", "abominable".
ahpaan n., nc. bag.
ahvakiid adj., nc. abominable. Inspired from
ahqor v., nc. chant. Also can be used as a noun.
Swedish (avskyvärd) and Norwegian
ahraan n., c. wound.
ahraandon n., sc. bandage. Lit. "wound-
ahvaruz n., nc. adultery. Inspired from the
Old English word "æwbryce".
ahreyn v., nc. appreciate.
ahvos v., sc. harvest.
ahrk conj., c. and.
ahvus n., nc. plant. Can also be used as a verb,
ahrol n., c. hill.
'to plant".
ahrolsedovah n., c. whiterun. The Dragon
ahvusnaak n., sc. herbivore. A combination of
name for Whiterun, meaning "Hill of the
"plant" and "eat".
ahwald v., nc. prevail. Comes from the Proto
ahrot v., sc. argue. A compound of "Ahraan"
Indo-European word meaning Prevail.
and "Rot", "wounding words".
ahzaal v., sc. cease. Derived from "Unahzaal",
ahrsun n., nc. vassal, liegeman .
ahst prep., c. at.
ahzid adj., c. bitter.
ahstaad adv., sc. somewhere. A compound of
ahzidhes adj., sc. bittersweet. Literally,
"Ahst" and "Staad", literally "at a place". .
ahstaadvoz adv., sc. elsewhere. From
ahzur n., nc. lemon.
"Ahstaad" and "Voz", "somewhere-else".
akban v., nc. consume.
ahstiid adv., sc. sometime. A compound of
akir adj., nc. aggressive, hostile, threatening.
"Ahst" and "Tiid", literally "at a time". .
akor n., nc. stern, rear. Referring to the stern
ahstiir n., nc. situation, circumstance. From
of a ship, rather than the adjective meaning
the Icelandic for "situation," "aðstæður.".
ahstiroz n., nc. controversy. Related to
akorah n., nc. secunda.
"Ahstiir", "situation".
akriim n., nc. capital.
aht- pref., nc. arch-.
akros v., nc. vary, differ.
ahtamun n., sc. amateur, novice. Related to
al n., c. destroyer.
"Mun", "man". Can also be an adjective.
ald v., sc. destroy. A modification of "Al".
ahtiid v., c. wear, erode, weather. To wear
aldak n., sc. destruction. A combination of
with time.
"Ald" and the suffix "-ak".
ahtiv adj., nc. separate. Not the verb "to
aldin adj., nc. razor, sharp, jagged.
aldol v., sc. raze. A portamenteau of "Al",
ahtlahzey n., sc. archmage. "Lahzey" prefixed
"Du", and "Yol".
with "aht-".
alikvol v., nc. retreat, withdraw.
ahtokoron n., sc. archenemy,
alnahn n., nc. darling, dear, babe. Term of
archnemesis. From "Hokoron".
endearment. Informal (slang) rather than
arokon n., nc. trouble.
alok v., c. arise, rise.
aros v., nc. arrive.
alok-dilon n., c. necromancy. A phrase that
arosend n., nc. arrival. "Aros" with the suffix
means "arising-dead".
"-end", "the act of arriving".
alu'um v., nc. redeem.
arov n., nc. herb.
alu'umend n., nc. redemption. "Alu'um"
aroviil adj., nc. herbal. "Arov" with the suffix
with the suffix "-end".
"-iil", meaning "of, like, or pertaining to herbs".
alun adv., c. ever.
arum n., nc. root.
aluntidiil adj., sc. futuristic. An alteration of
arx v., nc. harm, damage.
"Aluntiid" with the suffix "-iil", "of or
asamit prep., nc. along. From the Icelandic
pertaining to the future".
word for "along", "ásamt.".
aluntiid n., sc. future. Composed by the words
asnir v., nc. hurry, rush.
Alun and Tiid, it literally means ever-time,
ath n., nc. despair, gloom. Derived from Old
referring to whenever, after the now.
Norse "aethra".
alzah n., nc. ounce.
athaal adj., nc. desperate. Ath + aal, with
am n., c. lion.
amativ adv., c. onward.
athend n., nc. desperation. Ath + end, the act
amokriin n., sc. griffin, griffon,
of despairing.
gryphon. compund of 'Am' and 'Okriim'; lit.
atruk pron., sc. something. Derived from
“lion eagle―.
"Aan" and "Truk", literally "a thing". .
amriis n., nc. silt.
atum prep., sc. below. Based on "Tum",
anahlrii pron., sc. someone,
somebody. Derived from "Aan" and "Nahlrii",
aus v., c. suffer.
literally "a being" (on the analogy of "Atruk",
ausiik n., sc. sufferer.
"Something") .
austan n., nc. theater.
andag n., nc. antler. Based off of "Andel",
ausul n., sc. hell. Literally, "suffer eternity".
avlak v., nc. snore.
andel n., nc. branch.
avodal v., nc. absolve, annul, uncurse.
andiiv n., nc. victim.
avodalend n., nc. absolution. "Avodal" with
angar n., nc. tower.
the suffix "-end". .
anhiim n., nc. citadel, keep, bastion. (Derived
avok prep., nc. above. Based on "Vok", "up".
from the words "City" and "Tower.").
avokdil adj., nc. afloat. Lit. "above", "deep".
ankid n., nc. anchor.
avokmiin n., sc. eyebrow. A compound that
araak n., nc. accent.
means "above-eye".
arahed n., sc. cavalry.
avoktum adj., nc. above and
arahst n., nc. lily.
below. "Akovtum lok ahrk gol", "sky above and
ard v., nc. hurt.
earth below".
areid adv., nc. beside. Based on "Reid", "side".
avond n., nc. evening.
bardurend n., nc. suggestion. Bardur with the
avraak n., nc. cure, antidote.
suffix -end.
barlaas n., nc. advise/advice. Referred to
"Bardur". Also can be used as a noun.Also can
be used as a verb - "advise".
batak n., nc. button.
baakriin n., nc. bottom.
bau v., nc. bang.
baanahk n., nc. scum, lowlife. Literally
bavir adj., nc. couth. From the words "Eyvir"
"bottom feeder", from Baakriin: bottom, Nahkip:
meaning "Well" and "Bahd" meaning
to feed.
baas n., nc. art. Edited from "Bahs".
begriin v., nc. restrict.
baasegolz n., sc. sculpture. Literally, "art of
bein adj., c. foul.
stone". Edited from "Bahsegolz".
beinoz v., sc. infect.
baasus adj., nc. artsy, artistic. "Baas" with the
bek interj., nc. okay, sure, alright.
suffix "-us". Edited from "Bahsus".
beku n., nc. pepper.
baaz adj., nc. plenty. Edited from "Baas".
bel v., c. summon.
bah n., c. wrath.
belend n., sc. conjuration. "Bel" with the
bahd n., nc. style, manner, fashion.
suffix "-end".
bahl n., sc. worth. Derived from "Bahlaan",
beliik n., sc. summoner, conjurer. "Bel" with
the suffix "-iik", a practitioner of the
bahlaan adj., c. worthy.
Conjuration school.
bahlaas v., sc. esteem, admire,
belur n., nc. shrine, altar.
admiration. Both a noun and a verb. Based on
bemahran v., nc. motivate. Based on
"Bahl", "worth".
"Mahran", "motive".
bahlok n., c. hunger.
ben n., nc. hundred.
bahlokus adj., sc. hungry. "Bahlok" with the
beneruvos n., sc. century. A compound of
suffix "-us".
"Ben" and "Eruvos", "hundred-year".
bahvlir v., nc. rescue.
benex prep., nc. among, amid, amidst. From
bahyek n., nc. stream, creek, brook.
"Nex", "between".
bahzim v., nc. continue, resume.
bentmezaar n., nc. centimeter.
baklah adj., nc. favorite.
bequn v., nc. accustom. From Old English
balah n., nc. bell.
balkus adj., nc. skittish, edgy. From the word
bes n., nc. crop.
"Valk" meaning "Nervous".
besak n., nc. basic, default. The standard
banaan n., nc. banana.
lowest level of something. Used alongside
banlak n., nc. coconut.
bansfir n., nc. lisp.
bestandii adj., nc. constant. From Danish
bardur v., nc. suggest.
"bestandig" and Swedish "beständig".
bex v., c. open.
bizur n., nc. pear.
bexnauaas n., sc. lyre. From "Bex" and
bjokrah n., nc. ministry.
"Nauaas", "open lute". Edited from
blad n., nc. cabbage. From Old (and new)
Norse "blad" ("leaf").
bexyol n., nc. bonfire. A compound of "Bex"
bo v., c. flow, fly, move.
and "Yol", "open fire".
bod n., sc. flight. Based on "Bo", "to fly".
beyl n., nc. cup, glass.
bodeiken n., nc. housecarl. Derived of the
beylsaak n., nc. mug, tankard. Derived from
words "Bodein" and "Ken", "Resident knight".
"Beyl", "cup".
bodein n., nc. abode, residence, home. Based
beylund n., nc. druid. Related to "Lund"
on Bidung (Old English, lit. "abode"), derived
from Bo and Dun. More formal than "Himdah".
beymur n., nc. noose.
bodenaar n., nc. steward,
beyn v., c. scorn / scorned. Can also be used as
housekeeper. Related to "Bodein".
an adjective.
bodiir v., sc. lend. From "Bodiis", "to borrow".
beyr n., nc. guilt. Pronounced like ["bear"].
bodiis v., c. borrow.
beyraal adj., nc. guilty. "Beyr" with the suffix
bodoraal adj., nc. ironic. Related to
"-aal", means "with or having guilt".
"Bodoraas" (Irony).
beyzol n., nc. willow.
bodoraas n., nc. irony.
bii adj., c. blue.
bodriis n., nc. estate. Related to "Bodein",
biirn n., nc. mail, chainmail. From Old
English "byrne".
bodzah n., sc. tent. Inspired by "Bodein" and
biirzah n., nc. bank.
"Zah," meaning "residence" and "finite".
biis v., nc. pay.
bok n., c. age.
biivild n., sc. lapis, the blue stone lapis
bokun n., sc. beam, a beam of
lazuli. From the words "Bii" meaning "Blue"
light. "Flowing light", used to describe a beam
and "Vild" meaning "Rock".
of light rather than a physical beam. A noun
bild v., nc. defend. Pronounced as "build" or
only. Edited from "Bohaan".
"billed", rather than "beeld".
bol n., nc. calf.
bildiik n., nc. defender. "Bild" with the suffix
bolaav v., c. grant.
bolog v., c. beg.
bildrun n., nc. defense. Based on "Bild",
bologin n., sc. beggar. An alteration of
"Bolog", akin to "Qahnaarin" from "Qahnaar".
bir v., nc. buy / purchase.
bom n., sc. movement, motion. Based on
birgah v., nc. provide, supply. From the Old
"Bo", "to move".
Norse "birgja".
bomas v., sc. gesture. Based on 'Bo',
birvog n., nc. club, cudgel.
bix v., sc. pry. From "Bex", "to open".
bonaar adj., c. humble.
Pronounced with a short "i".
bonaarom n., sc. humbleness,
humility. "Bonaar" with the suffix "-om".
brax n., nc. bow. The bow of a ship, rather than
borbrii n., sc. aunt. Related to "Briinah" and
the verb "to bow".
brehnok v., nc. strip, shed.
bord n., nc. table.
brek n., nc. deck. The deck of a ship, as opposed
borii adj., nc. next. Edited from "Bokrii".
to a deck of cards.
bormah n., c. father.
bremaf n., nc. slug.
borod n., nc. wagon. Pronounced "bore-ode".
brendon n., c. specter.
From Bord: table, Rohd: wheel.
brigelt n., sc. jewel, jewelry. Inspired by the
borodon n., nc. carriage. Bord: table, Rod:
dovahzhul words for beautiful and metal: brit
wheel, Don: to cover.
and gelt.
bos v., sc. swing. From "Bo", "to move".
brii n., c. beauty.
bost n., nc. waist.
briik v., nc. breach.
bosu v., sc. blow. Lit. "Move", "Air".
briin n., nc. ocean.
boviir n., nc. pants.
briinah n., c. sister.
boviirey n., nc. trousers, tight-fit pants. A
briinahmaar n., c. sisterhood.
compound of "Boviir" and "Veirey".
briinfahliil n., sc. sea elf,
bovoz v., nc. daunt.
maormer. Translates to "Ocean Elf".
bovul v., c. flee / fled.
brijaal n., nc. kidney .
boz n., nc. cow.
brilaas adj., sc. picturesque . Related to
bozeim v., sc. filter, permeate, percolate. A
"Brii", "beauty".
compound of "Bo" and "Zeim", it literally
brit adj., c. beautiful.
means "Flow or move through".
brod n., c. clan.
boziik adj., c. bold / boldly.
brodiir n., nc. abbot. Inspired from the Old
boziil adj., nc. bovine. Boz: cow, -iil: of.
English word "abbodrice".
bozok n., nc. bull. Based on "Boz", "cow".
brolor n., nc. street. A city street, not used to
bozulaan adj., sc. fluent. Literally means
mean "path" or "road".
"flowing-voiced", from "Bo" and "Zul".
brom n., c. north.
braag v., nc. beckon, bid.
bromen adj., sc. northern, northerly.
braan adj., nc. fellow. "Fellow Nord" "A
bron n., c. nord.
Fellow Dragonborn".
bronen adj., sc. nordic. "Bron" with the suffix
braandein n., nc. fellowship. "Braan" with
the suffix "-dein".
bronjun n., c. jarl. Specifically Jarl - not just
brah v., nc. use.
any king. Literally "nord king".
brahniil adj., nc. usual, customary. Based on
bros n., nc. soup.
"Brah", "to use".
brot n., nc. bread. Edited from "Brod" to
braht v., nc. switch, swap.
"Brot" to avoid conflict with the canon word
brak n., nc. pitch.
bratahn n., nc. switch.
brotaan n., sc. sandwich.
brotor n., nc. breadstick. Related to "Brot".
bulnedak n., nc. criticism. "Bulned" with the
brotumkip n., sc. pie. Literally means "bread
suffix "-ak".
around food".
buriis n., nc. hope.
brud v., nc. carry, bear.
burk adj., nc. hard, difficult.
brudaht n., nc. burden. Based on "Brud", "to
burkaar n., nc. alloy.
carry or bear", "that which is carried/bared".
burleyk v., sc. struggle. From "Burk" and
brudmun n., sc. carrier, porter,
deliveryman. From "brud" meaning "to carry"
burzah n., nc. puzzle.
and "mun" meaning "man". Together they
buush v., nc. clang, clash, clamor, the sound
literally mean "carryman".
of metal. Edited from "Boosh".
bruh n., nc. mist, fog.
bruhus adj., nc. misty, foggy. "Bruh" with the
suffix "-us".
brulost n., nc. pouch. Based on "Brud", "to
bear or carry".
-dein / -ein suf., nc. engl. "-ship". Equivalent
brumah n., nc. bruma.
to the English "-ship" that transforms a noun or
bruniik adj., c. savage.
verb into a noun of higher meaning. "Dein" is
bruniikom n., sc. savageness,
used if the letter "D" is absent from the last
savagery. "Bruniik" with the suffix "-om".
syllable of the word, "-ein" if it contains a "D".
brutsal n., nc. addict.
daak n., nc. dock.
bruu n., nc. elbow.
daak n., nc. hazard, risk. .
bruz n., nc. college, university.
daal v., c. return.
bruzah n., nc. shard, fragment. Edited from
daan v., c. doom. Edited from the incorrect
"Burzah" to avoid a homonym with the word for
"Daanii", the "-ii" is actually a possessive
budiir v., nc. construct, build. Also see the
daanah n., nc. journal.
close synonym, "Wahl". "Budiir" refers strictly
daanik adj., c. doomed.
to constructing buildings or structures, whereas
daar pron., c. this / these.
"Wahl" is more general or metaphorical.
daarmindin prep., sc. hereafter. Compound of
buf n., nc. livestock. Derived from Old Norse
"Daar" and "Mindin".
daasin n., nc. surface, surface area.
buld n., nc. shape / form. Can also be used as
daav n., nc. wyvern. Analogy to "Diiv"
a verb, "to shape / to form".
(Wyrm) and "Dov" (Dragon).
buldak n., nc. formation. "Buld" with the
daazrii v., nc. affirm, confirm, testify. Verb
suffix "-ak".
forms are "Daazriaan" and "Daazriin".
buldus adj., nc. shapely, comely. "Buld" with
dah v., c. push.
the suffix "-us".
dahik conj., nc. because.
bulned v., nc. criticize, berate.
dahmaan v., c. remember.
dahmin adj., sc. remembered. Derived from
"Vodahmin", "unremembered".
deinmaar n., c. keeper.
dahn n., nc. tool.
del n., nc. honesty.
dahral n., nc. hood/hat/cowl.
delaal adj., nc. honest. Del + -aal, with
dahrin n., nc. reason.
dahrinaal adj., nc. reasonable. "Dahrin" with
delah v., nc. train, educate, discipline.
the suffix "-aal", "with/having reason".
delahiik n., nc. trainer, educator.
dahrm v., sc. brush. Derives from "Dah /
demdriik n., nc. butterfly.
den pron., nc. those.
dahst v., sc. scrap, to throw away or
denek n., c. soil.
aside. From "Dah", "to push".
denos v., c. decline.
dahstin n., sc. trash, junk, scrap. From
deykel n., sc. book, written word,
scroll. Derived of the word Kel (which means
dahsul n., sc. today. A portamenteau of "daar
Elder Scroll). It refers to a book or a regular
scroll, any written word on paper.
dahtiris v., sc. estrange, alienate. From
deykraan n., nc. parchment, paper.
"Dah", "push", and "Tir", "out".
deylok n., sc. territory, realm,
dahv v., nc. lick. Can also be a noun.
domain. Derived from the words Dii and Lok,
dahvol v., sc. shun. Related to "Dah", "to push
in original Dov-language, it literally means My-
Sky. For Joor, it is equivalent to 'territory'.
dahvulon n., sc. tonight. A portamenteau of
deyra n., c. daedra.
"daar vulon".
deyren adj., sc. daedric. From "Deyra" with
dahvur v., nc. appear.
the origin suffix "-en".
dahvurd n., nc. appearance.
deyto v., c. bury.
dahzun v., nc. amaze, astound.
deyvaaz v., nc. accumulate.
damdriik n., nc. catapult.
dez n., c. fate.
daput n., nc. crust.
dezahrel v., sc. gamble. A combination of
darz n., nc. hint, clue. Can be also used as a
"Sahrel" (Tempt) and "Dez" (Fate).
dezahrelin n., nc. gambler. Derived from
das adv., nc. soon, shortly, presently.
"Dezahrel" (Gamble).
defahn n., nc. heir.
dezmi adj., nc. sinister, ominous, fateful,
deh n., nc. wrist.
foreboding. A compound of "Dez" and "Mi",
dein v., c. keep, guard.
deiniik n., nc. guard, watchman. Literally,
digol adj., nc. mysterious, cryptic.
"Keeper"/"one who guards". "Dein" means the
digoliik n., nc. mystery, enigma. Lit.
verb "keep/guard" or possibly a noun "he
"someone or something that is mysterious,
remained on his guard", but not "the guards of
the city", which is what this is intended to
dii pron., c. my, mine.
diil adj., c. undead.
and "Aar", literally means "Death-Servant".
diin v., c. freeze.
dinokdok n., sc. death hound. Combination
diinaan adj., sc. frozen. The past participle of
of "Dinok" (Death) and "Dok" (Hound).
dinokmiir n., sc. deathmark. Combines
diinek v., nc. disrupt, interrupt.
"Dinok" (Death) with "Miir" (Mark).
diipah n., nc. bubble.
dinoksetiid n., c. end times. Translates
diirz n., nc. vault.
literally to "death of time".
diist adj., nc. first. Ordinal of "Gein".
dir v., c. die.
diistaak n., nc. native, indigenous,
dirkah n., nc. die, dice. Is its own plural.
aboriginal. Derived from "Diist" and "Staak",
dirn v., nc. regret.
it literally means "First inhabitant".
diron n., nc. problem. Derived from the words
diistiik n., nc. pioneer. "Diist" with the suffix
Dez, Orin and Deorf (Old English, lit.
"-iik", "someone who is the first".
diistkiin n., sc. firstborn. A compound of
dirsul n., sc. tomorrow. A compound of "Dir"
"diist" and "kiin".
and "Sul".
diistmaas n., sc. march, first seed.
diskutir v., nc. debate.
diistzii n., sc. et'ada. "First Spirits".
diskutirtok adj., nc. debateable. Combination
diiv n., c. wyrm.
of debate and able. debatable. .
diivon v., c. swallow.
djun n., nc. caution. Pronounced "Dyoon".
diivorpaal adj., nc. indifferent. Derived from
djunkei adj., nc. cautious. "Djun" with the
"vorpaal", "Different".
suffix "-kei".
dikinz v., sc. protrude. Based on "Kinz", "to
do prep., c. of / about. This word is used more
pierce or puncture".
commonly in sentence structure, where "Se" is
dil adj., nc. deep. .
used most often to make compound words.
dilaar n., nc. vulture.
doj v., nc. learn. Edited from "Dojrah".
dilfahliil n., sc. dwemer, dwarf, low-
dojiif n., nc. advice. Contraction of "Doj" and
elves. Composed of the words Dil and Fahliil, it
literally means Deep-Elves. Edited from
dojuk n., nc. research. From "Doj", "to
dilon adj., c. dead.
dok n., c. hound.
dilos adj., c. deadly.
dokahl n., nc. guild, organization, league,
dilosikin n., sc. slaughterfish. A compound of
"Dilos" and "Ikin", "deadly fish".
dol n., nc. iron. Can be used as a noun or
dimaar pron., sc. myself.
adjective, but not a verb ("to iron" clothes, or
dimbakey n., nc. giraffe.
"to iron out" something).
dinaak n., sc. urn. Based on "Dinok", "death".
domativ prep., nc. forward. Based on
dinok n., c. death.
"Amativ", "onward". Edited from "Dopur".
dinokaar n., sc. lich. Derived from "Dinok"
domiit v., nc. merge.
don v., nc. sweep, engulf, cover.
it literally means Dragon-Eye, bit it refers to the
donin n., nc. blanket, sheet. Related to "Don",
crimson gemstones that mortalkind call ruby -
"to cover".
or at times, dragons-eye. The latter refers to the
donth n., nc. cart, truck, pull. Related to
fire, Yol, that dragons, Dov, can create.
"Ronth", "vehicle". Can also be used as a verb,
dovahnor n., sc. akavir. A compound of
"to truck or pull something along".
"Dovah" and "Nor", "Dragon Land".
dopaan n., nc. group.
dovahren adj., sc. draconic. "Dovah" with the
dor n., nc. prey.
origin suffix "-ren".
doriik n., nc. predator. "Dor" with the suffix
dovahyol n., sc. dragonfire. A compound of
"Dovah" and "Yol".
dorok n., nc. benefit.
dovahzul n., sc. dragon language. The name
dortiis v., nc. scintillate, coruscate. The
of the language itself, from "Dovah" and "Zul",
comma is in place to give you a pause in
the "Dragon-Voice".
dovahzulaan n., nc. dragon speaker. The
doruz v., nc. trim.
name for a speaker of Dovahzul.
dosk n., nc. mouse.
draaf n., nc. shit, poop, crap. Also a verb.
doskad n., nc. basket. A combinationof
draak v., nc. drown.
"Hadroz" (weave) and "Oskad" (container).
draaklo n., sc. quicksand. Compound of
dostoz n., nc. fiend.
"Draak" and "Klo", "drowning sand".
dostoziil adj., nc. fiendish. "Dostoz" with the
draal v., c. pray.
suffix "-iil", "like a fiend".
draasth v., nc. abnegate, renounce. based on
dov n., c. dragonkind.
Draest (Old English, lit. "to refuse"), derived
dovaar n., sc. a servant of dragonkind or
from the words dreh and Ahst.
sworn to the service of dragons. A compound
draaz n., nc. second. Refers to second in time,
of the words "Dov" and "Aar".
rather than the number.
dovah n., c. dragon.
draazog v., nc. pillage.
dovahgolz n., c. dragonstone.
drahlun n., nc. opinion.
dovahik n., sc. drake.
drahsk n., nc. sled, sleigh.
dovahkiin n., c. dragonborn.
draknah n., nc. incident, circumstance. A
dovahkriid n., sc. dragon slayer. Compound
happening of some sort. Accidental or
of Dovah(dragon), and kriid(slayer).
purposeful. .
dovahmeyd n., sc. dragonling. Was
dreh v., c. do / does.
previously "Solotdov". "Dovah" with the suffix
drehlaan v., nc. done. Means "have done" or
"-meyd", "Dragonoid". Oversized flying lizards
"is done".
living in the Illiac Bay area. They are not related
drel v., sc. activate, cause, to make
to actual dragons.
happen. From "Dreh", "to do".
dovahmiin n., sc. ruby, crimson
drem n., c. peace.
gem. Composed of the words Dovah and Miin,
drem yol lok n., c. greetings.
dremah n., nc. message. Can also be used as a
"result/effect" or the verb "to result in or
verb, "to message".
dremahiik n., nc. messenger. "Dremah" with
druf n., nc. grape.
the suffix "-iik".
druk n., nc. chair.
dremseik adj., sc. benevolent. From "Drem"
drun v., c. bring/brought.
and "Seik", "peace-meaning".
druniik n., sc. bringer. "Drun" with the suffix
dreniir n., sc. instrument, implement,
utensil, tool. "Dreh" with the suffix "-niir",
du v., c. devour.
meaning "that which someone does something
du'ul n., c. crown.
du'un n., nc. company, gathering. Refers to a
drey v., c. did.
group of people, rather than a mercantile
dreyvgir n., nc. dreugh. The Dov-word for the
Dreugh, a race of sapient watercreatures that are
duaniik n., sc. devourer. Based on "Du", "to
well known throughout Nirn.
drezig adj., nc. hearty, healthy, ample . As in
dubah v., nc. josh, rag, hoax.
"a hearty stew". Inspired by Old Norse
dufrah v., nc. neglect. Can also be a noun.
"drjúgr" ("ample").
duhil n., nc. leaf.
drezujah n., nc. compendium, manual.
duhilom n., nc. tea. A compound of "Duhil"
driik v., nc. engage, to partake or join with
(leaf) and "Lom" (water).
dukaan n., c. dishonor.
driivoh n., nc. dome.
dukiin n., sc. demise, undoing. From "Kiin",
drik n., nc. zone.
something that will make you "unborn".
drin n., nc. deer.
dulmah v., sc. succeed, succession. Means
driniil adj., nc. cervine. Drin: deer, -iil: of.
"to succeed or inherit", as opposed to "Prunt"
drog n., c. lord.
which is the antonym of "fail". Derived from
drogein n., sc. lordship. "Drog" with the
"Du'ul" and "Mah", means "crown-fall".
suffix "-ein". Refers to administrative entity of
dulvaan n., nc. peak.
Skyrim or its equivalent in other provinces .
dum v., nc. grind. .
drogsenir n., sc. hircine. Literally, "Lord of the
dun n., c. grace.
dur n., c. curse.
drok v., nc. press.
duraal adj., sc. cursed. The adjective "to be
drokur v., nc. play.
cursed", not the simple past tense of "to curse".
droliik n., sc. agent. Based on "Dreh", "to do".
duuk n., nc. letter, symbol, rune. Refers to a
dron v., nc. beat . Beat as in a heartbeat or the
letter of the alphabet.
beat of a drum, rather than to hit.
duvoziir adj., nc. desolate.
drovaz v., nc. trample.
duyiiv adj., nc. dejected, rejected.
droz n., sc. result, effect, affect. Based loosely
duziir adj., nc. insolent.
on "Dreh", "to do". Can be either the noun
duziirah n., nc. insolence. Based on "Duziir",
edrah n., nc. volume, collection.
duzun v., sc. disarm. From "Zun", "weapon".
edun n., nc. shot. The noun form of "Ediin".
dwiin n., c. steel.
eftiir v., nc. accord, according to. Comes from
dwiirok v., c. carve.
the Old English word "æfter".
dwiisinda n., sc. inscription, word-
egiis adj., nc. slender.
carving. Derived from the composition of the
eh interj., nc. ah. The interjection "Ah" or
two words Dwiirok and Siinda, it means
Inscription rather than Carving, thought it
eim v., nc. accept.
could be both. Plural is Dwiisindarre.
eimend n., nc. acceptance. "Eim" with the
dwinaar n., sc. automaton, robot, steel-
suffix "-end".
servant. Composed of the words Dwin and Aar,
eimindah v., nc. acknowledge.
it literally means Steel-Servant and directly
eimindak n., sc. acknowledgement. "Eimind
refers to all and any 'living' Dwemer-construct.
ak" combined with the suffix "-dak".
eimtok adj., nc. acceptable. A compound of
"Eim" and "Tok", "able to accept".
ein v., nc. light, illuminate.
einzuk adv., nc. again.
-en / -ren suf., nc. to denote origin, see
eir adj., nc. bronze. Directly from Old Norse.
notes. To turn a word into an origin, to describe
eitah v., nc. smack. Removed the double "tt".
where something came from, or its type. -en for
eiziid n., nc. fact.
non vowel ending words, and -ren for words
eizurik v., nc. annex.
that end in vowel sounds. E.g. Bron -> Bronen
ek pron., c. her, hers.
(Nord -> Nordic) Dovah -> Dovahren (Dragon -
ekmaar pron., sc. herself. The reflexive of
> Draconic).
-eyd/-meyd suf., nc. -oid, like or
ekrah n., sc. goddess. Based on "Rah", "god".
resembling. Referred to "Med" ("Like, Similar
elaas n., nc. chocolate.
to"). Used to form an adjective as well as noun.
eldraag v., nc. surprise. Can also be used as a
It is equivalent to "-oid" or "-morph/-morphic".
For example, "Muneyd" is "Humanoid,
elfey n., nc. frenzy.
Antropomorph(ic)". "-meyd" is used for words
eliir v., nc. animate, stimulate, arouse.
that end in vowels.
elkroz n., nc. opal.
edah n., nc. confidence, assurance.
eln n., nc. eight.
edahraal adj., nc. confident, sure. "Edah"
elnreid n., nc. octagon. Meaning "eight-side".
with the suffix "-aal", "with or having
elskah v., nc. fancy, cherish, adore, to be
fond of.
ediin v., nc. fire / shoot.
elz n., nc. moose.
edil n., nc. character, nature,
em n., nc. bee.
personality. From Old Norse "edthli".
embodein n., nc. beehive. Literally "Bee-
erei conj., c. until. Altered from "Enst" to
emronk n., nc. beeswax. A compound of "Em"
match the canon word.
and "Ronk".
erkriin n., nc. cousin.
emtiin v., nc. realize.
eruvos n., c. year.
emtiind n., nc. realization. "Emtiin" with the
es interj., nc. hush, shush, "shh".
suffix "-nd".
esah n., nc. sauerkraut.
enahk n., sc. spoon. From "Nahkip", "feed".
etaak v., nc. read.
enarah adj., nc. alone / lone / lonely . As an
evenaar v., c. extinguish.
adjective: "The lone peak". As an adverb: "He
evenik n., nc. prairie, grassland.
stood alone".
evgir n., c. season.
enariik n., nc. loner. Referred to "Enarah"
eyfur v., nc. dissipate, disperse, scatter.
("Alone"), "someone who is alone".
eylok n., nc. species, kind, sort, breed.
enfan v., sc. bestow. Based on "Ofan", "to
eyr n., nc. ear. Inspired by the Old Norse
give", and the prefix "En-" from "Ensosin",
eyra n., sc. aedra. Based on "Deyra", "daedra".
enfavoth v., nc. contribute. Derived from
eyren adj., sc. aedric. "Eyra" with the suffix "-
"voth", "with", and "Enfan", "bestow".
en", denoting origin.
engein v., sc. belong. Formed from "Gein",
eyron n., nc. donkey.
"one", and the prefix "En-", from "Ensosin"
eytaag n., nc. level, floor of a building.
eytik n., nc. snack.
enkii n., sc. ember. From Kii (Ash).
eyvir adv., nc. well. Can also be used as an
enkron v., sc. subjugate. Based on "Kron",
Adverb, a Noun, and an Interjection.
eyzan n., nc. husk.
enlaag adj., nc. asleep.
ezil n., nc. sauce.
enlahvraan v., nc. accompany, gather
enmah v., sc. befall. A combination of "Mah",
with the prefix "En-" from "Ensosin".
enmindok v., sc. behold. Literally, "to become
faad n., c. warmth.
knowing of".
faain n., nc. color / colour.
enmindokin n., sc. beholder. Added suffix "-
faal adj., c. the (formal). Sometimes used with
proper nouns.
enook adj., c. each.
faan v., nc. range, scout, explore.
enriik v., nc. indent.
faaniik n., nc. ranger. "Faan" with the suffix
enshar adj., nc. aloud. Based on "Shar",
faar adj., nc. tall, high, lofty.
ensosin v., c. bewitch.
faarlen n., nc. valenwood. Means "High
envok v., nc. ascend. Based on "Vok", "up".
faarom n., nc. tallness, highness,
be used as a noun, see "Fahrald".
loftiness. From "Faar" with the suffix "-om".
fahrald n., nc. answer, reply,
faas n., c. fear.
response. Strictly a noun, the verb form is
faasnu adj., c. fearless.
faast n., sc. alarm, hysteria, panic,
fahrax adj., nc. slyness, cleverness,
frenzy. Derived from "Faas", "fear".
faastiid n., sc. crisis, emergency. Literally,
fahzon n., nc. view, vista, scenery.
"fear time.".
far v., nc. track.
faath n., nc. flood.
faraan n., c. fortune, wealth.
faaz n., c. pain.
fask adj., nc. soft, gentle, delicate.
faazaal adj., sc. painful. "Faaz" with the suffix
faskaar adv., nc. softly, gently,
"-aal", something that "has pain" or is "with
delicately. "Fask" with the suffix "-gaar".
faskom adj., nc. softness, gentleness,
fah prep., c. for.
delicateness. "Fask" with the suffix "-om".
fahdiin v., sc. befriend, ally, join.
fau adj., nc. fresh, crisp, cool.
fahdon n., c. friend.
faurom n., nc. freshness, crispness,
fahdonein n., sc. friendship. From "Fahdon"
coolness. "Fau" with the suffix "-rom".
meaning "Friend" and the suffix "-ein"
fautiid adj., sc. recent, current, newly-
meaning "ship".
passed. Based off of "Usnutiid" or "Past", and
fahdonus adj., sc. friendly. Combines
"Fau" or "Fresh". Directly translates as "Fresh
"Fahdon" (friend) with the suffix "-us".
fahliil n., c. elf, elves. "Fahliille" equally used
fax adj., nc. sly, clever, devious.
for "elves".
faziigolz n., sc. emerald. Derived from the
fahliilen adj., sc. elven / elvish. "Fahliil" with
composed words Feykro, Zii and Golz, its literal
the suffix "-en".
meaning is Forest Spirit Stone, referring to the
fahlu n., sc. garden. Reverse-derived from
green colour that emeralds posses and often
"Fahluaan", "gardener".
connect it with the forest and life.
fahluaan n., c. gardener.
feid n., nc. flank. From Reid (Side). Also used
fahluzok n., sc. agriculture. Based on
as a verb.
"Fahluaan", "gardener".
feim v., c. fade.
fahmey n., nc. spot, speckle.
feimaan adj., sc. ethereal. Derived from
fahnt v., sc. compete. Derived from Fah: for,
"Feim", literally means "faded".
Unt: to try.
fein conj., nc. than. "Zulot fein" = "greater
fahntak n., sc. competition. Derived from Fah:
for, Unt: to try, -ak: -tion.
fel adj., c. feral.
fahntiik n., sc. competitor. Derived from Fah:
felaag v., nc. hibernate. Derived from
for, Unt: to try, -iik: -or.
"Felniir" and "Laag".
fahral v., nc. answer, reply, respond. Cannot
feliig n., nc. partner.
felniir n., nc. winter.
fiilosiil adj., nc. philosophical . "Fiilos" with
felniirus adj., nc. wintry. Combination of
the suffix "-iil", "of or pertaining to
"Felniir" and the suffix "-us", adjective form of
fiit v., nc. bite.
feluk n., nc. material.
fiiz v., nc. hurt.
fen v., c. will.
fikon n., nc. fig.
fend v., sc. should. Based on "Fent", "shall".
fil n., nc. star.
Edited from "Fund" to "Fend" to avoid conflict
filkiir n., sc. ayleid. Literally means "Star-
with the existing word "Fund".
fent v., c. shall.
filklo n., sc. stardust. A compound of "Fil"
ferd v., nc. send, set forth. From Old Norse
and "Klo".
"foera". Edited from "Fjerd".
filkun n., nc. starlight. A compound word of
ferviit adj., nc. curious.
"Fil" and "Kun". Edited from "Filhaan".
fey v., nc. stay.
filmah n., sc. starfall, meteorshower.
feyfahliil n., sc. bosmer, wood elf. Derived of
filok v., c. escape.
the composition of the words Feykroand Fahliil,
filreid n., nc. starboard. A compound of "Fil"
it means Forest-Elves and refers to the Bosmer
and "Reid", "starside".
filsiin n., nc. constellation. Fil "star", Siin
feykro n., c. forest.
"sign", "star sign".
feykros n., sc. dell. From "Feykro", "forest".
filsul n., sc. sunday / sundas. Lit. "Star
feykroziis n., sc. spriggan. Composed of the
words Feykro and Zii, it literally means Forest-
fin adj., c. the. This word and other articles like
it are rarely used.
feyl n., nc. morning.
fir v., nc. respect. Also serves as the noun.
feylhahnu v., nc. daydream. A combination
From Ufir: respectable.
of "Feyl" (Morning) and "Hahnu" (Dream).
firig adj., nc. former, previous, earlier.
feylil n., sc. january, morning star. A
firok n., nc. bastard.
compound of "Feyl" and "Fil".
fjal n., nc. mob, crowd, horde, mass,
feyn n., c. bane.
gather. Pronounced "Fee-all". As opposed to
feyz v., nc. strain, struggle.
"Dopaan" (group), this would be a "very big
fifah v., nc. whistle, whiffle.
group". Can also be used as the verb meaning
fifiik n., nc. flute. Referred to "Fifah"
"to gather or crowd together".
("Whistle"), "whistler".
flaar n., nc. fleet, armada.
fiid v., nc. scowl, frown.
flesk n., nc. bacon.
fiik n., c. mirror.
fley n., nc. tile.
fiikath n., nc. mirage, illusion. Derived from
fo n., c. frost.
"Fiik", "mirror".
fod adv., c. when.
fiilos n., nc. philosophy .
fodiiz n., c. hoar.
fokaronahs n., sc. frost atronach. Alteration
forun v., nc. congratulate, laud.
of "Murakonahs" (Atronach) .
foruniis n., nc. congratulation,
fokmir n., nc. enthusiasm.
congratulations. From "Forun", "to
fol adj., nc. ripe.
folaas adj., c. wrong.
forveyk n., nc. ease, easiness.
folhet n., nc. alchemy.
fos adv., nc. what.
folhetiik n., nc. alchemist. "Folhet" with the
fosrik v., nc. depict.
suffix "-iik".
fost n., nc. bridge.
folom n., nc. ripeness. "Fol" with the suffix "-
fosuun n., sc. frostbite. Derived from "Fo".
fotiid n., sc. image, effigy, reproduction. A
folook v., c. haunt.
compound of "Fo" and "Tiid", something that is
folookaal adj., sc. haunted. The adjective "to
frozen in time.
be haunted", not the simple past tense of the
foz v., nc. rend.
verb "to haunt".
fozir n., nc. debt.
folul n., nc. ripple.
fozok adj., nc. utmost. Related to "Zok",
folus adj., sc. frosty. Based on "Fo" with the
suffix "-us".
fraajik v., nc. rejoice, to feel joy or great
fomah n., sc. october, frost fall.
delight. A combination of "Fraan", "feel", and
fon v., nc. seem, be like, look like. Derived
"Jiik", "joy".
from the words Dii, Fen and Scridefan (Old
fraakar v., nc. to set a table.
English, lit. "To seem").
fraan v., nc. feel, perceive. Derived from the
fonaar v., c. charge.
words Fel, Aan and Felan (Old English, lit. "to
fook n., nc. fetish.
for v., nc. call, name. "Nii foraan" = "It is
fraanend n., nc. perception. "Fraan" with the
suffix "-end".
forahgol n., sc. temper. Derived from
frah n., nc. fame.
"Rahgol", "Rage".
frahkei adj., nc. famous. "Frah" with the
foral v., nc. forgive. Inspired by Swedish
suffix "-kei".
frahraam adj., nc. fantastic.
foralend n., nc. forgiveness. Foral + -end.
frahzogin n., nc. information.
foraltok adj., nc. forgivable. Foral + -tok.
framtiir v., nc. invite.
forgen v., nc. abstain, refrain.
framtiirend n., nc. invitation. "Framtiir" with
forson v., nc. abdicate, relinquish rule. Based
the suffix "-end".
on Forsorlhan (Old English, lit. "abdicate");
franvoth v., sc. console. A compound of
derived from the words For, Sos and Laan. Can
"Fraan" and "Voth", "to feel with".
also be used as a title towards the Forsworn, as
freik n., nc. farmer.
their name is derived from the authentic Old
frein v., sc. melt. Based on "Frin", "hot".
English word.
freind v., nc. smelt. Based on "Frein", "to
frolk v., nc. check, verify, by looking. From
freiz n., nc. royalty.
"Frolok", "to look".
freiziil adj., nc. royal. "Freiz" with the suffix
frolok v., nc. look. Based on the word Foreloce
"-iil", "of or pertaining to royalty".
(Old English, lit. "to look"). Edited spelling
freka n., nc. tundra.
from "Fhrolok".
fren n., nc. heel.
fron adj., c. kin / related.
frey v., nc. aid, help, assist.
fronein n., sc. kindred. Based on "Fron".
freydah n., nc. lament.
fronsos n., sc. relative, related. Literally,
freyend n., nc. assistance, help, aid. Frey + -
"blood kin", kin or family. Can be used as a
end suffix.
noun, "he is a relative", or as an adjective, "he is
freyiik n., nc. assistant, helper. "Frey" with
the suffix "-iik".
fruk n., nc. fruit. General term for fruit. From
fridir n., nc. harmony, serenity, tranquility.
Old Norse "frukt".
fridiraal adj., nc. harmonious, serene,
frukilom n., nc. juice. A modified compound of
tranquil. From "Fridir" with the suffix "-aal",
"Fruk", "fruit", and "Lom", "water", meaning
"with or having harmony/serenity/tranquility".
friik n., nc. apology.
fruksethok n., nc. bean. "Fruit of the dirt".
friikir v., nc. apologize. Based on "Friik",
frul adj., c. ephemeral / temporary.
frum v., nc. swoon, faint, with excitement.
friim v., nc. sheathe.
frund adj., nc. glad.
friist adj., nc. numb.
frundiin adv., nc. gladly. An alteration of
fril adj., sc. eager. Based on "Frini",
fruun n., nc. abyss.
frilin v., sc. crave. Composed of Frini and Laan
fruunen adj., nc. abyssal. "Fruun" with the
- Eagerness and Want, Request.
suffix "-en", meaning "from an abyss".
frin n., c. hot, heat, eagerness.
fuh v., nc. snort, sniff, huff, grunt.
frinvahwuld n., sc. geyser, hot
ful adv., c. so.
spring. Composed by the words Frin, Vah and
fumrii v., nc. convey.
Wuld, it literally means Hot Spring Whirlwind,
fun v., c. told.
referring to the occasional waterspouts that
fund v., sc. would. Based on "Fen", "will".
erupt from geysers. It can also indicate the
fundein v., c. unfurl / unfurled.
calmer waters around a geyser, then referring to
fundiir v., sc. furl. Derived from "Fundein"
simply the hot springs. Plural is Frinvahwuldde.
Alternate form is Frinvah - Hotspring.
funol v., sc. eject. From "Fus" and "Nol", "to
frist v., nc. roast. Both the noun and the verb,
force away".
pertaining to meat.
funt v., c. fail.
frod n., c. field, battlefield.
furah n., nc. yelp.
froiim n., nc. broom.
furgaan n., nc. libel. Inspired from the Old
English word "forsecgan".
gahlot n., sc. stealth. From "Gahrot", "to
fus n., c. force.
steal", and "Nahlot", "silence".
fusk v., sc. throw, hurl, cast. Based on "Fus",
gahnos v., nc. absorb.
gahnosend n., nc. absorption. Gahnos
fuskah v., sc. roll. Based on "Fus", "force".
(Absorb) with suffix "end" (tion).
fusond v., nc. discard, dismiss, expel, force
gahrik n., nc. falcon.
gahrot v., c. steal.
fusriin n., sc. shockwave. A combination of
gaht adv., nc. yet. Edited from "Gah" to
"Fus" and "Riin".
fussekein n., sc. military, army. A compound
gahvon v., sc. yield. Derived from
that means "force of war".
"Sindugahvon", "unyielding". Edited from the
fust v., nc. joust.
incorrect "gah".
fustir v., sc. banish, expel, literally "force
gahziin n., nc. logic, reasoning. Loosely based
out". A compound of "Fus" and "Tir".
off of "Greind" or "Intellect", and "Dahrin" or
fustiroz v., sc. exile. Derived from "Fustir",
"to banish".
gakrizar adj., nc. opposite. Related to "Kriz",
fustum v., sc. cast, throw, cast down. To
"to oppose".
throw something down.
galger n., nc. potion, elxir, tonic. Inspired by
fuuskah n., nc. whisky.
Icelandic "Gullgerðarefni".
galik n., c. pine.
galiko n., sc. boreal, coniferous, a boreal or
coniferous forest. Derived from "Galik" and
"Feykro", "Pine forest". Edited from "Galikro".
gaaf n., c. ghost.
galv v., nc. complain, whine, groan,
gaal n., sc. cove. Related to "Gul", "cave".
moan. Edited from "Gaal".
gaan n., c. stamina.
ganog adv., nc. enough.
gaansevah n., sc. mentality. From "Gaan"
gardiir adj., nc. fertile, abundant, fruitful.
and "Hah", literally: "Stamina of Mind".
gasving n., nc. gauntlet.
gaar v., c. unleash.
ge- pref., nc. forms a verb (see notes). Means
gaard n., nc. bastion, haven, sanctuary.
"to make or render", "Gemulaag" means
gaas adj., nc. nasty, filthy, horrid. From the
"strengthen", "Gekahl" means "authorize", etc.
Welsh for "nasty," "cas.".
The resulting verb is a transitive verb, which
gaav v., nc. get/got. Drived from the words
requires an object.
Geh, Aav and Geafle (Old English, lit. "to
gebahlok v., nc. starve, famish. "Bahlok"
with the prefix "Ge-", "to make hungry".
gahfus n., sc. pressure. From "Gah", "yield",
gebild v., nc. fortify. Based on "Bild" with the
and "Fus", "force".
prefix "Ge-", "to make defended".
gahkon n., nc. engine.
geblaan v., sc. complete, finish. Literally, "to
make (something) ended".
means One-Elf and refers to the time when the
gedrem v., sc. pacify. "Drem" (Peace) with the
Aldmer encompassed all of the Elven-races. It
prefix "Ge-".
also refers to the Aldmer as the progenitors of all
gedremend n., nc. pacification. "Gedrem"
current races.
with the suffix "-end".
geingolslen n., sc. hist, first-trees. Composed
gedrok v., nc. depress. Refers to emotional
by the words Gein and Golslen, it is the Dov's
depression, rather than a physical depression or
name for the Hist, who are said to be one of the
low area.
first races on Nirn and one of only two of those
gedrokaan adj., nc. depressed. "Gedrok" with
races to still exist.
the suffix "-aan" to form an adjective. Refers to
geinmaar n., c. oneself.
emotional depression, rather than a physical
geinmu'ul n., sc. monarchy. Literally, "one
depression or low area.
gedrokend n., nc. depression. Based on
geinraal adj., sc. monotheistic. Derived from
"Gedrok" with the suffix "-end". Refers to
"Geinrah" with the suffix "-aal", "with or
emotional depression, rather than a physical
having one god".
depression or low area.
geinrah n., sc. monotheism. A compound of
gefask v., nc. soften, lighten. "Fask" with the
"Gein" and "Rah", "One god" (on the analogy
prefix "Ge-", "to make soft".
with "Pogaanrah" - "Many gods").
gegein v., sc. unify, unite. Based on "Pahgein"
geinzahkey n., sc. unicorn. Derived from
and "Gein" with the prefix "Ge-", "to make
"Gein", "Zahk" and "Key", it literally means
"One-horned horse".
gegend n., sc. unification. A shortening of
geivah v., nc. point, direct, indicate.
"Gegeinend", "Gegein" with the suffix "-end".
gejahr v., nc. fill. "Jahr" with the prefix "Ge-",
geges v., nc. correct, right, remedy,
"to make full".
rectify. The verb meaning "to correct, right,
gejeykaan v., nc. bewilder. Literally, "Make
remedy" something, "Ges" with the prefix "Ge-
gejeykaant n., nc. bewilderment. The noun
gegren v., nc. imprison. "Gren" with the
form of "Gejeykaan".
prefix "Ge-".
gekahl v., nc. authorize. Based on "Kahl",
geh adv., c. yes.
geid v., nc. loan.
gekahlend n., nc. authorization. "Gekahl"
geikaal n., nc. alcohol, beer, mead, ale.
with the suffix "-end".
gein n., c. one.
gekenlok v., nc. encircle, surround,
geinan adj., nc. single. From Gein, one.
envelop. "Kenlok" with the prefix "Ge-" .
geind n., sc. union, unification, communion,
gekenlokin n., nc. atmosphere,
compound. Formed from "Gein", "one".
environment, milieu. Derived from
geinfahliil n., sc. aldmer, first
"Gekenlok", "that which surrounds".
ones. Composed of Gein and Fahliil, it literally
gekenlom n., nc. moat. A portmanteau of
"Gekenlok" and "Lom", "encircling water".
"Ge-", to "make terror".
gekinzon v., sc. sharpen.
gemah v., nc. overthrow, usurp, fell, defeat,
gekose v., sc. originate. "Kose" with the prefix
bring down. Lit. "to make fall".
gemalingren adj., sc. abridge. Based on
gekras v., sc. sicken, disgust. "Kras" with the
"Malingren", "to make short in length".
prefix "Ge-", "to make sick".
gemindok v., sc. disclose, divulge, expose,
gekrastok adj., sc. infectious. "Gekrastok"
impart. "Mindok" with the prefix "Ge-",
with "-tok", "able to make sick".
literally "to make known".
gekriis v., nc. heighten, elevate, raise,
gemogur v., nc. satisfy.
lift. From "Kriis", "to make high".
gemoro v., sc. glorify. "Moro" with the prefix
gekrin v., sc. encourage, embolden. Derived
"Ge-", "to make glory of".
from "Krin", with the prefix "Ge-", "to make
gemulaag v., sc. strengthen. Based off of
"Mulaag", "strength".
gekrinil v., nc. lower. "Krinil" with the prefix
genaz v., nc. cheer, enliven, please. From
"Ge-". The verb meaning "to lower", rather
"Unaz", "to make happy".
than the adjective "more low than".
genazok v., nc. pleasurable. A modification of
gel n., nc. smoke.
"Genaz", "to please", with "Tok", "able".
gelaad v., nc. allow.
genel v., nc. hasten, quicken. Ge: to make.
gelaadaan v., nc. allowed. Means "have/has
genik v., sc. wisen. From "onik" with the
prefix "Ge-", "to make wise".
gelaag v., nc. tire, exhaust, enervate. "Laag"
genil v., sc. void, empty, dump,
with the prefix "Ge-", "to make sleep", "to make
clear. Literally "to make void". Ge- "make", Nil
gelaar v., nc. clarify, explain. "Laar" with the
genovul v., nc. liquify. "Novul", "liquid",
prefix "Ge-".
with the prefix "Ge-". Means "to make liquid".
gelaarend n., nc. clarification,
genul v., nc. nullify, cancel, abort. Literally
explanation. "Gelaar" with the suffix "-end".
"to make null".
gelah v., sc. enchant, ensorcel. "Lah" with the
genuld n., nc. cancellation, abortion. From
prefix "Ge-", "to make magical".
gelahaan adj., sc. enchanted. "Gelah" with the
gepruz v., sc. improve, make better. "Pruz"
suffix "-aan".
with the prefix "Ge-", "to make better".
gelahiik n., sc. enchanter. "Gelah" with the
geqoth v., sc. entomb. "Qoth" with the prefix
suffix "-iik".
gelahuz n., sc. enchantment.
gerah v., nc. frustrate.
gelingrah v., sc. lengthen, stretch,
gerahgol v., sc. enrage. "Rahgol" with the
prolong. From "Lingrah", "to make long".
prefix "Ge-".
gelt n., sc. metal. Related to "Golt", "ground".
gerahgron v., sc. anger, to make
gemaar v., sc. terrify. "Maar" with the prefix
angry. "Rahgron" with the prefix "Ge-".
gerev v., nc. instill, impart.
make able".
gerik v., nc. broaden, widen, spread. From
gevahk v., nc. simplify. "Vahk" with the
"Urik", "to make broad, wide".
prefix "Ge-", "to make simple".
ges adj., nc. right, correct. Can also be used as
gevahzen v., sc. prove. "Vahzen" with the
a verb: "to right or correct".
prefix "Ge-", "to make truth".
gesaag v., sc. tell. Derived from the words
geviin v., sc. polish. "Viin", "to make shine".
Gein, Saagh and Gesagu (Old English, lit. "to
gevild n., nc. castle, hold. Any large, fortified,
elevated place, larger than a fort or keep.
gesaak v., nc. expand, extend, enlarge,
gevildseod n., sc. winterhold. "Hold of
widen. "Saak" with the prefix "Ge-", "to make
Snow". Pronounced "Geh-vild-seh-ode".
large or big".
gevoj v., nc. deafen. "Voj" with the prefix
gesahlo v., sc. weaken. Derived from "Sahlo",
"weak". Implies the taking away of strength,
gevolz v., nc. worsen. From "Volz", "to make
versus "Imzalo" which implies sickness or
worse". Edited from "Gevol" to avoid conflict
with the canon "Vol".
gesahqo v., sc. redden. "Sahqo" with the
gevoth v., sc. connect, conjoin. "Voth",
prefix "Ge-".
"with", with the prefix "Ge-", "to make with".
gesein v., sc. slow, impede. From Old Norse
gevothend n., sc. connection. "Gevoth" with
"seinn" and Ge- "make".
the suffix "-end".
gesiigor v., sc. inform. Derives from "Gesaag /
gevul v., sc. darken, shroud, shade. From
"Vul", "to make dark".
geson v., nc. lessen, decrease. Based on
geyal v., nc. tighten, narrow, thin. Ge + Yal
"Son", "less", literally "make less".
literally "to make tight/thin/narrow".
gespein v., nc. delay, stall. From "Spein", "to
geymaar n., nc. torso/chest.
make late".
geyol v., sc. ignite, light. "Yol", "fire", with
gestahdim v., nc. hallow, sanctify,
the prefix "Ge-", literally "to make on fire".
bless. From "Stahdim", "to make holy".
gezeydah v., nc. justify. "Zeyda" with the
gestin v., sc. release, free, loose. Literally
prefix "Ge-", literally "make just". An "h" was
"make free/let free".
added to facilitate verb suffixes.
gesuf v., sc. vaporize. "Suf" with the prefix
gezeydahtok adj., nc. justifiable. "Gezeydah"
with "tok", "able to justify"/"able to make just".
gesus v., sc. bloody, to cause bleeding. "Sus"
gezofaas v., sc. scare, frighten. "Zofaas" with
with the prefix "Ge-", "to make bloody".
the prefix "Ge-".
getiid n., sc. moment, instance. Altered from
gezuk v., nc. increase. Based on "Zuk",
"Get" to "Getiid".
"more". Literally, "make more".
getiraaz v., sc. sadden. "Tiraaz" with the
giif n., nc. sake.
prefix "Ge-", "to make sad".
giigel v., nc. warble.
getok v., nc. enable, allow. From "Tok", "to
giiriz v., nc. pump.
gir v., nc. listen.
Sunvaar, it literally means Tree Men Beasts and
girvoh n., nc. vase, vessel.
is a name the Dov use for the monkey-folk of
girz adj., nc. slight.
giwahdil n., nc. evidence.
golsez n., sc. amber. Derived from the
gizan n., nc. gallon.
composite-word Golslengolz, it means Treeblood
gjok interj., nc. fuck.
Stone and refers to the fossil-gemstone Amber,
glakel n., nc. glacier.
as it's usually made from tree-sap. Given the
glimrel n., nc. energy.
fact that Alduin and his Dov are directly created
gluus n., nc. luck, fortune.
by Lorhkan and Akatosh, they would
gluuskei adj., nc. lucky, fortunate. "Gluus"
undoubtingly know of the precise origins of
with the suffix "-kei", literally, "to be full of luck
or fortune".
golstaad n., sc. terrain. A compound of "Gol"
gobahron n., nc. tapestry.
and "Staad".
godaan n., nc. raccoon.
golt n., c. ground.
gogil n., c. goblin.
goltefend n., sc. gravity. A compound of
gokal n., nc. house.
"Gol" and "Tef" with the suffix "-end".
gokrii n., sc. high rock. Derived from the
goltosgoriik n., sc. groundhog. Literally
words Gol and Kriis.
"ground digger".
gol n., c. earth.
golz n., c. stone.
golah adj., c. stubborn. Most likely related to
golzaar n., sc. golem, stone-
"Gol", "earth".
servant. Composed by the words Golz and Aar,
golahrom n., sc. stubborness. Golah + -rom.
it literally means Stone-Servant or Stone-Slave.
golahzgal n., sc. earthquake.
Though the concept is hardly known in Tamriel
goldrah n., sc. boulder.
itself, it can also apply to the automatons of the
golgaaz n., sc. tablet, a stone writing
Dwemer, as they come from the very stones
tablet. Related to "Gol", "earth".
around the dwemer cities, though of course
golgraad n., sc. catacomb, crypt, any
certain processes are found in between the basic
underground place of burial. Derived from
material and the finished product. Plural is
Golz and Graad together to make "stone grave".
golklov n., sc. pole. Gol: earth, Klov: head,
gon v., nc. begin.
refers to a geographic pole.
gonah v., nc. start. From "Gon", "to begin".
golomen n., sc. amphibian. Derived from
gonahsul n., sc. sunrise. Lit. "start-day".
"Gol" and "Lom" with the suffix "-en", it
goniik n., nc. beginner, starter. "Gon" with
literally means "from earth and water".
the suffix "-iik".
golraf n., sc. crater. A compound of "Gol" and
gor v., nc. test.
"Raf", "earth-hole".
goraag n., nc. magma, lava.
golsemuzaar n., sc. monkey, monkey
goraan adj., c. young.
folk. Derived of the words Golslen, Muz and
goraaniik n., sc. youngster. "Goraan" with
the suffix "-iik", literally "someone who is
griever. "Graat" with the suffix "-iik".
graav adj., nc. serious.
gorah n., nc. titan.
graaz n., nc. array, grid, group of objects.
gorm n., nc. part, section, piece. Edited from
gradolv n., nc. gravel.
"Goor" to avoid conflict with "Guur".
grah n., c. battle.
gornaar n., nc. tour.
grah-zeymahzin n., c. ally. A phrase that
gorvahzen n., sc. experiment, trial. Derived
means "Battle-Companion".
from "Test"/"Gor" and "Truth"/"Vahzen",
grahk interj., nc. yeah, yes.
literally "testing for the truth".
grahkun n., nc. battleaxe, waraxe,
gosis n., nc. brass. Can also be used as an
greataxe. A compound of "Grah" and
gosvah n., nc. wood. Edited from "Gosvaa".
grahmindol n., c. stratagem .
gosven adj., nc. wooden. Lit. "from wood",
grahr v., sc. beat. From "Grah", "battle", to
"Gosvaa" combined with the suffix "-en".
strike, or defeat/win against.
gosvern n., nc. heaven.
grahstaad n., sc. arena.
gov n., nc. brow.
grahz v., sc. hack, slash. Related to "Grah",
govegein n., sc. outcast, pariah. It is derived
from the words Govey and Gein, Remove and
gral v., nc. growl, snarl.
one, meaning Removed One.
gram n., c. cloud.
govey v., c. remove.
gramus adj., sc. cloudy. "Gram" with the
goviir v., sc. rid. Derived from "Govey"
suffix "-us", now based on the canon word for
govir n., nc. belt.
grav n., nc. effort.
govoldeim n., nc. fortress.
gravnu adj., nc. effortless. "Grav" with the
govoz adj., nc. solemn.
suffix "-nu".
goz v., nc. mount.
gravuun n., c. autumn.
graad n., nc. grave.
greind n., nc. intelligence, intellect,
graadnah n., nc. garden.
smartness. Directly from Icelandic.
graadstaad n., nc. graveyard. A compound of
greindaal adj., nc. intelligent, smart,
"Graad" and "Staad", "grave-place".
witty. Greind + -aal.
graag n., c. green. May be used as either a
greiz adj., nc. moral, ethical.
noun or adjective.
greizah n., nc. morality, ethics. Referred to
graan v., c. rout.
graar adj., nc. crude. From the Icelandic for
gremak adj., nc. violent.
"crude," "grófur.".
gren n., nc. prison.
graat v., nc. cry, weep, mourn. Derived from
grensesille n., sc. soul cairn. Literally "prison
Old Norse "gráta".
of souls".
graatiik n., nc. crier, mourner, lamenter,
grent n., nc. thirst.
grentus adj., nc. thirsty. "Grent" with the
gruin n., nc. dread. Pronounced "Groo-een".
suffix "-us".
Can also be the verb form.
grenzah n., nc. hostage, captive, prisoner.
gruld n., nc. bead.
griid n., sc. phase. Related to "Tiid", "time".
grund n., nc. map.
griindol adj., nc. almost.
grunt v., nc. shatter.
griir adj., nc. bawdy, vulgar. Related to
grunvo adj., nc. thorough.
"Graar", "crude", but with more of a leaning
grunvom n., nc. thoroughness. From
toward comedic sexuality.
"Grunvo", "thorough".
grik adj., c. such.
grut v., sc. betray. Derives from Gruth.
grim n., nc. lair.
gruth n., c. betrayal.
grin n., sc. bond. Derived from "Gron",
gufahdey n., nc. acquaintance, associate,
grind v., c. meet.
gul n., sc. cave. From "Gol", "earth".
grindol n., nc. cliff.
gun v., nc. visit.
grinstiid adv., nc. often, oftentimes. From
gunaar v., nc. smash, crush.
"Griindol" and "Unstiid", "almost always".
gundal n., nc. proverb.
grist v., nc. introduce. From Grind: meet,
guniik n., nc. visitor. "Gun" with the suffix "-
Diist: first.
gro adj., c. bound. Bound as in, "captured and
guraad v., nc. guarantee.
gurah n., nc. bale.
grohiik n., c. wolf.
guriid v., nc. compliment.
grok adv., nc. hence.
gut adj., c. far.
grol n., nc. toad.
gutlein n., sc. planet. Gut-Lein, literally "Far
grolah v., nc. endure, withstand, persevere.
grolahnd n., nc. endurance,
gutlok n., sc. space, far-sky. Made from the
perseverance. "Grolah" with the suffix "-nd".
words "Gut" meaning far and "Lok" Meaning
gron v., c. bind.
gronzul v., sc. sentence. Means "bind-voice".
guur interj., nc. bye, goodbye. Informal.
The verb "to sentence" as in "deliver a
guvok v., nc. imbue, infuse.
sentence" rather than the grammatical unit.
guzor n., nc. sweat.
groonah n., nc. ogre.
grotiin adj., nc. heavy.
grotiinar adv., nc. heavily. Based on
"Grotiin", "heavy".
grozein n., nc. chance, opportunity.
haad n., nc. oath.
grud adj., nc. thick.
haadvohiik n., nc. forsworn. A compound of
gruhon n., nc. fugitive. Slightly related to
"Haad" and "Voh" with the suffix "-iik", it
"Ru", "to run".
literally means "who denies his oath".
Particularly can be used for native-born
hahfrin adj., sc. hyper. From "Frin", "hot",
population of the Reach.
and "Hah", "mind".
haaf n., sc. inn.
hahfur adj., sc. ditzy. From "Hah", "mind",
haal n., c. hand.
and "Eyfur", "scatter".
haalit n., sc. handle. From "Haal", "hand".
hahgen n., nc. saint. Based from Dutch,
haaljusk n., nc. nail, fingernail. Derived from
Norwegian and Finnish.
"Haal" and "Jusk", it literally means "hand
hahjok adj., nc. false.
hahkel n., nc. novel. Derived from "Deykel",
haalokluv n., sc. april / rain's hand. Haal:
Hand, Lokluv: Rain.
hahkun n., c. axe.
haalrein n., sc. applause. Lit. "hand", "roar".
hahleit n., sc. conscience. Based on "Hah",
haalvut v., c. touch, specifically with one's
hahlor n., sc. brain. Edited to "Hahlor". From
haalvutir v., sc. tag. From "Haalvut", "touch".
"Hah", "mind", and "Lor", "to think".
haar n., sc. priest. Generic word for a priest.
hahlot v., sc. revere, regard, venerate. From
From Aar: servant, and Old Norse "heilagr"
"Hah" and "Lot", "mind-great".
hahnu n., c. dream.
haaragel n., nc. malachite.
hahnud n., sc. dreamer.
haarek n., sc. priestess. Generic word for a
hahnuheim n., sc. vision,
priestess. From Aar: servant, and Old Norse
hallucination. Composed of the words Hahnu
"heilagr" ("sacred"), Rek: she.
and Heim, it literally means Dream-Forge and
haas n., c. health.
refers to the state in which one enters when
haavneviis n., nc. heratige. Based on
having visions or hallucinations.
"Haavneyz", "inherit".
hahnurov n., sc. delusion. Related to "Hah",
haavneyz v., nc. inherit.
haavniid adj., nc. inherent.
hahsebom n., sc. physics. "Mind of Motion".
haaz v., nc. lunch.
hahsedov n., sc. dracology. Although fictional
hadriid v., sc. meditate. A portmanteau of
it applies to this, for example Farengar would be
both "Hadrim" and "Tiid", and means "Mind-
a dragonologist since he is studying the dragons.
Time", as in the time you spend alone with your
Edited from "Hahsewuth".
mind i.e. meditate.
hahsegol n., sc. geology. "Mind of the earth".
hadriidak n., nc. meditation. "Hadriid" with
Edited from "Hasoksegol".
the suffix "-ak".
hahselaas n., sc. biology. "Mind of life".
hadrim n., c. mind.
Edited from "Hasokselaas".
hadroz v., nc. weave.
hahselein n., sc. cosmology. "Mind of
hah n., c. mind. Synonyms with "Hahdrim",
and it seems to be the root of it.
hahseraan n., sc. zoology. "Mind of animals".
hahdrim n., c. mind.
Edited from "Hasokseraan".
hahserah n., sc. theology. A compound of
heft v., nc. quench. To quench a thirst, either
"Hah" and "Rah", "mind of god".
literally or figuratively. From Old Norse "efna"
hahsewuth n., sc. archaeology. "Mind of the
old". Edited from "Hasoksewuth".
hefvaak v., sc. stammer, stutter,
hahvulon n., c. nightmare.
falter. Derived from "Hef" ("Half") and
hakir n., nc. frame.
"Tinvaak" ("Speak").
hamrak n., nc. barrel.
hefvulon n., sc. midnight. Lit. "Half Night".
hanzin n., nc. glove. Edited to "hanzin" to
hefyahv n., nc. radius. From "Hef" and
avoid an "-iik" ending.
"Yahv". Literally, "half-across".
harahnok n., nc. gradient.
hegem n., nc. folly, nonsense.
hark n., nc. ingot.
hei pron., nc. you, plural. Speaking to a plural
hasiiv adv., nc. concrete, solid, substantial.
group rather than a singular "you", "you all".
hask n., nc. danger, threat, peril.
heikel n., nc. liver.
haskei adj., nc. dangerous, perilous. "Hask"
heim n., c. forge.
with the suffix "-kei".
heimiik n., sc. smith, blacksmith,
hasok n., nc. school, discipline, field, study.
forger. "Heim" with the suffix "-iik".
hasoksehah n., sc. psychology. "Study of the
hein pron., nc. your/yours, plural. See "Hei".
heind v., nc. hail. The verb meaning "to call or
hasoksetokaan n., nc. math, mathematics. A
hail", rather than the precipitation.
compound that means "the study of numbers".
heinmaar pron., nc. yourselves. See "Hei".
hav v., nc. enter. To enter a room, building, or
hel v., nc. set.
situation. As opposed to the generic "Meyz"
helt v., nc. stop, halt.
hen n., nc. five.
havaas n., sc. concern. Not the verb "to relate
henreid n., nc. pentagon. Means "five-side".
hes adj., nc. sweet.
havaht n., nc. entrance, entry. "Hav" with the
hesbrot n., nc. sweetroll.
suffix "-aht", "that which is entered".
hesk n., nc. task, errand, goal, quest,
havoth v., sc. concern. Derived from "Hah",
"mind", and "Voth", "with". Can only be used
hespak n., nc. yam, sweet potato . A
as a verb.
combination of "Hes", "sweet", and "Hopak",
havothzuk adv., sc. otherwise. Literally,
"concerning more.".
hesven v., nc. flatter. A combination of "Hes"
hef adj., nc. half.
(sweet) and "Ven" (wind).
hefah n., sc. idiot, halfwit, imbecile. Hef +
het adv., c. here.
hevkah adj., sc. abrupt. From "Hevno",
hefahus adj., nc. idiotic, moronic,
"brutal", a brutal stop.
mindless. Hef + Hah + -us.
hevnaar n., sc. brute. Modified from "Hevno",
hefsul n., sc. midday. Literally, "Half Day".
hevno adj., c. brutal.
"Viintaas", "shining".
hevnoraak n., c. brutality.
hiniif v., nc. smirk, sneer. Can also be used as
heyr n., nc. halo.
a noun.
heyv n., c. duty.
hinmaar pron., sc. yourself. The reflexive
heyz adj., nc. bad, unliked, despised,
singular of "Hi".
derogatory. General derogatory term.
hinsk n., nc. stupidity, idiocy,
hez adj., nc. bright.
ignorance. From Icelandic "heimskur".
hi pron., sc. you (formal). Modification of
hinskaal adj., nc. stupid, dumb,
"Hin" which is "Your (Formal)".
ignorant. Hinsk + -aal.
hidzekiis v., nc. shimmer, sparkle, glow,
hinskaalviim n., nc. dumbshow. Meaning a
shine. Similar to "Hindiis", but with a grander
play in mime. Melding of "hinskaal", "dumb"
or more formal connotation.
and "Viim" , "show.".
hiif n., nc. help.
hir n., nc. four.
hiifarmah n., nc. benefactor. From "Hiif", "to
hiraak n., nc. pig. Referred to "Hraak".
hiriid v., nc. imply.
hiil v., nc. reach.
hiriidak n., nc. implication. "Hiriid" with the
hiim n., nc. city. Altered spelling from
suffix "-ak".
hiskeil n., nc. strawberry.
hiisk adj., nc. shrill.
hiznor n., sc. maze.
hiitir n., nc. case, matter, affair. Derived from
hjal n., nc. pond.
the words Hin, Tir, Gah and Intinga (old-
hjalbur n., nc. aspect.
english for case).
hjalok n., nc. lantern.
hild n., nc. apple.
hjamid n., nc. cheese .
hildlom n., sc. cider. A compound of "Hild"
hjane conj., nc. either. Pronounced ["hyan"-
and "Lom", "apple-water".
hilk v., nc. mix, combine, fuse.
hjani conj., nc. neither. A variation of "Hjane"
hilkiin n., sc. hybrid. Derived from "Hilk"
with "-ni", "not either".
and "Kiin". Literally, "mixed-born".
hjar n., nc. pillar.
hilv n., nc. pause, break. Also verb form, "to
hjatir n., nc. custom, practice, tradition.
hjemur n., nc. substance.
himdah n., nc. home, land,
hjier n., nc. harbor. Pronounced "hee-air".
homeland. Amended definition to differentiate
hjorem n., nc. horker.
it from "Hofkiin".
hjot n., nc. giant. Based on the Norse "jotunn".
himkah n., nc. acre .
hjotus adj., nc. giant, gigantic, gargantuan,
hin pron., c. your, yours (formal).
huge. Lit. "giantly" or "giant-like", an
hind n., c. wish.
adjective describing something great or large like
hindiis v., nc. shimmer, glimmer,
a Giant.
glisten. Related to "Haan", "light", and
ho pron., sc. you, informal.
hod n., nc. ache, pain. Also a verb, "to ache or
catastrophic. "Hormun" with the suffix "-kei".
horvut v., c. lure.
hodrahn n., nc. trough, manger.
horvutah v., c. trap / catch.
hofkah n., c. steading / farm.
hos v., sc. slap. From "Nos", "strike", and
hofkahsejun n., c. palace. Literally "House of
"Haal", "hand".
(the) King". .
hostov v., nc. flicker.
hofkiin n., c. home.
hraak n., nc. boar.
hofkiinnu adj., nc. homeless. Hofkiin with the
hras adj., nc. dainty, delicate, exquisite.
suffix -nu.
hren adj., nc. mad, insane, aloof.
hok v., nc. cross, pass.
hrenhun n., sc. daredevil, hotspur. A
hokaht n., nc. crossing, crossway. A place
compound of "Hren" and "Hun", it literally
that is crossed. Hok plus -aht.
means "Mad hero".
hokdeiniik n., sc. cross-guard. Conjunction
hrenom n., nc. madness, insanity. "Hren"
of "Hok" and "Deiniik" meaning "Cross" and
with the suffix "-om".
"Guard." The metal guard that is at the base of
hrevaak v., sc. rave, fume. Derived from
the sword. It is above the hilt.
"Hren" and "Tinvaak", "mad speech". Can be
hokoron n., c. enemy / enemies.
also used as a noun.
hokzii n., sc. demon, shade, ghost. Derived
hros n., nc. goose.
from the composition of the words "Hokoron"
hrot v., nc. float, hover.
and "Zii".
hu'um v., nc. require. Such that
hol n., nc. owl.
"Requirement", "Koshu'um" is something "to
holmah n., nc. fawn.
be required".
hon v., c. hear.
hud adj., nc. distant, remote.
honah v., nc. sense.
hudin n., nc. distance.
honaht n., sc. sound, noise. "Hon" with the
hun n., c. hero.
suffix "-aht", "that which is heard".
hundah n., nc. favor.
hond prep., nc. away.
hungaar adj., c. heroic.
hondiir adj., nc. astray. Derived from "Hond",
hurjah n., nc. trophy.
huus n., nc. skull. From Old Norse "hauss".
honfand n., sc. notation. Based on "Honfask".
huz v., sc. hark.
Musical notation.
huzrah v., c. hearken.
honfask n., sc. note. "Hon" and "Fask", "hear
soft". Means a musical note, versus a written
hopak n., nc. potato.
-iik/ -d suf., sc. "-er" (see notes). Forms a noun
hormun n., nc. disaster, tragedy,
from verbs or adjectives, as in "Wanderer" from
catastrophe. From Icelandic "hörmung".
"Wander", "Wunduniik". If the word ends in a
hormunkei adj., nc. disasterous,
vowel, the suffix is "-d", as in "Kriid". It can
iizstrun n., sc. blizzard. A compound of "Iiz"
also be used to make nouns out of adjectives:
and "Strun", "ice-storm".
"Zuruniik", "stranger", "Goraaniik",
iizus adj., sc. icy. "Iiz" with the suffix "-us".
"youngster", meaning "someone who is
ikin n., nc. fish. Can also be used as a verb, "to
strange", "someone who is young", etc.
-iil / -riil suf., nc. forms an adjective from a
iklan v., nc. abrogate, annul, abolish.
noun. Means "of, like, or pertaining to"
il v., nc. let. Spelled "il", the typeface makes it
something, "Zooriil" - "Legendary",
look like "ll".
"of/pertaining to legend". "-riil" if the noun
iliis v., nc. hide. The verb meaning "to hide",
ends in a vowel.
not an animal's hide.
-iin / -liin suf., nc. future tense suffix. Implies
iliistaad n., nc. hideout. A compound of
"will", E.g. Battle = Grah He will battle
"Iliis", "to hide", and "Staad", "place".
dragons. Rok grahliin dovahhe.
ilir n., nc. image, picture, likeness.
ii interj., nc. aye.
ilit n., nc. fox.
iidah v., nc. attack. Can be both a verb, and a
ilkoth adj., nc. awkward, embarrassing .
ilmah v., sc. drop. A compound of "Let" or
iilah n., nc. moon.
"Il", and "Fall" or "Mah".
iilahiil adj., nc. lunar. "Iilah" with the suffix
ilos v., nc. conceal. From "Iliis", "to hide".
imaar v., nc. enslave, control. Modification of
iilahkin adj., nc. moonlit. From "Iilahkun".
Slave and Make, Aar and Imzik respectively.
iilahkun n., nc. moonlight. A compound of
imaaraan adj., sc. enslaved. Imaar + -aan
"Iilah" and "Kun". Edited from "Iilahaan".
iilahsegol n., sc. moonstone.
imzik v., nc. make.
iilahsufol n., nc. moon sugar. Literally
in n., c. master.
"Moon Sugar".
inaak v., sc. lead, direct. From "Aak", "to
iilahsul n., sc. monday / morndas. Lit.
"Moon Day".
indagriin adj., nc. intense .
iim n., sc. mer. Based on the word for "orc,"
inhon v., nc. pervert, lead astray.
Ogiim, assuming it is equivalent to "Orsimer.".
inhus n., c. mastery.
iirik n., sc. chill. Related to "Iiz", "ice".
inlok adj., nc. jolly, jovial, merry.
iisk n., nc. fang.
inmindaar n., nc. headmaster. Related to
iiz n., c. ice.
"In", "master", and "Mindah", "knowledge".
iizil adj., sc. heartless, pitiless. A compound of
invoraak n., nc. gathering/meeting. No
"Iiz" and "Sil", "ice-souled".
Derivatives .
iizmalur n., sc. iceberg. A compound of "Iiz"
inzah n., nc. idol.
and "Malur", meaning "a piece of ice".
iraz n., nc. mint. Refers to the plant/herb.
iizrii n., sc. ice wraith. Derived from "Iiz" and
ireid adv., nc. aside. Based on "Reid", "side".
"Zii". Edited from "Iizinrii".
ireik n., nc. habit.
irkbaan n., nc. hate. Can also be used as a
jii interj., nc. yay, huzzah, hurray. Derived
verb. Simplified "Irkbo" and "Irkbaan" into one
from Jiik, Joy. Yay is an informal word that
word, both a noun and a verb.
expresses triumph, approval, or encouragement.
irud v., nc. distract, divert.
jiid adj., nc. grim, bleak.
istrom n., nc. electricity.
jiik n., nc. joy. Edited from "Jii" to "Jiik".
izaak n., nc. banter.
jiist n., sc. obstacle. Related to "Kriist", "to
stand". Something that stands against or in the
jin n., nc. bush, shrub.
jir n., nc. pillow. Edited from "Jeer" to "Jir", as
jaald n., nc. camp. Also used as the verb.
"ee" isn't used in Dovahzul.
Inspired by Icelandic "tjalda".
jisdeyn n., nc. martyr.
jaar n., nc. thrash.
jisdeynaan n., nc. martyrdom.
jaaril v., nc. protect.
jokaar v., nc. reflect, reflection. Can be used
jafuur v., nc. transform.
as both a noun, "reflection", and a verb, "to
jafuurend n., nc. transformation. "Jafuur"
with the suffix "-end".
jol adv., nc. while.
jag n., nc. shop. Also a verb.
joor n., c. mortal.
jah n., sc. will, willpower. Related to "Hah",
joormur adj., sc. artificial, manmade. A
compound of "Joor" and "mur", "mortal-made".
jahdor n., nc. gallows.
jor n., sc. person. From Joriin: people, and Joor:
jahfir v., nc. develop, evolve.
jahnok v., nc. solve.
joraan n., sc. crew. Related to "Jor", "people".
jahr adj., nc. full.
joriin n., sc. people. Related to Jor: Person, and
jakah v., nc. fulfill.
Joor: Mortal.
jazbaar n., nc. minute.
jormaar adj., sc. private, individual,
jeh v., nc. giggle, chuckle, chortle, titter.
jekah v., nc. boggle.
jormah n., sc. public. Also used as the
jen adj., nc. purple, violet.
jenkazaar n., nc. amethyst.
jot n., c. maw.
jer n., c. east.
jotkaaz n., sc. sabre cat. A compound of "Jot"
jeren adj., sc. eastern, easterly. "Jer" with the
and "Kaaz", "Maw Cat".
suffix "-en".
jovein n., nc. paradox, absurdity, anomaly,
jeydahk n., c. confusion. Edited from
"Jeykaal" to "Jeydahk".
joviiz adj., nc. absurd, paradoxical.
jeyk v., nc. confuse.
jud n., c. queen.
jeyzok n., nc. cone.
juh v., nc. win.
jifiin n., nc. texture.
juk v., nc. maim, mar, maul.
jul n., c. man / mankind / humans.
kaask n., nc. cage, cell.
jun n., c. king, jarl.
kaatoz v., nc. lash.
junaar n., c. kingdom.
kaaz n., c. cat / khajiit.
jundein n., sc. kingship. Derives from "Jun"
kaazsegram n., sc. leopard. Translated to "cat
and the suffix "-dein".
of the clouds" due its spots.
jur v., nc. challenge.
kadul adj., nc. ajar.
juriik n., nc. challenger. From Jur: to
kagaav n., nc. pendant, amulet.
challenge, -iik, -er.
kagugoz n., nc. cacophony.
juros v., nc. sag, droop.
kah n., c. pride.
jusk n., nc. claw / talon.
kahest n., nc. cauldron.
juskov n., nc. carving, relief,
kahl n., nc. authority.
embossment. Particularly, carved words.
kahlos n., nc. cargo, luggage, baggage.
juum n., nc. liquor. From the Finnish word
kahmaar v., sc. gloat, boast. From "Kah",
"Juoma" (liquor).
"pride", and "-maar", "self".
kahriik n., nc. poet. Based on "Kahriil",
kahriil n., nc. poem, verse, epic.
kahrun adj., nc. epic. Referred to "Kahriil".
-kei suf., sc. -ous/ -ious. Meaning "possessing
kahruz n., nc. chaurus.
of" or "full of", modifies a noun to an adjective.
kalaas n., nc. cocoa. Related to "Elaas",
An example is "Morokei" ("glorious"), based on
"Moro" ("glory").
kalah n., nc. story.
kaag v., nc. burst, blast, explode.
kalul n., nc. ox.
kaagend n., nc. explosion, burst,
kalumun n., sc. minotaur. Derived from
blast. "Kaag" with the suffix "-end".
"Kalul" and "Mun", it literally means "Ox-
kaagrelt n., sc. medallion. Derived from Krelt
man". Plural is Kalumuz.
and Kagaav, Medal and Amulet/Pendant.
karaak n., nc. skin. Can also be used as a verb,
kaal n., c. champion.
"to skin".
kaaley n., nc. dose.
karaas v., nc. wear, dress. Related to
kaam n., nc. shirt.
"Karaak", "skin".
kaan n., c. kyne.
karon n., nc. grease, oil.
kaarn adj., nc. wayward, disobedient,
kasiil adj., nc. supernatural, uncanny, eerie,
immoral, unruly. Edited from "Kahr" to avoid
association with "Kahriil".
kast adj., nc. stuck, trapped. Differs from
kaas n., sc. pang, sharp sudden pain or
"Horvutah". "Horvutah" implies being lured or
painful emotion. From "Faaz", "pain".
tricked. This means being stuck or trapped in a
kaasendaar n., nc. elsweyr. Short for "desert
position without being tricked or lured into that
of Khajiit".
kastalir n., nc. surcoat.
the English verb "to pelt".
kathral n., nc. cotton.
kelnat v., nc. deliver.
katurah n., nc. kitchen.
kem v., nc. bark. An animal's bark, as opposed
kav n., nc. roof.
to the bark of a tree. Also a noun.
kaviir n., nc. rabbit, hare.
ken n., sc. knight. Derived from "Kendov"
kavrot v., nc. consummate.
meaning warrior. Edited down to simply "Ken"
kazaar n., nc. quartz.
from "Nonken".
kehah n., sc. lochaber axe. Related to
kenaar n., sc. paladin. A compound of "Ken"
"Hahkun". The Lochaber axe was a Scottish war
and "Aar", "knight-servant".
axe that came into use around 1600. The name
kend v., nc. must.
of the weapon derives from Lochaber, an area in
kendov n., c. warrior.
the western Scottish Highlands, as the weapon
kenlik n., nc. cycle. Related to "Kenlok",
was employed principally by the Scottish
highlanders, who (generally without any cavalry
kenlir v., nc. rotate. From "Kenlok", "circle".
of their own) required armament against
kenlok n., nc. circle.
kenlokus adj., nc. round, circular. "Kenlok"
kein n., c. war.
with the suffix "-us", "having the qualities of a
keinlahzey n., sc. warmage, battlemage. A
compound of "Kein" and "Lahzey".
kerf n., nc. coin.
keinsejoorre n., sc. first dragon
kerl n., nc. hag, crone. From Old Norse
war. Combines "kein" (war) and "joor"
(mortal). Known as the First Dragon War to the
kerluvak n., nc. hagraven. Kerl "hag", Ruvak
Nords, the Dragons refer to it as "The War of
kern n., nc. corn. Derived from Old Norse
keinul n., sc. fray, quarrel, clash. Based on
"Kein", "war".
kervaaz v., nc. detest, despise, disdain.
keinus adj., sc. warlike. "Kein" with the suffix
kes n., nc. limit, edge.
"-us", "having the qualities of war".
kesaal adj., nc. limited. "Kes" with the suffix
keir n., nc. floor.
"-aal", "having a limit".
keit v., nc. promise.
kesat v., nc. collide.
keitz n., nc. list.
kesatak n., nc. collision. "Kesat" with the
keiz n., sc. rebellion, riot, revolt,
suffix "-ak".
revolution. Related to "Kein".
kesk n., nc. rib. From "Kaask", "cage".
keizaal n., c. skyrim.
kesmah n., nc. vow, oath.
kel n., c. elder scroll.
kest n., c. tempest.
kelad v., nc. exterminate, annihilate,
ket v., nc. equip.
eradicate, extinguish.
ketaan adj., nc. equipped. Ket + -aan.
kelm n., nc. pelt. An animal pelt, as opposed to
ketak n., nc. equipment. Ket + -ak.
ketokaan n., nc. abacus. From "Tokaan",
kiid n., nc. pact. .
kiihus adj., nc. ashen. "Kii" with the suffix "-
key n., c. horse.
keyaam v., nc. abandon, forsake, leave
kiilaar v., nc. communicate. To have a mutual
behind. Based on Ofgifan (Old English, lit.
understanding of what one is conveying.
"abandon"), derived from the words Geyn and
kiilaariik n., nc. communicator.
kiilaarik n., nc. communication.
keyaamend n., nc. abandonment. "Keyaam"
kiim n., c. wife.
with the suffix "-end".
kiimah n., sc. bride. Related to "Kiim",
keyadiis adj., nc. forsaken, abandoned, left
behind. Based on "Keyaam".
kiin v., c. born.
keyal n., nc. week.
kiindah n., sc. birth, creation. A modification
keyd n., sc. steed. Based on "Key", "horse".
of "Kiin".
keymun n., sc. centaur. A compound of "Key"
kiindahqaar n., nc. birthright. A compound of
and "Mun", it literally means "Horse-man".
"Kiindah" and "Qaar".
Plural is "Keymuz".
kiindahsiin n., sc. birthsign. A compound of
keyn n., c. anvil.
"Kiindah" and "Siin".
keyr n., nc. awe, marvel. Pronounced like
kiindahsul n., sc. birthday. A compound of
"care". Can also be used as a verb, "to awe or to
"Kiin" and "Dahsul".
kiinoot n., sc. talent. Derived from "Kiin" and
keyraan n., sc. colt. A young male horse.
"Noot," meaning "inborn skill".
keyrek n., sc. mare. "Key" suffixed with
kiir n., c. child / children.
kiiraal adj., sc. pregnant. "Kiir" with the
keyriin n., sc. filly, young female
suffix "-aal", "with child".
horse. Based on "Key", "horse".
kiirmaar n., sc. childhood.
keyrok n., sc. stallion. "Key" suffixed with
kiirus adj., sc. childish, childlike. "Kiir" with
the suffix "-us".
keyroon n., sc. foal. A young horse of either
kiiz adj., nc. pent, shut in.
kinbok n., c. leader.
kigrath n., sc. moss. Derived from the words
kinbokein n., sc. general. A compound of
Kriis, Krah and Gruth, based on Ciricragu (Old
"Kinbok", "leader", and "Kein", "war".
English, lit. "moss").
kinz v., sc. puncture, pierce, stab,
kii n., nc. ash / ashes. Is its own plural.
penetrate. Based on "Kinzon", "sharp".
kiibam n., nc. mushroom.
kinzon adj., c. sharp.
kiibok v., sc. follow. Derived from "Kinbok",
kinzonom n., sc. sharpness. Based on
"Kinzon", "sharp".
kiibokin n., sc. follower. Uses the same suffix
kinzuk v., sc. impale, lance, skewer. Based
as "Qahnaarin", "Vanquisher".
on "Kinz", "to puncture".
kip n., c. food.
Also can be used as a noun: "Original",
kipaar n., sc. intestine, bowel, gut. Refers to
"Primary source".
"Kipah", "Digestion".
kog v., sc. bless. Based on the canon "Kogaan",
kipah n., sc. digest, digestion. Refers to
"Kip", "Food". Also can be used as a verb,
kogaan n., c. blessing, thanks. "Thanks" is an
informal definition.
kipraan n., c. meal.
kol n., c. crag.
kir adv., nc. please.
kolahn v., sc. reside, inhabit, occupy. From
kirg n., nc. coal.
"Ko" and "Lahney", "to live in".
kirgar n., nc. siege. Also is a verb meaning "to
kolahniik n., sc. resident. Adapted from "Ko"
lay siege to"; "Nust kirgar Ahrolsedovah".
and "Lahney".
kirkah n., nc. church.
kolok adj., sc. aloft. Lit. "in", "sky".
kirkel n., nc. circlet.
kolos adv., c. where, in which. A compound of
kirnd n., nc. pleasure. "Kir" with the suffix "-
"Ko" and "Los", lit. "in is".
kolost v., sc. contain, hold. A compound of
kirndaal adj., nc. pleasant. "Kirnd" with the
"Ko" and "Lost", "to have-in".
suffix "-aal".
kolov v., nc. conform, comply, integrate.
kirod v., nc. sustain.
kolovend n., nc. conformation, integration,
kirt v., nc. dry.
compliance. "Kolov" with the suffix "-end".
klahd n., nc. faucet, tap.
kolraag n., sc. grotto. From "Kol", "crag".
klav n., nc. ant.
kolvas n., nc. drug.
kleir n., nc. genius.
kolzakiiv n., nc. schematic.
kliif v., nc. cling, adhere.
komah v., sc. plunge, fall (into). A compound
kliin v., sc. hatch. From "Klur" and "Kiin".
of "Ko" and "Mah", "in-fall", "to fall into".
klo n., c. sand.
Doesn't need to be used with the prepositions
klofraan adj., sc. rough, coarse. The 'r' is
"Ko" or "Kotin".
rolled more deeply than usual. "The feeling of
komed v., sc. beseem. From "Kos", "to be",
sand". Can be used as a noun.
and "Med", "like or as".
klostrun n., sc. sandstorm. A compound of
komeyt v., c. issue / issued / let loose.
"Klo" and "Strun".
kon n., nc. girl.
klov n., c. head.
konaar n., nc. chief, chieftain.
klur n., nc. egg.
konahrik n., c. warlord.
ko prep., c. in.
kongaar n., nc. arbitrary .
koben n., sc. percent. Ko: in, Ben: hundred.
koniiyek v., nc. persuade.
kod v., c. wield.
koor n., c. summer.
kodaav n., c. bear.
koos n., nc. grain.
kodiist adj., sc. original, initial. Derived from
kopraamul n., sc. adrenaline. From
"Kos" and "Diist", it literally means "be first".
"Kopraan" and "Mul", "Body-Strong".
kopraan n., c. body.
observer. Derives from "Koraav", "to see". A
koprein n., sc. stance. Derived from the words
noun only.
Kopraan and Dein, lit. "Body-Keep", as in
koros v., sc. happen / occur. Based on "Kos",
holding a certain defensive/offensive position.
an expanded meaning of "to be".
kopruzah adj., sc. positive. "Pruzah" with
korosend n., nc. event, occurrence,
"Ko", being good.
occasion. "Koros" with the suffix "-end".
koraak n., nc. belief. Derived from "Korah",
korost v., nc. encounter. Both the noun and
the verb.
koraas n., nc. possiblity.
kortuz n., sc. rapier.
koraav v., c. see.
korvan n., nc. alley.
koraaveyz n., sc. glasses, spectacles,
korviin n., nc. currency.
monocle, spyglass, any seeing aid made of
korvoth n., sc. concert. From "Voth", "with".
glass. A compound meaning "seeing-glass".
kos v., c. be.
koraaviik n., sc. seer, watcher. Combines
kosaan v., sc. been (have been). The verb
"Koraav" and the suffix "-iik".
"kos" with the suffix "-aan". "Zu'u kosaan" =
koraavmed v., sc. concur. Literally, "see like."
"I have been".
Expresses that you share the same view as the
kosah adj., sc. mindful. Literally "Be Mind".
kose n., sc. origin. Portmanteau of the words
koraazen n., sc. insight. Modified version of
Kos "Be" and Se "Of", i.e. Of Dwemer Origin.
"see truth.".
koshu'um n., nc. requirement.
korah v., nc. believe.
kosiir v., nc. beware.
korahtok adj., nc. believable. "Korah"
kosill adj., c. inner, within.
combined with "tok", "able".
kosov v., nc. behave, function, perform, act.
korasaal adj., nc. possible. Based on "Koraas"
kostim n., nc. spider.
with the suffix "-aal".
kostir v., sc. practice. From "Kos", "to be".
kord adj., nc. prime.
kothrakaas n., sc. intercourse,
koreid adj., sc. inside.
exchange. Related to "Ko", "in", and "Voth",
koreidin n., sc. insider, member. Alteration
of "Koreid".
kotin prep., c. into.
koriaan adj., sc. witnessed,
kovolk v., nc. ensnare. A combination of
observed. "Observe" with the "-aan" suffix.
"Kos" and "Volk", literally "to be gripped,
korii v., sc. witness, observe. Derived from
Koriim, "observer.".
kovolzah adj., sc. negative. "Volzah" with
koriid n., nc. companion, cohort, comrade.
"Ko", "in-badness".
koriidein n., nc. companionship, kinship,
kovon v., nc. recite, declaim.
belonging. Derives from the base word
koz n., nc. foot / feet. The unit of measurement
rather than the physical foot. Is its own plural.
koriim n., sc. witness, onlooker,
kozeim prep., sc. throughout. "Ko"
compounded with "Zeim", "In-Through".
kred n., nc. game.
kozen adv., nc. somehow / someway. A
kreh v., c. bend.
compound of "Ko" and "Zen", literally "in a
krehpaagol adj., sc. bowlegged . Lit. "bend",
koziir n., sc. quality. From "Kos". A trait or
kreidol n., nc. granite.
characteristic, rather than something that is of
krein n., c. sun.
high quality.
kreintor n., sc. november / sun's dusk. Tor:
kraak n., nc. chalk.
dusk, krein: sun.
kraan n., nc. gram.
kreinus adj., sc. sunny. "Krein" with the suffix
krah n., c. cold.
krahl n., nc. desire.
kreinvu n., sc. february, sun's dawn. Lit.
krahlt v., nc. desire.
"Sun Dawn".
krahltok adj., nc. desirable. "Krahlt" with
kreinvulon n., sc. solar eclipse, sun-
"tok", "able to be desired".
night. Composed of the words Krien and Vulon,
krahral n., nc. kneecap.
it literally means Sun-Night, referring to a
krahsek n., nc. knee.
night during the day when a solar eclipse
kramin n., nc. kettle.
occurs. When reversed, it forms Vulonkrien and
kran n., nc. tide, tides.
means Night-Sun, Moon.
kranas v., nc. trip, stumble, fall over.
krek n., sc. bend, crook, nook.
kranasviilon n., nc. tripwire. A compound of
krel adj., sc. crooked, bent, curved,
"Kranas" and "Viilon".
curled. Derived from "Kreh", "to bend".
krantok n., nc. advantage, upper-hand.
krelt n., sc. medal. Derived from Gelt and Kerf,
kras adj., c. sick.
metal and coin.
krasaar n., c. sickness.
krelzahkrii n., sc. saber, scimitar. A
krashraan n., sc. infection. Derived from the
compound of "Krel" and "Zahkrii", "curved
words Kras and Ahraan, lit. "Sick-Wound".
krasliivin n., sc. peryite. A dragon name for
kren v., c. break.
Peryite, "Sick Wither Master".
krenbahlok n., sc. breakfast. Compound of
krasnovaar n., c. disease.
"Kren", "break", and "Bahlok", "hunger.".
krastak v., sc. vomit, puke. Based on "Kras,"
krent adj., c. broken.
krentar v., nc. surrender.
krasum v., sc. snuffle, sniffle, wheeze. A
krentok adj., nc. fragile, breakable.
compound of "Kras" and "Sum", it literally
kresel v., nc. sizzle, crackle, sputter.
means "sick breathing". Can also be used as a
krey n., nc. vine.
krezah n., sc. scythe. Taken from Kreh
kravein n., nc. nephew.
meaning bend and Zahkrii meaning sword.
krazahl n., nc. goal, target, aim. From Krahl:
kridaazend n., sc. assassination. "Kridaaz"
desire, Zahd: point.
with the suffix "-end".
krif v., c. fight.
krizend n., sc. opposition. Derived from Kriz:
krifiik n., sc. fighter. From Krif, "to fight".
to oppose. Krif: to fight, Zeymah: brother.
krig v., nc. slander, insult, offend.
krizey n., sc. opponent. Stems from the words
krii v., c. kill, slay.
"Krif" (fight) and "Zeymah" (brother). .
kriid n., c. killer / slayer.
kro n., c. sorceror.
kriidaz v., sc. assassinate. Related to "Krii",
krod adj., sc. sorry. E.g. "I am sorry".
"to kill".
krogiir n., nc. shin. Derived from "Krinil" and
kriik v., nc. tie.
"Ogiir", it literally means "lower leg" .
kriilaanthuz n., sc. euthanasia. Based on
krolur v., nc. agree. Edited from "Kroklur" to
"Krii", "to kill".
"Krolur" to ease pronunciation.
kriind n., sc. slaughter, killing, slaying. The
krolurend n., nc. agreement. "Krolur" with
noun from "Krii" with the suffix "-nd".
the suffix "-end".
kriis adj., nc. high.
kron v., c. conquer.
kriisfahliil n., sc. altmer, high elf. Composed
krond n., sc. conquest. From "Kron" with the
of the words, Kriis and Fahliil, it literally means
suffix "-nd".
High-Elf, which is almost the literal translation
krongrah n., c. victory.
of Altmer.
krongrahkei adj., sc. victorious. Derived from
kriisjor n., nc. archon, magistrate, anyone in
"Krongrah", "victory", and the suffix from
high power. Refers, to anyone holding a high
"Morokei", "glorious", based on "Moro",
office or power.
kriist v., c. stand.
krongriik n., sc. victor. From "Krongrah",
kriitah n., nc. crypt.
kriith n., nc. height, elevation. Combination
kroniid n., c. conqueror.
of Kriis: high, and Old Norse "hæð".
kronimaar n., sc. mechanism, machinery,
kriithul n., sc. july / sun's height. Kriith:
gear. Derived from "Kroson" and "Nimaar",
height, Shul: sun.
"works itself". Mainly refers to dwemer
kriivah n., c. murder. Noun or Verb.
machinery except automatons (for them word
kril adj., c. brave.
"dwinaar" is used).
krilaan n., sc. bravery. From "Kril", "brave".
krosfahdon n., sc. colleague, associate. From
krilot adj., c. valiant.
"Kroson" and "Fahdon", "work-friend".
krin adj., c. courageous.
krosik v., sc. yearn, pine. Derived from Krosis,
krinil adj., nc. low.
sorrow, as the meaning is similar.
krisiiv v., nc. relax.
krosilov n., sc. dirge. Taken from Krosis and
krivaan n., c. murderer.
Lovaas to be a song of mourning for the lost.
kriz v., sc. oppose. Derived from Krizey:
krosis n., c. sorrow, pardon. The word is often
opponent. Krif: to fight; Zeymah: brother.
used in conversation as a remark, using
krizaak n., nc. alternative. Lit. "opposing",
"sorrow" to express regret, pity, or sympathy.
kroslen n., nc. lip/ lips. .
kroson n., nc. work, labor. Is both the noun
kunmaar n., nc. hermit.
and the verb.
kunriiv adj., nc. imperfect, flawed.
krostaad n., nc. position.
kunt adj., sc. lit. Based on "Kun", "light". The
krostig n., sc. process, procedure. Based off of
adjective meaning "lit" as in "a lit candle",
"Step" or "Stig" and "Work" or "Kroson".
rather than the past tense of "to light".
krotz n., nc. job, occupation, workplace,
kunuk n., nc. pearl. Derived from "Kun",
"light". Edited from "Haanuk".
kroved v., nc. disgrace, corrupt, defile. Used
kunus v., sc. anticipate. Derived from "Kun",
as a verb, "to disgrace or corrupt".
"take", and "Us", "before".
krozah v., nc. meddle, pry, interfere, snoop,
kunz v., nc. bombard, barrage.
to nose.
kurahiv v., nc. achieve, attain.
krozol n., nc. crocodile.
kuren n., nc. schism, divide, separation.
krozu v., nc. intervene .
kurlah n., nc. journey.
krozund n., nc. intervention. Based on
kurlahmun n., sc. journeyman. Literal
"Krozu", "to intervene".
kru'um adj., nc. fantasy.
kurlank v., nc. navigate.
krul n., nc. howl.
kusaar n., nc. curiousity.
krumon v., nc. chew, munch, crunch.
kusah n., nc. interest, pursuit. Can also be
krunaar v., nc. grasp.
used as a verb meaning "to interest". "Zu'u
krund n., sc. throne.
kusahlaan ko." = "I am interested in.".
kruziik adj., c. ancient.
kusahraal adj., nc. interested. A modification
kruzikaar n., sc. rightness, ancient right or
of "Kusah" with the suffix "-aal", "with or
privilege. From "Kruziik", "ancient", and
having interest".
"Qaar", "right".
kusil adj., nc. instant, prompt, urgent.
kujiir v., nc. enjoy.
kuud adj., nc. shy.
kul n., c. son(s).
kuunik v., nc. acquaint, familiarize.
kul adj., c. good, morally good. Related to
kuyiz v., nc. propel, drive, launch.
"Vokul", which literally means "ungood". See
kuyizaht n., nc. projectile. "Kuyiz" with the
"Pruzah" for the sense that would be used in
suffix "-aht", "that which is
"I'm doing good", or "good day".
kulaad v., nc. jealousy.
kuz v., nc. take, grab.
kulaan n., c. prince.
kuzd v., nc. raid. Based on "Kuz". Edited from
kulaas n., c. princess.
kuld n., nc. text, script, scripture.
kuzniir n., nc. grapple, grapnel. "Kuz" with
kump n., nc. basil.
the suffix "-niir", "that which one grabs with".
kun n., sc. light. Reverse derived from
Means a grappling hook, not to be confused for
"Vokun", "shadow".
kung n., nc. lot, bunch, multitude.
the verb "to grapple". Edited from "Kuniir".
lahan n., nc. birch.
lahbaas n., sc. arcana, school of
magic. Edited from "Lahbahs".
laag n., nc. sleep. Can be used as either a noun
lahbriin n., sc. witch. A word derived of the
or verb.
composite Labriinah, it means Magic Sister in
laaghadrim n., sc. hypnosis. Lit. "Sleep",
its literal translation. It is a Dov-denomination
of the few female Joor, mortals, that have a more
laagliis v., nc. yawn. Derived from Laag, sleep.
advanced grasp of the power of Lah, magic. For
Can also be used as a noun.
mages, a denomination of male Joor with similar
laagnu adj., sc. sleepless, restless. "Laag"
power, they use either Lahzeymah or the shorter
with the suffix "-nu".
laagus adj., nc. sleepy, tired. From Laag
lahiik n., nc. shaman, diviner, wizard,
witch, magician. From "Lah" with the suffix "-
laagvaas n., sc. lullaby. Derived from "Laag"
iik", a general term for anyone who possesses the
("Sleep") and "Lovaas" ("Song, Music").
powers of Magicka.
laahey v., nc. loathe.
lahk v., nc. scold.
laak n., nc. ray. A ray of light, rather than the
lahkmojon adj., nc. flabbergasted.
sea creature.
lahlun n., sc. shamanism. "Lah" with the
laakir n., nc. onion, leek. Derived from Old
suffix "-lun" (on the analogy of "Rahlun").
Norse "laukr" ("leek"). .
lahney v., c. live.
laakis n., nc. conifer, larch. A conifer tree.
lahspaan n., sc. ward . Lah+Spaan, Magicka
laan v., c. want, request.
Shield .
laar adj., nc. clear, apparent.
lahvirn n., nc. legion.
laarkei adj., nc. obvious. Derived from "Laar",
lahvraan v., c. muster / gather.
"clear", being clear or full of clearness.
lahvraanoth v., sc. assemble. A compound of
laarmoh n., nc. varnish. A compound of
"Lahvraan" and "Voth", "gather-with".
"Laar" and "Moh", "clear-coat".
lahvriiluz n., sc. manager, overseer. Based on
laarom n., nc. clarity. "Laar" with the suffix "-
"Lahvraan", "to gather".
lahvu n., c. army.
laas n., c. life.
lahvuun adj., nc. mystic.
laat adj., c. last.
lahvuunom n., sc. mysticism. "Lahvuun"
laatmaas n., sc. august / last seed.
with the suffix "-om". Can be used for general
laavak v., nc. suffocate.
belief in something supernatural as well as for
lafaan n., nc. parent.
the Mysticism Magic School.
lah n., c. magicka, mana.
lahzey n., sc. mage, wizard, sorcerer. A
lahaal adj., sc. magical. "Lah" with the suffix
derived word of the composite "Lahzeymah",
lakif n., nc. mischief.
"passion". Can be used as a noun or a verb. It
laniz v., nc. imitate, copy, duplicate.
doesn't require prepositions or additional
laniziik n., nc. imitator, mimic,
helping verbs. You would simply say "Zu'u liin
copycat. Derived from "Laniz" with the suffix
liinus adj., sc. sexy. Derived from "Liin",
lask v., nc. earn.
"sex" and "-us"(-y).
latiid adj., sc. classic, traditional. A compound
liinvas adj., sc. sexual, reproductive.
of "Laat" and "Tiid", "lasting through time".
liis interj., nc. hiss, laughter. Liis is a word for
legaar n., nc. elk. Derived from Old Norse
vicious hissing. It can also be used for the
Dovahzul equivalent of the English haha: liisisis.
leh conj., c. lest.
liiv v., c. wither.
lehet n., nc. shrug.
liivor v., sc. rot. Derives from "Liiv / wither".
leik n., nc. level, difficulty, grade.
liivrah v., c. diminish.
lein n., c. world, mundus, universe,
liizuk n., nc. marble.
likaan adj., nc. weird.
leinah n., nc. dress.
likinstah n., nc. statement.
leinhaal adj., nc. clothed, dressed. Based on
lingraan n., sc. longitude . From "Lingrah",
Leinah + aal, "having dress".
leiniil adj., sc. worldly, earthly. Lein: world, -
lingraav v., sc. watch. Literally, "see long.".
iil: of, "of or pertaining to the world".
lingrah adj., c. long.
leret n., nc. nest.
lingrahbrax n., sc. longbow. A compound of
lesk n., nc. vegetable.
"Lingrah" and "Brax".
leyk n., nc. rank, echelon.
lingrahmiin n., sc. reconnaissance. Lit.
leyvah adj., nc. local.
lid n., nc. party, troop, band. Derived from
lingraz n., nc. pole-arm, pole weapon. Based
Old Norse "lidth".
on "Tuz", "blade", and "Lingrah", "long".
lif v., nc. exit, leave, depart. Exit a room or
lingren n., nc. length.
building (as opposed to the generic "Geyn"
lingzahkrii n., sc. longsword. A compound of
"Lingrah" and "Zahkrii".
lifaht n., nc. exit. The way out of a room or
liqos v., nc. litter.
building, or situation. "That which is exited".
lir n., c. worm.
lii n., nc. liberty.
lirah n., nc. trip.
liid v., nc. liberate.
lit n., nc. quart. One quarter of a gallon.
liidak v., nc. liberation.
lith adj., nc. few.
liig adj., nc. delicious, tasty. Inspired by
lo v., c. deceive.
Norwegian "deilig".
lo'om n., sc. lake. Derived from the words
liik n., nc. milk.
"Lot" and "Lom". Pronounced "low-um".
liin v., sc. mate, sex. Derives from "Smoliin",
loah n., nc. spectrum. Loah.
lodhir n., nc. veteran.
Rok Lokolteiren.
lofur v., nc. blush.
lokos n., sc. weather. From Lok: sky, Kos: to
logolz n., sc. sapphire, waterstone, blue
gemstone. Derived from the composition of the
lokraan n., sc. bird. Literally means "Sky
words Lokluv and Golz, its literal meaning is
Skytear Stone, referring to the colour of the gem.
lokraas n., sc. pheasant. From Lokraan (Bird).
lohiim n., nc. town. Edited the spelling
loksestaad n., sc. climate. A compound of
slightly from "Poghiim".
"Lok", "Se" and "Staad", it literally means "sky
lok n., c. sky.
of the place" (on the analogy of "Lokos" ("Sky
lokal n., nc. love. Also the verb "to love".
being") which means "Weather").
lokalin n., nc. lover. "Lokal" with the suffix "-
loksilkun n., sc. aurora, northern
in" instead of "-iik" for a gentler sound.
lights. "Sky-aura". Edited from "Loksilhaan".
lokaltok adj., nc. lovable. "Lokal" with the
lokun v., sc. loom. From "Vokun", "shadow".
"Tok", "able".
lokzii n., sc. angel. Composed of the words Lok
lokalus adj., nc. lovely. Derives from "lokal"
and Zii, it refers to the Spirits of the Sky, also
and the suffix "-us".
known as 'angels' in certain cultures or
lokavut v., sc. attract. From the words "lokal"
meaning "love" and "Horvut" meaning "lure".
lom n., nc. water.
lokavutaal adj., sc. attractive. "Lokavut" with
lomah n., sc. waterfall. A compound of "Lom"
the suffix "-aal" , "with or having attraction".
and "Mah".
lokiig v., sc. overcome. From "Lot", "great".
lomiiz adj., nc. damp, wet. Related to "Lom"
lokiil adj., sc. aerial. Of or pertaining to the
lomok n., nc. pool. From "Lom", "water".
lokiv adj., sc. skyward. From "Lok", "sky",
lomos n., nc. steam, water vapor. Derived
and "Amativ", "onward".
from water(Lom) and heat(Yos).
lokluv n., sc. rain. Composed of the two words
lon n., c. fist.
Lok and Luv, meaning Sky and Tear/Tears.
loniix n., nc. toxin.
Already, rain often is seen as the crying of a
loniiz adj., nc. toxic.
certain deity.
loorah n., nc. dye.
lokluvfaain n., nc. rainbow. Combined of
loost v., c. hath. A more formal version of
Lokluv (Rain) and Faain (Colour). Could also be
intepreted as "Sky Tear Color".
lor n., nc. thought. Based on "Lorot", "to
lokluvus adj., sc. rainy. "Lokluv" with the
suffix "-us".
loraan adj., nc. merry.
lokoltei n., nc. empire, emperor's grounds.
lorot v., sc. think.
lokolteiren adj., nc. imperial. Lokoltei with
lorozen n., nc. paradigm, archetype, model,
the suffix -ren denoting origin. E.g. That's
Imperial -> Tol Lokolteiren. He's an Imperial ->
lorvod v., sc. recollect, recall,
recollection. Lit. "thought", "ago".
"to near".
los v., c. is / are / am.
lox n., nc. web.
lost v., c. has, have, had, was, were.
loz n., nc. cub.
lot adj., c. great.
lozdaar adj., nc. inferior.
lotah n., nc. lever.
lozuk adj., nc. sour.
lotdraal v., sc. commend. From "Lot" and
luaan n., sc. question. Edited from "Loan" and
"Draal", "great praise".
"Loaan". Related to "Laan", "want".
lotdwinaar n., sc. centurion. A compound of
lufeykro n., sc. rainforest, jungle. Derived
"Lot" and "Dwinaar", referring to the Dwemer
from Lokluv and Feykro, it describes the wetness
of the environment and the density of the trees.
lotkiin adj., sc. highborn. A compound of
Plural is Lufeykrre instead of Lufeykrooe, to aid
"Lot" and "Kiin".
in pronunciation.
lotlahzey n., sc. archmage. A compound of
luft n., c. face.
"Lot", "great", and "Lahzey", "mage".
luftnu adj., sc. anonymous. Literally,
lotmuzaar n., sc. imga, the great
ape. Derived of the words "Lot", "Muz" and
luftnum adj., nc. anonymity. From "Luft",
"Sunvaar", it literally means "Great Men
"face", lit. "facelessness".
Beasts" (on the analogy of "Golsemuzaar") .
luh n., sc. magic. A modification of "Lah"
lotpaal n., nc. nemesis, archenemy . Derived
from "Lot" and "Paal".
lumnaar n., c. valley.
lotsul n., sc. holiday. A compound of "Lot"
lun v., c. leech.
and "Day".
lunbrii adj., sc. scenic. From the words "Brii"
lotzahkrii n., sc. claymore, greatsword.
meaning "beauty" and "Lund" meaning
lotzu'ul adj., sc. ultimate. Related to "Lot",
lund n., nc. nature. As in the natural world.
lov v., nc. near, approach.
Directly from Old Norse.
lovaas n., c. music / song / voice. Prima
lundiil adj., nc. natural. "Lund" with the
Official Skyrim Game Guide, p. 647.
suffix "-iil", "of or pertaining to nature".
lovaasiil n., sc. musical. "Lovaas" with the
lusoz n., nc. turtle.
suffix "-iil".
lusvaan n., nc. solution.
lovadro n., sc. musician. Based on "Lovaas",
luug n., nc. flag.
luv n., c. tear / tears.
lovariis n., nc. allergy.
luwey v., nc. distort.
lovok n., sc. aether, aetherius. From "Vok"
luz n., nc. stalk.
and "Lok".
luzikin n., nc. roe. Based on "Ikin", "fish".
lovokul n., sc. aetherium. From "Lovok",
lovun adj., nc. close, near. Referred to "Lov",
maag adj., nc. main, primary. derived from
Old English “mægen-―; "main" as used
mahralwahl n., sc. fiction. "Imagined
in combination like “main road“
('maagstrah') or “main thing“
mahran n., nc. motive.
('maagtruk') .
mahrand n., nc. motivation. "Mahran" with
maagstrah n., nc. highway, main
the suffix "-nd".
road. 'maag' derived from Old English
mahruz n., nc. lecture, discourse.
“mægen-― ("main"; used in
mahsah v., nc. stagnate.
combination), combinated with 'strah'
mahsok n., nc. woe.
(way/road). .
maht conj., nc. still. The conjunction meaning
maak n., nc. spice, spices.
"still", "We are still here", as opposed to
maakus adj., nc. spicey, spiced. "Maak" with
"stillness". For the latter see "Stiildus".
the suffix "-us".
makil adj., nc. immense, massive,
maal v., nc. brawl.
maalut n., nc. tattoo, warpaint. Derived from
mal adj., c. little.
Icelandic "maluth" ("painted").
malas v., nc. dictate.
maalutaan adj., nc. tattooed, painted. Maalut
maldeykel n., sc. letter, see notes. Literally
with suffix -aan.
"Little book". A written letter, rather than
maan n., nc. myth.
individual letters such as "A" or "B".
maant n., nc. diamond.
maleyk n., nc. merit.
maar n., c. terror.
malhaan adj., c. unmoving, unchanging,
maarahmik n., sc. business. Literally, "self-
malingren adj., sc. short, small, stunted . A
maas n., nc. seed.
compound of "Mal" and "Lingren", "short of
mah v., c. fall / fell.
length", as opposed to "Maltiid" which means
mahan n., nc. melon.
"short of time".
mahfaeraak adv., c. forever.
malkey n., sc. pony. Derived from "small
mahfil n., sc. falling star, meteor.
mahgrii n., nc. ore.
malkinz v., sc. jab. Literally translated to
mahkur n., nc. pile, heap.
"little stab".
mahlaan adj., c. fallen. "Mah" with the suffix
malnaaz adj., sc. undersized, pigmy. A
compound of "Mal" and "Naaz", "little-sized".
mahlov v., nc. embrace.
malovaas n., sc. ditty. A short song. Literally
mahn v., nc. decide.
"little song".
mahnd n., nc. decision. "Mahn" with the
maltiid adj., c. short, brief, momentary. A
suffix "-nd".
compound of "Mal" and "Tiid", it means
mahndaal adj., nc. decisive. "Mahnd" with
"short" as in a period of time, not a measure of
the suffix "-aal", literally "a thing that holds
length or height.
maltuniik n., nc. peddler, vendor,
"Med", "like".
huckster. Derived from "Mal" and "Tuniik",
medliinvas adj., sc. homosexual. Means
"small trader".
"like-sexual". Edited from "Ososlinvaas".
malur n., nc. piece, chunk, part, section.
mein v., nc. plan, plot.
malvaak n., sc. grammar. Related to
mek pron., sc. her. Accusative and dative case
of "Rek".
malz v., nc. measure.
mel adj., nc. incarnate, tangible.
malzat v., sc. dwindle. Related to "Mal",
melaat prep., sc. during. From the Icelandic for
"during," "meðan.", and related to "Laat",
mamutah n., nc. mammoth. Derived from the
base Eurasian word for the animal.
membrah conj., nc. unless.
mand n., nc. drum.
men n., nc. ten.
marahdaal adj., nc. imaginative. A
meneruvos n., sc. decade. A compound
modification of "Marahld" with the suffix "-
meaning "ten-year".
aal", "with imagination".
menreid n., nc. decagon. Means "Ten-side".
marahl v., nc. imagine. Altered spelling from
merak n., nc. pint.
"Hadrimwhal", then from "Madrahl".
met v., sc. match. From "Med", "like or
marahld n., nc. imagination. Based on
"Marahl", "to imagine" with a shortening of the
mey v., c. fool.
suffix "-dahk".
meyar n., sc. self. Derived from the pronoun
mard n., nc. copper.
ending -maar, but separated from "Maar"
mariil adj., sc. selfish. Based on "Meyar",
meaning terror. Edited from "Ma'are".
Literally "of or pertaining to oneself".
meyk v., nc. spurn. Can also be the noun, an
mariilom n., nc. selfishness. "Mariil" with
act of spurning.
the suffix "-om".
meyr n., nc. ancestor.
marnu adj., nc. selfless. Based on "Meyar"
meyren adj., nc. ancestral. "Meyr" with the
with the suffix "-nu".
suffix "-en", "of or from ancestors".
marnurom n., nc. selflessness. "Marnu" with
meyrothaar n., sc. fanatic. Derived from
the suffix "-rom".
'mey', fool, and 'rothaar', prayer. Literally,
marul n., nc. dialect.
"prayer fool.".
marzuh v., nc. scream.
meyus adj., sc. foolish. "Mey" with the suffix
masek n., nc. lime.
matah n., nc. rope.
meyuz n., sc. moron. Based on "Mey", "fool",
maunaz v., nc. appease.
and "Meyus", "foolish".
mavirk n., nc. lichen.
meyz v., c. come, become.
maz n., nc. mast.
mezaar n., nc. meter.
med prep., c. like / similar to.
meziv n., nc. mode.
medaas adj., sc. alike, similar. Based on
meznarid n., nc. assassin.
mid adj., c. loyal.
instruction. Lit. "that which is taught",
midaav n., sc. fealty, lealty. Derived from
"Mind" with the suffix "-aht".
"Mid" (Loyal).
mindaziir n., sc. academy, school,
midrak prep., nc. against.
institute. Related to "Mindah", "knowledge".
midrot n., c. loyalty. Literally "loyal words".
Has a more formal sense than "Shanor".
midsil n., sc. fidelity . Lit. "loyal", "soul".
mindiir v., sc. counsel. From "Mindok", "to
midun n., c. loyalty.
mii pron., sc. us. The accusative and dative case
mindin prep., c. after.
of "Mu".
mindinhefsul n., sc. afternoon. A
miik v., sc. barter, bargain, offer. Reverse-
combination of "after" and "midday".
derived from Zahrahmiik.
mindiniv adv., sc. afterwards. Based
miil n., sc. woman. Based on "Mun", "man".
"Mindin", "after".
miilah n., sc. women. Plural form of the word
mindirsul n., sc. overmorrow, the day after
tomorrow. A contraction of "Mindir" and
miin n., c. eye / eyes.
"Dirsul", "after-today".
miinahsul v., nc. consider.
mindok v., c. know, known, knowable.
miing n., nc. honey.
mindokah n., nc. scholar,scientist,savant. A
miinz v., sc. wink. Based on "Miin", "eye".
compound of "Mindok" and "Hah", "know
miir n., nc. mark. No derivatives .
miiraad n., c. door, doorway.
mindokin adj., sc. renowned. Based on
miiraak n., c. portal.
"Mindok", "someone who is known".
miirit n., nc. blueberry.
mindopah n., sc. teacher, mentor,
miistir v., nc. designate, denote, indicate.
lorekeeper, sage, secret keeper. Literally
mik n., nc. crab.
translates to (with a slight variation) "Know of
miknuur v., nc. judge. Also a noun.
all". .
mil v., nc. usher, bring, cause. Edited from
mindoraan v., c. understand, comprehend.
"Mi" to avoid conflict with "Mii".
mindrus v., sc. recognise. From "Mindok",
milaar adv., nc. rather. Edited from "Miilaar".
"to know".
minak n., sc. toe. From "Sinak", "toe".
minoh n., nc. inch.
mind v., sc. teach. Pronounced "Meend". From
mintiinon n., nc. infinity.
Mindok: to know.
mir n., c. allegiance.
mindaal adj., sc. knowledgeable. Mindah + -
mirahjor n., sc. alliance. Stems from the root
mindaas n., nc. science. Based on "Mindok",
mirodah v., nc. sing.
"to know".
mirodaht n., nc. lyric. "Mirodah" with the
mindah n., sc. knowledge. An alteration of
suffix "-aht", "that which is sung".
mirol n., sc. sling. Both the noun and the verb.
mindaht n., nc. teaching, lesson,
mith n., nc. middle, halfway, center. From
Old Norse "mithr".
not the word meaning "as" or "like".
mithraa n., sc. june / mid year. Mith: middle,
moskir v., nc. corrode.
Raa: year.
moskirus adj., nc. corrosive. "Moskir" with
mithsul n., sc. noon, midday. Mithsul,
the suffix "-us".
literally Middle Day (Mith-Sul).
motaad v., c. shudder / shuddered.
modokar v., nc. ravage, devastate.
motaas v., sc. cower. From "Motaad",
moh n., nc. coat. Can refer to an animal coat or
"shudder", and "Faas", "fear".
a coat of arms.
motag v., nc. annoy, irritate, offend.
mok pron., sc. him. Accusative and dative case
motagend n., nc. annoyance, irritation,
of "Rok".
offense. "Motag" with the suffix "-end".
mol adj., nc. minor. Based on The Swedish
motmah v., c. slip.
word "Moll" (Minor).
motmahus adj., c. slippery, elusive.
mon n., c. daughter. Altered from "Hil" to
moziir n., nc. mosaic.
match canon word.
mu pron., c. we.
monah n., c. mother.
mu'ul v., sc. rule. Can be used as a noun as
monahven n., c. throat of the world.
well. Based primarily off of "Du'ul". It is
moor n., nc. fun.
potentially a homophone to "Mul", but since
moorus adj., nc. funny. Full of fun or
one is a noun/verb and the other an adjective, it
entertaining. .
shouldn't be hard to figure out which is which
mor v., sc. direct. Intended to be the root of
in context.
"Morah", "focus". Can also be used as an
mu'ulaav n., sc. council. A compound of
"Mu'ul" and "Aav", it literally means "rulers'
morah v., c. focus.
join" or "joint rule".
moriin n., nc. current, flow. Related to "Mor"
mu'ular n., sc. court. From "Mu'ul", "to
and "Rii", literally means "directed essence".
The current of a river , not the adjective
mu'uliik n., sc. ruler. Derived from "Mu'ul",
"current or modern".
with the prefix "-iik".
moriis n., nc. tunic.
mu'ulsemuz n., sc. republic. Literally, "rule
morkon v., nc. restrain, constrain, hinder.
of men".
morlah n., nc. tune, melody. Referred to
mu'ur n., nc. code, cipher.
"Moriin" ("Flow, Current").
mudozaan n., sc. greybeard. Related to
mornd n., nc. direction . "Mor" with the
"Zaan", "voice/speech".
suffix "-nd".
muf adj., nc. cozy, snug.
moro n., c. glory.
mukaronahs n., nc. atronach. No derivatives .
morokei adj., c. glorious.
mul adj., c. strong, strength.
morwuld n., sc. cyclone, twister. Based on
mulaag n., c. strength.
"Wuld", "whirlwind".
mulaan n., sc. fortitude. Based on "Mul",
mos v., nc. like. The verb meaning "to like",
mulzen n., nc. muscle.
muriiv v., nc. alter. From "Mur" and
mun n., c. man.
munam n., sc. werelion. A compound of
musanrak n., nc. mahongany. Also an
"Mun" and "Am", "man-lion" (on the analogy
of "Mungrohiik").
musgiir n., nc. scaffold.
munax adj., c. cruel.
musvey adj., nc. opaque.
mund n., nc. hall.
musveyom n., nc. opacity. "Musvey" with the
mundaar n., nc. travesty.
suffix "-om".
mundilaar n., sc. werevulture. A compound
mutahl n., nc. blur. Also a verb.
of "Mun" and "Dilaar", "man-vulture" (on the
muthir n., nc. splinter.
analogy of "Mungrohiik").
muulmarik n., sc. government. Related to
muneyd n., sc. humanoid, anthropomorph,
"Mu'ul", "to rule".
anthropomorphic. "Mun" with the suffix "-
muz n., c. men (plural of "man", not
eyd". Also can be used as an adjective.
munfahliil n., sc. breton, manmer. A
compound of "Mun" and "Fahliil", "man-elf",
"manmer". Used for the Aldmeri-Nedic
Manmer of the Merethic Era, ancestors to the
-nd / -end / -ak suf., nc. "-tion", used turn a
mungrohiik n., sc. werewolf. A combination
verb into a noun. Like -tion or -ment in
of "Man" and "Wolf".
English. E.g. Imagine -> Imagination "-end" is
munhraak n., sc. wereboar. A compound of
used in cases where "-nd" doesn't. If the word
"Mun" and "Hraak", "man-boar" (on the
ends with a "d", "-ak" is used instead. Indicates
analogy of "Mungrohiik").
state or condition.
munkodaav n., sc. werebear. A compound of
-ni suf., sc. not. Used to turn certain verbs into
"Mun" and "Kodaav", "man-wolf" (on the
negative forms, i.e. an english example would be
analogy of "Mungrohiik").
"Isn't", "Can't", "Won't".
munkrozol n., sc. werecrocodile. A
-niir suf., nc. turns verbs into nouns, see
compound of "Mun" and "Krozol", "man-
notes. This suffix makes nouns from verbs with
crocodile" (on the analogy of "Mungrohiik").
the meaning of "something one ___ with", ex.
munralok n., nc. lycanthropy.
"Pelniir", the word for "pen" or "quill", means
munvaak n., sc. wereshark. A compound of
"something one writes with".
"Mun" and "Vaak", "man-shark" (on the
-nu suf., sc. -less. "Faasnu" = "fearless",
analogy of "Mungrohiik").
"Laasnu" = "lifeless", etc. Means "without or
mur v., nc. render, make.
absence of".
murahv n., nc. transition, alteration,
naad n., nc. nede.
progression. Related to "Mur", "to make or
naaf adj., nc. vain, conceited.
naag v., nc. charm. Also the noun.
naak v., c. eat.
nahjor n., sc. maniac, someone who is
naakin n., sc. eater. "Lein Naakin", "World
mad. From "Nah", "fury", and "Jor",
Eater". Uses the same suffix as "Qahnaarin", as
opposed to "-iik" because "Naakiik" was
nahkaar n., sc. revenge. From "Nahkriin",
awkward to pronounce.
naako v., c. eaten.
nahkei adj., sc. furious. "Nah" with the suffix
naal prep., c. by.
"-kei". Edited from "Zonah".
naalin adj., nc. brilliant, magnificent.
nahkip v., c. feed.
naan adj., c. any.
nahkiv v., nc. discover.
naangein n., sc. anyone. A compound of
nahkriin n., c. vengeance. Possibly related to
"Naan" and "Gein", "any one".
"Nah", "fury".
naantruk adj., sc. anything. Compound of
nahkroz v., sc. avenge. From "Nahkriin",
"Naan" and "Truk".
naanveyn adv., sc. anywhere. Compound of
nahl adj., c. living.
"Naan" and "Veyn".
nahlaas adj., c. alive.
naanzuk adv., sc. anymore. Compund of
nahliik adj., sc. mute. Based on "nahlon,"
'naan'(any) and 'zuk' (more).
"silent." Can also mean the noun, "someone
naar n., c. summit.
who is mute".
naariv adj., nc. crazy, crazed.
nahlok v., nc. prepare.
naat n., nc. bat. The animal, rather than a
nahlon adj., sc. silent. Derived from the verb
baseball or cricket bat, or the verb meaning "to
"Nahlot", "silence".
bat (away)".
nahlot v., c. silence.
naav v., nc. warn.
nahlrii n., sc. being, entity. A compound of
naavar v., nc. cultivate. Loosely based on
"Nahl" and "Rii", "Living essence".
"Naram", "to grow".
nahlriimaar n., sc. community, society. A
nagiis n., nc. gang, mob.
modification of the word "Nahlrii" based on
nah n., c. fury.
"Briinahmaar", "Sisterhood".
nahgah n., sc. psychic, diviner, channeller,
nahrz n., nc. netch.
charmer. Based on Nahgahdinok
nahvenoz n., sc. typhoon. Related to "Nah",
("necromancer"), which may be a combination
"fury", and "Ven", "wind".
of Nag (Fury) Gah (Yield) and Dinok (Death) or
nahwan v., nc. dwell.
"Nahgah" and "Dinok". Either way, "Fury
nahyol n., sc. war fire, sea fire, wildfire. A
Yield" could come to mean "diviner" or
compound of "Nah" and "Yol", "Fury-Fire".
"charmer" ("mancer").
nahz n., sc. outrage. Related to "Nah", "fury".
nahgahdinok n., c. necromancer.
Edited from "Nahk" to avoid a homophone with
nahgahzii n., sc. oracle. Related to
"Nahgahdinok", "Necromancer".
najul v., nc. plunder, loot, sack.
nahgriinos n., nc. labyrinth.
najuliik adj., nc. plunderer, looter. "Najul"
with the suffix "-iik".
"Neben" and "Gol".
nakuur n., nc. saddle.
neh adv., c. never.
nalgask adj., nc. appropriate, suitable,
nehahraan adj., sc. invulnerable. A compound
of "Neh" ("Never") and "Ahraan" ("Wound").
nalkun adv., nc. already.
nehahraanom n., sc. invulnerability. "Nehah
namas prep., nc. except.
raan" with the suffix "-om".
namok n., nc. fern.
neilaas v., sc. survive. Derives from "laas /
naram v., nc. swell, grow.
naramaan adj., nc. swollen.
neilaasend n., sc. survival. Neilaas with the
narand n., nc. swelling, growth.
suffix -end, the act of surviving.
nau prep., c. on.
neilaasin n., sc. survivor. Based on "Neilaas",
nauaas n., nc. lute. Pronounced "Now-aas".
"to survive".
Edited from "Nowaas".
nein prep., nc. beneath.
naurim v., sc. invoke. From Rim (To Gain/To
nekov n., sc. cannibal. Related to "Naak", "to
Acquire) and Nau (On).
navik n., nc. breeches.
nel adj., nc. fast.
nawah prep., sc. onto / unto. A compound of
nelom n., nc. fastness. "Nel" with the suffix "-
"Nau" and "Wah".
nax n., c. cruelty.
nelru v., sc. dash, sprint. Derived from "Nel"
neben prep., nc. under.
and "Ru", literally "fast run".
nebenbex adj., sc. outdoor/outdoors. compun
nemel n., nc. disciple. Also a verb, and more
d of 'neben' and 'bex'; lit. “under (the)
formal than pupil or student.
nen n., nc. nine. Edited from "Niin" to "Nen"
nebendein n., sc. dungeon. Formed from
to avoid conflict with the canon "Niin".
"Neben" and "Dein".
nenfah v., nc. mention. From the Icelandic for
nebenein prep., nc. underneath. A compound
"mention," "nefna.".
of "Neben", "under" and "Nein", "beneath".
nenreid n., nc. nonagon. Means "Nine-side".
nebengol adj., sc. underground. A compound
nep v., nc. laugh.
of "Neben", "under", and "Gol", "earth".
nepend n., nc. laughter. Forming a noun from
nebeniit n., nc. trench. "Neben" and "Niit",
the verb "Nep" with the suffix "-end".
ner n., nc. sphere.
nebenkav adj., sc. indoor/indoors
nev v., nc. waste, decay, squander.
. Compound of 'neben' and 'kav'; lit. "under
nevonaar n., nc. wasteland,
(the) roof".
desolation. Based on "Nev", "waste", and
nebenlom adj., sc. underwater. A compound
"Nor", "land".
of "Neben", "under", and "Lom", "water".
nex prep., nc. between.
ned v., nc. deem, regard, reckon.
nexaag n., nc. surroundings, location, area.
negol adj., sc. nether. A combination of
ney adj., c. both.
neyliinvas adj., sc. bisexual. Translates to
nimqah n., nc. flail.
"both sexual".
nimun pron., sc. nobody, noone, none. A
neyrok n., nc. conspiracy. Derived from the
compound of "Nid" and "Mun".
words Nok and Tey.
nin v., c. sting.
ni adv., c. not.
nir v., c. hunt.
ni- pref., sc. non-. The prefix form of "Ni".
nirah adj., nc. radiant.
nibor v., nc. ignore.
nirkaanon v., nc. represent.
nid adv., c. no / none / nothing.
nirkaanond n., nc. representation. "Nirkaano
nidrin n., nc. heathen.
n" with the suffix "-nd".
niforveyk n., nc. unease. From "Forveyk",
niron adj., nc. non-canon. Edited from
"ease". .
nii pron., c. it.
niroz adj., nc. morbid.
niidam n., nc. ballista.
nis v., c. cannot.
niif v., nc. smile. Also can be used as a noun.
nisaad adj., nc. fake. "Saad" with the prefix
niigol n., sc. spear. Derived from the words
Nin and Golz, lit. "stinging stone".
nistaad adv., sc. nowhere. A compound of
niil pron., sc. its. The possessive form of "Nii",
"Nid" and "Staad".
used as an adjective but listed here as a pronoun
nistmaar pron., sc. themselves. The reflexive
for search reasons.
of "Nust". Edited from "Niistmaar".
niin pron., c. them.
nivahriin adj., c. cowardly.
niirah n., nc. echo. Can also be used as a verb.
niveiliin adj., sc. agender. A compound of
niist pron., sc. their, theirs. Plural possessive
"Ni" and "Veiliin".
pronoun of "Nust". Edited from "Nustu".
nivok adj., nc. poor.
niiv n., nc. ball.
nivorn n., nc. disposition.
niivut v., nc. chase, pursue.
nivos v., nc. divide, separate, split.
niiz n., nc. hail. The precipitation rather than
nivosend n., nc. division, separation. From
"to call or hail". From Niiv: ball, Iiz: ice.
"Nivos" with the suffix "-end".
nik v., nc. pet, caress.
nivosevild n., nc. crevice, clef, crack. Derived
nikriin n., c. coward.
from "Nivosend", "Se" and "Vild", it literally
nil n., c. void.
means "Split of a rock".
nilaad v., nc. forbid.
nivosik adv., nc. asunder.
nilaadaan adj., nc. forbidden.
nizraad adj., nc. important, significant.
niliinvas adj., sc. asexual. Translates to "not
nizraadom n., nc. importance, significance.
njol v., nc. blurt, blab, call out.
nilz v., sc. purge. From "Nil", "void".
nok v., c. lie, lies.
nimaar pron., c. itself. Corrected a spelling
nokhahnu n., sc. hallucinate,
mistake, was formerly "Niimaar".
hallucination. "Lying dream". Both the verb
nimah adj., nc. loose.
"to hallucinate" and the noun "hallucination".
nokiiv n., sc. layer. Based on "Nok", "to lie".
novul n., nc. liquid. Can be used as a noun or
noksenonviik n., sc. politician. Noksenonvul
adjective. .
with the "-iik" suffix, modified.
nox v., nc. thank, thanks, thank you,
noksenonvul n., sc. politics. Literally, "lies of
gratitude. This is the root for the the expression
the noble".
of "thank you". Verb: To thank.
nol prep., c. from.
nu adv., c. now.
nonvul adj., c. noble.
nufost n., nc. quail.
nonvulgolz n., sc. gemstone, noble
nuft n., nc. purpose, use. For the verb, see
stone. Composed of the words Nonvul and Golz
(Stone, countable), it defines the stones that man
nuk adj., nc. ready. Can also be used as a verb,
see as valuable or "noble".
"to ready".
nonvuliik n., sc. nobleman,
nukaas n., nc. puppet.
noblewoman. "Nonvul" with the suffix "-iik".
nuksliin v., sc. butcher. Lit. "to ready meat".
nonvulom n., sc. nobility. Lit. "nobleness",
nul n., nc. zero.
"Nonvul" with the suffix "-om".
num adj., nc. unique, rare. Edited from "nun".
noor v., nc. emote.
numtaar n., nc. tract.
noorend n., nc. emotion. "Noor" with the
nun adj., nc. bare, barren, naked.
suffix "-end".
nunom n., nc. nudity, nakedness,
noorendaal adj., nc. emotional. "Noorend"
bareness. "Nun" with the suffix "-om".
with the suffix "-aal", "with or having
nunon adv., c. only.
nurvim v., nc. retire.
noot n., nc. skill.
nurzir n., nc. apathy.
nor n., nc. land, province, country, nation.
nus n., c. statue.
noras v., nc. blame, accuse, charge.
nust pron., c. they.
norask n., nc. accusation. Based on "Noras",
nuthaak n., nc. bother, nuisance.
"to accuse".
nutiid n., sc. present, now. Composed of the
norgraz n., nc. abundance, bounty, plenty.
words Nu and Tiid, it literally means Now-
norok adj., c. fierce / fiercest.
norzaar n., nc. ambassador, envoy,
nuv conj., sc. nor. Based on "Uv", "Or".
diplomat. Inspired by "Nor", "land", and
nuz conj., c. but.
"Sahr", "to connect".
nuz adj., sc. visible. Reverse-derived from
nos v., c. strike. Part of the "Cyclone" shout in
"Vonuz", "invisible".
Dragonborn dlc.
nostig n., sc. offense. Lit. "striking action". In
relation to "offense and defense", not
notjor n., sc. prodigy. From Noot and Jor,
-om / -rom suf., sc. -ness. Turns an adjective
together to mean "Skilled Person".
into a noun, "Vulom" = "Darkness". Edited to
"-om" from "-ah"/"-rah" to match canon words.
-orun suf., nc. changes a verb to noun, see
ofanjiik v., sc. entertain. Literally, "give joy".
notes. Makes a noun meaning "place where one
ofir adj., nc. busy, occupied, engaged, active.
___". "Pelorun", "Scriptorium", "a place where
ofolin adj., nc. trivial, frivolous.
one writes".
ofuun v., sc. share. Derives from "Ofan /
oben n., nc. expense.
obenaal adj., nc. expensive. "Oben" with the
ofuunsil n., sc. empathy . A compound
suffix "-aal", something that is "with or having
meaning "shared-soul".
ogah n., nc. berry. General term for a berry, the
oblaan n., c. end.
small fruit. Directly from Latvian.
oblaansul n., sc. sunset. Literally, "end-day".
ogeliim n., nc. orichalcum.
oblivion n., c. oblivion. Replaces the non-
ogiim n., c. orc, orsimer.
canon "Uradiin".
ogiimen adj., sc. orcish. "Ogiim" with the
od n., c. snow.
suffix "-en".
oden adj., sc. arctic. Derived from "Od",
ogiimor n., sc. orsinium. From Ogiim and Nor
meaning "of the snow".
(Orc and Land/Province).
odfahliil n., sc. snow elf. Composed of the
ogiir n., nc. leg.
words Od and Fahliil, it literally means Snow-
ok pron., c. his.
Elf and refers to the few pre-Falmer elfs that
okaadah n., sc. longboat. Taken from Okaaz
have not degenerated. It also refers to the entire
(primary) meaning sea and Himdah
Falmer-race pre-corruption by the Dwemer.
(quaternary) meaning home.
odhokzii n., sc. kamal, snow demon. A
okaalah n., nc. navy.
denomination that refers to the Kamal-races,
okaaron n., sc. whale. Variation of the word
that live in Akaviri and were well known to the
"Okaaz" which means sea.
Dov, who once ruled those Dragonlands.
okaaz n., c. sea.
odus adj., c. snowy.
okmaar pron., sc. himself. The reflexive of
ofaal v., c. receive.
ofaalend n., sc. reception.
okmah n., sc. uncle. Related to several words,
ofaaliik n., sc. receiver. "Ofaal" with the
including "Zeymah", "Bormah", and "Rok".
suffix "-iik".
okriim n., nc. eagle.
ofahnir n., nc. chord.
okulom n., nc. solitude, loneliness, isolation.
ofan v., c. give.
okultar n., nc. hide, pelt, animal skin.
ofanaht n., sc. gift, present, tribute,
ol adv., c. as.
offering. Literally "that which is given",
olak n., nc. library.
"Ofan" with the suffix "-aht".
olakaan n., nc. librarian.
ofanex v., sc. exchange. Derived from "Ofan"
oldoz n., nc. horizon.
and "Nex". Literally, "give-between".
olg v., nc. shiver, shudder, quiver.
ofaniik n., sc. giver. "Ofan" with the suffix "-
olm n., nc. crow.
olqein n., nc. skeleton.
orlaav v., nc. consent, permit. Derived from
olqeinaas adj., nc. skeketal. From "Olqein",
Old Norse "orlof".
orlaavend n., nc. consent,
olv v., nc. bump. Can also be a noun.
permission. Orlaav + end.
olvkei adj., nc. gnarled, bumpy. "Olv"
oron n., nc. canon, creed, dogma, tenet.
(Bump) with the suffix "-kei".
orwahl v., sc. rebuild, recreate,
om n., c. hair.
remake. "Wahl" with the prefix "Or-".
omaar n., nc. hour.
osgor v., nc. burrow, tunnel, dig.
omnu adj., sc. bald. Literally, "hairless".
osk adj., nc. deft.
ond interj., c. lo.
oskad n., nc. cabinet, drawer, jar, container.
onik adj., c. wise.
osley n., nc. flower.
onikaan n., c. wisdom.
osos pron., c. some.
onikiv n., c. enlightenment.
osron v., nc. abase, humble, humiliate. Based
onlaas n., nc. afterlife .
on Ahenan (Old English, lit. "abase"), derived
onol n., nc. turkey.
from the words Bonaar and so-.
ont adv., c. once.
osrond n., nc. humiliation,
onvok v., nc. admit.
embarrassment. Derived from "Osron" with
oo interj., nc. oh.
the "-nd" suffix.
oprot v., nc. execute.
osul v., nc. sew.
oprotak n., nc. execution. Uses "-ak" instead
osuliik n., nc. seamstress, tailor. "Osul"
of "-dahk" for phonetic reasons.
(Sew) with the suffix "-iik" - "one who sews".
or- pref., nc. re-. "Ordreh" = "redo", "Orwahl"
osvanir n., nc. jade.
= "rebuild", etc.
oth n., c. orphan.
oraak n., nc. stick.
ov v., c. trust.
oraan adv., nc. apart.
ovriil n., nc. wreath .
oradgah n., nc. organ. An organ of the body.
ozak n., nc. goat.
orah v., nc. remind. A modification of "Hah"
ozakur n., nc. voyage, journey, particularly
with the prefix "Or-".
by sea.
orbrah v., nc. reuse, repurpose. From "Brah"
ozinkrel n., nc. continent.
with the prefix "Or-".
ozinvey n., c. ivory.
orim v., nc. regain, recover. "Rim" with the
ozinveyhaal n., sc. piano,
prefix "Or-".
keyboard. "Ozinvey" and "Haal", meaning
orin adv., c. even, fully, quite.
"ivory hand" in reference to older pianos having
orkiin adj., sc. reborn, remade. "Kiin" with
ivory keys.
the prefix "Or-".
ozur adj., nc. smooth, glossy, sleek.
orkiindah adj., sc. rebirth. "Kiindah" with the
prefix "Or-".
orlaas v., nc. resurrect, revive.
paag adj., nc. fat.
powerful. Pah - All, and Suleyk - powerful.
paagol v., sc. walk. Derived from the words
pahvaak v., sc. proclaim, declare, announce,
Pah and Golt, based on Onsteppan (Old
to speak to many. From "Pah" and "Tinvaak".
English, lit. "to walk").
pahvoth adv., sc. together. A compound
paak n., c. shame.
formed from "Pah", "all", and "Voth", "with".
paal n., c. foe, enemy.
Literally, "allwith".
paalikot n., sc. adversary. From "Paal", "foe".
pahwahliik n., sc. all-maker. A compound of
paan n., nc. area, region.
"Pah" and "Vahl" with teh suffix "-iik", it
paar n., c. ambition.
literally means "All-Creator". A mysterious
paaz adj., c. fair.
deity revered as the wellspring of creation by
paazigran n., nc. influence.
Ancient Atmorans and modern Skaal. .
padiiz n., nc. zenith.
pahyahv n., sc. diameter. From "Pah" and
padir n., nc. needle.
"Yahv". Literally, "all-across".
pah adj., c. all / everything.
palaar n., nc. platform. Taken from the
pahdul n., nc. infant, baby. Edited from
Icelandic word for "platform", "pallur.".
palnekaar n., nc. resolve.
pahel n., sc. summary. A combination of
panor v., nc. parry.
"pah" and "pel", "all-write".
parok v., nc. scorch.
pahfos adv., sc. whatever. A compound of
parq n., nc. foot.
"Pah" and "Fos", "all-what".
pas v., nc. flap.
pahgein n., sc. unity, oneness, solidarity. A
peh adv., nc. quite.
compound of "Pah" ("All") and "Gein"
peil v., nc. swirl, churn.
pel v., c. write.
pahkriivah n., sc. genocide,
pelark v., nc. describe, define, detail.
extermination. From "Pah" and "Kriivah",
peliik n., nc. scribe, writer. "Pel" with the
suffix "-iik", "someone who writes".
pahliinvas adj., sc. pansexual. Literally "all
pelnex v., sc. transcribe. A compound of "Pel"
and "Nex", "to write between".
pahlok n., c. arrogance.
pelniir n., nc. pen, pencil, quill, any writing
pahlokaal adj., sc. arrogant. "Pahlok" with
utensil. "Pel" with the suffix "-niir",
the suffix "-aal", "with or having arrogance".
"something one writes with".
pahmindok adj., sc. omniscient, all
pelnoot n., sc. handwriting. A compound of
knowing. A compound of "Pah", "all", and
"Pel" and "Noot", it literally means "writing
"Mindok", "to know".
pahrak v., nc. cooperate, to work together.
pelorun n., sc. scriptorium, a scribes
pahsaan v., sc. eliminate. A combination of
'office'. "Pel" with the suffix "-orun", "a place
"Pah" (All) and "Saan" (Lose).
of writing".
pahsuleyk adj., sc. almighty, all-
peluft n., sc. quill. A compound of "Pel"
("Write") and "Uft" ("Feather").
pogaas n., c. much.
pentaar v., nc. punish, punishment. Both the
pogahko adj., sc. profuse, much of. From
noun "punishment" and the verb "to punish".
"Pogaas", "much".
peyl v., nc. call, summon.
poguk n., sc. option, choice. Derived from
peyt n., c. rose.
"Pogaan", Many, and "Truk", Thing.
piin v., nc. drink.
pok n., nc. box. Pronounce ["poke"].
piiniir n., nc. vessel, glass, jug, horn, mug,
poltor v., nc. capture.
anything that one drinks from. "Piin" with
pook v., c. stink.
the suffix "-niir", "something one drinks with".
por n., nc. island, isle. Derived from "Nor",
piintok adj., nc. potable, drinkable. "Piin"
with "tok". .
porah adj., nc. blind. Can also be a verb, "to
piinzoliik adj., nc. milk drinker.
piir v., nc. chop.
portav n., nc. tomato.
pik n., nc. trace. Like a sign, but small. "I can't
posiil adj., nc. abound, bountiful,
find a trace of him.".
copious. Based on the words Pogaan and Siiv.
pikoon n., nc. genitalia, genitals.
poskur n., nc. spruce.
pindaar adj., c. plain, plains, field. Refers to a
pozaan n., nc. elixir.
grassland or field, rather than an adjective
pozaar n., nc. liter.
describing something that is plain or simple.
pozik n., nc. pound. The measurement of
piraak v., c. possess.
weight, rather than the verb "to pound" or the
piraakend n., nc. possesion. "Piraak" with
the suffix "-end".
praad v., nc. awake / wake.
plozkaro n., nc. tentacle. Inspired by the Greek
praadnepiin n., nc. coffee, caffeinated
for "tentacle," "πλοκάμι.".
drink. A slightly shortened form of 'praadniir
pluz v., nc. row.
piin', lit. "the awakening drink".
pluzvaad n., nc. rowboat. A compound of
praag v., nc. need.
"Pluz" and "Vaad".
praagek adj., nc. necessary, needed. From
pogaad adj., sc. dense. Derived from
"Praag", "need".
praal adj., nc. nice, fair. An adjective
pogaan adj., c. many.
describing niceness or pleasantness, not "fair"
pogaankrii v., sc. massacre. From "Pogaan"
in the sense of being just or equal.
and "Krii", "many-killing".
praal v., c. sit, sat.
pogaanraal adj., sc. polytheistic. Derived from
praan v., c. rest.
"Pogaanrah" with the suffix "-aal". Means
prahk v., nc. purify.
"with or having many gods".
prak v., nc. slither.
pogaanrah n., sc. polytheism. A compound of
prakem n., nc. snake.
"Pogaan" and "Rah", it literally means "Many
pras n., nc. mud.
prasmik n., nc. mudcrab.
pravoz n., nc. bench.
praz n., nc. price.
prunt v., nc. succeed. Opposite of Funt: to fail.
prazaak n., nc. dinner, supper, evening
Derived from Unt: to try, Pruzah, good.
prus v., nc. blink.
prazan prep., nc. ahead.
pruuq adj., sc. maroon. Based off the words
prekal n., nc. sparrow.
sahqo(red) and prun(brown). .
prelah n., nc. token.
pruust v., nc. study.
prem n., c. patience.
pruustiik n., nc. student. "Pruust" (Study)
premaal adj., sc. patient. "Prem" with the
with the suffix "-iik" - hence, "one who studies".
suffix "-aal".
pruustmun n., sc. apprentice. From
prenlon n., nc. ring. As in a piece of jewelry.
"Pruust", "study", and "Mun", "man".
"Gein prenlon wah mu'ul must pah, gein
pruvos n., nc. affection, feeling, sentiment.
prenlon wah siiv must, gein prenlon wah drun
pruvosaal adj., nc. affectionate,
must pah ahrk ko vulom gron must.".
sentimental. "Pruvos" with the suffix "-aal",
prez n., nc. park. I changed the spelling a bit so
"with or having affection".
it doesn't get confused with the suffix "-rah".
pruz adj., sc. better. Based on "Pruzaan",
priitor n., nc. parsley.
"Best", and "Pruzah", "Good".
priivu'um n., nc. president.
pruzaan adj., c. best.
priizah n., sc. bonus, perk. Can be noun or
pruzah adj., c. good.
adjective. Related to "Pruzah", "good".
pruzahguur interj., sc. goodbye. A compound
prodah v., c. foretell / foretold.
of "Pruzah" and "Guur", a lengthier version of
prodahk n., sc. divination. Derived from
"Prodah", "to foretell".
pruzeim n., nc. paragon, elite, exemplar,
prodahven v., sc. foreshadow. "Foretelling
epitome. From "Pruzah".
Wind", to foreshadow or hint at something. Can
pruziig n., sc. virtue. Related to "Pruzah",
be a noun or a verb.
prodaz v., nc. migrate.
pugal n., nc. olive.
pronah v., nc. knit. Based on Icelandic
punah adj., nc. female.
"prjóna", 'to knit'. .
pund n., nc. mill. Referred to "Puun"
proviz n., nc. plume, plumage.
("Flour", "Farina").
prozeyv v., nc. preen. Related to "Proviz".
punmak adj., nc. male.
prudaas n., nc. paradise.
pus adj., nc. small, tiny.
prudaav adj., nc. proper.
pusaas n., nc. powder. From "Pus" meaning
prudil adj., nc. shallow.
prudilom n., nc. shallowness. "Prudil" with
pusahkrii n., sc. dagger, knife,
the suffix "-om".
shortsword. It's the mixture of pus and zahkrii.
prulogel n., nc. corundum .
Can refer to any sword smaller than a
prun adj., nc. brown. Edited from "Brun" to
longsword. (Literally meaning small sword).
pusojur n., nc. mosquito, fly, insect,
qalteyk n., nc. beaver.
bug. General term for annoying insects.
qarah n., sc. shell. From "Qah", "armor".
pusonin n., nc. scorpion. Derived from
qarask n., nc. champagne.
Pusojur and Nin to make Sting-bug.
qator n., nc. mace.
pusrig adj., nc. paltry, worthless. Based on
qelek v., nc. baptize, anoint.
"Pus", "small".
qeln v., nc. sin.
puulin n., nc. content, composition,
qeraat n., nc. morningstar.
qerisogal n., nc. gargoyle.
puun n., nc. flour, farina, meal.
qeth n., c. bone.
puvah n., sc. detail. Loosely based off of
qethgaaf n., sc. draugr. Literally "Bone-
"Small" or "Pus" and "Truth" or "Vahzen".
Ghost", Draugr is the Icelandic word for Ghost.
puzaar n., nc. thane.
qethkrah v., sc. spine chilling, bone
chilling. A compound meaning "bone-cold".
Used as a verb. "Tol qethkrah", "that is spinechilling".
qethsegol n., c. stone. Often used to refer to
qaar n., nc. right, entitlement. Something one
Word Walls. See "Golz" for the general word for
has a right to, something someone is entitled to
obtain, or somehow they are entitled to act.
qethserigir n., sc. spine. Literally "bone of the
qaar n., nc. pot.
qaf v., nc. snag, grab.
qethsevulon n., sc. obsidian. "Bone of the
qah n., c. armor. Part of the "Dragon aspect"
shout in Dragonborn Dlc.
qethsewuth n., sc. fossil. "Bones of Old".
qahaar adj., sc. armored. From "Qah",
qiib adj., nc. cute, adorable, endearing.
qiid v., nc. ask.
qahd n., sc. chest, case. Derived from "Qah"
qiidaht n., nc. question, query,
an armored container.
inquiry. "Qiid" with the suffix "-aht", "that
qahdtus n., sc. cuirass, chestplate. A
which is asked".
compound of "Qahd" meaning "Chest" and
qiilaan v., c. bow. Means "to bow" rather than
"Tus" meaning "Plate." Armor someone would
the weapon.
wear to cover the front of their torso.
qiiraz n., nc. robe.
qahliir n., sc. armory. Derived from "Qah",
qiistur n., nc. fever.
qiiv n., nc. hut, shack, cabin.
qahnaar v., c. vanquish.
qo n., c. lightning.
qahnaarin n., c. vanquisher.
qodii n., nc. chalice, goblet, grail. Edited from
qahsuld n., sc. pauldron. Armor one would
wear to cover the shoulders.
qolaak n., nc. ballad.
qalos v., c. touch.
qolaas v., c. herald.
qor adj., nc. total.
rahgot n., c. anger. Either noun or verb.
qoreyn adj., sc. sovereign . Derives from "
rahgron adj., c. angry.
Qor / Total.
rahkuul n., nc. menace.
qosaar n., sc. prophet. From "Qostiid".
rahlo n., nc. course.
qostiid n., c. prophecy.
rahlun n., sc. religion. Derived from "Rah"
qoth n., c. tomb. Part of the shout "Soul Cairn
("God"), with the "-lun" suffix.
Summon", a shout only the dragon Durnehviir
rahlunkei adj., sc. religious,
from Dawnguard dlc can use.
clerical. "Rahlun" with the suffix "-kei".
qothin n., sc. funeral, burial. Referred to
rahmun n., sc. cleric, clergy. A compound that
"Qoth", "tomb".
means "Godman". Plural is "Rahmuz",
qulek n., nc. lock. As in a locked chest or "this
lock is hard to pick", can also be used as a verb.
rahn v., nc. pass.
qurnen n., nc. standard, default, normal.
rahnaar n., sc. sanctuary, a sacred or holy
place. From "Rah", "god".
rahnd n., nc. passage, access. The noun form
of "Rahn", meaning "passage", "access", or
"way", not a "passage/excerpt" from writing.
raal v., nc. place, put.
rahofan n., sc. miracle. Lit. 'god-given'.
raald n., nc. temple.
rahvok n., nc. mask.
raan n., c. animal.
rahvum n., nc. necklace.
raanahkoruun n., sc. menagerie. Compound
rahwundun n., sc. pilgrimage. From "Rah"
meaning "animal exhibit".
and "Wundun".
raanom n., sc. fur. A compound of "Raan" and
rahwunduniik n., sc. pilgrim. From "Rah"
and "Wunduniik".
raanomus adj., sc. furry. From "Raanom",
rahzaas n., nc. resource.
rahzun n., sc. soldier. Reverse-derived from
raas v., nc. skip.
raaviir n., nc. pirate.
rak n., nc. moth.
raavun v., nc. consist, compose.
rakah v., nc. drift. From the Icelandic for
raaz n., nc. size. Example: "of large size" - "do
"drift," "reka." Can be used either as a noun or
saak raaz".
a verb.
rad v., nc. consort, conspire, plot.
rakroved n., sc. blasphemy. Based on the
raf n., nc. hole, gap, rift. From Old Norse
dovah words for god and disgrace/defile, "Rah"
and "Kroved".
ragnavir n., nc. family.
rath n., c. river.
rah n., c. god, gods.
rathol n., sc. channel, canal, duct. Based on
rahdazor n., nc. vortex.
"Rath", "river".
rahgol n., c. rage.
rav n., nc. groove, slit.
rax n., nc. tooth, teeth. "Teeth" is included for
search purposes. The plural form can either be
revkoron n., nc. ceremony, custom, ritual.
"Rax" or "Raxxe".
revkoroniil adj., nc. ceremonial, customary,
razaan n., nc. rhythm.
ritual. Revkoron, ceremony, + -iil. Of or relating
raziir n., nc. mane.
to ceremony.
redenteyk n., nc. accident.
reyliik n., c. race / races (heritage).
rediirah v., nc. edit. This word has been
reyliikun adj., sc. racism. "Reylik" with the
inspired from Danish (redigere) and Swedish
suffix "-un".
reym n., nc. anus/ass.
reg n., sc. lady. The feminine form of "Drog".
reynak n., nc. llama.
reid n., nc. side.
reyth n., c. tree.
reik n., nc. shock / lightning. Sometimes a
reythsos n., sc. sap. "Tree blood".
synonym to "Qo", "Reik" refers more to the
reyzah interj., nc. curses!/curse it!/damn
magical element of shock and magical lightning.
it!. General curse word. Can be directed at
reimokur n., nc. vermin.
rein v., c. roar.
reyzir v., nc. flicker.
reist n., nc. hearth.
rez n., nc. pet.
reistig adj., nc. definite / certain.
rezmor n., nc. candle.
rek pron., c. she.
rezmoriiv n., nc. candelabra,
reken n., nc. garment, apparel.
candlestick. Based on "Rezmor", "candle".
rel v., c. dominate.
ribrulost n., nc. backpack. From the words
reld n., nc. leather.
"Rigir" (back) and "Brulost" (pouch).
reldaal adj., nc. dominant. Based on "Rel", "to
rigir n., nc. back. The body part. Derived from
dominate", "with or having dominance".
Old Norse "hryggr". Can also be the
relokriin n., nc. tsunami/tidal wave.
rem adj., nc. too. To the extent, not also.
rigirtiv adv., nc. backward. Based on "Rigir",
ren n., nc. doubt. Can also be used as a verb,
"back", and "Amativ", "onward". Edited from
"to doubt".
renek adj., nc. stale, dry, spoiled.
rignivah v., nc. ruin.
resh v., nc. rob, cheat, con.
rignivon n., nc. ruin.
reshiik n., nc. robber, cheater. "Resh" with
rii n., c. essence. Part of the "Soul Tear" shout
the suffix "-iik".
from the Dawnguard dlc.
revagolz n., sc. sacred stone of
riid adj., sc. dire, important. Derived from
solstheim. Derived from "Revak" and "Golz"
"Rii", literally means "the essence of a
(on the analogy of "Dovahgolz").
revak adj., c. sacred.
riig v., nc. reek, stench. Can mean a noun or a
revakiiz n., sc. stalhrim. A compound of
verb "to reek or smell", or "a reek or stench".
"Revak" and "Iiz", it literally means "Sacred
riik n., c. gale.
riil n., nc. monster.
riilgaar adj., sc. essential. Related to "Rii",
rok pron., c. he.
rok n., c. word, very rarely used.
riilkei n., nc. monstrous. "Riil" with the
rokiiz n., nc. whip.
suffix "-kei".
rokmah n., nc. rooster, cockerel, cock.
riin n., nc. wave.
roktorig n., sc. vocabulary. From "Rok",
riinur adj., nc. familiar.
riiv n., sc. fabric, cloth.
rol adj., nc. gloomy, somber, grave .
riived n., nc. clothes, clothing. Can also be
rolnah adj., nc. sudden.
used as a verb "to clothe".
ronaan n., c. archer.
riiveis n., nc. cradle.
ronaaz n., c. arrow.
riivun v., nc. depend. Based off the Finnish
ronadir n., nc. juniper.
word "Riippuvainen".
ronax n., c. regiment.
riiz v., nc. rinse.
ronir n., nc. monk, ascetic.
rikmah n., nc. chicken.
ronit v., c. rival.
rikotrin n., nc. shoelace. Derived from
ronk n., nc. wax.
ronth n., nc. vehicle, transport. Non-specific,
rikoz n., nc. shoe.
rilahk n., nc. masser.
roodam n., nc. cloak, cape.
rim v., nc. gain, acquire, obtain.
roronaaz v., sc. nock. Meaning to ready an
rimend n., nc. acquisition,
arrow on a bow. Melding of "Ro", "balance",
obtainment. "Rim" with the suffix "-end".
and "Ronaaz", "arrow.".
rinid adj., nc. equal. From "Rinis", "same".
rostaam n., nc. sepal.
rinik adv., c. very.
rot n., c. word. Refers to a spoken or conceptual
rinis n., nc. same.
word, rather than a written word , which is
rinisur n., nc. draw, tie. Derived from
rothaar n., sc. prayer. Literally means
rinveiliin adj., sc. cisgender. Derived from
"Priest's words".
"Rinis" and "Veiliin".
rotkrif n., sc. argument, debate. From the
rith n., nc. flash, flare.
words "Rot" meaning "Words" and "Krif"
ritir n., nc. rhyme. Derived from Rinis, or
meaning "Fight".
rotmulaag n., c. word of power.
ro n., c. balance.
rotusnutiid n., sc. history, written-past. A
roaal adj., sc. balanced, having balance. From
formal word, composed by the words Rot, Us,Nu
"Ro" with the suffix "-aal", with or having
and Tiid, it literally means Word-Past. It refers
to the past, encompassed in the written or
rod n., nc. wheel. Pronounced "rode". Derived
recorded word.
from an old European root word for
rotusnutiidel n., sc. historian.
rotuun v., sc. translate. A combination of "rot"
ruuv n., nc. hoard.
(word) and "tun" (trader).
ruv adj., nc. pure.
rotuund n., sc. translation. Based on
ruvaak n., c. raven.
"Rotuun" (to translate) with the suffix "-end".
ruvaar n., nc. tiger.
rotuuniik n., sc. translator. A combination of
ruvol adj., nc. pale.
"rot" (word) and "tuuniik" (trader).
ruvuk n., nc. crescent.
rotzekein n., sc. slander, calumny. Lit.
ruz adv., c. then.
"word", "assault".
ruzaak n., nc. bolt, dart. Bolt of a crossbow, a
rovaan v., c. wander.
small arrow. Can also be used as a verb, "to dart
rovaaniik adj., sc. wanderer. Wanderer.
or bolt". Edited from "Stur".
rovahaan n., sc. wisp. From "Rovaan",
ruzun prep., nc. since.
rovmonah n., sc. wispmother. Derived from
the words Rovahaan and Monah, it means
Wanderlight Mother.
rozol n., nc. harbinger, herald, omen.
saad adj., nc. real, actual. From Old Norse
ru v., c. run.
"saðr" ("true").
ru'un n., nc. captain.
saadom n., nc. realness, reality,
rudvim v., nc. clasp, clutch.
actuality. "Saad" with the suffix "-om".
ruk v., nc. worship.
saag v., nc. say. Derived from the words Sah,
rukaan n., sc. runner. From "Ru", "to run".
Gah and Sagu (Old English, lit. "Say").
rukevah n., nc. sacrament.
saak adj., sc. big, large. Variation of the dragon
ruknaar v., nc. climb / scale.
word for Mighty, Sahrot.
rukor n., nc. residue.
saaltor n., nc. camel.
rul adv., c. when.
saan v., c. lose.
runaz n., nc. crossbow. Edited from
saar n., sc. loss. An alteration of "Saan", "to
runir n., nc. stronghold.
saark adj., sc. gone, absent.
rup n., nc. chapter. Chapter of a book or
saarkom n., sc. absence. "Saark" with the
suffix "-om".
ruth n., c. rage, curses.
saat v., nc. sail.
ruud n., nc. depth / depths. Is its own plural.
saatiik n., nc. sailor. "Saat" with the suffix "-
ruulg n., nc. devastation, ruin.
ruund v., nc. found / establish.
saatvaas n., sc. shanty. Derived from "Saatiik"
ruundak n., nc. foundation. Combination of
("Sailor") and "Lovaas" ("Song, Music").
"Ruund" and the suffix "-ak".
sadon n., c. gray / grey. Altered to include
ruus n., nc. throat, neck. Edited from
British English spelling in the definition to make
searching easier.
saf n., nc. grove.
sahvol v., nc. excuse. The verb "to excuse".
sah n., c. phantom.
See "Sahviir" for the noun.
sahkren n., sc. tongue. Based on the word
sahvot n., c. faith.
"Su" and "Sum", also "Zahkrii", implying that
sahvoz n., sc. reaper. Related to "Sah",
the tongue is a weapon of a sort. Also refers to
the "Tongues", wielders of the Voice.
sakhaan v., nc. renounce, reject. Based on
sahlag adj., nc. pathetic, petty, pitiful. Based
Andsacian (Old English, lit. "to renounce"),
on the Icelandic word "sorglegt".
based on the words Aan, Sah and Kaan.
sahlo adj., c. weak.
sakhaand n., nc. renouncement,
sahlok v., nc. taste.
rejection. "Sakhaan" with the suffix "-nd".
sahlom n., sc. weakness. "Sahlo" with the
salaat n., nc. lettuce. Based on the Norwegian
suffix "-om".
name for lettuce, salat.
sahlon n., nc. smell, scent, aroma.
saluk v., nc. perish.
sahlos n., nc. lust.
sar v., c. await, wait.
sahmey n., nc. stupor.
sarein v., sc. hesitate. From "Sar", "to wait",
sahqo adj., c. red.
and "Sein", "slow". Edited from "Peksein".
sahqomun n., sc. redguard . A compound of
sath n., nc. bowl.
"Sahqo" and "Mun", "Redman". The plural is
satuul n., nc. pommel. The metal weight at the
bottom end of a sword.
sahqon adj., c. crimson.
sav v., sc. save. Derives from "Saviik", with the
sahqonor n., sc. hammerfell. From Sahqo
suffix "-iik" to modify it into "Savior".
(Red) and Nor (Land/Province), "Red Land".
savend n., nc. salvation. From "Sav" with the
sahqos adj., sc. scarlet. Derived from "Sahqo",
suffix "-end".
saviik n., c. savior.
sahrel v., nc. tempt.
se prep., sc. of. Used rarely in sentence
sahrelend n., nc. temptation. "Sahrel" with
structure, mostly used in compound words.
the suffix "-end".
sed n., nc. three.
sahrend n., nc. connection, link.
sedan adj., nc. triple. From Sed, three.
sahrot adj., c. mighty.
sedig n., nc. triangle.
sahrx v., nc. offend, insult. Derived from
sedin n., nc. south.
"Sahkren" and "Arx".
sedinen adj., sc. southern, southerly. "Sedin"
sahsun n., sc. village. Derived from
with the suffix "-en".
"Sahsunaar", "Villager".
seh adj., nc. light, soft. Meaning "light in
sahsunaar n., c. villager(s).
weight", as opposed to visual light.
sahvaas adj., sc. zealous. From "Sahvot",
seik v., nc. mean. To mean something, rather
than being mean/rude. Edited from suk to seik to
sahvaat n., sc. zealot.
avoid a homonym.
sahviir n., nc. excuse.
seilhei n., nc. ecstacy.
seiluz v., nc. fathom.
shaan v., c. inspire. Part of the "Battle Fury"
sein adj., nc. slow. From Old Norse "seinn".
shout in the Dragonborn dlc.
seirak v., nc. experience. Can be used as a
shanor n., nc. school. paarthurnaax: edited
noun also.
from "Shrahnor" to "Shanor" for
seirakmun n., sc. adept. From "Seirak" and
"Mun", "experienced man".
shar adj., nc. loud.
sek n., nc. bed.
sharom n., nc. loudness. "Shar" with the
sekmir n., nc. shepherd.
suffix "-om".
selkuum n., nc. skooma.
shiirugrah n., nc. chancellery. Based on
selor adj., nc. devout.
"Shiirukaar", "chancellor".
selrak v., nc. devote. Related to "Selor",
shiirukaar n., nc. chancellor.
shik v., nc. spit, sputter, splutter. Pronounced
selvaas n., nc. museum.
selvakor v., nc. dedicate.
shir adj., nc. dear.
semjah v., nc. negotiate, treat. From the
shiraav n., nc. sweet, candy.
Icelandic for "negotiate," "semja.".
shovok n., nc. waltz.
sen n., nc. boy.
shul n., c. sun.
sendaar n., nc. desert. Edited from Klopindaar.
shulkun n., sc. sunlight. A combination of
sendahrol n., sc. dune. Formed from
"Shul" and "Kun", edited from "Kreinhaan".
"Sendaar" and "Ahrol".
shun v., nc. clean, wash. Pronounced
senkjoor adj., nc. irregular, peculiar,
queer. Mixed of 3 different sounds: english
shuniir n., nc. soap, lotion. "Shun" with the
"queer", german "seltsam" and russian
suffix "-niir", "something you clean or wash
sent v., nc. deal. Also a noun.
shur v., nc. go.
serk n., nc. rat.
shuv n., nc. dish.
setjah v., nc. adorn, decorate.
sifahliil n., sc. falmer, lost elf. Derived from
setkiir n., sc. toy. Based on "kiir", "child".
the composite Sizaan-Fahliil, it refers to the
Used exclusively to refer to a children's toy.
Falmer, as they exist post-enslavement. For
sevest n., nc. ordeal.
Snow Elf, see "Odfahliil".
sevmah n., nc. carpet, rug.
sifyaar n., nc. affinity. Old Norse corruption of
sevnov n., nc. jam, jelly.
"Sifjar" meaning "Affinity" as well.
seyl v., nc. rock, sway, heave, waver.
sigolz n., sc. runestone. Derived from "Sik"
seyrt v., nc. hiss. More informal or casual than
and "Golz" (by the analogy of "Dovahgolz").
"Liis", which has more of a fierce or animalistic
sii n., nc. apparition, sprite. With more
benevolent connotations than "Gaaf" or
seyvuz v., nc. paralyze, stun.
shaal n., nc. card.
siid adj., nc. third. Ordinal of "Sed".
siifur v., nc. own.
sil n., c. soul.
siigonis n., c. argonian, lizard.
sildrahlun n., sc. discussion, talk of
siigren n., nc. sigil. Derived from Siin, Srin,
opinions. Lit. "soul", "opinion".
and the Norwegian "Segl", meaning "Seal".
silfo n., sc. unrequited love. Literally, "soul
siil n., nc. quickness, swiftness, speed.
frost." The opposite of the warmth in one's soul
siin n., nc. sign.
felt when one is in love.
siindah n., sc. symbol. Extension of the word
silkun n., sc. aura. From "Sil" and "Kun",
"Siin" (sign). Edited from "Siinda".
"soul-light". Edited from "Silhaan".
siinnu adj., nc. signless. e.g. The road was
silliin n., sc. soulmate. Combination of Sil
signless -> Strah Los Siinnu.
(Soul) and Liin (Mate).
siinorah n., sc. reminder. Lit. means "sign",
silmand n., nc. heartbeat. A compound of
"Sil", "soul", and "Mand", "drum".
siinsezin n., sc. badge. Literally, "sign of
silnu adj., sc. soulless. "Sil" with the suffix "-
siintul v., nc. signify. Derived from "Siin"
silyol n., sc. september / heart fire. Yol: Fire,
Sil: Soul.
siir v., nc. claim. Can also be used as a noun.
sinak n., c. finger / fingers.
siirodiil n., nc. cyrodiil. The dragon name for
sindugahvon adj., c. unyielding.
"Cyrodiil", borrowed with alterations to
sinon adv., c. instead.
sir v., nc. sow. As in one reaps what one sows.
siirodiilen adj., nc. cyrodiilic,
sirn v., nc. sell.
english. "Siirodiil" with the origin suffix "-en".
sirnaaz n., sc. merchant/clerk/seller. From
This can mean the Cyrodiilic/English language,
Sirn (Sell).
or anything from Cyrodiil.
sirvein n., nc. niece. Related to "Kravein",
siiruum n., nc. rum. From "Juum", "liquor".
siison n., nc. python.
sivaas n., c. beast.
siith n., nc. page.
siz v., sc. lose. Derived from "Sizaan", "have
siiv v., c. find / found.
siivahzen v., sc. analyze, inspect,
sizaan v., c. lost. Means "has/have lost".
investigate. A compound of "Find" or "Siiv",
siziik n., sc. loser. Means one who is defeated.
and "Truth" or "Vahzen".
Changed from "Gahvotiir" to match existing
siizuk adv., sc. extra, additional. Related to
canon word "Siz".
"Zuk", "more".
skaam n., nc. skeever.
sik n., c. rune, word. Means a written word,
skag v., nc. smite, annihilate, demolish.
not "Rot" which means more of a spoken or
skah n., nc. scourge, taint. Can also be used as
linguistic word.
a verb "to taint".
sikkel n., sc. dictionary. From 'sik' (word)
skar n., nc. hawk.
and 'deykel' (scroll).
skein n., nc. scar.
skem v., sc. amuse.
"flesh" and "eat".
skemaan adj., nc. amused. "Skem" with the
slenaakin n., sc. sarcophagus. Lit. "flesh
suffix "-aan".
eater", based on the English etymology.
sken n., nc. chain, chains. Its own plural.
slenselok n., sc. poultry. A compound
skeniir n., nc. gash, gouge, laceration, deep
meaning "flesh of the sky".
slentuz n., sc. cleaver. A compound of "Slen"
skenpor n., nc. archipelago. From the words
or "Flesh" and "Blade" or "Tuz", literally
"Sken" meaning "Chain" and "Por" meaning
means "flesh-blade".
sliin n., sc. meat. Like flesh, just more for edible
skerah n., nc. stomach, belly.
skevuur n., nc. greaves. Armor that was worn
sliit v., nc. snap.
to protect the shin. Is its own plural.
smahl n., nc. sheep. From Old Norse "smali".
skeyz n., nc. beetle.
smoliin n., c. passion.
skiif v., nc. grin. From "Niif" meaning "to
snaad n., nc. knot.
smile." Also can be used as a noun.
snol n., nc. pub, bar, tavern.
skiilan v., nc. support, maintain, uphold.
snuk n., nc. dragonfly.
skildir v., nc. oblige, constrain, necessitate,
so n., c. sorrow, melancholy.
so- pref., nc. less. As a prefix, makes an
skin v., nc. pinch. Pronounced "Skeen".
adjective mean "less". For example,
skir n., nc. might. The noun meaning "might
"Sobahlaan" would mean "less worthy", and
or strength" rather than the verb "I might.".
"Sokinzon" would mean "less sharp".
skirn v., nc. dive.
sod n., c. exploit, deed.
skirus adj., nc. mighty. "Skir" with the suffix
sogaal n., nc. gem, jewel.
sohqat adj., sc. pink. A combination of Sahqo
skobov v., nc. swindle, cheat. Also can be
(Red) and Sot (White). If you combine these
used as a noun.
colors you get pink. Pronounced "So-cat".
skoboviik n., nc. rogue, trickster,
sojuur n., sc. pest, weakling. Derived from the
counterfeiter, cheater. "Skobov" with the
words Sahlo and Joor, lit. "Weak-Mortal".
suffix "-iik".
sok n., nc. six.
skovaas n., nc. skirt.
sokaaz n., sc. bay, sea, gulf. Derived from the
skoz v., nc. collect.
words "So" and "Okaaz".
skraav n., nc. hull.
sokei adj., sc. sorrowful, mournful,
skuld n., nc. door, gate.
doleful. "So" with the suffix "-kei".
skunvar n., nc. bargain.
sokeytah n., nc. betrothal, marriage. An
skur n., nc. scamp.
alteration of "Sokeytol".
slaag n., nc. elf, mer, derogatory.
sokeytol v., nc. betroth, marry.
slen n., c. flesh.
sokoh v., nc. clop, clatter. Refers to the sound
slenaak n., sc. carnivore. A combination of
made by horse's hooves.
sokreid n., nc. hexagon. Means "Six-Side".
sosfrin n., sc. hyperthermia. A compound of
sol adj., nc. orange. Derived from Old Norse
"Sos" and "Frin", it literally means "blood-hot"
"sol" ("sun"). Only the color. For the fruit, see
(on the analogy of "Sosdiin", "blood-freeze").
sosin n., sc. witch. Reverse-derived from
solfruk n., nc. orange. Compound of "Sol" and
"Ensosin", "bewitch". Possibly a compound of
"Fruk", "orange-fruit".
"Sos" and "In", "blood-master". This has a
solkiig n., nc. brawn, vigor, strength. Refers
more vile connotation than "Lahbriin".
to physical strength.
soskiin n., nc. sibling. A compound of "blood"
solog n., nc. lead. The metal "lead". See
and "born".
"Inaak" for the verb "to lead".
soskren n., sc. incest. "Sos" and "kren",
sologaal n., nc. garnet.
"blood break".
solot adj., sc. lesser, ungreat, small. Derived
soslen n., sc. gore, carnage. Melding of "Sos",
from "Lot" and the prefix "So-".
"blood" and "Slen", "flesh.".
solqahd n., sc. robin. Melding a "Sol" and
sosnaak n., sc. vampire,
"Qahd", "orange-chest".
bloodeater. Composite of the words Sos and
som n., sc. wool. From "smahl", sheep, and
Naak, it literally means Blood-Eater and refers
"om", hair. Could also likely be generalized to
to the Joor who are afflicted by the disease of
refer to any type of wool (e.g. alpaca, etc). .
somirk n., nc. beacon, signal, call. Derived
sostrah n., sc. vein, artery. Derived from
from Norwegian "sjømerke". Can also be used
"Sos" and "Strah", it means literally "blood's
as a verb, "to signal", "to call".
way". Can be used to mean either a vein or an
son adv., nc. less. The word itself, as opposed to
the prefix "So-".
sot adj., c. white.
sonaak n., c. priest.
sothah n., nc. clockwork. Also an adjective.
sonaan n., c. bard.
sotiiv v., nc. excite.
sonaan n., c. dragon priest.
sotiivend n., nc. excitement,
sonah adj., nc. kind / benevolent.
excitation. "Sotiiv" with the suffix "-end".
sonesk n., nc. carrot.
sotlaakir n., nc. garlic. Sot: white, Laakir: leek.
sont adv., nc. thrice. Based on "Sed", "three",
Derived from the base Scandinavian "vit-lok"
and "Ont", "once".
("garlic", literally, "white leek").
sonvaak n., sc. poetry. A combination of
sov v., c. spend / spent.
"Sonaan", "bard", and "Tinvaak", "speech".
sovaar n., nc. plane, realm. As in, a plane of
soron adj., nc. semi-canon. So: less, Oron:
sovaht n., sc. payment, compensation. "Sov"
sos n., c. blood.
with the suffix "-aht", "that which is spent".
sosaal v., c. bleed.
soven adj., nc. secret, hidden.
sosdiin n., sc. hypothermia. A compound
sovrahzun n., c. mercenary.
meaning "blood-freeze".
soz n., nc. yard.
sozkul v., nc. scrub.
stenfahnd n., sc. advancement, progress.
spaan n., c. shield.
ster v., nc. kick.
spein adj., nc. late.
stig n., nc. step, act, action, feat. Is also the
spiir v., nc. spray, splash.
verb "to act or do".
srin v., nc. close, seal, shut. The verb meaning
stiild n., nc. quiet, calm, stillness. The noun
"to close", not the adjective meaning "close" or
meaning "quietness/stillness", not an adjective.
stiildus adj., nc. quiet, calm, still. "Stiild"
srinmiin v., nc. nap. To blink your eyes. Srin:
with the suffix "-us" to form an adjective.
shut, Miin: eyes.
stiis v., nc. spill, shed, especially blood.
staad n., nc. place, area, location. The noun
stin adj., c. free.
meaning "a place", as opposed to the verb
stintuz n., sc. freelance, freelancer. Literally,
"Raal" which means "to place or put". Added to
"Free Blade".
the definition to clear confusion between it and
stinun n., sc. freedom. "Stin" with the suffix
"-un", the condition of being free.
staadnau adj., c. unbound.
stiz v., nc. steer.
staag n., nc. barrow, mound.
stjorn n., nc. sink, basin. Refers to a sink of
staak n., nc. inhabitant, denizen. Referred to
water, etc., not the verb meaning "to sink".
Edited from "Styorn".
staal n., nc. port.
stov n., nc. boot.
staalzer n., nc. longshoreman, docker,
straag v., nc. turn.
someone who loads and unloads ships at
strah n., nc. road, way.
strahn v., nc. wade, ford.
staavek v., nc. miss / long for. Longing for
strahtafiir n., sc. highwayman. From "Strah"
someone/something that is absent, not to miss a
and "Tafiir", "road-thief".
stroh n., nc. ritual.
stahdim adj., nc. holy, divine.
strov v., nc. strum.
stahduk n., nc. totem, holy symbol.
strovodinok n., sc. necromancy. Stroh:
stahr n., nc. innocence. .
Ritual, Vodinok: Undead.
stahraal adj., nc. innocent. "Stahr" with the
stru'un n., sc. anger, wrath. A violent anger or
suffix "-aal", "with innocence".
wrath, storm-like.
stav n., nc. spell. A magic spell, not the verb
strun n., c. storm.
"to spell".
strundaam n., sc. stormcloak. Based on
stavek v., nc. to cast or use a spell. Based on
"Strun", "storm", and "Roodam", "cloak".
"Stav", "spell".
strungir adj., sc. turbulent, tremulous. Based
stek n., nc. beef. Inspired by Norwegian word
on "Strun," "storm.".
for "roast".
strunkaronahs n., sc. storm
stenfah v., nc. advance, proceed, progress,
atronach. Alteration of "Mukaronahs"
move forward.
strunmah n., c. mountain.
suld n., nc. shoulder.
strunsul n., sc. saturday / loredas. Lit.
suldaan n., nc. apocalypse, armageddon,
"Storm Day".
doomsday. Inspired by "Sul" and "Oblaan".
strunus adj., sc. stormy, angry. Combination
suleyk n., c. power.
of "Strun" and the suffix "-us". Mainly means
suleykaar adj., c. powerful.
"stormy" but can also mean "angry".
suleykoz n., sc. hierarchy. Based on "Suleyk",
studaar n., nc. excellence.
studen adj., nc. excellent.
suleyksejun adj., c. realm, dominion.
stur n., nc. stool.
sulvek n., nc. comfort. For both noun and verb
sturon v., nc. agitate. Inspired from the Old
-- to comfort someone, or to find comfort in
english word "styrian".
something.) Edited from "Suhlvek".
styorngol n., nc. swamp, bog, marsh. A
sulvekaal adj., sc. comfortable.
compound of "Styorn" (sink) and "Gol" (earth).
sum v., sc. breathe. The verb form of "Su'um",
su n., c. air.
also derived from "Su".
su'uld n., nc. silk.
sumaar n., sc. nose. A variation of "Sum", "to
su'um n., c. breath.
suf n., sc. gas, vapor.
sumaas n., sc. lung, lungs. Refers to "Sum", is
sufol n., nc. sugar.
its own plural.
sufolbrot n., nc. cake. A compound of "Sufol"
sumah v., sc. whisper, murmur. Derived from
and "Brot", "sugar bread".
"Sum", "breathe".
sufolduul n., sc. glaze/frosting. From "Sufol"
sumraaf n., sc. nostril. From "Su'um",
and "Du'ul", "sugar-crown". Can also be a
verb "to coat/crown with sugar".
sunaak n., nc. pipe, reed,
sufolus adj., nc. sugary. "Sufol" with the
woodwind. Referred to "Su" ("Air").
suffix "-us".
sunah n., nc. lance.
sujir v., nc. astonish, dazzle.
sunu v., sc. sigh. From "Su", "air".
suk adj., nc. least.
sunvaar n., c. beast / beasts.
suk- pref., nc. least. As a prefix, makes an
sur adj., sc. yellow.
adjective mean "least". For example,
suraas n., nc. gust, surge, flurry.
"Sukbahlaan" would mean "least worthy", and
suraath n., sc. velocity. Related to "Su", "air".
"Sukkinzon" would mean "least sharp".
surahgol n., sc. hurricane. A compound of
sukah v., nc. intend.
"Su" and "Rahgol", "air rage".
sukahnd n., nc. intention. Based on "Sukah"
suranmiik adv., nc. especially, specifically,
with the suffix "-nd".
sukaht n., nc. intent. Based on "Sukaht", "to
suril n., nc. wheat.
suruk v., sc. overwhelm, overtake. Root
sul n., c. day.
words: "Suleyk" and "Zuk".
sulak adj., nc. casual, nonchalant.
sus adj., sc. bloody / bloodied. Derived from
"Sos", with the suffix "-us", contracted to form
taavoz v., nc. elaborate.
an easier-to-pronounce word.
taazokaan n., c. tamriel.
sutah v., nc. sprinkle, spritz.
taazun n., nc. tyranny. Edited from "Kaazun".
suth n., sc. breeze, draft. Related to "Su",
tafiir n., c. thief.
tah n., c. pack.
suuvan n., nc. veil, shroud, covering.
tahlon v., nc. align, straighten, order.
suvulaan n., c. twilight.
tahmus v., nc. react. Based of the Finnish
suyah v., nc. hug.
"Taantumus" (Reaction).
suz v., nc. figure, estimate. The verb meaning
tahmusend n., nc. reaction. "Tahmus" with
"to figure", rather than a person "figure".
the suffix "-end".
svaan adj., nc. every.
tahrodiis adj., c. treacherous.
svaangein pron., nc. everyone. A compound
tahrovin n., c. treachery.
of "Svaan" and "Gein".
tahvir adj., nc. straight.
svaanveyn adv., sc. everywhere. A compound
tal n., nc. account, report.
of "Svaan" and "Veyn".
talaav n., nc. hoof.
svenjir n., nc. savanna.
tanz v., nc. dance.
svin v., nc. swim. From Old Norse "svima".
tarim n., nc. toll.
sviniik n., nc. swimmer. Svin and -iik.
tarn adj., nc. steady, stable.
svistak n., nc. ankle.
tarukun v., nc. jabber, gabble, gibber.
svok n., nc. beak.
tarvok n., nc. greed.
tarvokus adj., nc. greedy. "Tarvok" with the
suffix "-us".
tasnah n., nc. compassion.
tauliis n., nc. talisman.
-taas suf., sc. present participle suffix, see
taumir n., nc. bridle.
notes. Derived from "Viintaas", "shining".
tavus adj., nc. tan, beige.
Used to make present participles such as
tazaar n., nc. tyrant. Edited from "Kazaar".
"viintaas tuz", "a shining blade". Replaces the
tef v., nc. pull.
old suffix -von.
tefsu v., sc. suck. Lit. "pull", "air".
taagul n., nc. saddle.
tegal v., nc. counter.
taak interj., nc. ouch!/ow!.
tegalrot v., sc. object, disagree. From the
taar n., nc. folk, folks, people, kin, race.
words "Tegal" meaning "counter" and the word
taarmun n., sc. kinsman, relative. A
"Rot" meaning "word".
compound of "Taar", "kin" and "Mun",
tegalrotak n., sc. objection. From the word
"man". The plural is "Taarmuz".
"Tegalrot" meaning "Object" and the suffix "-
taarmuz n., sc. kinsmen, relatives. The plural
of "Taarmun".
teivo adj., nc. high, drunk, intoxicated,
taavin n., nc. debris, refuse.
tek v., nc. suppose, assume, presume, guess,
implying someone is incapable of the Voice.
thun n., nc. law.
tekar adj., nc. hideous, haggard, ugly.
thuniil adj., nc. legal. "Thun" with the suffix
tekarom n., nc. hideousness,
"-iil", "of or pertaining to the law". .
ugliness. "Tekar" with the suffix "-om".
thunnu n., sc. lawless, bandit, outlaw. An
teklor v., nc. assess, hypothesize,
adjective that means "lawless", as well as a
conjecture. Lit. "guessing thought".
noun that means "bandit" or "outlaw".
tend v., nc. bar, obstruct. Based on "Tendrok",
thur n., c. overlord.
thurot adj., sc. absolute, an absolute truth. A
tendrok n., nc. barrier, obstruction.
compound meaning "overlord word". The
terag v., nc. harry, harass, badger.
adjective "absolute" and a noun meaning "an
tet n., nc. title, epithet. Inspired by
absolute truth".
Scandinavian terms for "title".
thuz adv., sc. thus. Related to "Ruz", "then".
tey n., c. tale.
tiful adv., sc. therefore. Evolved from "Til ful"
teymaak n., sc. chronicle. From "Tey", "tale".
(lit. "there so") to this stage over the eras.
teyx adj., nc. front.
tii v., sc. count. To count time or items. Like
teyxom n., nc. bangs. Literally "Front hair".
"Krii", its past form is "Tiaan".
thaar v., sc. obey. The verb form of "Thaarn".
tiid n., c. time.
thaarn n., c. obedience.
tiidiil adj., sc. temporal. "Tiid" with the suffix
ther n., nc. square, center.
thesk n., nc. mess, disarray, turmoil. From
tiidnavir n., sc. lineage, line, house. Based on
Icelandic "sothaskapur".
"Tiid" and "Ragnavir".
thok n., nc. dirt, soil. From Old Norse
tiik v., nc. hang.
tiin adj., nc. weary.
thokus adj., nc. dirty. From "Thok" with the
tiindo n., sc. vintage. From "Tiid", "time".
suffix "-us".
tiinu adj., nc. countless. "Tii" with the suffix
tholaar n., nc. artifact, artefact, relic.
thon n., nc. ton.
tiizak n., nc. cistern.
thraat prep., nc. despite. From the Icelandic
tik n., nc. month.
word for "despite," "þrátt.".
tikaar adv., nc. monthly. Tik + -gaar.
thral v., nc. jump.
til adv., c. there.
thrinmah n., nc. pineapple.
timak v., nc. mumble, mutter.
thu'ul n., nc. thunder.
tindey n., nc. calligraphy.
thu'ulkei adj., nc. thunderous. "Thu'ul"
tingrol n., nc. mongrel.
with the suffix "-kei".
tinvaak v., c. talk, speak / speech,
thu'um n., c. dragon shout, voice. This refers
conversation. Can be used as both a verb, "to
to the power of the Voice, not regular speech.
talk/speak", and a noun meaning "talk",
thu'umnu adj., sc. voiceless. A slur or curse,
"speech", or "conversation".
tinvaakin n., sc. speaker, orator. Based on
suffix "-iin".
ton n., nc. thousand.
tinvaatey n., sc. play, an oral story. From
toneruvos n., sc. millennium. A compound
"Tinvaak" and "Tey", "spoken tale".
meaning "thousand-year".
tinvok n., sc. language. Based on "Tinvaak",
tonkraan n., nc. kilogram. A compound of
"Kraan" and "Ton".
tir adv., nc. out.
tonmezaar n., nc. kilometer. A compound of
tiraaz adj., c. sad.
"ton", "thousand", and "mezaar", "meter".
tiraazom n., sc. sadness. Tiraaz with suffix -
tonpozaar n., nc. kiloliter. "Pozaar"
compounded with "Ton", "thousand".
tirah adj., nc. foreign. Based on "Tir", "out".
toor n., c. inferno.
tirahk adj., nc. safe.
tooriil adj., sc. infernal. "Toor" with the suffix
tiran n., nc. border.
tirduun n., nc. sage.
tor n., nc. dusk.
tireid adj., sc. outside. Combination of "Tir"
toraas n., nc. doe. Related to "Toriig".
and "Reid".
toriig n., nc. stag, buck.
tireidin n., sc. outsider. An alteration of
torsul n., sc. thursday / turdas. Lit. "Dusk
tirn n., nc. ware / wares. Is its own plural.
tovit v., c. search.
tirvah n., nc. clover.
tovitaan n., c. searcher, seeker.
tivoz n., nc. upkeep.
tovok n., nc. wonder.
tjer v., nc. add, augment, increase, produce,
tovos n., nc. thyme.
make many of. Pronounced as "tee-air".
toz adj., nc. due.
to conj., nc. though, although. Pronounced
tozein n., nc. mistake, fault, error, flaw. Can
like "toe".
also be used as a verb, "to mistake, error, fault".
todol n., nc. gait.
tozeinnu adj., nc. faultless, flawless,
togaat v., c. attempt.
perfect. "Tozein" with the suffix "-nu".
tok adj., nc. able.
traas n., nc. grief.
tokaan n., nc. number.
traaskei adj., nc. grievous. "Traas" with the
tokmaar n., nc. ability. Based on the root word
suffix "-kei", "full of grief".
traaz n., nc. beach.
tol pron., c. that.
trah v., nc. grieve.
tolsah n., nc. doctor. Based on "Tolsek", "to
treiyun n., nc. cannon .
treat or heal".
tren n., nc. mile.
tolsek v., nc. heal, treat.
treymoz v., nc. ambush.
tolsekand n., nc. treatment,
triik n., nc. train, caravan.
healing. Referring to medical care.
trimal n., nc. trinket. Based mostly on a small
tolsekiin n., nc. healer. "Tolsek" with the
ware, a small thing. Wares and Trinkets are
used interchangeably in the cases of some shop
turog n., nc. mule.
keepers and traders.
tursaal n., nc. citizen, civilian.
trin n., nc. string.
tursak v., nc. collapse, crumble.
trir n., nc. tip.
tus n., nc. plate.
trofir adj., nc. tropic.
tusron v., nc. race, sprint, to move at full
trofiren adj., nc. tropical. Edited from
"Wernek". Means "of or originating from the
tuum prep., sc. within.
tuus n., nc. shore, beach. Altered from "Tuuz"
troz n., nc. thorn.
to avoid homophone with "Tuz".
truk n., nc. thing.
tuz n., c. blade.
tu n., c. hammer.
tuk n., nc. brick.
tuknokin n., sc. bricklayer. Literally,
"bricklayer", from "Tuk" and "Nok".
tulk n., nc. sty. From the Welsh for "sty,"
-un / -lun suf., nc. -ism, see notes. Forms a
condition noun from a verb, "Hunun" =
tulsekin n., nc. medicine. "That which heals",
"Heroism", "Nekovun" = "Cannibalism". "-
un" is used unless the verb ends in a vowel, in
tum prep., c. down.
which case "-lun" is used instead.
tumah n., nc. downfall, cataclysm,
-us suf., c. "-y", modifies a noun into an
collapse. From "Tum" and "Mah".
adjective. Seen in the English "snowy",
tumbo v., sc. descend. From the words "Tum"
"slippery", and the Dragon "Odus" and
meaning "Down" and "Bo" meaning "Move".
"Motmahus". Means "having the qualities of".
tun n., nc. trade. Can also be a Verb.
uben prep., nc. over / above.
tunihah n., sc. doloire . Related to "Hahkun".
ufiik n., c. troll.
This type of axe is sometimes called a
ufiinseh n., nc. invention. Based of the
Wagoner’s Axe. It is known that axes of this
Norwegian word "oppfinnelse".
type were carried with the wagon trains
ufir adj., nc. decent, respectable.
supporting medieval and Renaissance armies. It
uft n., nc. feather.
was probably used as both a tool and a weapon
uful v., nc. worry. Can be used as a noun or a
and many are found in various armories around
the world. .
ukiir n., nc. antic, caper.
tuniik n., nc. trader. "Tun" with the suffix "-
ukun v., nc. oppress.
ukund v., nc. oppression. "Ukun" with the
turahl v., nc. obliterate, crush, annihilate. To
suffix "-nd".
completely destroy something or someone.
ukuniik n., nc. oppressor. "Ukun" with the
turguld n., nc. buckler.
suffix "-iik".
turgun n., nc. bucket.
ul n., c. eternity.
ulaak v., nc. care. Also a noun.
unaz adj., nc. happy.
ulaakei adj., nc. careful. "Ulaak" with the
unaziin adv., nc. happily. An alteration of
suffix "-kei".
ulaaknu adj., nc. careless. "Ulaak" with the
unazom n., nc. happiness. Derived from
suffix "-nu".
"Unaz" with the suffix "-om".
ulaaknugaar adj., nc. carelessly. "Ulaaknu"
und v., nc. lift / raise.
with the adverb suffix "-gaar".
undaar adj., nc. final.
ulaaknurom n., nc. carelessness. "Ulaaknu"
undin prep., nc. behind.
with the suffix "-rom".
undoriik n., nc. adventurer. "Undoro" with
ulan adj., sc. entire, whole, complete. Ul:
the suffix "-iik".
eternity, Oblaan: end.
undoro n., nc. adventure.
ulaz n., nc. angle.
undorokei adj., nc. adventurous. "Undoro"
uld v., sc. might. Based on "Aal". The verb
with the suffix "-kei". .
"might", not the noun meaning
unen n., nc. billion.
ungeik n., nc. barrier.
ulfah n., nc. creature.
ungol n., nc. mine.
ulfriim n., nc. sheath, scabbard.
uniid n., sc. term. From the words "Tiid"
uliid adj., nc. precise.
meaning "Time" and "Unad" meaning
uliidom n., nc. precision,
preciseness. "Uliid" with the suffix "-om".
unmaar pron., sc. ourselves. The reflexive of
ulm n., nc. elm.
ulokuun n., nc. emperor, empress.
unon n., nc. million.
uloz v., nc. wreck.
unos adj., sc. monotonous, boring,
uluthan n., nc. oregano.
unchanging, dull. Originates from "Unslaad"
um prep., nc. around. From the Icelandic word
and "Osos".
"Um" meaning "Around.".
unslaad adj., c. unending / ceaseless /
umaak n., nc. log, record. Can also be used as
a verb, "to log/record".
unslaar adv., sc. forevermore, evermore,
umdaal n., nc. hilt.
everlasting, everlastingly. Related to
umriid n., nc. treasure. Can be used as a noun
"Unslaad", "unending". Can be used as an
or a verb.
adjective or an adverb.
un pron., c. our, ours.
unstiid adv., sc. always, forever. Derives from
unad v., nc. choose. Edited to "Unad" so it
"Unslaad" and "tiid".
doesn't conflict with the verb suffix "-iin".
unt v., c. try.
unagein n., sc. patron. Based on "Unad" and
untak n., sc. trial. "Unt" with the suffix "-ak",
"Gein", literally, "chosen one".
the act of trying.
unahzaal adj., c. unending / ceaseless /
unviig v., nc. dodge. From Swedish
eternal (less common than unslaad).
"undvika", Norwish "unnvike" and Danish
primeval times or - in Nirn - the mythic times.
ur n., nc. oar.
usul n., sc. yesterday. A compound of "Us"
uraal adj., nc. rich, wealthy, plentiful.
and "Sul", "before-day".
uraan n., nc. brilliance, radiance, splendor.
usuul v., nc. thrust.
urah n., nc. clock. derived from German
utan adv., nc. abroad, afar.
“Uhr“ and from Latin “hŕra“
uth v., c. command, order.
uthim n., nc. colony.
urid v., nc. reward, award. Can also be used
uv conj., c. or.
as a noun.
uznahgaar adj., c. unbridled.
uriif n., nc. prize. Slightly related to 'Urid' -
uzur v., nc. convert.
urik adj., nc. broad. Used to describe like a
broad scale(urik vrii), or broad sword (urik
zahkrii), or broad understanding perhaps even,
once "understanding" or "knowledge" would be
vaad n., nc. canoe/boat.
added to the dictionary. Not sure how well it
vaagol adj., sc. stalwart. Related to "Gol",
would combine with a word though, might need
"earth", "sturdy or stout as earth".
vaak n., nc. shark.
urikras n., nc. epidemic. Urik "broad" + Kras
vaal n., c. bay. "To keep at bay", "to hold at
bay", rather than the body of water.
urlan n., nc. determination, conviction,
vaaril n., nc. campaign, crusade.
vaaruk n., nc. gossip, rumor. Can be also used
urlanaal adj., nc. determined, steadfast,
as a verb.
resolute. Adjective form of determination.,
vaas n., nc. puppy, pup.
"with determination".
vaat v., c. swear / swore.
uroksvaal n., nc. marauder, reaver.
vaaz v., c. tear. From the "Soul Tear" shout in
urzun v., nc. determine, conclude, choose.
the Dawnguard dlc. Tear rip, not Tear cry.
us prep., c. before.
vaazaan adj., sc. torn. "Vaaz" with the suffix
uskriif n., nc. recipe. Based on the Norwegian
"-aan". Also, "have torn".
and Finnish language.
vaazkein n., sc. civil war. A compound of
usnutiid n., sc. past. Composed by the words
"Vaaz" ("to tear") and "Kein" ("war").
Us, Nu and Tiid, it literally means the before-
vah n., c. spring.
present-time, referring to the present that come
vahdin n., c. maiden.
before the now.
vahiil adj., sc. vernal. "Vah" with the suffix "-
ustiid n., sc. prehistoric times, mythic
iil", "of or pertaining to spring".
times. Composed of the words Us and Tiid, it
vahk adj., nc. easy, simple.
literally means Before-Time, thus referring to
vahkunmiir n., sc. halberd, poleaxe. A
the times before this time, also known as
compound of "Vasmiir" (staff) and "Hahkun"
valdrek n., nc. wretch.
vahlin n., nc. majesty.
valdrekaan adj., nc. wretched.
vahlogolz n., sc. standing stone. Derived
valdrekaanom n., nc. wretchedness.
from "Vahlok" and "Golz" (by the analogy of
valinaar adj., nc. majestic.
valk adj., nc. nervous.
vahlok n., c. guardian.
valkom n., nc. nervousness. The noun form of
vahlom n., sc. freshwater. A compound of
"Valk", "Nervous", with the suffix "-om".
"Vah" and "Lom", "spring-water".
valokein interj., nc. welcome.
vahlusend n., nc. commission .
valzapor n., nc. summerset isle.
vahlusendaar n., nc. comissioner.
vanah n., nc. kind, type, version.
vahn n., sc. maid. Based on the word "Vahden"
vandul n., nc. window.
which means maiden.
vankar v., nc. lack.
vahnis n., nc. blemish.
vanras n., nc. treaty, compact.
vahpruzah adj., sc. valid,
vanvaak v., nc. babble, prattle.
legitimate. Modified from "true and good.".
varn adj., nc. warm.
vahr adv., nc. why.
varnom n., nc. warmth. Varn: warmth, -om:
vahriin adj., c. sworn.
forms a noun.
vahrsk adj., nc. harsh.
varox v., nc. immerse.
vahrugrii n., sc. memorial, monument. Based
vasaak v., nc. ablute, cleanse. Based on the
on "Vahrukt", "memory".
word Waesc (Old English, lit. "to cleanse"),
vahrukiv v., c. commemorate.
derived from the words Vah and Saak.
vahrukt n., c. memory.
vasaar n., nc. meadow, pasture.
vahruktnu n., sc. amnesia. From "Vahrukt"
vaslahl n., nc. lavender. Also an adjective.
with the suffix "-nu", "without memory".
vasmiir n., nc. staff.
vahyarak n., nc. banner.
vath adj., nc. early. Edited from 'Vuthuul' to
vahzah adj., c. true.
vahzen n., c. truth.
vau adj., nc. off. Edited from "Auf" to "Vau".
vahzensaag n., sc. aphorism. Literally,
vax n., nc. traitor, rebel, renegade.
vaxei adj., nc. traitorous, rebellious,
vaknor n., nc. coast. A geographic coast, rather
treacherous. An alternate form of "Vax" with
than the verb "to coast (along)".
the suffix "kei".
vakrom n., nc. chastity. Shortened variation of
ved adj., c. black.
"Vakron" with the -om suffix.
vedaak adj., sc. pitch black, totally
vakron adj., nc. chaste.
dark. Based off is "Ved / Black".
vald v., sc. decimate. Derived from "Ald",
vedkrasom n., sc. plague. Literally "Black
valdak n., sc. decimation. "Vald" with suffix
veik n., nc. acid.
veikus adj., nc. acidic. "Veik" with the suffix
"-us", "having the qualities of acid".
make an effort. "Grav" with the prefix "Ver-",
veiliin n., sc. gender, sex. Related to "Liin".
"to make an effort".
vein pron., nc. which. Pronounced as "vine".
vergrundak n., nc. cartography. Literally,
veinaar n., nc. veal.
"the act of map-making".
veinaar n., nc. calamity, tragedy.
verhask v., nc. endanger, threaten. "Hask"
veirey adj., nc. skinny, thin. Similar to "Yal"
with the prefix "Ver-", "to make danger or
but refers more to an object that is thin, whereas
threats towards".
"Yal" refers more to an opening, passage, or
verilir v., nc. paint, draw, to make a
space that is thin.
picture. A non-specific term for a method of
veistul adj., nc. wicked, vile.
creating an image. .
vek v., nc. hit, impact, strike.
verin n., nc. element.
vekah n., nc. bitch. Used to insult females.
verinrii n., sc. elemental . A compound of
veklin v., nc. adjust.
"Verin" and "Rii", "Element essence". Refers to
vel v., nc. tend, serve, nurture, care for. As in
ethereal spirits of elements (for example, Ice
"To tend a farm.".
Wraith - "Iizinrii" - elemental of ice and snow).
velaaz n., nc. banquet, feast.
verkeiniik n., sc. warmonger. "Kein" with
velokraan n., nc. hummingbird. Derives from
the prefix "Ver-" and the suffix "-iik", lit.
"Lokraan", "bird".
"someone who makes war".
velvaas n., sc. drinking song. Derived from
verkiir v., nc. procreate, impregnate, breed,
"Velaaz" ("Feast") and "Lovaas" ("Song,
reproduce. As opposed to Liin (mate/sex) which
doesn't necessarily have the purpose of breeding.
ven n., c. wind.
Ver: to make, Kiir: child.
vendus adj., sc. windy. "Ven" with the suffix
verlovaasniir n., sc. instrument, musical
instrument. "Lovaas" with the prefix "Ver-"
vensul n., sc. friday / fredas. Lit. "Wind
and suffix "-niir", fully meaning "something
one makes music with".
venuum n., sc. tornado.
vermiir v., nc. draw, sketch. "Miir" with the
vepok v., nc. sully, besmirch, soil, stain.
prefix "Ver-", "to make a mark". Means the
ver- pref., nc. forms a verb (see notes). "Make
artistic "to draw" rather than "to draw a
[noun]", the act of creating the noun applied.
Verdrem; to make peace. Verkein; to make war.
vernenfah v., nc. reference. Lit. "to make
verbaasiik n., nc. artist. "Bahs" with the
prefix "Ver-" and the suffix "-iik", "someone
verotiik n., sc. author. Lit. "word-maker".
who makes art". Literally, "artmaker". Edited
verqulekin n., nc. locksmith. Literally,
from "Verbahsiik".
verfaas adj., sc. fearsome. "Faas" with the
vervisk v., nc. party, celebrate. The verb from
prefix "Ver-", literally means "fearmaking".
"Visk", lit. "to make celebration".
vergrav v., nc. strive, endeavor, focus, to
verwahsar v., nc. fantasize, daydream. "To
make fantasy", "Wahsar" with the prefix "Ver-
"-en", "originating or of water".
viidost n., c. poison, venom.
ves adj., nc. precious, valuable.
viigah n., nc. billow.
vesey v., nc. kiss. Edited from "Besey".
viijun n., sc. cockatrice, basilisk. compound of
veslaad n., nc. suicide. Can also be used as a
'Vith' and 'Jun'; lit. “Serpent King―.
verb that means "to commit suicide".
viik v., c. defeat.
vet v., nc. hone, refine, file.
viil n., nc. animus.
vetgar n., nc. scene. This word was created
viilon n., nc. wire, thin rope.
using the Icelandic word for "scene",
viim v., nc. reveal, show, unveil.
"vettvangur." In a happy accident, the
viimakuun n., nc. revelation.
Dovahzul word "vet" means "to hone or file,"
viimon v., nc. display. From Viim (To
which works, since a scene is a honed or
Display/To Show).
concentrated section of an act (as in a play).
viimuz n., sc. tsaesci, serpent-men, snake-
vex n., nc. onyx.
men. Derived from the composition of the words
vey v., c. cut.
Vith and Muz, its literal meaning is Serpent-
veydar n., nc. store, shop.
Men and refers to the serpent-folk of Akavir.
veydo n., c. grass.
viin v., c. shine. Alduin says it.
veydosebriin n., sc. seaweed. Lit. "grass of
viinazil n., nc. quicksilver. Somewhat derived
the sea".
from "Viin", "shine".
veydoz n., sc. weed. Related to "Veydo",
viing n., c. wing.
viingaal n., sc. winged. "Viing" with the
veyl prep., nc. forth. As in "He comes forth".
suffix "-aal", "with or having wings".
veyloz n., nc. portrait.
viinsekrein n., sc. sunshine. Literally, "shine
veyn adv., nc. where.
of the sun".
veyr v., nc. bloom, blossom, flourish.
viintaas adj., c. shining.
veysenor n., sc. solstheim. A compound of
viir adj., c. dying, ceasing, see notes. An
"Vey","Se" and "Nor", it literally means "cut
adjective that means "Dying" or "Ceasing", not
of land". Solstheim was a part of mainland, but
directly related to the verbs "Dir" or "Oblaan".
it was sundered from the rest of Skyrim as a
From the DLC "Dawnguard", "Durnehviir" =
result of the battle between Dragon Priests
"Curse Never Dying".
Vahlok and Miraak.
viiruh n., nc. streak. Based on the Finnish
veysun n., c. ship.
word "Viiru" for "streak".
veyz n., nc. glass.
viiz n., nc. dust.
vezar n., nc. market. Ment to sound similar to
vik v., nc. damn.
vikozon n., nc. damnation.
vidir n., nc. disgust.
vild n., nc. rock.
viid adj., nc. aqua.
vildhahkun n., sc. pickaxe. Conjunction of
viiden adj., nc. aquatic. "Viid" with the suffix
"Vild" and "Hahkun" meaning "Rock" and
vodahvur v., nc. vanish, disappear. Vo: un-
vilt n., nc. venison. Directly from Norwegian.
/dis-, Dahvur: appear.
vinaak v., sc. mislead, misdirect. Related to
vodigol v., nc. decrypt, decipher. "Digol"
"Inaak", "to lead".
with the prefix "Vo-", lit. "to make something
vinal v., nc. accomplish. Has influences from
not a mystery".
ancient norse word for accomplish, which is
vodiin v., sc. thaw, defrost,
unfreeze. Combination of the prefix Vo- and
vinalaan adj., nc. accomplished. "Vinal" with
Diin, lit. "unfreeze".
the suffix "-aan".
vodinok adj., sc. undead.
vinalend n., nc. accomplishment. "Vinal"
vodren v., sc. disturb, disconcert. A mutation
with the suffix "-end".
of "Drem", "peace", with the prefix "Vo-".
vint n., nc. wine.
vofahdon n., sc. enemy, a person who is
vinurah adj., nc. content, pleased.
unfriendly or was once a friend. From "vo-"
vir adv., nc. how.
which means "un-" and "fadhon" which means
virlaan n., nc. order, system, program,
vofahdonus adj., sc. unfriendly. From "vo-
virot n., sc. quote. Derived from "Rot". Can
meaning "un-" and "fahdonus" meaning
also be used as a verb.
virpal n., nc. ink.
vofranvothok adj., sc. inconsolable. Based on
vis v., sc. can. Derives from 'nis' - 'cannot' .
"Franvoth" with the prefix "Vo-" and "Tok",
visk n., nc. party, festival,
celebration. Derived from Old Norse "viss".
vofrini adj., sc. uneager. Combination of Vo-
vit n., nc. wit, cunning, humor.
and Frini.
vith n., c. serpent.
vofun v., sc. untold, unspoken, unknown.
vitus adj., nc. witty, humorous. Vit + -us.
vofunvul n., nc. penumbra. A compound of
vo v., c. undo.
"Vofun" and "Vul".
vo- pref., c. un- prefix. (opposite of. e.g.
vogahriin n., sc. defiance. From "Vogahvon",
unkind, unlikeable).
"to defy".
vobahlaan adj., sc. unworthy. "Bahlaan" with
vogahvon v., sc. defy, resist. "Gahvon" with
the prefix "Vo-".
the prefix "Vo-", literally "un-yield". Edited
vobavir adj., nc. uncouth. From the word
from "Vogah".
"Bavir" meaning "Couth" with the prefix "Vo-
vogejahr v., nc. vacate. Translates as "unfill".
vogejahrend n., nc. vacation. "Vogejahr"
vod adj., c. ago.
with the suffix "-end".
vodahmaan v., sc. forget. From "Dahmaan"
vogekrin v., sc. discourage, dissuade,
with the prefix "Vo-", "Unremember".
deter. Derived from "Gekrin" with the prefix
vodahmin adj., c. unremembered /
vogevoth v., sc. disconnect. "Gevoth" with
the prefix "Vo-".
prefix "Vo-".
vogevothend n., sc. disconnection. "Vogevot
vokorasaal adj., nc. impossible. "Korasaal"
h" with the suffix "-end".
with the prefix "Vo-".
vogil n., nc. disk.
vokraaz n., nc. node.
vogluus n., nc. misfortune. "Gluus" with the
vokrii v., c. revive / restore. Formed from
prefix "Vo-".
"Krii" and the prefix "Vo-".
vogluuskei adj., nc. unlucky,
vokriid n., sc. resurrectionist. From "Vokrii",
unfortunate. "Gluuskei" with the prefix "Vo-".
"to revive". Also "Kriid" with the prefix "Vo-".
vognahrin v., nc. decipher.
vokriind n., sc. restoration. "Vokrii"
vohasiiv adj., nc. abstract, unreal. Opposite of
combined with the suffix "-nd". Edited from
"Hasiiv", "concrete".
"Yahnd" to match canon.
vohrend n., nc. denial, negation. Related to
vokrin adj., sc. dispirited,
"Vo", "undo".
discouraged. Based on "Ahkrin", "courage",
vohunaz adj., nc. unhappy. A combination of
with the prefix "Vo-".
"Unaz" with the prefix "Vo".
vokrolur v., nc. disagree. "Krolur" with the
voj adj., nc. deaf.
prefix "Vo-".
vojahr adj., nc. vacant. Directly translates as
vokrotz adj., nc. unemployed.
vokul adj., c. evil.
vojahrom adj., nc. vacancy. Translates as
vokulhah adj., sc. malevolent. From "Vokul"
"unfullness" (noun).
and "Hah", "Evil-Mind".
vok prep., nc. up. Can be an Adverb, an
vokulin n., sc. villain. Referred to "Vokul"
Adjective, a Noun, a Verb as well as a
("Evil"), "someone who is evil".
vokulom n., sc. evilness. "Vokul" with the
vokenaar n., sc. dremora. "Kenaar" with the
suffix "-om".
prefix "Vo-".
vokun n., c. shadow. "Kun" with the prefix
vokesaal adj., nc. unlimited. "Kesaal" with
"Vo-", "un-light".
the prefix "Vo-".
vokunmiir n., sc. shadowmark. Combines
voklov v., sc. behead, decapitate. Lit.
"Vokun" (Shadow) and "Miir" (Mark).
"unhead", "Klov" with the prefix "Vo-".
vol n., c. horror.
voknau prep., sc. upon. A literal combination
volaan n., c. intruder.
of "Vok" and "nau". A contracted version of
volbur n., nc. chaos, change, disorder.
this word is "Von".
volburaal adj., nc. chaotic, disorderly,
vokoraak n., nc. disbelief. Derived from
tumultuous. "Volbur" with the suffix "-aal",
"Koraak" with the prefix "Vo-".
"with or having chaos, change, disorder".
vokorah v., nc. disbelieve. Derived from
volburfahliil n., sc. chimer. Translates to
"Korah" with the prefix "Vo".
"Changed Elf.".
vokorahtok adj., nc. unbelievable. Derived
voleinah v., nc. undress, unclothe,
from "Korah" combined with "tok" and the
disrobe. "Lienah" with the prefix "Vo-".
volg adj., nc. wild, savage, feral, untame,
vonok interj., nc. farewell.
volganor n., nc. wilderness. Volg + Nor,
vonov v., sc. distrust. Also an adjective, from
wildlands Edited from "Feykrovolg" since
"Ov" with the prefix "Vo".
"wilderness" can refer to more than just forest.
vonum adj., nc. common, commonplace,
volgin n., nc. barbarian, savage,
plain. Literally "non rare", Vo-: non, Num:
wildling. From "Volg", "someone who is wild".
rare, edited from "vonun".
volglaas n., sc. wildlife. Conjunction of
vonun adj., c. unseen.
"Volg", "Wild" and "Laas", "Life.".
vonuz adj., c. invisible.
volgom n., nc. wildness, savageness,
vonzun n., sc. spy. Derived from "Vonun" and
ferocity. "Volg" with the suffix "-om".
"Zun", "hidden weapon".
volk n., nc. hold, grip, snare. A harsh-
vopremaal n., sc. impatient. "Premaal" with
sounding, definitive word. Can also be used as a
the prefix "Vo-".
voqalos adj., sc. virgin. Literally meaning
volkon v., nc. elect, appoint, choose.
voluk v., nc. wipe, clear.
voqurnen adj., nc. abnormal. "Qurnen" with
volundiil adj., nc. unnatural. "Lundiil" with
the prefix "Vo-".
the prefix "Vo-".
voraak v., nc. orient.
volz adj., nc. worse. Edited from "Vol" to
vordaas n., nc. disguise. From "Vorpaal",
"Volz" to avoid conflict with the canon "Vol".
"different". Can also used be used as a verb.
volzaan adj., nc. worst. Based on "Volz",
voreistig adj., nc. uncertain. "Reistig" with
the prefix "Vo-".
volzah adj., nc. bad. Derived from Volz: worse.
vorenaak n., sc. parasite. A compound of
Structured following Pruzah, Pruz, Pruzaan
"Vorey" and "Naak", "other" and "eat".
(good, better, best). Edited from "Volah" to
vorey adj., nc. other.
avoid conflict with the canon "Vol".
vork v., nc. snatch, seize.
vomos v., sc. dislike. "Mos" with the prefix
vorlaav v., nc. dissent. Vo + orlaav. Can also
be used as noun.
von prep., sc. upon. A contraction of "Vok"
vorliinvas adj., sc. heterosexual. Combines
and "Nau", more casual and conversational
the first part of "different" and the word
than "Voknau".
vonalgask adj., nc. inappropriate,
vorliz n., nc. reign. Also a verb.
unsuitable, improper. "Nolgask" with the
vormung v., nc. admonish.
prefix "Vo-".
voro n., sc. imbalance. Combines "Vo" (Un-)
vond v., nc. glide, soar.
and "Ro" (Balance).
voniir adj., nc. emotionless, detached,
vorpaal adj., nc. different.
vorstaal v., nc. organize. Can also be used as
vonmindoraan n., c. an incomprehensible
an adjective, "organized".
vortii prep., nc. past, beyond. From the
abjure. "Vaat" with the prefix "Vo-", literally
Icelandic for "past," "fortÃð." Replaces the
former word "On".
voviidost n., nc. antidote. "Viidost" with the
vorul n., nc. class.
prefix "Vo-", "unpoison".
voruv adj., nc. impure. "Ruv" with the prefix
vovoth adj., sc. contrary. "Voth" with the
prefix "Vo-", "unwith".
voshun adj., nc. unclean. "Shun" with prefix
voz adv., nc. else.
vozah adj., sc. infinite. "Zah" with the prefix
vosig n., nc. mutton.
vost adj., nc. fit, healthy.
vozahlaas adj., sc. immortal. "Infinite Life".
vostahdim adj., sc. unholy. "Stahdim" with
vozahrom n., sc. infinity. "Vozah" with the
the prefix "Vo-".
suffix "-rom". There is already a word for
vostavek v., nc. dispell. "Stavek" with the
"infinity", "Mintiinon", but this is derived from
prefix "Vo-".
primary canon along with our "-rom" suffix (to
vostenfah v., nc. regress. "Stenfah" with the
form a noun from an adjective).
prefix "Vo-".
vozin n., sc. dishonor. "Zin" with the prefix
voteivo adj., nc. sober, teetotal. "Teivo" with
the prefix "Vo-".
vozinaal adj., sc. dishonorable. Means "with
voth prep., c. with.
or having dishonor".
vothaar n., sc. disobey. "Thaar" with the
vozriis n., nc. linen.
prefix "Vo-".
vozuriim n., nc. insanity. Composition of the
vothaarn n., c. disobedience.
words Vo and Zuriim, lit. "Unsane".
vothiz v., nc. involve. Derived from "Voth",
vrah adv., nc. indeed.
vrell v., nc. afflict.
vothni prep., sc. without. A combination of
vrellend n., nc. affliction. "Vrell" with the
"Voth" with the suffix "-ni".
suffix "-end".
vothnikey adj., sc. horseless. Literally
vreyviis v., nc. impress.
"without horse.".
vrii n., nc. scale. No Derivatives .
vothuniil adj., nc. illegal. "Thuniil" with the
vriid n., nc. reptile. The word "Vrii" with the
prefix "Vo-".
suffix "-d", "something that has scales".
votiidaar adv., sc. untimely. Related to "Tiid",
vroz n., nc. cherry.
"time", with the prefix "Vo-" and the adverb
vruun v., nc. destine. The verb form of
suffix "-gaar".
"Vuun", "destiny".
votirahk adj., nc. vulnerable, unsafe. "Vo-"
vu n., c. dawn.
with "Tirahk".
vudeym v., nc. stumble.
votrul adj., nc. complex,
vudoz v., nc. avoid, elude.
complicated. Related to "Voth", "with".
vugel n., nc. ebony.
vovaat v., sc. renounce, recant,
vukahmiin n., nc. subject, topic. Derived
from "Item/Object" + "Attention".
vuruun n., nc. alphabet. Name of the Dovah-
vukein n., c. combat.
vul adj., c. dark.
vus n., c. nirn.
vuld v., nc. shift, change, transfer, modify.
vusarum n., sc. nirnroot. A compound of
vuldak n., nc. change, modification. From
"Vus" and "Arum".
"Vuld" with the noun suffix "-ak".
vusiin v., nc. assign. Related to "Siin", "sign".
vulfahliil n., sc. dark elf, dunmer. Combines
vust v., sc. could. Based on "Vis", "can".
"Vul" (Dark), and "Fahliil" (Elf).
Edited from "Vus" to avoid conflict with the
vulfriim v., nc. unsheathe, draw. Based on
canon word "Vus", "Nirn".
"Ulfriim" with the prefix "Vo-".
vusul n., sc. tuesday / tirdas. Lit. "Dawn
vulok n., sc. eclipse. Vul-Dark, Lok-Sky.
vulom n., c. darkness.
vuth n., sc. youth. Derived from "Vuthar",
vulon n., c. night.
vulonaas adj., sc. nocturnal. The adjective
vutharaak adv., sc. however. Slightly based
rather than the Daedric Prince. A combination
on "Mahfaeraak", "forever".
of "Laas" and "Vulon".
vuug n., nc. curve. Can also be used as a verb.
vulonfil n., sc. december / evening
vuuk n., nc. item, object.
star. Volun: night, Fil: star.
vuun n., nc. destiny.
vulsoven n., nc. morrowind. "Dark Sorrow
vuuzahd n., sc. hook. From Zahd (Point) and
Vuug (Curve).
vulz v., nc. pulse.
vum n., c. beard.
vumaal adj., sc. bearded. "Vum" (Beard) with
the suffix "-aal".
vun adj., nc. mere.
waan conj., nc. if.
vund n., nc. wall.
waarth n., nc. amount. Inspired from the Old
vundonin n., nc. curtain, drape. From
English word "weorð".
"Vund" and "Donin", "wall-sheet".
wadren v., nc. block. The verb meaning "to
vunek adj., nc. futile.
block/obstruct" or the equivalent noun, not
vunonhaal n., sc. pickpocket, sleight of
something "block-shaped", or "to shape
hand. Can be used as a verb, "to pickpocket".
something like a block".
vur n., c. valor. From the "Battle Fury" shout
wah prep., c. to. "Wah" can be used as both a
in the Dragonborn dlc.
preposition and to make infinitive verbs ("to
vuril n., nc. well. A compound of "Gol" and
wander", " to fight", etc.).
"Lom", meaning "earth-water".
wahl v., c. build, create, make.
vurul n., nc. pocket.
wahlaan v., c. built / created / raised.
vuruniil adj., nc. alphabetical. Based on
wahlaaran adj., sc. creative. From "Wahl".
"Vuruun" with the suffix "-iil".
wahlaht n., sc. building, structure,
creation. "Wahl" with the suffix "-aht", "that
wid n., nc. load, haul, capacity, weight. Also
which is built or created".
a verb, "to haul or to load".
wahliig n., sc. creativity. Related to "Wahl"
wiif v., nc. mock.
wiigokel n., nc. brothel.
wahliik n., sc. founder, builder, creator,
wiil n., nc. spiral.
maker. "Wahl" with the suffix "-iik".
wiistel adj., nc. sincere, earnest, genuine.
wahlom n., sc. reservoir. From "Wahl" and
wiistelom n., nc. sincerity, earnestness,
"Lom", "built-water", artificial water.
genuineness. "Wiistel" with the suffix "-om".
wahrok n., nc. tail.
wiizaan n., nc. whore, slut, prostitute.
wahsar n., nc. fantasy.
win v., c. wage. To wage war, rather than a
wahsariil adj., nc. fantastical. Meaning "of,
worker's wage.
like, or pertaining to fantasy".
wo pron., c. who.
wahzil n., nc. waffle.
wok pron., sc. whom. Object form of "Who",
wapur adv., nc. toward.
"to whom it may concern".
wasek v., sc. bathe.
wol n., c. oak.
wazahl adj., nc. exact, specific, accurate.
wolov n., nc. spouse.
wazahlom n., nc. exactness, specificity,
worah n., nc. chorus, choir.
accuracy. "Wazahl" with the suffix "-om".
worax n., nc. saw. Also can be used as a verb.
wazor v., nc. tremble, shake.
woraxpund n., nc. sawmill. A compound of
wazos v., nc. rumble. From "Wazor", "to
"Worax" ("Saw") and "Pund" ("Mill").
wox n., nc. gnat.
wazul v., nc. afford.
wuld n., c. whirlwind.
weh interj., nc. wow.
wult n., nc. crime.
wel conj., nc. whether.
wultriin n., nc. criminal.
welkand n., nc. west.
wund n., sc. quest, purpose. Derives from
welkanden adj., sc. western,
"Wundun" ("travel"), implying that a
westerly. "Welkand" with the suffix "-en".
"traveler" is seeking their "quest" or "purpose".
weltir v., nc. elope.
wundun v., c. travel. Also a noun.
wen pron., c. whose.
wunduniik n., c. traveler.
werid n., c. praise.
wursk n., nc. bath.
weridaas n., sc. hymn, anthem. Derived from
wuth n., c. old.
"Werid" ("Praise") and "Lovaas" ("Song,
wuthrahiil n., sc. pagan. Derived from
"Wuth", "Rah", and the suffix "-iil", "of the old
wern n., sc. ode. Referred to "Werid","to
wuthsul n., sc. wednesday / middas . Lit.
werzon adj., nc. frugal.
"Old Day".
weyskt n., nc. bathroom.
weyt n., nc. room.
yolget adj., sc. molten. From "Yol", "fire", and
"Gelt", "metal".
yah v., c. seek, sought.
yolgosvaa n., sc. firewood. Derived from
yahjol n., nc. harp.
primary canon "Yol" and partially quarternary
yahnol v., nc. cook.
canon "Gosvaa".
yahv prep., nc. across.
yolir v., nc. regenerate, regrow,
yahzuum n., nc. mandate.
renew. Connected to the word "Yol" ("fire"),
yal adj., nc. thin, tight, narrow. Similar to
something "rising from the ashes".
"Veirey" but refers more to an opening, passage,
yolirend n., nc. regeneration, renewal,
or space that is thin. "Veirey" refers to an object
that is thin.
yolkaronahs n., nc. fire atronach. Alteration
yalzahkrii n., sc. katana. A compound of
of "Mukaronahs" (Atronach).
"Yal" and "Zahkrii",literally means "narrow
yolkezil n., sc. hot sauce. From "Yol" and
"Ezil", "fire-sauce".
yel adj., nc. flat, level, even.
yolos n., c. flame.
yeldah n., nc. plateau. Related to "Yel", "flat".
yolskein v., sc. brand. Lit. "fire", "scar".
yem n., nc. blaze.
yolstrunmah n., sc. volcano. Composed by the
yen n., nc. arm. Can also be used as a verb, "to
words Yol and Strunmah, it literally means
Fire-Mountain and refers to the most obvious
yevul n., nc. torment, anguish.
element of a vulcano. Alternately, a vulcano can
yezin n., nc. zest, zeal, gusto.
also be called a Dovastrun or Dovahstrunmah,
yiil n., nc. torch. Can also be used as a verb, "to
referring to the shared trait - fire.
yolstrunor n., sc. vvardenfell. Derived of the
yiir v., nc. gaze. Can also be a noun.
words "Yolstrunmah" and "Nor", it literally
yin v., nc. dare, confront, challenge, risk.
means "Land of the Volcano".
yinok v., sc. bluff. From "Nok", "lie".
yoltaas adj., sc. flaming. Shortened version of
yirgul n., nc. vest.
"Yolostaas". Not to be confused for "firing".
yirt v., nc. joke, jest, trick, to kid.
yolus adj., sc. fiery. "Yol" with the suffix "-
yirtiik n., nc. jester, joker, trickster. From
"Yirt" with the suffix "-iik".
yolzoor n., sc. phoenix. From the words "Yol"
yol n., c. fire.
meaning "Fire" and "Zoor" meaning "Legend".
yolangar n., nc. lighthouse. A compound of
yor adj., nc. new.
"Yol" and "Angar", "fire tower".
yoriik v., c. march.
yolein v., sc. erupt, eruption. A compound of
yoriin n., nc. newcomer. From "Yor", a
"Yol" and "Lein", "fire of the world". Can mean
person or thing that is new.
both the verb "to erupt" and the noun
yoritiiv adj., nc. intimate.
yormuud v., nc. tease.
yos n., sc. heat. Derived from Yol, meaning fire
zaam n., c. slave. From the shout "Soul Cairn
and Su meaning air. Edited to "Yos" to prevent
Summon", a shout only the dragon Durnehviir
a vowel ending.
Can use in the Dawnguard Dlc.
yosel n., sc. degree, temperature. From
zaan v., c. shout. This refers to actual speech,
"Yos", "heat", also related to "Yol", "fire".
not the Voice.
yostvah n., nc. crystal.
zaantinvaak n., sc. discussion, shout-
yoz v., sc. boil. From Yos (Heat).
talk. Composed of the words Zaan and Tinvaak,
yuld n., nc. gold, septim, money. A generic
it describes the way that many discussions
word for any kind of money or currency.
eventually fare, where silent talk no longer
yuldik n., nc. economy, market. From
abides and shouting is preferred over talking.
"Yuld", "gold".
zaar v., nc. view. Particularly as said of a vista,
yulmey n., sc. pyrite. A combination of Yuld,
scene, etc., especially an admirable one.
gold, and Mey, fool.
zaarax n., nc. league.
yumaas n., nc. nectar.
zaarein n., nc. view, sight.
yunaar n., nc. guest.
zah adj., c. finite.
yunok n., nc. prism.
zahd n., sc. point. Derived from the words Dez
yur adj., nc. beneath.
and Gah, based on the words Ende and Gad
yusgri adj., nc. modest.
(Old-English, lit. meaning "point").
yusgriim n., nc. modesty. An alteration of
zahk n., sc. horn. Somewhat based on Zahkrii
(Sword), Horns are sharp a large majority of the
yusnol v., nc. bake. To Bake, "Yosnol" comes
from "Yos" and "Yahnol" wich mean "Heat"
zahkrii n., c. sword. Is also its own plural.
and "cooking" To make it more distinguishable
zahkriimundein n., sc. swordsmanship. A
from "Yahnol", the "O" from "Yos" became an
combination of "Zahkrii", "mun", and the suffix
yuulid n., nc. purse.
zahksenorgraz n., nc. cornucopia, horn of
yuvol n., nc. butter.
yuvon adj., c. gold / golden.
zahnd n., nc. dog.
zahnir v., nc. reserve, conserve,
preserve. Related to "Zah", "finite".
zahr n., nc. mouth. Edited from "Zaar".
zahrahmiik v., c. sacrifice.
zaag n., nc. cult. "Dovahzaag", "Dragon
zahreik n., nc. heart, core.
zahrid n., nc. cheek. From "Zahr", "mouth",
zaagin n., nc. cultist.
and "Reid", "side". Edited from "Zahrid".
zaak n., nc. idea, concept, notion.
zahrikaus n., sc. heartache. Based on
zaakan adj., nc. ideal.
"Zahreik" and "Aus", "heart-suffering".
zaal adj., nc. condemn.
zahtiid n., sc. date, period. Lit. "finite",
on "Qulek", "lock".
zahtok n., nc. potential. Related to "tok",
zen n., nc. way / path. "Zensethu'um" means
"Way of the Voice".
zahu'ul n., nc. player, actor, agent. A broad
zensekos n., sc. condition, state,
word that means any person who influences or
aspect. Literally, "way of being".
zenselaas n., sc. lifestyle. Literally, "way of
zaknah v., nc. bore.
zaknom n., nc. boredom. Related to
zent v., nc. expect.
"Zaknah", "to bore".
zereim n., nc. lexicon.
zal n., nc. salt.
zereis v., nc. slit.
zalk v., nc. utter, mouth.
zey pron., sc. me. The accusative and dative
zamak n., nc. mammal.
case of "Zu'u".
zanos n., nc. marsh. The "a" is emphasized.
zeyda adv., nc. just. Can be used as an Adverb
Prounounciation may vary with dialect, of
and an Adjective. E.g., That action was just
(morally right), as well as "Just enough".
zarok n., nc. misery. This is based on the elven
zeydaan n., nc. justice. Derived from Zeyda:
word for misery from the Inheritance Cycle book
zeylum v., nc. approve.
zaunig n., nc. devil.
zeymah n., c. brother / brothers.
zauniglom n., nc. vodka. Literally "devil-
zeymahmaar n., sc. brotherhood. A
modification of the word "Zeymah" based on
zegran adj., nc. hollow, empty. Eited from
"Briinahmaar", "sisterhood". Altered from
"Zeymahdein" to align more with canon.
zegranom n., nc. emptiness,
zeymahzin n., c. companion.
hollowness. "Zegran" with the suffix "-om".
zifahl v., nc. mend, repair.
zegur n., nc. pebble.
zii n., c. spirit.
zeik n., sc. spike.
ziidol v., nc. goad, urge, insist.
zeim prep., c. through.
ziig v., nc. thrill, rouse, excite.
zein n., nc. two.
ziiklah n., nc. syndrome, malady, symptom.
zein v., c. worship.
ziilun n., sc. animism. "Zii" with the suffix "-
zeinan adj., nc. double. From Zein, two.
zeinhaal adj., sc. two-handed. A compound of
ziinahl n., nc. appeal, allure.
"Zein" and "Haal", "two-hand".
ziist adj., nc. second. Ordinal of "Zein".
zeinin n., nc. twin. From Zein: two, Kiin: born.
ziistmaas n., sc. may / second seed.
zeinkeyal n., nc. fortnight. Means "Two-
zilf adj., nc. silver. From Old Norse "silfr".
zin n., c. honor / honour.
zekein v., nc. assault, attack, batter.
zinaal adj., sc. honorable /
zemqulek v., nc. pick, (to pick a lock). Based
honourable. "Zin" with the suffix "-aal",
"with or having honor".
zofan adj., sc. generous. Based on "Ofan", "to
zind n., c. triumph.
give", with the prefix "Zo-", "full of giving".
zinthro n., sc. chivalry. Based on "Zin",
zoglimrel adj., nc. energetic. "Glimrel" with
the prefix "Zo-".
zinul adj., nc. super. Used only as "super", not
zograv adj., nc. effortful, arduous,
as "very".
rigorous. "Grav" with the prefix "Zo-".
zir v., nc. craft. Can be used as both a noun and
zogravaar adv., nc. effortfully, arduously,
a verb.
rigorously. A modified "Zograv" with the
ziriil adj., sc. spiritual. "Zii" modified with the
suffix "-gaar".
suffix "-iil".
zoh n., nc. sir, ma'am. A gender-neutral title of
zixiir adj., nc. random.
zixiirom n., nc. randomness. "Zixiir" with
zoheyv adj., sc. dutiful. "Heyv" with the
the suffix "-om".
prefix "Zo-".
zo- pref., c. "-ful". The prefix is used to modify a
zohiif adj., nc. helpful. "Hiif" with the prefix
noun to an adjective, and is equivalent to the
English "-ful", seen in "fearful" and "joyful",
zohun adj., sc. heroic. A combination of "hun"
and the Dragon "Zofaas" and "Zojiik". This
with the prefix "zo-".
isn't always the case, however ("Brii" is
zohungaar adv., c. heroically.
"beauty" and "Brit" is "beautiful"). It is also
zoirkbaan adj., nc. hateful. Combination of
seen in "Zohungaar", "heroically".
"Irkbaan" with the prefix "Zo-".
zoarx adj., nc. harmful.
zojiik adj., nc. joyful.
zobaas adj., nc. plentiful. "Baas" with the
zok adj., c. most.
prefix "Zo-".
zok- pref., sc. most. Used as a prefix, this is
zobaas adj., nc. plentiful. "Baas" with the
equivalent to the English "-est", in "fastest",
prefix "Zo-".
"bravest", etc.
zobah adj., sc. wrathful. "Bah" with the prefix
zokah adj., sc. proud, prideful. "Kah" with
"Zo-", "full of wrath".
the prefix "Zo-".
zoburiis adj., nc. hopeful.
zokeyr adj., nc. awesome, marvelous. "Keyr"
zodirn adj., nc. regretful. "Dirn" with the
with the prefix "Zo-". Much different
prefix "Zo-".
connotation than English's meaning of "cool".
zodrem adj., sc. peaceful. A combination of
"Zokeyr" implies being grand or awe-striking.
"Drem" with the prefix "Zo-".
zokfaar adj., nc. tallest, highest. "Faar" with
zodun adj., sc. graceful. The put-together
the prefix "Zok-".
combination of grace and -ful.
zokinskaal adj., nc. stupidest, dumbest. Zok-
zodunos n., sc. martial art. A compound of
+ Hinsk + -aal.
"Zodun" and "Nos".
zokko adj., sc. innermost. "Ko" with the prefix
zof n., nc. fork. Edited from "Zofk".
zofaas adj., c. fearful, scared, afraid.
zoklot adj., sc. greatest, grand, most
great. Composed by the words Zok and Lot, it
untruthful, dishonest. "Nok" with the prefix
refers to the grandure of a noun, being much
"Zo-". Edited from "Zonag".
greater than anything else, if not the greatest.
zonorgraz adj., nc. abundant, bountiful,
zokmul adj., sc. strongest. A combination of
plentiful. "Norgraz" with the prefix "Zo-".
the word "Mul" and the prefix "Zok-".
zonox adj., nc. thankful, grateful. "Nox" with
zoknel adj., nc. fastest. "Nel" with the prefix
the prefix "Zo-".
zont adv., nc. twice. Based on "Zein", "two",
zoknik adj., sc. wisest. Zok- + Onik.
and "Ont", "once".
zoknu adj., sc. immediate. Zok: most, Nu:
zonuft adj., nc. purposeful, useful. "Nuft"
with the prefix "Zo-".
zokoraav adj., sc. watchful. Combines
zonuthaak adj., nc. bothersome. "Nuthaak"
"Koraav" with the prefix "Zo-".
with the prefix "Zo-", "full of bother".
zokra adj., nc. solid.
zoor n., c. legend.
zokreindaal adj., nc. smartest, wittiest. Zok-
zooriil adj., nc. legendary. From "Zoor" with
+ Greind + -aal.
the suffix "-iil".
zokroved adj., nc. disgraceful, corrupt,
zoortah n., sc. legacy. From "Zoor", "legend".
zopaak adj., sc. shameful. "Paak" with the
zoktir adj., nc. outermost. "Tir" with the
suffix "Zo-".
prefix "Zok-".
zopaar adj., sc. ambitious. "Paar" with the
zokulaad adj., nc. jealous. "Kulaad" with the
prefix "Zo-", literally "full of ambition".
prefix "Zo-".
zor v., nc. ride.
zokus adv., sc. mostly.
zorahzaas adj., nc. resourceful. "Rahzaas"
zol n., c. zombie.
with the prefix "Zo-".
zolaaf adj., nc. delightful, enjoyable,
zoren adj., nc. doubtful, doubting. "Ren"
with the prefix "Zo-", means "with or full of
zolaas adj., sc. lively. From "Laas", "full of
zoriik n., nc. rider. From "Zor", "to ride",
zom n., nc. itch. Can be both noun and verb.
with the suffix "-iik".
zomaar adj., sc. terrible, horrible, terrifying,
zorox v., c. create.
horrifying. "Maar" with the prefix "Zo-",
zos n., nc. seven.
something "full of terror".
zosiil adj., sc. quick, swift, fast.
zonahkriin adj., sc. vindictive,
zosovah n., sc. surgeon. Based on "Zosoviis".
vengeful. "Nahkriin" with the prefix "Zo-".
zosoviis n., sc. surgery, to perform
zonev adj., nc. wasteful. "Nev" with the prefix
surgery. Slightly related to "Sos", "blood".
zosreid n., nc. heptagon. Means "seven-side".
zonevom n., nc. wastefulness. "Zonev" with
zothun adj., nc. lawful. "Thun" with the prefix
the suffix "-om".
zonok adj., sc. deceitful, deceptive,
zov n., nc. spark. Can be used as both a noun
and as a verb.
prefix "Zu-".
zovahzen adj., sc. truthful. "Vahzen" with the
zulotbormah n., sc. grandfather. Borrowed
prefix "Zo-", "full of truth".
from "Zulotmonah" submission. Zu: more; Lot:
zovdiis v., nc. sparkle. This word works for
great; Bormah: father.
both the word Sparkle and the word Sparkling.
zulotmonah n., sc. grandmother. Zu - more;
zoviidost adj., sc. poisonous,
Lot - great; Monah - mother.
venomous. "Viidost" with the prefix "Zo-",
zulpok n., sc. larynx. A compound of "Zul"
literally "poisonful", "venomful'.
and "Pok", "voice-box".
zovodahmaan adj., sc. forgetful. "Vodahmiin
zumul adj., sc. stronger. A combination of the
" with the prefix "Zo-".
word "mul" with the prefix "zu-".
zoyen n., nc. armful. "Yen" with the prefix
zun n., c. weapon.
zund v., nc. board. To board a ship, rather than
zrah n., nc. key. Can also mean "vital" or
a wooden board.
zunel adj., nc. faster. "Nel" with the prefix
zu'u pron., c. I.
zu- pref., nc. more. Used as a prefix, equivalent
zurgah n., nc. helm, helmet.
to the English suffix "r/-er", in
zurii adj., nc. sane. Based of "Zuriim"
"faster"/"braver", etc.
zud n., nc. net.
zuriim n., nc. sanity. Derived from the words
zufaar adj., nc. taller, higher. "Faar" with the
Haas, Hadrim and Lorot.
prefix "Zu-".
zurun adj., nc. odd, strange.
zugut adj., sc. farthest, extreme. Literally,
zuruniik n., nc. stranger, someone who is
"most far.".
strange. Derived from zurun with the suffix -
zugutiik n., sc. extremist. "Zugut" with the
suffix "-iik", "someone who is extreme".
zurunjusk n., nc. thumb. A combination of
zuk adj., sc. more. Derives from the prefix
"Zurun" (Odd/Strange) and "Jusk"
zuko adj., sc. inner. "Ko" with the prefix "Zu-
zuspein adj., nc. later. "Spein" with the prefix
zul n., c. voice (see notes). The actual mortal
zuthiir v., nc. persist.
voice, not the power of Shouting ("Thu'um").
zutir adj., nc. outer. "Tir" with the prefix "Zu-
zuld n., sc. whirlpool, maelstrom. Related to
"Wuld", "whirlwind".
zuvir v., nc. repeat. Can also be used as a
zuloraan adj., nc. merrier. "Loraan" with the
prefix "Zu-".
zuwuth adj., sc. elder. "Wuth" combined with
zulot adj., sc. greater. Combines "Lot" with the
the prefix "Zu-". Can also be used as a noun.
absorb v. gahnos.
absorption n. gahnosend.
abstain v. forgen.
a adj. aan.
abstract adj. vohasiiv.
abacus n. ketokaan.
absurd adj. joviiz.
abandon v. keyaam.
absurdity n. jovein.
abandoned adj. keyadiis.
abundance n. norgraz.
abandonment n. keyaamend.
abundant adj. zonorgraz, gardiir.
abase v. osron.
abyss n. fruun.
abbot n. brodiir.
abyssal adj. fruunen.
abdicate v. forson.
academy n. mindaziir.
ability n. tokmaar.
accent n. araak.
abjure v. vovaat.
accept v. eim.
able adj. tok.
acceptable adj. eimtok.
ablute v. vasaak.
acceptance n. eimend.
abnegate v. draasth.
access n. rahnd.
abnormal adj. voqurnen.
accident n. redenteyk.
abode n. bodein.
accompany v. enlahvraan.
abolish v. iklan.
accomplish v. vinal.
abominable adj. ahvakiid.
accomplished adj. vinalaan.
abomination n. ahvakaar.
accomplishment n. vinalend.
aboriginal n. diistaak.
accord v. eftiir.
abort v. genul.
account n. tal.
abortion n. genuld.
accumulate v. deyvaaz.
abound adj. posiil.
accuracy n. wazahlom.
about prep. do.
accurate adj. wazahl.
above prep. avok, uben.
accusation n. norask.
abrade v. ahkrol.
accuse v. noras.
abridge adj. gemalingren.
accustom v. bequn.
abroad adv. utan.
ache n. hod.
abrogate v. iklan.
achieve v. kurahiv.
abrupt adj. hevkah.
acid n. veik.
absence n. saarkom.
acidic adj. veikus.
absent adj. saark.
acknowledge v. eimindah.
absolute adj. thurot.
acknowledgement n. eimindak.
absolution n. avodalend.
acorn n. aakiis.
absolve v. avodal.
acquaint v. kuunik.
acquaintance n. gufahdey.
acquire v. rim.
aedric adj. eyren.
acquisition n. rimend.
aerial adj. lokiil.
acre n. himkah.
aether n. lovok.
across prep. yahv.
aetherium n. lovokul.
act v. kosov.
aetherius n. lovok.
act n. stig.
afar adv. utan.
action n. stig.
affair n. hiitir.
activate v. drel.
affect n. droz.
active adj. ofir.
affection n. pruvos.
actor n. zahu'ul.
affectionate adj. pruvosaal.
actual adj. saad.
affinity n. sifyaar.
actuality n. saadom.
affirm v. daazrii.
acute adj. aas.
afflict v. vrell.
add v. tjer.
affliction n. vrellend.
addict n. brutsal.
afford v. wazul.
additional adv. siizuk.
afloat adj. avokdil.
adept n. seirakmun.
afraid adj. zofaas.
adhere v. kliif.
after prep. mindin.
adjust v. veklin.
afterlife n. onlaas.
admiration v. bahlaas.
afternoon n. mindinhefsul.
admire v. bahlaas.
afterwards adv. mindiniv.
admit v. onvok.
again adv. einzuk.
admonish v. vormung.
against prep. midrak.
adorable adj. qiib.
age n. bok.
adore v. elskah.
agender adj. niveiliin.
adorn v. setjah.
agent n. droliik, zahu'ul.
adrenaline n. kopraamul.
aggressive adj. akir.
adultery n. ahvaruz.
agile adj. aas.
advance v. stenfah.
agility n. aasaar.
advancement n. stenfahnd.
agitate v. sturon.
advantage n. krantok.
ago adj. vod.
adventure n. undoro.
agony n. ahnak.
adventurer n. undoriik.
agree v. krolur.
adventurous adj. undorokei.
agreement n. krolurend.
adversary n. paalikot.
agriculture n. fahluzok.
advice n. barlaas, dojiif.
ah interj. eh.
advise n. barlaas.
ahead prep. prazan.
aedra n. eyra.
aid n. freyend.
aid v. frey.
also adv. ahk.
air n. su.
altar n. belur.
ajar adj. kadul.
alter v. muriiv.
akavir n. dovahnor.
alteration n. murahv.
alarm n. faast.
alternative n. krizaak.
alchemist n. folhetiik.
although conj. to.
alchemy n. folhet.
altmer n. kriisfahliil.
alcohol n. geikaal.
always adv. unstiid.
aldmer n. geinfahliil.
am v. los.
ale n. geikaal.
amateur n. ahtamun.
alert adj. ahmiinaal.
amaze v. dahzun.
alertness n. ahmiin.
ambassador n. norzaar.
alienate v. dahtiris.
amber n. golsez.
align v. tahlon.
ambition n. paar.
alike adj. medaas.
ambitious adj. zopaar.
alive adj. nahlaas.
ambush v. treymoz.
all adj. pah.
amend v. ahfahl.
all-maker n. pahwahliik.
amethyst n. jenkazaar.
allegiance n. mir.
amid prep. benex.
allergy n. lovariis.
amidst prep. benex.
alley n. korvan.
amnesia n. vahruktnu.
alliance n. mirahjor.
among prep. benex.
allow v. gelaad, getok.
amount n. waarth.
allowed v. gelaadaan.
amphibian n. golomen.
alloy n. burkaar.
ample adj. drezig.
allure n. ziinahl.
amulet n. kagaav.
ally n. grah-zeymahzin.
amuse v. skem.
almighty adj. pahsuleyk.
amused adj. skemaan.
almost adj. griindol.
an adj. aan.
aloft adj. kolok.
analyze v. siivahzen.
alone adj. enarah.
ancestor n. meyr.
along prep. asamit.
ancestral adj. meyren.
aloof adj. hren.
anchor n. ankid.
aloud adj. enshar.
ancient adj. kruziik.
alphabet adj. vuruun.
and conj. ahrk.
alphabetical adj. vuruniil.
angel n. lokzii.
already adv. nalkun.
anger n. stru'un, rahgot.
alright interj. bek.
anger v. gerahgron.
angle n. ulaz.
anywhere adv. naanveyn.
angry adj. rahgron.
apart adv. oraan.
angry n. strunus.
apathy n. nurzir.
anguish n. yevul.
aphorism n. vahzensaag.
animal n. raan.
apocalypse n. suldaan.
animate v. eliir.
apologize v. friikir.
animism n. ziilun.
apology n. friik.
animus n. viil.
apparel n. reken.
ankle n. svistak.
apparent adj. laar.
annex v. eizurik.
apparition n. sii.
annihilate v. skag, kelad, turahl.
appeal n. ziinahl.
announce v. pahvaak.
appealing adj. zolaaf.
annoy v. motag.
appear v. dahvur.
annoyance n. motagend.
appearance n. dahvurd.
annul v. iklan.
appease v. maunaz.
anoint v. qelek.
applause n. haalrein.
anomaly n. jovein.
apple n. hild.
anonymity adj. luftnum.
appoint v. volkon.
anonymous adj. luftnu.
appreciate v. ahreyn.
another adj. aanvorey.
apprentice n. pruustmun.
answer v. fahral.
approach v. lov.
answer n. fahrald.
appropriate adj. nalgask.
ant n. klav.
approve v. zeylum.
anthem n. weridaas.
april n. haalokluv.
anthropomorph n. muneyd.
aqua adj. viid.
anthropomorphic n. muneyd.
aquatic adj. viiden.
antic n. ukiir.
arbitrary n. kongaar.
anticipate v. kunus.
arcana n. lahbaas.
antidote n. voviidost, avraak.
archaeology n. hahsewuth.
antler n. andag.
archenemy n. lotpaal, ahtokoron.
anus n. reym.
archer n. ronaan.
anvil n. keyn.
archetype n. lorozen.
anxiety n. aank.
archipelago n. skenpor.
anxious adj. aankei.
archmage n. lotlahzey, ahtlahzey.
any adj. naan.
archnemesis n. ahtokoron.
anymore adv. naanzuk.
archon n. kriisjor.
anyone n. naangein.
arctic adj. oden.
anything adj. naantruk.
arduous adj. zograv.
arduously adv. zogravaar.
ashen adj. kiihus.
are v. los.
ashes n. kii.
area n. nexaag, paan, staad.
aside adv. ireid.
arena n. grahstaad.
ask v. qiid.
argonian n. siigonis.
asleep adj. enlaag.
argue v. ahrot.
aspect n. hjalbur, zensekos.
argument n. rotkrif.
ass n. reym.
arise v. alok.
assassin n. meznarid.
arm n. yen.
assassinate v. kriidaz.
armada n. flaar.
assassination n. kridaazend.
armageddon n. suldaan.
assault v. zekein.
armful n. zoyen.
assemble v. lahvraanoth.
armor n. qah.
assess v. teklor.
armored adj. qahaar.
assign v. vusiin.
armory n. qahliir.
assist v. frey.
army n. lahvu, fussekein.
assistance n. freyend.
aroma n. sahlon.
assistant n. freyiik.
around prep. um.
associate n. gufahdey, krosfahdon.
arouse v. eliir.
assume v. tek.
array n. graaz.
assurance n. edah.
arrival n. arosend.
astonish v. sujir.
arrive v. aros.
astound v. dahzun.
arrogance n. pahlok.
astray adj. hondiir.
arrogant adj. pahlokaal.
asunder adv. nivosik.
arrow n. ronaaz.
at prep. ahst.
art n. baas.
atmosphere n. gekenlokin.
artefact n. tholaar.
atronach n. mukaronahs.
artery n. sostrah.
attack v. iidah, zekein.
artifact n. tholaar.
attain v. kurahiv.
artificial adj. joormur.
attempt v. togaat.
artist n. verbaasiik.
attention n. ahmiin.
artistic adj. baasus.
attentive adj. ahmiinaal.
artsy adj. baasus.
attract v. lokavut.
as adv. ol.
attractive adj. lokavutaal.
ascend v. envok.
augment v. tjer.
ascetic n. ronir.
august n. laatmaas.
asexual adj. niliinvas.
aunt n. borbrii.
ash n. kii.
aura n. silkun.
aurora n. loksilkun.
balanced adj. roaal.
author n. verotiik.
bald adj. omnu.
authority n. kahl.
bale n. gurah.
authorization n. gekahlend.
ball n. niiv.
authorize v. gekahl.
ballad n. qolaak.
automaton n. dwinaar.
ballista n. niidam.
autumn n. gravuun.
banana n. banaan.
avenge v. nahkroz.
band n. lid.
avoid v. vudoz.
bandage n. ahraandon.
await v. sar.
bandit n. thunnu.
awake v. praad.
bane n. feyn.
award v. urid.
bang v. bau.
aware adj. ahmiinaal.
bangs n. teyxom.
awareness n. ahmiin.
banish v. fustir.
away prep. hond.
bank n. biirzah.
awe n. keyr.
banner n. vahyarak.
awesome adj. zokeyr.
banquet n. velaaz.
awkward adj. ilkoth.
banter n. izaak.
axe n. hahkun.
baptize v. qelek.
aye interj. ii.
bar v. tend.
ayleid n. filkiir.
bar n. snol.
barbarian n. volgin.
bard n. sonaan.
bare adj. nun.
bareness n. nunom.
babble v. vanvaak.
bargain v. miik.
baby n. pahdul.
bargain n. skunvar.
back n. rigir.
bark v. kem.
backpack n. ribrulost.
barrage v. kunz.
backward adv. rigirtiv.
barrel n. hamrak.
bacon n. flesk.
barren adj. nun.
bad adj. volzah, heyz.
barrier n. tendrok, ungeik.
badge n. siinsezin.
barrow n. staag.
badger v. terag.
barter v. miik.
bag n. ahpaan.
basil n. kump.
baggage n. kahlos.
basilisk n. viijun.
bake v. yusnol.
basin n. stjorn.
balance n. ro.
basket n. doskad.
bastard n. firok.
been v. kosaan.
bastion n. gaard, anhiim.
beer n. geikaal.
bat n. naat.
beeswax n. emronk.
bath n. wursk.
beetle n. skeyz.
bathe v. wasek.
befall v. enmah.
bathroom n. weyskt.
before prep. us.
batter v. zekein.
befriend v. fahdiin.
battle n. grah.
beg v. bolog.
battleaxe n. grahkun.
beggar n. bologin.
battlefield n. frod.
begin v. gon.
battlemage n. keinlahzey.
beginner n. goniik.
bawdy adj. griir.
behave v. kosov.
bay n. sokaaz, vaal.
behead v. voklov.
be v. kos.
behind prep. undin.
be like v. fon.
behold v. enmindok.
beach n. traaz.
beholder n. enmindokin.
beacon n. somirk.
beige adj. tavus.
bead n. gruld.
being n. nahlrii.
beak n. svok.
belief n. koraak.
beam n. bokun.
believable adj. korahtok.
bean n. fruksethok.
believe v. korah.
bear v. brud.
bell n. balah.
bear n. kodaav.
belly n. skerah.
beard n. vum.
belong v. engein.
bearded adj. vumaal.
belonging n. koriidein.
beast n. sivaas, sunvaar.
below prep. atum.
beasts n. sunvaar.
belt n. govir.
beat v. dron, grahr.
bench n. pravoz.
beautiful adj. brit.
bend n. krek.
beauty n. brii.
bend v. kreh.
beaver n. qalteyk.
beneath prep. nein.
because conj. dahik.
beneath adj. yur.
beckon v. braag.
benefactor n. hiifarmah.
become v. meyz.
benefit n. dorok.
bed n. sek.
benevolent adj. sonah, dremseik.
bee n. em.
bent adj. krel.
beef n. stek.
berate v. bulned.
beehive n. embodein.
berry n. ogah.
beseem v. komed.
blanket n. donin.
beside adj. areid.
blasphemy n. rakroved.
besmirch v. vepok.
blast v. kaag.
best adj. pruzaan.
blast n. kaagend.
bestow v. enfan.
blaze n. yem.
betray v. grut.
bleak adj. jiid.
betrayal n. gruth.
bleed v. sosaal.
betroth v. sokeytol.
blemish n. vahnis.
betrothal n. sokeytah.
bless v. gestahdim, kog.
better adj. pruz.
blessing n. kogaan.
between prep. nex.
blind adj. porah.
beware v. kosiir.
blink v. prus.
bewilder v. gejeykaan.
blizzard n. iizstrun.
bewilderment n. gejeykaant.
block v. wadren.
bewitch v. ensosin.
blood n. sos.
beyond prep. vortii.
bloodeater n. sosnaak.
bid v. braag.
bloodied adj. sus.
big adj. saak.
bloody adj. sus.
billion n. unen.
bloody v. gesus.
billow n. viigah.
bloom v. veyr.
bind v. gron.
blossom v. veyr.
biology n. hahselaas.
blow v. bosu.
birch n. lahan.
blue adj. bii.
bird n. lokraan.
blueberry n. miirit.
birth n. kiindah.
bluff v. yinok.
birthday n. kiindahsul.
blur n. mutahl.
birthright n. kiindahqaar.
blurt v. njol.
birthsign n. kiindahsiin.
blush v. lofur.
bisexual adj. neyliinvas.
boar n. hraak.
bitch n. vekah.
board v. zund.
bite v. fiit.
boast v. ahgriiv, kahmaar.
bitter adj. ahzid.
boat n. vaad.
bittersweet adj. ahzidhes.
body n. kopraan.
blab v. njol.
bog n. styorngol.
black adj. ved.
boggle v. jekah.
blacksmith n. heimiik.
boil v. yoz.
blade n. tuz.
bold adj. boziik.
blame v. noras.
boldly adj. boziik.
bolt n. ruzaak.
brand v. yolskein.
bombard v. kunz.
brass n. gosis.
bond n. grin.
brave adj. kril.
bondage n. aargron.
bravely adv. ahkril.
bone n. qeth.
bravery n. krilaan.
bonfire n. bexyol.
brawl v. maal.
bonus n. priizah.
brawn n. solkiig.
book n. deykel.
breach v. briik.
boot n. stov.
bread n. brot.
border n. tiran.
breadstick n. brotor.
bore v. zaknah.
break v. kren.
boreal n. galiko.
breakable adj. krentok.
boredom n. zaknom.
breakfast n. krenbahlok.
boring adj. unos.
breath n. su'um.
born v. kiin.
breathe v. sum.
borrow v. bodiis.
breeches n. navik.
bosmer n. feyfahliil.
breed n. eylok.
boss n. ahmiliik.
breed v. verkiir.
both adj. ney.
breeze n. suth.
bother n. nuthaak.
breton n. munfahliil.
bothersome adj. zonuthaak.
brick n. tuk.
bottle n. ahlek.
bricklayer n. tuknokin.
bottom n. baakriin.
bride n. kiimah.
boulder n. goldrah.
bridge n. fost.
bound adj. gro.
bridle n. taumir.
bountiful adj. posiil, zonorgraz.
brief adj. maltiid.
bounty n. norgraz.
bright adj. hez.
bovine adj. boziil.
brilliance n. uraan.
bow n. brax.
brilliant adj. naalin.
bow v. qiilaan.
bring v. drun, mil.
bowel n. kipaar.
bringer n. druniik.
bowl n. sath.
broad adj. urik.
bowlegged adj. krehpaagol.
broaden v. gerik.
box n. pok.
broken adj. krent.
boy n. sen.
bronze adj. eir.
brace v. ahkt.
brook n. bahyek.
brain n. hahlor.
broom n. froiim.
branch n. andel.
brothel n. wiigokel.
brother n. zeymah.
button n. batak.
brotherhood n. zeymahmaar.
buy v. bir.
brothers n. zeymah.
by prep. naal.
brought v. drun.
bye interj. guur.
brow n. gov.
brown adj. prun.
bruma n. brumah.
brush v. dahrm.
brutal adj. hevno.
cabbage n. blad.
brutality n. hevnoraak.
cabin n. qiiv.
brute n. hevnaar.
cabinet n. oskad.
bubble n. diipah.
cacophony n. kagugoz.
buck n. toriig.
cage n. kaask.
bucket n. turgun.
cake n. sufolbrot.
buckler n. turguld.
calamity n. veinaar.
bug n. pusojur.
calf n. bol.
build v. wahl, budiir.
call n. somirk.
builder n. wahliik.
call v. for, peyl.
building n. wahlaht.
calligraphy n. tindey.
built v. wahlaan.
calm n. stiild.
bull n. bozok.
calm adj. stiildus.
bump v. olv.
calumny n. rotzekein.
bumpy adj. olvkei.
camel n. saaltor.
bunch n. kung.
camp n. jaald.
burden n. brudaht.
campaign n. vaaril.
burial n. qothin.
can v. vis.
burn v. ag.
canal n. rathol.
burrow v. osgor.
cancel v. genul.
burst v. kaag.
cancellation n. genuld.
burst n. kaagend.
candelabra n. rezmoriiv.
bury v. deyto.
candle n. rezmor.
bush n. jin.
candlestick n. rezmoriiv.
business n. maarahmik.
candy n. shiraav.
busy adj. ofir.
cannibal n. nekov.
but conj. nuz.
cannon n. treiyun.
butcher v. nuksliin.
cannot v. nis.
butter n. yuvol.
canoe n. vaad.
butterfly n. demdriik.
canon n. oron.
canteen n. ahlek.
catastrophic adj. hormunkei.
capable adj. aarthok.
catch v. horvutah.
capacity n. wid.
cauldron n. kahest.
cape n. roodam.
cause v. mil, drel.
caper n. ukiir.
caution n. djun.
capital n. akriim.
cautious adj. djunkei.
captain n. ru'un.
cavalry n. arahed.
captive n. grenzah.
cave n. gul.
capture v. poltor.
cease v. ahzaal.
caravan n. triik.
ceaseless adj. unahzaal, unslaad.
card n. shaal.
ceasing adj. viir.
care v. ulaak.
celebrate v. vervisk.
careful adj. ulaakei.
celebration n. visk.
careless adj. ulaaknu.
cell n. kaask.
carelessly adj. ulaaknugaar.
centaur n. keymun.
carelessness n. ulaaknurom.
center n. mith, ther.
caress v. nik.
centimeter n. bentmezaar.
cargo n. kahlos.
centurion n. lotdwinaar.
carnage n. soslen.
century n. beneruvos.
carnivore n. slenaak.
ceremonial adj. revkoroniil.
carpet n. sevmah.
ceremony n. revkoron.
carriage n. borodon.
certain adj. reistig.
carrier n. brudmun.
cervine n. driniil.
carrot n. sonesk.
chain n. sken.
carry v. brud.
chainmail n. biirn.
cart n. donth.
chair n. druk.
cartography n. vergrundak.
chalice n. qodii.
carve v. dwiirok.
chalk n. kraak.
carving n. juskov.
challenge v. jur, yin.
case n. hiitir, qahd.
challenger n. juriik.
cast v. fusk, fustum.
champagne n. qarask.
castle n. gevild.
champion n. kaal.
casual adj. sulak.
chance n. grozein.
cat n. kaaz.
chancellery n. shiirugrah.
cataclysm n. tumah.
chancellor n. shiirukaar.
catacomb n. golgraad.
change n. vuldak.
catapult n. damdriik.
change v. vuld.
catastrophe n. hormun.
channel n. rathol.
channeller n. nahgah.
choice n. poguk.
chant v. ahqor.
choir n. worah.
chaos n. volbur.
choose v. unad, urzun.
chaotic adj. volburaal.
chop v. piir.
chapter n. rup.
chord n. ofahnir.
character n. edil.
chortle v. jeh.
charcoal n. ahkol.
chorus n. worah.
charge v. fonaar, noras.
chronicle n. teymaak.
charm v. naag.
chuckle v. jeh.
charmer n. nahgah.
chunk n. malur.
chase v. niivut.
church n. kirkah.
chasm n. ahgrun.
churn v. peil.
chaste adj. vakron.
cider n. hildlom.
chastity n. vakrom.
cipher n. mu'ur.
chaurus n. kahruz.
circle n. kenlok.
cheat v. skobov, resh.
circlet n. kirkel.
cheater n. skoboviik, reshiik.
circular adj. kenlokus.
check v. frolk.
circumstance n. draknah, ahstiir.
cheek n. zahrid.
cisgender adj. rinveiliin.
cheer v. genaz.
cistern n. tiizak.
cheese n. hjamid.
citadel n. anhiim.
cherish v. elskah.
citizen n. tursaal.
cherry n. vroz.
city n. hiim.
chest n. qahd, geymaar.
civil war n. vaazkein.
chestplate n. qahdtus.
civilian n. tursaal.
chew v. krumon.
claim v. siir.
chicken n. rikmah.
clamor v. buush.
chief n. konaar.
clan n. brod.
chieftain n. konaar.
clang v. buush.
child n. kiir.
clarification n. gelaarend.
childhood n. kiirmaar.
clarify v. gelaar.
childish adj. kiirus.
clarity n. laarom.
childlike adj. kiirus.
clash v. buush.
children n. kiir.
clash n. keinul.
chill n. iirik.
clasp v. rudvim.
chimer n. volburfahliil.
class n. vorul.
chivalry n. zinthro.
classic adj. latiid.
chocolate n. elaas.
clatter v. sokoh.
claw n. jusk.
cock n. rokmah.
clay n. ahgil.
cockatrice n. viijun.
claymore n. lotzahkrii.
cockerel n. rokmah.
clean v. shun.
cocoa n. kalaas.
cleanse v. vasaak.
coconut n. banlak.
clear adj. laar.
code n. mu'ur.
clear v. genil , voluk.
coffee n. praadnepiin.
cleaver n. slentuz.
cohort n. koriid.
clef n. nivosevild.
coin n. kerf.
clergy n. rahmun.
cold n. krah.
cleric n. rahmun.
collapse n. tumah.
clerical adj. rahlunkei.
collapse v. tursak.
clerk n. sirnaaz.
colleague n. krosfahdon.
clever adj. fax.
collect v. skoz.
cliff n. grindol.
collection n. edrah.
climate n. loksestaad.
college n. bruz.
climb v. ruknaar.
collide v. kesat.
cling v. kliif.
collision n. kesatak.
cloak n. roodam.
colony n. uthim.
clock n. urah.
color n. faain.
clockwork n. sothah.
colour n. faain.
clop v. sokoh.
colt n. keyraan.
close v. srin.
combat n. vukein.
close adj. lovun.
combine v. hilk.
cloth n. riiv.
come v. meyz.
clothed adj. leinhaal.
comely adj. buldus.
clothes n. riived.
comfort n. sulvek.
clothing n. riived.
comfortable adj. sulvekaal.
cloud n. gram.
comissioner n. vahlusendaar.
cloudy adj. gramus.
command v. uth.
clover n. tirvah.
commemorate v. vahrukiv.
club n. dokahl, birvog.
commend v. lotdraal.
clue n. darz.
commission n. vahlusend.
clutch v. rudvim.
common adj. vonum.
coal n. kirg.
commonplace adj. vonum.
coarse adj. klofraan.
communicate v. kiilaar.
coast n. vaknor.
communication n. kiilaarik.
coat n. moh.
communicator n. kiilaariik.
communion n. geind.
confidence n. edah.
community n. nahlriimaar.
confident adj. edahraal.
compact n. vanras.
confidential adj. jormaar.
companion n. koriid, zeymahzin.
confirm v. daazrii.
companionship n. koriidein.
conform v. kolov.
company n. du'un.
conformation n. kolovend.
compassion n. tasnah.
confront v. yin.
compel v. skildir.
confuse v. jeyk.
compendium n. drezujah.
confusion n. jeydahk.
compensation n. sovaht.
congratulate v. forun.
compete v. fahnt.
congratulation n. foruniis.
competition n. fahntak.
congratulations n. foruniis.
competitor n. fahntiik.
conifer n. laakis.
complain v. galv.
coniferous n. galiko.
complete adj. ulan.
conjecture v. teklor.
complete v. geblaan.
conjoin v. gevoth, gevoth.
complex adj. votrul.
conjuration n. belend.
compliance n. kolovend.
conjurer n. beliik.
complicated adj. votrul.
connect v. gevoth, gevoth.
compliment v. guriid.
connection n. sahrend, gevothend.
comply v. kolov.
conquer v. kron.
compose v. raavun.
conqueror n. kroniid.
composition n. puulin.
conquest n. krond.
compound n. geind.
conscience n. hahleit.
comprehend v. mindoraan.
consent n. orlaavend.
comrade n. koriid.
consent v. orlaav.
con v. resh.
conservative adj. zahniriil.
conceal v. ilos.
conserve v. zahnir.
concept n. zaak.
consider v. miinahsul.
concern v. havoth.
consist v. raavun.
concern n. havaas.
console v. franvoth.
concert n. korvoth.
consort v. rad.
conclude v. urzun.
conspiracy n. neyrok.
concrete adv. hasiiv.
conspire v. rad.
concur v. koraavmed.
constant adj. bestandii.
condemn adj. zaal.
constellation n. filsiin.
condition n. zensekos.
constitution n. puulin.
cone n. jeyzok.
constrain v. skildir, morkon.
construct v. budiir.
cough v. aaksu.
consume v. akban.
could v. vust.
consummate v. kavrot.
council n. mu'ulaav.
contain v. kolost.
counsel v. mindiir.
container n. oskad.
count v. tii.
content adj. vinurah.
counter v. tegal.
content n. puulin.
counterfeiter n. skoboviik.
continent n. ozinkrel.
countless adj. tiinu.
continue v. bahzim.
country n. nor.
contrary adj. vovoth.
courage n. ahkrin.
contribute v. enfavoth.
courageous adj. krin.
control v. imaar.
course n. rahlo.
controversy n. ahstiroz.
court n. mu'ular.
conversation v. tinvaak.
cousin n. erkriin.
convert v. uzur.
couth adj. bavir.
convey v. fumrii.
cove n. gaal.
conviction n. urlan.
cover v. don.
cook v. yahnol.
cow n. boz.
cool adj. fau.
coward n. nikriin.
coolness n. faurom.
cowardly adj. nivahriin.
cooperate v. pahrak.
cower v. motaas.
copious adj. posiil.
cowl n. dahral.
copper n. mard.
cozy adj. muf.
copy v. laniz.
crab n. mik.
copycat n. laniziik.
crack n. nivosevild.
core n. zahreik.
crackle v. kresel.
corn n. kern.
cradle n. riiveis.
cornucopia n. zahksenorgraz.
craft v. zir.
correct adj. ges.
crag n. kol.
correct v. geges.
crap n. draaf.
corrode v. moskir.
crater n. golraf.
corrosive adj. moskirus.
crave v. frilin.
corrupt adj. zokroved.
crawl v. ahkrop.
corrupt v. kroved.
crazed adj. naariv.
corundum n. prulogel.
crazy adj. naariv.
coruscate v. dortiis.
create v. wahl, zorox.
cosmology n. hahselein.
created v. wahlaan.
cotton n. kathral.
creation n. kiindah, wahlaht.
creative adj. wahlaaran.
crush v. turahl, gunaar.
creativity n. wahliig.
crust n. daput.
creator n. wahliik.
cry v. graat.
creature n. ulfah.
crypt n. kriitah, golgraad.
creed n. oron.
cryptic adj. digol.
creek n. bahyek.
crystal n. yostvah.
creep v. ahkrop.
cub n. loz.
crescent n. ruvuk.
cudgel n. birvog.
crevice n. nivosevild.
cuirass n. qahdtus.
crew n. joraan.
cult n. zaag.
crier n. graatiik.
cultist n. zaagin.
crime n. wult.
cultivate v. naavar.
criminal n. wultriin.
cunning n. vit.
crimson adj. sahqon.
cup n. beyl.
crisis n. faastiid.
cure n. avraak.
crisp adj. fau.
curious adj. ferviit.
crispness n. faurom.
curiousity n. kusaar.
criticism n. bulnedak.
curled adj. krel.
criticize v. bulned.
currency n. korviin.
crocodile n. krozol.
current n. moriin.
crone n. kerl.
current adj. fautiid.
crook n. krek.
curse n. dur.
crooked adj. krel.
cursed adj. duraal.
crop n. bes.
curses n. ruth.
cross v. hok.
curtain n. vundonin.
cross-guard n. hokdeiniik.
curve n. vuug.
crossbow n. runaz.
curved adj. krel.
crossing n. hokaht.
custom n. hjatir, revkoron.
crossway n. hokaht.
customary adj. revkoroniil, brahniil.
crow n. olm.
cut v. vey.
crowd n. fjal.
cute adj. qiib.
crown n. du'ul.
cycle n. kenlik.
crude adj. graar.
cyclone n. morwuld.
cruel adj. munax.
cyrodiil n. siirodiil.
cruelty n. nax.
cyrodiilic adj. siirodiilen.
crumble v. tursak.
crunch v. krumon.
crusade n. vaaril.
daedra n. deyra.
debate n. rotkrif.
daedric adj. deyren.
debateable adj. diskutirtok.
dagger n. pusahkrii.
debris n. taavin.
dainty adj. hras.
debt n. fozir.
damage v. arx.
decade n. meneruvos.
damn v. vik.
decagon n. menreid.
damnation n. vikozon.
decapitate v. voklov.
damp adj. lomiiz.
decay v. nev.
dance v. tanz.
deceitful adj. zonok.
danger n. hask.
deceive v. lo.
dangerous adj. haskei.
december n. vulonfil.
dare v. yin.
decent adj. ufir.
daredevil n. hrenhun.
deceptive adj. zonok.
dark adj. vul.
decide v. mahn.
dark elf n. vulfahliil.
decimate v. vald.
darken v. gevul.
decimation n. valdak.
darkness n. vulom.
decipher v. vognahrin, vodigol.
darling n. alnahn.
decision n. mahnd.
dart n. ruzaak.
decisive adj. mahndaal.
dash v. nelru.
deck n. brek.
date n. zahtiid.
declaim v. kovon.
daughter n. mon.
declare v. pahvaak.
daunt v. bovoz.
decline v. denos.
dawn n. vu.
decorate v. setjah.
day n. sul.
decrease v. geson.
daydream v. verwahsar, feylhahnu.
decrypt v. vodigol.
dazzle v. sujir.
dedicate v. selvakor.
dead adj. dilon.
deed n. sod.
deadly adj. dilos.
deem v. ned.
deaf adj. voj.
deep adj. dil.
deafen v. gevoj.
deer n. drin.
deal v. sent.
default adj. besak.
dear adj. shir.
default n. qurnen.
dear n. alnahn.
defeat v. viik, gemah.
death n. dinok.
defend v. bild.
death hound n. dinokdok.
defender n. bildiik.
deathmark n. dinokmiir.
defense n. bildrun.
debate v. diskutir.
defiance n. vogahriin.
defile v. kroved.
desire n. krahl.
defiled adj. zokroved.
desolate adj. duvoziir.
define v. pelark.
desolation n. nevonaar.
definite adj. reistig.
despair n. ath.
deft adj. osk.
desperate adj. athaal.
defy v. vogahvon.
desperation n. athend.
degree n. yosel.
despise v. kervaaz.
dejected adj. duyiiv.
despised adj. heyz.
delay v. gespein.
despite prep. thraat.
delicate adj. fask, hras.
destine v. vruun.
delicately adv. faskaar.
destiny n. vuun.
delicateness adj. faskom.
destroy v. ald.
delicious adj. liig.
destroyer n. al.
delightful adj. zolaaf.
destruction n. aldak.
deliver v. kelnat.
detached adj. voniir.
dell n. feykros.
detail n. puvah.
delusion n. hahnurov.
detail v. pelark.
demise n. dukiin.
deter v. vogekrin.
demolish v. skag.
determination n. urlan.
demon n. hokzii.
determine v. urzun.
denial n. vohrend.
determined adj. urlanaal.
denizen n. staak.
detest v. kervaaz.
denote v. miistir.
devastate v. modokar.
dense adj. pogaad.
devastation n. ruulg.
depart v. lif.
develop v. jahfir.
depend v. riivun.
devil n. zaunig.
depict v. fosrik.
devious adj. fax.
depress v. gedrok.
devote v. selrak.
depressed adj. gedrokaan.
devour v. du.
depression n. gedrokend.
devourer n. duaniik.
depth n. ruud.
devout adj. selor.
depths n. ruud.
dexterous adj. aas.
descend v. tumbo.
dialect n. marul.
describe v. pelark.
diameter n. pahyahv.
desert n. sendaar.
diamond n. maant.
designate v. miistir.
dice n. dirkah.
desirable adj. krahltok.
dictate v. malas.
desire v. krahlt.
dictionary n. sikkel.
did v. drey.
discover v. nahkiv.
die v. dir.
discussion n. zaantinvaak, sildrahlun.
die n. dirkah.
disdain v. kervaaz.
differ v. akros.
disease n. krasnovaar.
different adj. vorpaal.
disgrace v. kroved.
difficult adj. burk.
disgraceful adj. zokroved.
difficulty n. leik.
disguise n. vordaas.
dig v. osgor.
disgust v. gekras.
digest n. kipah.
disgust n. vidir.
digestion n. kipah.
dish n. shuv.
diminish v. liivrah.
dishonest adj. zonok.
dinner n. prazaak.
dishonor n. vozin.
diplomat n. norzaar.
dishonor n. dukaan.
dire adj. riid.
dishonorable adj. vozinaal.
direct v. inaak, mor, geivah.
disk n. vogil.
direction n. mornd.
dislike v. vomos.
dirge n. krosilov.
dismiss v. fusond.
dirt n. thok.
disobedience n. vothaarn.
dirty adj. thokus.
disobedient adj. kaarn.
disagree v. vokrolur, tegalrot.
disobey n. vothaar.
disappear v. vodahvur.
disorder n. volbur.
disarm v. duzun.
disorderly adj. volburaal.
disarray n. thesk.
dispell v. vostavek.
disaster n. hormun.
disperse v. eyfur.
disasterous adj. hormunkei.
dispirited adj. vokrin.
disbelief n. vokoraak.
display v. viimon.
disbelieve v. vokorah.
disposition n. nivorn.
discard v. fusond.
disrobe v. voleinah.
disciple n. nemel.
disrupt v. diinek.
discipline v. delah.
dissent v. vorlaav.
discipline n. hasok.
dissipate v. eyfur.
disclose v. gemindok.
dissuade v. vogekrin.
disconcert v. vodren.
distance n. hudin.
disconnect v. vogevoth.
distant adj. hud.
disconnection n. vogevothend.
distort v. luwey.
discourage v. vogekrin.
distract v. irud.
discouraged adj. vokrin.
distrust v. vonov.
discourse n. mahruz.
disturb v. vodren.
ditty n. malovaas.
doubting adj. zoren.
ditzy adj. hahfur.
down prep. tum.
dive v. skirn.
downfall n. tumah.
divert v. irud.
dracology n. hahsedov.
divide v. nivos.
draconic adj. dovahren.
divide n. kuren.
draft n. suth.
divination n. prodahk.
dragon n. dovah.
divine adj. stahdim.
dragon language n. dovahzul.
diviner n. nahgah, lahiik.
dragon priest n. sonaan.
division n. nivosend.
dragon shout n. thu'um.
divulge v. gemindok.
dragon slayer n. dovahkriid.
do v. dreh.
dragon speaker n. dovahzulaan.
dock n. daak.
dragonborn n. dovahkiin.
docker n. staalzer.
dragonfire n. dovahyol.
doctor n. tolsah.
dragonfly n. snuk.
dodge v. unviig.
dragonkind n. dov.
doe n. toraas.
dragonstone n. dovahgolz.
does v. dreh.
drake n. dovahik.
dog n. zahnd.
drape n. vundonin.
dogma n. oron.
draugr n. qethgaaf.
doleful adj. sokei.
draw v. vermiir, verilir, vulfriim.
doloire n. tunihah.
draw n. rinisur.
domain n. deylok.
drawer n. oskad.
dome n. driivoh.
dread n. gruin.
dominant adj. reldaal.
dream n. hahnu.
dominate v. rel.
dreamer n. hahnud.
dominion adj. suleyksejun.
dremora n. vokenaar.
done v. drehlaan.
dress v. karaas.
donkey n. eyron.
dress n. leinah.
doom v. daan.
dressed adj. leinhaal.
doomed adj. daanik.
dreugh n. dreyvgir.
doomsday n. suldaan.
drift v. rakah.
door n. miiraad, skuld.
drink v. piin.
doorway n. miiraad.
drinkable adj. piintok.
dose n. kaaley.
drive v. kuyiz.
double adj. zeinan.
droop v. juros.
doubt n. ren.
drop v. ilmah.
doubtful adj. zoren.
drown v. draak.
drug n. kolvas.
early adj. vath.
druid n. beylund.
earn v. lask.
drum n. mand.
earnest adj. wiistel.
drunk adj. teivo.
earnestness n. wiistelom.
dry adj. renek.
earth n. gol.
dry v. kirt.
earthly adj. leiniil.
duck n. aand.
earthquake n. golahzgal.
duct n. rathol.
ease n. forveyk.
due adj. toz.
easiness n. forveyk.
dull adj. unos.
east n. jer.
dumb adj. hinskaal.
easterly adj. jeren.
dumbest adj. zokinskaal.
eastern adj. jeren.
dump v. genil .
easy adj. vahk.
dune n. sendahrol.
eat v. naak.
dungeon n. nebendein.
eaten v. naako.
dunmer n. vulfahliil.
eater n. naakin.
duplicate v. laniz.
ebony n. vugel.
during prep. melaat.
echelon n. leyk.
dusk n. tor.
echo n. niirah.
dust n. viiz.
eclipse n. vulok.
dutiful adj. zoheyv.
economy n. yuldik.
duty n. heyv.
ecstacy n. seilhei.
dwarf n. dilfahliil.
edge n. kes.
dwell v. nahwan.
edgy adj. balkus.
dwemer n. dilfahliil.
edit v. rediirah.
dwindle v. malzat.
educate v. delah.
dye n. loorah.
educator n. delahiik.
dying adj. viir.
eerie adj. kasiil.
effect n. droz.
effigy n. fotiid.
effort n. grav.
effortful adj. zograv.
each adj. enook.
effortfully adv. zogravaar.
eager adj. fril.
effortless adj. gravnu.
eagerness n. frin.
egg n. klur.
eagle n. okriim.
eight n. eln.
ear n. eyr.
either conj. hjane.
earlier adj. firig.
eject v. funol.
elaborate v. taavoz.
empathy n. ofuunsil.
elbow n. bruu.
emperor n. ulokuun.
elder adj. zuwuth.
empire n. lokoltei.
elder scroll n. kel.
employ v. ahmil.
elect v. volkon.
employee n. ahmilaht.
electricity n. istrom.
employer n. ahmiliik.
element n. verin.
empress n. ulokuun.
elemental n. verinrii.
emptiness n. zegranom.
elephant n. ahlzon.
empty v. genil .
elevate v. gekriis.
empty adj. zegran.
elevation n. kriith.
enable v. getok.
elf n. fahliil, slaag.
enchant v. gelah.
eliminate v. pahsaan.
enchanted adj. gelahaan.
elite n. pruzeim.
enchanter n. gelahiik.
elixir n. pozaan.
enchantment n. gelahuz.
elk n. legaar.
encircle v. gekenlok.
elm n. ulm.
encounter v. korost.
elope v. weltir.
encourage v. gekrin.
else adv. voz.
end n. oblaan.
elsewhere adv. ahstaadvoz.
end times n. dinoksetiid.
elsweyr n. kaasendaar.
endanger v. verhask.
elude v. vudoz.
endearing adj. qiib.
elusive adj. motmahus.
endeavor v. vergrav.
elven adj. fahliilen.
endurance n. grolahnd.
elves n. fahliil.
endure v. grolah.
elvish adj. fahliilen.
enemy n. hokoron, vofahdon.
elxir n. galger.
enemy n. hokoron, paal, vofahdon.
embarrassment n. osrond.
energetic adj. zoglimrel.
ember n. enkii.
energy n. glimrel.
embolden v. gekrin.
enervate v. gelaag.
embossment n. juskov.
engage v. driik.
embrace v. mahlov.
engaged adj. ofir.
emerald n. faziigolz.
engine n. gahkon.
emergency n. faastiid.
english adj. siirodiilen.
emote v. noor.
engulf v. don.
emotion n. noorend.
enigma n. digoliik.
emotional adj. noorendaal.
enjoy v. kujiir.
emotionless adj. voniir.
enjoyable adj. zolaaf.
enlarge v. gesaak.
eruption v. yolein.
enlightenment n. onikiv.
escape v. filok.
enliven v. genaz.
escort v. aaktir.
enough adv. ganog.
escort n. aakjor.
enrage v. gerahgol.
especially adv. suranmiik.
enslave v. imaar.
essence n. rii.
enslaved adj. imaaraan.
essential adj. riilgaar.
ensnare v. kovolk.
establish v. ruund.
ensorcel v. gelah.
estate n. bodriis.
enter v. hav.
esteem v. bahlaas.
entertain v. ofanjiik.
estimate v. suz.
enthusiasm n. fokmir.
estrange v. dahtiris.
entire adj. ulan.
et'ada n. diistzii.
entitlement n. qaar.
eternal adj. unahzaal, unslaad.
entity n. nahlrii.
eternity n. ul.
entomb v. geqoth.
ethereal adj. feimaan.
entrance n. havaht.
ethical adj. greiz.
entry n. havaht.
ethics n. greizah.
envelop v. gekenlok.
euthanasia n. kriilaanthuz.
environment n. gekenlokin.
even adv. orin.
envoy n. norzaar.
even adj. yel.
ephemeral adj. frul.
evening n. avond.
epic adj. kahrun.
evening star n. vulonfil.
epic n. kahriil.
event n. korosend.
epidemic n. urikras.
ever adv. alun.
epithet n. tet.
everlasting adv. unslaar.
epitome n. pruzeim.
everlastingly adv. unslaar.
equal adj. rinid.
evermore adv. unslaar.
equip v. ket.
every adj. svaan.
equipment n. ketak.
everyone pron. svaangein.
equipped adj. ketaan.
everything n. lein.
eradicate v. kelad.
everything adj. pah.
erasable adj. aagistok.
everywhere adv. svaanveyn.
erase v. aagis.
evidence n. giwahdil.
erode v. ahtiid.
evil adj. vokul.
errand n. hesk.
evilness n. vokulom.
error n. tozein.
evolve v. jahfir.
erupt v. yolein.
exact adj. wazahl.
exactness n. wazahlom.
extend v. gesaak.
excellence n. studaar.
exterminate v. kelad.
excellent adj. studen.
extermination n. pahkriivah.
except prep. namas.
extinguish v. evenaar, kelad.
exceptional adj. ahdinaak.
extra adv. siizuk.
exchange n. kothrakaas.
extreme adj. zugut.
exchange v. ofanex.
extremist n. zugutiik.
excitation n. sotiivend.
eye n. miin.
excite v. sotiiv.
eyebrow n. avokmiin.
excitement n. sotiivend.
eyes n. miin.
excuse v. sahvol.
excuse n. sahviir.
execute v. oprot.
execution n. oprotak.
exemplar n. pruzeim.
fabric n. riiv.
exhaust v. gelaag.
face n. luft.
exhibit v. ahkoraav.
fact n. eiziid.
exhibition n. ahkoruun.
fade v. feim.
exile v. fustiroz.
fail v. funt.
exist v. agos.
faint v. frum.
existence n. agosend.
fair adj. paaz, praal.
exit n. lifaht.
faith n. sahvot.
exit v. lif.
fake adj. nisaad.
expand v. gesaak.
falcon n. gahrik.
expect v. zent.
fall v. mah.
expel v. fustir, fusond.
fallen adj. mahlaan.
expense n. oben.
falmer n. sifahliil.
expensive adj. obenaal.
false adj. hahjok.
experience v. seirak.
falter v. hefvaak.
experiment n. gorvahzen.
fame n. frah.
explain v. gelaar.
familiar adj. riinur.
explanation n. gelaarend.
familiarity n. gufahdey.
explode v. kaag.
familiarize v. kuunik.
exploit n. sod.
family n. ragnavir.
explore v. faan.
famish v. gebahlok.
explosion n. kaagend.
famous adj. frahkei.
expose v. gemindok.
fanatic n. meyrothaar.
exquisite adj. hras.
fancy v. elskah.
fang n. iisk.
feel v. fraan.
fantasize v. verwahsar.
feeling n. pruvos.
fantastic adj. frahraam.
feet n. koz.
fantastical adj. wahsariil.
fell v. mah, gemah.
fantasy n. wahsar.
fellow adj. braan.
fantasy adj. kru'um.
fellowship n. braandein.
far adj. gut.
female adj. punah.
farewell interj. vonok.
feral adj. fel, volg.
farina n. puun.
fern n. namok.
farm n. hofkah.
ferocity n. volgom.
farmer n. freik.
fertile adj. gardiir.
farthest adj. zugut.
festival n. visk.
fashion n. bahd.
fetish n. fook.
fast adj. nel.
fever n. qiistur.
faster adj. zunel.
few adj. lith.
fastest adj. zoknel.
fiction n. mahralwahl.
fastness n. nelom.
fidelity n. midsil.
fat adj. paag.
field n. frod, pindaar, hasok.
fate n. dez.
fiend n. dostoz.
fateful adj. dezmi.
fiendish adj. dostoziil.
father n. bormah.
fierce adj. norok.
fathom v. seiluz.
fiercest adj. norok.
faucet n. klahd.
fiery adj. yolus.
fault n. tozein.
fig n. fikon.
faultless adj. tozeinnu.
fight v. krif.
favor n. hundah.
fighter n. krifiik.
favorite adj. baklah.
figure v. suz.
fawn n. holmah.
file v. vet.
fealty n. midaav.
fill v. gejahr.
fear n. faas.
filly n. keyriin.
fearful adj. zofaas.
filter v. bozeim.
fearless adj. faasnu.
filthy adj. gaas.
fearsome adj. verfaas.
final adj. undaar.
feast n. velaaz.
find v. siiv.
feat n. stig.
finger n. sinak.
feather n. uft.
fingernail n. haaljusk.
february n. kreinvu, kreinvu.
fingers n. sinak.
feed v. nahkip.
finish v. geblaan.
finite adj. zah.
flow n. moriin.
fire v. ediin.
flower n. osley.
fire n. yol.
fluent adj. bozulaan.
fire atronach n. yolkaronahs.
flurry n. suraas.
firewood n. yolgosvaa.
flute n. fifiik.
first adj. diist.
fly n. pusojur.
first dragon war n. keinsejoorre.
fly v. bo.
first seed n. diistmaas.
foal n. keyroon.
firstborn n. diistkiin.
focus v. morah, vergrav.
fish n. ikin.
foe n. paal.
fist n. lon.
fog n. bruh.
fit adj. vost.
foggy adj. bruhus.
five n. hen.
folk n. taar.
flabbergasted adj. lahkmojon.
folks n. taar.
flag n. luug.
follow v. kiibok.
flail n. nimqah.
follower n. kiibokin.
flame n. yolos.
folly n. hegem.
flaming adj. yoltaas.
food n. kip.
flank n. feid.
fool v. mey.
flap v. pas.
foolish adj. meyus.
flare n. rith.
foot n. parq, koz.
flash n. rith.
for prep. fah.
flat adj. yel.
forbid v. nilaad.
flatter v. hesven.
forbidden adj. nilaadaan.
flaw n. tozein.
force n. fus.
flawless adj. tozeinnu.
ford v. strahn.
fled v. bovul.
foreboding adj. dezmi.
flee v. bovul.
foreign adj. tirah.
fleet n. flaar.
foreshadow v. prodahven.
flesh n. slen.
forest n. feykro.
flicker v. hostov, reyzir.
foretell v. prodah.
flight n. bod.
foretold v. prodah.
float v. hrot.
forever adv. mahfaeraak, unstiid.
flood n. faath.
forevermore adv. unslaar.
floor n. keir.
forge n. heim.
flour n. puun.
forger n. heimiik.
flourish v. veyr.
forget v. vodahmaan.
flow v. bo.
forgetful adj. zovodahmaan.
forgivable adj. foraltok.
freshness n. faurom.
forgive v. foral.
freshwater n. vahlom.
forgiveness n. foralend.
friday n. vensul.
forgotten adj. vodahmin.
friend n. fahdon.
fork n. zof.
friendly adj. fahdonus.
form n. buld.
friendship n. fahdonein.
formation n. buldak.
frighten v. gezofaas.
former adj. firig.
frivolous adj. ofolin.
forsake v. keyaam.
from prep. nol.
forsaken adj. keyadiis.
front adj. teyx.
forsworn n. haadvohiik.
frost n. fo.
forth prep. veyl.
frost atronach n. fokaronahs.
fortify v. gebild.
frost fall n. fomah.
fortitude n. mulaan.
frostbite n. fosuun.
fortnight n. zeinkeyal.
frosting n. sufolduul.
fortress n. govoldeim.
frosty adj. folus.
fortunate adj. gluuskei.
frown v. fiid.
fortune n. gluus, faraan.
frozen adj. diinaan.
forward prep. domativ.
frugal adj. werzon.
fossil n. qethsewuth.
fruit n. fruk.
foul adj. bein.
fruitful adj. gardiir.
found v. ruund, siiv.
frustrate v. gerah.
foundation n. ruundak.
fuck interj. gjok.
founder n. wahliik.
fugitive n. gruhon.
four n. hir.
fulfill v. jakah.
fox n. ilit.
full adj. jahr.
fragile adj. krentok.
fume v. hrevaak.
fragment n. bruzah.
fun n. moor.
frame n. hakir.
function v. kosov.
fray n. keinul.
funeral n. qothin.
fredas n. vensul.
funny adj. moorus.
free v. gestin.
fur n. raanom.
free adj. stin, volg.
furious adj. nahkei.
freedom n. stinun.
furl v. fundiir.
freelance n. stintuz.
furry adj. raanomus.
freeze v. diin.
fury n. nah.
frenzy n. elfey, faast.
fuse v. hilk.
fresh adj. fau.
futile adj. vunek.
future n. aluntiid.
genitalia n. pikoon.
futuristic adj. aluntidiil.
genitals n. pikoon.
genius n. kleir.
genocide n. pahkriivah.
gentle adj. fask.
gentleness adj. faskom.
gabble v. tarukun.
gently adv. faskaar.
gain v. rim.
genuine adj. wiistel.
gait n. todol.
genuineness n. wiistelom.
gale n. riik.
geology n. hahsegol.
gallon n. gizan.
gesture v. bomas.
gallows n. jahdor.
get v. gaav.
gamble v. dezahrel.
geyser n. frinvahwuld.
gambler n. dezahrelin.
ghost n. gaaf, hokzii.
game n. kred.
giant n. hjot.
gang n. nagiis.
giant adj. hjotus.
gap n. raf.
gibber v. tarukun.
garden n. graadnah, fahlu.
gift n. ofanaht.
gardener n. fahluaan.
gigantic adj. hjotus.
gargantuan adj. hjotus.
giggle v. jeh.
gargoyle n. qerisogal.
giraffe n. dimbakey.
garlic n. sotlaakir.
girl n. kon.
garment n. reken.
give v. ofan.
garnet n. sologaal.
giver n. ofaniik.
gas n. suf.
glacier n. glakel.
gash n. skeniir.
glad adj. frund.
gate n. skuld.
gladly adv. frundiin.
gather v. lahvraan.
glass n. beyl, veyz, piiniir.
gather n. fjal.
glasses n. koraaveyz.
gathering n. du'un, invoraak.
glaze n. sufolduul.
gauntlet n. gasving.
glide v. vond.
gaze v. yiir.
glimmer v. hindiis.
gear n. kronimaar.
glisten v. hindiis.
gem n. sogaal.
gloat v. kahmaar.
gemstone n. nonvulgolz.
gloom n. ath.
gender n. veiliin.
gloomy adj. rol.
general n. kinbokein.
glorify v. gemoro.
generous adj. zofan.
glorious adj. morokei.
glory n. moro.
grandmother n. zulotmonah.
glossy adj. ozur.
granite n. kreidol.
glove n. hanzin.
grant v. bolaav.
glow v. hidzekiis.
grape n. druf.
gnarled adj. olvkei.
grapnel n. kuzniir.
gnat n. wox.
grapple n. kuzniir.
go v. shur.
grasp v. krunaar.
goad v. ziidol.
grass n. veydo.
goal n. krazahl, hesk.
grassland n. evenik.
goat n. ozak.
grateful adj. zonox.
goblet n. qodii.
gratitude v. nox.
goblin n. gogil.
grave n. graad.
god n. rah.
grave adj. rol.
goddess n. ekrah.
gravel n. gradolv.
gods n. rah.
graveyard n. graadstaad.
gold adj. yuvon.
gravity n. goltefend.
gold n. yuld.
gray n. sadon.
golden adj. yuvon.
grease n. karon.
golem n. golzaar.
great adj. lot.
good adj. pruzah, kul.
greataxe n. grahkun.
goodbye interj. guur, pruzahguur.
greater adj. zulot.
goose n. hros.
greatest adj. zoklot.
gore n. soslen.
greatsword n. lotzahkrii.
gossip n. vaaruk.
greaves n. skevuur.
got v. gaav.
greed n. tarvok.
gouge n. skeniir.
greedy adj. tarvokus.
government n. muulmarik.
green n. graag.
grab v. qaf, kuz.
greetings n. drem yol lok.
grace n. dun.
grey n. sadon.
graceful adj. zodun.
greybeard n. mudozaan.
grade n. leik.
grid n. graaz.
gradient n. harahnok.
grief n. traas.
grail n. qodii.
grieve v. trah.
grain n. koos.
griever n. graatiik.
gram n. kraan.
grievous adj. traaskei.
grammar n. malvaak.
griffin n. amokriin.
grand adj. zoklot.
griffon n. amokriin.
grandfather n. zulotbormah.
grim adj. jiid.
grin v. skiif.
had v. kos.
grind v. dum.
hag n. kerl.
grip n. volk.
haggard adj. tekar.
groan v. galv.
hagraven n. kerluvak.
groom n. ahmun.
hail v. heind.
groove n. rav.
hail n. niiz.
grotto n. kolraag.
hair n. om.
ground n. golt.
halberd n. vahkunmiir.
groundhog n. goltosgoriik.
half adj. hef.
group n. dopaan.
halfway n. mith.
grove n. saf.
halfwit n. hefah.
grow v. naram.
hall n. mund.
growl v. gral.
hallow v. gestahdim.
growth n. narand.
hallucinate n. nokhahnu.
grunt v. fuh.
hallucination n. hahnuheim, nokhahnu.
gryphon n. amokriin.
halo n. heyr.
guarantee v. guraad.
halt v. helt.
guard n. deiniik.
hammer n. tu.
guard v. dein.
hammerfell n. sahqonor.
guardian n. vahlok.
hand n. haal.
guess v. tek.
handle n. haalit.
guest n. yunaar.
handwriting n. pelnoot.
guidance n. aakarn.
hang v. tiik.
guide v. aak.
happen v. koros.
guild n. dokahl.
happily adv. unaziin.
guilt n. beyr.
happiness n. unazom.
guilty adj. beyraal.
happy adj. unaz.
guitar n. ahkwaar.
harass v. terag.
gulf n. sokaaz.
harbinger n. rozol.
gust n. suraas.
harbor n. hjier.
gusto n. yezin.
hard adj. burk.
gut n. kipaar.
hare n. kaviir.
hark v. huz.
harm v. arx.
harmful adj. zoarx.
harmonious adj. fridiraal.
habit n. ireik.
harmony n. fridir.
hack v. grahz.
harp n. yahjol.
harry v. terag.
heavy adj. grotiin.
harsh adj. vahrsk.
heel n. fren.
harvest v. ahvos.
height n. kriith.
hasten v. genel.
heighten v. gekriis.
hat n. dahral.
heir n. defahn.
hatch v. kliin.
hell n. ausul.
hate n. irkbaan.
hello interj. ahnok.
hateful adj. zoirkbaan.
helm n. zurgah.
hath v. loost.
helmet n. zurgah.
haul n. wid.
help v. frey.
haunt v. folook.
help n. hiif, freyend.
haunted adj. folookaal.
helper n. freyiik.
have v. lost.
helpful adj. zohiif.
haven n. gaard.
hence adv. grok.
hawk n. skar.
heptagon n. zosreid.
hazard n. daak.
her pron. ek, mek.
he pron. rok.
herald v. qolaas.
head n. klov.
herald n. rozol.
headmaster n. inmindaar.
heratige n. haavneviis.
heal v. tolsek.
herb n. arov.
healer n. tolsekiin.
herbal adj. aroviil.
health n. haas.
herbivore n. ahvusnaak.
healthy adj. vost, drezig.
here adv. het.
heap n. mahkur.
hereafter prep. daarmindin.
hear v. hon.
hermit n. kunmaar.
hearken v. huzrah.
hero n. hun.
heart n. zahreik.
heroic adj. hungaar, zohun.
heart fire n. silyol.
heroically adv. zohungaar.
heartache n. zahrikaus.
hers pron. ek.
heartbeat n. silmand.
herself pron. ekmaar.
hearth n. reist.
hesitate v. sarein.
heartless adj. iizil.
heterosexual adj. vorliinvas.
hearty adj. drezig.
hexagon n. sokreid.
heat n. frin, yos.
hi interj. ahnok.
heathen n. nidrin.
hibernate v. felaag.
heave v. seyl.
hidden adj. soven.
heaven n. gosvern.
hide v. iliis.
heavily adv. grotiinar.
hide n. okultar.
hideous adj. tekar.
home n. bodein, himdah, hofkiin.
hideousness n. tekarom.
homeland n. himdah.
hideout n. iliistaad.
homeless adj. hofkiinnu.
hierarchy n. suleykoz.
homosexual adj. medliinvas.
high adj. kriis, faar, teivo.
hone v. vet.
high elf n. kriisfahliil.
honest adj. delaal.
high rock n. gokrii.
honesty n. del.
highborn adj. lotkiin.
honey n. miing.
higher adj. zufaar.
honor n. zin.
highest adj. zokfaar.
honorable adj. zinaal.
highness n. faarom.
honour n. zin.
highway n. maagstrah.
honourable adj. zinaal.
highwayman n. strahtafiir.
hood n. dahral.
hill n. ahrol.
hoof n. talaav.
hilt n. umdaal.
hook n. vuuzahd.
him pron. mok.
hope n. buriis.
himself pron. okmaar.
hopeful adj. zoburiis.
hinder v. morkon.
horde n. fjal.
hint n. darz.
horizon n. oldoz.
hircine n. drogsenir.
horker n. hjorem.
hire v. ahmil.
horn n. zahk, piiniir.
his pron. ok.
horrible adj. zomaar.
hiss interj. liis.
horrid adj. gaas.
hiss v. seyrt.
horrifying adj. zomaar.
hist n. geingolslen.
horror n. vol.
historian n. rotusnutiidel.
horse n. key.
history n. rotusnutiid.
horseless adj. vothnikey.
hit v. vek.
hostage n. grenzah.
hoar n. fodiiz.
hostile adj. akir.
hoard n. ruuv.
hot adj. frin.
hoax v. dubah.
hot spring n. frinvahwuld.
hold n. gevild, volk.
hotspur n. hrenhun.
hold v. kolost.
hound n. dok.
hole n. raf.
hour n. omaar.
holiday n. lotsul.
house n. tiidnavir, gokal.
hollow adj. zegran.
housecarl n. bodeiken.
hollowness n. zegranom.
housekeeper n. bodenaar.
holy adj. stahdim.
hover v. hrot.
how adv. vir.
hypnosis n. laaghadrim.
however adv. vutharaak.
hypothermia n. sosdiin.
howl n. krul.
hypothesize v. teklor.
huckster n. maltuniik.
hysteria n. faast.
huff v. fuh.
hug v. suyah.
huge adj. hjotus.
hull n. skraav.
humanoid n. muneyd.
I pron. zu'u.
humans n. jul.
ice n. iiz.
humble adj. bonaar.
iceberg n. iizmalur.
humble v. osron.
icy adj. iizus.
humbleness n. bonaarom.
idea n. zaak.
humiliate v. osron.
ideal adj. zaakan.
humiliation n. osrond.
idiocy n. hinsk.
humility n. bonaarom.
idiot n. hefah.
hummingbird n. velokraan.
idiotic adj. hefahus.
humor n. vit.
idol n. inzah.
humorous adj. vitus.
if conj. waan.
hundred n. ben.
ignite v. geyol.
hunger n. bahlok.
ignorance n. hinsk.
hungry adj. bahlokus.
ignorant adj. hinskaal.
hunt v. nir.
ignore v. nibor.
hunter n. ah.
illegal adj. vothuniil.
hurl v. fusk.
illusion n. fiikath.
hurray interj. jii.
image n. ilir, fotiid.
hurricane n. surahgol.
imagination n. marahld.
hurry v. asnir.
imaginative adj. marahdaal.
hurt v. fiiz.
imagine v. marahl.
husband n. ahmul.
imbalance n. voro.
hush interj. es.
imbecile n. hefah.
husk n. eyzan.
imbue v. guvok.
hut n. qiiv.
imga n. lotmuzaar.
huzzah interj. jii.
imitate v. laniz.
hybrid n. hilkiin.
imitator n. laniziik.
hymn n. weridaas.
immediate adj. zoknu.
hyper adj. hahfrin.
immense adj. makil.
hyperthermia n. sosfrin.
immerse v. varox.
immoral adj. kaarn.
indigenous n. diistaak.
immortal adj. vozahlaas.
individual adj. jormaar.
immutability n. ahgulom.
indoor adj. nebenkav.
immutable adj. ahgul.
indoors adj. nebenkav.
impact v. vek.
inebriated adj. teivo.
impale v. kinzuk.
infant n. pahdul.
impart v. gemindok, gerev.
infect v. beinoz.
impatient n. vopremaal.
infection n. krashraan.
impede v. gesein.
infectious adj. gekrastok.
imperfect adj. kunriiv.
inferior adj. lozdaar.
imperial adj. lokolteiren.
infernal adj. tooriil.
implement n. dreniir.
inferno n. toor.
implication n. hiriidak.
infinite adj. vozah.
imply v. hiriid.
infinity n. mintiinon, vozahrom.
importance n. nizraadom.
influence n. paazigran.
important adj. riid, nizraad.
inform v. gesiigor.
impossible adj. vokorasaal.
information n. frahzogin.
impregnate v. verkiir.
infuse v. guvok.
impress v. vreyviis.
ingot n. hark.
imprison v. gegren.
inhabit v. kolahn.
improper adj. vonalgask.
inhabitant n. staak.
improve v. gepruz.
inherent adj. haavniid.
impulse n. ahgreld.
inherit v. haavneyz.
impure adj. voruv.
initial adj. kodiist.
in prep. ko.
ink n. virpal.
inappropriate adj. vonalgask.
inn n. haaf.
incarnate adj. mel.
inner adj. zuko, kosill.
incest n. soskren.
innermost adj. zokko.
inch n. minoh.
innocence n. stahr.
incident n. draknah.
innocent adj. stahraal.
inconceivable adj. vanmindoraan.
inquiry n. qiidaht.
inconsistency n. jovein.
insane adj. hren.
inconsolable adj. vofranvothok.
insanity n. vozuriim, hrenom.
increase v. gezuk, tjer.
inscription n. dwiisinda.
indeed adv. vrah.
insect n. pusojur.
indent v. enriik.
inside adj. koreid.
indicate v. miistir, geivah.
insider n. koreidin.
indifferent adj. diivorpaal.
insight n. koraazen.
insist v. ziidol.
invention n. ufiinseh.
insolence n. duziirah.
investigate v. siivahzen.
insolent adj. duziir.
invisible adj. vonuz.
inspect v. siivahzen.
invitation n. framtiirend.
inspire v. shaan.
invite v. framtiir.
instance n. getiid.
invoke v. naurim.
instant adj. kusil.
involve v. vothiz.
instead adv. sinon.
invulnerability n. nehahraanom.
instill v. gerev.
invulnerable adj. nehahraan.
institute n. mindaziir.
iron n. dol.
instruction n. mindaht.
ironic adj. bodoraal.
instrument n. verlovaasniir, dreniir.
irony n. bodoraas.
insult v. sahrx, krig.
irregular adj. senkjoor.
integrate v. kolov.
irritate v. motag.
integration n. kolovend.
irritation n. motagend.
intellect n. greind.
is v. los.
intelligence n. greind.
island n. por.
intelligent adj. greindaal.
isle n. por.
intend v. sukah.
isolation n. okulom.
intense adj. indagriin.
issue v. komeyt.
intent n. sukaht.
issued v. komeyt.
intention n. sukahnd.
it pron. nii.
intercourse n. kothrakaas.
itch n. zom.
interest n. kusah.
item n. vuuk.
interested adj. kusahraal.
its pron. niil.
interfere v. krozah.
itself pron. nimaar.
interrupt v. diinek.
ivory n. ozinvey.
intervene v. krozu.
intervention n. krozund.
intestine n. kipaar.
intimate adj. yoritiiv.
into prep. kotin.
jab v. malkinz.
intoxicated adj. teivo.
jabber v. tarukun.
introduce v. grist.
jade n. osvanir.
intruder n. volaan.
jagged adj. aldin.
invade v. aad.
jam n. sevnov.
invader n. aadiik.
january n. feylil.
invasion n. aadak.
jar n. oskad.
jarl n. jun, bronjun.
kamal n. odhokzii.
jealous adj. zokulaad.
katana n. yalzahkrii.
jealousy v. kulaad.
keep n. anhiim.
jelly n. sevnov.
keep v. dein.
jest v. yirt.
keeper n. deinmaar.
jester n. yirtiik.
kettle n. kramin.
jewel n. sogaal, brigelt.
key n. zrah.
jewelry n. brigelt.
keyboard n. ozinveyhaal.
job n. krotz.
khajiit n. kaaz.
join v. aav.
kick v. ster.
joke v. yirt.
kidney n. brijaal.
joker n. yirtiik.
kill v. krii.
jolly adj. inlok.
killer n. kriid.
josh v. dubah.
killing n. kriind.
journal n. daanah.
kilogram n. tonkraan.
journey n. kurlah, ozakur.
kiloliter n. tonpozaar.
journeyman n. kurlahmun.
kilometer n. tonmezaar.
joust v. fust.
kin n. taar.
jovial adj. inlok.
kin adj. fron.
joy n. jiik.
kind adj. sonah.
joyful adj. zojiik.
kind n. eylok, vanah.
judge v. miknuur.
kindred n. fronein.
jug n. piiniir.
king n. jun.
juice n. frukilom.
kingdom n. junaar.
july n. kriithul.
kingship n. jundein.
jump v. thral.
kinship n. koriidein.
june n. mithraa.
kinsman n. taarmun.
jungle n. lufeykro.
kinsmen n. taarmuz.
juniper n. ronadir.
kiss v. vesey.
junk n. dahstin.
kitchen n. katurah.
just adv. zeyda.
knee n. krahsek.
justice n. zeydaan.
kneecap n. krahral.
justifiable adj. gezeydahtok.
knife n. pusahkrii.
justify v. gezeydah.
knight n. ken.
knit v. pronah.
knot n. snaad.
know v. mindok.
knowable v. mindok.
knowledge n. mindah.
law n. thun.
knowledgeable adj. mindaal.
lawful adj. zothun.
known v. mindok.
lawless n. thunnu.
kyne n. kaan.
layer n. nokiiv.
lead v. inaak.
lead n. solog.
leader n. kinbok.
leaf n. duhil.
labor n. kroson.
league n. dokahl, zaarax.
labyrinth n. nahgriinos.
lealty n. midaav.
laceration n. skeniir.
learn v. doj.
lack v. vankar.
least adj. suk.
lady n. reg.
leather n. reld.
lair n. grim.
leave v. lif.
lake n. lo'om.
lecture n. mahruz.
lament n. freydah.
leech v. lun.
lamenter n. graatiik.
leek n. laakir.
lance n. sunah.
leg n. ogiir.
lance v. kinzuk.
legacy n. zoortah.
land n. himdah, nor.
legal adj. thuniil.
language n. tinvok.
legend n. zoor.
lantern n. hjalok.
legendary adj. zooriil.
lapis n. biivild.
legion n. lahvirn.
larceny n. aaran.
legitimate adj. vahpruzah.
larch n. laakis.
lemon n. ahzur.
large adj. saak.
lend v. bodiir.
larynx n. zulpok.
length n. lingren.
lash v. kaatoz.
lengthen v. gelingrah.
last adj. laat.
leopard n. kaazsegram.
last seed n. laatmaas.
less adv. son.
late adj. spein.
lessen v. geson.
later adj. zuspein.
lesser adj. solot.
laud v. forun.
lesson n. mindaht.
laugh v. nep, liis.
lest conj. leh.
laughter n. nepend.
let v. il.
launch v. kuyiz.
letter n. maldeykel, duuk.
lava n. goraag.
lettuce n. salaat.
lavender n. vaslahl.
level adj. yel.
level n. eytaag, leik.
liquid n. novul.
lever n. lotah.
liquify v. genovul.
lexicon n. zereim.
liquor n. juum.
libel n. furgaan.
lisp n. bansfir.
liberate v. liid.
list n. keitz.
liberation v. liidak.
listen v. gir.
liberty n. lii.
lit adj. kunt.
librarian n. olakaan.
liter n. pozaar.
library n. olak.
litter v. liqos.
lich n. dinokaar.
little adj. mal.
lichen n. mavirk.
live v. lahney.
lick v. dahv.
lively adj. zolaas.
lie v. nok.
liver n. heikel.
liegeman n. ahrsun.
livestock n. buf.
lies v. nok.
living adj. nahl.
life n. laas.
lizard n. siigonis.
lifestyle n. zenselaas.
llama n. reynak.
lift v. und, gekriis.
lo interj. ond.
light n. kun.
load n. wid.
light v. ein, geyol.
loan v. geid.
light adj. seh.
loathe v. laahey.
lighten v. gefask.
local adj. leyvah.
lighthouse n. yolangar.
location n. nexaag, staad.
lightning n. qo, reik.
lock n. qulek.
like v. mos.
locksmith n. verqulekin.
like prep. med.
loftiness n. faarom.
likeness n. ilir.
lofty adj. faar.
lily n. arahst.
log n. umaak.
lime n. masek.
logic n. gahziin.
limit n. kes.
lone adj. enarah.
limited adj. kesaal.
loneliness n. okulom.
line n. tiidnavir.
lonely adj. enarah.
lineage n. tiidnavir.
loner n. enariik.
linen n. vozriis.
long adj. lingrah.
link n. sahrend.
long for v. staavek.
lion n. am.
longboat n. okaadah.
lip n. kroslen, kroslen.
longbow n. lingrahbrax.
lips n. kroslen, kroslen.
longitude n. lingraan.
longshoreman n. staalzer.
lust n. sahlos.
longsword n. lingzahkrii.
lute n. nauaas.
look v. frolok.
lycanthropy n. munralok.
look like v. fon.
lyre n. bexnauaas.
loom v. lokun.
lyric n. mirodaht.
loose adj. nimah.
loose v. gestin.
loot v. najul.
looter adj. najuliik.
lord n. drog.
ma'am n. zoh.
lordship n. drogein.
mace n. qator.
loredas n. strunsul.
machinery n. kronimaar.
lose v. saan, siz.
mad adj. hren.
loser n. siziik.
madness n. hrenom.
loss n. saar.
maelstrom n. zuld.
lost v. sizaan.
mage n. lahzey.
lost elf n. sifahliil.
magic n. luh.
lot n. kung.
magical adj. lahaal.
lotion n. shuniir.
magician n. lahiik.
loud adj. shar.
magicka n. lah.
loudness n. sharom.
magistrate n. kriisjor.
lovable adj. lokaltok.
magma n. goraag.
love n. lokal.
magnificent adj. naalin.
lovely adj. lokalus.
mahongany n. musanrak.
lover n. lokalin.
maid n. vahn.
low adj. krinil.
maiden n. vahdin.
lower v. gekrinil.
mail n. biirn.
lowlife n. baanahk.
maim v. juk.
loyal adj. mid.
main adj. maag.
loyalty n. midrot, midun.
maintain v. skiilan.
luck n. gluus.
majestic adj. valinaar.
lucky adj. gluuskei.
majesty n. vahlin.
luggage n. kahlos.
make v. imzik, mur, wahl.
lullaby n. laagvaas.
maker n. wahliik.
lunar adj. iilahiil.
malachite n. haaragel.
lunch v. haaz.
malady n. ziiklah.
lung n. sumaas.
male adj. punmak.
lure v. horvut.
malevolent adj. vokulhah.
mammal n. zamak.
massive adj. makil.
mammoth n. mamutah.
mast n. maz.
man n. jul, mun.
master n. in.
mana n. lah.
mastery n. inhus.
manager n. lahvriiluz.
match v. met.
mandate n. yahzuum.
mate v. liin.
mane n. raziir.
material n. feluk.
manger n. hodrahn.
math n. hasoksetokaan.
maniac n. nahjor.
mathematics n. hasoksetokaan.
mankind n. jul.
matter n. hiitir.
manmade adj. joormur.
maul v. juk.
manmer n. munfahliil.
maw n. jot.
manner n. bahd.
may n. ziistmaas.
manual n. drezujah.
may v. aal.
many adj. pogaan.
maybe adv. aalkos.
maormer n. briinfahliil.
maze n. hiznor.
map n. grund.
me pron. zey.
mar v. juk.
mead n. geikaal.
marauder n. uroksvaal.
meadow n. vasaar.
marble n. liizuk.
meal n. kipraan, puun.
march n. diistmaas.
mean v. seik.
march v. yoriik.
measure v. malz.
mare n. keyrek.
meat n. sliin.
mark n. miir.
mechanism n. kronimaar.
market n. vezar, yuldik.
medal n. krelt.
maroon adj. pruuq.
medallion n. kaagrelt.
marriage n. sokeytah.
meddle v. krozah.
marry v. sokeytol.
medicine n. tulsekin.
marsh n. zanos, styorngol.
meditate v. hadriid.
martial art n. zodunos.
meditation n. hadriidak.
martyr n. jisdeyn.
meet v. grind.
martyrdom n. jisdeynaan.
melancholy n. so.
marvel n. keyr.
melody n. morlah.
marvelous adj. zokeyr.
melon n. mahan.
mask n. rahvok.
melt v. frein.
mass n. fjal.
memorial n. vahrugrii.
massacre v. pogaankrii.
memory n. vahrukt.
masser n. rilahk.
men n. muz.
menace n. rahkuul.
millennium n. toneruvos.
menagerie n. raanahkoruun.
million n. unon.
mend v. zifahl.
mimic n. laniziik.
mentality n. gaansevah.
mind n. hadrim, hah, hahdrim.
mention v. nenfah.
mindful adj. kosah.
mentor n. mindopah.
mindless adj. hefahus.
mer n. slaag, iim.
mine n. ungol.
mercenary n. sovrahzun.
ministry n. bjokrah.
merchant n. sirnaaz.
minor adj. mol.
merciful adj. aazaal.
minotaur n. kalumun.
merciless adj. aaznu.
mint n. iraz.
mercy n. aaz.
minute n. jazbaar.
mere adj. vun.
miracle n. rahofan.
merge v. domiit.
mirage n. fiikath.
merit n. maleyk.
mirror n. fiik.
merrier adj. zuloraan.
mischief n. lakif.
merry adj. loraan, inlok.
misdirect v. vinaak.
mess n. thesk.
misery n. zarok.
message n. dremah.
misfortune n. vogluus.
messenger n. dremahiik.
mislead v. vinaak.
metal n. gelt.
miss v. staavek.
meteor n. mahfil.
mission n. hesk.
meteorshower n. filmah.
mist n. bruh.
meter n. mezaar.
mistake n. tozein.
mid year n. mithraa.
misty adj. bruhus.
middas n. wuthsul.
mix v. hilk.
midday n. hefsul, mithsul.
moan v. galv.
middle n. mith.
moat n. gekenlom.
midnight n. hefvulon.
mob n. fjal, nagiis.
might v. uld.
mock v. wiif.
might n. skir.
mode n. meziv.
mighty adj. sahrot, skirus.
model n. lorozen.
migrate v. prodaz.
modest adj. yusgri.
mile n. tren.
modesty n. yusgriim.
milieu n. gekenlokin.
modification n. vuldak.
military n. fussekein.
modify v. vuld.
milk n. liik.
molten adj. yolget.
mill n. pund.
moment n. getiid.
momentary adj. maltiid.
mostly adv. zokus.
monarchy n. geinmu'ul.
moth n. rak.
monday n. iilahsul.
mother n. monah.
money n. yuld.
motion n. bom.
mongrel n. tingrol.
motivate v. bemahran.
monk n. ronir.
motivation n. mahrand.
monkey n. golsemuzaar.
motive n. mahran.
monkey folk n. golsemuzaar.
mound n. staag.
monocle n. koraaveyz.
mount v. goz.
monotheism n. geinrah.
mountain n. strunmah.
monotheistic adj. geinraal.
mourn v. graat.
monotonous adj. unos.
mourner n. graatiik.
monster n. riil.
mournful adj. sokei.
monstrous n. riilkei.
mouse n. dosk.
month n. tik.
mouth n. zahr.
monthly adv. tikaar.
mouth v. zalk.
monument n. vahrugrii.
move v. bo.
moon n. iilah.
movement n. bom.
moon sugar n. iilahsufol.
much n. pogaas.
moonlight n. iilahkun.
mud n. pras.
moonlit adj. iilahkin.
mudcrab n. prasmik.
moonstone n. iilahsegol.
mug n. beylsaak, piiniir.
moose n. elz.
mule n. turog.
moral adj. greiz.
multitude n. kung.
morality n. greizah.
mumble v. timak.
morbid adj. niroz.
munch v. krumon.
more adj. zuk.
mundus n. lein.
morndas n. iilahsul.
murder n. kriivah.
morning n. feyl.
murderer n. krivaan.
morning star n. feylil.
murmur v. sumah.
moron n. meyuz.
muscle n. mulzen.
moronic adj. hefahus.
museum n. selvaas.
morrowind n. vulsoven.
mushroom n. kiibam.
mortal n. joor.
music n. lovaas.
mosaic n. moziir.
musical n. lovaasiil.
mosquito n. pusojur.
musician n. lovadro.
moss n. kigrath.
must v. kend.
most adj. zok.
muster v. lahvraan.
mute adj. nahliik.
need v. praag.
mutter v. timak.
needle n. padir.
mutton n. vosig.
negation n. vohrend.
my pron. dii.
negative adj. kovolzah.
myself pron. dimaar.
neglect v. dufrah.
mysterious adj. digol.
negotiate v. semjah.
mystery n. digoliik.
neither conj. hjani.
mystic adj. lahvuun, lahvuun.
nemesis n. lotpaal.
mysticism n. lahvuunom.
nephew n. kravein.
myth n. maan.
nervous adj. valk.
nervousness n. valkom.
nest n. leret.
net n. zud.
netch n. nahrz.
nail n. haaljusk.
nether adj. negol.
naked adj. nun.
never adv. neh.
nakedness n. nunom.
new adj. yor.
name v. for.
newcomer n. yoriin.
nap v. srinmiin.
next adj. borii.
narrow adj. yal.
nice adj. praal.
narrow v. geyal.
niece n. sirvein.
nasty adj. gaas.
night n. vulon.
nation n. nor.
nightmare n. hahvulon.
native n. diistaak.
nine n. nen.
natural adj. lundiil.
nirn n. vus.
nature n. lund, edil.
nirnroot n. vusarum.
navigate v. kurlank.
no adv. nid.
navy n. okaalah.
nobility n. nonvulom.
near adj. lovun.
noble adj. nonvul.
near v. lov.
nobleman n. nonvuliik.
necessary adj. praagek.
noblewoman n. nonvuliik.
necessitate v. skildir.
nobody pron. nimun.
neck n. ruus.
nock v. roronaaz.
necklace n. rahvum.
nocturnal adj. vulonaas.
necromancer n. nahgahdinok.
node n. vokraaz.
necromancy n. strovodinok, alok-dilon.
noise n. honaht.
nectar n. yumaas.
non-canon adj. niron.
nede n. naad.
nonagon n. nenreid.
nonchalant adj. sulak.
none pron. nimun.
none adv. nid.
nonsense n. hegem.
oak n. wol.
nook n. krek.
oar n. ur.
noon n. mithsul.
oath n. haad, kesmah.
noone pron. nimun.
obedience n. thaarn.
noose n. beymur.
obey v. thaar.
nor conj. nuv.
object n. vuuk.
nord n. bron.
object v. tegalrot.
nordic adj. bronen.
objection n. tegalrotak.
normal n. qurnen.
oblige v. skildir.
north n. brom.
obliterate v. turahl.
northerly adj. bromen.
oblivion n. oblivion.
northern adj. bromen.
observe v. korii.
nose n. sumaar.
observed adj. koriaan.
nostril n. sumraaf.
observer n. koriim.
not adv. ni.
obsidian n. qethsevulon.
notation n. honfand.
obstacle n. jiist.
note n. honfask.
obstruct v. tend.
nothing adv. nid.
obstruction n. tendrok.
notice v. ahmin.
obtain v. rim.
noticeable adj. ahminaal.
obtainment n. rimend.
notion n. zaak.
obvious adj. laarkei.
novel n. hahkel.
ocarina n. ahfiik.
november n. kreintor.
occasion n. korosend.
novice n. ahtamun.
occupation n. krotz.
now adv. nu.
occupied adj. ofir.
now n. nutiid.
occupy v. kolahn.
nowhere adv. nistaad.
occur v. koros.
nudity n. nunom.
occurrence n. korosend.
nuisance n. nuthaak.
ocean n. briin.
nullify v. genul.
octagon n. elnreid.
numb adj. friist.
october n. fomah.
number n. tokaan.
odd adj. zurun.
nurture v. vel.
ode n. wern.
of prep. do, se.
off adj. vau.
oppression v. ukund.
offend v. sahrx, krig, motag.
oppressor n. ukuniik.
offense n. motagend, nostig.
option n. poguk.
offer v. miik.
or conj. uv.
offering n. ofanaht.
oracle n. nahgahzii.
often adv. grinstiid.
orange adj. sol.
oftentimes adv. grinstiid.
orange n. solfruk.
ogre n. groonah.
orator n. tinvaakin.
oh interj. oo.
orc n. ogiim.
oil n. karon.
orcish adj. ogiimen.
okay interj. bek.
ordeal n. sevest.
old n. wuth.
order v. uth, tahlon.
olive n. pugal.
order n. virlaan.
omen n. rozol.
ore n. mahgrii.
ominous adj. dezmi.
oregano n. uluthan.
omniscient adj. pahmindok.
organ n. oradgah.
on prep. nau.
organization n. dokahl.
once adv. ont.
organize v. vorstaal.
one n. gein.
orichalcum n. ogeliim.
oneness n. pahgein.
orient v. voraak.
oneself n. geinmaar.
origin n. kose.
onion n. laakir.
original adj. kodiist.
onlooker n. koriim.
originate v. gekose.
only adv. nunon.
orphan n. oth.
onto prep. nawah.
orsimer n. ogiim.
onward adv. amativ.
orsinium n. ogiimor.
onyx n. vex.
other adj. vorey.
opacity n. musveyom.
otherwise adv. havothzuk.
opal n. elkroz.
ouch! interj. taak.
opaque adj. musvey.
ounce n. alzah.
open v. bex.
our pron. un.
opinion n. drahlun.
ours pron. un.
opponent n. krizey.
ourselves pron. unmaar.
opportunity n. grozein.
out adv. tir.
oppose v. kriz.
outcast n. govegein.
opposite adj. gakrizar.
outdoor adj. nebenbex.
opposition n. krizend.
outdoors adj. nebenbex.
oppress v. ukun.
outer adj. zutir.
outermost adj. zoktir.
pants n. boviir.
outlaw n. thunnu.
paper n. deykraan.
outrage n. nahz.
paradigm n. lorozen.
outside adj. tireid.
paradise n. prudaas.
outsider n. tireidin.
paradox n. jovein.
over prep. uben.
paradoxical adj. joviiz.
overcome v. lokiig.
paragon n. pruzeim.
overlord n. thur.
paralyze v. seyvuz.
overmorrow n. mindirsul.
parasite n. vorenaak.
overseer n. lahvriiluz.
parchment n. deykraan.
overtake v. suruk.
pardon n. krosis.
overthrow v. gemah.
parent n. lafaan.
overwhelm v. suruk.
pariah n. govegein.
ow! interj. taak.
park n. prez.
owl n. hol.
parry v. panor.
own v. siifur.
parsley n. priitor.
ox n. kalul.
part n. gorm, malur.
particularly adv. suranmiik.
partner n. feliig.
party n. visk, lid.
party v. vervisk.
pacification n. gedremend.
pass v. rahn, hok.
pacify v. gedrem.
passage n. rahnd.
pack n. tah.
passion n. smoliin.
pact n. kiid.
past n. usnutiid.
pagan n. wuthrahiil.
past prep. vortii.
page n. siith.
pasture n. vasaar.
pain n. faaz, hod.
path n. zen.
painful adj. faazaal.
pathetic adj. sahlag.
paint v. verilir.
patience n. prem.
painted adj. maalutaan.
patient adj. premaal.
palace n. hofkahsejun.
patron n. unagein.
paladin n. kenaar.
pattern n. lorozen.
pale adj. ruvol.
pauldron n. qahsuld.
paltry adj. pusrig.
pause n. hilv.
pang n. kaas.
pay v. biis.
panic n. faast.
payment n. sovaht.
pansexual adj. pahliinvas.
peace n. drem.
peaceful adj. zodrem.
personality n. edil.
peacock v. ahgriiv.
persuade v. koniiyek.
peak n. dulvaan.
pervert v. inhon.
pear n. bizur.
peryite n. krasliivin.
pearl n. kunuk.
pest n. sojuur.
pebble n. zegur.
pet n. rez.
peculiar adj. senkjoor.
pet v. nik.
peddler n. maltuniik.
petty adj. sahlag.
pelt n. kelm, okultar.
phantom n. sah.
pen n. pelniir.
phase n. griid.
pencil n. pelniir.
pheasant n. lokraas.
pendant n. kagaav.
philosophical adj. fiilosiil.
penetrate v. kinz.
philosophy n. fiilos.
pent adj. kiiz.
phoenix n. yolzoor.
pentagon n. henreid.
physics n. hahsebom.
penumbra n. vofunvul.
piano n. ozinveyhaal.
people n. joriin, taar.
pick v. zemqulek.
pepper n. beku.
pickaxe n. vildhahkun.
perceive v. fraan.
pickpocket n. vunonhaal.
percent n. koben.
picture n. ilir.
perception n. fraanend.
picturesque adj. brilaas.
percolate v. bozeim.
pie n. brotumkip.
perfect adj. tozeinnu.
piece n. gorm, malur.
perform v. kosov.
pierce v. kinz.
peril n. hask.
pig n. hiraak.
perilous adj. haskei.
pigmy adj. malnaaz.
period n. zahtiid.
pile n. mahkur.
perish v. saluk.
pilgrim n. rahwunduniik.
perk n. priizah.
pilgrimage n. rahwundun.
permanence n. ahgulom.
pillage v. draazog.
permanent adj. ahgul.
pillar n. hjar.
permeate v. bozeim.
pillow n. jir.
permission n. orlaavend.
pinch v. skin.
permit v. orlaav.
pine n. galik.
perseverance n. grolahnd.
pine v. krosik.
persevere v. grolah.
pineapple n. thrinmah.
persist v. zuthiir.
pink adj. sohqat.
person n. jor.
pint n. merak.
pioneer n. diistiik.
poet n. kahriik.
pipe n. sunaak.
poetry n. sonvaak.
pirate n. raaviir.
point v. geivah.
pitch n. brak.
point n. zahd.
pitiful adj. sahlag.
poison n. viidost.
pitiless adj. iizil.
poisonous adj. zoviidost.
pity n. aazrii.
pole n. golklov.
place n. staad.
poleaxe n. vahkunmiir.
place v. raal.
polish v. geviin.
plague n. vedkrasom.
politician n. noksenonviik.
plain adj. pindaar, vonum.
politics n. noksenonvul.
plan v. mein.
polytheism n. pogaanrah.
plane n. sovaar.
polytheistic adj. pogaanraal.
planet n. gutlein.
pommel n. satuul.
plant n. ahvus.
pond n. hjal.
plate n. tus.
pony n. malkey.
plateau n. yeldah.
pool n. lomok.
platform n. palaar.
poop n. draaf.
play n. tinvaatey.
poor adj. nivok.
play v. drokur.
port n. staal.
player n. zahu'ul.
portal n. miiraak.
pleasant adj. kirndaal.
porter n. brudmun.
please v. genaz.
portrait n. veyloz.
please adv. kir.
position n. krostaad.
pleasurable v. genazok.
positive adj. kopruzah.
pleasure n. kirnd.
possesion n. piraakend.
plentiful adj. zobaas, zonorgraz, uraal,
possess v. piraak.
possible adj. korasaal.
plenty adj. baaz.
possiblity n. koraas.
plenty n. norgraz.
pot n. qaar.
plot v. mein, rad.
potable adj. piintok.
plumage n. proviz.
potato n. hopak.
plume n. proviz.
potential n. zahtok.
plunder v. najul.
potion n. galger.
plunderer adj. najuliik.
pouch n. brulost.
plunge v. komah.
poultry n. slenselok.
pocket n. vurul.
pound n. pozik.
poem n. kahriil.
powder n. pusaas.
power n. suleyk.
prisoner n. grenzah.
powerful adj. suleykaar.
private adj. jormaar.
practice n. hjatir.
prize n. uriif.
practice v. kostir.
problem n. diron.
prairie n. evenik.
procedure n. krostig.
praise n. werid.
proceed v. stenfah.
prattle v. vanvaak.
process n. krostig.
pray v. draal.
proclaim v. pahvaak.
prayer n. rothaar.
procreate v. verkiir.
precious adj. ves.
prodigy n. notjor.
precise adj. uliid.
produce v. tjer.
preciseness n. uliidom.
profession n. krotz.
precision n. uliidom.
profuse adj. pogahko.
predator n. doriik.
program n. virlaan.
preen v. prozeyv.
progress n. stenfahnd.
pregnant adj. kiiraal.
progress v. stenfah.
prepare v. nahlok.
progression n. murahv.
present n. nutiid, ofanaht.
projectile n. kuyizaht.
presently adv. das.
prolong v. gelingrah.
preserve v. zahnir.
promise v. keit.
president n. priivu'um.
prompt adj. kusil.
press v. drok.
propel v. kuyiz.
pressure n. gahfus.
proper adj. prudaav, nalgask.
presume v. tek.
prophecy n. qostiid.
prevail v. ahwald.
prophet n. qosaar.
previous adj. firig.
prostitute n. wiizaan.
prey n. dor.
protect v. jaaril.
price n. praz.
protrude v. dikinz.
pride n. kah.
proud adj. zokah.
prideful adj. zokah.
prove v. gevahzen.
priest n. haar, sonaak.
proverb n. gundal.
priestess n. haarek.
provide v. birgah.
primary adj. maag.
province n. nor.
prime adj. kord.
pry v. krozah, bix.
prince n. kulaan.
psychic n. nahgah.
princess n. kulaas.
psychology n. hasoksehah.
prism n. yunok.
pub n. snol.
prison n. gren.
public n. jormah.
puke v. krastak.
query n. qiidaht.
pull n. donth.
quest n. wund, hesk.
pull v. tef.
question n. luaan, qiidaht.
pulse v. vulz.
quick adj. zosiil, aas.
pump v. giiriz.
quicken v. genel.
puncture v. kinz.
quickness n. siil.
punish v. pentaar.
quicksand n. draaklo.
punishment v. pentaar.
quicksilver n. viinazil.
pup n. vaas.
quiet n. stiild.
puppet n. nukaas.
quiet adj. stiildus.
puppy n. vaas.
quill n. pelniir, peluft.
purchase v. bir.
quite adv. peh.
pure adj. ruv.
quiver v. olg.
purge v. nilz.
quote n. virot.
purify v. prahk.
purple adj. jen.
purpose n. nuft.
purposeful adj. zonuft.
purse n. yuulid.
rabbit n. kaviir.
pursue v. niivut.
raccoon n. godaan.
pursuit n. kusah.
race v. tusron.
push v. dah.
race n. reyliik, taar.
put v. raal.
races n. reyliik.
puzzle n. burzah.
racism adj. reyliikun.
pyrite n. yulmey.
radiance n. uraan.
python n. siison.
radiant adj. nirah.
radius n. hefyahv.
rag v. dubah.
rage n. rahgol, ruth.
raid v. kuzd.
quail n. nufost.
rain n. lokluv.
quality n. koziir.
rain's hand n. haalokluv.
quarrel n. keinul.
rainbow n. lokluvfaain.
quart n. lit.
rainforest n. lufeykro.
quartz n. kazaar.
rainy adj. lokluvus.
queen n. jud.
raise v. und, gekriis.
queer adj. senkjoor.
raised v. wahlaan.
quench v. heft.
random adj. zixiir.
randomness n. zixiirom.
recant v. vovaat.
range v. faan.
receive v. ofaal.
ranger n. faaniik.
receiver n. ofaaliik.
rank n. leyk.
recent adj. fautiid.
rapier n. kortuz.
reception n. ofaalend.
rare adj. num.
recipe n. uskriif.
rat n. serk.
recite v. kovon.
rather adv. milaar.
reckon v. ned.
ravage v. modokar.
recognise v. mindrus.
rave v. hrevaak.
recollect v. lorvod.
raven n. ruvaak.
recollection v. lorvod.
ray n. laak.
reconnaissance n. lingrahmiin.
raze v. aldol.
record n. umaak.
razor adj. aldin.
recover v. orim.
reach v. hiil.
recreate v. orwahl.
react v. tahmus.
rectify v. geges.
reaction n. tahmusend.
red adj. sahqo.
read v. etaak.
redden v. gesahqo.
ready adj. nuk.
redeem v. alu'um.
real adj. saad.
redemption n. alu'umend.
reality n. saadom.
redguard n. sahqomun.
realization n. emtiind.
reed n. sunaak.
realize v. emtiin.
reek v. riig.
realm n. deylok, sovaar.
reference v. vernenfah.
realm adj. suleyksejun.
refine v. vet.
realness n. saadom.
reflect v. jokaar.
reaper n. sahvoz.
reflection v. jokaar.
rear n. akor.
refrain v. forgen.
reason n. dahrin.
refuse n. taavin.
reasonable adj. dahrinaal.
regain v. orim.
reaver n. uroksvaal.
regard v. ned, hahlot.
rebel n. vax.
regenerate v. yolir.
rebellion n. keiz.
regeneration n. yolirend.
rebellious adj. vaxei.
regiment n. ronax.
rebirth adj. orkiindah.
region n. paan.
reborn adj. orkiin.
regress v. vostenfah.
rebuild v. orwahl.
regret v. dirn.
recall v. lorvod.
regretful adj. zodirn.
regrow v. yolir.
renowned adj. mindokin.
regrowth n. yolirend.
repair v. zifahl.
reign n. vorliz.
repeat v. zuvir.
reject v. sakhaan.
reply v. fahral.
rejected adj. duyiiv.
reply n. fahrald.
rejection n. sakhaand.
report n. tal.
rejoice v. fraajik.
represent v. nirkaanon.
relate v. ahlon.
representation n. nirkaanond.
related n. fronsos.
reproduce v. verkiir.
related adj. fron, ahlont.
reproduction n. fotiid.
relation n. ahlond.
reproductive adj. liinvas.
relations n. ahlond.
reptile n. vriid.
relationship n. ahlondein.
republic n. mu'ulsemuz.
relative n. taarmun, fronsos.
repurpose v. orbrah.
relative adj. ahlont.
request v. laan.
relatives n. taarmuz.
require v. hu'um.
relax v. krisiiv.
requirement n. koshu'um.
release v. gestin.
rescue v. bahvlir.
relic n. tholaar.
research n. dojuk.
relief n. juskov.
reserve v. zahnir.
religion n. rahlun.
reservoir n. wahlom.
religious adj. rahlunkei.
reside v. kolahn.
remade adj. orkiin.
residence n. bodein.
remake v. orwahl.
resident n. kolahniik.
remedy v. geges, geges.
residue n. rukor.
remember v. dahmaan.
resist v. vogahvon.
remembered adj. dahmin.
resolute adj. urlanaal.
remind v. orah.
resolve n. urlan, palnekaar.
reminder n. siinorah.
resource n. rahzaas.
remote adj. hud.
resourceful adj. zorahzaas.
remove v. govey.
respect v. fir.
rend v. foz.
respectable adj. ufir.
render v. mur.
respond v. fahral.
renegade n. vax.
response n. fahrald.
renew v. yolir.
rest v. praan.
renewal n. yolirend.
restless adj. laagnu.
renounce v. draasth, sakhaan, vovaat.
restoration n. vokriind.
renouncement n. sakhaand.
restore v. vokrii, yahn.
restrain v. morkon.
ripeness n. folom.
restrict v. begriin.
ripple n. folul.
result n. droz.
rise v. alok.
resume v. bahzim.
risk n. daak.
resurrect v. orlaas.
risk v. yin.
resurrectionist n. vokriid.
ritual n. stroh, revkoron.
retake v. orim.
ritual adj. revkoroniil.
retire v. nurvim.
rival v. ronit.
retreat v. alikvol.
river n. rath.
return v. daal.
road n. strah.
reuse v. orbrah.
roar v. rein.
reveal v. viim.
roast v. frist.
revelation n. viimakuun.
rob v. resh.
revenge n. nahkaar.
robber n. reshiik.
revere v. hahlot.
robe n. qiiraz.
revive v. vokrii, orlaas.
robin n. solqahd.
revolt n. keiz.
robot n. dwinaar.
revolution n. keiz.
rock n. vild.
reward v. urid.
rock v. seyl.
rhyme n. ritir.
roe n. luzikin.
rhythm n. razaan.
rogue n. skoboviik.
rib n. kesk.
roll v. fuskah.
rich adj. uraal.
roof n. kav.
rid v. goviir.
room n. weyt.
ride v. zor.
rooster n. rokmah.
rider n. zoriik.
root n. arum.
rift n. raf.
rope n. matah.
right v. geges.
rose n. peyt.
right n. qaar.
rot v. liivor.
right adj. ges.
rotate v. kenlir.
rightness n. kruzikaar.
rough adj. klofraan.
rigorous adj. zograv.
round adj. kenlokus.
rigorously adv. zogravaar.
rouse v. ziig.
ring n. prenlon.
rout v. graan.
rinse v. riiz.
row v. pluz.
riot n. keiz.
rowboat n. pluzvaad.
rip v. ahkan.
royal adj. freiziil.
ripe adj. fol.
royalty n. freiz.
ruby n. dovahmiin.
sanctify v. gestahdim.
rug n. sevmah.
sanctuary n. gaard, rahnaar.
ruin n. rignivon, ruulg.
sand n. klo.
ruin v. rignivah.
sandstorm n. klostrun.
rule v. mu'ul.
sandwich n. brotaan.
ruler n. mu'uliik.
sane adj. zurii.
rum n. siiruum.
sanity n. zuriim.
rumble v. wazos.
sap n. reythsos.
rumor n. vaaruk.
sapphire n. logolz.
run v. ru.
sarcophagus n. slenaakin.
rune n. sik, duuk.
sat v. praal.
runestone n. sigolz.
satisfy v. gemogur.
runner n. rukaan.
saturday n. strunsul.
rush v. asnir.
sauce n. ezil.
sauerkraut n. esah.
savage n. volgin.
savage adj. bruniik, volg.
savageness n. volgom, bruniikom.
saber n. krelzahkrii.
savagery n. bruniikom.
sabre cat n. jotkaaz.
savanna n. svenjir.
sack v. najul.
savant n. mindokah.
sacrament n. rukevah.
save v. sav.
sacred adj. revak.
savior n. saviik.
sacrifice v. zahrahmiik.
saw n. worax.
sad adj. tiraaz.
sawmill n. woraxpund.
sadden v. getiraaz.
say v. saag.
saddle n. nakuur, taagul.
scabbard n. ulfriim.
sadness n. tiraazom.
scaffold n. musgiir.
safe adj. tirahk.
scale v. ruknaar.
sag v. juros.
scale n. vrii.
sage n. tirduun.
scamp n. skur.
sail v. saat.
scar n. skein.
sailor n. saatiik.
scare v. gezofaas.
saint n. hahgen.
scared adj. zofaas.
sake n. giif.
scarlet adj. sahqos.
salt n. zal.
scatter v. eyfur.
salvation n. savend.
scene n. vetgar.
same n. rinis.
scenery n. fahzon.
scenic adj. lunbrii.
seaweed n. veydosebriin.
scent n. sahlon.
second adj. ziist.
schematic n. kolzakiiv.
second n. draaz.
scheme n. virlaan.
second seed n. ziistmaas.
schism n. kuren.
secret adj. soven.
scholar n. mindokah.
section n. gorm, malur.
school n. shanor, hasok, mindaziir.
secunda n. akorah.
science n. mindaas.
seduce v.
scientist n. mindokah.
see v. koraav.
scimitar n. krelzahkrii.
seed n. maas.
scintillate v. dortiis.
seek v. yah.
scold v. lahk.
seeker n. tovitaan.
scorch v. parok.
seem v. fon.
scorn v. beyn.
seer n. koraaviik.
scorned v. beyn.
seize v. vork.
scorpion n. pusonin.
self n. meyar.
scourge n. skah.
selfish adj. mariil.
scout v. faan.
selfishness n. mariilom.
scowl v. fiid.
selfless adj. marnu.
scrap n. dahstin.
selflessness n. marnurom.
scrap v. dahst.
sell v. sirn.
scrape v. ahkrol.
seller n. sirnaaz.
scream v. marzuh.
semi-canon adj. soron.
scribe n. peliik.
send v. ferd.
script n. kuld.
sense v. honah.
scriptorium n. pelorun.
sentence v. gronzul.
scripture n. kuld.
sentiment n. pruvos.
scroll n. deykel.
sentimental adj. pruvosaal.
scrub v. sozkul.
sepal n. rostaam.
sculpture n. baasegolz.
separate adj. ahtiv.
scum n. baanahk.
separate v. nivos.
scythe n. krezah.
separation n. nivosend, kuren.
sea n. okaaz, sokaaz.
september n. silyol.
seal v. srin.
septim n. yuld.
seamstress n. osuliik.
serene adj. fridiraal.
search v. tovit.
serenity n. fridir.
searcher n. tovitaan.
serious adj. graav.
season n. evgir.
serpent n. vith.
servant n. aar.
sheep n. smahl.
serve v. aam, vel.
sheet n. donin.
service n. ahmik.
shell n. qarah.
set v. hel.
shepherd n. sekmir.
seven n. zos.
shield n. spaan.
sew v. osul.
shift v. vuld.
sex v. liin.
shimmer v. hindiis, hidzekiis.
sex n. veiliin.
shin n. krogiir.
sexual adj. liinvas.
shine v. viin, hidzekiis.
sexy adj. liinus.
shining adj. viintaas.
shack n. qiiv.
ship n. veysun.
shade n. hokzii.
shirt n. kaam.
shade v. gevul.
shit n. draaf.
shadow n. vokun.
shiver v. olg.
shadowmark n. vokunmiir.
shock n. reik.
shake v. wazor.
shockwave n. fusriin.
shall v. fent.
shoe n. rikoz.
shallow adj. prudil.
shoelace n. rikotrin.
shallowness n. prudilom.
shoot v. ediin.
shaman n. lahiik.
shop n. jag, veydar.
shamanism n. lahlun.
shore n. tuus.
shame n. paak.
short adj. maltiid, malingren.
shameful adj. zopaak.
shortly adv. das.
shanty n. saatvaas.
shortsword n. pusahkrii.
shape n. buld.
shot n. edun.
shapely adj. buldus.
should v. fend.
shard n. bruzah.
shoulder n. suld.
share v. ofuun.
shout v. zaan.
shark n. vaak.
show v. viim.
sharp adj. kinzon, aldin.
shrill adj. hiisk.
sharpen v. gekinzon.
shrine n. belur.
sharpness n. kinzonom.
shroud n. suuvan.
shatter v. grunt.
shroud v. gevul.
shave v. ahkrol.
shrub n. jin.
she pron. rek.
shrug n. lehet.
sheath n. ulfriim.
shudder v. motaad, olg.
sheathe v. friim.
shuddered v. motaad.
shed v. brehnok, stiis.
shun v. dahvol.
shut v. srin.
situation n. ahstiir.
shy adj. kuud.
six n. sok.
sibling n. soskiin.
size n. raaz.
sick adj. kras.
sizzle v. kresel.
sicken v. gekras.
skeever n. skaam.
sickness n. krasaar.
skeketal adj. olqeinaas.
side n. reid.
skeleton n. olqein.
siege n. kirgar.
sketch v. vermiir.
sigh v. sunu.
skewer v. kinzuk.
sight n. zaarein.
skies n. lok.
sigil n. siigren.
skill n. noot.
sign n. siin.
skin n. karaak.
signal n. somirk.
skinny adj. veirey.
significance n. nizraadom.
skip v. raas.
significant adj. nizraad.
skirt n. skovaas.
signify v. siintul.
skittish adj. balkus.
signless adj. siinnu.
skooma n. selkuum.
silence v. nahlot.
skull n. huus.
silent adj. nahlon.
sky n. lok.
silk n. su'uld.
skyrim n. keizaal.
silt n. amriis.
skyward adj. lokiv.
silver adj. zilf.
slander v. krig.
similar adj. medaas.
slander n. rotzekein.
similar (to) prep. med.
slap v. hos.
simple adj. vahk.
slash v. grahz.
simplify v. gevahk.
slaughter n. kriind.
sin v. qeln.
slaughterfish n. dilosikin.
since prep. ruzun.
slave n. aar, zaam.
sincere adj. wiistel.
slaver n. aariik.
sincerity n. wiistelom, wiistelom.
slay v. krii.
sing v. mirodah.
slayer n. kriid.
single adj. geinan.
slaying n. kriind.
sinister adj. dezmi.
sled n. drahsk.
sink n. stjorn.
sleek adj. ozur.
sir n. zoh.
sleep n. laag.
sister n. briinah.
sleepless adj. laagnu.
sisterhood n. briinahmaar.
sleepy adj. laagus.
sit v. praal.
sleigh n. drahsk.
slender adj. egiis.
sniff v. fuh.
slight adj. girz.
sniffle v. krasum.
sling n. mirol.
snoop v. krozah.
slip v. motmah.
snore v. avlak.
slippery adj. motmahus.
snort v. fuh.
slit v. zereis.
snow n. od.
slit n. rav.
snow elf n. odfahliil.
slither v. prak.
snowy adj. odus.
slow adj. sein.
snuffle v. krasum.
slow v. gesein.
snug adj. muf.
slug n. bremaf.
so adv. ful.
slut n. wiizaan.
soap n. shuniir.
sly adj. fax.
soar v. vond.
slyness adj. fahrax.
sober adj. voteivo.
smack v. eitah.
society n. nahlriimaar.
small adj. pus, malingren.
soft adj. fask, seh.
smart adj. greindaal.
soften v. gefask.
smartest adj. zokreindaal.
softly adv. faskaar.
smartness n. greind.
softness adj. faskom.
smash v. gunaar.
soil v. vepok.
smell n. sahlon.
soil n. denek, thok.
smelt v. freind.
solar eclipse n. kreinvulon.
smile v. niif.
soldier n. rahzun.
smirk v. hiniif.
solemn adj. govoz.
smite v. skag.
solid adv. hasiiv.
smith n. heimiik.
solid adj. zokra.
smoke n. gel.
solidarity n. pahgein.
smooth adj. ozur.
solitude n. okulom.
snack n. eytik.
solstheim n. veysenor.
snag v. qaf.
solution n. lusvaan.
snake n. prakem.
solve v. jahnok.
snap v. sliit.
somber adj. rol.
snare n. volk.
some pron. osos.
snarl v. gral.
somebody pron. anahlrii.
snatch v. vork.
somehow adv. kozen.
sneak v. ahkrop.
someone pron. anahlrii.
sneer v. hiniif.
something pron. atruk.
sneeze n. aakfus.
sometime n. ahstiid.
someway adv. kozen.
spectacles n. koraaveyz.
somewhere adv. ahstaad.
specter n. brendon.
son n. kul.
spectrum n. loah.
song n. lovaas.
speech v. tinvaak.
soon adv. das.
speed n. siil.
soothe v. ahloriiv.
spell n. stav.
sorcerer n. lahzey.
spend v. sov.
sorceror n. kro.
spent v. sov.
sorrow n. krosis, so.
sphere n. ner.
sorrowful adj. sokei.
spice n. maak.
sorry adj. krod.
spiced adj. maakus.
sort n. eylok.
spices n. maak.
sought v. yah.
spicey adj. maakus.
soul n. sil.
spider n. kostim.
soul cairn n. grensesille.
spike n. zeik.
soulless adj. silnu.
spill v. stiis.
soulmate n. silliin.
spine n. qethserigir.
sound n. honaht.
spiral n. wiil.
soup n. bros.
spirit n. zii.
sour adj. lozuk.
spiritual adj. ziriil.
south n. sedin.
spit v. shik.
southerly adj. sedinen.
splash v. spiir.
southern adj. sedinen.
splendor n. uraan.
sovereign adj. qoreyn.
splinter n. muthir.
sow v. sir.
split v. nivos.
space n. gutlok.
splutter v. shik.
spark n. zov.
spoiled adj. renek.
sparkle v. zovdiis, hidzekiis.
spoon n. enahk.
sparrow n. prekal.
spot n. fahmey.
speak v. tinvaak.
spouse n. wolov.
speaker n. tinvaakin.
spray v. spiir.
spear n. niigol.
spread v. gerik.
special adj. ahdinaak.
spriggan n. feykroziis.
species n. eylok.
spring n. vah.
specific adj. wazahl.
sprinkle v. sutah.
specifically adv. suranmiik.
sprint v. tusron, nelru.
specificity n. wazahlom.
sprite n. sii.
speckle n. fahmey.
spritz v. sutah.
spruce n. poskur.
stay v. fey.
spurn v. meyk.
steadfast adj. urlanaal, ahgul.
sputter v. shik, kresel.
steading n. hofkah.
spy n. vonzun.
steady adj. tarn.
spyglass n. koraaveyz.
steal v. gahrot.
squander v. nev.
stealth n. gahlot.
square n. ther.
steam n. lomos.
stab v. kinz.
steed n. keyd.
stable adj. tarn.
steel n. dwiin.
staff n. vasmiir.
steer v. stiz.
stag n. toriig.
stench v. riig.
stagnate v. mahsah.
step n. stig.
stain v. vepok.
stern n. akor.
stale adj. renek.
steward n. bodenaar.
stalhrim n. revakiiz.
stick n. oraak.
stalk n. luz.
still adj. maht, stiildus, malhaan.
stall v. gespein.
stillness n. stiild.
stallion n. keyrok.
stimulate v. eliir.
stalwart adj. vaagol.
sting v. nin.
stamina n. gaan.
stink v. pook.
stammer v. hefvaak.
stomach n. skerah.
stance n. koprein.
stone n. qethsegol, golz.
stand v. kriist.
stool n. stur.
standard n. qurnen.
stop v. helt.
standard adj. besak.
store n. veydar.
standing stone n. vahlogolz.
storm n. strun.
star n. fil.
storm atronach n. strunkaronahs.
starboard n. filreid.
stormcloak n. strundaam.
stardust n. filklo.
stormy n. strunus.
stare v. ahfon.
story n. kalah.
starfall n. filmah.
straight adj. tahvir.
starlight n. filkun.
straighten v. tahlon.
start v. gonah.
strain v. feyz.
starter n. goniik.
strange adj. zurun.
starve v. gebahlok.
stranger n. zuruniik.
state n. zensekos.
stratagem n. grahmindol.
statement n. likinstah.
strawberry n. hiskeil.
statue n. nus.
streak n. viiruh.
stream n. bahyek.
succession v. dulmah.
street n. brolor.
such adj. grik.
strength n. mul, mulaag, solkiig.
suck v. tefsu.
strengthen v. gemulaag.
sudden adj. rolnah.
stress n. aank.
suffer v. aus.
stretch v. gelingrah.
sufferer n. ausiik.
strike v. nos, vek.
suffocate v. laavak.
string n. trin.
sugar n. sufol.
strip v. brehnok.
sugary adj. sufolus.
strive v. vergrav.
suggest v. bardur.
strong adj. mul.
suggestion n. bardurend.
stronger adj. zumul.
suicide n. veslaad.
strongest adj. zokmul.
suitable adj. nalgask.
stronghold n. runir.
sully v. vepok.
structure n. wahlaht.
summary n. pahel.
struggle v. burleyk, feyz.
summer n. koor.
strum v. strov.
summerset isle n. valzapor.
stubborn adj. golah.
summit n. naar.
stubborness n. golahrom.
summon v. bel, peyl.
stuck adj. kast.
summoner n. beliik.
student n. pruustiik.
sun n. krein, shul.
study n. hasok.
sun's dawn n. kreinvu.
study v. pruust.
sun's dusk n. kreintor.
stumble v. vudeym, kranas.
sun's height n. kriithul.
stun v. seyvuz.
sundas n. filsul.
stunted adj. malingren.
sunday n. filsul.
stupid adj. hinskaal.
sunlight n. shulkun.
stupidest adj. zokinskaal.
sunny adj. kreinus.
stupidity n. hinsk.
sunrise n. gonahsul.
stupor n. sahmey.
sunset n. oblaansul.
stutter v. hefvaak.
sunshine n. viinsekrein.
sty n. tulk.
super adj. zinul.
style n. bahd.
supernatural adj. kasiil.
subject n. vukahmiin.
supper n. prazaak.
subjugate v. enkron, enkron.
supply v. birgah.
substance n. hjemur.
support v. skiilan.
substantial adv. hasiiv.
suppose v. tek.
succeed v. prunt, dulmah.
surcoat n. kastalir.
sure adj. edahraal.
swollen adj. naramaan.
sure interj. bek.
swoon v. frum.
surface n. daasin.
sword n. zahkrii.
surge n. suraas.
swordsmanship n. zahkriimundein.
surgeon n. zosovah.
swore v. vaat.
surgery n. zosoviis.
sworn adj. vahriin.
surmise v. tek.
symbol n. siindah, duuk.
surprise v. eldraag.
symptom n. ziiklah.
surrender v. krentar.
syndrome n. ziiklah.
surround v. gekenlok.
system n. virlaan.
surroundings n. nexaag.
survival n. neilaasend.
survive v. neilaas.
survivor n. neilaasin.
sustain v. kirod.
table n. bord.
swagger v. ahgriiv.
tablet n. golgaaz.
swallow v. diivon.
tag v. haalvutir.
swamp n. styorngol.
tail n. wahrok.
swap v. braht.
tailor n. osuliik.
sway v. seyl.
taint n. skah.
swear v. vaat.
take v. kuz.
sweat n. guzor.
tale n. tey.
sweep v. don.
talent n. kiinoot.
sweet adj. hes.
talisman n. tauliis.
sweet n. shiraav.
talk v. tinvaak.
sweet potato n. hespak.
tall adj. faar.
sweetroll n. hesbrot.
taller adj. zufaar.
swell v. naram.
tallest adj. zokfaar.
swelling n. narand.
tallness n. faarom.
swift adj. zosiil.
talon n. jusk.
swiftness n. siil.
tamriel n. taazokaan.
swim v. svin.
tan adj. tavus.
swimmer n. sviniik.
tangible adj. mel.
swindle v. skobov.
tankard n. beylsaak.
swing v. bos.
tap n. klahd.
swirl v. peil.
tapestry n. gobahron.
switch v. braht.
target n. krazahl.
switch n. bratahn.
task n. hesk.
taste v. sahlok.
text n. kuld.
tasty adj. liig.
texture n. jifiin.
tattoo n. maalut.
than conj. fein.
tattooed adj. maalutaan.
thane n. puzaar.
tavern n. snol.
thank v. nox.
tea n. duhilom.
thank you v. nox.
teach v. mind.
thankful adj. zonox.
teacher n. mindopah.
thanks v. kogaan, nox.
teaching n. mindaht.
that pron. tol.
tear n. luv.
thaw v. vodiin.
tear v. vaaz, ahkan.
the adj. faal, fin.
tears n. luv.
theater n. austan.
tease v. yormuud.
their pron. niist.
teeth n. rax.
theirs pron. niist.
teetotal adj. voteivo.
them pron. niin.
tell v. gesaag.
themselves pron. nistmaar.
temper n. forahgol.
then adv. ruz.
temperature n. yosel.
theology n. hahserah.
tempest n. kest.
there adv. til.
temple n. raald.
therefore adv. tiful.
temporal adj. tiidiil.
these pron. daar.
temporary adj. frul.
they pron. nust.
tempt v. sahrel.
thick adj. grud.
temptation n. sahrelend.
thief n. tafiir.
ten n. men.
thin v. geyal.
tend v. vel.
thin adj. yal, veirey.
tenet n. oron.
thing n. truk.
tent n. bodzah.
think v. lorot.
tentacle n. plozkaro.
third adj. siid.
term n. uniid.
thirst n. grent.
terrain n. golstaad.
thirsty adj. grentus.
terrible adj. zomaar.
this pron. daar.
terrify v. gemaar.
thorn n. troz.
terrifying adj. zomaar.
thorough adj. grunvo.
territory n. deylok.
thoroughness n. grunvom.
terror n. maar.
those pron. den.
test v. gor.
though conj. to.
testify v. daazrii.
thought n. lor.
thousand n. ton.
titan n. gorah.
thrall n. ahgulaar.
title n. tet.
thrash n. jaar.
titter v. jeh.
threat n. hask.
to prep. wah.
threaten v. verhask.
toad n. grol.
threatening adj. akir.
today n. dahsul.
three n. sed.
toe n. minak.
thrice adv. sont.
together adv. pahvoth.
thrill v. ziig.
token n. prelah.
throat n. ruus.
told v. fun.
throat of the world n. monahven.
toll n. tarim.
throne n. krund.
tomato n. portav.
through prep. zeim.
tomb n. qoth.
throughout prep. kozeim.
tomorrow n. dirsul.
throw v. fusk, fustum.
ton n. thon.
thrust v. usuul.
tongue n. sahkren.
thumb n. zurunjusk.
tonic n. galger.
thunder n. thu'ul.
tonight n. dahvulon.
thunderous adj. thu'ulkei .
too adj. rem.
thursday n. torsul.
tool n. dahn, dreniir.
thus adv. thuz.
tooth n. rax.
thyme n. tovos.
topic n. vukahmiin.
tide n. kran.
torch n. yiil.
tides n. kran.
torment n. yevul.
tie v. kriik.
torn adj. vaazaan.
tie n. rinisur.
tornado n. venuum.
tiger n. ruvaar.
torso n. geymaar.
tight adj. yal.
torture n. ahnaar.
tighten v. geyal.
total adj. qor.
tile n. fley.
totem n. stahduk.
time n. tiid.
touch v. haalvut, qalos.
timeless adj. ahgul.
tour n. gornaar.
timelessness n. ahgulom.
toward adv. wapur.
tiny adj. pus.
tower n. angar.
tip n. trir.
town n. lohiim.
tirdas n. vusul.
toxic adj. loniiz.
tire v. gelaag.
toxin n. loniix.
tired adj. laagus.
toy n. setkiir.
trace n. pik.
tremble v. wazor.
track v. far.
tremendous adj. makil.
tract n. numtaar.
tremulous adj. strungir.
trade n. tun.
trench n. nebeniit.
trader n. tuniik.
trial n. untak, gorvahzen.
tradition n. hjatir.
triangle n. sedig.
traditional adj. latiid.
tribute n. ofanaht.
tragedy n. hormun, veinaar.
trick v. yirt.
train v. delah.
trickster n. yirtiik, skoboviik.
train n. triik.
trim v. doruz.
trainer n. delahiik.
trinket n. trimal.
traitor n. vax.
trip v. kranas.
traitorous adj. vaxei.
trip n. lirah.
trample v. drovaz.
triple adj. sedan.
tranquil adj. fridiraal.
tripwire n. kranasviilon.
tranquility n. fridir.
triumph n. zind.
transcribe v. pelnex.
trivial adj. ofolin.
transfer v. vuld.
troll n. ufiik.
transform v. jafuur.
troop n. lid.
transformation n. jafuurend.
trophy n. hurjah.
transition n. murahv.
tropic adj. trofir.
translate v. rotuun.
tropical adj. trofiren.
translation n. rotuund.
trouble n. arokon.
translator n. rotuuniik.
trough n. hodrahn.
transport n. ronth.
trousers n. boviirey.
trap v. horvutah.
truck n. donth.
trapped adj. kast.
true adj. vahzah.
trash n. dahstin.
trust v. ov.
travel v. wundun.
truth n. vahzen.
traveler n. wunduniik.
truthful adj. zovahzen.
travesty n. mundaar.
try v. unt.
treacherous adj. tahrodiis, vaxei.
tsaesci n. viimuz.
treachery n. tahrovin.
tsunami n. relokriin.
treasure n. umriid.
tuesday n. vusul.
treat v. tolsek, semjah.
tumultuous adj. volburaal.
treatment n. tolsekand.
tundra n. freka.
treaty n. vanras.
tune n. morlah.
tree n. reyth.
tunic n. moriis.
tunnel v. osgor.
understand v. mindoraan.
turbulent adj. strungir.
underwater adj. nebenlom.
turdas n. torsul.
undo v. vo.
turkey n. onol.
undress v. voleinah.
turmoil n. thesk.
uneager adj. vofrini.
turn v. straag.
unease n. aank, niforveyk.
turtle n. lusoz.
unemployed adj. vokrotz.
twice adv. zont.
unending adj. unahzaal, unslaad.
twilight n. suvulaan.
unfortunate adj. vogluuskei.
twin n. zeinin.
unfriendly adj. vofahdonus.
twister n. morwuld.
unfurl v. fundein.
two n. zein.
unfurled v. fundein.
type n. vanah.
unhappy adj. vohunaz.
typhoon n. nahvenoz.
unholy adj. vostahdim.
tyranny n. taazun.
unicorn n. geinzahkey.
tyrant n. tazaar.
unification n. geind, gegend.
unify v. gegein.
union n. geind.
unique adj. num.
unite v. gegein.
ugliness n. tekarom.
unity n. pahgein.
ugly adj. tekar.
universe n. lein.
ultimate adj. lotzu'ul.
university n. bruz.
unbelievable adj. vokorahtok.
unknown v. vofun.
unbound adj. staadnau.
unleash v. gaar.
unbridled adj. uznahgaar.
unless conj. membrah.
uncanny adj. kasiil.
unliked adj. heyz.
uncertain adj. voreistig.
unlimited adj. vokesaal.
unchanging adj. unos, malhaan.
unlucky adj. vogluuskei.
uncle n. okmah.
unmoving adj. malhaan.
unclean adj. voshun.
unnatural adj. volundiil.
unclothe v. voleinah.
unreal adj. vohasiiv.
uncouth adj. vobavir.
unremembered adj. vodahmin.
undead adj. vodinok, diil.
unruly adj. kaarn.
under prep. neben.
unsafe adj. votirahk.
underground adj. nebengol.
unseen adj. vonun.
underneath prep. nebenein.
unsettling adj. kasiil.
undersized adj. malnaaz.
unsheathe v. vulfriim.
unspoken v. vofun.
valiant adj. krilot.
unsuitable adj. vonalgask.
valid adj. vahpruzah.
untame adj. volg.
valley n. lumnaar.
until conj. erei.
valor n. vur.
untimely adv. votiidaar.
valuable adj. ves.
unto prep. nawah.
vampire n. sosnaak.
untold v. vofun.
vanish v. vodahvur.
untruthful adj. zonok.
vanquish v. qahnaar.
unveil v. viim.
vanquisher n. qahnaarin.
unworthy adj. vobahlaan.
vapor n. suf.
unyielding adj. sindugahvon.
vaporize v. gesuf.
up prep. vok.
varnish n. laarmoh.
uphold v. skiilan.
vary v. akros.
upkeep n. tivoz.
vase n. girvoh.
upon prep. voknau, von.
vassal n. ahrsun.
urge v. ziidol.
vault n. diirz.
urgent adj. kusil.
veal n. veinaar.
urn n. dinaak.
vegetable n. lesk.
us pron. mii.
vehicle n. ronth.
use v. brah.
veil n. suuvan.
use n. nuft.
vein n. sostrah.
useful adj. zonuft.
velocity n. suraath.
usher v. mil.
vendor n. maltuniik.
usual adj. brahniil.
venerate v. hahlot.
usurp v. gemah.
vengeance n. nahkriin.
utensil n. dreniir.
vengeful adj. zonahkriin.
utmost adj. fozok.
venison n. vilt.
utter v. zalk.
venom n. viidost.
venomous adj. zoviidost.
verify v. frolk.
vermin n. reimokur.
vernal adj. vahiil.
vacancy adj. vojahrom.
verse n. kahriil.
vacant adj. vojahr.
version n. vanah.
vacate v. vogejahr.
very adv. rinik.
vacation n. vogejahrend.
vessel n. girvoh, piiniir.
vain adj. naaf.
vest n. yirgul.
valenwood n. faarlen.
veteran n. lodhir.
victim n. andiiv.
vulture n. dilaar.
victor n. krongriik.
vvardenfell n. yolstrunor.
victorious adj. krongrahkei.
victory n. krongrah.
view n. zaarein, fahzon.
view v. zaar.
vigor n. solkiig.
wade v. strahn.
vile adj. veistul.
waffle n. wahzil.
village n. sahsun.
wage v. win.
villager n. sahsunaar.
wagon n. borod.
villain n. vokulin.
waist n. bost.
vindictive adj. zonahkriin.
wait v. sar.
vine n. krey.
wake v. praad.
vintage n. tiindo.
walk v. paagol.
violent adj. gremak.
wall n. vund.
violet adj. jen.
waltz n. shovok.
virgin adj. voqalos.
wander v. rovaan.
virtue n. pruziig.
wanderer adj. rovaaniik.
visible adj. nuz.
want v. laan.
vision n. hahnuheim.
war n. kein.
visit v. gun.
waraxe n. grahkun.
visitor n. guniik.
warble v. giigel.
vista n. fahzon.
ward n. lahspaan.
vocabulary n. roktorig.
ware n. tirn, tirn.
vodka n. zauniglom.
wares n. tirn.
voice n. lovaas, thu'um, zul.
warlike adj. keinus.
voiceless adj. thu'umnu.
warlord n. konahrik.
void n. nil.
warm adj. varn.
void v. genil .
warmage n. keinlahzey.
volcano n. yolstrunmah.
warmonger n. verkeiniik.
volume n. edrah.
warmth n. faad, varnom.
vomit v. krastak.
warn v. naav.
vortex n. rahdazor.
warpaint n. maalut.
vow n. kesmah.
warrior n. kendov.
voyage n. ozakur.
was v. lost.
vulgar adj. griir.
wash v. shun.
vulnerable adj. votirahk.
waste v. nev.
wasteful adj. zonev.
wastefulness n. zonevom.
were v. lost.
wasteland n. nevonaar.
werebear n. munkodaav.
watch v. lingraav.
wereboar n. munhraak.
watcher n. koraaviik.
werecrocodile n. munkrozol.
watchful adj. zokoraav.
werelion n. munam.
watchman n. deiniik.
wereshark n. munvaak.
water n. lom.
werevulture n. mundilaar.
waterfall n. lomah.
werewolf n. mungrohiik.
wave n. riin.
west n. welkand .
waver v. seyl.
westerly adj. welkanden.
wax n. ronk.
western adj. welkanden.
way n. strah, zen.
wet adj. lomiiz.
wayward adj. kaarn.
whale n. okaaron.
we pron. mu.
what adv. fos.
weak adj. sahlo.
whatever adv. pahfos.
weaken v. gesahlo.
wheat n. suril.
weakling n. sojuur.
wheel n. rod.
weakness n. sahlom.
wheeze v. krasum.
wealth n. faraan.
when adv. fod, rul.
wealthy adj. uraal.
where adv. veyn, kolos.
weapon n. zun.
whether conj. wel.
wear v. ahtiid, karaas.
which pron. vein.
weary adj. tiin.
whiffle v. fifah.
weather n. lokos.
while adv. jol.
weather v. ahtiid.
whine v. galv.
weave v. hadroz.
whip n. rokiiz.
web n. lox.
whirlpool n. zuld.
wed v. aavlaas.
whirlwind n. wuld.
wedding v. aavlaas.
whisky n. fuuskah.
wednesday n. wuthsul.
whisper v. sumah.
weed n. veydoz.
whistle v. fifah.
week n. keyal.
white adj. sot.
weep v. graat.
whiterun n. ahrolsedovah.
weight n. wid.
who pron. wo.
weird adj. likaan.
whole adj. ulan.
welcome interj. valokein.
whom pron. wok.
well adv. eyvir.
whore n. wiizaan.
well n. vuril.
whose pron. wen.
why adv. vahr.
within prep. tuum.
wicked adj. veistul.
within adj. kosill.
widen v. gesaak, gerik.
without prep. vothni.
wield v. kod.
withstand v. grolah.
wife n. kiim.
witness v. korii.
wild adj. volg.
witness n. koriim.
wilderness n. volganor.
witnessed adj. koriaan.
wildlife n. volglaas.
wittiest adj. zokreindaal.
wildling n. volgin.
witty adj. greindaal, vitus.
wildness n. volgom.
wizard n. lahzey, lahiik.
will n. jah.
woe n. mahsok.
will v. fen.
wolf n. grohiik.
willow n. beyzol.
woman n. miil.
win v. juh.
women n. miilah.
wind n. ven.
wonder n. tovok.
window n. vandul.
wood n. gosvah.
windy adj. vendus.
wood elf n. feyfahliil.
wine n. vint.
wooden adj. gosven.
wing n. viing.
woodwind n. sunaak.
winged n. viingaal.
wool n. som.
wink v. miinz.
word n. rot, sik, rok.
winter n. felniir.
word of power n. rotmulaag.
winterhold n. gevildseod.
work n. kroson.
wintry adj. felniirus.
worker n. ahmilaht.
wipe v. voluk.
workplace n. krotz.
wire n. viilon.
world n. lein.
wisdom n. onikaan.
worldly adj. leiniil.
wise adj. onik.
worm n. lir.
wisen v. genik.
worry v. uful.
wisest adj. zoknik.
worse adj. volz.
wish n. hind.
worsen v. gevolz.
wisp n. rovahaan.
worship v. ruk, zein.
wispmother n. rovmonah.
worst adj. volzaan.
wit n. vit.
worth n. bahl.
witch n. lahbriin, lahiik, sosin.
worthless adj. pusrig.
with prep. voth.
worthy adj. bahlaan.
withdraw v. alikvol.
would v. fund.
wither v. liiv.
wound n. ahraan.
wow interj. weh.
yellow adj. sur.
wrath n. bah.
yelp n. furah.
wrathful adj. zobah.
yes adv. geh.
wreath n. ovriil.
yes interj. grahk.
wreck v. uloz.
yesterday n. usul.
wretch n. valdrek.
yet adv. gaht.
wretched adj. valdrekaan.
yield v. gahvon.
wretchedness n. valdrekaanom.
you pron. hi, ho, hei.
wrist n. deh.
young adj. goraan.
write v. pel.
youngster n. goraaniik.
writer n. peliik.
your pron. hin, hein.
written v. kriinaan.
yours pron. hin, hein.
written word n. deykel.
yourself pron. hinmaar.
written-past n. rotusnutiid.
yourselves pron. heinmaar.
wrong adj. folaas.
youth n. vuth.
wyrm n. diiv.
wyvern n. daav.
zeal n. yezin.
zealot n. sahvaat.
yam n. hespak.
zealous adj. sahvaas.
yard n. soz.
zenith n. padiiz.
yawn v. laagliis.
zero n. nul.
yay interj. jii.
zest n. yezin.
yeah interj. grahk.
zombie n. zol.
year n. eruvos.
zone n. drik.
yearn v. krosik.
zoology n. hahseraan.
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